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Valley Life
Music: Crooked rain, crooked rain
8 lovely songs about wet weather. B2

Film: ‘Molly’s Game’

Jessica Chastain lets the chips fall where they may. B2

Kathleen Thompson Hill
E. coli outbreak and
Romaine lettuce
The Center for Disease
Control issued a warning that
people should not eat Romaine
lettuce and should choose
other salad greens due to E. coli
having caused illness in several
states and provinces and two
deaths in the United States and
Some Sonoma grocery stores
have removed Romaine lettuce
from their shelves but others
have not.
The Canadian government
first identified Romaine lettuce
as the potential source of out-
break, but the cause of contam-
ination is still under investiga-
tion. This particular strain of
E. coli (O157:H7) is known to
Margot Robbie delivers nearly as convincing a performance as the real Tonya Harding was wont to do.
cause hemorrhagic diarrhea,

I, nauseated
kidney failure – and death in
young children, elderly people
and those with weakened im-
mune systems. It is transmitted
by animal feces that come into
contact with vegetables, raw
meat and milk.

‘I, Tonya’ skates around facts, triple axels around truth...

By J.E. VADER Tonya is shown smoking many times in
INDEX-TRIBUNE CORRESPONDENT the film and in the promotional posters
Longtime Sonoma Valley resident and videos to portray her as “different”
J.E. (Julie) Vader is a local author and or “a rebel” or “cool” but for an asth-
We’re hoping they add ‘animal
photographer who reported on figure matic athlete to smoke is simply “pro-
style’ cocoa to the In ‘N’ Out secret
skating for Sports Illustrated, the Na- foundly stupid.” (The film skates over
tional Sports Daily and the Oregonian the asthma thing.) Harding received tens
in the 1990s. She is the author of “Fire on of thousands of dollars for her training
In-N-Out adds hot Ice: The Exclusive Inside Story of Tonya from the figure skating association and
chocolate Harding,” published by Random House in from George Steinbrenner, then more
1994. The following is Vader’s take on the from Nike head Phil Knight for her legal
If you saw the movie “The new film about the infamous Tonya Hard- defense. (Not mentioned — doesn’t fit
Founder” on the unfortunate ing/Nancy Kerrigan saga, “I, Tonya.” the “poor little Tonya” narrative.) She
history of McDonald’s, in which was selected to compete in two Olympic

they show how they made t was painful to hand over the money Games (rare for any athlete) and botched
milkshakes from some ques- for a ticket, knowing that some of it them both; the film has her “judged un-
tionable packaged powder, that would go to an unrepentant felon, fairly” in her Lillehammer long program
is not In ‘N’ Out’s new hot cocoa and knowing all too well how much (the broken skate-lace incident) when
package mix. money means to her. Still, “I, Tonya” is in fact she moved up in the standings
In-N-Out uses San Francis- an award-winning film with big stars, thanks to generous marks.
co’s Ghirardelli’s hot cocoa glowing reviews and “Oscar buzz,” so of Star and producer Margot Robbie does
course I had to see it, even if the story is a tearful turn when Tonya is sentenced
all too familiar. for her role in the attack, begging to not
In 1986, I was a reporter for Sports be banned from the skating and seeming
Not sure how hot Illustrated and attended my first fig- surprised when the judge mentions it.
chocolate goes with ure skating event in New York, which
J.E. Vader co-wrote the book on Harding.
In reality Harding made no such speech.
was also Tonya Harding’s first nation- Her lawyers wrangled a great deal —
cheeseburgers or al championship. As a writer for the Harding pleaded guilty to a felony but
‘animal’ fries... but we National Sports Daily, I covered the 1991
Vader’s book ‘Fire on Ice’ has just been
served no jail time. Months later she
national championships when Harding was banned by the skating association
shall see. landed a triple axel, and in 1993 I became released by Random House as an e-book. It is from sanctioned events when it was
lead sports columnist for the Oregonian. available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. determined there was ample evidence
My third column, about the scrappy little she helped plan a brutal attack on a
local skater, led to the creation of the rival. She was, of course, free to skate
mix, an alleged return to owner official Tonya Harding Gillooly Fan Club. other than it might involve some threat- in non-sanctioned events but no name
Lynsi Snyder’s grandparents Of course colleague Abby Haight and ening letters. The blame is all put on skater would agree to appear with her
serving hot chocolate when I were in Detroit when Nancy Kerrigan hapless “bodyguard” Shawn Eckhardt because — duh — assaulting a rival to
they started the burger joints in was attacked by a club-wielding thug, who, in actual life, is conveniently dead. win a sporting event is despicable.
the 1950s. and reported on all the madness to fol- In reality, that bleak January 1994 Harding has changed her story over
Making this new addition low back home in Portland. In four days Gillooly told the FBI that planning and over in the past 24 years, but it’s
to their uncomplicated menu we wrote a paperback (“Fire always that she is a victim
seems timely, given unprec- on Ice”— re-released by and everyone else is horrible.
edented cold, snow and rain Random House as an ebook She is habitually “truth-chal-
across the United States. Not last month, since all the hot Harding has changed her story over and over in lenged” — this fantasy film is
sure how hot chocolate goes books have three-word titles the past 24 years, but it’s always that she is a victim Harding’s dream come true.
with cheeseburgers or “animal” that begin with “Fire”) about It’s difficult to see Harding
fries, or even a protein burger, Tonya Harding and then we and everyone else is horrible. on red carpets and magazine
but we shall see. headed to Norway to report covers, fawned over by movie
on the Olympics. stars and filmgoers who con-
Martini Madness coming So I thought I knew what demn “the media” for being
to expect with “I, Tonya” and the first for the attack included discussions of unfair to poor little Tonya. But we live in
This year’s body-to-body half of the film pretty much sticks to the killing Kerrigan, or cutting her Achil- a world where people line up for selfies
Martini Madness will be Friday, hardscrabble-childhood-abusive-moth- les’ tendon, before settling for breaking with O.J. Simpson and heavyweight rap-
Jan. 18, and is now run by Brian er-and-husband story. But when it came her landing leg and leaving her injured ist Mike Tyson; where vaccines are said
Richards of MacArthur Place. to figure skating’s “establishment” and wearing a duct-tape gag in her hotel to be harmful for children and global
Fairmont Sonoma Mission the Kerrigan attack the film veers into room — and that Tonya Harding was warming is a hoax, and where the pres-
Inn, Carneros Bistro at the fantasy. Two fictional scenes where Ton- well in on the plans and impatient when ident tells whopper lies several times a
Lodge, Steiner’s Tavern, Hop- ya confronts snooty judges are complete- Kerrigan wasn’t disabled right away. day. Why shouldn’t Tonya Harding be a
monk Tavern, Saddles Steak- ly unbelievable (but crowd favorites in “I, Tonya” treats Kerrigan as comic new folk hero?
house, Starling Bar, Sonoma the screening I attended) and the movie relief; the movie crowd burst out laugh- Oh, but I will say the costumes in “I,
Grill, and B&V Whiskey Bar asserts that Harding and Jeff Gillooly ing for Kerrigan’s brief appearances Tonya” are spot on. Very well done, those
& Grille have agreed so far to knew nothing about the planned attack on screen but my stomach was turning. costumes.
compete. As well, representa-
tives from sponsors Grey Goose
Vodka, Angels Envy Bourbon,
Bacardi Rum, Bombay Sapphire
Gin, and Danger will be pour- ■■ GO. DO. NOW. ■
ing their finest.
While Saddles always
supplies lots of tummy lining
appetizers, guests can also
CBC4Kids No Holds Barred Clear the Creek Yo, Adrian!
enjoy a combination of Martini Buffleheads. Goldeneyes. If you like to watch sweaty It’s a school holiday, so on Remember when Sly Stal-
Madness and a special three- Surf Scoters. Quail. The birds boys in unitards grapple Monday, Jan. 15, send the kids lone stormed America’s silver
course Saddles dinner of salad, of Sonoma are all lovely. Keep- and grunt, get to the Deets to the Nathanson Demon- screens for the first time? If
14-ounce New York steak and ing track of them is one way Winslow Memorial Wrestling stration Garden to apply you do, you may be old. Or
garlic mashed potatoes and environmentalists measure Tournament on Saturday. It’s themselves to doing good “vintage,” in the preferred lex-
vegetables or halibut on saffron general biome health, and they like you and your kid brother deeds, clearing the creek of icon, like the classic film series
risotto, followed by Dana Jaffe’s need all hands on deck this used to do in the basement trash and ash. It’s the Sonoma at the Sebastiani. This week’s
bourbon apple fruit crisp with year, even wee ones. Grab the when Mom wasn’t looking, Ecology Center’s contribution golden oldie brings us under-
vanilla ice cream and Barking kids, bring a bird book, dress except with strategy, skill, and for the nationwide MLK day dog Rocky Balboa rope-a-dop-
Dog coffee. $65 Martini Mad- to trek, and come tally. The clear winners. Support high of service, and it will make a ing the mighty Apollo Creed, a
ness, $125 for Martini Madness original Christmas Bird Count school wrestling and remem- difference. Plus there’s snacks! sweet David and Goliath story
and dinner package. Tickets at for Kids is on. ber the good man who once Monday, Jan. 15, 9 a.m. to 1 that will warm the cockles of Saturday, Jan. 13, 9:30 a.m.-1 taught them their game. p.m., your ole’ ticker.
Twenty-five percent of profits p.m., Sonoma Barracks, sono- Saturday, Jan. 13, 9 a.m., event/mlk-day-of-service-4, 996- Monday, Jan 15, 7 p.m.,
will go to fire relief via red- Free. Sonoma Valley High School 0712. Free. Sebastiani Theatre, sebastian-
gymnasium, 20000 Broadway., 996.9756. $10.
See Food & Wine, B4

Rainy day blues

You’ll be on the edge of your seat Saturday at Tommy

Thomsen’s annual birthday celebration at the Reel.


