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Tasha Taylor

National University
1. Identify at least two elements of TPE Standard 6 (Developing as a Professional Educator) that

are relevant to the assignment/artifact that you have chosen.

I have chosen the ​Inspired Teacher Collaborative Group Presentation as the artifact for

my showcase. This presentation allowed me to exhibit the fourth element of TPE 6 which states

that a teacher will “Demonstrate how and when to involve other adults and to communicate

effectively with peers and colleagues, families, and members of the larger school community to

support teacher and student learning.” This presentation was a collaboration with fellow

educators where we communicated and worked effectively together to present a cohesive

presentation on what an inspired teacher should demonstrate. The second element that talks

about knowing your own values and knowledge also was well developed. Not only was the

presentation material on cited work but was also carefully thought out by how our values fit

within each four of the characteristics: dedicated, motivated, ethical, and inspired.

2. Discuss how your experience in creating the assignment/artifact influenced your development

and provides evidence of your growth as a professional educator.

I believe that being able to collaborate within my group with my fellow classmates allowed me

to grow as a professional educator. We were able to effectively create a time for meeting and

discussing our plans for the assignment, adjust our schedules accordingly, listen and help each

other, and create an online group collaboration where we can check and edit each other's work.
3. Provide an analysis of that growth.

As a future educator it is important that collaborating and having effective

communication skills with students, parents, and fellow educator is utilized. Being able to apply

these skills within class assignments will help communication skills to grow, so that when the

time comes to work within the classroom, I will be able to pull from past experiences. I believe

that our group worked effectively and conveyed professional behavior at all times.

4. Develop a Growth Plan- recommendations (actions) for how you plan to continually improve

the elements you identified from TPE Standard 6.

TPE 6 Elements Growth at NU Growth in Class Growth in Everyday

Element 2 and 4 Continuing to grow Learn through in On own time,

values, beliefs, and class experiences and continuing to

communication skills observations. research, learn, and

through class discover interests to

assignments. further education

5. How does your assignment/artifact relate to the concept of being an Inspired teacher?

The Inspired Teacher Collaborative Group Presentation is all about what it takes to

become and embody inspiration within the education field. The presentation talks about the

characteristics of being inspired, dedicated, motivated, and ethical which are all apart of being an

inspired teacher. Having the ability represent the six TPEs through these four characteristics are

what give the ability of teachers to be so inspirational within and outside of a classroom setting.

6. When you think about inspiring your own students, what are two beliefs and/or values that

will guide your decisions?

I will always value and hope to inspire the joy and fun in learning, and continuing to

learn for the rest of a lifetime. I also believe that keeping a positive atmosphere and outlook will

always help even in the hardest of times. Everyone are individuals and have their own life and

background that they come from, but by keeping positive and having a healthy outlook,

education can grow and prosper.