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Office 2010


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Getting to know Office 2010

IF YOU'V'EEVER attempted to pick up one of those 1.000-page tomes explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft's Office, you're probably still suffering nightmares from the intense, worthy and dull advice contained within. Detailed guides to everything you could possibly imagine, and much more you'd prefer not to. Or perhaps you've suffered a simplified guide full of cartoon faces and bullet lists.

Well, this guide is nothing like either of those ..

It's printed in colour, for a start, so the screenshots actually make sense.

It contains many step-by-step tutorials, but they're not there to patronise you; we assume that if you're looking for advice on using Office 2010 (and you've been wise enough to pick up this guide) you're probably from intelligent stock. And it's 100% independent of Microsoft, so we've included criticism where

it's due.

But, to be fair to Microsoft, there's far more to like about Office 2010 than there is to dislike .. Even users of Office 2007, which was a massive leap forward from 2003, will find plenty to tempt them,

Our first chapter is dedicated to helping you choose the right version of Office 2010 for your needs, andif you haven't already taken the plunge we should be able to help you save some money in the process.

Then comes the meat of this guide: a chapter dedicated to each of the applications in the suite, from Word to Excel, Publisher to Power Point. You'll soon see that whatever your current level of knowledge, there'll be something to build upon and challenge you. Our aim is to really tap into the power these applications have to offer, whether you're using them at home or in the office.,

So read on, enjoy; and good luck in getting to grips with one of the finest pieces of software Microsoft bas ever produced.

Tim Danton Editor. PC Pro


Q~ How do I find my way around this guide? A: The followmg two pages give you a full overview. with previews of thei ntrod uct i 0'1 S to each chapter. tum to these pages for detailed II stl ngs 0 f conte nts, You'lI find a full Index

to the whole book

on p160;


(:MA"'IA I (:ltA:PUA''_ (:IIA:PT •• :I (:,MA:PTIA<I ,CIt ..... T,.A5 (:HA.PT,IA'

psge4 page 14 page 24 page 46 page 62 page 76

Buying Office 2.01.0 Choose the riihe edition· Product Key Card· Trying Office with Click·ro·Run ,An overview of Office 2010 Common features Backstage view' The ribbon" Customise the ribbon· Create a maO'o • Eight features /;J) make Ufe easier Word 2.01.0 Formatting' Templates. Text Effects, Images· Building Blocks" SmartAn:· Navigation, Screenshots· Citations Excel 2.01.0 Get started with spreadsheets· Formulae • Displaying data • Manage your finances' PivotTilbles • External dato PowetPolnt 2.010 Format te;rt professionally· Image editing· Tnms,'tions and animations' SmartArt· Video' Co·authoring Outlook 2.01.0 Set up your email" Manage tontacts· Make email sparkle· Email like Q' pro- Junk mail· Calendars andto-dc

wMol(III~~~~_'~~~ 1IiDm_.liu:rw~_lII"~ ... _!I!!Io!!Ip,.. .... IIiP_~M!IIi!I. ...... --,...~""~-,........ _wnl:illllrI(!t!o_~IiIImIIIIiII ___

C!i!iiI:j;IIili ..... I'diII"DIIiIIII __ bir-t ..


~"'6o!~w-.""'~iIII!! .... mlM!J~i:hI.~iIhHpa~ .. C&!i!l .... _;J'!"!~llf'iI'IJW'I._otbo ..... ~ ..... _.,....iIi:.I't ..... IilIh1iiii~.r;Iio:i..iii-. .... iIi;ILlIdi .. llII..b_~."TOI!Ia :mo.billilil".ii'Al~,....w.IiIII05iir. ~~~~-'B!!i_~~.!!iIk


~~ .. ~~~ ... ~~ ~ __ rlJilII!IMIH'I.""' __

~1~~~~tII(Io!! ~" .•. \ii;d.IiI!~Lt..-r>-r ... _~ ..... ~wlit._ ~~, •• ~~~Ii.I.iJII atIo~I'ifoi'''!!,~~';!ID;!,II'~

@!IIJ"",,,,",,~.~~,,,,,iJ!t~~ 1i-"t'*7N .......... __ ~lMUiIIIIw ~~ __ !J!MII!!~ .. ~

,...,_IIIiIIiii&~ .. ;,H.Ia~ II!Ii_,.

.liIIiIIp!MIlIIfIIIIl ... lihI~w ,..u..

~g;!Iilllillliil'lIiIMIiI!IiofW'liill.~ ~1!II ... fioll!li~,~




,eHAPTWR 7 page 92 OneNote .2010 Getting stinted with Onl!Note· Reseorch on the web· Wo.rk with Word and PowerPoinc·, Dock to Desktop eHAPUR • page 100 Publisher 201'0 Create yoU! own imlitation • Create a brochure using Bui/dlng Blods • Pri!prl!e your pub/ictItion {or print CK.UTIR • page 108 Access 2010 Beginner"sguide· Database templates· Cusromise your database • Data macros" Use Access as a landing pad eMA PTn1 II pag e 12 a Offi ee for bus i ness Bl(Ying for Q sm all business' Di!ploying Office • SharePoin c· Co·ollthoring. SlIaIrity • Contacts ICH'A.PTIR n page 136 Office 2010 Introdudng OfficeSrurter·lntradudng WardSrurter" Introducing Extel Starter

CHAPTIII 12 page 144 Office Web ADPS. Where to get them· Word WebApp' Excel WebApp ·.PowerPoint WebApp. OneNate WebApp·· Rivals


~r\;;~~~~'IIIII!!!I!Ip!!!!I!:ltir iIiIIIit,_II.l.:!III.-..kii.III.'_'lIll.M..II:mMl!I 1III"'llI!IoI'§n.IQ.'!III'iiJII!I"WIl~ 1IbiI .... ....;!!I.:._I!!II~ ........ .... -:ko~ .....,_.~ ...... 1NiI:.~ .... ~_diiI '~~~~fd!ta!;'J'IIIII''''1f.




,....,.~_._..01111~~~ ..... 1I.dr.JQ..IIJ.m~ ... ._..M ....... p;IIiI"_~-"~~II"I!!II!!II- 1III!Ii!iIii~;,;nG.'iI.!l!Ioo(II_I!!oo! __ IIIII!i?'WIoi!!I 1II:r-~-'iI"'~"'_~ 1iII ........... _IiR!''CIr .. .,..IIiIIIIIi_ 1IIl.,~~~~~IIIIIM~

iI!iI.IIiII;-,~IIiifiI;,"_""" O":W._ ... .-...._..,-iI'~

.,~~~~,~~~-r. ___ 1'1'1 !"''J!I!!I1IIIIIIIw.-I..6I_ 1""I!I"1II:.1'111\101~"",J~I!!I!!"....._..... _r-'..,...'IiI_ ......... ,_ ..... _.UljIio!'I ....... ,r;'II:I--..,fiiI~_.,_


6 Choosether'lght edition fOr you

1. 0 Try:lng Otflce with CIJck-to-Run

Home and Student. Home and You could have a version of Office up

Busmess, Professional - which one's and running on your computer within

right for yoo.f?Read on to find out. two minutes. We ex,plain how.