■FRIDAY FARMERS celebration and western
MARKET, Depot Park, 270 swing dance.8 p.m.
First St. W. Sonoma
Today, Jan. 12: Stewart
Degner. 9:30 a.m.
HALL, 452 First St. E. ste. G.
■HOPMONK TAVERN, Sonoma, 996-1364
691 Broadway Sonoma, Tonight, Jan. 12: Bruce Gor-
935-9100 don, Jenni Purcell and Jodi
Of course ‘Purple Rain’ makes the list. RIP, Prince Rogers Nelson. Stevens. 6:30 p.m. Marina
Tonight, Jan. 12: Roem
Bauer. 8 p.m. Crouse. 8 p.m.
Our favorites songs about the rain Saturday, Jan. 13 Nate
Lopez. 8 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 13: Full
Circle. 5 p.m. Peter Welker
and the Sidemen. 8 p.m.
By JM BERRY Eric Clapton managed Sunday, Jan. 14: T Luke -
INDEX-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER to release a self-titled ■MURPHY’S IRISH PUB, Solo. 5 p.m. Acoustic Blues

t seems like we waited solo album in 1970, with 464 First St. E. Sonoma, Jam. 8:30 p.m.
weeks for it – well, it co-writers Delany and 935-0660.
actually was weeks – Bonnie Bramlett, which Tonight, Jan. 12: River Town
and maybe just enough resulted in a hit with J. J. Trio. 8 p.m. ■SONOMA VALLEY
time for the grass to Cale’s “After Midnight.” REGIONAL LIBRARY, 755
regrow and keep the hills Clapton’s contributions to W. Napa St. Sonoma, 996-
from sliding down, but rock and blues can never ■OLDE SONOMA PUBLIC 5217
three inches in 24 hours be overstated, but the sim- HOUSE, 18615 Sonoma Saturday, Jan. 13: Swing
may have been a little plicity of this song and it’s Hwy. Boyes Hot Springs, Street. 2 p.m.
much, with more on the lyrics have always stuck 938-7587
way. There is a certain with us. “Now I know the Tonight, Jan. 12: Ryan Tatar-
romance about the rain, secret there is nothing that If your gig
ian and Matt Silva. 6:30 p.m.
other than having to drive I lack. If I give my love to isn’t in my
a car in it. Hearing it on you, you’ll surely give it column,
the roof, strolling in the back.” Words we could still ■THE REEL FISH HOUSE you didn’t
gentle showers, walking learn from today. AND GRILL, 401 Grove St. tell me
hand in hand, that first El Verano, 343-0044 about it.
time your child discovers Rain Tonight, Jan. 12: DJ dance jmberry@
it. We’ve got a list of songs The song is called by party. 9:30 p.m. sonoma J.M.
Clapton’s ‘Let it Rain’ was originally titled ‘She Rides.’ Berry
about the rain, and maybe some as the best B-Side Saturday, Jan. 13: Tommy
not the most popular ones, song ever released by the Thomsen’s annual birthday
and the list is hundreds Who’ll Stop the Rain Purple Rain Beatles, and showcased a
long, but we picked eight Between wondering who Unfortunately, we dis- style of music and produc-
that are favorites of ours, will stop it and if you’ve covered how much larger tion that would foresee
in no particular order, and ever seen it, the Fogerty than life Prince was after the sound of the next
a couple maybe you’ve brothers were churning his death, with a relent- LP release “Revolver.”
never heard before. out hits left and right in less social media feed as The flip side to the song
the late ‘60s to early ‘70s. a tribute for days after he “Paperback Writer,” which
Here Comes that Rainy The act initially signed passed. The album, film reached number one on
Day Feeling Again with Fantasy Records in and single, all of the same essentially every music
Come on, you sang the Oakland in ’64 under a title, was a blockbuster chart in the world, was the
title as you read it didn’t different name, the Blue for Prince and the Revo- first recording ever to use
you. The Fortunes had a Velvets, and quickly the lution. Originally slated backwards tape playback.
handful of hits in the mid- label changed the name to to be a collaboration with As to whether it was John
dle of the British Invasion the Golliwogs. In ’68 the Stevie Nicks, Nicks felt the Lennon who in a haze of
in the mid-’60, but it took band was tasked to come song was just too much hashish after a late-night
until ’71 for this song to hit up with a new name, and pressure for her, so she recording session simply
number 15 on Billboards Creedence Clearwater declined. Upon his death put the tape on his ma-
“Hot 100” and regardless Revival was born. There in 2016, the song again hit chine at home backward
of having released 24 is some local lore regard- the charts, this time sky- and played it, or producer
singles, none ever reached ing that record contract rocketing to number one George Martin who came
higher than number 7. (and we’ve heard this on the Billboard charts. A up with the idea is a point
But if you’re looking for story more than once staple at many of Prince’s of contention, but the tech-
the “Real Thing” these are from various people), that shows, sans a couple years nique was used several
your guys, having written allegedly the band Fantasy between leaving his record times on “Revolver” and
that song for a Coca-Cola initially signed to be that label and changing his then by many other artists
ad in 1969. act was from Sonoma, and name. His performance that followed.
one of the stipulations was at Superbowl XLI in 2007 Swing Street will have library patrons jumpin’
if anyone in the band got during halftime was Sure Can Smell and jivin’ this weekend.
drafted, the deal was off. one to remember, when the Rain
That happened and the almost on cue, bathed in In the ‘90s we had be-

In the mood
rest, they say, is history. purple lights, a downpour come pretty disgusted with
drenched the stadium rock music, likely because
I Can’t Stand the Rain during the song. It was we hadn’t become a rock-

for swing?
You may have heard the almost as if it was part of star by then and “Grunge”
This Weekend!
Fri. Jan. 12
1984 version of this song the script. had taken over the charts,
WHO’S BAD covered by Tina Turner, we re-discovered country
THE ULTIMATE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE but it was Ann Peebles Raindrops Keep Fallin’ music, in a period of time
Sat. Jan. 13 that had a hit with it first on my Head before “new” country
LEWIS BLACK in ’73, and the title came Burt Bachrach and Hal when the songs were still Take the A train to from the big band era of
about literally when David were churning out based in the roots of coun- Glenn Miller and Stan
Sat. Jan. 27
FIVE FOR FIGHTING Peebles looked up in a hits all during the ‘60s for try music but with more of
the library Jan. 13 Kenton, to the modern
rainstorm and pronounced artists like Bobbie Gentry, a pop feel. Having always for Swing Street jazz of Stan Getz and
Sat. Feb. 3
“I can’t stand the rain.” Herb Alpert, Tom Jones, been a sucker for a proper Dizzy Gillespie. They also
Peebles’ version man- pop song, the band Black- INDEX-TRIBUNE STAFF REPORT play the likes of Gersh-
the Carpenters and B. J.
Fri. Feb. 16 aged to reach number 38 Thomas was one of the hawk caught our ear. The The Swing Street win, Cole Porter, Van
COMEDIAN on the Billboard charts, lucky recipients. Original- trio featured veteran song- ensemble will play at the Heusen and Hoagy Car-
Sat. Feb. 17 and Turner’s was never ly recorded for the movie writers Van Stephenson Sonoma Valley Library at michael. The bossa nova
DAVE DAVIES released as a single in “Butch Cassidy and the and Dave Robbins along 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. of Antonio Carlos Jobin,
OF THE KINKS the U.S., but the disco act Sundance Kid” the hit not with Henry Paul, former 13. Luis Bonfa and more will
Fri. Feb. 23 “Eruption” brought it all only won an Academy member of the southern Swing Street is a Sono- also be featured.
EDDIE IZZARD the way to number six in Award for Best Original rock act “the Outlaws,” ma County-based, jazz Swing Street has
Sat. Mar. 10 1978. Song but also was part of famous for the southern quintet specializing in been performing in and
CHRIS BOTTI the award for Best Orig- rock anthem “Green Grass swing, jazz standards and around Sonoma County
Thur. Apr. 5 & Fri. Apr. 6 inal Musical Score that and High Tides.” And bossa nova. Swing Street for more than 20 years.
BOZ SCAGGS year. The song hit number released the first self-ti- is comprised of trumpet, The event is free and
Sun. Apr. 8 one on the Billboard chart tled album in 1993 and sax, bass, guitar, percus- open to all. The library is
SCOTT BRADLEE’S in January of 1970, which produced three singles in sion and vocals. Their located at 755 W. Napa St.
it hung on to for seven addition to this song. The repertoire includes music
Fri. Apr. 27 weeks. band has released five
studio albums and tours
Just Added! Let it Rain on to this day, with Paul
SAT. MAR. 3 After Cream and before and other Southern Rock
FEB123 Derek and the Dominos, veterans.
8:00PM To place your public notice,
SAT. APR. 14

Costa Rica
call Stefanie Puckett at our
8:00PM 9-DAYS $1295 legal desk: 526-8508
SAT. APR. 28
LYTLE & Volcanoes, Beaches, Rainforests
Fully guided tour with all hotels, meals
and activities. Plus tax, fees. or send an email to
FREE Brochure
The #1 In Value 800-CARAVAN, Caravan•com
1350 Third St., Napa OPEN MIC NIGHT
$10 - $25
Matt AT
707.259.0123 HOPMONK.COM
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‘Molly’s Game’ – all in, or bust?

