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Consumer Behaviour

History of Mobilink
Mobilink is a connectivity providing company. Mobilink was
launched by Orascom Telelcom Company. It was introduced in Pakistan in
the year 1994. Mobilink was the pioneer in launching GSM communication
technology in Pakistan. Mobilink initially launched its post paid services in
Pakistan. Then it stretched its services to offer prepaid communication
services by the name of Jazz. Mobilink offered high rates and exclusively high
prices were charged for the calls made and calls received. It was done
because Mobilink was the only GSM service provider in the Mobile
Telecommunication industry. It faced indirect competition in the face of Insta
Phone and Paktel which were capitalizing on Ams Communication
Technology. Mobilink launced a new service and it was the start of a new
dawn in the technological industry of Pakistan, which then grew bigger and
bigger and now entertains five communication service providers.

After many years of no competition, Mobilink was faced with

severe competition from the newly launched U-fone which started its
services in Pakistan after the start of new millenium. Then by fits and starts,
new communication companies launched their services in Pakistan and
Mobilink Jazz (Mobilink’s Prepaid Communications) was being faced with
severe competition from Telenor, Warid, Ufone and then Zong was launched.
But still, these all companies were unable to beat the brand conviction and
brand loyalty of Mobilink Jazz which is the main USP of Mobilink
Telecommunication Company.

Mobilink till date has increased its customer base to 28.5 million
(30 million being the highest number of customers which was reduced to
28.5 million due to the MNP technology introduced by PTA). Mobilink has
higher rates being offered which supports its brand image. Mobilink has
maintained its brand image which is helping increase its customer base day
Consumer Behaviour

by day. Mobilink also has its Post paid serives by the name of Mobilink Indigo
which is mainly serving the corporate society. Mobilink Indigo has higher
rates and is a symbol of pride for any person in the corporate world.

Mobilink is the most populated communication family in

Pakistan and is a pride for the nation. It is providing services to almost 28.5
million people in Pakistan and is increasing day by day. It is constantly trying
to increase its customer base and its trying its best to serve the customers.
Whether its be a Mega City or a small Village, Mobilink is there and is
providing the best to its users.
Consumer Behaviour


Mobilink Jazz was launched by Orascom Telecom Company in the year

2000. Jazz is the prepaid connection offered to customers. Mobilink wanted
to cater the customers which didn’t want to face the hassle of paying bills on
their service centers. Mobilink Jazz offered people the service of prepaid
recharge and people were saved by the hassle of paying bills on the service
centers. Before 2000, it was offered in countries like America and Japan, but
it was launched in Pakistan for the first time and it was a big success as no
other company offered prepaid connections in GSM at that time. Mobilink
Jazz broke all the barriers of time and brought the people with mind breaking
connections of Jazz which was highly priced because of the unique services it
offered. The prices then rose to a level of Rs. 8000 per sim. In 2002, Jazz
users were limited to only 350,000, which have eventually risen to 24.5
million till date. Jazz was based on three perspectives and these three things
are the one which a Jazz customer must have and that’s why Jazz is priced
this way:

• Convenience

• Control

• Freedom to use the product

Jazz was the one to offer the latest technology to its customers. The connectivity which Jazz
offers is the ultimate service being offered to its valued customers. Whether it’s a village or a
mega city, Jazz customers are offered with the connectivity they require. The target market of
Consumer Behaviour

Mobilink Jazz at the time of their launch was Urban Middle Class but it increased to the rural
market and other small cities and the Mobilink family has risen to an astonishing 28.5 million.
The high cost of Mobilink Jazz was justified because of the services offered. Later on, many
potential competitors of Mobilink came in to the scene and offered lower prices and then
Mobilink eventually had to lower its prices. Over all, Mobilink Jazz was able to achieve what it
strived for, and that is its image which Mobilink is able to maintain because of the extra
ordinary services being offered by Mobilink to its valued customers

Product Details
Mobilink Jazz is the prepaid service by Mobilink that offers a wide variety of
packages to suit to the needs of different people. It is one of the first prepaid
services widely accepted by everyone and that is one of the reasons of Jazz
being highly popular. Jazz is said to be a brand that celebrates joy, love and
denotes fun through its services, attractive call rates and network reliability.
Jazz helps in better communication irrespective of age, color or creed.

