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Navodaya Entrance Model Paper

continued from Jan 17th

P kavitha Sree
Navodaya &Sainik
Coaching Centre

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Where is the headquarters of Karur Vysya Bank?

Credit Suisse. international market .
Banking Knowledge/ Financial Awareness a) Rs 5.5 lakh crore b) Rs 4.5 lakh crore b) Based on flood situation
c) Rs 3.5 lakh crore d) Rs 2.5 lakh crore c) Based on climate
1. Shri Shaktikanta Das(present Governor, Mantri Surakshit Matritav Abhiyan e) Rs 1.5 lakh crore d) Based on shadow market
RBI) had previously, served as India's (PMSMA)? 18. For which bank transactions, quoting e) None of these
Alternate Governor in which of the fol- a) Andhra Pradesh b) Madhya Pradesh PAN is mandatory? 28. What are the objectives of(foreign)
lowing? c) Uttar Pradesh d) Himachal Pradesh a) Sale or purchase of any immovable val- Exchange Control Regulations?
a) World Bank e) Arunachal Pradesh ued at Rs.5 lakh or more a) Conservation of foreign exchange
b) Asian Development Bank(ADB) 11. The Government of India has notified b) Sale or purchase of a motor vehicle( b) Proper accounting of foreign exchange
c) New Development Bank(NDB) the Electoral Bond Scheme 2018. It may excluding 2 wheelers) receipts and payments
d) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) be noted that Electoral Bond shall be c) A time deposit , exceeding Rs.50,000/- in c) Stabilizing the external value of the
e) All the above valid for _____________ days from the any account with post office savings bank rupee
2. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2018-19 - date of issue. d) Payment to hotels/restaurants for bills d) To check smuggling
Series V opened for subscription for the a) 90 b) 30 c) 15 d) 10 e) 20 above Rs.20,000 at any one time e) All the above(At present it is being reg-
period from January 14, 2019 to January 12. The Union Cabinet has gave its e) All the above ( as IT Act, Rule 114B) ulated through FEMA, 1999)
18, 2019.Government of India, in consul- approval to rename the Agartala 19. Which can be called as insured deposits 29. What is Foreign Exchange?
tation with the Reserve Bank of India, Airport in Tripura as? in banks? a) Foreign currency
has decided to offer a discount of ? 50 per a) Om Prakash Gattan, Airport b) It includes deposits, credits and bal-
gram less than the nominal value to those ances payable in any foreign currency
investors applying online and the pay-
ment against the application is made
BANK PO/ CLERKS EXAM SPECIAL c) It includes drafts, travellers' cheques,
letters of credit or bills of exchange
through digital mode. What is the issue a) SB deposits b) Fixed deposits d) It incudes bills of exchange drawn by
price of Gold Bond for such investors? c) Current deposits d) Recurring deposits banks but payable in any foreign currency
a) Rs. 3,164/- (Rupees Three Thousand e) All the above e) All the above
One Hundred Sixty Four only) per gram 20. Each depositor in a bank is insured 30. What are the statutory conditions for
of gold. b) Rs.5000/- c) Rs.6,000/- upto a maximum of how much? protection under Section 131 of NI Act
d) Rs.2000/- e) None of these a) Rs.1,00,000/- b) Rs.5,00,000 for collection of cheques?
3. Credit growth of scheduled commercial c) Rs.2,00,000 d) Rs.4,20,000 a) Collection is in good faith and without
banks(SCBs) improved in September e) None of these negligence
2018, driven largely by whom? 21. Which rates are normally available for b) Payment is received for a customer
a) Cooperative banks standard period of 1,2,3,6, and 12 c) Cheque is generally and specially crossed
b) Private sector banks (PVBs) months? d) All the above e) None of these
c) Foreign banks d) RRBs a) LIBOR b) EURO LIBOR c) EURIBOR 31. What are the duties of collecting
e) None of these d) All the above e) None of these bankers( for cheques)?
4. In the capital market, investment in 22. What is Mirror Account? a) To present the cheque within a reason-
mutual funds remains through which of a) The account of a foreign bank , as main- able time , (else liable for damages under
the following there is bright spot? tained in the books of a bank in India is section 72 of NI Act) if customer incurs
a) Systematic Investment plans(SIPs) called Mirror or Shadow account for delayed presentation
b) Shares c) Debentures d) Bonds b) Anuradha Devi Thokchom Airport b) It is the copy of the entries in NOSTRO b) To hand over the proceeds after realiza-
e) None of these c) Denis P Rayen Airport Account tion without delay
5. The insolvency and bankruptcy regime, d) Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore c) The mirror account is just like a cash c) Both (a) & (b) d) Not to accept coins
which came into effect in 2016, has been Airport book maintained by a firm for a bank e) None of these
providing which of the following? e) Pabitra Rabha Dinesh Airport account 32. For ECB purpose which of the follow-
a) A market-driven, 13. NABARD has joined hands with which d) All the above e) None of these ing are included in the infrastructure
b) Time-bound process for insolvency res- bank to provide collateral-free credit 23. Which of the following says 'your sector?
olution of a corporate debtor, through Joint Liability Groups in account is with us'? a) Power b) Tecommunication
c) Helping financial institutions to clean Telangana? a) VOSTRO account b) NOSTRO account c) Railways d) Roads including bridges
up their balance sheets a) BOB b) ICICI Bank c) SBI c) LORO account d) All the above e) All the above
d) All the above e) None of these d) Axis Bank e) PNB e) None of these 33. Bank Rate is defined as the 'standard
6. What is the minimum maturity period 14. Under project 'SASHAKT' an asset 24. Which of the following are International rate' at which RBI is prepared to buy or
of a term deposit? management company/ alternative Commercial Terms(INCOTERMS)? rediscount Bills of Exchange or other
a) It can be 7 days b) 2 days c) 3 days investment fund(AIF)- led resolution a) EXW: a seller has the goods ready for commercial papers eligible for pur-
d) one day e) None of these approach to deal with NPA cases of collection at his premises on the date chase under RBI Act. This definition is
7. Which Bank has launched its Multi more than _________. agreed upon under which section of RBI Act?
Option Payment Acceptance Device a) Rs 100 crore b) Rs 200 crore b) FCA: Free Carrier ( named places ) a) Section 49 b) Section 149 c) Section 10
(MOPAD) for digital payments? c) Rs 300 crore d) Rs 400 crore c) CPT: Carriage Paid To d) Section 40 e) None of these
a) Axis Bank b) State Bank of India e) Rs 500 crore d) CIP: Carriage and Insurance Paid 34. The minimum paid-up equity capital
c) Punjab National Bank d) ICICI Bank 15. Which Bank has entered into an agreement e) All the above for Payments Banks shall be Rs. ______
e) Bank of Baroda with CDSL Commodity Repository 25. Which of the following is correct? crores.
8. The Reserve Bank of India has consti- Limited(CCRL) and it is first Public Sector a) FAS: Free Alongside Ship a) 100 b) 1000 c) 500 d) 600
tuted a 10-member 'High Level Task Bank to become the Repository Participant b) CNF: Cost and Freight e) None of these
Force on Public Credit Registry(PCR) for Pledge Finance under the Repository c) FOB: Free on Board (named loading port) 35. In the abbreviation BCSBI, the letter S
for India', which will, among other Ecosystem for registered/accredited ware- d) CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight stands for what?
things, suggest a roadmap for develop- houses by WDRA? (named destination of port) a) Standards(BCSBI: Banking Codes and
ing a transparent, comprehensive and a) Bank of India b) State Bank of India e) All the above Standards Board of India)
near-real-time PCR for India. Who is c) Union Bank of India d) Bank of Baroda 26. What is 'Tom value'? b) State c) Small d) Same e) Some
the head of Public Credit Registry? e) Punjab National Bank a) When the payment is in rupees and
a) Sekar Karnam b) Rashesh Shah 16. The Reserve Bank of India has asked receipt is in US $ take place after some
c) Vishaka Mulye banks authorised to deal in foreign Praturi Potayya Sarma
time ( due to time involved in administra-
d) Sriram Kalyanaraman exchange(Authorised Dealer-I Banks) tion of the transaction) it may be tom rate Answers
e) YM Deosthalee to share data with whom? (where deal is settled on the immediately
9. Where is the headquarters of Karur a) Ministry of Finance 1) e 8) e 15) d 22) d 29) e
succeeding working day)
Vysya Bank? b) Securities and Exchange Board of India 2) a 9) c 16) c 23) a 30) d
b) Market value c) Face value
a) Bengaluru, Karnataka c) Directorate of Revenue Intelligence 3) b 10) d 17) e 24) e 31) c
d) Derivated value e) None of these
b) Thrissur, Kerala c) Karur, Tamil Nadu d) Intelligence Bureau 4) a 11) c 18) e 25) e 32) e
27. How card rates(for FE) are calculated?
d) Jaipur, Rajasthan e) Kochi, Keral e) Comptroller and Auditor General of India 5) d 12) d 19) e 26) a 33) a
a) They are calculated at the beginning of
10. Which of the following state has bagged 17. RBI's New Rules to push another Rs 6) a 13) c 20) a 27) a 34) a
each day, based on the current rates in the
the top position under the Pradhan _________ Loans into insolvency stated 7) b 14) e 21) d 28) e 35) a
inter-bank market and cross rates in the
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What is the importance of nutrients?

Nutrition Important Question & Answers
1. Name the digestive glands in the human G.Srawana Chandra
digestive system and mention their- Senior Faculty
A: The digestive glands in human digestive
system are present outside the digestive
tract and within the tract. Outside the
digestive tract Salivary glands the main
salivary glands are: 10th - BIOLOGY
a) Parotid Submandibular or submaxil- to the different tissues. This takes place
lary and sub lingual. They secrete saliva through the cell membranes. The absorp-
which contains salivary amylase. tion may be passive or active. Passive
b) Liver it is large organ present on the absorption is through diffusion or osmo-
right side just below the diaphagram. It sis without using energy. For example:
secrete by juice which emulsifies the fats Water is absorbed by osmosis.
and lipids. Active absorption needs energy. For exam-
c) Pancreas: it is present at the bend of ple, absorption of glucose and sodium ions.
the duodenum. It secretes pancreatic 23. How is food digested in amoeba?
juice which consists of enzymes like the of sunlight and chlorophyll to synthesize 15. How do the plants obtain carbon diox- A: Amoeba is a protozoan and holozoic. Since
pancreatic amylase, trypsin and lipase. carbohydrates like glucose. ide and water? it is a unicellular organism, the digestion is
Within the digestive tract 9. What are the raw materials required for A: Carbon dioxide is obtained from the intracellular. The food taken in remains in a
a) Gastric glands: They are present photosynthesis? atmosphere through the stomata that are food vacuole or gastric vacuole formed by
along the stomach wall and secrete gas- A: Photosynthesis requires the radiant ener- present on the leaves. Water is drawn the cell membrane and a bit of the cyto-
tric juice. Gastric juice contains gy of the sun, chlorophyll, carbon diox- from the soil by the root of the plant and plasm. The vacuoles are transported deeper
hydrochloric acid and enzymes like ide, water and minerals. then transported to the leaves through the into the cells by cytoplasmic movements.
pepsin and rennin. 10. From where do the green plants get vascular bundles. Here they fuse with lysosomes that contains
b) Intestinal glands they are present on carbon dioxide? 16. Name the different types of het- enzymes such as amylase and proteinase.
the intestinal wall in the ileum region. A: Many processes like respiration, combus- erotrophic nutrition? Thus, amoeba can digest sugar, cellulose
They secrete intestinal juice that contains tion, volcanic activity, etc. release carbon A: Heterotrophic nutrition is broadly classified and protein. Fats, however, remain undi-
maltase, sucrose, lactase and erepsin. dioxide into the atmosphere. This carbon as holozoic, saprotrophic and symbiotic. gested.
2. What is secretion? Give two examples. dioxide of the atmosphere is used by the 17. What is holozoic nutrition? 24. Describe the digestion of food in the
A: Secretion is the production of useful terrestrial plants and the hydrophytes use A: The nutrition that involves the taking in small intestine?
chemical substances like hormones, the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. of solid or liquid (in case of fluid feeders) A: The first portion of the small intestine,
enzymes or other molecules by glands, 11. How do green plants get water? particles of food which have to be further the duodenum gets the pancreatic and the
endocrine glands or specialized cells. For A: Water is absorbed by the roots of the broken down into simpler particles inside bile juice. The chyme is acted upon by
example: The liver secretes bile, the islets green plants from the surrounding soil. the organism. the enzymes and salts present in these
of Langerhans secrete insulin, epithelial 12. Why are minerals essential in photo- These particles may be big or small. two secretions. The starch is converted
lining of the large intestine secrete synthesis? 18. What are saprotrophs? into maltose by the pancreatic amylase
mucus. A: Minerals like magnesium form essential A: Saprotrophs are organisms that feed on and the remaining proteins, proteoses and
3. In higher animals, what does ammonia compounds such as chlorophyll. Hence, dead and decaying matter. They secrete peptones into peptides are converted and
react with to produce urea? they are important for photosynthesis. substances that decompose the dead mat- amino acids by trysin. The bile juice
A: Ammonia reacts with carbon dioxide in 13. How do plants obtain minerals? ter and then take in the food. emulsifies the fats and then converts
the liver tp form a less toxic substance, A: Plants obtain the minerals from the soil For example: Rhizopus, musroom, etc. them into fatty acids and glycerol by the
urea which is periodically flushed out of by their dissolution in water. 19. Name two parasitic plants. action of lipase.
the system. 14. Give account of the reaction of the pho- A: (i) Cuscuta and (ii)Viscum In jejunum, there is no digestion. In
4. What type of nutrition is shown in tosynthetic reaction? 20. How are all plants and animals ileum, the food is completely broken
amoeba? What does it diet include? A: The reactants of photosynthesis are: dependent on green plants? down into the simplest of forms e.g. pro-
A: Amoeba shows holozoic nutrition. Its Carbon Dioxide: During photosynthe- A: The green plants are fed on by the herbi- teins into amino acids and carbohydrates
diet includes bacteria, microscopic plants sis, carbon dioxide is converted into car- vores which in turn by carnivores. into monosaccharides. This digested
like the diatoms, minute algae, and bohydrates and this is called fixing of Ultimately, the decomposers derive their mass is now called the chyle and it is in a
microscopic animals like other protozoa, carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide of nutrition from the dead plants and ani- liquid form.
nematodes and even dead organic matter. the atmosphere is used by the terrestrial mals. Thus, all organisms are directly or 25. What is the function of large intestine
5. What are nutrients? plants whereas the hydrophytes use the indirectly dependent on the green plants. in the human digestive system?
A: Nutrients are various organic and inor- carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. 21. What are the steps involved in holozoic A: Functions of the large intestine are:
ganic substances required by the organ- Water: During photosynthesis, hydrogen nutrition? Storage of the undigested food temporarily
ism to carry out their functions. of water is used to fix carbon dioxide and A: Holozoic nutrition involves the following or temporary storage of undigested food.
6. What is the importance of nutrients? its oxygen is released. Water is obtained steps: Absorption of water from the undigested
A: The various nutrients carry out different through the root hairs by absorption. Ingestion- the food is taken in as small or food to form solid faeces.
functions such as: Chlorophyll: They are pigments capable big particles. Facilitation of the egestion of the faeces.
i) Energy production of absorbing radiant energy of the sun. Digestion- the food taken in is broken 26. What is the role played by the liver in
ii) Synthesis of materials for growth and There are two types of photosynthetic down into a solution form. addition to the digestion of food
repair of tissues pigments- chlorophyll and carotenoids. Absorption- the digested food is A: Liver carries out the following after the
iii) Synthesis of materials for carrying Chlorophyll is the main pigments as they observed into the cells and tissues. digested food reaches the liver through
out and maintaining life functions are involved in the conversion of light Assimilation- the absorbed nutrients are the blood stream:
iv) Synthesis of materials for immune energy into chemical energy. The utilized by the cells and tissues for vari- Glucose is converted to glycogen and
system. carotenoids also absorb light energy but ous processes. stored.
7. Why are green plants called producers? they pass it to the chlorophyll molecules. Egestion- the undigested food is then Cholesterol is manufactured from some
A: The green plants trap the sun’s energy Radiant Energy: The radiant energy removed from the digestive tract as fae- fatty acids.
and the raw materials in food molecules. from the sun is the source of both light ces. The amino acids are used to form
They form the basis of sustenance for all and heat energy for photosynthesis. Light 22. Write short notes on absorption? required proteins.
the organisms directly or indirectly. They energy is harvested by the pigments in A: Absorption is taking in of digested food The ammonia produced by the above reac-
are also called the producers as they pro- order to carry out the breaking down of by cells and tissues. This involves the tion is converted into the less harmful urea.
duce food for all other organisms. water molecule into hydrogen and oxy- absorption of food in the soluble form The latter is then transported through the
8. What is photosynthesis? gen. The temperature required by the from the region of digestion into the tis- blood stream to the kidney from where it
A: Photosynthesis is a process which utilizes enzymes to function is maintained by the sues or in to where it has to be utilized or is excreted.
carbon dioxide and water in the presence heat energy of the sun. into the blood stream which transports it
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4 Mæü˵-¯é-Mæü$-Ðèþ*Ç §óþÑ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? VæüË ¯èþVæüÆæÿ… H¨?
»qe], 2019

