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1993 - 1ST Food Manufacturing Plant in the Philippines to be ISO 9002:1987E Certified

1992 - Outstanding Quality Company of the Year

*Maintained State of Certifiability for both:

*ISO 9001-2000 Edition

*ISO 14001-1996 Edition

2012 - Most Outstanding Energy Efficiency Award, DOE

Dec 2008 - Don Emilio Abello Energy Efficiency Awards, DOE
Dec 2008 - Most Outstanding Manager for Energy Efficiency -
Bernardo Teves
Dec 2007 - ISO 14001:2004 "State of Certifiability" status
Dec 2007 - ISO 9001:2000e "State of Certifiability" status
Dec 2007- Most Outstanding Company of the year for Region
XI, from the Industrial Pollution Prevention Center of the
- Most Outstanding Pollution Control Officers of the Year for
Region XI from the Industrial Pollution Prevention Center of
the Philippines

April 2005 - Merit Citation, Conservation of the Environment, DENR

October 2001 - Awardee, Search for Outstanding Labor Management Council for Industrial Peace from DOLE,
June 2001 - DENR citation for exemplary performance for maintaining ISO 14001 status
June 2000 - DENR Citation for Outstanding Environmental Programs and initiatives
May 2000 - Mother Nature Award 2000 by Pollution Control Association of the Phils.
Feb 2000 - 5 Star Safety Rating from the Corporate Saftey Group
June 1999 - ISO 14001 Certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International
1999 - Top Twenty Most Outstanding Healthy Workplace in the Philippines
1999 - Most Outstanding Healthy Workplace in Region XI
April 1996 - ISO 9001 Certification


Business Address 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines
E-mail Address
Telephone Number 632-3000
Fax Number
Estelito P.
Eduardo M. Ramon S. Ang Leo S. Alvez
Mendoza Joselito D.
Cojuangco, Jr. Vice Chairman, Member, Audit
Chairman, Campos, Jr.
Chairman and President and COO Committee
Nomination and
Member, Executive Member,
CEO Committee
Hearing Committee Member,
Member, Executive Executive
Chairman, Member, Nomination and
Committee Compensation
Executive Nomination and Hearing
Member, Audit Committee
Committee Hearing Committee Committee

Ferdinand K.
Member, Executive Menardo R.
Aurora T. Committee Jimenez
Calderon Alexander J.
Member, Audit Chairman, Iñigo
Member, Committee Executive Zobel Member,
Executive Member, Executive Compensation Executive
Nomination and
Compensation Compensation Committee Committee
Hearing Committee
Committee Committee Member, Executive
Member, Committee
Nomination and
Hearing Committee

Reynato S. Puno
Winston F. Garcia
Director Margarito B. Teves
Member, Executive Independent
Member, Audit
Compensation Director
Committee Chairman, Audit
Member, Executive
Member, Committee
Nomination and
Hearing Committee


The principal role of the Chairman of the Board is to manage and to provide leadership to the Board of Directors of
the Company. The Chairman is accountable to the Board and acts as a direct liaison between the Board and the
management of the Company, through the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). The Chairman acts as the
communicator for Board decisions where appropriate. The concept of separation of the role of the Chairman from
that of the CEO implies that the Chairman should be independent from management and free from any interest
and any business or other relationship which could interfere with the Chairman’s independent judgment other
than interests resulting from Company shareholdings and remuneration. More specifically, the duties and
responsibilities of the Chairman are as follows:

1. to act as a liaison between management and the Board;

2. to provide independent advice and counsel to the CEO;

3. to keep abreast generally of the activities of the Company and its management;

4. to ensure that the Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to enable the
Directors to form appropriate judgments;

5. in concert with the CEO, to develop and set the agendas for meetings of the Board;


The Board of Directors (the “Board”) has adopted a position description for the Vice-Chairman of the
Board (the “Vice-Chairman”). The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman of the Board of Directors (the
“Board Chair”) in performing his/her duties and responsibilities. In addition to general support to the
Board and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), the Vice-Chairman will have a specific mandate to support
the CEO and Management in respect of acquisition strategy and activity. These specific acquisition
services will be provided under an adjacent Consultancy Agreement. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES

1. Assist the Board Chair in performing his/her duties & responsibilities

2. Perform the responsibilities of the Board Chair during his/her absence or disability of the Board Chair
3. Provide advice as required to the CEO and to other senior management members in all matters
concerning the interests of the corporation

4. Attend Board and Committee meetings of the Board

5. Particularly support the CEO in reviewing the long-term investment and financing strategies of the

Executive committee

the role of the Executive Committee was to act on behalf of the board during the interim times between board
meetings. Because of that important role, the committee was traditionally comprised of the board officers and
committee chairs.
As things evolved over time, rather than just meeting and acting when needed, the Executive Committee came
to be a standing committee, meeting every month, typically one week prior to the board meeting. At those
meetings, the Executive Committee generally reviews the major issues facing the organization, weighing pros
and cons and making preliminary decisions, to be ratified by the board as a whole at the actual board meeting.