After all, who better allows you to be yourself?

There are a lot of packages offered by Jazz which are as follows:

Jazz One

Jazz one is a package in which it charges Rs. 1/min to any on-net calls be it
anytime. It also has the lowest rates ever for other networks.

Jazz One Tariffs

Every Mobilink Number is your Friends & Family number

Details Rates

Calls to any Mobilink number Rs. 1.00 / minute

Calls to all mobile networks & Landline numbers Rs. 1.60 / minute
in Pakistan
Consumer Behaviour

SMS (to Mobilink) Rs. 1.0 / SMS

SMS (to other networks/landline) Rs. 1.5 / SMS

 Call Setup fee of 40 paisas would only be charged with the first minute for
each call.

Jazz Easy

Jazz Easy is a package that is simple and smart to use. It ensures that
Mobilink users get the lowest call rates on both On-network and Off-network
across Pakistan.

Jazz Easy Tariffs

Details Rates

Calls to any 3 Friends & Family Mobilink Rs. 0.99 / min


Calls to any Mobilink Number Rs. 2.10 / min

Calls to all mobile networks & Landline Rs. 2.50 / min

numbers in Pakistan

F&F Numbers Offered 3 (Three)

SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) Rs. 1.0 / SMS

SMS (Jazz to other networks) Rs. 1.5 / SMS

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2

Consumer Behaviour

IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any other Rs. 3 + tax per 2

network) IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free

Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2

IVR minutes ( for
subscribers only)

MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6

MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free

GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

 Other mobile networks / landline rates are inclusive of interconnect charges

 Charges for F&F number addition / modification are Rs. 15 + tax per number
 First Package Conversion is offered free of charge. For Subsequent
Conversions Rs. 10 will be charged.
 Govt. taxes apply

Jazz Budget

Jazz budget is now more powerful than ever with an amazing package, and a
completely fresh look! Offering remarkable rates and package features, it is the
best way to stay in touch with millions of Mobilink family members in Pakistan.
Consumer Behaviour

Jazz Budget Tariffs

Details Rates

Calls to any Mobilink number Rs. 0.68 / 30 seconds

Calls to all mobile networks & Rs. 0.68 / 30 seconds

Landline numbers in Pakistan

SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) Rs. 1.0 / SMS

SMS (Jazz to other networks) Rs. 1.0 / SMS

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any

Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
other network)

Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free

Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this is available for
Mobilink subscribers only)

MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6

MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free

GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

Consumer Behaviour

Jazz SMS Bundles

Price* SMS Validity Minimum Balance

Req. (with tax)

SMS Bundle
Daily Bundle Rs. 2.79 500 1 day Rs. 3.38

Jazz brings Weekly Bundle Rs. 10 100 7 days Rs. 12.1

bigger and
15 days Bundle Rs. 35 500 15 days Rs. 42.35
better SMS
bundle offer
for all networks. This package is for all the SMS lovers who want the lowest
SMS rates to reach maximum number of people be it on any network. It is
again an economical package for all Jazz users.

*21% tax apply on the above mentioned price

Consumer Behaviour

Jazz Ladies First

For the first time ever, a package designed especially for ladies – Jazz Ladies
First. It offers value added services for ladies like recipes, beauty tips, diet tips and
etc with remarkably low rates. This package is for all those women who love to talk
for hours and hours. It charges Rs.5/- per hour.
Jazz Ladies First Tariffs

Details Rates

Calls to Any Mobilink number (11pm - Rs. 5.00 / hour (1,2)


Calls to Any Mobilink number ( 3pm- Rs. 1.50 / min

6pm )

Calls to Any Mobilink number (1st Rs. 2.50 / min


Calls to Any Mobilink number (2nd Rs. 1.50 / min

minute onwards)

Calls to all mobile networks & Landline Rs. 2.50 / min

numbers in Pakistan

SMS based Value Added Services Rs. 30 / month


SMS (Push based Value Added Rs. 2.00 / SMS


SMS - Any mobilink number Rs. 1.00 / SMS

SMS - Any other network Rs. 1.50 / SMS

Consumer Behaviour

Apart from these packages, Jazz offers a lot of other features such as:

• Jazz Load
Jazz account can be recharged through purchasing a Jazz Card, through
an Electronic Voucher, Jazz Load or by Ezetop.