Promising Aaron Sorkin poker flick stacks the deck in more ways than one

olly’s Game” ‘Molly’s Game’ is showing
is based on the at the Sonoma 9 Cinemas.
not preposter- Rated R. Running time 2:20.
ous premise that all men Visit
are bad except, perhaps,
for Idris Elba.
Jessica Chastain and
Jessica Chastain’s décolle- is a pleasant contrast to
tage star as Molly Bloom, Molly’s helicopter dad
a ranked junior freestyle (Kevin Costner) a psychol-
skier who pivots from ogist on the couch and
Coloradan Olympic qual- drill sergeant on the slopes
ifiers to back-room poker who pushed his daughter
entrepreneurship. After too far. “If you look down,
some trauma on the snow that’s where you’ll go!”
moguls she takes a gig he shouts at Molly in a
running a weekly celebri- flashback about the time
ty Texas Hold ‘Em game she developed rapid onset
from a wannabe business scoliosis.
mogul named Dean Keith With all men, Molly
(Jeremy Strong). adapts a feisty, answer-a-
At first she knows noth- question-with-a-question
ing about the sport and conversational style, very
must google “what kind of much in the wheelhouse
music poker players like” of writer and (first-time)
and then scrambles tracks director Aaron Sorkin.
beyond Kenny Rogers’ Sorkin, who has recently
“The Gambler.” But, given us a litany of stories
because Dean is a vain about brilliant white men
fool, Molly is soon running — “The Social Network”
Jessica Chastain and her cleavage dominate the gambling halls of ‘Molly’s Game.’ (Mark Zuckerberg),
a better game than his,
taking his players from the “Moneyball” (Billy Beane),
Viper Room to the Four famous Robert Frost line, part where Circe’s leered laundering for the Russian death threats, a federal in- “Steve Jobs” (Steve Jobs)
Seasons. “Two roads emerged from at by a bunch of skeezy mob, for guys who can dictment and the unreality — changes the formula
To do this Molly cozies the woods.” In one of the Spartans. grab a Manet off the wall of her life. and gives us a portrait of a
up to Player X (Michael best exchanges in the film Spending six days a and leave it with Molly as Enter Elba as Charlie brilliant white woman.
Cera) — alleged to be an he asks Molly, “Do you like week surrounded by collateral while they play. Jaffey, Molly’s lawyer, His maximalist dialogue
unappetizing amalgam of poetry?” and she The poker a man so charming and style gives us some fun
Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey replies, “I did sequences skilled you’d consider lines, but much of the
Maguire and Ben Affleck until a second are not very committing a felony just script is grandstanding
— and other undesirables ago.” Sorkin, who has recently given us interesting, with so he might defend you. He just to grandstand. Sorkin
known for their poker As an “an- a litany of stories about brilliant the standard makes his daughter write
essays on “The Crucible”
the director ought to have
instructed his writer to cut
skill, like Harlan (Bill ti-wife,” the array of bad
Camp), or their propen- Cinemax version white men... gives us a portrait of a beats and chip and still whips off his read- a few dozen pages of the
sity to lose willingly, like of herself, Molly brilliant white woman. rakes and rich ing glasses just like String- script… and an equal num-
ber of gratuitous cleavage
Bad Brad (Brian d’Arcy often looks like fools doing what er Bell in “The Wire.”
James). a lad magazine Molly terms His demanding father shots.
Charming Irish centerfold, “sharecropper
schmuck Douglas Downey especially when math.” With all
(Chris O’Dowd) is the donning spectacles to do gambling addicts, Molly’s the cash flying around, SONOMA AQUATIC CLUB
man we wish we had a the books. She compares eventually a drug addict it’s surprising how long
film about. He conflates herself to Circe — the herself, mashing a mixture it takes for things to get
Molly with the beloved in Greek goddess of magic pills with a mortar and violent, but they do, and
James Joyce’s “Ulysses” — but one must dig deep pestle to stay awake. She Molly suddenly faces
and artfully misquotes the into Bullfinch’s to find the is, inadvertently, money

Photo preservation and Ca Cont Lic #751739

Happy New You!

restoration techniques
Experience You Can Count
On Since 1985

Repairs Receive 1/2 off your initiation fee

Historical Society ‘Second Maintenance with a donation of 20 non-perishable food items
Saturday’ lecture on Jan. 13 Leak Detection MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTED DUES
Underwater Repair Individual $125 $63
The Sonoma Valley Historical Society Senior Individual (65+) 75 53
resumes its “Second Saturday” lec- Couple 200 90
ture series in 2018 with a talk on photo Senior Couple (both 65+) 150 80
restoration and preservation at 2 p.m. on
Saturday, Jan. 13.
Senior Couple (one 65+) 175 85
Photograph conservator Gawain Weav- Student 50 35
Learn how to preserve and restore your old Family 250 90*
er will discuss the types of photographs
family photographs.
found in family collections, including *for the first 2 members + additional $10/child, $20/adult
how to identify common photographic Valid thru 1/31 – Must pay initiation and first month
George and Jean Noël with
processes and how this information photographic conservation and resto- Rocky and Jujube
dues at sign up. Monthly dues must be paid via auto-pay
can assist in dating photos. He will also ration from complex chemical treatments
discuss the physical and chemical causes to simple repairs to digital restoration. Old-Fashioned Service Call 939-8833 Sonoma Aquatic Club or stop
of deterioration, and provide guidance Admission is $5. The talk takes place You Can Trust by 17350 Vailetti Dr. Sonoma, CA 95476
on the care and preservation of photo- at Sonoma Community Center, 276 East (707) 938-5264
graphs. Gawain will show examples of Napa St.

Marek Lorenc, MD., F.A.A.D.

Susan Stobba,
Clinical Aesthetician
Cosmetic and
Restorative Dermatology
Everything is Broker-Priced 3510 Unocal Place, Suite 102
Directly to Public! Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 578-1800

IT’S OVER! DOORS LOCK Marek Lorenc, M.D., has been a member of Sonoma County’s medical
community for thirty years. For the past few years, he has had the privilege
SAT. 13TH at 5:00 SHARP! of pursuing life long personal goals, ambitions and priorities by spending time

with family, traveling, and even living abroad.

His passion for cosmetic and restorative dermatology has brought him to a new
path that will concentrate on a holistic, whole-health approach to each patient.
PAY AS This will include individualized hormonal evaluation and treatment. Dr. Lorenc
will look at all the factors that can contribute to overall health and wellness,
LITTLE AS. . . give individualized counsel to improve health, and help his patients with their
cosmetic and restorative dermatology needs.
• 30 years experience with cosmetic dermatology.
• 30 years experience with cosmetic fillers, 20 years experience with Botox.
• 30 years of close association with a plastic surgeon, assisting with facelifts

ON THE and body work.

• Extensive experience removing skin growths with great care given to
DOLLAR cosmetic closures.
• Holistic approach to each patient- including hormonal evaluation and
* Not valid with other offers or
previous purchases.
appropriate treatment.
• Not a corporation

201 W
est N
apa S
t., S
Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30 - 5:30 • Sat. 10 - 5 Book your appointment today!

A Taste of
Spirited wins for Puente Internacional
Local tequila company earns awards in ‘Spirits of Mexico’ competition
By KATHLEEN HILL Chavez’s La Luna Mez-
cal has been on the market

al Chavez big spirits for over a year. Chavez
awards says, “The white label is
Sal Chavez, best a new expression made
known in Sonoma for from Curpreata Agave and
Picazo Café and as a mem- Tequilana Agave from the
ber of the Sonoma Valley less-represented state of
School District Board of Michoacan in the mezcal
Trustees and active La Luz world today. It will be
board member, also owns available in California as
Puente Internacional im- well, but Chicago and New
ported spirits, which won York have been our top ter-
several awards ritories for La
in the Spirits of Luna Mezcal
Mexico competi- thus far.”
tion held recent- ‘Tequilana Back at
ly in Texas. Agave (is) the ranch,
Due to con- meaning
cern that judges from the less- Picazo Café,
would suffer represented state the family has
“palate fatigue” painted the
after tasting too of Michoacan in building and
many 80-plus the mezcal world enhanced the
proof spirits, ordering area
judges received today.’ and dining
a box containing – Sal Chavez room. They
one two-ounce still serve
bottle of each their popular
entry, and burgers (voted
granted access to a special “best burger” three years
blind rating area of the in a row in the I-T’s annu-
Tequila Matchmaker app al Sonoma Valley People’s
where they could record Choice awards), added
their scores and leave some lighter carb-friendly
comments. and gluten free options,
With the theme of and kids’ menu selections
“Bridging the world with as well.
beer, wine and spirits,” Check out all the break-
Puente Internacional’s fast specials with creative
Tequila Gran Dovejo omelets and “my wife’s
Reposado and Gustoso pancakes” topped with
Aguardiente Blanco won blueberries and straw-
Best of Class awards. Its berries, Dad’s fabulous
La Luna Mezcal, Tequila handmade pastries, many
Gran Dovejo High Proof vegetarian items both at
Blanco, Tequila Gran breakfast and lunch. The
Dovejo, Tequila Gran fish and chips are made
Dovejo Añejo and Gustoso with mahi-mahi. Breakfast
Aguardiente Reposado all and lunch, 19100 Arnold
received silver medals. Drive, Sonoma. 931-4377. Puente Internacional’s Tequila Gran Dovejo line earned a ‘best of class’ award at the Spirit of Mexico awards in Texas.

Food& Wine Continued from B1 and 1:30 p.m., Thursdays, Fri-

days and Saturdays.
• Saddles Steakhouse at
at the B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Com-
Participating Sonoma Valley
Check participants’ websites
or ents and three courses for $42. McArthur Place Hotel: Relish an restaurants include Fairmont for more information.
• Santé Restaurant at the $89 three-course dinner for two, Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Sad-
‘Sonoma Valley Delicious’ Fairmont Sonoma Mission served with a bottle of Leese dles Steakhouse at MacArthur El Dorado Kitchen events
Inn: Enjoy a chef-selected & Fitch cabernet sauvignon or Place, Mayo Family Reserve
happening now seven-course tasting menu Sebastiani chardonnay. Room, Shiso Modern Asian Has two “pop-up” events
As part of California Restau- for two, with a glass of Gloria • Mayo Family Winery: Enjoy Kitchen, Glen Ellen Star, Petroni scheduled this winter. Check out
rant Month and Visit California, Ferrer sparkling wine each, for two-for-one Reserve Wine Vineyards, B&V Whiskey Bar & their three-course Fried Chicken
the local version is “Sonoma $195 Sunday-Thursday, or $235 Tastings, featuring seven Mayo Grille, Carneros Bistro & Bar, and Bubbles dinner on Tuesday,
Valley Delicious,” running Friday-Saturday. Family Reserve wines, paired the Girl & The Fig, Tasca Tasca, Jan. 30 “curated by sommelier
through the month of January. • Petroni Vineyards: Try a with seven artisan bites. La Salette, and Cochon Volant Chris Blanchard.” Not sure how
Sample special events, tast- rare three-course farm-to-table • B.R. Cohn Winery: Take BBQ. you “curate” a fried chicken din-
ings, and meals include food and wine pairing for $95, or advantage of 50 percent off the Tasting rooms offering spe- ner, especially with a vegetarian
• The Girl and the Fig: Fridays, five-courses for $195, following “Tastes of B.R. Cohn” tasting, cials include Sigh Champagne option available. Could be fun.
Jan. 12 and 26, from 6:30-9 p.m., a tour of the culinary gardens, which pairs four estate wines & Caviar, Three Sticks Wines, $60 inclusive. 5:30 to 8:45 p.m.
enjoy “Suite D” prix-fixe pop-up production facilities and wine with bites that integrate the Kunde Family Winery, Passag-
dinners, featuring six ingredi- caves, glass-in-hand. 11:30 a.m. olive oils and vinegars produced gio Wines and MacLaren Wine See Food & Wine, B5

Tillem McNichol & Brown Sebastiani Theatre

Attorneys At Law DARKEST HOUR
Fri, Jan 12, 6:00 pm & 8:30 pm
Sat, Jan 13, 6:00 pm & 8:30 pm
Sun, Jan 14, 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm
Tues - Wed, Jan 16 - 17, 7:00 pm
Thurs, Jan 18, 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm

ROCKY (1976)
Mon, Jan 15, 2018,
Will you benefit from the 7:00 pm
new changes to the Federal Gift $10.00
and Estate Tax?

