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Study Guide: Take note of the different matters over which each court has jurisdiction; know the
difference between exclusive original jurisdiction and exclusive appellate jurisdiction as well as
concurrent jurisdiction.

Assignment: to be submitted on January 31, 2019 (written on yellow paper): Draft an Integrated
Outline of the rules on jurisdiction in civil cases starting from courts of the first level to the Supreme
Court, taking into account various cases involving original and exclusive jurisdiction as well as those
with concurrent jurisdiction.

a. Subject matter jurisdiction

1. Allegations of complaint determine jurisdiction

Hasegawa et al v. Kitamura GR 149177 Nov 23, 2007

Cabling v. Dangcalan GR No. 187696 June 15, 2016

Balibago Faith Baptist Church v. Faith in Christ Jesus Baptist GR No. 191527 Aug 22, 2016

2. Aspects of jurisdiction

Boston Equity Resources, Inc. v. CA GR No. 173946 June 19, 2013

3. Jurisdiction by estoppel –

Tijam v. Sibonghanoy, 23 SCRA 29 (1968)

Figueroa v. People, GR 147407, Jul 14, 2008

4. Payment of filing fees –

Manchester Dev’t Corp. vs. CA, 149 SCRA 562 (May 7, 1987)

Sun Insurance vs. Asuncion, 170 SCRA 274 (1989)

Ruby Shelter v. Hon. Formaran GR 174914 Feb 10, 2009

Pangcatan v. Maghuyop GR No. 194412 November 16, 2016

Sps. Gregorio Go & Juana Tan Go vs. Tong, GR. 151942, Nov. 27, 2003

PAL vs. Kurangking, 389 SCRA 588

AM No. 04-2-04-SC, RE: Amendment of Section 21(i), Rule 141 of The Rules of Court [A.M. No. 04-2-
04-SC, August 16, 2004] by Clarifying the Manner of Payment of the Increased Fees for Corporate
Rehabilitation Petitions, Taking Into Account the Court’s Issuance in Amendment on the Clarification
on the Legal Fees to be Collected in Cases of Corporate Rehabiliation [A.M. No. 00-8-10-SC,
December 10, 2002], September 19, 2006

5. Exercise of jurisdiction –

Tolentino v. Leviste G.R. No. 156118, November 19, 2004

6. Doctrine of non-interference –

Springfield v. RTC Judge GR 142626 Feb 6, 2007

Primary jurisdiction –Sta. Ana v. Carpo GR 164340 Nov 28, 2008

b. Supreme Court

Philippine Constitution, Article VIII

1. Power of judicial review

Garcillano v. House GR 170338 Dec 23, 2008

2. Doctrine of stare decisis

Lazatin v. Desierto GR 147097 June 5, 2009

3. Hierarchy of courts

Ferdinand Cruz v. Priscilla Mijares et al GR 154404 Sep 11, 2008;

First United v. Poro Point GR 178799 Jan 19, 2009

4. Appellate jurisdiction

First Lepanto Ceramics, Inc. v. CA, GR 110571, Mar 10, 1994

5. SC Power of administrative supervision

Sarah Ampong v. CSC GR 167916 Aug 26, 2008

c. Court of Appeals

BP 129, as amended by RA 7902, Sec. 9 and RA 8246

Question of law, fact or both

CGP Transport v. PU Leasing GR 164547 Mar 28, 2007

b. Court of Tax Appeals

RA 9282; RA 9503

d. Sandiganbayan

Pres. Decree No. 1606 as amended by Rep. Act. No. 7975 and Rep. Act No. 8249

e. Regional Trial Courts

BP 129, as amended by RA 7691, Sec. 5

Incapable of pecuniary estimation

Agarrado et al v. Agarrado June 6, 2018 GR No. 212413

Bokingco v. CA, GR No. 161739, May 4, 2006

Cabrera v. Francisco G.R. No 172293 August 28, 2013

Salvador v. Patricia Inc. GR No. 195834 Nov 9, 2016

Recovery of possession

Honorio Bernardo v. Heirs of Eusebio Villegas GR 183357 Mar 15, 2010

Encarnacion v. Amigo, GR No. 169793 Sep 15, 2006

Issue of constitutionality

Planters Products v. Fertiphil GR 166006 Mar 14, 2008

Quasi judicial agency

Badillo v. CA GR 131903 June 26, 2008


Fort Bonifacio v Domingo GR 180768 Feb 27, 2009

RTC acting as Special Agrarian Court

Land Bank v. Ralla Balista GR 164631 Jun 26, 2009

Default jurisdiction

Mun of Pateros v. CA GR 157714 Jun 16, 2009


Tricorp v. CA GR 165742 June 30, 2009;

Ma. Luisa Dazon v. Kenneth Yap and People Jan 15, 2010

Department of Agrarian Reform

Del Monte Phils., Inc Employees Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative v. Jesus

Sangunay January 31, 2011 G.R. No. 180013

Heirs of Victor Amistoso v. Elmer Vallecer GR No. 227124 Dec 6, 2017

Family Courts

Sec 5, RA 8369 Family Courts Act of 1997

A.M. No. 02-11-10-SC Rules on Declaration of Absolute Nullity of Void Marriages and Annulment of
Voidable Marriages

A.M. No. 02-11-11 Rule on Legal Separation

A.M. No. 02-11-12 Rule on Provisional Orders

A.M. No. 03-04-04-SC Rule on Custody of Minors and Writ of Habeas Corpus in

Relation to Custody of Minors

A.M. No. 03-02-05-SC Rule on Guardianship of Minors

A.M. No. 02-6-02-SC Rule on Adoption

Summary Proceedings under the Family Code, Title XI, Chapters 1 to 3 on separation in fact between
husband and wife or abandonment by one of the other and incidents involving parental authority;

Chapter 4 on Art. 41 (declaration of a spouse as presumptively dead),

Art. 51 (action of a child for presumptive legitime),

Art. 69 (judicial declaration of family domicile in case of disagreement of the spouses),

Art. 73 (spouse’s objection to the profession of the other spouse),

Arts. 96 and 124 (annulment of husband’s decision in the administration and enjoyment of
community or conjugal property; appointment of spouse as sole administrator except cases of
“incompetent” other spouse which shall be under Rules 93 and 95) and Art. 217 (entrusting children
to homes and orphanages).

Madrinan v. Madrinan GR 159374 Jul 12, 2007

Yu v. Yu GR 164915 Mar 10, 2006

Commercial Courts

Sec. 5.2, RA 8799

A.M. No. 01-2-04-SC Interim Rules of Procedure Governing Intra-corporate Controversies

A.M. No. 03-03-03-SC dated June 21, 2016

A.M. 00-8-10-SC Interim Rules of Procedure on Corporate Rehabilitation

Oscar Reyes v. RTC Makati GR 165744 Aug 11, 2008

f. Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts/Circuit Trial Courts

BP 129, as amended by RA 7691, Secs. 2 to 4

The Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases

Unlawful detainer v. agrarian dispute

Sps Fajardo v. Anita Flores GR 167891 Jan 15, 2010

Recovery of possession

Vda De Barrera et al v. Heirs of Vicente Legaspi GR 174346 Sept 12, 2008

Ouano v. PGTT Gr No. 134230 July 7, 2002;

Heirs of Generoso Sebe v. Heirs of Veronico Sevilla GR No. 174497

Oct 12, 2009

g. Barangay Lupon

RA 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991) Secs 399-422

Substantial compliance

Leo Wee v. George de Castro et al GR 1764095 Aug 20, 2008