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VVRF01 Integrated Water Resources Management:  October 10, 2007 

Dept. of Water Resources Engineering/Lund University 

Written Exam

9 The exam is a closed book type, meaning no help materials (except Swedish/English
dictionary) are allowed.
9 Write clearly in a well structured manner.
9 The Max. points from the exam are 50p, together with the Max. points 50p from the
project assignment, the total Max. points are 100p.
For final grades, condition: minimum points 25p (exam) and 25p (assignment).
60p-72p→Grade 3; 73p-86p→Grade 4; 87p-100p→Grade 5

a) Describe very briefly the contents of the four principles of The Dublin Statement (1992) (6p)
b) How do you define the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)? (4p)
c) What are the Four Basic Contents of IWRM? (4p)
d) Discuss the contents of “The Temple of Sustainable Development” and its relation to IWRM!

Taking one selected Country from South Asia or South-East Asia of your own, describe the
background, the current status and the future needs for the Integrated Water Resources
Management (IWRM). (10p)

What are your own understandings and comments on “The Planning Cycle of IWRM”, from the
“Initiation stage” to the “Evaluation stage”? (10p)

A Country called “Drytopia” has got a Roadmap evaluation of IWRM. The results are given in
the Table on the opposite side of this page. What are your general comments on these results and
what are your suggestions for improvement? (10p)
VVRF01 Integrated Water Resources Management:  October 10, 2007 
Dept. of Water Resources Engineering/Lund University 

Roadmap evaluation results of IWRM in “Drytopia”

IWRM Element  Status (Score) 
River basin organization   4 
Stakeholder participation   0 
River basin planning   3 
Public awareness   0 
Water allocation   1 
Water rights   1 
Wastewater permits   1 
IWRM financing   1 
Economic instruments   1 
Regulations   0 
Infrastructure for multiple benefits   0 
Private sector contribution   0 
Water education   1 
Watershed management   3 
Environmental flows   1 
Disaster management   1 
Flood forecasting   3 
Flood damage rehabilitation   3 
Water quality monitoring   1 
Water quality improvement   1 
Wetland conservation   1 
Fisheries   3 
Groundwater management   2 
Water conservation   1 
Decision support information   0