1'. 2 An overvl'ew or _ Otflce 201.0

A fantastic new way to save you With the desktop, web and mobile

money. or a false economy? See iF the apps workirlg in partnership, Office is

Product Key Card is right for you. more than the sum of its parts.

----UYING 0



aal Offi


Crea1e8T\d Ddlt cIocumol'ns


While it's never been easier to buy Office, it's also never been easier to buy the wrong version. In this chapter, we aim to help you navigate the minefield, and in

doing so save you money. Par example, are you aware that some versions of Office can be installed on three computers, while other versions can only be used on one? And they're pretty much the same price?



Store filVQ;J(IU!5 All M...arucn. S,tr'.l I elp

Office Gaming Hardware Home + Reference

Offico Homo and Sludcml2010

Office Hom. Il1d BUAircau 2010


Prnr .. 51onal 2010


20 0

We explain the differences between all the suites on offer, and why choosing the new, cheaper Product Key Card could mean you end up paying over the odds. The

d . .. . d ,... d t h into , d ..

goo news IS you on t nee to rus Into a ecision:

thanks to Click-to-Run, it's now possible to try Office 2010 side by side with your existing version of Office, and they'll co-exist happily - see our guide on pia.



To prevent users simply borrowing a copy of Office from a friend and installing it 'on

their own PC, Off,ce has to be "activated" within 30 days of installation, This usually happens Instantly (with yourpermiss,on) via, the internet. Boxed verslons, as ocposed to Product Key CardS, are portable; you can Install on one PC (in fact on UP to three, dependingi on theedltion), then later decide to remove Ofl1ce from ~his machine and Install it on another, as long as the totel number 01 current Installations

is within your licence.

In this case, you'll be !prompted to phone Microsoft andexpla1n whet you're doing before activation will complete. They're not sticky about It - just be a.ware tha t you ne€'d to ooserve the. te rrns of the licence you chose.



Choose the right edition for you

It's tempting to rush into a decision about which version of Office 2010 to buy, Home and Student appears to do all you want and more, and the Product Key Card is clearly the cheapest way to get it. So open the wallet, whip out the credit card, job done. Or perhaps the sales person at your local computing ernpori urn has explained that Professional is the only edition for business users, and despi te the high price you bite the bullet and Wliteout the cheque.

Hold on, because either way you could make a costly mistake. With Office available in so many different con figurations, th ere are anum ber of traps you could fall into that would result in you spending too much money, or not ge tting what you need, or both.

Over the next three pages, we cover the five

key choices you have to make, Rea d carefully, as tb e right decision could save yo u tlme, money and aggravation. And if you're going to university, or you're a lecturer, do make sure you read about the Professional Academic version (far right),

(;HOIC:11 II STARnR IINOUGH? 'Ihe good news is that

time is certainly on your side. If you've bought a new PC then there'severy chance it includes Office Starter, which includes cut-down versions of Word and E)[ceJ. The table

Oil pa shows ata glance what's included in Word Starter and what Isn't.and for more detail on the restrictions we've dedicated Chapter 11 of this guide to Offi re Starter.


While thcseomlssions wUI be enough to put off a lot of people, the real annoyance stems from the sidebar that 5i ts constantly to the right 0 f your Word or Ex.cel window. The fact that you can't remove or resize this would be grating enough, but an arguably even greater irritation is that a. distracting advert rotates within it as you work.

Nevertheless, for casual use Word and heel Starter are both perfectly adequate, and if you're at all uncertain about your needs we'd recommend you live with them a while rather than succumbing to an in- s tore sales pitch and upgrading immediately.

I;HOln a PRODUCT OY VI IlUAJL lOX That sales pitch is likely to include a few sentences dedicated to the all-new Product Key Card. We explaiu more about this on p9, but the important facts to remember are these: buying a Product Key Card allows you to install Office on only one computer, and that doesn't mean one computer at a time, it means

one computer. When that computer comes to the end of its na turalliie, you won't be able to move your copy of Office to anew machine; yo u 'U have to buy it all over again,

Bo tb of these res trictions are in stark con trast

to the boxededi tions (note that Microsoft calls these

"Fully Packaged Products', which is why you might see the abbreviated P PP if you search for products online), II you buy the boxed version of Home and Student, you're actually

;. product Key Card

•. .-..-'_"'_:::::='~~I


When you buy the product Key Card or the boxed verslon·of Office 2010. you're entitled to full free techni'cal.suppo.rtby phone and email. Importantly, this Is n't just for solving technical problems: they can also help with the "how do 1...1" tYpes of questions.

If you buy Home and Sruderlt or Home andBllsil'less, this free support lasts for 90 dayS. With Office Professiona I, tha t ext(mds to a year. Note that those dayssta rt ticking away the moment you activate the produ ct 0 n a Pc.: thl sis <l ch< in poliey

from previous versions of Office, when the 90 days (or yellr)01 support started from you r Ii rst sup port call.

Once that time has run out, you canel ther rei y on Offioe dlscussl a n forums (i;lnd goodwill fl'Qm your better-informed fellow users), or pay Microsoft for additional support as and when you need It.

Office Starter comes with no support at a II, althou gh you st III have the option of trawling Microsoft's website. Head to www,pcpro.cQ,)JMin~office~lP.

entitled to load that single product on to three computers simultaneously. Then, if you decide you don't want Office on the netbook but on the laptop instead. for instance, you can uninstall and reinstall it with impuni ty. Your three copies can exi s r on any three pes indefinitely.

In this light, the Product Key Card doesn't seem such good value. After all, the "cost per licence" for Heme and Student works out at £30 if you buy the boxed version, compared to £80 for the Product Key Card. (Prices may be lower if you shop around.) Wha rs more, wi th the boxed version you rscelve an installatfon disc; if sOIll.ething goes wrcng with an Office ins talla tion based on a Pro duct Key Card, you'll have to download it all again (go to www~office. comJbac~ or pay Microsoft: to send you a disc.

We also asked Microsoft: what would happen if you acdvared a copy 0 f Office Oil a comp u ter tha t then £ailed completely, so you bad to get a replacement. It advises that

if you callthe helpline with a credible story, the company will be sympa the tic an d allow you to reuse your licence key.

One final important note: part of the licence agreement for both the Home and Student and Home

and Business editions is thateach PC must belong to your household. It might seem obvious. but you're not supposed to buy a copy of Home and Studentand then let a. neJgbbour have the third licence key forthei.r own PC. If one of your own children is heading off to university, though, this is covered. by the licence - they're still part of your household.


On paper, the decision whether to buy Home and Student or Home and Business looks straightforward. If you want Outlook you choose Home and Business; if you don't, stick Home' and Student .. Considering Home and Business is twice the price, that surely becomes a simple decision?

