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A. All goods and products covered by these Specifications shall be procured, when
available, from an in-Kingdom manufacturer. Procurement of all goods manufactured
out-of-Kingdom shall be approved by the Royal Commission.


A. Construction of Switchboards

1. The Switchboards shall be used in commercial buildings at 600 V and below

for service entrance, power, or lighting distribution, and as the secondary
section of unit substations. The switchboard and devices shall have ratings as
indicated on the Contract Drawings.

2. The switchboards shall be a completely, self-supporting, steel-enclosed dead-

front type construction of the required number of vertical sections to form one
metal-enclosed switchboard 2280 mm high.

3. The construction shall consist of a structural or formed steel frame carefully

braced and welded into a rigid structure that shall maintain its alignment and
not be damaged in shipment or erection, or by stresses resulting from short-

4. The switchboard shall have frame structure of 2.5 mm minimum thick formed
steel channels with welded sub-frames bolted to longitudinal members and
reinforced at corners. Side, top and rear covers (panels) shall have minimum
thickness of 1.5 mm or code-gage steel, bolted to the switchboard structure.

5. The removable rear access panels shall be of the concealed hinged type, or
screw-on type. The front shall be completely enclosed with hinged panels
covering each breaker, metering or blank compartment.

6. The hinged covers shall be provided with concealed hinges, latches, and cut-
outs where necessary for ventilation, operating mechanism, mechanical trip
and position indication.

7. Adequate ventilating louvers shall be provided only in the hinged panels where
required to limit the temperature rise of current-carrying-parts, including
contacts, to values specified in IEEE standard rules for enclosed equipment.

8. All openings shall be protected against entrance of falling dirt, water or other
foreign matter. Filters are not required for indoor assemblies. Each
switchboard shall be mounted on a 100 mm concrete pad and anchored to two
100 mm channel iron sills by tack welding or bolting.

9. Sills shall be furnished by the Contractor to suit the switchboard and shall be
leveled and grouted flush into the concrete pad by the Contractor.

10. Where space for future is indicated, all necessary buses and straps shall be

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