f. JyìþÄæý* f. Mæü…_
� {´ë`¯èþ M>Ëç³# ¿êÆæÿ™èþ §óþÔèý Ôéç܈-Ðóþ™èþ¢ {ºçßýÃ-Væü$-ç³#¢yæþ$ � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ HMðüOMæü ÕÌê-ËÄæý$… "MðüO-ÌêçÜ BËÄæý$…' VæüË
H Ôéç܈…ÌZ {ç³íÜ-§æþ$®-yæþ$? {´ë…™èþ… H¨?
f. QVøâæý Ôéç܈-… f. GÌZÏÆ>
� „óü{† ½Æ> H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � fVæü-¯é²£æþ BËÄæý$… VæüË ç³rt×ý… H¨?
f. Ðèþ$×ìý-ç³#Ç f. ç³NÇ
� {´ë`¯èþM>Ëç³# ¿êÆæÿ™èþ§óþÔèý Ôéç܈-Ðóþ™èþ¢ ÐèþÆ>-çßý-Ñ$-íßý-Ææÿ$yæþ$ � Ððþ*çßý¯Œþ ç³Æ>ÃÆŠÿ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ?
H Ôéç܈…ÌZ {ç³íÜ-§æþ$®-yæþ$? f. Væü$f-Æ>-¡
� Ñ$yŠþ-rÆŠÿà ´ùÌŒý A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$? f. ™èþÑ$âæý… f. QVø-âæý-Ôéç܈… � ™èþ$âæý$ ¿êçÙ¯èþ$ H Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ Ðèþ*sêÏ-yæþ-™é-Ææÿ$?
f. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj � {õ³Ðèþ*-¯èþ…§æþ Ððþ*Ýë-çßýÇ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � "0' A¯óþ çÜ…Qůèþ$ Ðèþ–¨® ^óþíܯèþ ¿êÆæÿ-¡Äæý$ Ôéç܈-Ðóþ™èþ¢ f. MæüÆ>~-rMæü
� ѧéÅ-çÜ*-_-MæüÌZ Ððþ$$§æþsìý Ðèþ$*yæþ$ Ý릯é-˯èþ$ B{Mæü- f. »Zyø GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? � {Mðü•çÜ¢-Ðèþ#Ë Ðèþ$™èþ{Væü…£æþ-Ððþ$O¯èþ ¯èþ*Åsñý-‹Üt-Ððþ$…sŒýMæü$ Ðèþ$Æø-õ³-
Ñ$…_¯èþ §óþÔéË$ HÑ? � íÜ…«© ¿êçÙ¯èþ$ H Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ Ðèþ*sêÏ-yæþ-™é-Ææÿ$? f. {ºçßýÃ-Væü$-ç³#¢yæþ$ Ææÿ$?
f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý*, 휯Œþ-Ìê…yŠþ, yðþ¯éÃ-ÆŠÿP f. Væü$f-Æ>™Œþ � AÆóÿ-¼-Äæý$¯Œþ ¯ðþOsŒýÞ A¯óþ Mæü£æþË ç³#çÜ¢-M>-°Mìü B«§éÆæÿ {Væü… f. »ñýO¼ÌŒý
� BÆøVæüÅ çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü-×ýò³O A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> ÐèþÅÄæý$… ^óþçÜ$¢¯èþ² � ºÌôýª-ÐŒþ-íÜ…VŠü H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? £æþ… H¨? � {V>…yŠþ-ÝëÏÐŒþ$ sñý°²‹Ü {MîüyæþË$ fÇVóü §óþÔéË$ HÑ?
§óþÔé-Ë$ HÑ? f. ç³…gê-½ f. çÜ…çÜP-−–™èþ Mæü£æþË ç³#çÜ¢Mæü… ç³…^èþ-™èþ…{™èþ… f. AÐðþ$-Ç-M>, C…V>Ï…yŠþ, {¸ë¯ŒþÞ, B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*
f. ËVðüj…ºÆŠÿY, ¯éÆóÿÓ, Ððþ$$¯é-Mø � MðüOº-ÆŠÿ Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$ H §óþÔèý…ÌZ MæüË-§æþ$? � àË$yæþ$ Æ>íܯèþ ç³#çÜ¢Mæü… H¨? � G…Móü Ýë¯èþ$ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ?
� ¼Äæý*…yŠþ çÜÆðÿOÓ-ÐèþÌŒý A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$ ? f. ´ëMìü-Ýë¢-¯Œþ f. V>£é-çÜ-ç³¢-Ôèý† f. Ðèþ$âæý-Äæý*-Ë…
f. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj � Ððþ$ÍÓ¯Œþ Æø{yìþVŠüÞ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � ¯èþË…§æþ ÑÔèýÓ-Ñ-§éÅ-ËÄæý*°² Væü$ç³#¢Ë$ GMæüPyæþ °ÇÃ…^é- � ´ëÅÆæÿ-yðþOgŒý Ìê‹Üt A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$ GÐèþ-Ææÿ$?
� sîý° A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> E™èþµ†¢ ^óþçÜ$¢¯èþ² §óþÔéË$ HÑ? f. Mö…Mæü×ìý Ææÿ$? f. gꯌþ Ñ$Ët-¯Œþ
f. ^ðþO¯é, C…yìþÄæý*, Mðü¯éÅ � ¯èþ$żÄæý* GyéÇ H §óþÔèý…ÌZ MæüË-§æþ$? f. ½àÆŠÿ � H sôýÌŒý B‹œ r$ íÜsîý‹Ü A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$?
� {ç³×ê-ãMæü çÜ…çœ$… A«§æþÅ-„æü$yæþ$ GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? f. Dhç³#t � Ðèþ$à-º-Í-ç³#-Ææÿ…ÌZ° Æ>† Ææÿ£é-˯èþ$ °ÇÃ…_¯èþ ÐéÆæÿ$ f. ^éÆðÿÏ‹Ü yìþMðü¯ŒþÞ
f. Ðèþ$¯Œþ-Ððþ*-çßý-¯Œþ-íÜ…VŠü ({糫§é¯èþÿ Ðèþ$…{†-) � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A†-ò³§æþª C†-àçÜ… H¨? GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? � Ððþ*çßý¯Œþ Vðüà° H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ?
� B‹œ §æþ {sêMŠü A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$? f. Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ™èþ… f. ç³ËÏ-Ðèþ#-Ë$ f. íÜ…¥
f. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj � çßýÆóÿ-Mæü–-çÙ~¯Œþ çÜ™èþ-糆 H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � ç³…^èþ-™èþ…{™èþ… A¯óþ Mæü£æþË ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² çÜ…çÜP-−–-™èþ…ÌZ � Äæý$*Ææÿ‹³, BíÜ-Äæý* Q…yéþÌZÏ ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ ¯èþVæü-Ææÿ…?
� yîþB-ÆŠÿ-yîþÐø ¯éVŠü A¯óþ¨? f. çÜ…çÜP-−–™èþ… Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$ GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? f. CÝ뢅º$ÌŒý
f. Äæý*…sìý sê…MŠü „ìüç³×ìý � B…{«§æþ Æ>Úë‰-°Mìü Ðèþ$Æø ç³#Æ>-™èþ¯èþ õ³Ææÿ$ {†Í…Væü §óþÔèý…. f. ÑçÙ$~Ôèý-Ææÿà � BíÜÄæý*, B{íœM> Q…yéÌZÏ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ §óþÔèý…?
� Csîý-ÐèþË ÆæÿÚëÅ °ÇÃ-çÜ$¢¯èþ² H A×ý$-ÔèýMìü¢ MæüÆ>Ã-V>-Æ>-°Mìü A¯èþV> Ðèþ$*yæþ$ ç³#×ýÅ-„óü-{™éË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ E…yóþ¨. AÑ � º–çßý-™èþP-£æþ A¯óþ Mæü£æþË çÜ…ç³#-sìý° Væü$×ê-Éæþ$Åyæþ$ H f. Dhç³#t
Ðèþņ-Æóÿ-Mæü…V> {ç³fË$ °Ææÿ-çÜ-¯èþË$ ÐèþÅMæü¢… ^óþçÜ$¢-¯é²-Ææÿ$? HÑ? ¿êçÙÌZ Ææÿ_…^é-yæþ$? � ¨ Çç³-¼Ï-MŠü A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$ GÐèþ-Ææÿ$?
f. Mæü*§æþ…Mæü$Ë… f. {ÖÔðýOË…, {§é„>-Æ>Ðèþ$…, M>Ôóý-ÔèýÓÆæÿ… f. {´ëMæü–™èþ… f. õ³ÏsZ
� BÆŠÿ-G-yæþº*Ï (Æ>) A¯èþ-V>? � Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ-™é-°Mìü ç³NÆæÿÓç³# õ³Ææÿ$? � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ…™èþ A¯é{Ææÿ¦ {´ë…™èþ… H¨? � BíÜÄæý*, B{íœM> Q…yé-˯èþ$ ÐóþÆæÿ$-^óþõÜ M>Ë$-Ðèþ?
f. ÈòÜÆŠÿa A…yŠþ A¯é-Ë-íÜ‹Ü Ñ…VŠü f. fÄæý$-çÜ…íßý-™èþ f. Ar-M>Ðèþ* f. çÜ*Äæý$gŒý M>Ë$-Ðèþ
� Ððþ$$ÝëÞ§Šþ H §óþÔèý Væü*Éæþ-^éÇ çÜ…çܦ? � Ñ…º$-Ëz¯Œþ A¯èþ-V>?
f. C{gê-Äæý$-ÌŒý f. C…V>Ï…yŠþÌZ fÇVóü sñý°²‹Ü {Mîüyæþ
� G‹œ-¼I A¯èþ-V>?
f. òœyæþÆæÿÌŒý º*ÅÆø B‹œ C¯ðþÓ-íÜt-Vóü-çÙ¯Œþ
� ÝëV> B‹œ §æþ {çÜtVæü$ÌŒý A…yŠþ Ýë{Mìü-òœO‹Ü A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°²
GENERAL AWARENESS � ¯ø»ñýÌŒý ºçßý$-Ðèþ$-™èþ$-˯èþ$ C^óþa §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨?
f. ïÜÓyæþ-¯Œþ
� BÝëPÆŠÿ íÜ°Ðèþ* AÐé-Ææÿ$z-˯èþ$ C^óþa §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$¨?
Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$? f. AÐðþ$-ÇM>
f. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj � B¨-M>-ÐèþÅ-Ðèþ$° H {Væü…£é-°Mìü õ³Ææÿ$? ï³G-‹Ü-G-ÌŒýÒ A¯èþ-V>?
� � GíÜP-Ððþ*Ë$ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ {´ë…™èþ… H¨?
� Vøϯé‹Ü A¯èþ-V>? f. Æ>Ðèþ*-Äæý$×ý… f. ´ùÌêÆŠÿ Ôésìý-ÌñýOsŒý Ìê…^Œþ Ððþíßý-MæüÌŒý f. E™èþ¢Ææÿ Mðü¯èþyé, {X¯Œþ-Ìê…yŠþ, AËÝëP
f. AÐðþ$-ÇM> HÆ>µr$ ^óþíܯèþ iï³-G-‹ÜMæü$ ©r$V> ÆæÿÚëÅ � B¨™èþÅ Mæü$Ðèþ*ÆŠÿ Ðèþ$…¨ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � _™èþ¢-¯èþ²-Ðé-çÜÌŒý Væü$çßý (™èþ-Ñ$-âæý-¯é-yæþ$-)ÌZÏ° _{™éË$ H � õ³ÏsZ GÐèþÇ ÕçÙ$Å-yæþ$?
HÆ>µr$ ^óþçÜ$¢¯èþ² ÐèþÅÐèþ-çÜ ¦Vøϯé‹Ü f. çÜ…™èþ-Í M>Ë… ¯ésìý-Ñ? f. Ýù{Mæü-sîý‹Ü
� ¯éVŠü-ç³NÆŠÿ Í‹œt ÐérÆŠÿ çÜò³•Ï {´ëgñý-Mæü$tMæü$ f´ë¯Œþ G°² � ¿æýVæü-Ðèþ-©Y™èþ H C†-à-çÜ…ÌZ JMæü ¿êVæü…? f. ç³ËÏ-Ðèþ#Ë$ � àÆæÿ*µ¯Œþ A¯èþ-V>?
MørÏ BǦMæü ÝëÄæý$… ^óþçÜ$¢…¨? f. Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ™èþ… � ByæþÐŒþ$Þ {¼yìþj HÄôý$ §óþÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ E…¨? f. GíÜP-Ððþ*Ë$ Eç³-Äñý*-W…^óþ BÄæý$$«§æþ…
f. Ææÿ*. 2199 Mør$Ï � Ææÿ$VóüÓ-§æþ…ÌZ° Ðèþ$…yæþ-ÌêË$ G°²? f. C…yìþÄæý*, {ÖË…Mæü §óþÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ � çßo‹Ü ¯èþ…. 10, yú°…VŠü {ïÜtsŒý GÐèþÇ °Ðé-çÜ…?
� Ððþ${sZ Ðèþ*ůŒþ B‹œ C…yìþ-Äæý*V> õ³Ææÿ$ ´÷…¨¯èþ ÐéÆæÿ$ f. 糨 � {yóþMŠü fË-çÜ…«¨ H {´ë…™éË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ E…¨? f. {¼sîý‹Ù {糫§é° °ÐéçÜ…
GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? � QÎÌŒý Ðèþ$Ðèþ$*ïŒþ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. §æþ.A-Ððþ$-ÇM>, A…sê-ÇP-sìýM> Q…yéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ � AÇ-Ýët-sìýÌŒý GÐèþÇ ÕçÙ$Å-yæþ$?
f. C. {Ö«§æþ-Ææÿ¯Œþ f. EÆæÿ*ª � {Vóü‹Ü H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. õ³ÏsZ
� béÌñý…gŒý ¼¸ùÆŠÿ ¯óþçÙ¯Œþ A¯óþ ç³#çÜ¢-M>°² Æ>íܯèþ ÐéÆæÿ$? � Ðèþ{gê-Äæý$¯èþ ÔéQ H Ðèþ$™é-°Mìü çÜ…º…«¨…_…¨? f. Ðèþ$Æ>-w � M>Äæý$MŠü A¯èþ-V>?
f. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj f. »o§æþ®-Ðèþ$™èþ… � Ar-M>Ðèþ* GyéÇ HÄôý$ §óþÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÐéÅí³…_ f. GíÜP-Ððþ*Ë$ Eç³-Äñý*-W…^óþ ç³yæþÐèþ
� BM>‹Ù A¯èþ-V>? � A™èþ$ÌŒý Mæü¯èþMŠü H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? E…¨? � Äæý$*§æþ$Ë ç³Ñ{™èþ {Væü…£æþ…?
f. BM>Ôèý… ¯èþ$…_ BM>-Ôèý…ÌZMìü {ç³Äñý*-W…^óþ „ìüç³-×ìý f. Æ>f-Ýë¦-± f. _Î, ò³Ææÿ* §óþÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ f. A´ù-{Mðü•¸ë
� ÌZMŠü-´ëÌŒý {糫§é¯èþ Ë„æüÅ… HÑ$-sìý? � M>…»Z-yìþ-Äæý*-ÌZ° B…Mæü-ÆŠÿ-ÐésŒý BËÄæý$… H §óþÐèþ#-yìþMìü � ™èþ…gê-ÐèþN-Ææÿ$-ÌZ° {ç³Ðèþ$$Q {Væü…£é-ËÄæý$… õ³Ææÿ$? � C¯èþ*ÅsŒý A¯èþ-V>?
f. E¯èþ²™èþ Ýë¦Æÿ$$ÌZ AÑ-±-†° °Ææÿ*Ã-Í…^èþr… çÜ…º…«¨…_…¨? f. çÜÆæÿ-çÜÓ† Ðèþ$çßýÌŒý f. GíÜP-Ððþ*Ë$
� G‹œ-HK A¯èþ-V>? f. ÑçÙ$~Ðèþ# � ÝëÐèþ*Ë çܧé-ÕÐèþ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � A…Mæü$ÌŒý ÔéÐŒþ$ A° GÐèþ-ÇMìü õ³Ææÿ$?
f. çœ#yŠþ A…yŠþ A{W-Mæü-ËaÆŠÿ BÆæÿY-¯ðþO-gôý-çÙ¯Œþ � Vø´ëËMæü–çÙ~ ´ëÆÿ$$ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. ™ðþË$-Væü$ f. AÐðþ$-ÇM> A«§æþÅ-„æü$yæþ$
� ïÜG-‹Ü-sîýK A¯èþ-V>? f. Mæü¯èþ²yæþ � ™èþ…gê-ÐèþN-Ææÿ$-ÌZ° º–çßý-©-ÔèýÓ-Æ>-ËÄæý*°² GÐèþÆæÿ$ � AÌñý-V>j…yæþÆŠÿ GÐèþÇ ÕçÙ$Åyæþ$
f. MæüÌñý-MìütÐŒþ òÜMæü*Å-Çsîý {sîýsîý BÆæÿY-¯ðþO-gô-ýçÙ¯Œþ � Ææÿ$VóüÓ-§æþ…ÌZ õ³ÆöP¯èþ² Ðèþ$$QÅ-Ððþ$O¯èþ §óþÐèþ-™èþ? °ÇÃ…^éÆæÿ$? f. AÇ-Ýët-sìýÌŒý
� Äæý$$¯ðþÝùP A¯èþ-V>? f. C…{§æþ$yæþ$ f. ^øâæý$Ë$ � ç³Ñ{™èþ ¿æý*Ñ$ A¯óþ ¯èþVæü-Æ>-°Mìü õ³Ææÿ$?
f. Äæý$$¯ðþO-sñýyŠþ ¯óþçÙ¯ŒþÞ Gyæþ$Å-Móü-çÙ¯èþÌŒý, òÜO…sìý-íœMŠü A…yŠþ � ÝëÐèþ$-Ðóþ§æþ… H A…Ôé-°Mìü çÜ…º…«¨…_…¨? � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A†-ò³§æþª »ZÆø-º$-§æþ$Ææÿ$ »o§æþ® BËÄæý$… f. gñýÆæÿ*-çÜ-Ìñý…
MæüËa-ÆæÿÌŒý BÆæÿY-¯ðþO-gôý-çÙ¯Œþ f. çÜ…X™èþ… GMæüPyæþ E…¨? � Móü‹³-so¯Œþ ¯èþVæüÆæÿ… §óþ°Mìü {ç³íÜ-¨ª?
� Mæü¼¯Œþ çœ#M>¯Œþ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � Ððþ…Mæü-sôý-Ôèý¯Œþ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. gêÐé (C…yø-¯óþ-íÙ-Äæý*-) f. ç³…yæþÏ E™èþµ-†¢Mìü
f. AÝùÞÒ$ f. ™èþÑ$-âæý… � Ý린-Mæü çÜ…çÜ¦Ë í³™é-Ðèþ$-çßý$yæþ$ GÐèþ-Ææÿ$? � çÜ*Ææÿ$Å° VæüÐèþ$-¯èþ… B«§é-Ææÿ…V> Ææÿ…Væü$Ë$ Ðèþ*Æóÿa
� {§éÑyæþ ¿êçÙ ¯èþ$…_ AÐèþ-™èþ-Ç…_-¯èþ {糫§é¯èþ ¿êçÙË$ � gêÆæÿƒ…yŠþ H Æ>çÙ‰… ¯èþ$…_ Ñyìþ-´ùÆÿ$$ çÜÓ™èþ…{™èþ Æ>çÙ‰…V> f. ÌêÆŠÿz Çç³µ¯Œþ BÄæý$ÆŠÿÞ ÕË VæüË §óþÔèý…?
HÑ? AÐèþ-™èþ-Ç…_…¨? � ËÍ™Œþ Ðèþ$Vø{™é H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý*
f. ™ðþË$Væü$, ™èþÑ$âæý…, Mæü¯èþ²yæþ…, Ðèþ$âæý-Äæý*âæ…ý f. ½à-ÆŠÿ f. yø{W � Mîü r$ ¨ Ýû™Œþ A¯óþ õ³Ææÿ$ VæüË Æ>çÙ‰…?
� AÔZMæü ^èþ{Mæü…ÌZ G°² X™èþ-Ë$…sê-Æÿ$$? � {†_a Ôèý…Mæü-Ææÿ-¯Œþ H Mæüâê-Ææÿ…Væü…ÌZ {ç³íÜ-§æþ$®-yæþ$? � Ðóþ§é-ËMæü$ Ðèþ$Ææÿ-Í-´ù…yìþ A¯óþ °¯é§æþ… GÐèþ-Ç-¨? f. B…{«§æþ-{ç³-§óþÔŒý
f. 24 f. Ðèþ$–§æþ…Væü… f. ÝëÓÑ$ §æþÄæý*-¯èþ…§æþ çÜÆæÿ-çÜÓ† � §æþ„ìü×ý {´ë…™èþ ò³OMæü糚 A° H Æ>Úë‰-°-Mìü õ³Ææÿ$?
� Ðèþ$±…{§æþ Væü$´ë¢ H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � Äæý$f-ÆóÿÓ§æþ… H A…Ôé-°Mìü çÜ…º…«¨…_…¨? � 1893ÌZ H ¯èþVæü-Ææÿ…ÌZ fÇ-W¯èþ {ç³ç³…^èþ çÜÆæÿÓÐèþ$™èþ f. MæüÆ>~-rMæü
f. »ñý…V>-Î f. Äæý$gêqË$ çÜÐèþ*-Ðóþ-Ôèý…ÌZ ÝëÓÑ$ ÑÐóþ-M>-¯èþ…§æþ {ç³çÜ…W…^é-Ææÿ$? � ´ë™é-âæý-Væü…Væü A° H ¯èþ¨Mìü õ³Ææÿ$?
� {ç³çÜ$¢™èþ… òßýO§æþ-Æ>-»ê-§ŠþÌZ fÇ-W¯èþü iÐèþ ÐðþOÑ«§æþÅ çܧæþ-çÜ$Þ � M>Ö-¯é£Šþ íÜ…VŠü H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? f. _M>Vø f. Mæü–Úë~ ¯èþ¨
G¯ö²Ðèþ¨? f. íßý…© � Æ>Ðèþ$-^èþ…{§æþ-Væü$çßý H ¿êçÙÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q MæüÑ? � Vú™èþÑ$ A¯óþ H ¯èþ¨Mìü õ³Ææÿ$?
f.11Ðèþ¨ � Ñ$° C…yìþÄæý* A¯óþ õ³Ææÿ$ VæüË Æ>çÙ‰…? f. C…XÏ-çÙ$ f. Vø§é-ÐèþÇ
� Mæü…º¯Œþ Æ>Ðèþ*-Äæý$-×ê°² H ¿êçÙÌZ Ææÿ_…^é-yæþ$? f. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-{ç³-§óþÔŒý � Ðèþ$¯èþ-§óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ Ððþ$$§æþsìý {§éÑyæþ MðüOÌê-çÜ-¯é£æþ BËÄæý$…
12 X¯óÁø£yês¡+ 18.1.2019