• Jazz Advance
Jazz has introduced a brand new service Jazz Advance through which
customers can obtain advance balance by simply calling 123.

• Jazz Lifetime Connection

Jazz connection can be made lifetime by just making a call or sms
every 90 days.

• Jazz Share
It allows Jazz users to share balance anytime, anywhere of any amount
ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.1000. All that needs to be done is type
*100*Recipient’s mobile number with 92 prefix *Transfer
Amount# and press ‘Send’ on your mobile screen and have fun
sharing with this exciting new service.

• Club Red
This offers 50% discount on all calls made by Mobilink Jazz users. This
club is a platform created for Jazz users to get special treatment. Under
this offer Jazz subscribers who cross the monthly usage threshold of
Rs. 1,000 will get a 50% discount on all calls to Mobilink numbers for
the remaining days of the month.
Consumer Behaviour

There are many other Value Added Services offered by Jazz to its customers. These

• Jazz Juke Box

This service provides songs from any band, genre, album available
anywhere and at anytime for Jazz customers. Simply dial 505 and then
navigate with the user friendly menu to find songs.

• Jazz Karobar
This is a sms based service that provides platform for Jazz users to
advertise about their products and service and to view advertisements
posted by others. The objective of this service is to facilitate business
by connecting buyers and sellers.

• Jazz Karaoke
Jazz Karaoke provides a new way of having fun through singing along
with songs on your mobile phones. Songs can also be downloaded
through this feature and lyrics can be viewed through SMS.

• Power Tool Downloads

This feature allows Jazz users to download fun stuff like latest
ringtones, wallpapers, picture messages, operator logos, greeting
cards, screen savers and a lot more for a very low cost.

• Bolo SMS
To get away with the hassle of typing sms, Mobilink brings Bolo SMS
through which users just need to speak their message and send and it
will be delivered loud and clear.
Consumer Behaviour

Swot analysis

Strengths: Weaknesses:

• Jazz, being the first GSM • All the telecommunication

service in Pakistan, has very companies are competing with
strong brand recognition. It each other even in terms of
always tries to live up to its employees. They are trying to
brand name and the promise take away employees from
the brand makes. each other by offering them a
better package. So, Jazz needs
to improve on its employee
• Jazz is very proud of its turnover particularly its
effective retail distribution engineers.
system. It is the distribution
system which makes sure that
Jazz SIMs are easily available
everywhere, which has
contributed immensely in the
rise of its sales.

• Jazz has a very strong

positioning in the mind’s of its
customers. Consumers take
Consumer Behaviour

Jazz as a personality icon.

• Mobilink network works where

other network fails. Mobilink
provides the widest coverage
network, covering more than
10,000+ cities, towns, and
villages across Pakistan. It
provides connectivity to 28
million consumers loud and

• Apart from nationwide

connectivity, Mobilink connects
its consumers into 130
countries worldwide.

Opportunity: Threats:

• Mobilink infinity is the new • Mobile Number Portability:

broadband service that is
provided by mobilink along Mobile numbers can easily be
with the telephony services at switched from one service to
very competitive rates. There another. This is threat for Jazz
is a lot of potential for this as there are many Jazz users
particular service to grow and who hav switched their
benefit mobilink because of the connections to other services.
continous changes in
• Current Political Situation
(see Pest)

• Mobilink is tapping the rural

market. It is the first one to
launch its services in the rural
areas and is planning to
expand its market share by
targetting this new segment.

• Mobilink is bringing up new

services that are more
customized and personalised
for its users. This will also help
mobilink to grow in future.
Consumer Behaviour


Pest analysis is the mix of factors which can affect the company. These
are the macro environmental factors which affect the total operations of the
product. These factors play a major part in the development of the product.
PEST is an abbreviation for

P- Political

E- Economical

S- Social

T- Technological

The political, economical, social and technological factors affect the product
as a whole. In Political factors, we discuss the tax policy, employment laws
Consumer Behaviour

and political stability of a country affecting the product or company. The

economic factors include economic growth, interest rates and inflation rates
which prevail in the country. The social factors include health consciousness,
age distribution and career attitudes which are important social factors and
have a potential impact on the operations of a brand. The technological
factors include the new developments, the research and developments, rates
of technological changes and other factors which play a major part in the
development of the product.