Offi,ce editions

,Retail box: official prlee Inc VAT

Retail box: street prlee' lno:: VAT ,Product Key Ca rd: offi cia I pri ee [nc VAT

PI'Qd'uct Key card: street price Inc VA_T_+- __ Microsoft Word" 2010 Microsoft Excel.2010 Microsoft Outlook 2010


Microsoft OneNote 2010

Microsoft powerf'olnt 2010 Microsoft Access, 2010 Mlcr·osoft Publlsller 2010

Technical support Licence de ta lis

1 y"e<lr Volume licensing

90 days Up to three pes

90 days Up to two PCs


With r.etall PCs only

'Academic edition avall:ecle direct I",m Microsoft only ('e<! above right) , 'Slreet prloes $U olea 10 OO"$I"nl Huctuatlon

£430 £360 £300 E260

Office Professional and Academic

If you're a, stu den t or I ectu rer in h ig her education, you can

buy Offioe ProfeSSional Academic 2010 for Just E50. Irs Identical to Offioe Professional. a"d an absolute bargain: you get Wol'd, Excel. Outlook. OneNete, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher, Just use your email add ress to order di reet from

a •

a a

a {I

a- a-

a a

a a

Ii -.-

t--:'l"'y-e-ar---~ 1 year

Up to One PC

two PCs only


• a



a fi


1 year Volume licensing

Q: What If I already own Office 2003 or Office 2007? Presuma'bly I can get acneecer upgrade edition of Office 20101 A,: Unfortunately not. With this release. Microsoft has decided to scrap upgrade schemes completely: you have the same options regardless of whether you've bought Office before. Sorry.

If it wasn't for the fad that Outlook 2010 has so many neat features that could geouine1y save you time, we'd say yes. In r, this version makes it much simpler to manage a busy inbox (see p82) and to create classy-looking emafls (see paO). Before you make this decision, we suggest you read Chapter 6, starting on p76

'The other key advantage of Home and BUSiness is that it's licensed for commercial use: Home and Student isn't. 'The downside is that you receive it licence for only two inst:allation s, as opposed to three lOI Home and Student. Finally, it's worth noting that Home and

Business doesn't include Publisher 20lC.This unheralded appli.cation 0 ffers a 10 t to sole traders and home users, including the ability to create decent brochures. While Word can step into the breach on occasion, it's no

subs ti tute for a dedicated DTP package.

CHOleiC THI P.O .... ,OKAUI If you need Office for professional use, you face the toughes t choices of all .. First, you mus [ dedde if you need Publisher and Access (both included with Office Professional, but not Home and Business). While we like Publisher a lot, it's unlikely to be a vital part of your business armoury. Access, on the other hand, may weU be. If you're currently using Access 2003, then the step up to Access 2010 is a significant one: heavyweight improvements include the way it works with external data and the new Macro Designer (see p116). The other benefit of Office Professional over Home and Business is that you receive a year of technical suppo rt instead of just 90 days.

The biggest decision you'D have to make,

Word Starter: what's missing?

WOJd 2010 Word Stamr

Fonts: styling (e9 bold) a it
~--- ...
Fonts: type(eg Callbrl) it
Tex t Effects it it
Styles (e9 Heading 1) ... it
Themes a it
Drop caos ... Ii,
PiCtures ... it
Clip-art ~ fi
Shapes (eg: flowcharts) a (i
Charts it (i
WordArt (I it
Text.boxes it ~
Insert screenshot a •
tM·little thlnp
Cu 5'!omi sable' ribbon a •
Full-screen .r,eading it III
Macros (j III
Side-bY'side windows ... • •


however, is how you buy Office. The Professional edition, either via Product Key Card or retail box, is expensive, so it makes sense to investigate the Volume Licence schemes. This also gives you the op tion to buy Office Stan dard, which includes Publisher but not Access. We go into more depth on the choices in Chapter 10.

!;HOIC;" WHIRl TO .UY The most tempting place to get Office is a bricks-and-mortar shop, especially if that's where you've just bougbt your new PC. But make sure the price is compe titive with your second option: online retailers. The likes of Amazon offer very good deals for software. Note that many sell both Product Key Cards and retail, boxed versions of Office, and it isn't always dear which is which: look for phrases such as "PC (DVO)" or "FPP" if it isn't dear, as those indicate a boxed version. If, when the package arrives, you find it isn't what you expected, don't open the retail box: you have the right to

re turn it with seven days, no ques tions asked. but software that's been opened is specifically exempted from this.

A simpler way is to buy from Microsoft. As we see on p10. you can download a trial of Office 2010 that lives side by side with yourexis ting Office installation. If you then decide to buy Office 2010, all you need to do is enter a new product key. The downside is price: Microsoft will never offer the most competitive prices.

Another (and rather drastic) choke is to buy Office abroad. Por example, Home and Student costs $120 in the US (excluding sales tax where it's applied) and Professional $ 500. Depending on the exchange rate, that could lead to a substantial saving.

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P~ction - a • SANDCONS


You don't have to buy a boxed version ofOffi_ce, Micmsoft is introducing an alternative route that promises to be easier; cheaper and greener.

With this latest release of Offlce, Microsoft has introduced a new way of buying the software: the Product Key card, This has been desl9ned for use with new PO; that come w;ith Office$tarter (see Chi;lpter 11)., because th OS!! com pulers ac tua fly have th!! fu II vel'S lon of Office 20.10 Installed - but hidden away, To unl'ock them you need a serial number, which can be' found on a Produ.ct .Key Card,

Product Key Cards can be bought from, Microsoft or from other online retailers and computer shops, They may look good value, but do not.e that they allow you to lISe Office on just one, computer, Not one computer at a time - one speclfic computer, forever, That means you'll only ever be able 10 use Olflceon the PC you bought Office Starter with;. there's no, way (or at least no legal way) to transfer It to your next PC In two or th fee year$' time,

In contrast, when you buy ·"retall boxed' version of Office 2010., it Includes a llcence that canee used multiple times, HOme and Student allows you to Install 01'1 three computers at the same time, Home and Business on two, What's more, your licence isn't tied to any particular PC so long as you Urlinstall it from one PC first, you cen re-lnstall it on another - for example, when you upgrade your computer,


Given this major

environment is in trouble, really:J But it's still smaller than the normal retail' box,and doesn't co ntaloe 'DVO,

T ..

'So you've decided

limitation, why would anyone buy e Product Key Card? First, because it might stili work out cheaper than the bOJ<.ed verslorss, If you have only one PC .. and you plan to keep it for long. enough that when you buy a new one you'll also be ready to bUYiI new version of Office (bearing In mind Microsoft no longer offers upgrade

prl clng toe~ is!.in g u sets) , then you stand tol ose n Olh lng, Plus, bu,yinga Product Key Card is a strnightforw~rd sa.vlng: see our price' comparison chart on p7,

It's a tso co .wen! ent.1 f 0 ffioe Sta rter is preinstallad on yourcompute~, all you need to unlock thefuU version Is to enter tM key,. The Computer will go online, activate youroopy and hey presto - withIn a few minutes you'.11 have a fully working, lnstallatlon.

Fin II Ill.'; there's a slig ht "gre en" a dva nta g.e, because you dOrl'thave to buy a DVO, This is. somewhat offset by the ta at tha t the Product Card come s Ina plastic box, (ApPil re ntly,. Microsoft i nl ti<llly pl,m ne d:

It to be J ust a ca rd, our peop Ie fe It that If th ey we re paying almost .1110.0 for a product they wanted to feel like they owned something physical. It's no wonder the

you want aProdl,lctKey card: where are they aV<llIable? Certainly from high-.$!reet retailers, who we expect to heavily promote the cards, espedally to people Who've lust bought a new PC with Office Starter Installed,

You can also buy Product Key Cards from online retailers; they'll simply post them to you as they would a normal piece of software. Finally, voucan buy direct from Microsoft itself. The ad,vantage here is that you can access the code there and then, so' you don't need to wait for the physi.cill card to arrive ,before you can 'start II 5i Ilg om ce,

Finally, can you take ad;va.-.tagEl' of the Product Key card if your PC doesn't .i;llready have Office Starter Inst<ll!ed? Yes, for the moment Mlcr'osoft says that durlngl ~he "transition period", while many PCs are shipping without Office 2010 pre installed, customers can download the software that matches their Product Key card by heilding. to


Q: What happens if my PC gets a virus

a nd I have to reinstall Windows? Will I stili be able to use my Product Key card?