the normal functioning of the cell membrane

1) A taxon belonging to the family poac
eae has a single seeded dry indehis- Neet Exams faces cell plate formation
1) II ,IV 2) I , III
qøÏπsø£+{Ï Áoqj·T´
d”ìj·TsY bòÕ´ø£©º,
cent fruit with edible endosperm 3) II , III 4) III,IV b˛{° |üØø£å\ ì|ü⁄DT\T
and pollen grains lose viability with 9) Arrange the following in descending
in 30 minutes after their release. BIOLOGY order based on their numbers
ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é bò˛Hé : 9440378146
Jaya and Ratna are the varieties of plant has herkogamy and parallel I) Total number of microtubules 14 ) study the following lists
that taxon. Approximate life span venation. In ‘C’ plant ovule has slig found in a flagellum of eukaryotes List-I List-II
of that taxon is htly curved embryosac and ovary II) Total number of microtubules A) Lilium I) Cup shaped thalamus,
1) 1 year 2) 3-7 years has marginal placentation. Identify found in a centrosome monadelphous stamens
3) 2 years 4) 3-7months the following characters found in III) Total Types of Histone proteins B) Capsicum II) Radical leaves,
2) Identify the correct pair of combina- plants A, B and C respectively associated with eukaryotic DNA ornamental plant
tions I) Seed dormancy is due to the pres- IV) Number of chromosomes in a C) Brassica III) Alternate phyl
I) Gonyaulax - Mesokaryon - biolu- ence of hard seed coat meiocyte of Apple lotaxy, parietal placentation
minescence II) Fleshy fruit in which entire peri- 1) IV, II, I, III 2) II,I,IV, III D) Crotalaria
II) Aspergillus - The asexual spores carp is not edible 3) III, I, IV, II 4) II, IV, I, III IV) Radical leaves, scape
are generally not found - citric acid III) An ornamental plant with rhi- 10) Identify the mis-match V) Bicollateral vascular bundles in
III) Porphyra - Carpogonium - zomatous is not stem 1) Water + CO2 --> sucrose _ Ana stems , unilocular ovary
floridean starch 1) I, II, III 2) III, I, II bolic pathway The correct match is
IV) Lycopsida - Selaginella - heteros 3) II, I, III 4) II, III, I 2) Assembly of a protein from amino A B C D
porous 6) The characters associated with the acids _ Catabolic pathway 1) II III V I
1) I ,II 2) III, IV plant in which pollination is by 3) Acetic acid --> cholesterol _ Ana 2) II V III I
3) II ,III 4) I,IV Blastoohaga bolic pathway 3) IV V III I
3) Identify the correct statement I) Prop roots 4) Glucose --> Lactic acid _Cata 4) IV I III II
1) Separate taxonomic keys are II) Gall flowers bolic pathway 15 ) Study the following lists
required for each taxonomic catego- III) Compound fruit 11) Assertion( A) : All succession whe List –I List-II
ry such as family, genus and species IV) Fleshy peduncle ther taking place in water or on A) Statins I) Mad cow disease
for identification purposes V) Dispersal of the seeds through birds land, proceeds to a similar climax B) Cyclosporin A
2) As we go higher from species to 1) II, III ONLY community –The mesic II) Myocardial infection
kingdom, the number of common 2) I, II, IV ONLY Reason(R): In primary succession C) Streptokinase
characteristics goes on increasing 3) II, IV, V ONLY on rocks, the pioneers are usually III) Monascus purpureus
3) No non- living object is capable 4) I, II, III, IV, V lichens and in primary succession in D) Re-emerging disease
of reproduction. Hence, reproduc- 7) Assertion(A): In angiosperms , each water, the pioneers are the small IV) Tuberculosis
tion can be an all inclusive defining of the cells of an embryro-sac is phytoplanktons V) Trichoderma polysporum
characteristic of living organisims haploid. 1) Both A and R are correct and R is The correct match is
4) The sex organs in Pteridophytes are Reason (R): In angiosperms during the the correct explanation of A. A B C D
multicellular, Jacketed and stalked development of embryosac free 2) Both A and R are correct R is not 1) III V II I
the correct explanation of A. 2) V III II I
3) A is true but R is false 3) V III II IV
4) A is false but R is true. 4) III V II IV
12) Identify the correct pair of combi- 16) Identify the incorrect statement
nations 1) NAA, 2, 4-D are synthetic auxins
I) Zostera _ Long ribbon like pollen 2) A sigmoid curve is characteristic of
grains _hypohydrophily living organism growing in a natural
II) Opuntia _ Stem succulent _ phyllode environment
III) Utricularia _ Submerged rooted 3) Glycolysis starts with phosphory-
hydrophyte _ Aerenchyma lation and ends with dephosphoryla-
IV) Asparagus _ Root succulent _ tion
Vegetable 4) All the end products of light phase
1 ) II, III 2) I, II are utilized in the biosynthetic phase
3) I, IV 4) III, IV of phase of photosynthesis
13) Study the following lists with refer- 17) Identify the physiological functions
ence to dicot stem of two macroelements , of them ,
List –I List-II the former is required for the syn-
4) Study the following lists nuclear divisions take place A) Intra stelar primary lateral meris- thesis of proteins and the latter is
List-I 1) Both A and R are correct and R is tem I) Inter fascicular cambium required for the normal function-
A) Strawberry B) Citrus the correct explanation of A. B) Extra stelar secondary lateral ing of the cell membrane
C) Guava D) Castor 2) Both A and R are correct but R is meristem II) Cork I) A constituent of the ring structure
List-II not the correct explanation of A. C) Intra stelar secondary lateral of chlorophyll
I) Epigynous flowers, berry fruit 3) A is true but R is false meristem II) Splitting of water in photosynthesis
II) Glyoxysomes, schizocarpic fruit 4) A is false, but R is true. III) Fascicular vascular cambium III) Required for the Carbohydrate
III) Runner, false fruit 8) Identify the correct pair of combina- D) The structure formed due to the translocation
IV) Polyembryony, Hesperidium tions activity IV) Bark IV) An activator for urease
The correct match is I) Chloroplast - ATP - oxidative Of both vascular cambium and cork V) Maintenance of cell turgidity
A B C D phosphorylation cambium V) Phellogen 1) II, III 2) V, II
1) I V III II II) Glyoxysomes Glyoxylate cycle The correct match is 3) IV, III 4) I, IV
2) III IV I II --- Convert stored lipids to carbohy- A B C D
3) III V I II drates 1) I V III IV ANSWERS
4) V IV I II III) Mitochondria --- ATP --- pho- 2) I V III II 1) 4 2)2 3)1 4)3 5)4
5) In plant ‘A’ the seeds are endosper- tophosphorylation 3) III V I II 6) 4 7)2 8)1 9)4 10)2
mic and inflorescence is spadix ‘B’ IV) Golgi complex --- C is and trans 4) III V I IV 11)2 12)3 13)4 14)2 15)4
16)4 17)2
X¯óÁø£yês¡+ 18.1.2019 13
1. dæ+<ÛäT Á|ü»\T e´ekÕj·T+ @ ø±\+˝À #˚ùdyês¡T? dæ<ëΔ+‘·+ @~?
m) qe+ãsY-y˚T _) y˚T-pHé m) <Ûäs¡à dæ<ëΔ+‘·+
dæ) nø√ºãsY-@Á|æ˝Ÿ &ç) pHé-ôdô|º+ãsY _) Ä‘·à |ü⁄qs¡®qà dæ<ëΔ+‘·+
2. dæ+<ÛäT Hê>∑]ø£‘· |ü•ÃeT nÁ>∑ ÁbÕ+‘·+ @~? dæ) düø£\ |ü⁄s¡Twüdæ<ëΔ+‘·+ &ç) ø£s¡à dæ<ëΔ+‘·+
m) <√\Ms¡ _) <Ó’e÷u≤<é 20. dü+ø£s¡¸D nì me]øÏ ù|s¡T?
dæ) düT‘·ÿC…+&ÜsY &ç) n\+^sY|üPsY m) ã\sêeTT&ÉT _) ãT<äTΔ&ÉT
3. nÁ$Te<ä› ‘·e«ø±\T »]|æ+~ mes¡T? dæ) eTVü‰Ms¡T&ÉT &ç) Hê>±s¡T®qT&ÉT
m) eTE+<ësY _) yê¬sdt 21. ñ‘·Ôs¡~X¯ yÓ’|ü⁄ eTTKeTTqT ñ+∫ Kqq+ #˚ùd
dæ) yÓ’.$.X¯s¡à &ç) Hês¡àHé ÁuÖHé XË’e eT‘·XÊK @~?
4. y˚sTT j·TC≤„\T »]|æq Á|ü<˚X¯+>± e]í+∫q q>∑s¡+ m) ìÁ>∑+<∏äT\T _) *+>±j·T‘·T\T
@~? dæ) ÁX¯eTDT\T &ç) >∑s<Ûäsê\T
m) yÓTTVü≤+»<ës√ _) Vü≤s¡bÕŒ 22. eTVü‰ |ü<äàq+<äT&ÉT nC≤„‘· ≈£î\E&ÉT nì
dæ) ø±∞uÛÑ+>∑Hé &ç) s¡+>±|üPsY ù|s=ÿqï~?
5. e÷qe⁄&ÉT dü+#ês¡ Jeq+ qT+∫ dæús¡J$>± m) ñ|üìwü‘·TÔ\T _) |ü⁄sêD≤\T
e÷s¡TŒ #Ó+~q≥Tº uÛ≤s¡‘· ñ|üK+&É+˝À Äqyêfi¯ófl dæ) ÁãVü≤àD≤\T &ç) y˚<ë+>±\T
\_Û+∫q ‘=* Á|ü<˚X¯+ @~? 23. _+<äTkÕs¡Tì ø±\+˝À nXÀ≈£î&ÉT @ ÁbÕ+‘êìøÏ
m) ;Ûe÷s¡Hé _) yÓTVü≤sY|òüTsY >∑es¡ïsY>± ñHêï&ÉT?
dæ) ∫˝≤dt &ç) Vü≤s¡yÓ÷wt m) ñ»®sTTì _) yÓ’XÊ*
6. edüTÔ neX‚cÕ\ <ë«sê >∑‘êìï n<Ûä´j·Tq+ #˚ùd dæ) eT<ÛäTs¡ &ç) ‘·ø£å•\ m) 3e _) 2e dæ) 5e &ç) 4e
XÊÁkÕÔìï @eT+{≤s¡T? 24. dü+ÁbÕ‹øÏ >∑\ _s¡T<äT @~? ùwø˘ düj·T´<é $Tj·÷
34. X¯≈£î\ >∑T]+∫ Á|ü<∏äeT+>± Á|ükÕÔ$+∫q XÊdüq+ @~?
m) |ü⁄sêedüTÔ XÊg+ _) #·]Á‘· m) uÖ<äΔ nXÀ≈£î&ÉT _) #Û·+&É nXÀ≈£î&ÉT m) pHê>∑&é XÊdüq+ ñkÕàìj·÷ $X¯«$<ë´\j·T+
dæ) ÁøÏb˛ºÁ>∑|òæ &ç) &ÓyÓ÷Á>∑|òæ dæ) C…’q nXÀ≈£î&ÉT &ç) #êsê«ø£ nXÀ≈£î&ÉT _) Vü≤~∏>∑T+bÕ XÊdüq+ bò˛Hé: 9652748580
7. bÕ‘·sê‹ j·TT>∑|ü⁄ ∫Á‘·ø£fi¯ ø£ì|æ+#·T Á|ü<˚X¯+ @~? 25. ªn+<äs¡÷ Hê _&ɶ˝Òµ nì ù|s=ÿqï nXÀ≈£îì dæ) &˚]j·THé-1 XÊdüq+
m) n»+‘ê >∑TVü≤\T XÊdüHê\T @$? &ç) njÓ÷<Ûä´ XÊdüq+ Á|ü#ês¡+ #˚dæqyê&ÉT?
_) m*ô|ò+{Ï >∑TVü≤\T m) dæ<äΔ|ü⁄s¡, mÁs¡>∑T&ç 35. e÷fi≤« ÁbÕ+‘· ø±s¡úeTø£ e+X¯ øå±Á‘·|ü⁄\˝À ‘=* m) ø£|æ\T&ÉT _) ≈£îe÷s¡T´\uÛÑ≥Tº
dæ) _+uÒ{≤ÿ >∑TVü≤\T _) <Í©, CÖ>∑&É(ˇ]kÕ‡) sêE mes¡T? dæ) X¯+ø£sê#ês¡T´&ÉT &ç) >√s¡UŸHê<∏äT&ÉT
&ç) u…\÷Hé >∑TVü≤\T dæ) ÁãVü≤à–], eTVü≤kÕúq m) #·düÔqT&ÉT _) Vü≤>∑eTwü 46. ne+r düT+<äØø£<∏ä nH˚ |ü⁄düÔø£+ s¡∫+∫q~
8. eT<Ûä´ •˝≤j·TT>∑ ø±˝≤ìï @eT+{≤s¡T? &ç) eTd”ÿ, >∑TC≤®s¡ dæ) j·TX¯eT*ø£ &ç) uÛÑ÷$T≈£î&ÉT mes¡T?
m) dü÷ú\ •˝≤j·TT>∑+ _) es¡Ô≈£î\ j·TT>∑+ 26. #·+Á<ä>∑T|üÔ eTÚs¡T´ì ôd’q´+ >∑T]+∫ Á|ükÕÔ$+∫q 36. ≈£îcÕDT\ j·TT>∑+˝À ø£Hê´X¯ó\ÿ+ yê&ÉTø£˝À m) <ä+&çHé _) u≤DuÛÑ≥Tº
dæ) ø£s¡¸ø£ •˝≤j·TT>∑+ &ç) dü÷ø£åà •˝≤j·TT>∑+ #·]Á‘·ø±s¡T&ÉT mes¡T? ñqï≥Tº Á|ükÕÔ$+∫q Á>∑+<∏ä+ @~? dæ) |ü<äà>∑T|üÔ &ç) ñe÷|ü‹
9. ìÁ<ä˝À ñqï|ü⁄&ÉT #˚düT≈£îH˚ $yêVü≤+ @~? m) ÄsY.XÊ´eTXÊÁdæÔ _) ÁkÕºuÀ m) ~e´e<äq _) ãT<ä›#·]‘· 47. sêh≈£L≥T\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q <ëìì
m) ô|’XÊ∫ø£ _) ndüTs¡ dæ) |”¢ì &ç) yÓT>∑düÔ˙dt dæ) eTVü≤edüTÔ &ç) $T*+<ä|üqΩ >∑T]Ô+#·+&ç?
dæ) sêø£ådü &ç) >∑+<Ûäs¡« 27. nXÀ≈£îì ‘·*¢ düTuÛÑÁ<ë+>∑, ÄyÓT #·+bÕ sê»´+ 37. ôd+>∑T≥ºyêHé $»j·T j·÷Á‘·\qT Á|ükÕÔ$+∫q m) kÕú|ü≈£î&ÉT - <ä+‹ <äTs¡TZ&ÉT
10. n‹~ÛøÏ >√e⁄ e÷+dü+‘√ $+<äT Ç#˚à $<ÛëqyÓTÆq ˝Àì ÁãVü≤àDT\ ≈£îe÷¬sÔ nì e]í+#˚ Á>∑+<∏ä+ @~? ‘·$Tfi¯ Ç‹Vü‰dü+ @~? _) sê»<Ûëì - m˝À¢sê

