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MIS User’s Guide

1. Use Google Chrome to open or

2. Log in with the username and password provided.

3. This is what you will see after you logged in. If you see something different, try
a) Refresh your browser
b) Clear browser cache
c) Use another browser
4. Find classes.
a) Go to “Schedule”. The MIS only shows classes within a selected time range in
BEIJING TIME. The time range below is FROM 2017-10-21 14:00 TO 2017-10-25 23:00
b) If you don’t see a class, select a wider time range. For example, your mock class is
scheduled at 4pm on Oct 21. You could try to set a range FROM Oct 19 16:00 TO Oct
23 23:00.
C) Click “Enter”.

5. Some message may pop up. Have a look at it and close it.
6. View the class material to prepare for teaching.

7. The “Ready” button will only become clickable 30mins prior to the class time;
don’t forget to click it when the time is close.
8. Click the “start” button when the student is in the classroom.

9. Please enter the classroom at least 10mins prior to the class time to get ready.
10. You will be directed to this page after clicking “Join VC” to set up the teaching

11. Click “start testing” to test your devices and internet connection.
Click “allow” if your browser ask you if you allow the VC to use your camera and

12. Click “start class” button when you are in the VC, or the student will not be able
to see you when they enter the classroom. Click “end class”.
13. Click “end” button after you left the VC.