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Wirkus - Lab Biology

Classroom Rules and Policies

Welcome to Lab Biology!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to
Lab Biology. We will be studying a variety of topics this
semester. Topics of study will include, but are not
limited to:
 genetics
 evolution
 the five kingdoms of life
 and human systems.
We will study these things through participation in lab
experiments, hands-on activities, research, and
discussions. Expectations of All GHS Tigers
● Be Respectful – Respect yourself, classmates,
teacher, classroom property, and the classroom
Classroom Expectations
● Arrive to class on time and be prepared with the
● Be Responsible – Be a responsible scholar at all
required materials.
times. Come to class prepared (with pencil, paper,
● Follow safety rules at all times.
and the right attitude). Follow classroom
● Contribute in a positive manner to the learning
● Be Productive – You must focus on assignments,
● Bring charged Chromebook to class everyday!
and complete homework and make-up work.

GHS Mission Statement

Gilbert High School is dedicated to providing a safe, collaborative learning community that challenges individuals to
achieve their full potential.

Attendance Policy
Attendance is vital to your success in science. It is very difficult
to make up work because so much of what we learn is
accomplished in the lab or through group activities. Gilbert
High School’s attendance policy requires students to be present
in school and not to acquire ten absences in a semester or loss
of credit in the class may result. This policy will be followed.

Tardy Policy
Students are tardy when they are not in their seat when the
final bell rings. If a student is tardy, he/she will lose his/her
participation points for that day.
Homework Policy
Homework must be handed in when it is collected for the assignment to be eligible for full credit. Any work turned
in after the assignment is collected will be considered late, even if the assignment is turned in later in the period.
Late work will be accepted for half credit. All late work must be turned in two weeks prior to the end of each

If you miss an assignment due to an excused absence or school related activity, it is your responsibility to find out
what assignments you missed on your first day back to class. You will receive one day for every day missed to make
up an assignment.

Participation Policy
Students will receive a weekly participation grade. Participation points can be lost for the following actions: using a
cell phone, using headphones, not participating, being disruptive to the learning environment, sleeping in class,
being unprepared for class (not having ChromeBook, Chromebook not charged, not having required materials, etc),
being tardy, and/or being absent (excused or unexcused). Points will be entered into Infinite Campus on a weekly

Student grades are determined according to district policy.
Above 90.0%= A 79.9-70% = C Below 59.9% = F
89.9-80% = B 69.9-60% = D

Your grade will be made up of the following items.

15% Daily Work/Homework 25% Labs/Projects 20% Final Exam
15% Participation 25% Tests/Quizzes

Every day we make decisions, and each decision comes with a consequence. If students choose to break the rules or
disregard the procedures, negative consequences will follow. If students choose to meet or exceed the class
expectations, positive consequences will follow. Below are the consequences for decisions made in the biology
classroom. Depending on the severity of the action, consequences may not be followed in order.

Positive Consequences Negative Consequences

1st Tier – Personal Satisfaction 1st Tier – Verbal warning
2nd Tier – Verbal Praise 2nd Tier – Student/Teacher conference
3rd Tier – Positive Note 3rd Tier – Parent Contact
4th Tier – Choosing the Radio Station 4th Tier – Referral to Administration

Online Resources
We will be utilizing Google Classroom throughout the school year. Classroom will be used to send out assignments,
turn in assignments, and for posting important notes, videos, and reminders.

Tips for Success

 Ask Questions! If you do not understand, there is at least one other person with the same question.
 Use class time wisely. If students use class time for assignments, they will be able to ask questions as they arise.
 Turn in homework on time. Turning in homework is a simple way to boost your grade!
 Get to know your classmates! They are a great resource when you need help with a problem or someone to study
Note to the Parents

My name is Kayla Wirkus, and I am a teacher candidate at the University of Arizona. I am part of the Teach Arizona
program in which I am pursuing my Masters of Education. I received my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences
from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. During the fall semester, I was in the classroom helping your student and co-
teaching with Mrs. Cook. This semester, I will be taking over the class. Mrs. Cook will be still be present, observing and
helping me teach your student. If you have any questions or concerns, please know that you are more than welcome to
contact me.

I am looking forward to a great semester!


Ms. Wirkus
(605) 929-3547

---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Parent or Guardian: Please fill out the following after reading through the Classroom Rules and Policies, then
remove this portion and return to teacher. The above will be kept by the student.

We, _____________________________________________ (student’s first and last name) and

_____________________________________________ (parent/guardian’s name) have read and agree to follow all rules
and policies described in the attached handout.

Student’s Signature: ________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Email/Phone #: _______________________________________________________