Á|ü»\ <ë«sê mìï¬ø’q bÕ\e+X¯ bÕ\≈£î&ÉT mes¡T?

ª>√>±ïqTµ @ ø±\+˝À bÕ{Ï+#ês¡T? m) Jeø£ ∫+‘êeTDÏ _) ‹s¡T‘·ø£ÿ<˚es¡ dæ) ∫e] bÕ\≈£î&ÉT - 2e ø£s¡ÿsêE
m) ‘=* y˚<äø±\+ _) eT* y˚<äø±\+ môd’‡, ø±ìùdºãT˝Ÿ Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ dæ) •\bÕŒ~>±s¡+ &ç) eTDÏy˚TK˝…’ &ç) ô|’e˙ï dü¬s’qy˚
dæ) ‘=* y˚<äø±˝≤ìøÏ |üPs¡«+ &ç) >∑T|üÔ ø±\+ 38. |ü⁄yêsY q>∑s¡+˝À Á|ü‹ @{≤ Ç+Á<äTìøÏ ñ‘·‡yê\T 48. ≈£îcÕDT\ ø±\+ Hê{Ï ‘·÷ìø£\T, ø=\‘·\T
11. eTTK´yÓTÆq ≈£î≥T+u≤˝ ô|<ä›\T düuÛÑT´\T>± ñ+&ç
ÄÁø£eTD\ >∑T]+∫ dü\Vü‰ Ç#˚Ã~?
uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯ #·]Á‘· »]|æq≥Tº ù|s=ÿqï kÕVæ≤‘·´+?
m) bÕ∞ kÕVæ≤‘·´+
>∑T]+∫ Á|ükÕÔ$+∫q XÊdüq+ @~?
m) ◊Vü≤√˝Ÿ _) eT<ÛäTs¡
m) >∑D _) $<Ûë‘· dæ) dü$T‹ &ç) düuÛÑ _) dü+düÿè‘· kÕVæ≤‘·´+ dæ) n\Vü‰u≤<é &ç) yÓTTÁVü≤©
12. »qà-|ü⁄qs¡®qà, Ä‘·à-|üs¡e÷‘·à, düTK:<äT:U≤\T, m) nXÀø£e<äq _) ~e´e<äq dæ) dü+>∑+ kÕVæ≤‘·´+ &ç) @Bø±<äT 49. á øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü]ø±ì »‘·qT >∑T]Ô+#·+&ç
»qàsêVæ≤‘·´+ e+{Ï düeTdü´\ >∑T]+∫ #·s¡´\T dæ) e+X¯‘·|üø±•ì &ç) eTVü≤e+X¯+ 39. qs¡dæ+Vü≤ >∑T|üÔ u≤˝≤~‘·´ e÷˝≤«bÕ\≈£î&ÉT m) b˛‘·Tyê-ø=\‘·\ n<Ûä´≈£åî&ÉT
>∑\ y˚<ä uÛ≤>∑+ @~? 28. eTÚs¡T´\ ø±\+˝À e÷¬sÿ≥¢qT |üs¡´y˚øÏå+#˚ j·TXÀ<Ûäs¡àHé‘√ ø£*dæ @ VüQD <ä+&Éj·÷Á‹≈£î&çì _) bÕD- yê´bÕs¡+, yêDÏ»´+
m) y˚<ë+>±\T _) ñ|üìwü‘·TÔ\T n~Ûø±] mes¡T? z&ç+#ê&ÉT? dæ) Ç‹Vü≤»ø£ eTVü‰e÷‘·´ - Ád”Ô dü+πøåeT n~Ûø±]
dæ) ñ|üy˚<ë\T &ç) ÁãVü≤àD≤\T m) Äø±sê<Ûä´ø£å _) d”‘·˝≤<Ûä´ø£å m) HÓ&ÉT+C…*j·THé _) $TVæ≤s¡≈£î\T&ÉT &ç) düìï<Ûë‘· - z&Éπse⁄\T
13. s¡Tπ>«<ä+˝À e]í+∫q |üs¡«‘·eTT\T @$? dæ) dü+kÕú<Ûä´ø£å &ç) b˛‘·yê<ä´ø£å dæ) ‘√s¡e÷qT&ÉT &ç) $THê+&ÉsY 50. me] ø±\+˝À ÇkÕ¢+ eT‘·+ düT˙ï, wæj·÷
m) ˙\–] _) Äsêe[ 29. ns¡úXÊg+ Á|üø±s¡+ |ü]bÕ\q≈£î mìï XÊK\T 40. dæ+Vü≤+‘√ j·TT<äΔ+ #˚düTÔqï≥Tº HêD…eTT\ ‘Ó>∑\T>± e÷]+~?
dæ) Væ≤e÷\j·÷\T &ç) $+<Ûä´ ñHêïsTT? $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæ+~? m) Vü≤»s¡‘Y ñeTsY
14. s¡Tπ>«<ä+˝À e]í+∫q ≈£îuÛÑq~øÏ Á|üdüTÔ‘· ù|s¡T? m) 34 _) 36 dæ) 37 &ç) 38 m) ≈£îe÷s¡ >∑T|ü⁄Ô&ÉT _) uÛ≤qT >∑T|ü⁄Ô&ÉT _) Vü≤Á»‘Y Çe÷yéT Ä©
m) >√eT˝Ÿq~ _) kÕ«{Ÿ q~ 30. nXÀ≈£î&ÉT ne\+_Û+∫q uÖ<äΔ <Ûäs¡à+, <äeTà dæ) düÿ+<Ûä >∑T|ü⁄Ô&ÉT &ç) düeTTÁ<ä >∑T|ü⁄Ô&ÉT dæ) Vü≤Á»‘Y nã÷ãø£sY
dæ) Ç+&Édt q~ &ç) ø±ã÷˝Ÿ q~ $<Ûëq+ eTÚs¡´ kÕÁe÷C≤´ìï ìØ«s¡´+ #˚dæ+<äì 41. á øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À ª>∑T|ü⁄Ô\ ø±˝≤ìøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫q &ç) Vü≤Á»‘Y ñkÕàHé
15. ãT<äT›ì n‘·´+‘· <Ûäìø£ •wüß´&ÉT mes¡T? eTÚs¡T´\ |ü‘·HêìøÏ ø±s¡D+>± yê~+∫q~ HêD…+µ @~?
m) ñbÕ* _) Äq+<ä mes¡T? m) BHêsY _) s¡÷|æø£ düe÷<ÛëHê\T
dæ) nq+‘· |æ+&Éø£ &ç) n+>∑T[q÷\ m) &ç.&ç.ø√XÊ+_ _) >√kÕ˝Ÿ dæ) øöØ\T &ç) ô|’e˙ï 1.dæ 2.dæ 3.m 4._ 5._
16. ãT<äT›ìøÏ eTìwæ s¡÷bÕìï Ç∫à $Á>∑Vü‰sê<Ûäq dæ) Äs¡.XÊ´eTXÊÁdæÔ &ç) Vü≤]Á|ükÕ<é XÊÁdæÔ 42. eT÷&Ée nXÀ≈£î&ÉT, ñ‘·Ôs¡ |ü<∏äkÕ«$T yÓTT<ä˝…’q 6.m 7.dæ 8.&ç 9.m 10._
ÁbÕs¡+_Û+∫q yês¡T mes¡T? 31. >√+&É ô|òs¡ïdt ø±\+˝À ªJdüdt ÁøÏdtºµ •wüß´&Ó’q _s¡T<äT\T me]$? 11.&ç 12._ 13.dæ 14.&ç 15.dæ
m) eTVü‰j·÷qT\T _) V”≤Hêj·÷qT\T mes¡T uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚XÊìï dü+<ä]Ù+#ê&ÉT? m) Vü≤s¡T¸&ÉT _) dü+ÁbÕ‹ 16.m 17.m 18._ 19.dæ 20.m
dæ) eTVü‰kÕ\|ò”T≈£î\T &ç) düÔ$s¡yê<ÛäT\T m) ôdsTT+{Ÿ C≤Hé dæ) |ü⁄wü´$TÁ‘· X¯ó+>∑ &ç) düeTTÁ<ä>∑T|ü⁄Ô&ÉT 21._ 22._ 23.m 24.dæ 25._
17. eTìwæ ‘·q $~ÛøÏ ‘·H˚ ø£s¡Ô nì #Ó|æŒ+~ mes¡T? _) ôdsTT+{Ÿ |”≥sY 43. #Ó’Hê y껄àj·T+ Á|üø±s¡+ Vü≤s¡T¸ì ÄkÕúHêìøÏ 26.dæ 27.m 28.dæ 29.m 30._
m) ãT<äTΔ&ÉT _) eTVü‰Ms¡T&ÉT dæ) ôdsTT+{Ÿ <∏ëeTdt sêj·Tu≤s¡T\qT |ü+|æq #Ó’Hê #·Áø£e]Ô mes¡T? 31.dæ 32._ 33.m 34.dæ 35.m
dæ) X¯+ø£sê#ês¡T´&ÉT &ç) nXÀ≈£î&ÉT &ç) ôdsTT+{Ÿ Ä˝≤Œ¤Hé‡ m) cÕHé-Ç _) f…Æ-#·T+>¥ 36._ 37.dæ 38.dæ 39._ 40.&ç
18. eTVü‰j·÷q+˝À ãT<äTΔì‘√ bÕ≥T Á|üeTTKbÕÁ‘· 32. |ü⁄wü´$TÁ‘·T&ÉT ¬s+&ÉT nX¯«y˚T<Ûä j·÷>±\T ìs¡« dæ) Vü≤Hé-Ç &ç) ø±Hé-wüß-Ç 41.&ç 42.m 43._ 44.dæ 45._
eVæ≤+∫q~ mes¡T? Væ≤+∫q≥Tº ‘Ó*j·TCÒùd <Ûäq<˚e⁄ì XÊdüq+ @~? 44. Á|ü»\ <ë«sê mìï¬ø’q bÕ\e+X¯ bÕ\≈£î&ÉT 46.m 47.&ç 48._ 49.&ç 50._
m) _Û≈£åîe⁄\T _) uÀ~Ûdü‘·T«\T m) Vü≤~∏>∑T+bÕ _) njÓ÷<Ûä´ mes¡T?
dæ) »+>∑eTT\T &ç) •wüß´\T dæ) pHê>∑&é &ç) q+<ä+|üP&ç m) <˚ebÕ\T&ÉT _) <Ûäs¡à bÕ\T&ÉT
19. Á|ü|ü+#·+˝À ñ‘·‡s¡bÕDÏ, nedüs¡bÕDÏ nH˚ 33. |ü≥Tº, |ü≥Tº, m≥Tº ‘√¬>’ nH˚ 18 |ü⁄düÔø±\T @ B|æø£ ù|J\ô|’ MT n_ÛÁbÕj·÷\qT, dü\Vü‰\qT
dæ) >√bÕ\T&ÉT &ç) sêeT bÕ\T&ÉT e÷≈£î ‘Ó*j·TCÒj·T+&ç.
<äX¯\T ˝…øÏÿ+#·˝Òqìï ñ+{≤j·Tì ‘Ó*ù| C…’qeT‘· dü+>∑eT |ü]wü‘Y˝À s¡∫+#ês¡T? 45. y˚<ë~Ûø£´‘·qT $e]+#˚ |üPs¡«MTe÷+dü |ü<äΔ‹ì
øŒ‰vÚÛî¦ô¢Ù 18 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

Try to understand the data provided

carefully, before jumping to answer
the questions. The questions are
designed to be misleading and
What is the average profit?
proper understanding of the total number of units of garments manufac- 8. 16 17 42 135 604 3044 est from that of the previous year?
requirements is a must. tured by various factories in the year 2010? 1) 3044 2) 135 3) 16 4) 604 5) 17 1) 2012 2) 2013 3) 2010
1) 2.37 lakhs 2) 3.8 lakhs 9. 10 18 36 54 54 33.75 4) 2011 5) 2014
Data Interpretation 3) 7.92 lakhs 4) 4.69 lakhs 1) 54 2) 33.75 3) 10 4) 36 5) 18 14. What is the percent profit of the year
5) None 10. 156 170 192 226 280 364 2011, if the income of the company was
Directions (Q.1-5): study the following table
5. The units of garments manufactured by fac- 1) 280 2) 156 3) 192 4) 226 5) 364 Rs.90 crores?
carefully and answer the questions that follow.
tory A in the year 2006 are approximately Directions (Q.No.11-15): Study the following 1) 50% 2) 40% 3) 80%
Following graph gives the units of gar-
what percent of the units of garments man- bar diagram carefully to answer the questions 4) 25% 5) None
ments manufactured by various factories over
ufactured by the same factory in the year that follow. 15. The income of the company in the year
the years.
2011? Following bar diagram gives the Profit (in 2010 was Rs.70 crores and the income of
Units of garments( in lakhs) 1) 60 2) 45 3) 50 Rupees crores) earned by a company over the the company in the year 2013 was Rs.65
manufactured by various factories 4) 75 5) 85 years. crores. What is the respective ratio of the
Factories A B C D E Directions (Q.6-10): In each of expenditure of the company in the year