Make a New Year’s Resolution. PHANTOM

Review and update your existing Coming Jan 19!
Estate plan, or create one this year Watch for dates
& show times!
If you haven’t done so already.

Call us today! JAZZ, ROCK & RHYTHM

with Sheila Whitney, Jennifer Woods &
Syd James in Concert
A Fundraiser for the Sebastiani Theatre Foundation
Tillem McNichol & Brown
Mon, Jan 22, 2018, 7:00 pm
846 Broadway • Sonoma, CA 95476 General seating $20.00 in advance, $25.00 at the door
(707) 996-4505
Movies call 707.996.2020 Tickets call 707.996.9756 476 1st St. E. Sonoma

Sonoma Valley
Frenchie expanding its ‘pique-nique’ empire
Picnic-to-go biz to spread its blanket on Broadway

hefs Sarah Pinkin
and Elizabeth Payne
enjoy great suc-
cess with their Frenchie
French food cart and will
give everyone another
chance at tastes in a pop-
up appearance at 521 B
Broadway in Sonoma on
Thursday, Jan. 18.
A new French food option
On the pop-up menu will
soon available in downtown
be roasted root vegetable
soup, chicken tortilla soup,
Vietnamese skirt steak
salad, salmon Niçoise
salad, goat cheese, fig jam
and arugula baguette Frenchie will soon
sandwiches, and a ham, open in permanent
brie and Dijon mustard
baguette. 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 digs at the site of the
p.m. Catch it while you old Shone’s Market
Not only that, but on Broadway.
Frenchie will soon open
in permanent digs at the
site of the old Shone’s
Market on Broadway, most spot to grab a picnic for
recently occupied by Love the Plaza or a quick lunch
and Lovely Studio. Their or dinner for locals.”
plan, according to Pinkin, Pinkin formerly worked
“is to make a general store at Mondo Café and served
featuring Frenchie grab- as chef at Murphy’s
and-go picnics, lunches Irish Pub several years
and dinners.” ago. Payne was chef and
Says Pinkin: “We will instructor at Ramekins
also be selling cool local Culinary School and at
food products and hopeful- Williams-Sonoma. They
ly beer and wine. A great hope to open before May 1. Frenchie will continue doing pop-ups and be available on Broadway.

Food& Wine
Continued from B4
Epicurean Connection
pop-up dinner
dinner to the Rural Chicks the
following evening. $35. Register
at or sheana@
at Suite D from 5 to 8 p.m.,
move to the Fig Café in Glen
Ellen on Thursdays from 5 p.m.,
Hall is proprietor of Walt
Wine, with its tasting room
and popular trivia nights on
The Epicurean Connection with the Fig Rig at the Lanning Sonoma’s First Street West, as
Reserve at lsommier@eldora- will host a pop-up cassoulet building in Boyes Hot Springs well of the art-filled Hall Wines or 931-6022. dinner Jan. 31 at the General’s Figalicious updates on Fridays and Saturdays from south of St. Helena. She and her
Then on Tuesday, Feb. 6, EDK Daughter featuring its cheeses. 5 p.m., and at Sonoma Springs brother managed their family’s
will host a multi-course meal by Dinner will be cassoulet of white The Girl & the Fig’s next from noon. Mendocino County vineyard
Chef Armando Navarro paired Rancho Gordo beans and wild Sunday Supper will be Feb. 4 at from 1982 to 1992, and she served
with Marimar Estate Vineyards duck, salad from Stone Edge Suite D with butternut squash Walt Hall elected to as Bill Clinton’s Ambassador to
& Winery’s wines. Marimar Farm greens with Meyer lemon soup, coq au vin with winter Austria from 1998 to 2001.
Torres founded west county vinaigrette, breads, and the new vegetables and marble potatoes, Winegrowing Alliance CSWA is a subgroup of the
Marimar Vineyards and Winery Epicurean Connection olive oil. topped off with a pear tart with Board California Wine Institute inter-
in the elegant Catalan style of Dinner finishes with chocolate red currant sauce and hazelnut ested in long-term sustainabil-
his heritage. $130 inclusive. 6:30 brownies and blackberry pome- cream. $30 club members, $38 Kathryn Walt Hall, lifelong ity of the wine industry. Mike
p.m. Reserve at edkmarimar- granate jam. Bring your own nonmembers. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. vineyardist and vintner, was just Sangiacomo served as chair of or lsommi- wine, no corkage, or purchase Ramen nights are multiply- elected to the California Sus- CSWA from 2014-1016 and has wine from Epicurean Connec- ing. Popular and slurpy Ramen tainable Winegrowing Alliance been a board member for several
tion, which will serve the same Nights continue on Wednesdays board of directors. years.

To place your public notice, call Stefanie Puckett at our legal desk: 526-8508
or send an email to

On the Sonoma Plaza

Handcrafted leather goods made in that

fine European craftsman tradition

Fourteenth Annual
Surf & Turf Dinner
Saturday, January 27th, 2018 Classic Ranger Belts

Did you know the

best time for an Sterling Silver Buckles
Orthodontic Check-Up
is by age 7?

Not everyone needs treatment so early, but there are

many issues that can be corrected before all the adult
Games – 50/50 Raffle
teeth erupt that prevent problems or complications in Silent Auction
the future.

Call to schedule your

complimentary consultation today
Payment options available - No interest in-house financing,
Affordable monthly payments, Major credit cards and CareCredit accepted
Fine Leather Wallets
Mon/Thurs 11am-6pm • Fri/Sun 10am-6pm
21 Patten St., Sonoma, CA 95476
481 A First Street West . Sonoma . CA
(707) 938.1042 •

■■ WINE ■

The Spill: Jean Edwards Cellars pouring on Plaza

New tasting room open down ‘vine alley,’ Clos Du Val Wineries. Troisis display their man- ceptional small produc-
In fact, their first vin- tra proudly on the wall tion wines from highly
top wine trends and more tage put them on the map above the tasting room regarded fruit sources
with the 2004 Cabernet bar, which is a contem- and growers in the Napa
By MONICA DASHWOOD of wine making experi- Sauvignon Stagecoach porary urban loft with and Sonoma Valley.
INDEX-TRIBUNE WINE WRITER ence behind them, the Vineyard, recognized by red stools, and dark navy They offer three-tiered

ean Edwards Cellars former corporate New Wine Spectator with a tasting bar and leather wine clubs to their mem-
Comes to Vine Alley Jersey duo took early score of 92 points. Since furniture to match their bers depending on the
On Jan. 5, wine retirement to bring eight then, the Stagecoach brand label colors. “You custom orders desired:
producers Karen and Napa wines (cabernet Vineyard Cabernet should only make wines Pawprints, Faithful
John Troisi opened a sauvignon, cuvee, malbec, Sauvignon remains their you love to drink,” it says. Friends, and Bad to the
tasting room on the Plaza merlot and sauvignon have been working with ever-popular flagship With that philosophy in Bone, in honor of their
with the grand opening blanc) to Sonoma with seasoned winemaker wine and the 2014 can mind, they keep their eye Labradors. You’ll find a
of Jean Edwards Cellars several Sonoma Valley Kian Tavakoli out of St. be savored today in the solely on the wants and photo of their dogs on the
slated for Feb. 18. wines in the production Helena who formerly tasting room. wishes of the consumer,
With over two decades queue. Since 2004, they worked for Opus One and Wine enthusiasts, the and strive to deliver ex- See Spill, B7

Business & Service Directory

Lending a
Handyman Helping Hand
with a heart
Remodeling · Carpentry
Electrical · Plumbing McCoy’s
Fences · Decks Helping Hands
Design Stone Property Maintenance Specializing in Senior Care
Install Rototill Omar Paz Commercial/Residential Tami Cotter
Maintenance Tree Service 707-833-4010
Irrigation Stump Service CL # 918381 707-287-3908
707-938-1322 P.O. Box 465, Sonoma
Tractor Services for Back Hoe, Disc, Mower, Excavator, Flail Mowing Lic# 826805 HCO Lic# 494700019

SUPERIOR® Morris Painting & Decorating


SCREENS (formerly Michael S. Morris Painting & Decorating)

Pete Balchinas Serving Sonoma Valley since 1963 Kirth A. Dwyer
New Screens, Phantom Screens Lic # 449417 Bonded & Licensed
Repairs, Re-screening, Sliders Residential/CommeRCial
French, Front Doors supeRioR CRaftsmanship Lic #1018115
exCellent pRiCes
707.996.6105 Free Color Consultation 707-939-1602
Landscape Installation & Scandia Landscaping
Insured * Bonded
Landscape Contractor
Free Estimates!
Pesticide applicator
Dan Waldron Certified Arborist
Irrigation Auditor Sheetrock applicator
707-996-5868 · 707-695-4598 All types of Texture Lic #27-346260 Carlos Castorena
Conny Residential · Commercial
Gustafsson 707-938-5650 Accoustic Removal
Lic #452594 707.996.7298 Lic #675544