A: Yes. You can restore yo ur PC to I ts facto ry s'ettlngs, or download the software again from Microsoft, or ask for a ba ckup of th e Office software to be sent to YOH (at a cost), Whichever option you choose, a'llyou then need is the product key - although you may need to phone up Microsoft to activate a ffice, to confi rm that you're not installing it on a dlffe ren t Pc.

Q,; When you say Office lnstatls "inside a, virtual bubble", what do you mean?

A: Okay, you. got us: we're talking about vlrtu.alisOltion, That is, the software creates a "IIU twa'l" hard disk that sits sepa~ately f,fom the rest of your system,

and installs Office to that. If you're interes ted, there's a mere dgtailed description of how this works at www,pcpro, co_u.k/links/offvirtual.



Trying Office with Click- to- Run

US!>. R.ecommended 5etl:lngs

1(11 "'~~_'~""'iiiD"Offcir..~""""""""~1II'~0h_-.4IQIIIIII'W~" ""'-_ .. """'-""_._-' ........ _-".,..._.-""""_ ..... _-

InStill! IUpootcsOrily

~~_~~bQlll:l;I~ .... IIIIW'~.~ Ofht"_nHI'craWow.:....s


Tradi tionatly, if YOIl wan ted to try a new version of Office you had to install a trial version, and in the process

unins tall your cxistingwpy 0 f 0 ffice, This was all well and good if you went 011 to buy the new edition, but if you djdn't you had to suffer the pain of uninstalling the trial version and reinstalling your old version,

Microsoft has wisely moved away from this scenario with Office 2010. Although trial DVDs will still be available, the best way to decide if the new edition is worth the upgrade is to lise a new service called Click-to-Run, One key difference between this and simply down! oading a piece of software is that it's instantly available - Microsoft reckons borne users ona broadband. connection can be up and running in less than 90 seconds.

HOW IT WOIIXS Lf you've ever watched a Video over

the in ternet, you've experienced something similar to Click-to-Run, The idea is to" stream" the software direct

to your computer; Office will then install itself inside a virtual buhbleon your Pc. All the most imp ortan t parts

of the program are delivered. first, which is why you could be using Office in under two minutes. Ii you try to use it feature that hasn't yet been installed, it will de.liver that feature next, 'There'll be a brief delay,. but nothing dreadful.

When Office has been fully installed, you're free to dillconnect from the internet and use it just as you would normally While it's online, the software will

Help 'Protect 1111 d Improve Microsoft; Office

OCCtlS tonally check for updates, then simply download the new code and upgrade itself as necessary.

HOT JUST FOR IIHOW While we expect most people to use Click-to-Run to trial Office, what if you actually want to buy Office this way? It is possible, and in Illany ways more convenient than the hassle of inserting a DVD and pressing Next. Click-to-Run is really just a new delivery method, just as we've moved from buying software on dis eli to downloading files over the internet.

There are scm e very good reasons to opt for Click-to-Run over those traditional methods. For a start. you're always to get the latest (and thus most

secure) version of Office, with no annoying message saying "Updates available". Disadvantages are few. Because of the way Click-to-Run installs, some add-ins won't work, And. .. that's about it.

110 HOW 00 I GI"T ITt The only outward sign of this new technology is likely to be hidden away in the small print: just head to www.oflke.oom a-nd foUow the "Try Office 2010· signs .. Press the relevant button and follow the instructions (you'O need a Windows Live account) .

if and when you do want to remove whatever version you've installed, note that you'U need to uninstall Microsoft Click-to- Run, which installs itself as a separate program, as well as Office 2010 itself,

onQe YOU~V" Innall'ltd ~out :b'l'$1 ...,JiII CIld<·tQ-R~ n, you'll. be asked to accept a licence agreement' and then enee ... your update ,..,tI'l ng.,

"' ... ", litera lIy, I~ t.he ."'Y'. II YOu choose a INI you, Product ,Key will give uce",,!O the lllal .... rsl'on;11 you've P4ld i!u;t~tll gBnUrlle itrUJney, YOU'll be ,01)1e to u.., 0 ffie<> III '10., II' you'd, I "stalled I! vi. OliO ..


llOn't make cha ng-

~1.~mM~~~.~~~r- ~ --,

r.o.",...._OU<lJ .. U-;.D::lLO:....,..,.... ~~IIMIIIIQtt_Iliii!"tICl~lhIiI~ ... ~'IIIo~,e<'" ~



Ml<"""ft Ollit~ Ham .. ~od 11<_ ",no P,gd"",Kq ....

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T.!-a~.g,. -..:I ilt.iU;-~.J!pn"llll"'"..g.~,.oQQj(/fW,.,....-c;.I'}~'&DMI:;II~ ~1I!.,. ..... ~~.~li:lWCliI:~ .... ~~~!'J.1l.I)




- .Office 2010


I' yO<.! ""!lue ,ya~. doc""rnant In the ,desktop lIPpilution ~rlllhl), the web 8,I>I>II.,.Uon (overlaid

h ..... ) will: make iOn e~".II .. nl fl,l 01 ,.eproducing' ft' online'. Yau

can see lhe 3D·effe<:1 eh .. n Isn', supponed by the 'EXcel w .. b AIl,P. but Ihe' m •• "'Ing (11th .. figu ••.• I. sliliperl'eclly W<!Uc,onveyed~




An overview of Office 2,010

Most of us are used to thinking about Microso ft Office as a collection of desktop applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publis her and Access, plus OneNote and 0 ther bits and bobs. With this release in particular, though,

M icros oft has bigger am bi tions. It's well aware that rivals such as GoogJe have introduced strong compeu tors that work online, and we as sess their relative strengths and weaknesses elsewhere (see pIS6).

With the Office Web Apps, however, Microsoft isn't just releasing a rival to Google Docs. I t sees its new online offering as a cog in the larger Office 2010 wheel, In this overview, we'll explain how those various cogs mesh. bow you can take advantage. and what role Office Mobile has to play. It's all about havtng the same bask functionality available wherever you are and whatever device you're

using - not by cobbling together a number of jus t-aboutcompatible solutions, but in a 5 earnless way.

(I!UiA,TIiI. TH"" ITt .. ,I,.U To take a very .simplistic view, you could say the desktop version of Office is there to create documents; the online version, Office Web Apps, is there to share them with colleagues; and the moblle version, Office Mobile. Is for viewing them 00 the move.

While that's largely accurate, what's clever

about Microsoft's trio of offerings is that they're mutually non-destructive. That is, if you edit a Word document on your mobile phone and then open theedired file in Word on yow desktop PC, the only changes will be to the words you edi ted. All the formatting. the tables, the famy charts you may have created, will s till be in tact, even though they weren't fully available to view or edit in the mobile app.