Years↓ the following number series ques- 2010 to the expenditure of the company in
tions a number is wrong. You have the year 2013?
2006 45.21 61.13 48.50 51.35 60.48 to identify that number. 1) 1 : 2 2) 4 : 9 3) 2 : 3 4) 3 : 1 5) None
2007 41.38 58.22 50.00 69.50 58.70 6. 202 208 223 252 292
2008 43.52 58.25 53.25 52.33 53.12 352 ANSWERS
2009 44.22 54.72 54.28 53.75 54.18 1) 223 2) 252 3) 352
1) 3 4) 2 7) 4 10) 5 13) 1
2010 38.71 55.83 57.16 55.32 57.25 4) 292 5) 202
2) 3 5) 4 8) 1 11) 5 14) 3
2011 60.02 57.32 58.25 69.15 69.35 7. 8 18 22.5 56.25 58.75
11. The expenditure of the company in the 3) 5 6) 2 9) 3 12) 4 15) 4
1. What are the total units of garments manu- year 2012, was Rs.85 crores, what was
1) 56.25 2) 8 3) 146.875
the income of the company in that year?
factured by the factory D over the years? 4) 18 5) 58.75
1) 33684000 2) 36126000 1) Rs.15 cr 2) Rs.85 cr 3) Rs.60 cr ûÁ æ© úà ò˺ ô¢ª“
3) 35125000 4) 38546000 4) Rs.80 cr 5) None
5) None IBPS 12. What is the average profit earned by the
2. What is the approximate percent decrease company over the years approximately? ví£òÅ¡ªêŸy ÑëÁuÞ¥õª
in the units of garments manufactured by
CLERKS MAINS 1) Rs.22.5 cr
4) Rs.50cr
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Writer: Quantitative Aptitude 13. In which of the following years was the úˆÕÓúÃÓíÆÃö˺ šï°è ڥE›údñªöËÀq
percentage increase in the profit the high- H
Dr. G. S. Giridhar, Director,
šúÙvæöËÀ ÏÙè[wú‡dóŸªöËÀ šúÚÛ«uJæ© ðƼôÂq
RACE Institute, Hyderabad
súˆÕÓúÃÓíÆÃz ê¦ê¦\LÚÛ vð§Aí£CÚÛì Ú¨ÙC
ð¼ú£ªdöË òÅ¡KhÚ¨ ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªhõª ÚÁô¢ªêÁÙC.
factory B in the year 2009 from the previous í£±ô¢ªù£ªöËêÁ ð§åª ÷ªï‡°üŒõ« Oæ¨Ú¨ ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh
year? à¶ú£ªÚÁ÷àŸªa.
1) 14 2) 1 3) 6 4) 8 5) 4 H ð¼ú£ªd: šï°è ڥE›údñªöËÀ sNªEúˆdJóŸªöËÀz
3. What is the respective ratio of the units of H Ý°Sõª: 429. Oæ¨ö˺ úˆÕÓúÃÓíÆà è…ð§ôÂdîμªÙæöËÀ
garments manufactured by factory C in ÍòÅ¡uô¢ª–öËÚÛª 64 ð¼ú£ªdõª ¸Úæ°ô³Ùà¦ô¢ª.
year 2007 to the units of garments manu- H Íô¢|êŸ: ÏÙæKtè…óŸªæËÀ ÑBhô¢gêŸ.
factured by factory E in 2006?
H ÷óŸªú£ª: 20.02.2019 û¦æ¨Ú¨ 18n25 ú£Ù÷êŸqô¦öË
1) 29 : 26 2) 21 : 29 3) 19 : 25
4) 12 : 17 5) None
÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙè¯L.
4. What is the difference between the total num- H ÓÙí‡ÚÛ: šïj°æËÀ ò°ô çËμúÃd, íƇ>ÚÛöËÀ þ§dÙè[ô“ çËμúÃd,
ber of units of garments manufactured by the ô¦êŸí£K¤Û, ú‡\öËÀ çËμúÃd, îμªè…ÚÛöËÀ çËμúÃd Îëůô¢ÙÞ¥.
various factories in the year 2008 and the H ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh íƈV: ô¢«.100
H ÎûËÂöËμjûË ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: áì÷J 21 ìªÙ# íƇvñ÷J 20

EXPLANATIONS 250 + 15 + 27 = 292 45 + 55 + 40 + 50 + 60 + 55 305

= ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ = ⎯⎯
1. Total units = 51.35 + 69.35 + 52.33 +
292 + 18 + 42 = 352 6 6 îËμòËÀšújæËÀ:
7. 8 × 2.5 = 20 ; 20 + 2.5 = 22.5 = 50.83 ≈ 50 Cr

53.75 + 55.32 + 69.15 = 351.25 lakhs
22.5 × 2.5 = 56.25 ; 56.25 + 2.5 = 58.75 13. Increment percents in
= 35125000
58.75 × 2.5 = 146.875 55 − 45
58.25 − 54.72 2010 ⎯⎯⎯⎯ × 100 = 22.22%
2. Percent decrement = ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ × 100 8. 16 × 1 + 12 = 17 ; 17 × 2 + 23 = 42 45
42 × 3 + 32 = 135 ; 135 × 4 + 43 = 604 50 − 40 ÏÙè…óŸªûË Îô³öËÀ
3.53 2012 ⎯⎯⎯⎯ × 100 = 25%
⇒ ⎯⎯⎯ × 100 ≈ 6% 604 × 5 + 52 = 3045 40
58.25 H
9. 9 × 1 ÷ 0.5 = 18 60 − 50
ÏÙè…óŸªûË Îô³öËÀ Ú¥ô•p¸ôù£ûË sÕîËÁúˆÓöËÀz
3. Required ratio = 50.00 : 60.48 2013 ⎯⎯⎯⎯ × 100 = 20%
18 × 2 ÷ 1 = 36
LNªçËμè 2019n20 ú£Ù÷êŸqô¦EÚ¨Þ¥ì« ú£ë]ô¢ûËÂ
⇒ 5000 : 6048 = 625 : 756 50
36 × 3 ÷ 2 = 54
K>óŸªûËÂö˺ ÍvšíÙæ¨úà ݰSöË òÅ¡KhÚ¨ ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªhõª
4. Total units in 2008 = 43.52 + 58.25 + 53.25 ∴ The highest percent increment is in 2012.
54 × 4 ÷ 4 = 54
+ 52.33 + 53.12 = 260.47 14. Income = 90 cr, profit = 40 cr
H çËμÚ¨oÚÛöËÀ/ û¦ûË çËμÚ¨oÚÛöËÀ vç˶è ÍÙè çËμÚ©où‡óŸªûËÂ
Total units in 2010 = 38.71 + 55.83 + 54 × 5 ÷ 8 = 33.75 ∴ Expenditure = 90 − 40 = 50 cr
10. 156 + 14 = 170 Profit
57.16 + 55.32 + 57.25 = 264.27
Profit % = ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ × 100 H Ý°Sõª: 420
∴ Required difference = 264.27 − 260.47 170 + 14 + 8 = 192 Expenditure
= 3.8 lakhs 192 + 22 + 12 = 226 40 H ÎûËÂöËμjûË ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: áì÷J 18 ìªÙ# íƇvñ÷J 10
⇒ ⎯⎯ × 100 = 80%
45.21 226 + 34 + 20 = 280 50
5. Required percent = ⎯⎯⎯ × 100
60.02 280 + 54 + 32 = 366 15. In 2010, Income = 70 cr, Profit = 55 cr H Þœ÷ªEÚÛ: Íô¢|êŸ, ÷óŸªú£ª, ÓÙí‡ÚÛ NëůìÙ êŸCêŸô¢
45 11. Income − Expenditure = Profit ∴ Expenditure 70 − 55 = 15 cr í£²Jh N÷ô¦öËÚÛª ÏÙè…óŸªûË Îô³öËÀ îËμòËÀšújæËÀ
⇒ ≈ ⎯⎯ × 100 = 75%
60 ⇒ Income = Expenditure + Profit In 2013, Income = 65 cr Profit = 60 cr àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
6. 202 + 6 = 208; 208 + 9 + 6 = 223
223 + 12 + 15 = 250
∴ Income in 2012 = 85 + 50 = 135 Crores
12. Average profit
∴ Expenditure = 65 − 60 = 5 cr
Required ratio = 15 : 5 = 3 : 1
øŒ‰vÚÛî¦ô¢Ù 18 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

vë]î¦GÅú£ô¢éÙ ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? sóŸ´JóŸ«, óŸ´J-Ú¥÷ªxÙ, vÚ¨óŸ«-æ¨ûÂ, vÚ¨óŸ«-æ¨-ûμjûÂ, í£ë¯-ô¦–-õªÞ¥ ÷«ô¢ªa-ÚÛªE, ø‹Ý°-ô¢ áÙ꟪-÷±õ
í£ë¯-ô¦–-õìª ÎÚÛªõª, Ú¥Ùè¯-ö˺x Eõy à¶ú£ª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³.-
ÏN à¶ë]ªÞ¥ ÑÙè… Ú©å-Ú¥-õÚÛª, <è[ í£±ô¢ª-Þœª-õÚÛª
ô¢ª#Ù-àŸ÷±.- ÍÙë]ª-÷-õx ÏN ÚÛõªí£± îμ³ÚÛ\õª,- ÍåO
îμ³ÚÛ\-õìª ï£„E à¶óŸª-ö˶÷±.-
Nú£-ô¢bì n- ÷uô¦–õ ê•õ-TÙí£± ÷u÷ú£– Fæ¨ö˺ ÚÛJ¸Þ Nå-Nªìªx, ôÁt-ûÂõª, ÎÚÛq-¸ô-æÀõªz, ìªÙ# ô¢¤¨Ù-àŸª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³.- Eá @NêŸ NEóμ«ÞœÙ n @÷ îμjNëÅ]uÙ
1.-5%- ÍÚÛ-ô¢(ì í£ë¯-ô¦–õª sþ¼è…óŸªÙ, ÚÁx·ôjèÂ, H Ú•Eo ô¢þ§-óŸª-û¦õª Nù£-í£²-J-ê¦-õªÞ¥ ÑÙè[åÙ ÷õx í£åx þ§ìªòÅ¡«A
ví£: îμ«-è[-óŸ«-õ-ú‡úà ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? ví£:- ÷´vêŸ-í‡Ù-è¯õª ú£vÚÛ-÷ªÙÞ¥ í£E-à¶-óŸªæ°EÚ¨ Oªô¢ª
ðƧ›úpæÀ, ú£ö˶pÄæÀ, îμªUo-ù‡óŸªÙ, Ú¥L{óŸªÙ, Íóμ«- î¦æ¨E Aìo @÷±õª ÷ªô¢-é¨Ù-àŸ-÷àŸªa.-
á:- ÷´vêŸ-í‡Ù-è¯õª í£E-à¶-óŸª-E-î¦-Jö˺ è[óŸ«-õ-ú‡úÃ
è…ûÂz îμ³ë]öËμjìN ÑÙæ°ô³.- ÏC îμ³ë]å Î÷ªxÙÞ¥ îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÍCÅ-ÚÛÙÞ¥ Ñìo Fæ¨E ò°ÿ¼p-ê¶qÚÛÙ, GÙë]ª-
á:- ÷´vêŸ-í‡Ù-è¯õª ú£vÚÛ-÷ªÙÞ¥ í£E-à¶-óŸªæ°EÚ¨ Bú£ªÚÛªû¶
Óö°Ùæ¨ â°vÞœ-êŸhõª Bú£ª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô¢ª?
ví£:- Micturation ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨?
êŸô¦yêŸ ¤¥ô¢-óŸ³-êŸÙÞ¥ ÷«ô¢ª-꟪ÙC.- vþ§÷Ù ví£vÚ¨-óŸªõ ë¯yô¦ ñóŸª-åÚÛª í£Ùí£±-ê¦ô³.-
á:- ÷´vê¦-øŒ-óŸªÙö˺ ë¯ë¯í£± 300n-400 Nª.-M.- ÷´vêŸÙ
óŸªÙvêŸÙêÁ ô¢Ú¥hEo ÷è[-ÚÛ-è[-ê¦ô¢ª.- ÚÛ”vA-÷ªÙÞ¥
ô¢Ú¥hEo ÷è[-Þœç˶d ví£vÚ¨-óŸªìª îμ«è[óŸ«-õ-ú‡úà â°vÞœ-êŸhõª
H- ôÁW êŸT-ìÙêŸ Fô¢ª sú£ª÷«ô¢ª 4 n -5 M.z ê¦Þœª-
ví£: ESRD ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨?
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- à¶J-ì-í£±pè[ª ÷´vê¦-øŒóŸªÙ ÑG(, ë¯E ÞÁè[-ö˺xE
á:- ÷´vêŸí‡Ùè¯õª í£E-à¶-óŸª-ÚÛ-ð¼-÷-è¯Eo ESRD (End
wšúdà vޥ-Ú¥õª Ñê¶h->-êŸîμªi îμªë]è[ªÚÛª ví£àÁ-ë]-û¦-
õìª í£Ùí£±-ê¦ô³.- íÆ£L-êŸÙÞ¥ ÷´vêŸÙ Nú£-JbÙ-à¦- H- øŒK-ô¦-EÚ¨ ú£J-í£è[ î¦uóŸ«÷ªÙ à¶þ§hìª.-
Stage Renal Disease) ÍÙ-æ°ô¢ª.- õû¶ ÚÁJÚÛ ÚÛLT, ÷´vê¦-øŒóŸªÙ ú£ÙÚÁ-#Ù-àŸè[Ù @÷ø‹ú£YÙ H ÚÛ«öËÀ-vè…Ù-ÚÂqÚÛª ñë]ª-õªÞ¥ Ú•ñ(-J-F-ô¢ªìª ê¦Þœª-ê¦ìª.-
ví£: 󟳸ô-NªóŸ« ÍE ë¶Eo ÍÙæ°ô¢ª? ÷´õÙÞ¥ ÷´vêŸÙ ñóŸª-å-ÚÛª-ð¼-꟪ÙC.- Ð ví£vÚ¨- H Fô¢ª ÍCÅÚÛÙÞ¥ Ñìo íÆ£ö°õª sí£±àŸa-Ú¥óŸª, vë¯¤Û z

