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Is technology destroying our society?

Eidan Khan Parhiar

Institute of Software Engineering
MUET, Jamshoro, Sindh

ABSTRACT To answer the aforementioned questions I would like to put light

The scope of this research paper covers the possible impacts of in the following way:
technology used that can lead a society towards progress
or destruction. Yes, technology has made life easy:
Technology has undoubtedly advanced our society, smart phones, Actually, we are surrounded with technology which has made our
tablets, and computers have made tasks much easier and more life easy and has connected us with the every corner of our
efficient, and they have also allowed us to communicate on a galaxy .Take the example of social media apps by which we can
global scale. However, is technology always beneficial? What chat with our buddies, relatives, office workers and so on in very
happened to the days when children would play together on the short amount of time. It has also decreased the time to travel from
swings at the park instead of sitting their butts playing “Candy one place to another place with the help of introducing different
Crush”. techniques of traveling like planet, boats and trains. In nut shell, it
It also provides some solutions which will be helpful to save our is helping us a lot.
society from disaster.
No, technology is not need of everyone:
Now moving to next question it is not the need of everyone rather
Keywords it is want. To justify my statement I would like to explain it with
the help of following example. Technology should be
Emotionally, ethically, lieu, turmoil, secrets of truth, clear implemented where it finds its supreme applicability.
manifestation of truth For example, the students at lower level should not use electronic
devices such as calculators, tablets, and mobiles because these
1. INTRODUCTION devices become barrier by which students become habitual and
People destroy, we destroy each other and ourselves emotionally, they don’t use their own minds to compute the results of the
ethically, and physically, no matter what is available [1]. problems with their own minds which weakens the power of
Although this technological world has made our life simple, it has thinking for solving a unit problem of computation by applying
connected us with the whole universe we are living in, and has different techniques.
reduced time to finish the work with the help of introducing
powerful machines, but it has produced bad impacts on the To some extent technology is playing good role:
society as well like, killing human beings with bombs within a To some extent technology is playing better roll in the
short interval of time, excess use of social media apps and porn advancement of the world but it has showed unexpected results
sites by our young generation etc. So our approach should be that are destroying our society, our climate, young generation etc.
towards avoiding wrong choice otherwise our technology will For example, Technology has given birth to such powerful
destroy us. weapons that kill human beings within short range of time, which
In order to save our society one should avoid these things that kill is not good for the peace of our society. Moreover, we all are
human beings, snatch life of the gamer by playing suicide games, guided in the most read Book in the world, Al-Qur’an in the
leave bad impact on our society. following way:
Whoever kills a human being except in lieu of killing or turmoil in
1.1 Methodology earth, so it shall be as if he had killed all mankind [2].
Fatwa of the Scholars of Islam for above part of verse:
This research paper will give you the answers of the questions
given below: Killing of innocent people has no place in Islam until they don’t
➢ Does technology make life easy? repent for what they have done whether knowingly or
➢ Is technology need of everyone?
On the other hand, industries are destroying our ozone layer that
➢ Is technology playing a better roll in the advancement of gives birth to different diseases which may lead to death.
the world? Furthermore, modern technologies are responsible for consuming
➢ Technology need or want? the time of the young students because in majority, the students
are not taking these technologies for their betterment, they just
➢ Is technology harmful for human beings? use them for passing time, to avoid solitude, to chat with buddies
➢ Why young adults feel uncomfortable with silence? and so on.
➢ Why students lack the discipline to sit through one-hour Some modern technologies are used in the field of artificial
classes? intelligence which are becoming harmful day to day to human
beings as it gives birth to such machines which are not under the
control of the designers of the machine, more appropriately these 1.2 Results
machines are auto means work at their own will power and in
future, if not stopped, these machines may leave bad impacts to The following results can be estimated:
our society, country, and even world; due to which we will be  We all are responsible, whether we use technologies for the