Exactly the same holds for the Web Apps - which is one of the key advantages Microsoft's online suite holds over Google Docs. If you upload a Word file to Google, it will convert it to a format GoogJe Docs understands, and that means you'll probably lose the fundamental feel of your document, When you save your edits and later open the result in Word, that missing formatting won't come back.

.,I,M. 01 F I'n'M tl M icroso ft has de liberately kept the interface very similar across th e Web Apps an d the desktop applications. The idea is that you rna y lose some of Office's features when you switch to the online version (which you migbt be using on 3. second machine, such as a. netbook, or on someone else's computer), but you should always know where to look for the commands tb.a t do exist,


This oonsisten t in rerface is true whether people are viewing documents they've saved to their Windows Live SkyDrive (see 1'146) or on SharePoillt (see 1'126). Onte they open a spreadsheet in the EX(:ei Weh ApI', the ribbons and the whole environment wiD look exactly the same. Microsoft hopes this wiD make i teasier for people to ge t to grips with the .ribbon Interface and reduce the need for training.

'~',""!TPI IU~QMJ"T The final piece in the Office pussl e

is Office Mobile. This is a very cut-down version of the software, and that restriction extends to the number of applications included: Word. Excel. PowerPoint,. Oneblote and Outlook are all covered, but Access and Publisher aren't.

As can he seen from the gallery of screenshots (right), there's no way Office Mobile apps can tome' dose to matthlng thefeatures offered by their desktop equivalents, and nor wiD you be able to see Word documents on your handset as they're meant to be printed.

There are more caveats too. While Miaosoft

won't be charging any money for Office Mobil.e, it's currently only available for phones running Windows Mobile 6 .. 5 or later. Nokia has announced that it wiD also be releasing

a. version of Office Mobile, buthasn't yetcornmitted to a delivery date.

As sud, a ffice Mobile should be seen as a handy extra ifyol.l happen to use a Windows Mobile pbone; it isn't a vi tal. part of the operation .

.. KIND TKI lelKl1 The final ingredient in the Office "system" applies only to businesses. We cover this in far greater detail in Chapte.r 10, but if you want to use Microsoft Office to its full capability, your business should investigate Sharefoint (and Microsoft's other supporting software).

The mere word "SbarePoint" can strike terror into grow:n men, but as we sh ow 0 n p128 j t's surprisingly easy to in stall if you have any experien ce 0 f server software, an d with SbarePoint Foundation now free there's all the more reason to experi m en t and introduce it to your network.

In return, you could make collaborations between team members far easier and more productive.

There are caveats: you'll need to be running suitable Microsoft system software on your servers. and that doesn't come cheap. Rclllngcut a more sopbisticated Sbare.Point setup also requires specialist expertise. However, the rewards can be quite stunning. and if companies you work with also invest in this area, that collaboration can extend to partn erships as well.

Offloe Mobll'e 2010 isa new suite of Microsoft apps for Windows Mobile 6 .. 5 smartphcnas. As. you mjght expect, the featu res as well as fhe screen dis p lay <! re seve rel;y cut down compared to the' familiar Office desktop applications. but if you do use a Windows M.oblle

devi~e lt's well worth having a look at what Offi~e Mobile could do lor you.

EXce. Mobile packs a lot lnto a small space, and could be .handy to show flgllres. You wouldn't want to present In PowerPolnt M.obUe, but. it's possible to flick through and check your slides.

lio COntadS

last ""odJfled: 1 U6j09

Comet Reports

L!lst modified: 11/6/09'

Content. and St:ruc::tu re Reports lzIst ,modified: 11 !Slog

Did You Know ArchIVe

Last modified: 11 (6/09

In Word M:obUe, you'll find all the main formatting reels at the bottom of

the screen - but we recommend you mainly use the app for making. small amendments to text rather than sweeping change.s to the document.

Outlook Mobil. sunports Conversation View. Here the "(8)" means there are eight messages you can drill down and see.

, SIghting ofthe~LiJ

to d1eck with Dan's boat rental ~ od boat rental ancicompal'l! prla!:s. Dan: (123) 555,9876.

Gl!t ]",,'5 nurober from Kal.

OneNoteH'obUe supports pictures and audio cllps, but is best for v!ewlng simple pages. You Carl also view ShllrePolnt to access and manage shared files.


16 :=~~Iew

We reveal the easy new way to take control of all a file's properties, from ,p rl nt previews to security settl ngs,

18 Introducing the ribbon , Find the command you're searching for witflln millisecorlds thanks to the controversial, but in oractice excellent. ribbon,

2 0 ~:Wr::.:,~stomJse

Four simple steps to adding your own tabs, shortcuts and commands to the Office rlbbon,

21 How to cNNllte a macro Save yourself time and

h assl e by recordi ng te sks you perform regul'arJy as a macro - no programming skills requiredl


Our whistle-stop tour around the features and: tools you can use in Office 2010 to work more quiCkl'y_




Office 2010 is, without a doubt, the most cleverly thought-out edition of Microsoft's flagship software. There's a properly integrated feel between all the applications, with a level of consistency the company has never previously managed. Together with some excellent innovations -the crown jewel being the all-new Backstage view - it makes Office 2010


• I

• "':i'JI"I-t ...


1 , .. I I'" J •

~N!o~"i.'_"""'_:.f"""~""'Il'I'I~~~~'" ~'II""'~ ~j~!II"'IiIiI!f"P~""~oilII,,",,"_IitJ..'"I ~.-.t..II.r._~~'--_v.-..,I"'~"

.,...tlNil .... n,_.._.. ... ...._.....,- _.-llo!o ... ,i1III!.~~~

_-'IIIiIIIiQ. .. CIi:~D.tII~l __ IIII- '~_IiI~t~

~ .. -'II~ .... ,III._tjMI"WWtrr::_~.:~ ... ~,_,..,~=~=r~~' ~~~'=ar.::::::::;~=d'::--iiiiii~~~:t

... __ """, ....... ,.,.iIi~' ...... tot,;.:.

~~ioI!!IrII!I!,~ D~~"'"

U~iI!IwII!!Iooi'I ... oiIiII!Ii!!!!IliII .. ~r a..~..,~~....,.IIIIIIII~.,...IIlI"""_ •

~. ,'"

- ..,~. ~ ...... ~ ..

, ~..s" ~ _ .r.a a. ('tW -=wD.. ; -----------_-_ -_-.--_-, ..


extremely easy to use. Even if you're new to the ribbon interface, it won't take you long to work out the logic behind the system, which means that no matter what application you're using, you'll be able to quickly find the command or tool you need. In this chapter, we gather together these common threads to give an all-encompassing introduction to the suite as a whole.


If yO\J don'l Ii ke the default colour of

Office 2010, change

it Whichever app you're in, click on File

I Options. head to Genera'!. and click on the dropdown bar next to "Color scheme:". You have three options" 8Iue .. Silver or Black> and we think 81ue is the least offensive,

You may else be wondering how to get rid of ~he tra nsparency effect that allows

yOU to see through

the title ba rs, This Is

a setting in WindowS

7 (or Vista) that can

be turned off: type "window color' inte the searcnftald, choose "'Change wlI1d.ow glass colors' and untick the '"Enab I e trans Pi! reney' checkbox,



Introducing Backstage view

"Backstage what?" is the natural response we hear when we try to explain the purpose of the Backs rage view. It isn't so much a feature you'll come to love in Office 2010 as something you'll come to use as it Microsoft Office has always worked this way.

