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LOW-AMPERAGE WELDING TRAINER WELDING TRAINER DELIVERY SET Welding trainer includes: a — _- Interface unit [== Ensures the required values of output electric parameters lab ou ‘ 1" for ignition and stable burning of the low amperage arc in simulation of different welding methods and allows to measure and analyze: ~ Arc length - Welding speed = Inclination angles etc = Welding manipulator .__ Manipulator provides the setting of a welded joint simulator to different spatial positions - Welding torches ‘Welding torch is intended for practice in different welding MIG/MAG me A MMA with imitation of the electrode melting Filler wire imitator Software The software is intended for setting of parameters and Electric arc welding trainer is developed on modem inverter analyzing of welding process technology. WELDING TRAINER PURPOSES Welding trainer is extremely efficient for training and improvement of welders skills in welding methods: -MMA- Manual Metal Arc -MIGIMAG - Metal Inert Gas/Metal Active Gas ~ TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas The welding trainer is intended to acquire psychomotor skills in performing the welding process, arc ignition and maintaining of the stable arc, maintaining tool inclination angles and welding speed etc. Welding trainer allows to entry of initial data on a welding process being simulated in the dialog mode, display of current parameters ofthe welding process (arc length, welding speed, ADVANTAGES OF THE WELDING TRAINER inclination angles), feedback with student directly during the __- Real process: real arc, noise, sparkles, smoke welding process by automatically playing of the voice prompts, __- Low electro-magnetic emanation estimate the quality of welding process and welded jo int, _- Low energy consumption save the training process results to the report file and the _- No electrodes and metal consumption database of students and many things. Low price 1. Ability to take the photo of the student and add it to the report 2. Ability of installing of interactive educational software to allow to give the students the theoretical foundations of the welding process in simple visual form 3. Forming and displaying 3D model of welding seam - Welding seam’s section - Model of welding seam - Heatinput - Replay of recorded seam’s forming 4. Ability to use interactive board with special purpose educational software for teaching 5. Ability of development of new individual curriculum or separate modules of the curriculum with the assistance of the specialists of Teaching and Certification Center of E.0. Paton welding institute 6. Ability to add additional technical features by request of Customer 7. Multilanguage interface. Ability to add your native language 8, Multilanguage voice prompts TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Arc length, mm 0,5 - 6,0 Welding speed, mm/s 2,0- 10,0 Inclination angle (vertical) +90° Inclination angle (horizontal) £90 Welding current, A <5.0 ‘Arc voltage, V 20-35 Open circuit voltage, V 55,0 Time of lesson, min 1-10 Length of welded joint, mm 500,0 Electric consumption, W <300 Electric input '~220V, 50Hz or ~115V, 60Hz Weight, kg < 15,0