á:- ÷´vêŸ-í‡Ù-è¯õª í£E-à¶-óŸªè[Ù ÎT-ð¼ê¶ øŒK-ô¢Ùö˺ óŸªû¶ ÷´vêŸ Nú£-ô¢bì (Micturation) ÍÙ-æ°ô¢ª.- ÓÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ AÙæ°ìª.- áÙÚ íÆ£±èÂqÚÛª ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥
ví£:- ÷´vêŸ-N-ú£-ô¢b-ìšíj î¦þ¼-vší-ú‡qû ví£òÅ°÷Ù Óö°Ùæ¨C? ví£-PoÙ-àŸè[Ù n- í£J-ÚÛ-õpì à¶óŸªè[Ù ÑÙæ°ìª.
á:- î¦þ¼-vší-ú‡qû ôÁtû ú£÷ª¤ÛÙö˺ ú£ÙvÞœ-é ví£:- øŒK-ô¦-EÚ¨ E ÚÛL-TÙචî¦æ¨E -ôÁW Nú£-JbÙ-àŸ-ÚÛ- H- ÓÚÛª\÷ vð¼æ©ûÂq Ñìo Î-ô¦-EÚ¨ vð§ëů-ìuÙ
Fô¢ª, ÷uô¢– í£ë¯-ô¦–õª EÙè…-ð¼ô³, Ú¥üŒ‰x à¶êŸªõª
Ññª(-ê¦ô³.- ô¢ÚÛhÙ øŒ‰CÌÄ-Ú¥-ÚÛ-ð¼-÷è[Ù ÷õx Fô¢ú£Ù,
á:- E ÚÛL-TÙචí£ë¯-ô¦–-õìª Nú£-JbÙ-àŸ-ÚÛ-ð¼ê¶, ÏN øŒK-
Íõ-ú£å ÷þ§hô³.- Ð ú‡–AE 󟳸ô-NªóŸ« û¦üŒÙö˺ Fæ¨ í£±ìl øËËÁù£é áJT ÷´vêŸÙ ÍA ð¼ê¶ ÔÙ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙëÁ ÒÙ# ô¦óŸªÙè….-
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Þ¥èÅ[-êŸìª ð»Ùë]ª-꟪ÙC.- ÷³Üu-îμªiì ví£øŒoõª
H Þ¥èÅ[-êŸ- Ñìo ÷´vê¦Eo Nú£-JbÙ-à¦Lq ÷#a-ì-í£±pè[ª ô¢Ùö˺ ›íô¢ª-ÚÛª-ð¼ô³ Nù£ í£ë¯-ô¦–-õªÞ¥ í£J-é-Nª-
1.- Ná-JbÙ-àŸè[Ùn- vú£NÙ-àŸè[Ù ð¼L-ÚÛõª êμõ-í£Ùè…?
ví£:- îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÚÛ«è¯ áÙ꟪-÷±-ö°x¸Þ Nú£-Jb-þ§hóŸ«?
î¦þ¼-vší-ú‡qû vú£Nú£ªhÙC.- þ§hô³.- ÏC vð§é--EÚ¨ ë¯J- B-ú£ªhÙC.-
H î¦þ¼-vší-ú‡qû ö˺í£Ù ÷õx øŒKô¢ vë]î¦õ vë]î¦-GÅ-ú£-ô¢é
ô¢àŸô³êŸ 2.- vë]î¦-GÅ-ú£-ô¢éÙ ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? øŒK-ô¢Ùö˺ DE
P÷LÙÞ¥ Þ½è vÚÛ÷ªêŸ ö˺í‡Ù# ÍCÅÚÛ ÷´vêŸ Nú£-ô¢bì, êŸÚÛª\÷ á:- îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÚÛ«è¯ áÙ꟪-÷±ö ÷«CJÞ¥û¶ Nú£-ô¢bì ð§vêŸìª êμõ-í£Ùè…?
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª Þ¥èÅ[-êŸ- Ñìo ÷´vêŸ Nú£-ô¢bì à¶óŸ«Lq ÑÙåªÙC.- vÚ¨óŸª áô¢ª-í£±-ê¦ô³.- Íô³ê¶ îμ³ÚÛ\-ö˺x Nú£-ô¢bÚÛ Í÷- 3.- ÷«ì-÷±-è…ö˺ Íìª-ñÙëÅ] Nú£-ô¢bÚÛ Í÷-óŸª-î¦õìª
ví£:- Nú£-ô¢bì vÚ¨óŸªö˺ ð¼èÁ-šújæÀq ð§vêŸ ÔNªæ¨?
Ð ú‡–Aû¶ ÍA ÷´vêŸ î¦uCÅ sè[óŸ«-G-æ¨úà ÏûÂ-ú‡-íƇ-è[úÃz óŸª-î¦õª ÑÙè[÷±.- Nú£-ô¢bì vÚ¨óŸª GÅìoÙÞ¥
4.- ÷´vêŸ-í‡Ù-è¯õª í£E-à¶-óŸª-E-î¦-JÚ¨ Dô¢+-Ú¥-LÚÛ í£J-
á:- ò®÷ªû ޜªRÚÛ ÞÁè[-ö˺xE ÚÛé°õª Ñí£-ÚÛü° ÚÛé-â°-
ÑÙåªÙC.- ÷uô¢– í£ë¯-ô¦–õ N#aÄìoÙ ûμ÷ªt-CÞ¥
ví£:- îμ³ÚÛ\-ö˺x Ôô¢pè[“ ÷uô¦–-õìª ÍN Ô N-ëÅ]ÙÞ¥ ú£ô¢ªÌ-
áJT, îμ³ÚÛ\ ë¶ï£° òÅ°Þ¥ö˺x ûμ÷ªt-CÞ¥ ð¼Þœ-÷±- ÿ§\ô¢Ù Ôëμjû¦ ÑÙë¯?
5.- Ú•ÙêŸ-÷ªÙC í‡õxõª 15/-16 ú£Ù.õª ÷à¶a-÷-ô¢ÚÛª
ví£:- ÚÛõªí£± îμ³ÚÛ\õª, Ú•Eo ô¢Ú¥õ ÍåO îμ³ÚÛ\-õìª
õÙö˺ Ôô¢pè… ÑÙæ°ô³.- Oæ¨E ð¼èÁ-šújæÀq ê¦ô³.-
á:- îμ³ÚÛ\õª êŸ÷ª ÷uô¦–-õìª í£vê¦õª, òËμô¢è[ª, í£Ùè[xö˺
ò°åª à¶ú£ª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³?
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Oæ¨- ÷ªëÅ]u ú£«¤Ût ô¢Ùvëůõª ÑÙè… í£ë¯- ÚÛ«è¯ ô¦vA-í£²å Evë]ö˺ í£ÚÛ\- êŸ-è[ª-í£±-꟪Ù-æ°ô¢ª.
ví£: ÷«ì÷ ÷´vêŸÙ ú£ÙíÆ£ª-å-ììª êμõ-í£Ùè….-
ô¦–õ ÷è[-ð¼-êŸÚÛª Oõª-Þ¥ Í÷ªJ ÑÙæ°ô³.- Eõy-à¶ú‡ ô¦õaåÙ ë¯yô¦ êŸT_Ù-àŸª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³.- ÷ªJ- Ú©å-Ú¥õª, <è[ í£±ô¢ª-Þœªõª E à¶óŸª-ö˶÷±.
6.- Qê¦-Ú¥-õÙö˺ ÓÚÛª\-÷-þ§ô¢ªx ÷´vêŸ-N-ú£-ô¢bì
á:- ÚÛõªí£± îμ³ÚÛ\õª, Ú•Eo ô¢Ú¥õ ÍåO îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÷uô¢–
á:- ÷´vêŸÙö˺ 96%- Fô¢ª, 2.-5%- ÚÛô¢(ì í£ë¯-ô¦–õª
Ú•Eo úˆyóŸª ô¢¤Û-éÚÛª Ñí£-óμ«-TÙ-àŸª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³.-
H îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÷uô¦–-õìª î¶ô¢ªx, ÎÚÛªõª, NêŸh-û¦-ö˺x Nù£
à¶óŸ«Lq ÷ú£ªhÙC.- ÓÙë]ªÚÛª?
l l
÷”¤Û Î÷-ô¢é ø‹ú£YÙ
H ô¦îª-ë¶îË Nªvø‹ìª òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-øŒ -cÎ÷-ô¢é ø‹ú£Y-í‡êŸe-Þ¥
›íô•\Ù-æ°ô¢ª.- Î÷-ô¢-é-ø‹ú£YÙ (Ecology) Íû¶
í£ë¯Eo îμ³ë]å 1885ö˺ KåôÂ, êŸô¦yêŸ 1886ö˺
Î îμ³ÚÛ\õ í£vê¦õª ô¢ú£òÅ¡JêŸÙ!
šï°·ôoúÃd šï°·ÚöËÀ Ñí£-óμ«-TÙ-à¦ô¢ª.-
H- ÏC vUÚÛª í£ë¯-öËμjì Öô³-Ú¥úà sEî¦ú£Ùz, ö°Þ¥úÃ
÷”Ùê¦õª ÑÙè[åÙ ÷õx í£vêŸ-ë]-ü°õª Fæ¨ Ñí£-J-êŸ- î¶ô¢ªx ÑÙç˶ ÍN íˆàŸªö° êŸÚÛª\÷ ø‹Ü-õìª ÚÛLT Ñí£-óμ«-Þœ-í£-è[ª-꟪ÙC.-
Ñë¯:- EÙíƇóŸ«, NÚÁd-JóŸ« J>÷«.-
õÙšíj ê¶õª-꟪Ù-æ°ô³.- ÑÙæ°ô³.- - ë]”èÅ[ ÚÛé-â°-ö°õª, ë¯ô¢ª÷± êŸÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ ÑÙæ°ô³.-
H- Ú¥Ùè[Ù ð»è[-÷±Þ¥, ú£ªEo-êŸÙÞ¥ ÑÙåªÙC.-
sÍëÅ]u-óŸªìÙz Íû¶ í£ë¯õ ìªÙ# ÎN-ô¢(Ä-NÙ-#ÙC.-
H -îμ³ÚÛ\õª, áÙ꟪-÷±-õª, î¦æ¨ í£J-ú£-ô¦-õ ÷ªëÅ]u Ñìo
3. í£²JhÞ¥ Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET, Í÷-õÙ-G-êŸÙÞ¥ ÑÙè˶ H- í£vê¦õª í£õª-àŸÞ¥, Jñ(û ÎÚÛ”-Aö˺ ð»è[-÷±Þ¥ ö˶ë¯
Ó-è¯J îμ³ÚÛ\õª
îμ³ÚÛ\õª:- Ð îμ³ÚÛ\õª Fæ¨êÁ ÷«vêŸî¶ª ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù
í£ô¢-ú£pô¢ ú£ÙñÙ-ëů-õìª ÍëÅ]u-óŸªìÙ à¶óŸª-è¯Eo -cÎ÷-
ô¢é ø‹ú£YÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- <L ÑÙæ°ô³.- Ð îμ³ÚÛ\õª Fô¢ª ö˺í‡Ù-#ì áö°-òÅ°÷ í£J-ú‡–-꟪ö˺x
H F樚íj ê¶ö˶ í£vê¦õª šíë]Ì-NÞ¥, ñõx-í£-ô¢ª-í£±Þ¥, îμªiìí£± šíô¢ª-Þœª-ê¦ô³.- Oæ¨E 3 ô¢Ú¥-õªÞ¥ ÷K_-ÚÛ-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ÍN:-
1. Íõp-Ú¥-LÚÛ îμ³ÚÛ\õª (Ephemerals): Ð
ÚÛLT, í£²JhÞ¥ Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET ÷ª”Ah-ÚÛö˺ û¦åª-ÚÛªE
ÑÙè[-ÚÛªÙè¯ Í÷-õÙ-G-êŸÙÞ¥ ÑÙæ°ô³.- í£²êŸêÁ ÚÛí‡p ÑÙæ°ô³.-
Ñë¯:- šïj°vè…ö°x, óŸ³væ¨ÚÛªuö˶JóŸ«
îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÔÚÛ î¦J{-Ú¥õª.- ÏN øŒ‰ù£\ vð§Ùê¦ö˺x šíô¢ª-
4. Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET ÑÙè… õUo-ÚÛ-ô¢é àμÙCì
è…. ô¦¸ÚùÃ
@NêŸ àŸJ-vêŸìª ÷³TÙ-àŸª-ÚÛªÙ-æ°ô³.-Ñë¯:- væ¨ñªu-õúÃ
Þœª-ê¦ô³.- Ð îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÍA êŸÚÛª\÷ Ú¥õÙö˺ êŸ÷ª
îμ³ÚÛ\õª:- Ð îμ³ÚÛ\õª í£²JhÞ¥ Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª
H ÷´âËμû î¦JtÙÞ Íû¶ ÷”¤Û ø‹ú£Y-î¶êŸh îμ³ÚÛ\-õÚÛª,
Fæ¨Ú¨ Ñìo ú£ÙñÙ-ëů-õìª Íìª-ú£-JÙ# 3 Î÷-ô¢é ÑÙè…, î¶ô¢ª ÷u÷ú£– ú£ï£„-óŸªÙêÁ Ú•õìª Íè[ª-Þœªì 2. ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-J-êŸ-îμªiì îμ³ÚÛ\õª (Succulents): Ð
÷ª”Ah-ÚÛö˺ û¦åª-ÚÛªE ÑÙæ°ô³. - îμ³ÚÛ\õª ÷ô¦{-Ú¥-õÙö˺ à¦ö° Fæ¨E øËËÁù‡Ù#, Î
Ñë¯:- î¦LúÃû¶JóŸ«
ú£÷´--õªÞ¥ ÷K_-ÚÛ-JÙ-à¦è[ª.- ÍN:- Fæ¨E >Þœªô¢ª í£ë¯ô¢– ô¢«í£Ùö˺ îμ³ÚÛ\ òÅ°Þ¥ö˺x
1. Fæ¨-îμ³-ÚÛ\õª
5. ÑòÅ¡óŸªàŸô¢ îμ³ÚÛ\õª: Ð ô¢ÚÛÙ îμ³ÚÛ\õª 𧤨ÚÛÙÞ¥
÷”¤Ûø‹ú£YÙ Eõy- à¶-þ§hô³.- DE íÆ£L-êŸÙÞ¥ Oæ¨ Ú¥Ùè[Ù,
2. ÷ªëÅ]u-ô¢ÚÛÙ îμ³ÚÛ\õª öË¶ë¯ ú£îμ«-D(-â°õª
2. Fæ¨-îμ³-ÚÛ\õ ÍÙêŸ-Jo-ô¦té ú£ÙñÙ-ëÅ]-îμªiì Íìª- í£vê¦õª, î¶ô¢ªx Ú¥Ùè[-óŸ³-êŸÙÞ¥, ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-J-êŸÙÞ¥ ÑG(
3. Óè¯J îμ³ÚÛ\õª
Ñë¯:- þ§>çËμJóŸ«, çËμjðƧ, Lîμ«oíƇö°.
Fæ¨ö˺, 𧤨ÚÛÙÞ¥ î¦óŸ³ÞœêŸÙÞ¥ šíô¢ªÞœªê¦ô³.
ÚÛ«-õ-û¦õª:- ÑÙæ°ô³.- Ð NëÅ]ÙÞ¥ Eõy-à¶-ú‡ì Fæ¨E, Fô¢ª ë•ô¢-
Fæ¨ îμ³ÚÛ\õª (HYDROPHYTES) ÚÛE ú£÷ª-óŸªÙö˺ à¦ö° ð»ë]ª-í£±Þ¥ NE-óμ«-T-þ§hô³.-
Î÷ô¢é ú£ÙñÙëÅ]îμªiì ÍìªÚÛ«õû¦õª H Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET ÑÙè˶ îμ³ÚÛ\ òÅ°Þ¥ö˺x Í÷-òÅ°ú‡E
Ñë¯:- Óz ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-JêŸ Ú¥Ùè[Ù Ñìo îμ³ÚÛ\õª n- Öí£-E{óŸ«
1. Fæ¨ îμ³ÚÛ\õ ú£yô¢«-ð§-êŸt-ÚÛ-îμªiì Íìª-ÚÛ«-õ-û¦õª:-
í£²JhÞ¥ Fæ¨-ö˺-Þ¥F, ò°Þ¥ êŸè…Þ¥ ÑÙè˶ û¶õ-ö˺-Þ¥F ÑÙè[ë]ª.- Ú¥F î¦óŸ³ÞœêŸ òÅ°Þ¥õ Ñí£-J-êŸõÙ Oªë]
šíJ¸Þ îμ³ÚÛ\-õìª -cFæ¨ îμ³ÚÛ\õªe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Oæ¨E 5 ÍA í£õª-àŸE ð»ô¢Þ¥ ÑÙåªÙC.- Gz ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-JêŸ í£vê¦õª Ñìo îμ³ÚÛ\õª n- Îö˺
ô¢Ú¥-õªÞ¥ NòÅ¡->Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- ÍN:- H- Fô¢ª ú£÷ª”-CÌÄÞ¥ õGÅÙ-àŸè[Ù ÷õx Fæ¨ îμ³ÚÛ\õª H- ò°ï£°u-àŸô¢t ÚÛé°õª í£õª-àŸE ÚÛé ÚÛ÷-à¦Eo ÚÛLT
ú‡z ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-JêŸ î¶ô¢ªx Ñìo îμ³ÚÛ\õª n- Îú£p-ô¦-ÞœúÃ
1. F樚íj ›úyàŸaÄÞ¥ ê¶ö˶ îμ³ÚÛ\õª:- Ð îμ³ÚÛ\õª êŸÚÛª\÷ vð§÷³ÜuÙ ÚÛLT, êŸÚÛª\÷ ÍGÅ-÷”CÌÄ àμÙC ÑÙè… øËËÁù£é à¶þ§hô³.- JêŸ ¸ôéª-÷±-õìª ÚÛLT 3.- ô¢ú£-òÅ¡-J-êŸÙ-Ú¥E îμ³ÚÛ\õª (Non Succulents):
ÑÙæ°ô³. -
›úyàŸaÄÞ¥ ê¶õª-꟪Ù-æ°ô³.- Ñë¯:- í‡ú‡dóŸ«, öËμ÷«o,
÷ª”Ah-ÚÛêÁ ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù ö˶ÚÛªÙè¯, Fæ¨ Ñí£-J-êŸ-õÙšíj ÑÙè… Ú¨ô¢-é-áìu ú£Ùóμ«-Þœ-vÚ¨óŸª áô¢ª-í£±-ê¦ô³.- ÏN Eá-îμªiì Óè¯J îμ³ÚÛ\õª.- Dô¢+-Ú¥-LÚÛ áö°-òÅ°÷
H- î¶ô¢ªx ÑÙè[÷± öË¶ë¯ ÚÛ”PÙ# ÑÙæ°ô³.- H- í£²JhÞ¥ Fæ¨ö˺ ÷³ET ÑÙè˶ îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x í£vêŸ-ô¢Ù- í£J-ú‡–-꟪-õìª êŸåªd-ÚÁ-Þœõ ñ-î¦-J{ÚÛ îμ³ÚÛ\õª.-
þ§My-EóŸ«.- H- î¶ô¢ª ê•è[ª-Þœªõª þ§ëů-ô¢-éÙÞ¥ ÑÙè[÷± Ú¥F ñªô¢ë] vëůõª ÑÙè[÷±. H F樚íj ê¶ö˶ í£vê¦-õªìo îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x Ñë¯:- Ú¥V-·ôjû¦.
2. õUo-ÚÛ-ô¢é àμÙC, F樚íj ê¶ö˶ í£vê¦õª Ñìo û¶õö˺x šíJ¸Þ Ú•Eo îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x î¶ô¢ªx ò°Þ¥ ÍGÅ-÷”CÌÄ
çËμûÂh, ÏÙåôÂÚÛª ú£ÙñÙCÅÙ#ì ÷ªJEo
îμ³ÚÛ\õª:- Ð ô¢ÚÛÙ îμ³ÚÛ\õª î¶ô¢ª ÷u÷ú£– ú£ï£„-
Òô¢Ì¬y-êŸ-õÙö˺ í£vêŸ-ô¢Ù-vëůõª ÑÙæ°ô³.-
H- î¦óŸ³-í£²-JêŸ ÷ª”ë]ª-ÚÛ-é-â°õÙ ÓÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ ÑÙåªÙC.-
÷³Üuîμªiì ví£øŒoõªnáî¦ñªõ ÚÁú£Ù
àμÙC ÑÙæ°ô³.-
H- Ú•Eo îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x î¶ô¢ª ê•è[ª-Þœª-õÚÛª ñë]ª-õªÞ¥ î¶ô¢ª àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
óŸªÙêÁ ÷ª”Ah-ÚÛö˺ þ§–í‡-êŸîμªi, ð»è[-îμjì í£vêŸ ÏC î¦óŸ³ ÷«Jp-è…Ú¨, îμ³ÚÛ\ F樚íj ê¶õ-æ°-EÚ¨
Öô¢õª ÑÙæ°ô³.-
10 OÐðlG-‹Ü-B-ÆŠ‡ h-ÌêÏ l Ô¶æ${MýSÐéÆý‡… l
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VýS§ýlÅ »Z«§ýl¯]lÌZ E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yýl$ ´ësìæ…^éÍÞ¯]l E™èl¢Ð]l$ 糧ýl®†?
_…¨? 2) E{™ólµ„ýS AË…M>Æý‡… ÍÞ¯]l E™èl¢Ð]l$ 糧ýl®†?
yéMýStÆŠæ í³.Ñ.çÜ$»ê¾Æ>Ð]l# 1) ÐéÅçÜ… 2) MýS£é°MýS 3) Eç³Ð]l*Ë…M>Æý‡… 1) MýS£é MýS£ýl¯]l 糧ýl®†
çÜ»ñæjMýS$t °ç³#×æ$Ë$ 3) àçÜÅ ¯ésìæMýS 4) VóSĶæ$ ¯érMýS…
