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Malaysian Culture

MPU 2313 December Semester 2018

Assignment 1 – 15%

Malaysia’s arts and culture have been significant to the country in maintaining its identity as a
multicultural nation. Having explored arts and culture in the class, write an essay on the background
history of any of the following dances/sports/music:

1. Chinese Lion Dance

2. Sepak Takraw
3. Tarian Joget
4. Wayang Kulit
5. Datun Julud
6. Tarian Mak Yong
7. Nobat
8. Kompang
9. Sepak Manggis
10. Bharata Natyam

In your essay, include the following:

i. Background history
ii. Images of the chosen Dance/Music/Sports
iii. How we can sustain the significance of the culture
iv. Front cover
v. Font style – Arial
vi. Font size – 11
vii. Spacing – 1.5

Submission date: 30th January 2018