Audit committee
Boards of Directors and their committees rely on management to run the daily operations of the business. The
Board's role is better described as oversight or monitoring, rather than execution. Responsibilities of the audit
committee typically include:

1. Overseeing the financial reporting and disclosure process.

2. Monitoring choice of accounting policies and principles.

3. Overseeing hiring, performance and independence of the external auditors.

4. Oversight of regulatory compliance, ethics, and whistleblower hotlines.

5. Monitoring the internal control process.

Independent Director

The Lead Director will be appointed and may be removed by the Board. The Nominating and Corporate
Governance Committee will review annually this position description and recommend to the Board any
changes that it considers appropriate.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: In addition to the regular duties of all Board members, the Board has
determined that the Lead Director should have the following specific duties and responsibilities: In
consultation with the Chairman and/or the Chief Executive Officer:
1. Reviews and provides input regarding the agendas of the Board meetings o Advises on the
appropriate schedule of Board meetings Presides at all Board meetings in the absence of the Chairman

2. Chairs any meeting of the independent directors in executive session and briefs

3. the Chairman and/or Chief Executive Officer on issues arising in the executive sessions Has authority
to call special meetings of the independent directors

Recruitment Process

form Job
deployment announcem


Job offer


medical final
examinations Interview

Job Offers and Job positions

SAP Basis Administrator

SMITS Inc. - IT Subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation - Pasig
The successful candidate will perform:

 24/7 monitoring for all the SAP systems; this includes the database and the operating systems
 System performance
 Database performance
 Database backups
 Database size
 Troubleshoot basic system problems/issues covered by the scope of a Basis administrator:
 SAP printer issues
 SAP connection issues
 SAP user transactional issues * Change implementation in SAP via system transports

 Candidate must possess Bachelors Degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or any IT related
 Should have 1-year relevant experience in SAP BASIS and have been involved in an active role
 Should have experience and capable of independently performing SAP fresh installation and SAP Version
upgrade, Homogeneous System Copies, and OS/Database Migrations

Relevant Skills:

Should have SAP BASIS Administration skills in the following:

SAP ERP, BW/BI, Business Objects, CRM/SRM, HCM, Enterprise Portal, Process Integration (PI or XI), Solution
Manager, SAP Business One, SAP Database Migration (must have actual experience), Computer Networks, Server
management (must be capable of performing bare-metal installations) and SAP on Oracle Exadata

Technology Exposure

 Server Operating Systems:

 Unix (AIX, HP-UX and/or Solaris)
 Windows
 Linux (Redhat, Suze) * Database Systems:
 DB2
 Oracle

Knowledge of other database systems is an advantage (eg Sybase ASE, HANA, etc.

Job Type: Contract

Required education:

 Bachelor's

Required experience:

 SAP BASIS: 1 year

Finance Staff

San Miguel Corporation - Shipping and Lighterage Division (under agency - Likas Yaman Service
Corporation) Manila

PHP 13,000 - PHP 16,000 a month


- Must be a graduate of an accounting or finance course

- fresh graduates are highly encouraged

- knowledgeable in treasury & operational payment

- knowledgeable in maintaining petty cash

- knowledgeable in preparing cash flow report & bank reconciliation

- analytical and detail-oriented

- can work with minimal supervision and is a good team player


- AP processing, tax filing and monitoring

- ensuring that necessary financial planning procedures are carried out

- processing transactions (Cash handling, Issuing invoices, chasing debts, processing

payments on time, managing liabilities, processing staff working advances (floats),


- Payroll preparation and processing

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Php13,000.00 to Php16,000.00 /month

Required education:

 Bachelor's
Proposal/ recommendation about the company

Based on my research the companies had developed their budgeting and long-ranged planning systems several
years earlier but, despite the many advantages these gave them they still were not satisfied with their ability to
respond to the rapid changes in the environment around them. Therefore, they search for a process that would
enable them to upgrade their planning capability. the planning process is much time consuming which involved
more work than one might reasonably expect of people;
the two companies emphasized in developing the objectives and strategic programs led to past strategies
outweighing the new strategies;
there were some Business Family and Element Teams who were asking for "hand-holding" to guide to the process.

1. Examine loopholes in the planning process.

2. Develop a strategy for an efficient planning process.

3. Study pros and cons of the involvement of past strategies in developing the objectives and strategic program.

4. Determine the effects of having no planning manual or “hand-holding”.

5. Decide on the need for developing a planning manual for the planning process.