Now, we will analyze the PEST factors which affect the operations of Mobilink
Jazz or Mobilink as a whole.

The Political Factors which affect Mobilink are:

Political Instability in Pakistan:

The political instability in Pakistan is a major problem these days

which is negatively affecting many companies. The cellular companies are
also a target of these instabilities. Cellular companies have to face severe
loss when any political incident happens and hence an environment of rage
is created in the country. For example, when the incident of the
assassination of Benazir Bhutto took place; the whole country was in the
flames and many shops were burnt and all the shops of the major cities were
close where people get to purchase prepaid cards and sim cards. Hence,
Mobilink had to bear a severe loss of millions which was a great shock for the
company. Many cellular companies were affected. Hence, political instability
of a country is a great threat for Mobilink and if the condition of a country is
not politically stable, Mobilink will be unable to provide its services to its
customers. All the cellular companies of the country have to face losses in
case of political instability.

Economic Factors:

Economic factors of a country include the economic growth of a

country and inflation rates of a country.

Economic Growth:
Consumer Behaviour

The economic growth of Pakistan plays a major role in the

development of these cellular companies. Many cellular companies have
penetrated in the populated cellular market of Pakistan. Mobilink being the
pioneer in GSM communication has an edge and determined a market in the
growing economy of Pakistan. Hence, the present economic condition of the
country is not good but still the need of communication remains stagnant
and hence is providing good business to the company.

Inflation rates:

The inflation rates in Pakistan are increasing but still Mobilink is

growing and hence the customer base of Mobilink has increase to 28 million.
Communication is the basic need of a human and hence is providing a good
base for these cellular companies to grow. But still, these companies have
reduced their profits by offering lower rates to the market.

Social Factors:

The Social Factors which affect Mobilink are Population (growth

rate) and age distribution.

Population growth rate:

The population of Pakistan is increasing day by day. The present

population of Pakistan has almost reached to the scale of 170 million. This
provides a great opportunity for Mobilink to tap the new markets which have
been deprived by other cellular companies. Mobilink can tap these new
markets and target the new generation.

Age Distribution:

Mobilink Jazz is targeting the youth and hence is offering

reasonable packages for youngsters. Major chunk of population of Pakistan is
based on youngsters and hence it provides a good opportunity for Mobilink
to target the youth.
Consumer Behaviour

Technological Factors:

The technological factors which affect Mobilink are R&D activity

and technological development.

R&D Activity:

The new technologies which are entering the market of cellular

companies are helping Mobilink increase their customer base. These new
technologies are enhancing the new markets to use Cell Phones which help
Mobilink tap new markets and increase their customer base.

Mobile Number Portability:

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a new technology which is

affecting the customer base of Mobilink. The Mobilink family constituted of
30 million customers. The MNP reduced the number of customers to 28
million. Many customer switched to other networks due to different reasons.



Price is the amount of money that consumers pay to obtain the product. Mobilink Jazz offers
different packages that have different tariffs to cater to the markets individual needs.About six
years ago, Mobilink was offering Jazz connection for about Rs. 3000. This is due to entry of
other cellular companies and intense competition. Currently, Mobilink is offering Jazz
connections for 350 rupees.
Consumer Behaviour

Mobilink Jazz
Tarrif Plans (Package Wise)

Budget Easy Ladies First Octane Jazz One

Billing Pulse 30-sec 60-sec 60-sec 60-sec 60-sec
Charges zero zero zero 1.00 Zero
On-net * Tariffs 1.80 2.10 2.50 (1stmin) 2.40 1.40
& (1stmin),
1.50^(2ndmin) 1.00(2ndmin
Happy 0.80 NA 5.00/hour 0.75 -
Hours/LNO** 11pm-7am 11pm-
Weekend Calls On- NA NA NA NA -
Off-net *** Tariffs- 1.98 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.00
Fixed (1stmin),
Off-net Tariffs 1.98 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.00
F&F Nos 3 3 nil 3 -
F&F Tariffs 1.50 0.99 nil 0.99 -
On-net 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.20 1.00
Off-net 1.50 1.50 1.50 0.20 1.50

*On-net means Same Network **LNO = Late Night Option ***Off-net means Other Network
^During 3pm to 6pm, Rs.1.50 is applicable on on-net calls.

