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Procter Automatic Gates Design Manufacture & Installation
Procter Automatic Gates is a UK industrial facilities, utility complexes, compliance. They match or exceed the automation of gates increased over
leader in the design, manufacture and schools and transport hubs across the the legal requirements for health & the decades so Procter has been at the
installation of automatic hinged, sliding, country. Gate safety is absolutely central safety. Our experience in the design, forefront of innovation and gate safety.
telescopic and bi-folding gates. Our to our business philosophy, and all our manufacture and installation of gates
gates can be found protecting large gates are CE marked to demonstrate goes back more than 100 years, and as

Service Experience, Expertise

& Compliance
We offer a comprehensive nationwide Detailed Proposal We have been proactive in promoting the highest • Installed by experienced
service to survey, manufacture, install standards of safety for automatic gates, whether automatic gate specialists.
Our fully detailed proposal will include a quotation
these are sliding gates, swing gates, bi-folding
and commission automatic gates with a guarantee that there are no hidden costs.
gates, or telescopic gates. Our high-level • All automated gates installations are approved
from our 3 bases in the UK. There are Manufacture involvement includes designing and delivering by Procter personnel who have attended the
typically five main stages to our service: training on powered gate safety, and promoting 2-day Powered Gate Group training course
Once the proposal is agreed, manufacture and been awarded their diploma who hold a
this to specifiers, contractors, facilities managers,
Technical Consultation and Site Survey takes place at our own factory in Leeds, giving photo I/D card confirming their qualification.
industrial, commercial and private users of
us complete control over quality, costs, and
The first stage in a project would normally be ensuring delivery and installation is on the day we automatic gates. • All Procter powered gates are installed
a site survey, and for this, one of our highly promised. following the codes of conduct for
As part of a working group of experts following
experienced team will discuss with the customer individual holders of diplomas and
Installation and commissioning HSE guidance, we have participated in
the exact requirements such as gate type, for the member company.
developing the most comprehensive training
specification, access control and finish etc. Installation of all our automatic gates is carried course for the design and installation of fully • Supplied with operator training,
Importantly and as an independent manufacturer out by our own highly experienced, skilled and compliant and safe automatic gates. A number operating manuals and a maintenance
with a full range of gate types and material qualified teams – see notes below under Safety of our staff have already been on this training contract where requested.
choices available, we are able to discuss and and Accreditation. We also won’t be in anyone’s course and have been awarded their Powered
propose options that represent the optimum way for too long, as installation can normally be
Gate Group Safety Assured diplomas, with this
specification of any type of automatic gate to suit completed in just one day. Of course the gate is
fully checked for all safety aspects as part of the achieved by passing the tough exam at the
our customers’ exact needs.
commissioning process and is then CE marked. end of two days of intensive training which is
Custom Design Service Procter Automatic Gates is one of the founding considered to be the most professional available.
members of the Powered Gate Group of DHF, All Procter Automatic Gates are:
With the gate type and the basis of a design
which was established with support from the • Designed in accordance with the relevant
agreed, we would then fully detail the design
Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in response to
of the automatic gate. As with all aspects of standards and CE marked as required by
serious concerns about the safety of automatic
our offer, this custom design service is carried current machinery safety legislation.
gates, and this following the tragic deaths of
out by our own highly skilled personnel. children due to unsafe powered gates.
Sliding Gates Telescopic Gates
Sliding gates are available in two main
types: Cantilevered and Tracked.
As the name suggests, telescopic
gates work by individual sections of
“Ideal sliding gate for
Cantilevered gates run suspended a gate overlapping each other as the restricted space sites”
above the roadway and therefore do not gate closes. As with sliding gates, a
require a track, whereas tracked gates telescopic gate moves along one straight
– as the name suggests – run along a line, however, a telescopic gate has the
track which is set into the roadway. advantage that it takes up less space
compared to a tracked or cantilevered
sliding gate when in the open position.

There are advantages with both cantilevered To achieve the optimum sliding gate solution This therefore makes it ideal for a site where An important consideration when deciding if
and tracked, and it’s really a case of which is for any site, it will inevitably mean at least an space is restricted either side of an entrance, a telescopic gate is suitable for the job is how
most appropriate to an individual site. There element of bespoke design. This is because but where the entrance itself is relatively wide – a the level the ground is, or can be made to be,
are a number of considerations but in essence the number of variables is almost endless, such single telescopic gate can be used for an opening below the gate. This is because, and like a
cantilevered gates have the advantage of being as gate size, finish and the level of security of up to 14 metres and a pair for an opening of tracked sliding gate, a telescopic gate runs on
able to run over an uneven surface (because the required. As a start point though, we separate twice that size. a track and therefore the track needs to be on
gate is above the ground), with tracked gates our sliding gates for both cantilevered and level ground in order for the gate to operate.
being more suitable for very wide openings. In tracked into three into three main levels of
any event when required to do so, we will always specification: Series 10 Pro-glide, Series 20
advise on the best option. Pro-glide, and Series 30 Pro-glide. For details
of each specification please see our website.
Swing Gates Bi Fold Gates
Despite being the simplest form of
automatic gate and certainly the one
“Unlimited choice of Bi-folding gates, or speed gates or bi-
fold gates as they’re also called, offer
“Fast & compact
which has been around for the longest sizes, specifications advantages over swing and sliding gates - for rapid access in a
time, for certain applications swing gates in that they can open and close in less
are still the most appropriate and cost- and styles” time than a swing or sliding gate, plus limited space”
effective solution. take up less space when in the open