Roy’s Landscaping
Flagstone Patios Arborist Reports

Gardening Service Paver Driveways Consultations

• Commercial Outdoor Kitchens Diagnosis & Treatment
• Residential Irrigation

Oak Tree Preservation

• Tree Service Custom Yard Maintenance

• High Weed Cutting 707-939-9612 fi


996-8412 Lic #907566 Certified Arborist #792

Boden Plumbing
Heating & Air
Rooter & Drain Pruning Pressure washing
Water Heaters Removals Fencing
All Repairs Hauling House & yard
Clean ups maintenance
Commercial | Residential | Inspections
707-996-8683 Waterproofing | Tar & Gravel | Free Estimates Clean gutters Weed eating Luis Barragan
or anything needed! 15 years experience
“Living with a Drip?” lic #659920
Lic #657554 Free Estimates Cell 707.337.8574 • 707.996.1472 • Lic #10816

Vineyard Hunter & Trapper Mobile Screen Specialists • Now Servicing Sonoma Valley
We Build Custom Window Screens
Humane Wildlife Management
Control of any destructive wildlife. To Suit Your Needs, Guaranteed To Fit!
Windows • Doors • Enclosures • Repairs
Certified Wildlife Protector through
the Wildlife Training Institute, a
To advertise here, California State Program.

call Mary Jane at Conny Gustafsson 707-975-2004 996-5551

707-521-5342 Lic. by CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife #65462

To Advertise here, contact Mary Jane Dean at 707-521-5342 •



Direct from Istanbul to Sonoma Valley
The world is changing – a unique opportunity!
400+ one-of-a-kind
200+2 handwoven rugs - pillows
Kilim - Sumak
new – modern - antiques
2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’
curator: Mehmet Ulman Sahin Portland, OR
Delicious Refreshments

UPCOMING FUNDRAISING EVENTS Jan 12,13,14 Fri Sat Sun 9 - 7

Cheers to supporting Sonoma Valley’s nonprofits!
Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance 574 1st Street East
Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, Jan. 27 at Jacuzzi Winery Sonoma
Tickets at celebrating
For Info call Mehmet 510-422-7297

Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley

Sweetheart’s Ball
Saturday, Feb. 10 at Maxwell Clubhouse
Tickets at

Hanna Boys Center

Evening with the All Stars
Saturday, April 21 at HBC
Tickets at

Pets Lifeline
Tailwags and Handbags
Friday, April 27 at Buena Vista Winery
Local Journalism
Tickets at
Congratulations to our staff members on their unprecedented
Email event information to lorna.sheridan@ 6 first-place awards at the recent CNPA Annual Better
Newspaper Contest recognizing journalistic excellence across California.

New exhibit at Theater: ‘Cult’ of personality

Arts Guild
Leaping to a title Local actor grows a comedic following. B1
■ Sonoma Stompers can clinch the Taste of Sonoma: Abbondanza Viansa!
league this weekend if the ball bounces Carneros winery offers birds-eye view. B6
their way in the season-ending series
against the Pacifics. SPORTS A5
London Centennial: Manifesto destiny
Author’s cross-country socialism tour. B8

Invitational Show to open on Jan. 13 Friday, August 26, 2016


The Arts Guild of Sonoma is Our 138th Year Serving Sonoma Valley

hosting its annual invitational Sonoma Valley, California ■ An edition of The Press Democrat ■ 75¢

art show through Jan. 29 at its

gallery on East Napa Street. Sonoma woman saved in
The public is invited to a
reception with the artists from freak post-office crash
5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 13. Jurine Biers rescued by friend when sedan shot forward
The eclectic show features By LORNA SHERIDAN
– is the one who pulled her
away from the out-of-control
she spotted Monnich, 74.
She stepped onto the walk in
work by 17 guest artists invited Jurine Biers doesn’t
remember the exact moment
car that jumped the sidewalk
in front of the Sonoma Post
front of the post office and
they began chatting.

by members of the Guild. A work by guest artist

on Aug. 3 when her friend
Gary Monnich saved her life.
But she’ll never forget that
Biers, 73, usually stops by
the post office once a day at
“I heard a terrible loud
revving of an engine in
overdrive and I just grabbed ROBBI PENGELLY/INDEX-TRIBUNE

Throughout 2018, the Guild is Kelsey Woodward. Monnich – in a rush of quick

thinking and quicker action
around 2:30 p.m. to check
her P.O. box. On her way out, See Crash, A4
Gary Monnich, at the Broadway post office where his fast actions prevented
tragedy in the parking spaces outside the front entrance.
celebrating 40 years of promot-
ing art in the community.
The Guild is located at 140 E. Napa St. and open
Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
Mondays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
A call for action remain with
Local officials share plans to
confront the housing crisis
Three months after

Spill Continued from B6


resigning, CEO
t’s one thing to identify a problem.
It’s another to determine the causes renegotiates contract
of that problem, and yet another to
find practical solutions. By LORNA SHERIDAN
Over the last six weeks, the Index-Tri- INDEX-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER
bune’s Spotlight on Housing series has Three months after tendering

back of the labels. when growing grapes and

examined, in depth, local issues of her resignation, Sonoma Valley
rising rents and Community Health Center CEO
crowded houses. Cheryl Johnson is staying after
Four wines of choice turning them into wine. Writers and com-
munity mem-
‘That’s how all.
Johnson originally an-
you unstick the
can be tasted by the glass Today, the natural scene bers have asked
questions about
the barriers to
market. You
nounced her departure in
May and had agreed to stay on
through the end of the year.
for $25. The tasting fee is has gained wide-spread building more
housing, looking
create supply.’ But earlier this week, she was
asked by the board to rescind

waived with a $65 pur- popularity with over 400 hard at the needs — Jim Leddy, Community her resignation, and she agreed
of workers, fam- Development Commission to do so.
ilies, and young At the time of her resigna-
chase or club member- natural wine producers in people who may
have found a home in Sonoma, but who
This sign was left abandoned on a Sonoma County sidewalk earlier this year.
tion, board chairperson Richard
Gantenbein said that Johnson

ship. Starting Feb. 1, they France alone. now desperately need an affordable way
to stay here. Two obvious questions address a host of housing-related mat- opportunity sites, to jumpstart innova-

will be open Fridays and Natural wine produc-

remain. ters. In addition to expanding homeless tive ideas for smaller scale projects and See Johnson, A4
“What now? What next?” shelters across the county and increas- second units,” Gorin says.
According to Supervisor Susan Gorin, ing funding for several emergency Additionally, voters this November
Saturdays from noon to 7 ers can also be found in there is plenty being done to address
the need for plentiful affordable hous-
shelter programs – including providing
help for Sonoma Overnight Support and
will consider a county ballot measure
to raise the Transient Occupancy Tax Sonoman
p.m. and Sunday through the U.S., New Zealand
ing. But like most solutions to complex its First Street West shelter, the Haven from nine to 12 percent. Gorin has

Thursdays from noon to and small regions such

problems, tangible results are going to
take some time.
“The Board of Supervisors recognizes
– Gorin says she’s enthusiastic that a
number of actions currently being taken
will eventually offer practical relief.
proposed that $1 million from those TOT
funds – taxes on hotels and other tourist
accommodations – be allocated to create
to head
6 p.m. as Georgia, Serbia, and
there is a continuum of needs in the
county,” Gorin says, pointing to a num-
ber of actions taken in recent months to
“I am working with a local group of
builders and investors to identify
undeveloped parcels of land and infill
a housing trust fund. Similar to a pro-

See Housing, A7
SR gang
Slovenia. Big cities like agency
Wine Trends for 2018 San Francisco, Paris, New Habitat
bittat br
ings J nC t
Surprise wines York, Tokyo and London
According to the are lovers of the move-
Washington Post, we can ment, even though natural Weekly newspapers with a circulation
anticipate surprise wines wines have been around
from unexpected regions for a long time (first made between 4,301 and 11,000
as winemakers strive for 8000 years ago).
unique productions at Given the current media
better values. Most wine buzz, natural wines are
enthusiasts recognize gathering momentum. Are 1st Place Enterprise News Story or Series
New Zealand and Ore- these natural wines a fad?
gon for their pinot noir Only time will tell. How-
Spotlight on Housing
and sauvignon blanc, or ever, right now natural “An ambitious, well-executed effort to explain a complex
Argentina for its mal- wines will expand to retail and significant local issue from a variety of perspectives.
bec, but few consumers shelves and restaurant
realize they also produce a wine list menus to test Smartly conceived and well-written.”
stellar chardonnay. Chile the market beyond the big
is known for its cabernet metropolitan cities.
sauvignon and merlot, but Expect more wineries
did you know it produces in urban areas
an exceptional sauvignon This concept began in Online General Excellence – 1st place Columns – 1st place
blanc and carignan? 2008 with City Winery in “Changing the Culture of Rape” &
Expect more riesling New York City by entre- Arts & Entertainment Coverage – 1st place “Daughters of the Revolution”
and pinot noir out of preneur Michael Dorf. – Jason Walsh
Australia, not just shiraz. Although you can find
Be on the lookout for some barrels in the dining room, Enterprise News Story or Series – 1st place
unusual chenin blanc it’s more a concert venue “Spotlight on Housing” Coverage of Business News – 1st place
and shiraz from South than winery. Even so, – Staff “The Spirits of Wine Country”
Africa. Lastly, we can also the concept is spreading – Lorna Sheridan
expect some delicious and with locations in Chicago, Writing – 1st place
inexpensive wines from Atlanta, Nashville and
Bulgaria, Turkey, Moldova Boston with a new loca- “Leaf Blowers: And the Rest Is Silence” & “Chang- Sports Action Photo – 2nd place
and Armenia. tion about to open in the ing the Culture of Rape” “Lady Dragons Lose Soccer Shootout”
Natural wines District. – Jason Walsh – Bill Hoban
Raw wines are grow- There exist offshoots,
ing more popular among such as District Winery
millennials, winemakers in Brooklyn. The urban
and sommeliers. What winery believes wine is
exactly is natural wine? to be celebrated during a
They are considered wedding, night out or, like
minimalist wines made at the City Winery, during
without chemical and a spectacular musical
technological intervention event.


