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(Intakhab Alam Khan)

Dr Intakhab Alam Khan, an internationally acclaimed educational researcher,

educationist, trainer and author is associate professor (Education/Pedagogy) at King
Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia. He has served faculty of Education, Jamia
Millia Islamia (a central university) New Delhi, India and Jazan university, KSA. He has
almost 27 years of experience in teaching, training, research and publications at various
universities. An author of a 16 academic, reference and research books, and around 70
papers in different international online and print journals, Dr Khan has taught foundations
of education, educational planning and administration. Besides teaching methodology
papers Dr Khan has also taught applied linguistics, medical, health, business and
professional English in India and Saudi Arabia. He has developed curriculum/syllabus of
Educational management, communication skills, leadership techniques, Specific English
for Fine Arts, Pharmacy, medical receptionists, nurses, laboratory technicians, medical
doctors (non-English speaking) and so on. Dr Khan has developed an online course for
teaching of special need learners, currently taught at the online international Islamic
university, Gambia.

Dr Khan has also authored a book on Peace, philosophy and Education which has been
recommended as a reference in many universities. Others books and teaching materials
have been referenced at many universities. His presentations at international conferences
at Brighton (UK), Hong Kong (China), North Cyprus (Turkey), Brussels (Belgium),
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Delhi (India) have already been published in
refereed/ISSN/Scopus indexed proceedings. He has also attended a two week intensive
‘train the trainer’ programme at Greenwich community college, London, UK. Dr Khan is
honorary chief editor/associate editor/asst. editor of more than 25 online educational
journals published worldwide. He has already completed five King Abdulaziz
University- sponsored/funded projects of books/research papers.
Dr Khan’s researches and works have been read by 1, 90, 000 researchers worldwide
according to researchgate database, and cited by more than 325 international researchers
according to google scholar details.

Dr Intakhab A. Khan has bagged many awards and recognition at his universities in
addition to the excellent researcher’s award given to him in Dec, 2018 by GECL at
MEIT, Meerut, India.

Dr Khan’s academic contribution can be accessed by clicking the following:

Dr Intakha A. Khan can be reached at: Post Box: 80283, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-21589,
Saudi Arabia.


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