You access the Backstage view by clicking File, which always si tson its own solid-coloured tab at the top left of the screen, In Word!, it's blue; in Excel, green, and

50 on. It's equivalent to the old File menu in Office 2003 and earlier, and you can even see this heritage in the list of commands down the left-hand side: Save, Save As" Open ...

Things get more in teresting when you click on the other entries. These vary by application, but there's a large amount of overlap, so we'D go through all the main options.

Before we do. though, we should address the concept behind the Backs tage view. In essence, it brings

CD ge ther all the properties associated with the file and application, as opposed to the contents of the file. If you think of a "file" in the conventional meaning - as a bundle of papers, say - this is th e frOIl t of the file that tells you everything you need to know about who wrote it and why.

IN!'O In the likes of Word, Excel and Publisher, the lofo tab will provide a summaryof yom documents key statistics:

~j;II!""''_' .i--a~"""'IIi~

lm,c!I.~_ _~1iII:b

101 .... !IJ.~'" ~IlJlil!llo J...


- .l_

IJ ...

......_ .. ~dI.ItIi'illIllllL(!I!'T .... TI'JI .. ... ~IIiR"....,.

for example, the name of the author, when it was created and how long it's been edited fur. All very worthy, but there are also a number ·of tools on offer. Perhaps the most useful is Manage Versions. This can jump back to older versions

of files. which can be a life-sa vet if you unthinkingly save a document only to regret the changes you've made.

[fyou open an older document - for example, one created in Offi.ce 2003 - then pressing Convert will re-save it in the Office 2010 format. This not only compresses the file, but also enables ad "anced features, such as Text Effects in Word or Sparkltnss and Slicers in Excel,

The Info area also allows you to encrypt Word, Excel Access and Power Point files, OI check for potential problems before you share th e file, The exact tools on after depend on the application, with Publisher using the Info tab to man.age commerdal prin t settings, for ins ranee, but the common thread is obvious to see.

1tl:C:''''T Gone are the days when you could. only jump to the four files youopened last. Now you can click Recent and see the past 20 at a glance. Just as useful for power users, the likes of Word and Excel also point to the most recent folders you accessed, grea tJy reducing the 11 eed to browse manually through nested folders.

~~,~'''''''_''II''''''''' "~iC,..r:ltk!:pd!CP-!;w


Template .• can make i!!I bIg d]fferen(:11!!1 to yoUi' documents, wlmlhe. thoY'm flIlU.oScblt.ed such as In, Acce§s or E):CQIi, Or ... as here ... [mage-blts.d" such as In, Pcwa,p .. lnL You:':i1;! .not ~uck with 110 & In.taUe<!

templates elthe" because ,Mlc ...... ft has rnada U: lI!I~sy to .Qcctissnew

.. nes save<! t e . Its Offh::e.'c-I::I m, websit@,.


'!'OIl .• ru everyone has come to expect, most of the Office appllcadons offer a number of templates on which to build a new dccument, While the sample templates preinstalled with the application are often useful, we generally find

the best templates can be found on, However. no-one wants to launch Internet Explorer each time they're looking for a new template, so Microsoft bas made them much easier to access direct from the applications.

For instance, if you were in Excel and looking

fora budgeting template, you'd head to File I New and

then double-dick on Budgets underneath the Templates bar. You can then see a selection of pre-selected templates, complete with star ratings and a preview. Simply click Download and the document will automatically open as soon as the download is complete.

,PI 111fT This is one of the best features in 0 ffite 2010. Microsoft has deviously made it Simple to see exactly how your chosen document will print on your chosen printer hy integratin4: the print preview into the Print tab.

In a stmke, this means hundreds of wasted print jobs will never make it to the output tray. Say you're about to pnn ra colour document to a mono las er: you'll see the output is in greyscale, and will cancel the job (although note. sometimes printers aren' teo rrectly lden tified as mono).

Or perhaps you didn't realise the document was going to print Oil two pages, or yo II no tice that i t'sgoing to prin t in landscape mode rather than portrait.;

It sounds mundane, but trust us: this .feature alone will save you time, money and annoyance. Our only gripe is that the fea rure tsn 'tso well implemen ted in Outlook (where you get a pa~e preview, but have to press Print Options to change the page range being printed) or OneNote (which doesn't even show the print preview).

UQ •• PI» You might be wondering why Microsoft has bothered to create a Save & Send tab. After all, Save and Save As are both included at the top of the Backstage view, so why bother? The reason soon becomes clear, with a plethora of choices on offer.

The default option is normally Send Using Ii-mail, which leads to a choice of formats in applications such as Word and Bxcel, For example, you could send a document as a PDF, as an internet fax, or lust as a standard attachment.

Redecoll4: Office 2010's sharing abiUties, two further option sue typi cally 0 n offer if you're usi ng Wo rd, Excel, Power Point or OneNote. Clicking Save to Web allows you to the file direct to your Windows Lwe folder

(see Chapter 12), while companies that have implemented SharePoin t (see p126) can publish to a shared workspace,

PowerPoint even allows you to create a video, package a presentation for CD (or a USB Bash drive) that will au tomati cally run 011 other computers, or broadcast your slideshow over the internet (see p7S).

!fl!.P As its name implies, this is OD.e way to access each application's help files - but it's easier to simply press


...... ~..._ .,......,.'111 .......... ,.., ----- ........

~~II!III»IIa.~~I'iI" ~~iiRI!.

_,~ .. ~~



....... ~f"CIiIiIf":!,L1~ iI!ll""","n~ ..,......,.

_ ..
.. ....
_..!~-. " ...... .,.,
.....illtwIo •
... _ " ., .. -

~~"""'i=If"lI JiIIIiI.~,...,.,..III' __ '-"



.... .J_ U'"


c ....... _.

~ ... :~

............... IjIoI._IiII __ .r...-

1IiiI(,,_.,~ ..... II!"IIIII'IIIIII!.wI_ ~""'~Mftood.l"'."'~_hl_J1IIIIof' ~_"""""two


. ..

Above~ Here-',s lhe' Ba I:ksb!g,e view of " Wordl nl e, The U! b$ ""W,,

the left.- ,uth e. I nfQ, shown

here - all""" you 10 lump to the ta.s'1( lrQu",re I'nte_nuted rn. n,fo

Isn't Just fo. I·nfo,matlon;. YC<,J can encrypt the, me usl n 9 the Protect Doc.lJment com m_8 ndJ or ,recove' II!.itQ5a",.,d vl'naion$ If yg.l,I m;o'k:i!!I ehongos you laler reg'ot .

Above lett: While the most likely use '0.' the Save & S~nd tab I. to quickly send • lIIe by em" II, mor .. ~VlU"1 C:(IId ,opUa i'\_$. ere on o'rtor .. p;I 111 tu· In PowerPolnt, which allow you !odO "Ir sorts ot ("azy thin 51:1, wlthl your pte!ientaUoli~

Left: We're ~ug e fa ns 01 the p.lnt feature built ;~tom<>SI of the Office ~OlO •. PM, •• 1\ ...... lIas it f~' Ie" Hlooly thol: you'll: output .. docum ent to IM.e wmng rerm at "f",..per. I t. Imp lemeMtall,,,", In Ona'Note, :",nfll)rtufi~t:e'ty, h'U~iye.s much to be d.,lred.