Instacart, new vet, pot resources

Business news from in and departure in December. Rejoining
the Sonoma Valley Chamber of
around Sonoma Valley Commerce board is John Bast of
Peoples Home Equity Mortgage,
Sessions resigns: Jean together with new 2018 board
Arnold Sessions is stepping members Ramie Hencmann of
down as head of Sonoma County Sweet Scoops Ice Cream and Kris-
Vintners after two years leading tie Sheppard of A. Bright Idea.
the county’s main winery trade ■
The ‘Coming Soon’ went up outside the old Plaza Tequila
group. Michael Haney, its director ROBBI PENGELLY/INDEX-TRIBUNE Fire damage: The Sonoma entrance on Tuesday night.
of membership and government County Economic Development
If you would like to sell at the Sono-
relations, has been appointed Board has been working on a

New Mexican
ma’s Tuesday night market in 2018,
interim executive director as its county-wide economic plan called
applications are being accepted now.
board conducts a search for a Strategic Sonoma, as well as a
permanent head. Haney said he short-term economic recovery
would apply for the position.

Market Vendors: Valley
apply, submit a cover letter with
your resume and three recent
writing samples by Friday, Jan. 19
plan related to the October fires.
Businesses county-wide are being
surveyed until Jan. 16 at survey-
restaurant to open
in Sonoma
of the Moon Certified Farmers to Susan Bryer-Shelton at susan. The
Market is now accepting vendor bryer-shelton@sonoma-county. EDB will be able to extrapolate
applications for this summer’s org. data specifically for Sonoma
Tuesday Night Market. The dead- ■ Valley use.
line is Feb. 1 to apply. Hiring: The Sonoma Inter- ■ Mi Ranchito to move large patio area.
■ national Film Festival has several Online pot resources: into Plaza Tequila Garcia will co-own this
New vet in town: Valley paid positions that are open for Secretary of State Alex Padilla outpost of Mi Ranchito
of the Moon Veterinary Hospital this season’s festival. The jobs in- announced the launch of Can- space with her brother, Chris-
has welcomed Dr. Ashley Atkin to clude two volunteer coordinators, nabizfile ( tian, 36, and her husband,
its practice. Atkin received her BS a special events manager and grams/cannabizfile), a new online By LORNA SHERIDAN Jaime Rodriguez, 40.
in Animal Science from UC Davis assistant, a sponsor concierge, portal with useful information INDEX-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER The Cotati location of

and graduated from UC Davis special events team, general ops, about cannabis-related busi- i Ranchito Mex- Mi Ranchito opened at
School of Veterinary Medicine in backlot team and sanitation/ ness filings with the Secretary ican Restaurant 7600 Commerce Blvd. in
2010. After graduation, she com- environmental waste manager. of State’s office. Entrepreneurs and Cantina has 2008 and the Santa Rosa
pleted her internship at PetCare Visit for more seeking to start a cannabis-related two locations, one in Cotati location (which is owned
Veterinary Hospital in Santa information. business in California will need and one in Santa Rosa. by Jaime’s brother, Luis
Rosa. She practiced in Pleasanton ■ to register their business entity Come February, the young Rodriguez and his wife
and San Ramon for six years until Free rides home: A new with the Secretary of State. The extended family that owns Erika) opened at 90 Mark
recently moving to Petaluma. law effective Jan. 1 allows beer, new site also includes informa- the popular eateries hopes West Springs Road in
■ wine and alcohol manufacturers tion about registering a business, to open the 2017. Both
Instacart in Sonoma: and sellers to provide consumers trademark or service mark. doors to its specialize in
Instacart has arrived in Sonoma. free or discounted transportation Meanwhile, Sonoma County third loca- traditional
With the annual membership ser- (home assumably). Is this in place issued its first Cannabis Cultiva- tion, right ‘Depending on the Mexican
vice fee of $149 you can shop from anywhere in Sonoma yet? If so, let tion Permit on Dec. 4 to Shannon here in Sono- permit process, we cuisine and
multiple stores – with free deliv- us know. and Cameron Hattan of Fiddlers ma Valley. margaritas.
ery on the whole order (orders ■ Greens. Their permit allows up According hope to open late The Santa
must be over $35). Locally, the Have you expanded?: to 10,000 square feet of outdoor to co-own- next month.’ Rosa and Co-
options are Whole Foods Safeway The California Competes Tax medical cannabis cultivation on er Yesica tati locations
and CVS. Your Personal Shopper Credit is an income tax credit their property outside of Sebasto- Garcia, 28, — Yesica Garcia are praised on
selects all your items and delivery available to businesses which pol. Learn more at sonomacounty. the lease has Yelp for their
is possible two hours. invest and create new jobs in Cali- been signed happy hour
■ fornia. The state will be accepting ■ on the old and Thirsty
Cleanings not closings: applications from Jan. 2 to 22 for New cannabis CEO: Wil- Plaza Tequila Thursday
Several restaurants around town, $100 million in tax credits. More liam Silver, former dean of Sono- location at 19315 Highway special and their Tequila
including the Girl and the Fig and at ma State University’s business 12 and work has begun on Club.
Swiss Hotel, among others, are iforniaCompetesTaxCredit. school, has been picked to lead the interior of the restau- “We’re excited to have
closed for a few weeks for their ■ CannaCraft as the fast-growing rant. a restaurant in Sonoma
annual winter refurbishing. Don’t New board members: Santa Rosa cannabis manufactur- “Depending on the Valley,” said Yesica. “We
be alarmed, all plan to reopen Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau ing firm continues to expand. permit process, we hope love the town, we think
shortly. has welcomed two new board to open late next month,” this is a great location and
members – Gary Buffo of Pure Same news, different name she said on Wednesday. we’re excited to spread our
Hiring: The Parks Founda- Luxury Transportation and Ash- for 2018. Movers & Shakers “We have a little bit of name there.”
tion seeks a development and ish Patel of Olea Hotel. Previous is now Strictly Business. work to do to the place and Plaza Tequila was
event associate. The part-time board chair Gary Saperstein Send news to businessnews@ we want to add some Mi owned by Luis Angel Acos-
employee must be willing to work continues to serve as Interim Ranchito touches to the ta Ruiz. The restaurant
some evenings and weekends. To Director since Jonny Westom’s space.” The space is 4,100 opened in 2010 and closed
square feet and also has a in mid-2017.

ESTATE SALE. BENEFITS. Unable to work? Denied
1210 NUNS CANYON ROAD benefits? We Can Help! WIN or Pay
Cross Street is Hwy 12. Nothing! Contact Bill Gordon &
Sat 1/13 & Sun 1/14 10-4 Associates at 1-800-966-1904 to
Antiques, Art, Furniture & start your application today!
@ 1/1-@'0#;5$@ @ +!6'!$#@ ,#/@++#/@

;#/@'78@ Appliances. 3 generations of col-
lecting. Additionally, a large collec-

tion of Bryan Tedrick sculptures. Tours, Vacation Packages and of Burning Man Travel Packages since 1952. Visit for details or call 1-

@  %#,+=(+,#@ 1<9%@ #/>11!@/!@159&@
Fame. A complete collection of
Jack London books-many first edi- 800-CARAVAN for catalog.
4;@ ,'#09#@ tions. Some items negotiable. (CalSCAN)
Delivery may be arranged.
Retiring the relais du soleil. Water Damage to Your Home?
@ (.1/"@@ #:8#57@18@25(0$7@
+@#5/1@#-#+# @ 1?#7@35)0$7@ Call for a quote for professional
cleanup & maintain the value of
your home! Set an appt today!
Call 855-401-7069 (Cal-SCAN)
#9@-16#@511-@'/@?1;5@$6$#@#9@-16#@ 7%@'/@
?1;5@31 *#8@"=#58(7#@?1;5@$6$#@7,#@91!?@ EMPLOYMENT OFFERS

H&R Block Sonoma tax office:
ESTATE SALE MOVING SALE Part time, seasonal, afternoons
230 W MAC ARTHUR STREET 359 LOS CASITAS COURT and evenings. 20-30 hours/week
FOR RENT Cross St is 2nd Street W
Sat 1/13 & Sun 1/14 9-3
Cross street, East Spain
Sat 1/13 & Sun 1/14 8-2
Monday- Friday. Friendly people
person for phones, making
Maple bedroom set, hutches, Stainless steel refrigerator, din- Surplus Sale appointments, taking pay-
tables, MW/TV carts, office furni- ing room table & chairs, down ments, assembling returns.
comforter, pillows, designer Sat, Jan. 13th 8:30 am -2:00 pm
$1750 2bd/2ba Spacious condo close to plaza. Wtr+ garb pd, ture, bookcases. Lounge & office Office furniture, food service On job training. English/Spanish
chairs, twin xl adjustable bed. Sm women's clothing, misc house- bilingual, a plus. Send resume
hold items, toys, clothing & supplies/equip., computer
A/C, w/d, f/p, shrd pool, pet nego. Bernice Ln. appliances, home decor, kitchen- workstations, cabinets, tables, to
ware, collectibles & much more! much more!
chairs, dressers + more. All
items as is & must be removed
$1840 2bd/2ba Modern apartment, close to Plaza. Spacious, that day, all sales final. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE
Sonoma Developmental Center
gas stove, w/d hkup, carport, n/p. Broadway. 15000 Arnold Dr., Eldridge

