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What you / By what time Five years FUTURE CONTINUOUS and FUTURE

do at 9.30 / you / go to from now PERFECT

tonight? bed tonight? you / have 5

In five years' Move When you / you / still live When / When all cars
time you / finish your in the same exams / / run on
Ahead 4 place 10 years
study another English finish? electricity?
language? Spaces studies? from now?

Go Back By the end of

June what /
you / do?
Spaces How much What /
you / save / happen / by
Oh No,
by the end of the end of the
What films / the month? school year? Go Back When we /
you / see / by run out of
the end of the petrol?
How much / How many
month? different means
you / spend / of transport / you
next / take by the end
How many In summer
book(s) you /
weekend? of the year?
what you /
read / by the do?
end of the What / you / By what time
school year? do between / we / finish
10 and 11 this exercise?
By the end of By the end of
tonight? the century
what places / robots /replace
you / visit? Photo You / go on a humans.

Finish! diet this

Oh, No, In 5 years' time
Ryanair/ fly/
Go Back from santander
to Start What things / to...?
1. Roll the dice. When you land on a change about
square, make a correct question, you / by
25 years from In 20
now, you /
either in the future continuous (will 2020?
+ be + ing) or in the future perfect years'time
become a fluent /we / use /
English speaker? (will + have + past participle), Then
solar energy.
ask the question to the person on What do / ten
your right. hours from
Write / a What you / do
2. This person must answer using now?
composition by the end of
one of the two tenses mentioned the week?
before next
Tuesday? above.

You / watch a Skip What / you / What time / Go Back

film in English do tomorrow you / have a
by the end of One 2
at 8 a.m. shower
the week? Turn tomorrow? Spaces Start