9. "VýS$Ìê½ A™èl¢Æý‡$' ´ëuý‡Å¿êVýS Æý‡^èlƇ¬™èl?
1) ÐólË*Ç ÕÐ]lÆ>Ð]l$Ô>{íÜ¢
Hï³ yîlGïÜÞ 17.
4) gê™èlÅË…M>Æý‡…
"{ÖM>…™Œæ A¯]l²… †°, ºyìlMìS ÐðlâêÏyýl$' & C¨
H ÐéMýSÅ…? 26.
2) ^èlÆ>a 糧ýl®† 3) {ç³Ð]l^èl¯]l 糧ýl®†
4) {ç³ÔZ²™èl¢Æý‡ 糧ýl®†
糧ýlÅ »Z«§ýl¯]lÌZ E™èl¢Ð]l$ 糧ýl®†?
TET cum cum TRT TRT -- 2018
2) {Ö ´ë§ýl Üç ${ºçßæÃ×æÅ Ô>{íÜ¢ 1) ÝëÐ]l*¯]lÅ ÐéMýSÅ… 1) Q…yýl 糧ýl®† 2) ç³NÆý‡~ 糧ýl®†
Ð]l*¨Ç {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ 3) ^èlË…
4) Ð]l¬°Ð]l*×ìæMýSÅ… ¯]lÆý‡íÜ…àÆ>Ð]l# ™ðlË$VýS$ 2) çÜ…„ìSçÙt ÐéMýSÅ… 3) ç܅Ķæ¬MýS¢ ÐéMýSÅ…
4) {õ³Æý‡×êÆý‡¦MýS ÐéMýSÅ…
3) ™é™èlµÆý‡Å 糧ýl®†
4) {糆糧éÆý‡¦ ™é™èlµÆý‡Å 糧ýl®†
1. AÐ]l$à MøçÜ… ´ëuý‡Å¿êVýS… B…{«§ýl Ð]l$à- 10. "MýS£ýlMýS ^èl{MýSÐ]lÇ¢' ¼Æý‡$§ýl$¯]l² MýS£é Æý‡^èlƇ¬™èl?
¿êÆý‡™èl… B¨ç³Æý‡Ó… H BÔ>ÓçÜ…ÌZ¨? 1) VýS$Æý‡gêyýl {ç³™ólÅMýS… 18. "™èl…{yìl VýSÆý‡VýSÆý‡, ™èlÍÏ ï³^èl$ ï³^èl$ ¼yýlzË$
Æý‡™èl²Ð]l*×ìæM>ÅË$'& D ´÷yýl$ç³#MýS$ Ñyýl$ç³#?
27. A§ýl$™èl MýS£ýlË$, àçÜÅ MýS£ýlË$, ±† MýS£ýlË$
Ððl¬§ýlOÌñæ¯]lÑ Ñ°í³…_ H §ýlÔ¶æÌZ E¯]l²
1) {ç³£ýlÐ]l*Ô>ÓçÜ… 2) ¨Ó¡Ä¶æ*Ô>ÓçÜ… 2) Ð]l*yýl´ësìæ çßæ¯]l$Ð]l$…™èlÆ>Ð]l# 1) §é°Ð]l$à 糅yýl$ 2) ¯éÇ…f ç³…yýl$ ѧéÅÆý‡$¦Ë {Ô¶æÐ]l×æ O¯ðlç³#×êÅ°² ò³…´÷…¨…-
3) ™èl–¡Ä¶æ*Ô>ÓçÜ… 4) ç³…^èlÐ]l*Ô>ÓçÜ… 3) {Ö ´ë§ýl çÜ${ºçßæÃ×æÅ Ô>{íÜ¢ 3) 糯]lçÜ ç³…yýl$ 4) ç³#^èlaM>Ķæ$ ^èlÐ]l^èl$a?
2. ѯ]l™èl¯]l$ Ô¶æí³…_¯]lÐéÆý‡$? 4) ÐólË*Ç ÕÐ]lÆ>Ð]l$ Ô>{íÜ¢ 19. Ð]l$…_ ç³#çÜ¢M>°² "VýS$Æ>Ófq'™ø ^èl¨Ðé¯]l$& 1) Ð]l*««§ýlÅÑ$MýS §ýlÔ¶æ 2) E¯]l²™èl §ýlÔ¶æ
1) MýSÔ¶æÅç³ {ç³gê糆 2) VýSÆý‡$™èlÃ…™èl$yýl$ 11. f™èlç³Æý‡^èl…yìl. a) ¿¶æ*§é¯]l E§ýlÅÐ]l$ ¯ól™èl "VýS$Æ>Ófq' 糧ýl…ÌZ E¯]l² çÜ…«¨? 3) {´ë£ýlÑ$MýS §ýlÔ¶æ 4) A™èl$ů]l²™èl §ýlÔ¶æ
3) A¯]l*Æý‡$yýl$ 4) MýSÆøPrMýS$yýl$ Ô¶æ™èlMýS… õ³Æý‡$: b) A† ™èlMýS$PÐ]l çÜÐ]l$Ķæ$…ÌZ Hyýl$ ç³Æý‡Ó™é- 1) Ð]l–¨® Üç …«¨ 2)Ķæ$×ê§ólÔ¶æ çÜ…«¨ 28. ¿êÚë ÝëÐ]l$Æ>¦ÅË Ý뫧ýl¯]lMýS$, „ýS$×æ~ ç³uý‡¯éÀ--
3. MìS…¨ ÐésìæÌZ ¯]l¯]l²Ä¶æ$ ¼Æý‡$§ýl$ H¨? a) §éÔ¶æÆý‡¥ Ô¶æ™èlMýS… Ë$ GMìSP W±²‹Ü ÇM>Æý‡$z Ý뫨…_¯]lÐéÆý‡$ 3) Üç Ð] Æý‡©~ Æý‡ƒ Üç …«¨ 4) {†MýS Üç …«¨ Ð]l–¨®MìS ™øyýlµyól¨?
1) Զ慿¶æ$§éçÜ$yýl$ b) {ÖM>â¶æçßæïÜ¢Ô¶æÓÆý‡ Ô¶æ™èlMýS… c) MýSâ¶æË$, Ýëíßæ™èlÅ…, çÜÐ]l*gêÀÐ]l–¨®MìS 20. "MýS{§ýl*ѯ]l™èlË$' "çÜ*Æý‡Å^èl…{§ýl$Ë$' A¯ól 1) Eç³Ðé^èlMýS… 2) MýS–íÙ ç³#çÜ¢MýS…
2) MýSÑ{ºçßæà 3) Զ溪Ô>çܯ]l$yýl$ c) çÜ¿êÆý‡…f¯]l Ô¶æ™èlMýS… ™øyýlµyéË° MøÆý‡$MýS$¯]l²ÐéÆý‡$ 糧éË$ H çÜÐ]l*ÝëË$? 3) {糫§é¯]l Ðé^èlMýS… 4) A«§éÅç³MýS§ýlÇð
4) E¿¶æĶæ$MýSÑÑ${™èl$yýl$ d) Ñ${™èlÝëçßæ{íÜ Ô¶æ™èlMýS… d) AÐ]lM>Ô>˯]l$ ÐólVýS…V> A…¨ç³#^èl$aMø- 1) ¨ÓVýS$ çÜÐ]l*ÝëË$ 29. B«§ýl$°MýS ѧéÅÐól™èl¢Ë AÀ{´ëĶæ$… ѧéÅÆý‡$¦-
4. MìS…¨ ÐésìæÌZ ¯]l¯]l²Ä¶æ$ MýSÑ™é VýS$×æ… M>°¨? Æý‡^èlƇ¬™èl: ÐéË° ^ðlí³µ¯]l OÐðl${MøÝë‹œt A«¨¯ól™èl 2) ºççßæ${Òíßæ çÜÐ]l*ÝëË$ ËMýS$ ç³uý‡¯]l… ¯ólÆý‡µyé°MìS A™èl$Å™èl¢OÐðl$¯]l 糧ýl®†?
1) A„ýSÆý‡Æý‡Ð]l$Å™èl 2) çÜ*MìS¢ OÐðl_{† i) «§ýl*Æý‡jsìæ gê¼™é & II: 3) §ýlÓ…§ýlÓ çÜÐ]l*ÝëË$ 1) A„ýSÆý‡ 糧ýl®† 2) 糧ýl 糧ýl®†
3) {ç³çܯ]l² MýS£éMýSÍ™éÆý‡¦Ä¶æ¬MìS¢ ii) MýS…^èlÆý‡Ï Vø糯]l² i) Ð]l$ÍÏ Ð]l$Ý뢯]l$»êº$ 4) {ç³£ýlÐ]l* ™èl™èl$µÆý‡$çÙ çÜÐ]l*ÝëË$ 3) ÐéMýSŠ糧ýl®† 4) MýS£é 糧ýl®†
4) ¯é¯éÆý‡$_Æ>Æý‡¦çÜ*MìS¢ °«¨™èlÓ… iii) Mö…yýl*Ç ÒÆý‡ Æ>çœ$Ðé ii) ѯø»ê¿êÐól 30. ѧéÅÆý‡$¦ËMýS$ ÌôæQ¯é°² ¯ólÆý‡µyé°MìS ™ðlË$VýS$
5. "çÜÆý‡çÜ Ýëíßæ™èlÅ Ñ^èl„ýS×æ$yýl$' A¯ól ¼Æý‡$§ýl$¯]l² iv) HË*Æý‡´ësìæ A¯]l…™èlÆ>Ð]l$Ķæ$Å iii) çÜ™èlÅ ¯é§ðlâ¶æÏ Ððl$£ýlyéËi Ð]lÆ>~ÌZÏ §éW E¯]l² A¯ólMýS Æý‡M>Ë X™èl˯]l$
MýSÑ? 1) a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii iv) çÜ…iÐŒæ§ólÐŒæ 21. "¿êçÙMýS$ Ð]lÊË… Mö°² «§é™èl$Ð]l#Ìôæ' A° Ð]l¬…§ýl$V> Æ>Ƈ¬…^éÍ. D 糧ýl®†° HÐ]l$°
1) ¯é^èl¯]l ÝùÐ]l$¯]l 2) †MýSP¯]l 2) a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii 1) a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii {糆´ë¨…_¯]lÐéÆý‡$? í³Ë$Ýë¢Æý‡$?
3) ´ù™èl¯]l 4) VúÆý‡¯]l 3) a-ii, b-iii, c-i, d-iv 2) a-i, b-iii, c-iv, d-ii 1) V>ÇY 2) Ķæ*ÝëP^éÆý‡$Åyýl$ 1) Ýë…{糧éĶæ$MýS 糧ýl®†
6. "CË$Ï & B¯]l…§éË çßæÇÑË$Ï' ´ëuý‡…ÌZ 4) a-i, b-ii, c-iv, d-iii 3) a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii 3) Ð]l*MŠæÞ Ð]l¬ËÏÆŠæ 4) Æ>Ð]l$^èl…{§ýl Ð]lÆý‡Ã 2) A„ýSÆý‡ 糧ýl®† 3) B«§ýl$°MýS 糧ýl®†
C†Ð]l–™èl¢…? 12. MóS…{§ýl Ýëíßæ™èlÅ AM>yýlÒ$ AÐéÆý‡$z ´÷…¨¯]l 4) a-ii, b-i, c-iii, d-iv 22. Ðé_MýS ^èlÆý‡ÅMýS$ Ð]l¬QÅ B«§éÆý‡… H¨? 4) Æý‡*ç³ Ýë§ýl–Ô¶æŠ糧ýl®†
1) çMýS$r$…º ÑË$Ð]lË$ ™öÍ ™ðlË$VýS$ Æý‡*ç³MýS…? 15. ç³™èlVóS…{§ýl$…yýl Ð]l$–™é…†MýS…º$¯]lMýS$, §ýl™éµ- 1) AÀ{´ëĶæ*Ð]lã 2) ç³Çç³–^èle
2) ™éÅVýS¿êÐ]l¯]l 3) ´ùçÙ×æ »ê«§ýlÅ™èl 1) gê¼Í Ë$ÆŠæ ¿¶æĶæ$…º…§ýlVýS¯Œæ & D 糧ýlÅ´ë§ýl…ÌZ 3) {ç³Ô>²Ð]lã 4) OÐðlQÈ °MýSçÙ çÜÐ]l*«§é¯éË$
4) Oò³Ð]l±² 2) ¯]lÆý‡MýS…ÌZ çßæÇÔ¶æa…{§ýl$yýl$ bèl…§ýlçÜ$Þ? 23. ¿êÚë O¯ðlç³#×êÅÌZÏ MýSv¯]l™èlÆý‡OÐðl$…¨?
7. "{ç³MýS–† JyìlÌZ' ´ëuý‡Å¿êVýS… MöyýlÐ]lsìæVýS…sìæ 3) Mö™èl¢VýSyýlz 4) ïÜ™èl gZçÜÅ… 1) ¿¶æ,Æý‡,¯]l,¿¶æ,¿¶æ,Æý‡,Ð]l 1) ¿êçÙ×æ… 2) ÌôæQ¯]l… 1) 2 2) 3 3) 3 4) 2 5) 4
MýS$r$…ºÆ>Ð]l# Æ>íܯ]l H {VýS…£ýl…ÌZ¨? 13. "çÜ…çÜPÆý‡×æ' ´ëuý‡Å¿êVýS… ¯]l…yýl*Ç Æ>Ð]l$ 2) çÜ,¿¶æ,Æý‡,¯]l,Ð]l$,Ķæ$,Ð]l 3) {Ô¶æÐ]l×æ… 4) ç³uý‡¯]l… 6) 4 7) 3 8) 3 9) 2 10) 3
1) ÐO ð gêq°MýS ÐéÅÝëË$ Ððl*çßæ¯]lÆ>Ð]l# H {VýS…£ýl…ÌZ¨? 3) Ð]l$,çÜ,f,çÜ,™èl,™èl,VýS 24. "¿êÚë O¯ð ç³#×êÅÌZÏ ç³uý‡¯]l… MýS…sôæ ÌôæQ¯]l… 11) 2 12) 4 13) 3 14) 3 15) 2
2) Oòܯ]l$Þ ÐéÅÝëË$ 3) ™é†¢ÓMýS ÐéÅÝëË$ 1) ÑÔ¶æÓÆý‡*ç³… 2) ¯]lÆ>Ð]l™èlÆý‡… 4) ¯]l,f,¿¶æ,f,f,f,Æý‡ çÜ$Ë$OÐðl¯]l O¯ðlç³#×æÅ…' A° ^ðlí³µ¯]lÐéÆý‡$? 16) 3 17) 2 18) 3 19) 2 20) 3
4) çÜ…çÜP–† ÐéÅÝëË$ 3) ÐéÅRêÅÐ]lã 4) A¯]l$ç³ËÏÑ 16. "Ð]lÆý‡Û«§éÆý‡ ÐøÌñæ Ð]l^èl$a `MýSrÏÌZ Ð]l$sìæt ¨ÐðlÓ 1) OÆð‡ºÆŠæ² 2) {´ù»ñæÌŒæ 21) 2 22) 3 23) 2 24) 3 25) 4
8. ¯]l…yýl*Ç çÜ$»ê¾Æ>Ð]l# Æ>íܯ]l "çßæ§ýl$ªË$ & 14. f™èlç³Æý‡^èl…yìl. °Ë$^èl$ Ð]l*rMýSËÏ'& C…§ýl$ÌZ AË…M>Æý‡…? 3) Ð]l*…sìæÝùÞÇ 4) {º*¯]lÆŠæ 26) 2 27) 3 28) 2 29) 2 30) 3
çßæ§ýl$ªË$' ´ëuý‡… H {ç³MìSĶæ$MýS$ çÜ…º…«¨…- gê¼™é & I: 1) A†Ô¶æÄñæ*MìS¢ AË…M>Æý‡… 25. VýS§ýlÅ »Z«§ýl¯]lÌZ E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yýl$ ´ësìæ…^é-
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questions of patriarchy, equality, of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. 2) that they are saving nothing
Model Questions (3)/ constitutional and tradition General
General English
English al 1) be significant in reducing the lesser than
have been raised. (4)/ No error (5) i c risk of rickets and aid for 3) to save nothing less than
useful for Spe
Directions (Q.No. 1-5): Read 3. The controversy that began with other 2) significantly reduce the risk of 4) that they save nothing less than
each sentence to find out whether a public tussle among (1)/ Mr. Bank
Bank Exams
Bank Exams
Exams rickets and aid 5) no correction required
there is any grammatical mistake/ Verma and Special Director 3) cause a significant reduction 9. The rate of inflation in this
error in it. The error, if any, will be Rakesh Asthana (2)/ has ended in the risk of rickets and aid to country has been increasing
in one part of the sentence. Mark with the former’s removal, (3)/ independent director for a period 4) significantly reduce the risk of steadily, and this is a source of
the number of that part with error although it is couched as a of five years (2)/ with effect from rickets as well as aiding concern for those in power.
as your answer. If there is 'No transfer. (4)/ No error (5) January 10, 2019, based on the 5) no correction required 1) steadily: which
error', mark (5) as your answer. 4. India's largest software exporter recommendations of the Nomin- 7. If you are in a three-month 2) steadily; this trend
1. Hindus constitute less than one Tata Consultancy Services has ation and Remuneration Commi- software design project and, in 3) steadily, this increase
per cent of the American popula- appointed Daniel Hughes Calla- ttee, (3)/ and subject to approval two weeks, you’ve put together a 4) steadily: this
tion, (1)/ an overwhelming majo- han, (1)/ popularly known Don of shareholders. (4)/ No error (5) program that solving part of the 5) no correction required
rity of who (2)/ are either from Callahan as additional and 5. ISRO had hit upon (1)/ the idea problem, show it to your boss 10. Generally, in the fine print of
of transforming (2)/ the expenda- without delay. insurance documents lies the
ble fourth stage (3)/ in a 1) and, you’ve put together a clauses that make a fool out of
Vidya Weekly Test- 3 makeshift satellite to reduce program that solves part of the the gullible consumer.
space debris. (4)/ No error (5) problem in two weeks 1) lie the clauses that makes a fool
IBPS Clerks Main Grand Test Directions: (Q.No. 6 - 10) Which of
the phrases (1), (2), (3), and (4)
2) and, you’ve put together a
program that has solved part
2) lies the clauses that makes a fool
3) lie the clauses that make a fool
� Students can write exam at any time& at any place.
given below each sentence should of the problem in two weeks 4) Lied the clause that making a fool
� Statewide Ranks will be announced replace the phrase underlined in the 3) and, in two weeks, you’ve put 5) no correction required
Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers sentence to make it grammatically together a program that solves