Consumer Behaviour

Jazz is a prepaid service that allows freedom from the hassles of monthly bills and gives
customers complete control over their cellular budget. One can load a scratch card and start
talking. Jazz is simple and loads of fun with value added services etc. Jazz is also affordable,
with features like no daily charges (as in postpaid services), lower rates, 180 days validity of Jazz
Scratch Cards and the option to simply reactivate your deactivated Jazz connection.

Jazz offers 5 packages to suit the needs of its customers. Some packages have an option
of lower call rates and some have lower SMS rates.

Jazz One:

Jazz One promises lower rates ever on calls to any Mobilink number. As the name says, calls are
charged on a basis of 1 Rupee per minute.

Jazz Budget:

It is a package for those who want to control their credit budget. It offers lower call rates to any
network in Pakistan that is 68 paisas per 30 seconds.

Jazz Easy:

This package has the benefit to call Mobilink family members at low rates. It has the option to
add 3 Friends and Family numbers and call them at lower rates.

Jazz Octane:

This package offers lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan at 20 paisas per SMS. It also
offers lower late night call rates to Mobilink numbers.
Consumer Behaviour

Jazz Ladies First:

This package has been designed exclusively for ladies. It offers value added services through
SMS like beauty tips, food recipes etc. It offers lower call rates between hours fixed by


Jazz recharge:

Consumers have various options to re-charge their Jazz account balance by either purchasing a
Jazz Card, through an Electronic Voucher called Jazz Load or through Ezetop.

Jazz advance:

Jazz has also introduced a service Jazz Advance, which enables customers to obtain advance
balance by calling Jazz’s helpline.

Jazz share:

This service lets Jazz users share balance among themselves of any amount ranging from Rs. 10 to
Rs. 1000.

Club Red:

This package offers 50% off on all calls made to Mobilink numbers for members of this service.
Under this offer Jazz subscribers who cross the monthly usage threshold of Rs. 1,000 will get a
50% discount on all calls to Mobilink numbers for the remaining days of the month.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Consumer Behaviour

Point of purchase include displays and demonstrations that take place at the point of purchase or
sale e.g. at many franchises and dealers posters are displayed on walls and brochures are kept on
counters. Mobilink does POP displays at various locations and Jazz easy load outlets.

Customer database:

Customer database is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers

or prospects, including geographic, demographic psychographics and behavioural data. Mobilink
is outdated all others in this regard as it is maintaining a huge database of about 5 million
customers and in which it is maintaining the data about each and every call, its duration, date of
billing, time of paying bill, date and time of card loading and of which denomination. In short all
the history of the customer calling behaviour from the first day of using Mobilink.


Telemarketing is using the telephone to sell directly to customers. Mobilink also sends SMS to
its customers on special events and festivals like Eid, Valentine’s Day etc.


Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumers, it
includes channels, coverage, location, inventory, Mobilink Jazz Sims are available all over
Pakistan, covering many cities, towns, and villages across Pakistan, Sims are available on more
than 700 franchises all over the Pakistan.

As far is the appropriate distribution channel is concerned, Mobilink has chose two major
channels for the sales of Jazz. They are:

Direct sales: This takes place from Mobilink’s own customer care centres located at selected
locations in all cities throughout Pakistan.
Consumer Behaviour

Indirect Sales: This is the indirect distribution through authorized dealers, usually located in
suburban areas.

Mobilink selects distribution channels based on the following factors:

• Market structure: Based on the number and location of suppliers and users in an area,
Mobilink uses indirect sales where there are densely populated areas

• Product characteristics: Jazz is usually sold through indirect sales due to the features,
price and availability requirement of the product.

• Market characteristics: Since the segment to which Jazz is targeted is not entirely
discernible, that is it is also purchased by middle class urban customers in large quantities
therefore it is necessary that the product be made available at various geographical
locations which are convenient for the customer to access.


