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Reflection on Clinical Compliance

 Description

I, Laxmi Khadka started my Master of Nursing Practice in University of New England from

5th of November with an aim to understand and learn Australian nursing practice. I feel

privileged to be a part of an esteemed educational institution and broaden my horizons in the

domain of nursing. I, along with my classmates attended two days orientation sessions prior

to the start of Trimester 3 classes. I received a lot of information about what trimester 3

would be like. Sally Bristow (HSNS206 unit coordinator) had also briefed us on obtaining

registration from APHRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) as a student

nurse and clinical compliance from New South Wales Health. I was flabbergasted on

receiving a booklet that stated “Incoming Student Check-list”. I had no idea of what it was

meant for.

We were told that we (entire batch) had to take some online learning courses. All of us

wondered and most of us panicked on not being able to understand it clearly. None of us

knew the great significance of pre-placement preparation. We had to do all on our own and

be familiar to the system how everything works in Australia. It was a extreme challenging,

quite distressing and more tricky for someone like me coming from a developing country

which still has teacher-centered method of education system. I had to adapt myself with the

use of online portals, websites and get things done with computer and internet access and

basically do a lot of research beforehand. Although all of us created mess in the beginning

but most of us managed to have it done by ourselves and even help our classmates in keeping

track. It was an immense pleasure to receive a temporary compliance from New South Wales

Laxmi Khadka Reflection on Clinical Compliance 220192250


Health after successful completion of mandatory online courses and meeting eligibility


 Feelings

We, students of Trimester 3 had to attend special one hour lecture every Monday from 1200 to

1300 hrs exclusively for clinical placement requirements and wondered if that made sense. A

clinical office staff named Rhiannon came and started the lecture. She oriented us about the

requirements and told us that it was really essential. I became more conscious and listened

carefully not to miss a single piece of information. However, I was perplexed to know that

nursing students were meant to obtain a police check, vaccination record, working with children

check and mandatory online learning on topics such as hand hygiene, basic life support and

manual handling. As an international candidate to obtain a study- visa grant, I had done a

complete medical examination and biometrics as an obligatory part of my visa-processing. I

wondered why those assessments wouldn’t be helpful in obtaining clinical compliance from

NSW health.

I made an enquiry at clinical office and I was advised to refer New South Wales health websites

for detail information. I did research on it and what I found was impressive. I found that it is very

essential for nursing students who have joined for validated course of study must be registered

with their corresponding nursing board (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency,

2014). I then started understanding the rules and regulations that I must follow during my course

of study. New South Wales Government Health (2017) highlights its devotion in delivering

protection to its workforce and clientele. I too believe safety is fundamental in health-care and

hence convinced that pre-placement requirements for newly enrolled student nurses is one of the

Laxmi Khadka Reflection on Clinical Compliance 220192250


means to ensure safety. Guidelines for Clinical Placements in New South Wales Government

Health (2018), furthermore enlists the various mandatory requirements for nursing students to be

compliant for the placement. It made me realize the tremendous effort put by unit coordinator

and clinical office staff to get the things done in time. It would not have been possible without

their support and guidance.

 Evaluation

I started to work on my requirements with police check and working with children check and got

it done from Australian Federal Police and NSW services respectively. I got my vaccination

record filled in duration of 3 weeks. I also took various compulsory online learning courses such

as hand hygiene, basic life support and manual handling. Having incoming students checklist

was really beneficial. Students who are preparing for clinical placement always have mixed

feelings (Levitt-Jones T., Pitt V., Courtney-Pratt H., Harbrow G. and Rossiter R., 2015). It was

very different experience and at times became troublesome too. Even though I knew what were

meant to be done, I struggled to have it done properly and on time. There were many activities

happening simultaneously such as regular intensive schooling (lectures, practical session and

tutorials), adjustment issues, unavailability of GP appointment and vaccines to be purchased and

workshop to attend. Everything jumbled together. Some of my friends became really helping in

completing the requirements.

 Conclusion:

It could have been a more positive experience if we were allowed to do the things one at once

and not all together with same deadline. We could develop better understanding on everything

we were doing not just as a mandatory requirement but with a sense of deep responsibility.

Laxmi Khadka Reflection on Clinical Compliance 220192250


However, it became a good learning outcome and helped me become compliant for the clinical

placement. I am on a clinical placement at Shellharbour Hospital now and have benefited from

what I have learned about own safety and patient safety as I reflect. One of the nursing standard

states that nurse must think and react in an opportune way to the wellbeing and good health of

self as well as other people to maintain the ability to practice nursing (Nursing and Midwifery

Board of Australia, 2017). I feel that all the requirements such as hepatitis B declaration,

tuberculosis Screening, code of conduct, police check, working with children check, vaccination

record and online learning courses became evidences that support the fact that we meet one of

the nursing standards.

 Action Plan

In future, I will aim to be timely, organized and never hesitate to ask for help and guidance when

in need. I will always do researches prior to any task and think critically. Every requirement in

nursing helps us to grow professionally and become qualified.

Laxmi Khadka Reflection on Clinical Compliance 220192250



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Laxmi Khadka Reflection on Clinical Compliance 220192250