Our automatic electric swing gates are in place will take into account as part of agreeing the final Bi-folding gates are ideal for high levels of vehicle depend on other factors and in particular the size
and fully operational at industrial, commercial specification would include the level of security traffic where it’s important the gate closes after of the entrance span the gate needs to cover.
and utility sites right across the UK. required (with this having a bearing on a number each individual vehicle then quickly opens again Compared to a swing gate, bi-folding gates
of elements including gauges of material and gate for the next one. Our 100 years plus of innovative can more easily cope with gradients as the full
Generally, our automatic swing gates can be height etc.), single or double leaf gates, type of design, skilled manufacture and careful installation span of the gate obviously does not extend to
separated into four main styles: Welded mesh, access control – e.g. automated or remote control is what underpins our offer for the relatively new the same length when it opens and closes.
Palisade, Balustrade, and Ornamental. However, etc. – and of course the visual appearance. automatic bi-folding speed gates. As with all gate
any type of bespoke swing gate is achievable for types, we’ve started with the basic principle and
us to manufacture, so if what you have in mind then refined and developed it to ensure both
isn’t among those listed above then contact us reliable and safe operation. The opening and
to discuss your exact requirements. Once the closing speed of our bi-folding gates can be as
basic style of gate is determined, other factors we low as seven seconds, though this will of course
Bespoke Gates Barriers & Turnstiles
On a specification level, all our gates So whether the gate be sliding, The main type of automatic vehicle digi-pads, induction loops, infra-red
are bespoke because they need to take telescopic, bi-folding or swing, every barriers we specify and install are detection devices and radio controls etc.
account of individual site requirements gate we produce is unique in some way. automatic rising arm barriers and rising
which will invariably always be different. road blockers, and we also offer a full
range of access control and safety
equipment including, card readers,

Typical applications for automatic rising arm applications can be where the security
barriers are where controlled vehicle access is requirement is very high but also where the
needed to a site but the security requirement site entrance is permanently manned.
isn’t especially high – for example a staff For rising road blockers, these are often
car park or college entrance. In addition, used to control vehicle access into
pedestrianized areas of town centres.

“Custom made for your application, “Full site access

style and brand” control options”
Beyond technical specification though, aesthetics All such visual enhancements take nothing away
can also be an obvious factor in making a gate from the security and functionality elements of
unique. And for some locations and applications the gates, and are simply there because the Turnstiles are a long-established device to allow
the aesthetic appearance of an entrance can nature of the site ideally requires it. We have huge the controlled access of people into premises
be very important – e.g. a school or prestigious experience in implementing aesthetic design or a designated area of it. Of course the original
manufacturing facility. Where this is the case, needs on gates, and can work to architects turnstile was purely a mechanical affair, but with
we’re able to design gates which fully take drawings or use the skills of our own designers. modern technology now being applied there are
account of any number of visual elements, be a host of innovations which enhance this highly-
they design details from the building the gates effective invention. Of these innovations it is
protect, to special colours and company or access control systems which add most value,
establishment logos. with a large number of options available including
the popular card reader or remote control.
Bollards Safety Features
Lifting bollards are an excellent way When rising bollards are used, we can There are a range of safety features we access. The type of safety features
to supplement security and protect also install a wide range of options for use on gates, with the exact choice and include:-
vulnerable areas – in particular doorways access control, such as key switch or specification depending on a range of
which can be vulnerable to being remote control and monitored via CCTV. factors such as vehicle or pedestrian Safe edge – these are a strip which run along the
length of a gate’s edge or gate pillar and cause
rammed by a vehicle.
the gate to reverse its motion if the edge comes
into contact with anything.

“Lifting bollards are Light beam – if the beam is broken – e.g. by a

person or vehicle – then again the motion of the
an excellent way to gate will be reversed.

supplement security Flashing warning light – this is activated when the

gate is in operation.
and protect vulnerable Warning sound – again this is activated when the
areas” gate is in operation.

Static concrete, steel and cast iron bollards can

also be supplied, with high-specification anti-
terrorist bollards also available.

Our automatic gates are supplied in a Hot dip galvanised + powder coating – degrease
selection of high quality durable multi- and abrade, etch primer, powder coating topcoat
Each finishing option is available in a wide range
stage coating finishes that provide of standard colour options with specific colour
product protection for up to 25 years for matches available on request.
wet paint and up to 16 years for powder
coatings. These systems have been
developed to protect against aggressive
external environments such as industrial
or coastal areas.
Typical coating system options include:-
3 stage powder coating system – pre-treatment
by blast clean, powder coating primer, powder
coating topcoat.

3 stage wet paint coating system – blast clean

zinc-rich primer, zinc-rich intermediate coating
and finishing topcoat.
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Comprehensive service for security Nationwide service to design, Bespoke Cast Stone specialists. Design, Street furniture designed or
fencing, gates and barriers. manufacture and install safety guards or manufacture to architect designs. manufactured to architect designs
on all kinds of machines. for retail and local authority sites.

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