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Primary memory is computer memory that a processor or
computer first or directly . it allows a processor to access
running execution application and services that are temporarily
stored in a specific memory location .
primary memory is also known as primary storage or main
memory primary memory is a computer system’s volatile
storage mechanism . it may be random access memory cache
memory or data buses , but is primary associated with RAM . As
soon as a computer start , primary memory loads all running
application , including the base operating system (OS) ,user
interface and any user – installed and running software utility.
A program \ application that is opened in primary memory
interacts with the system processor to perform all application –
specific tasks.
primary memory is computer memory .that is
access directly by the CPU .this includes several types of
memory , such as the processor cache and system ROM .
However , in most cases , primary memory refers to system
RAM. The primary memory stores the program instruction and
the data in binary machine code . The control upt deals with
the instructions and the arithmetic and logic unit handles
calculation and comparisons with the data and instructions are
proved by buses. There are two types of memory in primary
memory (alse known as the lmmediate access store) of the
computer , RAM and ROM . For the IB you should focus on
RAM, and not ROM.
RAM is Random Access Memory which loses its contents when
the computer is switched off (it is volatile ) This memory can be
written to, instructions and data can be loaded into it .

ROM , or read only memory is non volatile and is used to store

programs permanently (the start –up or” boot” instructions for
example), the computer cannot store anything in this type of
memory .

When the programs and data files (known as the software )are
not in RAM ,they are stored on secondary memory (alse known
as banking store ) such as tapes or discs . the tape or disc drives
and any input and output devices connected to the CPU are
known collectively as peripherals .
AS human beings have a memory system to
remember even a tiny thing which went through in ones life,
similarly do computer systems do contain a memory system
which can store data and can be retrieved when desised. Why
not after all its been designed and created by intellectual
humans only , every computer system contains two kinds of
memory out of which one is primary and the other is
secondary memory , basically a computer memory can store
particularly two thing . they are the data and the set of
nstructions to execute a program .
Now let us take a brief look towards the types of
primary storage ( or) primary memory . this primary memory
can be directly accessing unit . The contents in the primary
memory are temporary . while performing a task if there is any
power cut problems then we may lose the data which is in
primary memory .one benefit is thet we can store and retrieve
the data with a considerable speed . primary memory is more
expensive when compared to secondary memory .. Ram
(random access memory ) could be the best example of primary
memory in the computer system in the form of integrated
circuits .these circuits are nothing but RAM . Each of RAMs
locations can store one byte (1byte=8bist) of information . this
can be in either of the forms 1 or 0. The primary storage
section is made up of several small storage locations in the
integrated circuits called cells. Every single cell can store fixed
number of bits called word length. Each cell contains a unique
number assigned to it and it has the unique addresses ; these
addresses are used to identify the cells. The address starts at
level 0 and and goes up to (n-1).
Primary storage/primary memory /main memory /
internal memory :storage within the computer itself . primary
memory holds data only temporarily , as the computer
executes instructions. Primary storage or internal memory is
computer memory that is accessible to the central processing
unit of a computer input /output channels .

Cache memory : the cache memory is a small section

of memory that is usually placed between the processor and
the main memory and is used when the main memory speed is
much slower than the processor speed .

Main (primary ) memory : the main memory contains

the primary storage space , which is randomly accessible by the
processor . the primary function of the main memory is to store
the instructions and data necessary for the current execution
of the processor.
An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated
with actual or potential tissue damage and modifled by
individual memory .