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Name of the Organization:«««««««..«««««««««««««««««««««.

Contact Person:«««««««...«««««««««««««««««««««««««...


Mobile No:««««««««««««...

Email id:««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

1. Do you think Social Media Marketing can help in the success of a company?

a) Yes b) No.

2. Which Social media site do you find most effective?

a) Facebook c) Linked In

b) Twitter d)CorporateBlogs.

3. On a grade of (1-5) 1 being the least & 5 be the highest how would you rate the
following sites?

1 2 3 4 5

Linked in
4. When did your company started using Social Media Marketing?

a) Before 1 year. c) 2-3 year

b) 1-2 year. d) More than 3 year.

5. How will you rate Social Media marketing in your business application?

a) Excellent c) Average.

b) Good. d) Poor.

6. Does your organization have any dedicated department for Social Media

a) Yes b) No.

7. How will you rate Social Media Marketing (1-5) where 1-being the least & 5-being
highest on the following parameters?

a) Networking.  b) Visibility. 

c) Branding.  d) Communication. 

8. Please indicate with whom you interact mostly while using Social Networking

People Nearly Fairly often Rarely Never

Co- workers

Close friends


People who
live far away
People whom
you don¶t know
˜. What metrics you want to achieve through Social Media Marketing?


E- commerce Sales. d) Promote an event.

b) Lead generation. e) Build Brand Image

c) Reputation management.

10. What benefits are you getting through Social media Marketing?

a) Brand Awareness.

b) Bring attention to your products.

c) Better Customer Loyalty & trust.

d) Strengthen Customer Service.

11. Which target market does Social Media enable you to reach?

a) Businesses

b) Youths.

c) Families.

d) Prospect Clients.

12. Can Social media helps to improve the communication in internal organization?

a) Yes

b) No.
13. How do you rate your employees on basis of involvement in Social Media

a) Excellent.

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor.

14. How Social Media helps your organization in HR practices?

a) Employee Engagement.

b) Recruitment.

c) Organizational Development.

d) Creative Solutions.

15. Do you have set a certain Promotional budget for Social Media Marketing?

a) Yes

b) No.

If yes, then how much percentage

i. 1-2%
ii. 2-4%
iii. 4-7%
iv. More than 7%

16. Which tools are you using to select your target audience through Social Media

a) Blogs.

b) Tweets

c) RSS feeds
d) Communities

e) Buzz

f) Others

17. What do you think Social Media Marketing should be?

a) Company specific.

b) Brand specific.

18. Have you identified any business advantage of Social Media over Traditional

a) Yes.

b) No.

If yes please specify,

i. Quick updates

ii. Creating community
iii. Fan pages
iv. Popularity with in short span of time

1˜. How do you show your promotional activities through Social Media Marketing?

a) By Photos.

b) By Videos.

c) By Updates.

d) All the above.

20. How do you response towards your audience comments?

a) Response Immediately.

b) Take views of people & implement.

c) Response after a period of time.

d) Ignore.

21. What changes the industry has seen due to Social Media Marketing?

a) Industry Growth.

b) More competitors.

c) More challenging environments.

d) Chances of global expansion.

22. Why have you chosen Social Media Marketing?

a) Better customer reach

b) Lesser price

c) Global expansion

d) Research & learning

23. What are the don¶ts of Social Media Marketing?

a) Never lie

b) Never Spam

c) Never too promotion.

d) Never forget online reputation Management.

24. What do you think Social Media Marketing of your company is?

a) One way communication.

b) Two way communication.

c) Interactive.
25. What sales promotion tools do you use in Social Media to generate traffic?

a) Discounts.

b) Coupons.

c) Contests.

d) Instructional Videos.

26. On a scale of (1-5) where 1 being the least & 5 being the highest, how would you
rate the other sources apart from Social Media Marketing?

a) Newspapers.

b) Hoardings.

c) Pamphlets

d) Banners

e) Magazines

27. What major challenges will Social Media face in near future?

a) Culture.

b) Governance

c) Measurement & ROI

d) Human Resources.

e) Privacy.

28. What new things emerged out after using Social Media Marketing?

a) Online communication is important.

b) Content really is king.

c) Things are growing.

d) Need to be Consistent.

2˜. How would you rate the similarities Social Media Marketing & SEO?

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
Both revolve
around quality
Long term
success in
merit based
Each involve
Both build
onsite & offsite
Both needed to
start small

30. Are you satisfied with your current Social Media Marketing Strategies?

a) Yes

b) No.

31. Any suggestion would you like to give for the better use of Social Media?