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Lydia Gibbs – December 12th, 2018

Winnipeg General Strike Simulation

Period Period 5 (2:25pm – 3:30pm) 65 minutes

Subject & Unit Grade 11 History/ Winnipeg General Strike
Curriculum Learning How was Canada’s identity as a nation shaped by the First
Outcomes World War and by its changing relationship to Great Britain
and the world?
Goals & Objections - Students will development an understanding of
Winnipeg’s General Strike.
- Students will explore different perspectives of the
General strike and how they interact with each

Activating Activity Plan Strategies Resources

~15 mins Example of a bio
- Students have watched card.
documentary on the Winnipeg Powerpoint with
General Strike last class and began instructions
to develop their simulation cards.
- Teacher will explain the simulation
rules and what they should be
- Teacher will show an example of a
simulation card and give more
examples of what the other groups
could look like.
- Students will be given time to
write down more information
about their character.

Acquiring Activity Plan Strategies Resources

~ 15 mins - Students will first get together
with the other people who have
similar identities to them.
o Students will be expected to
discuss what their common
goal is and how they might
achieve that throughout the
o They will also discuss their
common fears for the
- Students will be expected to speak
with at least one person from each
~15 mins one of the different groups about
their struggles and discuss the
possibility of them working it out.

Applying Activity Plan Strategies Resources

Remaining of - Students will then come back
the class together with their original groups
and discuss if they had any success
getting what they wanted
- Students will then write a
reflection on the process and
about their character and their
journey. Was their journey
successful or not?
Plan for Extra - We will go over previous answers
time from a handout.

Assessment For Of As Learning

Using the reflection piece as a for learning assessment piece to
gather information about how they