- - --
~'''' _.-
... '_.
~- !J lIIoiiIIu..rllili
~.- G
.... ~-
.. ",
W. ~'IIiI'~
J'" '-lI'II'iII'Ij"_"" -.-

=~_""I;, .. ~ __ II!IIJ_"oIIiII ~""_-"' __ N-~ __ 1Iii~~IIo"'HIII_

.-- ........ -~

o Mt Ill .........

. ._ .. -~ .. _-


!Iooo. .... ~ __ .. ,.. _

the q uestio n mark button that sits at the top right of th e program's window. Possibly more useful is the link to a Getting Started guide (note that this is online, not stored with the app), You can also see your product key and doublecheck which"lof Office you're actually running.

OPT.OIlI The final button WOIthy of note is 0 ptio ns, Whichever app you're using, this provides a quick way to access its advanced options. For example, you might want to adjust how many recent documents you. can see, change the document's language settings, or switch to a dtlfere.nt colour scheme. There's really very little you can't do from Options, so it's well worth taking a look to see what. you can and can't tinker with.

Gil; Help! The ribbon has diseppaaradl How do I get it back?

A'~ You can make

the rl bbon d I sa ppea r by double-clicking

on any of the' tab names -lor example, Home, To make all the tabs reappear, simply double-click on any of the names again.



Introducing the Office ribbon

Microsoft introduced the ribbon concept with Office 2007, and it would be fair to say it received it mixed reaction. Some people hailed it a huge step forward for usability; others called ita wretched curse upon the world, and begged Microsoft to bring back the old menu system. Indeed, many people re fused to upgrade from a previous version Simply beca us e they despised the ribbon so tn uch.

No-one disputed the fundamental problem

M kIOS oft was attempting to solve. With every release of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and friends came a Dew swathe of features. The toolbars were being overrun with options, and you bad to be an Office guru with 20 years' experience behind you, and an intricate knowledge of Microsoft's way of thinking, to find the precise command you wanted.

There was another problem too. The only option Microsoft had in its arsenal if it wanted to "promote" a command so everyone could see it was to position it as a small icon on the toolbar. There wasn't enough space, and because the icons were so small It was tough to see what task they were meant to perform.

The ribbon doesn't provide iii magic wand for all these problems, but It does perform magic of sorts: It makes it fareaster to find the tools you're looking for, while

Additional' controls

.. '" J ~.

• II! ..... ~~- A.-

. ..

CUcklnlii .the tiny ... owet 1M bottom right 0.1. IiI""'P launches. dJllolii bo. to provIde relltfll contrOl •.



..... :.._,.."

_ .. """", ..



611 Cool


pres endng the new ones in a way that invites you to experiment. The result is that everyone can create better documents faster, and with Office 2010 Microsoft has improved things to such an extent that even people

who swore they'd never use the ribbon may just be persuaded otherwise.

ANATOMY 0 .. TK •• I •• OM Each ribbon consists of a number of tabs. For example, the Insert tab in PowerPolnt collects all the most popular commands ass odated with inserting elements into your presentation - you can add a new chart, embed video, place a textbox, and much more besides.

Rather than randomly throwing all these tools and commands onto the tab, Microsoft groups them .. So the Insert tab in PowerPoint is spUt into seven groups: Tables, Images, illustrations (such as charts), Links, Text, Symbols and Media .. This makes it far eas ier to jump straight to th e command you're interested in. Sometimes, there just isn't enough room for Microsoft to squeeze in all the commands it wants to, Oil theseoccasions, you'll see a tiny arIOW to the right-band side of the group's title. Pressing this launches a dialog box to give youth.e control you need.

Taking Power Point as OUI example again, the Pont group on the Home tab includes just such an arrow, and press ing it launches the Pont dialog box (8 ee below left). From here you can add effects such as a double strikethrough, which isn't available from the tab itself.

Here, we provide a brief guide to what you tan expect to see in each application's tabs.

Tioll HO"'III T .... As its name suggests, the Home tab is

the default tab you see when you first launch an Office application, Microsoft has attempted to include the most common tasks here, so you. don't need to jump around the tabs simply to lind the Bold command in Word, for example.

Although the Home tab contains different commands depending on the application you're using, there are some easily identified patterns. Almost a1l the apps offer the C!ipbo~rd at the far left, providing tools such as Copy, Paste and Format Painter (which applies the formatting of text currently selected to another block of text;) ..

To the right you'll generally find more advanced text-formatting tools (such as the text bighlighter), followed by paragraph form&tting (bullet lists, Increase line spacing. indent) and then styllngoptions. As we explain in depth in Chapter 3, which covers Microsoft Word, styles allow you

to give di.£reren t documents a consis ten t look and to change the appearance of a document dramatically within seconds .


The and Insert tabs

c....~ "I.l "It." Jl!"j

II I II , ... ~ 0\,0' .A , ...

OJ!I'. ~.II~'''''''''''-· ...J"'''''' .... 11 n·

.:.l:!",_ ...

12: ....... "...... • IJ"faI'llilol' QOkit

... .5ti!n ...... iftalW'fllI(l'·


EI,.w 0 w) D.1.1.¢{>c.. "I ...., \. { } tI -


. ~. k:' t.) ~ lh;:: ~ ~ ~ij ... ~ ~
, -
.... OItllClk I.Ii:tIIIf ........ ""' __ s... ....... t c- """ ".. ... ;Sari ... 01- "'" C~WI\lUtl, "" .. ..",_. ''''' tIU~ w_~ ",..-I,,!'rllll CfoJtd
.... :t'IlIb ~ . .. • 'lItil.., !>no'
-" IJa.nlr"r .. , to'" -..tJ1'III':I ._ ,,,,. '>01 TNt! "'!'PlT TA" The Insert tab Deeds littleexplanattcn, In short, if you ever want to add anything into a document - be that a web link, an obscure symbol or even a screeoehot - the Insert tab is the place to go. The exact commands vary depending on which application you're using, but there's

a sutprish"\g amount of common ground - clip-art, tables, time and date being just a handful of examples,

Not every application includes til e Ins ert tab, with Access and Outlook being obvious exceptions, but the rule of thumb is that if an application involves graphical elements then the Insert tab will be ready and waiting.

TNt! PA.GlI L.AYOUT TAli Common to Word and Excel, the Page Layout tab offers a huge amount of control over

both the page desigII and how the final document will be printed. From here, you can adiusr the margins, switch between landscape and portrairorlen ta tion, add a picture as a page backgrcund and. in Bxcel, choose whether to see the gridlines.'!he Page Design tab in Publisher offers similar tools, bu t presents ex tra con rrols overthe design - hence the ch iIDge in name.

TH! V IIWT.... Sitting at the far right of the rib bon in

Excel, Word, Publisher, OneNote and PowerPoint is another tab worthy of note. AgaiD,. the precise commands vary depending 011 the app - for instance, PowerPoint offers control over how the speaker's notes look - but they have milch in com III on as well. You can control the zoom from here (or use th e command at the bo ttom right of the application window) and, a little incongruously, create and record macros.

