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Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

Vivekananda School of Information Technology

Web Technologies
Course Code: BCA 204
Ques 1. Answer the following questions briefly
i) Explain the types of hyperlinks (very briefly).
ii) Explain TD, TH and TR tags.
iii) Explain the protocol POP3.
iv) Describe different types of lists.
v) Explain the component that constitute a URL
vi) What do you mean by a tag? Explain the following tags
1) PRE 2) EM 3) SUP 4) Q
Ques 2. Write a program to create a registration form in HTML containing the following
fields perform the given validation using Javascript
a. Name
b. User ID(max length 10, Alphabet only)
c. Password (min length 8)
d. Birthday
e. Gender
f. Country
g. Current email Id
All the fields are required fields
Ques 3. Write a short note on

1) Internet and WWW.

2) Array and it’s in built functions in Java script

Ques 4. Explain the components of DHTML briefly

Ques 5. Write a program to show the use of alpha filter.
Ques 6. Explain the concept of Event Listener with the help of an example
Ques 7. Write a program to show the use of onmousemove,onmouseover and onmouseout
Ques 8. What is XML.Write down the conventions to name an XML document.
Ques 9. Write an XML code for writing a letter document.
Ques 10. Explain the significance of any two predefined objects of JavaScript.

Ques 11. Differentiate between setInterval function Vs setTimeout

Ques 12. How can you dynamically change attribute of a tag using DHTML.
Ques 13. What are filters? Give an example.
Ques 14. Explain getDate function Vs setDate function
Ques 15. Explain the concept of validation in DHTML.

Ques 16. Give the output of the following code segment:

var sum = new Array(6);
var Total = 0;
sum[0] = 0;
for(var icount = 1; icount < 4; icount++)
Total += icount;
sum[icount] = Total;

Ques 17. Write an HTML code for creating a form, which accepts the birth date from the user
in a textbox and displays the day of the week in a message box on the click of a
Ques 18. What is an event? Discuss various types of events (broad categories). What do you
mean by event firing and event handler? Write a program containing a button such
that clicking the light bulb turns on it and clicking it again turns off the light.(Use
two images one lit bulb and one non lit bulb)

Ques 19. What are objects in JavaScript? Write a program to illustrate the use of objects in
Ques 20. Compare DHTML and HTML
Ques 21. Write differences between HTML and XML.
Ques 22. Explain different parts of XML language.

Ques 23. Specify the tag and attributes used to create a textbox which can accept maximum of
20 characters with a default value “Enter Name”.
Ques 24. Write the HTML code to generate a Web Page in the format given below:
Consider the following while writing the HTML code:
a. Background colour of the page should be “Cyan”.
b. Text style should be Comic Sans MS and colour should be Red.
c. Picture used in the page is the file “activity.jpg”
d. Table should have a border of color blue.
e. Use the concept of nested lists for creating the list given in the web page with specified
f. Pages linked to :
• Indoor Avtivities as “in.html”
• Outdoor Activities as “out.html”
g. Bottom message should be of size 2.