S����� M��������� I��

Safe Step Walk-In Tub! Alert for
Located in Finnerty Building Seniors. Bathroom falls can be
$2250 1bd/1ba Home in Diamond A. Private entry, f/p, w/d, fatal. Approved by Arthritis
Foundation. Therapeutic Jets.
off-st pking, pet nego. View Crest Dr. ANNOUNCEMENTS Less Than 4 Inch Step-In. Wide
Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American
Specializing in Property Management A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation's Made. Installation Included.
Call 800-799-4811 for $750 Off.
$2950 2bd/2.5ba Elegant condo in Sonoma Greens on largest senior living referral ser-
lagoon. Hrdwd flrs, 2 patios, views, w/d, n/p. Vassar.
~Residential Rentals~ vice. Contact our trusted,local ex- (Cal-SCAN)
perts today! Our service is
We have furnished rentals, please contact our office for details! FREE/no obligation. SAWMILLS from only $4397.00-
CALL 1-855-467-6487. (Cal-SCAN) MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your
$3500 3bd/2.5ba Oaktree Cottage. Furnished, hrdwd flr, A/C, $1500 1BR/1B Upstrs condo in well manicured complex w/ deck & shrd pool! Frig, stove, d/w, own bandmill- Cut lumber any
HAIRSTYLING STATION available for dimension. In stock ready to ship.
w/d, 2 car gar, pet nego. Railroad Ave. & w/d.Wtr/garb incl.Tenant resp for other util. No pets. Avail 1/1/2018. 154 W. Agua Caliente stylist with clientele in Sonoma FREE Info/DVD:
Salon. Call Cut Right & Co.
$1800 1BR/1BA Very cute cottage close to plaza w/encl yd. Frig, gas stove, w/d (stack). Wtr/ (707) 225-2806 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N (Cal-SCAN)
$4250 3+bd/3ba Country bungalow. Hrdwd flr, A/C, f/p, frml liv garb incl. Tenant resp for other util. Pet negot. Avail 2/1. 738 Broadway
rm, patio, gar, pet nego. Gehericke Rd. KC BUYS HOUSES - FAST - CASH - TV / STEREO / VIDEO / RADIO
Any Condition. Family owned &
$1900 1BR/1BA Beautiful sweet cottage blocks from the Square. All new frig, stove, d/w, m/w, Operated . Same day offer! Cut the Cable! CALL DIRECTV.
shrd w/d. All util incl. No pets. Avail now! 439 2nd St. E (951) 805-8661 Bundle & Save! Over 145 Channels
$4250 4bd/2.5ba Furnished house. Solar panels, fncd yd, WWW.KCBUYSHOUSES.COM PLUS Genie HD-DVR. $50/month for
(Cal-SCAN) 2 Years (with AT&T Wireless.)
outdoor kitch, w/d hkup, gar, pet nego. Melrose Ct. $1900 2BR/2BA Nwly renov downstairs unit close to the SQ! All SS frig, elec stove, d/w, coin-op Call for Other Great Offers!
lndry. Wtr/garb incl. Tenant resp for other util. No pets. Avail 1/5/2018. 745 1st St W. #9 NORTHERN AZ WILDERNESS 1-866-249-0619 (Cal-SCAN)
RANCH $215 MONTH - Quiet se-
$9500 3bd/3ba Furnished house + cottage. Pool, hot tub, lush cluded 42 acre off grid ranch set
$2000 2BR/1BA Upstairs apt, elevator access, in Sonoma Court Shops! Frig, gas stove, d/w, w/d, DISH TV. 190 channels. $49.99/mo.
grounds, views, w/d, f/p, pet nego. 7th Street. amid scenic mountains and val- for 24 mos. Ask About Exclusive
A/C. Wtr incl. Tenant resp for other util. No pets. Avail now! 27 E Napa # G leys at clear 6,500’. Borders hun- Dish Features like Sling® and the
dreds of acres of BLM lands. Near Hopper®. PLUS HighSpeed Inter-
Short Term Rentals historic pioneer town and large net, $14.95/mo. (Availability and
$2650 3BR/2BA Nwly pntd house in heart of Sonoma w/deck,patio, bocce ct, f/p. Frig, gas fishing lake. No urban noise & dark Restrictions apply.) TV for Less,
stove, d/w, w/d. Tenant resp for all util. Sm dog negot. Avail now! 44 Woodworth Ln sky nights amid pure air and AZ’s Not Less TV! 1-844-536-5233.
best year round climate. Ever- (Cal-SCAN)
$3500 2bd/2ba Furnished home. Granite ctrs, stainless apps, green trees/meadow blends with
deck with views, w/d hkup, n/p. Central Ave.
$3950 3BR/3BA Charming home in Napa w/beautiful yard and pool. All SS frig, stove, d/w, sweeping views across uninhab-
ited wilderness landscapes. Self- AUTO / TRUCK WANTED
m/w, w/d. Pool service incl. Tenant resp for all util. Pet negot. Avail 3/1. 1944 Silverado Trail sufficiency quality loam garden
soil, abundant groundwater and DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR
$3600 3bd/2ba Furnished home. Utilities + internet incl., COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES free well access. Maintained BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND.
hrdwd flrs, gas stove, gar, dog nego. Arguello Ct. road to property. Camping & RV’s Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deducti-
$1775 0BR/1BA Commercial office space in conven loc. 920 sf. Carpet. shared parking in lot. ok. $25,900, $2,590 down. Free ble, Free Towing, All Paperwork
brochure with additional property Taken Care Of. 800-731-5042.
$7000 3bd/2ba Furnished Kenwood Estate. Hrdwd flrs, hot Wtr/garb incl. Tenant resp for all other util. Avail now! 1254 Broadway # C descriptions, maps photos, (Cal-SCAN)
weather chart & area info. 1st
tub, pool, f/p, A/C, w/d, pet nego. Lawndale Rd. $1900 0BR/1BA Commercial office space in conven loc. w/ large open floor plan. 750-800sf. United Realty 800.966.6690. Got an older car, boat or RV?
(CalSCAN) Do the humane thing.
Tenant resp for util. Avail now. 17680 Sonoma Hwy. Donate it to the Humane Society.

SONOMA PROPERTIES View all rentals and photos at

ADOPTION? Call us first. Living
expenses, housing, medical, and
Call 1-800-743-1482 (Cal-SCAN)

WANTED! Old Porsche 356/911/912

BRE Lic #01931046
669 Broadway Suite A, Sonoma CA continued support afterwards.
Choose adoptive family of your
for restoration by hobbyist 1948-
1973 Only. Any condition, top $
939-2024 • 662 Broadway • (707) 938-3177 choice. Call 24/7. 1-877-879-4709
paid 707 965-9546 (Cal-SCAN)

View obituaries, sign a guest book and offer condolences at


Sold in Sonoma Valley ■

1281 Felder Road
3 bedrooms/2 baths
2 bedrooms/3 baths
Sold for $1,625,000
Listed for $1,695,000
Properties sold in market 50 days on the market Sold for $900,000 311 days on the
Listed for $995,000 market
Sonoma, the two ■
199 La Mancha

1290 Pickett St. 224 days on the ■
weeks ending Drive 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths market 16720 Norrbom
Jan. 7 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths Sold for $735,000 ■ Road
Sold for $527,500 Listed for $739,000 751 Fifth St. E. 4 bedrooms/4.5 baths
Listed for $525,000 48 days on the market 4 bedrooms/3 baths Sold for $2,675,000
4423 Lakeside 23 days on the market ■ Sold for $1,300,000 Listed for $3,195,000
Road, Glen Ellen ■ 444 W. Spain St. Listed for $1,395,000 243 days on the
1 bedrooms/1 bath 649 First St. W. #15 1 bedrooms/1 bath 57 days on the market market
Sold for $430,000 2 bedrooms/3 baths Sold for $780,000 ■
Listed for $450,000 Sold for $714,500 Listed for $799,000 1982 Sobre Vista
100 days on the Listed for $729,000 79 days on the market Road 199 La Mancha Drive went for a cool $527K.


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6. Cutlass
8. One who assembles information
9. Fencing equipment Rules: Fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to
10. Kutcher’s “What Happens in 9 appear once in each row, column and 3x3 box. There is
Vegas” co-star only one unique solution for each puzzle.
11. Where Lux. is
12. Old German currency
14. Half note
21. “Gladiator” star middle name
22. Sale abbreviation
26. Grammy nominee in 2007:
Corinne Bailey ___
27. African antelopes
29. Bird known for thievery
30. Greek love god
31. Parking space
32. “Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure”
33. Glance over
34. Kotter of “Welcome Back, Kotter”
35. Tamarack or ginkgo
37. Province west of Que.
38. Sask. neighbor
41. “Far out!”
42. Soaking completely
43. Numerical ending
48. Slippery one
50. It’s south of Eur.
51. Add
53. Manicurist’s need
54. Rugby formation
56. Out of favor (with)
57. Mind
58. Brit’s radials Myles Mellor publishes more than 100 puzzles a
59. Prince Charles’ sport month in a host of newspapers, magazines and websites.
60. Lumberjack, often You can reach him through his website: themecrosswords.
61. Math class, for short com.
Across 28. Most senior 66. Global taxi middleman 62. Swimming, perhaps
33. Military rank, abbr.
1. Slangy turndown
36. Unknown writer
67. “I’ve Got the World on a String”
63. Not be up-to-date CROSSWORD SUDOKU
4. Animal in the sky 64. Before, in ballads
39. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Combs 68. Regulation
8. Relinquished
40. “Some Hearts” singer 69. Cracker topping
13. Mosque leader
44. Crosswise, on deck 70. Physicist Ohm
15. Cut
45. Number on a sports page 71. Gym site
16. Drug from poppies
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18. Eagerly excited
46. Some are numbered in N.Y.C.
47. Required
72. Dress code section possibly
19. Four-time Indy champ
20. Singer with the #1 hit “All I Have”
49. Middle eastern stimulant
52. Roger of “Cheers”
55. Compel to accept
1. Martial arts mercenary puzzle
23. In motion 2. Gallic girlfriends
59. Singer with “Wings”
24. Figure skater Thomas 3. Accusation response
63. Pope of 1605
25. Helgenberger of “CSI” 4. American military branch: abbr.
65. Baseball stats