unable to avoid all this and this is how this temporary world will betterment of society or to destroy the peace of the world.
come to an end (Inshallah).  Technology has connected us through internet and has made
life easy that results in time saving because “Time flies like
No, technology is want an arrow; fruit flies like a banana”.
No doubt, technology has made our life easy we use different  Excess use of digital technologies to avoid silence by our
technologies to handle the different tasks whether these tasks are generation can lead them to different kinds of bad habits.
simple or complex. However most of the technology in the  Use of artificial intelligence for irrelevant purposes can be a
majority of society’s day to day doesn’t really help people! And
cause to destroy peace of society.
unfortunately, it’s all taking a turn for the worse. From here on out,
tech will get more and more useless. Does anyone really need
Facebook? Do we need touch screens in our cars? Do we need  The leaders of our nation, students, are unable to sit in the
touch screen fridge? Do we really need Bluetooth headsets? No, class during one hour lecture as they use their cell phones
we got around just fine without anything like that. Just go back 30 which are part of our society.
years ago and see how happy people really were. Now spending
time with friends’ means going on your phones [3]. So, to handle 1.3 Conclusion
this situation and to save our generation from disaster we should
follow our needs not the wants because wants are never to end. We are responsible for all the good and bad, no matter what is
available. Technology is just a tool that makes us simultaneously
more productive and destructive. Bombs make killing easier as
Anything beyond the need can harm: well as demolition. The Internet makes things more efficient, but
also inspires us to destroy ourselves. Bombs don’t kill. Behind
Nothing is harmful unless you take it in access. Take an example
every use of technology is a person, is behind every murder, there
of water, if you drink it just to kill of your thirst then it is
is also a person.
beneficial for you, but if you take it in access then it can harm you.
Likewise technology is not harmful to us as long as we use it for Our real problem of using technologies should be to relax
the purpose of our necessarily needs. But if we give preference to humanities desires not to destroy the peace of humanities.
our wants then we have to face its bad impacts as well because To sum up, the use of technology should be made only for making
wants make servant out of king. mankind (Bani Adam) [7] more and more progressive to know the
By wants I mean we should not introduce such powerful devices secrets of TRUTH [8].
and machines that can be used to save human efforts but can be The whole motive of the research paper can be best
dangerous to a nation, country, or even world. explained from the golden lines of the thinker of my beloved
country, Pakistan, in the following way:
Silence says a lot more than you think [4]
Roma a‫׿‬m R䘏映a ‫׿‬䘏映 R 蹀䘏ma 簠‫׿‬m
In this era of modern technology, young adults often feel
‫׿‬m ̡ ma R Rϴ‫̡׿‬簠m 纠‫׿‬m Ra ‫׿‬o 蹀‫ ׿‬R纠m
uncomfortable with silence. So most of the time they are busy in
using cell phones. To some extent, feeling uncomfortable with
silence is better, but one should not have to feel uncomfortable
with silence all the time as medical science has proved that: being 2. REFERENCES
silent for your mind and body can improve your memory, can 1.
relieve stress, fights insomnia [5]. society.
2. Surah Al-Maidah verse no 32, Tarjumat-ul-Kanzul Iman By
Aala Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barevli (R.A)
Students lack the discipline to sit in the class during lecture:
It has become inevitable for students to text, Snap chat, or scroll society.
through Facebook during class. Due to this our intellect and
opportunities to become educated are diminishing. Studying for 4. Quotes and thoughts
tests, sitting through a discussion, or listening to a professor’s 5.
lecture coincide with multitasking. Research shows that silent-your-mind-and-body-396934
multitasking (on a laptop) causes divided attention and
fragmented information processing, both of which can result in
lower performance level [6].
7. According to Islamic beliefs, we all are the descendants of
Hadrat Adam(A.S) who was created from mud, by ALL-
CREATOR, Almighty Allah.
8. The word TRUTH in the philosophy of Islam stands for
Almighty Allah only because every thing in the world is false
(not real) , so false has to demolish at all, and more
appropriately this world is nothing but a deception.
The word TRUTH can be explained from the poetry of the
greatest poet of the world, the pride of Sindhi nation, my
Spiritual Murshid, Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A) in
the following way:
‫׿‬m R ‫׿‬ 簠映a ̡
蹀簠mR 映Rm 簠映a ̡
[Sindhi poetry, extracted from “Shah Jo Risalo” ]
Translation: Where ever he (Bhitai) sees, he sees the clear
manifestation of TRUTH (his Beloved).Because he observes
the Secrets of The TRUTH in ever thing.