� Only first time attempted score will be considered for Ranking correct? If there is no error mark part of the problem
(5) No correction required as your 4) and, in two weeks, you put 1) 2 2) 4 3) 1 4) 2 5) 4
For registration visit answer. together a program that solved 6) 2 7) 3 8) 4 9) 2 10) 3
6. Drinking milk enriched with only part of the problem
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OÐðlG-‹Ü-B-ÆŠ‡ h-ÌêÏ l Ô¶æ${MýSÐéÆý‡… l
f¯]lÐ]lÇ l 18 l 2019 11

§ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™é°² sìæ.Ñ. ™ðlÆý‡MýS$ §ýlVýSYÆý‡V> ™ðlõÜ¢... Üç µÆý‡ØÆó‡Q ¨Ô¶æ B ¼…§ýl$Ð]l# Ð]l§ýlª „óS{™èl ¨Ô¶æ¯]l$ ÑÐ]l*¯é{ÔèæĶæ*ÌZÏ òÜMýS*ÅÇsîæ ^ðlMìS…VŠæ D °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…
G.Ñ. çÜ$«§éMýSÆŠ‡ ™ðlË$ç³#™èl$…¨. B«§éÆý‡…V>¯ól fÆý‡$VýS$™èl$…¨.
çÜ»ñæjMýS$t °ç³#×æ$Ë$, � AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl ¨Ô¶æ A¯ól¨ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl E™èl¢Æý‡ 3. HsîæG… M>Æý‡$zzË$, OòÜÓ‹³ Ñ$çÙ¯ŒæË$ D °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…
yìl.G¯Œæ.BÆŠæ. gñæyîlµ »êÄŒæ$Þ OòßæçÜ*PÌŒæ, «§ýl–Ð]l ºË¨Ô¶æ M>Ð]lyýl…™ø AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$ B«§éÆý‡…V>¯ól ç³°^ólÝë¢Æ‡¬.
´÷§ýlËMýS*Æý‡$, ¯ðlË*ÏÆý‡$ hÌêÏ. GËÏç³#µyýl* E™èl¢Æý‡ «§ýl–Ðé°² Ð]l¨Í ÐðlâôæÏÑV>, §ýl„ìS×æ 4. {sꯌæÞ¸ëÆý‡ÃÆŠæË$ D °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…Oò³¯ól ç³°^ólÝë¢Æ‡¬.
«§ýl–Ðé°² {ç³ÐólÕçÜ$¢¯]l²r$ÏV> MýS°í³Ýë¢Æ‡¬. 5. ´ërË$ ѯ]lyé°MìS, ÇM>ÆŠæz ^ólĶæ$yé°MìS Eç³Äñæ*W…_¯]l
� §ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl…ÌZ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$ §ýl„ìS×æ sô拳 ÇM>Æý‡zÆŠæ ѧýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…Oò³
ѧýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl™èlÓ… «§ýl–Ðé°² Ð]l¨Í ÐðlâôæÏÑV>, E™èl¢Æý‡ «§ýl–Ðé°² B«§éÆý‡ç³yìl ç³°^ólçÜ$¢…¨.
{ç³ÐólÕ…^ólÑV> E…sêƇ¬.
çÜtyîl´ëϯŒæ: °™èlÅiÑ™èl…ÌZ A¯]lÓƇ¬…^èl$MýS$¯ól ¿o†MýS, � A…§ýl$Ð]lËÏ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºËÆó‡QË$ çÜ…Ð]l–™éË$.
Æý‡ÝëĶæ$¯]l Ô>ç܈ A«§éÅĶæ*ÌZÏ Ñ§ýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl™èlÓ… 2. §ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™é°² sìæ.Ñ. ™ðlÆý‡MýS$ §ýlVýSYÆý‡V> ™ðl_a¯]lç³#µyýl$ 1. ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ô¶æMìS¢° Ķæ*…{†MýS Ô¶æMìS¢V> Ð]l*Æó‡a¨ _____.
Ð]l¬QÅOÐðl$…¨. D A«§éÅĶæ$…Oò³ ç³NÇ¢Ýë¦Æ‡¬ ç³r$t Ý뫨…^é- _{™èl BM>Æý‡… G…§ýl$MýS$ Ð]l*Æý‡$™èl$…¨? MýS$Ïç³¢…V> (ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ)
Ë…sôæ "{ç³Ðéçßæ ѧýl$Å™Œæ, AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl™èlÓ…' A¯ól ´ëu>˯]l$ íœhMýSÌŒæ OòܯŒæÞ ÑÐ]lÇ…^èl…yìl. 2. Ķæ*…{†MýS Ô¶æMìS¢° ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ô¶æMìS¢V> Ð]l*Æó‡a¨ _____.
„ýS$×æ²…V> A¿¶æÅíÜ…^éÍ. ѧýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl…ÌZ° Ð]l˜ÍMýS � §ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™é°² sìæ.Ñ. ™ðlÆý‡MýS$ §ýlVýSYÆý‡V> ™ðl_a¯]l- (ѧýl$Å™Œæ f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ)
¿êÐ]l¯]lË$, íܧ鮅™é˯]l$ ç³NÇ¢Ýë¦Æ‡¬ÌZ ¯ólÆý‡$aMýS$…sôæ 糧ø ç³ÇMýSÆ>°² "ѧýl$Å™Œæ f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ' A…sêÆý‡$. ç³#µyýl$ _{™èl BM>Æý‡… Ð]l*Æý‡$™èl$…¨. 3. JMýS çÜÐ]l$ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™é°MìS Ë…º…V> E¯]l² ѧýl$Å™Œæ
™èlÆý‡VýS†MìS Ð]l*{™èlÐól$ M>MýS$…yé ¿¶æÑçÙÅ™ŒæÌZ ´ùsîæ ç³È„ýSËMýS$ � HMýS Ð]l¬Q ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… (DC): °ÇªçÙt M>Ë Ð]lÅÐ]l«¨ÌZ � sìæ.Ñ. ™ðlÆý‡¯]l$ ^ólÆó‡ GË{M>t¯Œæ˯]l$ §ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl {ç³Ðéçßæ ¡VýSOò³ ³ç °^ólõÜ ºË… _____.
MýS*yé Eç³Äñæ*VýSç³yýl$™èl$…¨. D A«§éÅĶæ$… ¯]l$…_ ç³¼ÏMŠæ ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ ¨Ô¶æ¯]l$ Ð]l*Æý‡$aMø° ѧýl$Å™Œæ¯]l$ „óS{™èl… {糿êÑ™èl… ^ólçÜ$¢…¨. (F = IlB)
ç³È„ýSÌZÏ ç³sêË$, °f iÑ™èl A¯]lÓĶæ*°MìS çÜ…º…«¨…_¯]l "HMýSÐ]l¬Q ѧýl$Å™Œæ (DC)' A…sêÆý‡$. � MýS§ýlÍMýSÌZ E¯]l² BÐólÔ¶æ…Oò³ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl ºË 4. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéà°MìS {ç³Ð]l*×æ… _____.
{ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ E…sêƇ¬. � HM>…™èlÆý‡ ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… (AC): °ÇªçÙt M>Ë Ð]lÅÐ]l«¨ÌZ {糿êÐ]l… Ð]lËÏ _{™èl BM>Æý‡… Ð]l*Æý‡$™èl$…¨. (ÐðlºÆŠæ)
MîSËM>…Ô>Ë$: AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ…, AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ ¨Ô¶æ¯]l$ Ð]l*Æý‡$aMýS$¯ól ѧýl$Å™Œæ¯]l$ 3. çÜÐ]l$ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl…ÌZ E¯]l² AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl 5. HsîæG… M>Æý‡$zË$, OòÜÓ‹³ Ñ$çÙ¯ŒæË$ _______ °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…
AÀÐéçßæ Ýë…{§ýl™èl, {õ³Ç™èl ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ…, {õ³Ç™èl "HM>…™èlÆý‡ ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… (AC)' A…sêÆý‡$. {õ³Æý‡×æ ÑË$Ð]l 2T. „óS{™é°MìS Ë…º…V> E¯]l² 1.5 Ò$2 B«§éÆý‡…V> ç³°^ólÝë¢Æ‡¬.
ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºË…, ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ, ѧýl$Å™Œæ f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ, HMýS � Ìñæ…gŒæ °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…: çÜ…ç³NÆý‡~ Ð]lËĶæ$…ÌZ {ç³Ð]líßæ…^ól {õ³Ç™èl OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… Ò$§ýl$V> {ç³Ð]líßæ…^ól AÀÐéçßæ… G…™èl? (ѧýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ)
Ð]l¬Q ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ…, HM>…™èlÆý‡ ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ…, Ìñæ…gŒæ ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… §é°MìS M>Æý‡×æOÐðl$¯]l AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl çÜÐ]l$ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl…ÌZ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ 6. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéà°² AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ,
°Ä¶æ$Ð]l*Ë$, ¸ëÆý‡yól °Ä¶æ$Ð]l*Ë$, {sꯌæÞ¸ëÆý‡ÃÆŠæ, ÝùͯéƇ¬yŠæ. AÀÐéçßæ…ÌZ Ð]l*Æý‡$µË¯]l$ Ð]lņÆó‡MìS…^ólr$Ï {ç³Ð]líßæ- (B) = 2T _______ ˺ª…V> ^ðlç³µÐ]l^èl$a.
çÜ$¢…¨. OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… A = 1.5m2 (OÐðlÔ>ËÅ…)
Ð]l¬RêÅ…Ô>Ë$ � íÜÏ‹³ Ç…VŠæË$: ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæÌZ ¡VýS ^èl$rtMýS$ íÜÏ‹³Ç…VŠæË$ AÀÐéçßæ… (φ) = ? 7. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™é°MìS çÜÐ]l*…™èlÆý‡…V> MýS§ýl$Ë$™èl$¯]l²
AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ…: AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™é°MìS MýSÍí³ E…sêƇ¬. CÑ ¡VýS ^èl$rt™ø´ër$ †Æý‡$VýS$™éƇ¬. φ BÐólÔ¶æ…Oò³ ç³°^ólõÜ ºË… _____. (çÜ$¯é²)

B = ⇒ φ = BA
Ë…º…V> A OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… E¯]l² ™èlË… Ò$§ýl$V> ÐðlâôæÏ ºËÆó‡QË � AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$: AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl…ÌZ E™èl¢Æý‡ A 8. ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ _______ Ô¶æMìS¢° _______Ô¶æMìS¢V>
çÜ…Qů]l$ "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ…' A…sêÆý‡$. ©°² φ «§ýl–Ð]l… ¯]l$…_ Xíܯ]l Fà™èlÃMýS Æó‡Q˯]l$ "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl = 2 × 1.5 Ð]l*Æý‡$çÜ$¢…¨.
™ø çÜ*_Ýë¢Æý‡$. „óS{™èl Æó‡QË$' Ìôæ§é "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl ºË Æó‡QË$' = 3 ÐðlºÆŠæË$ (webers) (ѧýl$Å™Œæ, Ķæ*…{†MýS)
� AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ Ýë…{§ýl™èl: AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl A…sêÆý‡$. 4. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™é°MìS Ë…º…V> E…_¯]l 20 òÜ….Ò$. 9. ѧýl$Å™Œæ f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ _______ Ô¶æMìS¢° _______ Ô¶æMìS¢V>
¨Ô¶æMýS$ Ë…º…V> E¯]l² ™èlË… Ò$§ýl$V> ÐðlâôæÏ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl {õ³Ç™èl ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºË… ´÷yýlÐ]l# E¯]l² ©Æý‡ƒ ^èl™èl$Æý‡{ÝëM>Æý‡ ѧýl$Å™Œæ ÐéçßæMýS…Oò³ 8 Ð]l*Æý‡$çÜ$¢…¨.
AÀÐéçßæ…, ™èlË OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… °çÙµ†¢° "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ…ÌZ Ðl]*Ƈý$µ ¯]l*År¯]lÏ ºË… ç³°^ólçÜ$¢…¨. ÐéçßæMýS…ÌZ 40 B…í³Ä¶æ$ÆŠæË (Ķæ*…{†MýS, ѧýl$Å™Œæ)
= M>Ë…
AÀÐéçßæ Ýë…{§ýl™èl' A…sêÆý‡$. ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… E¯]l²ç³#µyýl$ HÆý‡µyól AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl 10. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl AÀÐéçßæ Ýë…{§ýl™èlMýS$ {ç³Ð]l*×æ…
φ B {õ³Ç™é°² ÌñæMìSP…^èl…yìl. _______.
B= VýSÐ]l$¯]l ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºË… =
A V ѧýl$Å™Œæ ÐéçßæMýS…Oò³ ºË… (F) = 8N (ÐðlºÆŠæ/Ò$2)
� {õ³Ç™èl ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ…: ¡VýS ^èl$rtÌZ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl � ÝùͯéƇ¬yŠæ: çÜÐ]l$çÜǵ˅V> §ýlVýSYÆý‡V> ^èl$sìæt¯]l
(Helix), ÐéçßæMýS ´÷yýlÐ]l#(l) = 20 òÜ….Ò$.
AÀÐéà°² °Æý‡…™èlÆý‡… Ð]l*Æý‡$çÜ*¢ E…sôæ, B ¡VýS ´÷yýlOÐðl¯]l ¡VýS¯]l$ "ÝùͯéƇ¬yŠæ' A…sêÆý‡$. 20
= Ò$rÆý‡$Ï
^èl$rtÌZ HÆý‡µyól ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéà°² "{õ³Ç™èl {ç³Ðéçßæ…' 100 � AC f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ ç³r… XíÜ, ¿êV>˯]l$ VýS$Ç¢…^èl…yìl.
A…sêÆý‡$. Ð]l¬QÅ {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ ÐéçßæMýS…ÌZ ѧýl$Å™Œæ (I) = 40 B…í³Ä¶æ$ÆŠæË$
� {õ³Ç™èl ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºË…: ¡VýS ^èl$rtÌZ AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl 1. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$ çÜ…Ð]l–™éÌê? ÑÐ]lÇ…^èl…yìl. AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl „óS{™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ (B) = ?
AÀÐéà°² °Æý‡…™èlÆý‡ Ð]l*Æý‡ayýl… Ð]lËÏ HÆý‡µyól � AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$ çÜ…Ð]l–™èl Ð]l{M>Ë$V> F= BIl
ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºÌê°² "{õ³Ç™èl ѧýl$Å^éeËMýS ºË…'- MýS°í³çÜ$¢¯]l²ç³µsìæMîS AÑ çÜ…Ð]l–™èlÐ]l* Ìôæ§é ÑÐ]l–™èlÐ]l* F
A…sêÆý‡$. A¯ól¨ MýS_a™èl…V> °Æý‡~Ƈ¬…^èlÌôæ…. G…§ýl$MýS…sôæ AÑ Il
ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ: ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ô¶æMìS¢° Ķæ*…{†MýS Ô¶æMìS¢V> Ð]l*Æó‡a §ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl…ÌZ GÌê AÐ]l$Ç E¯é²Äñæ* 8 8 × 100 800
B= = =

ç³ÇMýSÆ>°² "ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ' A…sêÆý‡$. ÐéçÜ¢Ð]l…V> ™ðlÍĶæ$§ýl$. 40 ×

20 40 × 20 800
� ѧýl$Å™Œæ f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæ: Ķæ*…{†MýS Ô¶æMìS¢° ѧýl$Å™Œæ Ô¶æMìS¢V> Ð]l*Æó‡a � AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºËÆó‡QMýS$ JMýS ¼…§ýl$Ð]l# Ð]l§ýlª Xíܯ]l 100
= 1 sñæÝëÏ
� GË[MìStMŠæ Ððl*sêÆŠæ ç³r… XíÜ, ¿êV>˯]l$ VýS$Ç¢…^èl…yìl. 5. "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºËÆó‡QË$ ÑÐ]l–™éË$, AÑ-
§ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl E™èl¢Æý‡ «§ýl–Ð]l… Ð]l§ýlª {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$, §ýl„ìS×æ
«§ýl–Ð]l… Ð]l§ýlª Ð]l¬VýS$Ýë¢Æ‡¬' A° Æ>gŒæMýS$Ð]l*ÆŠæ Ò$™ø
^ðl´ëµyýl$. Æ>gŒæMýS$Ð]l*ÆŠæ Ðé§ýl¯]l¯]l$ çÜÐ]lÇçÜ*¢ ºË Æó‡QË$
çÜ…Ð]l–™éË$ A° ^ðlç³µyé°MìS ¯]l$Ð]l#Ó A™èlyìl° HÄôæ$ {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$
� AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºËÆó‡QË$ ÑÐ]l–™éË$ AƇ¬™ól AÑ

§ýl…yýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl E™èl¢Æý‡ «§ýl–Ð]l… Ð]l§ýlª G…§ýl$MýS$

� E™èl¢Æý‡ «§ýl–Ð]l…Oò³ E¯]l² ºË ¨Ô¶æ Gç³#µyýl* JMóS Ñ«§ýl…V>

E…r$…¨. G…§ýl$MýS$?
� "AĶæ$ÝëP…™èl ºË Æó‡QË$
çÜ…Ð]l–™éË$' A° GÌê
� ѧýl$Å™Œæ {ç³Ðéçßæ… E¯]l² ¡VýS

Ð]lËÏ HÆý‡µyìl¯]l ºËÆó‡QË$ HMýS

MóS…{§ýl Ð]l–™é¢Ë$V> E…sêƇ¬.
6. °™èlÅ iÑ™èl…ÌZ ¸ëÆý‡yól °Ä¶æ$Ð]l*Ë
A¯]l$Ð]lÆý‡¢¯é˯]l$ Mö°²…sìæ°
1. ѧýl$ŧýlĶæ$ÝëP…™èl {õ³Æý‡×æ
°Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…™ø GË{MìStMŠæ
f¯]lÆó‡rÆŠæË$ ç³°^ólÝë¢Æ‡¬.
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