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„ V Last date for submission of synopsis is „th October, 20„0
Synopsis will cover (i) Title of the Project
(ii) Objectives
(iii) Research Methodology (in one sheet)

2 V Last date of submission of Project Report is 28th February, 20„0, thereafter DPC-IM may
charge late fees of Rs 200/- as applicable

3 V Project Report carries a total of „0 marks in IV semester [7 Internal + 7 External]

4 V External Evaluation will be based on PPT Presentation & Viva

 V Every student must submit separate & unique topic Two or more students cannot work
on the same topic

6 V The students must consult internal faculty before submission of Project Report

7 V our Internal faculty guides are as under

Finance 90„-93 Dr V  hurana
Finance 936-978 Prof S  ataria
Marketing 90„-926 Prof Vineeta Jha
Marketing 927-92 Prof Benu Sharma
Marketing 93-978 Prof Nidhi Singh
HR 90„-93 Prof Deepak Garg
HR 936-978 Prof Asjad Usmani

Dr V  hurana Asjad Usmani Benu Sharma

Director Programme Coordinator Project Coordinator

All the students must submit 3 c of their Project report (One Spiral
one hard bound) in the college by 28-02-20„„ The guidelines to be followed
for project report are as follows:

Paper Size: A4
Front Color: Black
Front Size: „2 Time New Roman with Bold Heading
Page Limit: Minimum 70 & Maximum „00

V d 

 The Project Report may be typed in „  space But the
References/ Bibliography should be typed in a single space

 our documents should be appropriately
numbered It is usual for page „ to start with the introduction The sections
prior to the introduction are usually numbered with small Romans, i e ,i ii, iii
It is easier if appendices are numbered in a separate sequence ( suggest
A,B,C,) rather than as a continuation of the main report


„ V Title page
2 V Student¶s Declaration
3 V Supervisor¶s Certificate
4 V Acknowledgement
 V Table of Contents
6 V List of Tables
7 V List of Figures
8 V List of Appendices
9 V Contents/ Index( Followed by Chapterisation)

c      This chapter includes the research problem,
need for study / significance of the project, objectives hypotheses
methodology ± scope, sample design, source of information, tools and
techniques of analysis, structure of the study with sound justification /

c   !    " This chapter should reflect the students
understanding of the relevant theoretical and empirical background of the
problem Focus should be more on the logical presentation of empirical
evolution of conceptual and methodological issues pertaining to research
problem Also highlight the methodological clues drawn through this
review for your project

c   # 3  c   $ d

  $ À This chapter should
contain a brief historical aspect about the entity of your study

c  % Present your data analysis and inferences

c  & Present your findings

c  'Conclusions & Recommendations: Gives an overview of the

project conclusions, implications and recommendations Also specify the
limitations of your study ou may indicate the scope for further research

 the books, articles, website that are referred and useful
for research on the topic of your specific project Follow Harvard style of

((d )*  ++ +c

Referencing is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotations and to

enable readers to follow-up and more fully cited author¶s arguments

 3,  The author, year of publication followed by the title of the
textbooks ( in italics), publisher, location of the publisher
e g Saunders, M et al (2003), Research Methods for Business Students (3rd
edition), Pearson Education, Harlow
  -    The author¶s name, followed by the title article,
journal name in italics volume number
e.g Storey J, Cressy, P, Morris, T and Wilkinson, A („997)¶ Changing
employment practices in U banking; case studies,¶ Personnel Review,

 /If you are referring to a specific article, it should be detailed
as for journal articles as mentioned above, but with the additional
information as to where it is available on the Internet
e.g Jones A and Smith A (eds) 200„¶What exactly is the Labour Force
survey?¶ (Online)
(Cited 20 Dec, 200„) Available for URL:





(Project Title)

Submitted towards partial fulfillment of requirements of

Two ear Full Time PGDM (Equivalent to MBA)


À " $À(

Roll No :
Batch: 2009-„„

cÀ333+d4  +4+3
5 + /
 0  "c  6
 " c3+4   0)  ". 0 
Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi-„„007

I, Roll No student of PGDM(Equivalent

to MBA) Batch (2009-„„) at DPC Institute of Management Sector 9, Dwarka, New
Delhi-„„007 hereby declare that the project / report titled has
been completed by me independently and the concerned report has not been
submitted elsewhere for any purpose


  0À " 
c  04 

c  04 
3 (+dcd3+3À

cd3+3À +4(+ À

.V 3 dc3d
Source of Data
Period of Study

!.V +7+/d3+ 3 +

#.V 3)+cd4 *
Historical Background & Management Structure

%.V  3  +À+3 3d  *ÀÀ

Main Topic
V Presentation and Analysis
V Interpretations

&.V À

'.V cdcÀdÀ +cd44+ 3dÀ

8.V ((d )*
Author, Book name, Editor year in brackets, Publisher

½.V +c+À
Appendix A
Appendix B