There are a number of different promotional strategies that are available to companies that can be
made use of:

• Advertising

• Public relations

• Sales promotion

• Direct marketing

• Personal selling

• Interactive marketing

Mobilink makes a balanced use of all the above in that it uses all of the above in proportion,
while emphasizing most on advertising through print media and television and radio. Also
Mobilink uses numerous sales promotions since consumers always look for extra value in the
products they purchase. Apart from that the competitive environment in which Mobilink operates
requires keeping pace with the constantly changing consumer wants.
Consumer Behaviour

Mobilink makes use of vibrant colours and youth projection in its advertisement as Jazz is a
brand that mainly targets the youth and uses slogans such as ‘jiyo zara apne style se’. The youth
is also a segment which has financial limitations and therefore the pricing has been kept in line.

Mobilink also invests its resources in building public relations as it believes that word of mouth
goes a long away in building brand image


Q-1: Which connection do you use?

• Mobilink
• U-fone
• Warid
Consumer Behaviour

• Telenor
• Zong

Q-2: Connection Type:

• Post Paid
• Pre paid

Q-3: Why do you use the above mentioned connection?

• Cheap Rates
• Packages offered
• Connectivity and Network
• Other:

Q-4: Have you ever used Jazz?

• Yes
• No

Q-5: What features of Jazz do you like?

• Connectivity
• Rates offered
• Packages offered
• Brand Image
• Other:

Q-6: What does jazz means to you?

• Youthful and exciting

• Sophisticated and successful

Q-7: Do you want any improvements in Jazz?

• Yes
• No
If yes, please specify:
Consumer Behaviour

Q-8: Which Jazz Advertisement do you remember?

Q-9: Any improvements needed in the Jazz Ad(s)?

Graphs based on the results tabulated from the questionnaires:

The sample size of the questionnaires is 25.

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour

Additions in the Report:

Identification of Major Problems

• Arrogance and Complacent Behavior:
The arrogant attitude of Mobilink has led to the loss of its
customers from 30 million to 28 million, according to Pakistan
Telecommunications Authority (PTA). They think they are the
market leaders and so they are not paying attention towards
delighting the customer and gaining their loyalty instead they
have become competitor centered, trying hard to push them
away from the market. They believe that Mobilink is a premium
brand and provides with premium quality service so they charge
such high prices. Though, Mobilink’s customers believe that they
charge too high prices. Mobilink needs to portray itself as a
premium brand by providing value for charging such high prices.
They need to be more proactive in their behavior so they can
retain their customers.

• Unable to Determine its Target Market:

Jazz is currently targeting four segments of the market:
 New Users

 Ex-Jazzers

 Other Brand Users

 Existing Jazzers

This is evident from their different promotional campaigns as

they confuse rural and urban markets together in some or
existing jazzers with other brand users. This way the company is
losing its focus on who are its right customers, for whom the
company should work and try to retain them and make profitable
customer relationships.
Consumer Behaviour


The recommendation which we would like to give to Mobilink to serve

its customers more satisfyingly and which would help Mobilink in creating a
better image and enhancing their services accordingly. The major and minor
problems which we recognized in Mobilink are also there to be solved
because they are bringing a major halt to the services of Mobilink.

From our research and questionnaires, we recognized several factors

which were affecting Mobilink and were creating hindrances between the
customers and the service provider

Mobilink should cater its customers more interactively. Mobilink has

turned arrogant and complacent. Mobilink should try to communicate with its
target market and should determine its target market. Mobilink should
choose a target market and should cater that target market. Mobilink has
lost its focus due to the greed of catering many markets and the competition
being thrown to mobilink by different new telecommunication providers.

The third problem which we recognized in Mobilink is their customer

services or their help line. Users have to wait in order to get their calls
connected to the service center personnel. The employees on the phone are
also not courteous and have misbehaved with some of the customers. So, in
order to make their customers remain loyal to their brand, Jazz has to work
on its service center personnel which respond to the help line calls made by
the customer. Jazz also needs to work on its helpline in order to improve the
wait which customers have to face when they make a call to the help line.

Mobilink should research and should find the factor that can make
people switch to mobilink.
Consumer Behaviour

Mobilink should use their brand name and should show their brand as
the premium brand which they have failed to do. Mobilink should advertise
their brand as a premium brand and should justify their prices in accordance
with their brand name.

Spending patterns:

Reasons for liking Jazz

Consumer Behaviour

Family/peer pressure

Advertisement Recall
Consumer Behaviour


• Communication with Customers

• Recognize and determine the right Target Market

• Show their Brand as a Premium Brand

• Should not follow the footsteps of their Competitors’