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Handbook of Networked and Embedded Control Systems

Edited by:
D. Hristu-Varsakelis and W. S. Levine
Editorial board:
Rajeev Alur, Karl-Erik Ǻrzén, John Baillieul, Tom Henzinger


1. Fundamentals
1.1 Fundamentals of Dynamical Systems (W. S. Levine)
1.2 Control of Single-input Single-output Systems (D. Hristu-Varsakelis and W. S. Levine)
1.3 Basics of Sampling and Quantization (A. Stubberud and W. Santina)
1.4 Discrete Event Systems (C. G. Cassandras)
1.5 Introduction to Hybrid Systems (M. S. Branicky)
1.6 Finite Automata (M. V. Lawson)
1.7 Basics of Computer Architecture (C. B. Silio)
1.8 Introduction to Real-time Scheduling (M. Caccamo, T. Baker, A. Burns, G. Buttazzo,
and L. Sha)
1.9 Network Fundamentals (D. M. Auslander and J.-D. Decotignie)
2. Hardware
2.1 Basics of Data Acquisition and Control (M. Chidambaram)
2.2 Programmable Logic Controllers (G. Olsson)
2.3 Digital Signal Processors (R. Leupers and G. Ascheid)
2.4 Microcontrollers (S. F. Barrett and D. J. Pack)
2.5 System on A Programmable Chip (SoPC) Design (W. M. Hawkins)
3. Software
3.1 Fundamentals of RTOS-Based Digital Controller Implementation (Q. Li)
3.2 Implementation-Aware Embedded Control Systems (K-E. Ǻrzén , A. Cervin and D.
3.3 From Control Loops to Real-Time Programs (P. Caspi and O. Maler)
3.4 Embedded Real-Time Control via MATLAB, Simulink, and xPC Target (P. Mosterman,
S. Prabhu, A. Dowd, J. Glass, T. Erkkinen, J. Kluza and R. Shenoy)
3.5 LabVIEW Real-Time for Networked/Embedded Control (J. Limroth, J. Falcon, D.
Leonard and J. Loy)
3.6 Control Loops in RTLinux (V. Yodaiken, M. Sherer and E. Hilton)
4. Theory
4.1 An Introduction to Hybrid Automata (J-F. Raskin)
4.2 An Overview of Hybrid Systems Control (J. Lygeros)
4.3 Temporal Logic Model Checking (E. Clarke, A. Fehnker, S. K. Jha and H. Veith)
4.4 Switched Systems (D. Liberzon)
4.5 Feedback Control with Communication Constraints (D. Hristu-Varsakelis)
4.6 Networked Control Systems: A Model-Based Approach (L. A. Montestruque and P. J.
4.7 Control Issues in Systems with Loop Delays (L. Mirkin and Z. J. Palmor)
5. Networking
5.1 Network Protocols for Networked Control Systems (F.-L. Lian, J. R. Moyne, and D. M.
5.2 Control using Feedback over Wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth (A. Suri, J. Baillieul and
D. V. Raghunathan)
5.3 Bluetooth in Control (B. Bernhardsson, J. Eker, J. Persson)
5.4 Embedded Sensor Networks (J. Heidemann and R. Govindan)
6. Applications
6.1 Vehicle Applications of Controller Area Network (K-H. Johansson, M. Törngren and L.
6.2 Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots (M. Egerstedt)
6.3 Wireless Control with Bluetooth (V. Vladimerou and G. Dullerud)
6.4 The Cornell RoboCup Robot Soccer Team: 1999 – 2003 (R. D’Andrea)