Spiritual Directory
wheelchair accessible wheelchair accessible wheelchair accessible
Looking to connect with a friendly, diverse Jewish Community? 109 Patten Street, Sonoma, CA 95476 707-996-2151 601 W. Agua Caliente Rd., Sonoma, CA 95476
Please check our website: for times and dates. Pastor Matthew Pearson RECTORY 996-8422
Office email: P.O. Box 666, Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95416
Services, Torah Study, Religious/Hebrew School, Tots/Family Shabbats, Holiday
Office Hours: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Tuesday through Friday Rev. Jojo Puthussery
Celebrations, Classes, Social Get-Togethers and Events.
252 West Spain St. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Special music with Carols, MASS TIMES
harp and Bells
707-935-3636 or email us at info@shir-shalom - we will get right back to you! Saturday Mass 5:00 p.m. English
WEEkLY SChEduLE Sunday Mass 7:30 & 9:30 a.m. English
Sunday morning church services are at 10 am. Child care is available. 11:30 a.m. Spanish
FirsT CHUrCH oF CHrisT, sCieNTisT Sunday School for Adults, Youth and Children at 9 am.
Wednesday evening Mass 7:00 p.m. Spanish
wheelchair accessible
Koffee Klatch meets every Wednesday at 10 am (Summer break July and
August) Weekday Mass 8:30 a.m. English
480 Second St. East, Sonoma, CA 95476 707-721-6911 Confessions, Weddings & Baptisms by appointment 996-8422
United Methodist Women Circles meet on the second Tuesday of each month.
Christian Science is a proven prayer-based system of spiritual healing that Men’s Group meets on the first Friday of the month.
people around the world have testified to as preventing and curing both For more information, please call 707-996-2151.
disease, contagious conditions or any of life’s challenges such as depression, sv CHUrCH oF THe NAZAreNe
wheelchair accessible
financial difficulty, etc. Services last 1 hour and consist of prayer, singing and
reading from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. ALL ARE WELCOME! 18980 Arnold drive, Sonoma, California 95476
soNoMA ALLiANCe CHUrCH PASTOR REV. Kevin Goss Office 996-7578
wheelchair accessible
Sunday Service: 10:00 am 125 East Watmaugh Road, Sonoma, CA 95476 938-5777 SuNdAY SChEduLE
Sunday School: 10:00 am Visit us at • Sunday School for adults & children 10:00 a.m.
Testimony Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 7:30 pm Rob Goerzen, Senior Pastor • Contemporary Worship Celebration 10:45 a.m.
Kim Presti, Youth Pastor First Sunday of the Month: A Potluck Dinner following Worship.
Reading Room hours: Saturdays Noon - 2:00 pm
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. • Fellowship Meal served 6:00-6:30 p.m.
HisToriC GLeN eLLeN CoMMUNiTy CHUrCH Sunday Worship 10:45 a.m. (Suggested donation: $3/Adult and $1/Child)
wheelchair accessible Bible Study Small Group Wednesday 7:00 p.m. • Multi-Age Level Ministries 7:00-8:30 p.m.
In the Village of Glen Ellen: First Friday 7:00 p.m. • Celebrate Recovery - Learn how to become free from our addictive,
5311 O’donnell Lane, Glen Ellen, CA 95442 996-1479 “The perfect church for imperfect people.” compulsive and dysfunctional behavior and accept God’s healing power
REV. DR. JAMES HILL, Pastor TheGaTherinG–Sundays7:00p.m • Children/Teen Ministries - games, crafts and bible stories.
SuNdAY SChEduLE ContemporaryWorship/LiveBand Everyone is welcome, nursery available!
Sunday Worship 10:00 am ThuRSdAY SChEduLE
Children’s Church (children dismissed from service) 10:00 am • Parent’s Day Out 9:00-11:00 am
Coffee and Fellowship afterwards sT. FrANCis soLANo CATHoLiC CHUrCH Creative play for children age 2-5 years old. Space limited. For more information:
wheelchair accessible
Other Ministry Opportunities at GECC: Christian Counseling, Midweek Bible Studies, 707-343-7548,
469 Third Street West, Sonoma, CA 95476 996-6759
Email:; Father Alvin Villaruel, Pastor
Deacon Dave Gould and Deacon Ricardo Negrete
School: 996-4994
Religious Education: 996-6759 ext. 107
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Fridays 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Saturday Vigil Mass – Eng 5:00 p.m.
Saturday Vigil Mass – Span 7:00 p.m. To AdverTise, please call
Sunday Spanish Mass 1:00 p.m.
Sunday Masses English 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 a.m. Mary Jane dean at 707.521.5342
Weekday & Saturday Masses 8:30 a.m.
Wed. Evening Spanish Mass 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Confessions - Sat 4:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Confessions in Spanish Thurs. 7 p.m.-8 p.m.
Marriages and Baptism by Appointment eMAiL:


FORTY under 40


Naomi Clement vows that her pots will ‘introduce a little beauty into the world.’

SCC’s ceramicist-in-residence
Artist-educator NAOMI CLEMENT experiences in the ceramic
field: she has been an ap-
Clement to mold New SCC artist-in-residence prentice to two established
minds, pots... Naomi Clement is hosting potters; has worked as a
a presentation of her work studio potter; has given
By LORNA SHERIDAN and potluck dinner at 6 p.m. lectures; has attended
INDEX-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER on Wednesday, Jan. 17. She multiple workshops and

anadian ceramicist is also preparing bowls for residencies throughout
Naomi Clement the SCC Chili Bowl Feast on North America; and she
has been selected Feb. 10 currently serves as a
as the winter /spring board member for the
artist-in-residence at the National Council on the
Sonoma Community Cen- The six-month residen- Education for the Ceramic
ter. Clement is an artist cy includes a small but Arts (NCECA). She has ex-
and educator who explores airy apartment with high hibited her work through-
ideas of home and belong- ceiling and large windows out the U.S. and Canada,
ing through the lens of on the second floor of the and was recently named
functional ceramics. Community Center. a 2017 Emerging Artist
Clement, 39, arrived in “It’s great being so close by Ceramics Monthly
town on Sunday, but is no to my studio,” she said. magazine.
stranger to Sonoma, hav- “It has lovely light and “I make pots because
ing worked in wine sales couldn’t be more conve- I truly believe that life is
when she was younger. nient.” different when you choose
“I have always loved the Part of Clement’s agree- to surround yourself with
region and visited sever- ment with SCC is that she objects that already have
al times,” said Clement, will teach a number of a story when they reach
who grew up in London, ceramics classes, and she you,” said Clement. “My
Ontario. is excited for that aspect of goal is always that my pots
When asked how she her role. will introduce a little beau-
learned about the ceram- “In past residencies, I ty into the world, and ide-
ics residency, she laughed have taught community ally create a space where
and said she had heard classes and I’ve also taught the user can pause to savor
about it a few years ago undergraduate and grad- a moment of calm in the
and that a several people uate students in college,” midst of a busy day.”
quickly emailed her about she explained. If you would like to
it when the application Clement received her meet Clement, stop by the
was posted. MFA from Louisiana State ceramics studio.
“The opportunity here University, and her B.F.A “I am looking forward
in Sonoma is actually very from the Nova Scotia being a part of this com-
well-known through the College of Art & Design. munity of people who love
ceramics community,” she Her formal education is food, wine and the arts,”
said. balanced with a host of she said.

Sonoma Valley Unified School District Nominate a professional under

the age of 40 who fit any of the
Kindergarten Registration Information Meeting – Altimira Middle School
following profiles:
17805 Arnold Dr.
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 6:00-7:00 p.m. Presentation in English & Spanish
• Entrepreneurs who create a new
7:00-7:30 p.m. Mix and Mingle with SVUSD staff and
families product or market
Kindergarten Registration Online New for 2018-2019! – Altimira Middle School -
17805 Arnold Dr. AND - Adele Harrison Middle School - 1150 Broadway • People who demonstrate
extraordinary leadership qualities
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 5:00-7:30pm
Parents may receive assistance in using our new
online registration system on January 31, 2018 at
Altimira and Adele Harrison Middle Schools. School
staff will be available to help parents sign in, scan • Innovators who have changed the
documents, and navigate the new system. Assistance
in English and Spanish will be available.
Registration requirements: 1. Child must be five (5) years of age on or before
way their industry does business
September 1, 2018. Birth certificate required. 2. An up-to-date immunization record
must be presented. 3. Two (2) current proofs of address must be presented (example: • Executives and professionals
advancing quickly in their
lease agreement, current bill to address, etc.), Parent Photo I.D., Custody/Guardianship
documentation (if applicable), Oral Health Assessment Form, and Report of Health
Registration Information packets will be available at the information meetings, online
at, at the district office, and elementary schools starting January 25
Registration at Sonoma Charter and Woodland Star Charter is by lottery. For more
information contact the school directly: Sonoma Charter, 707-935-4232, Woodland • Individuals whose work has a wide-
reaching impact on the business
Star Charter, 707-996-3849

El Distrito Escolar Unificado del Valle de community

Sonoma anuncia:
Junta de información para las inscripciones para el jardín de niños – Esc. Secundaria
Altimira 17805 Arnold Dr
Miércoles, 24 de enero, 2018 6:00-7:00 p.m. presentación en inglés y en español
7:00-7:30 p.m. reunirse y conversar con el personal y
familias de SVUSD Nominations will be accepted until
Inscripciones en línea para el jardín de niños, nuevo en el 2018-19 – Esc. Secundaria
Altimira – 17805 Arnold Dr. Y en la Esc. Secundaria Adele Harrison – 1150 Broadway Monday, Feb. 12, 2018
Miércoles, 31 de enero, 2018 5:00-7:30 p.m.
Los padres pueden recibir ayuda para usar nuestro PRESENTED BY:
sistema nuevo de inscripciones en línea el 31 de enero,
2018 en las escuelas Altimira y Adele Harrison. El
personal de la escuela estará disponible para ayudar a
los padres a ingresar, escanear documentos, y navegar
el sistema nuevo. Ayuda en inglés y español disponible.
Requisitos de inscripción: 1. El niño debe haber cumplido cinco (5) años de edad en o
antes del 1 de septiembre, 2018. Se requiere el acta de nacimiento. 2. Deben presentar
la tarjeta de vacunas y las vacunas deben estar al corriente. 3. Deben presentar dos (2) Underwritten by:
comprobantes recientes de su dirección actual (ejemplo: contrato de renta, factura reciente
enviada a su dirección, etc.), ID de foto padre, Documentación de custodia / tutela (si
corresponde), Formulario de Evaluación de Salud Dental, y Reporte del examen físico
requerido para entrar a la escuela.
Los paquetes de inscripción estarán disponibles en la junta de información, en el internet
en, en la oficina del distrito y en todas las escuelas primarias a partir de
25 de enero.
Las inscripciones en la Escuela Sonoma Charter y Woodland Star Charter son por sorteo.
Para más información contacten a la escuela directamente: Sonoma Chárter, 707-935-4232,
Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Woodland Star Charter, 707-996-3849 Call 707-521-5264 for more information.