T ..... WITHIH T ..... When you're working with charts in Excel. tables in Word or images in PowerPoint, you'U notice that it. new tab appears. This is spedfic to that element. For example, tables need to be formatted - but you wouldn't want all those formatting tools to be availa ble when you're just typi ng away at a report.

The new tabs appear towards the right of the ribbon, typically after the View tab, and once YOIl click away from the table, chart or im<\ge - or whichever type of obj ect you happen to be working wi th - the tab will disappear.

U ntil you click 0 n the object again.

Different designs

_rPol·nt hat the Dellg" tab 10· eonl.olthe .appea"'nce 01 your ~lI'del.,. while In Publl.hG., allother vl~.lly led .ppllcal'lon, It'·, lhe :Page De,lgn tab Ihatoflers Ionnalling. align menlllnd <:.01"". optlo ....

- ... '" ..... - -" ""- ....
~ I..J n _To .l.1k ....
~- .J ._ ;.
c:~0I:rt1!Dl"ll hI.ll;l!lm. Drl HlUiICP'l .... ........ ~II< ..... •
T_~ ~ !!oi<ru.
'",~I: ""'~- ... '" .II'lI"" too<on • ""'0)'

,,_. trO<LO

tVp<JJl1 ''''1

Reference work


..., '~1IIOf'kun:6

"!t"""......... o¥ __ ........... '

,::;.- Jl''''' _pO,'

Unlq .... to Word,t lb_ ft.",.nc:.,. Utb pt'(fVJd.;i~mm.8,nd' to ;help .tu_d'.nt$, •• e.d.mlc. lind upon wtltil!l!;' ma"".g.'oOtnoIU ... nd .• ndnOI •• , eIWlo.n. and blbllograph.y, tables <>I "onlents and cross-rererendng.

SIi'ii'I'-!"I)'~ E'J!;.;e'l d'evot ... • whol, lib 10 ·one 01

Its oped.not IUbJocts, FormUla •• NOt<lthe Mono F'und:l0n. d'ropdown"

~ox.. ~1'l:IJ '1IlI.INJIIII. L.Q9!t&l lU1 D&lj &. lllK'llUP a.. M.II:n Mati:

Uu:1I1- f~'" .llrllI'fl~IU'''''_ llt1ll • r~ "'"

AMP THlI AUT_ Most of the Office applications provide

six or seven tabs; tfpicalJy, the ones we've described above, plus three or four more tied. in wi th the core needs of that app. In Word. for example, the References tab is an aid for students and report writers. with options for adding a table of contents and Inserting citaoons.ln Excel, Microsoft dedicates an entire tab to formulae .

As we discuss on the following page, however, there's also worn for adding your OWil custom-made tabs for the commands you regularly use.


Don't spend too long on you r first ribb on: tria I and error will sort it later,


It's easy to ad d you r own ribbon: slightly harder to fine-tune it.

Q: When 1 renamea group, I'm asked to choose a picture. It doesn't seem to appear anywhere, though. so why does it matter?

A: It stili makes sense

to find a picture that has some !Ink with your grouPr:larne, because

if the ribbon gets too crowded it will show the icon rather tha n you r commands. Click the small down arrow to access the commands.


You don't need to live with the ribbon exactly how Microsoft imagined it. Add your own shortcuts and commands with this simple step-by-step guide.

One of the biggest crltlclsrns of the ribbon. in Microsoft Office 2007 was its rigidity, While someone with programming knowledge could customise it and add tabs to the default ones. such skllls were beyond the typical Office user, All this has changed in Office 2010, and

now you need absolutely no coding skills to and customise the ribbon as you see lit.

aT ... T cunOMI.ING We'll use Word as our example, but the method holds true for all

t he Office appllca ti ons. The fi rst ste p is to launch the Customize Ribbon dialog, which you can

do in two ways: by going to File I Opt.ions and clic:kin9' on the Customize Ribbon lab, Of by right-clicking any empty space on the ribbon and choosinq "Customize the Ribbon.,,". The dialog box that appears shows two long lists, each with a dropdown menu at the top,

On the right are the ribbons already in your template, while the left-hand list di.splays the commands that exist in Micmsoft Word and are thus available to be included on your ribbon, They're grouped in nine ways, such as "Ponular Commands" and ·Commands not In the




.. -

..... !.

t ..... e.-"-._Cftqi.I


I·"J .... ._




, ....




.ill _.._...


~ .t.!tIq_ :f.'I~"_""



1 ...... ~ .... 1-"



A ... _


~ ~.-.I''''''''-.r ,1(0;-,,..

11._ .!I'~._ :II!~,-~~

Ribbon", If you chooseAll Commands, you'll. notice the number of options is huge - there are around 1,000 tools,

eQ~.IlTI!!" TAG Click New Tab. YOu'll see a. new entry pop UP. usually jusl under Home in the list By default it's empty ~ your blank canvas,

The first thing you, should do is give it a meaningful name:

click Rename and type something' suitable, Now comes the step-by-step process of cr·eating your tab,

ADD GROUP' Your new tab includes a New Group by default, which again YOL.l should rename, After this, pick the commands you'd

like to include in Ihis group. It makes sense to follow

Microsoft's cues here: stick similar commands In groups and name them sensibly, You can click OK at any time and you'll see your ribbon in action,

IPrT AND POLI.N Add more groups using the New Group button until you're happy with the

results, And that's it. From now on, your new ribbon will appear whenever you create a new document.


.I":i' ......... ~hliloof'l .IiI9Itm







:Di"I¥I""" ~ .. ,-

' ... ,'MI'~ f~~ ji.,...,~ ~f.ti!IiI


. "


• ••


It you perform a particular set of tasks routinely; you can save time by recording a macro. Ma,cros sound daunting, but that's partly Just their name: If they'd been called Tlme Savers, they'd probably be used much more. In reality. they're simp'ly a way of pr,e·.recording a ~et of actions. let"s say you often create a table with the same headings, end ell you ever change is the values. Mecros ere a floe way 1.0 add' that table !instantly into YQurdocuments.

Here" we·U crea te su c h a ma c ro I.!s'ing M lcroscft Word: the same method works ,In the other Office epps,

'III""'. YOUA .. I: 0 The Macro command sits, confusingly; in the View ribbon. Click the down arrow and choose Record M'acro. You're asked

to give It a name, the default being. Macrol: try to choose something more descriptive. In our ,example, we·1I opt for PasleTable. Note Ihilt no spaces are allowed in names.

You can also add a description and choose whether you want your macro to be available ir"lall documents or just tin Is one. In mOSI cases, you'll want It

Customize Ribbon. This is asking if you'd like to add the macro to the Quick Access bar, whlch by default sits above the ribbon on the left. Click on your macro (which will be named NormalNew,Mac,ros.PasteTable, If you chose PasteTable as the name in step 1) andcress Add. A flowchart-slyle icon will now appear in the Quick Access Bar.

P A.COR Tlme to put your plan into

action ~ and we should emphasise that pl'anning is important. Every action you perform will be

recorded, so each mistake you make will be made over ",nd over again when you pla,y it 'baok, With a clear Idea of what you want to do, perform y'our task step by step. then press, the tiny Stop button at the left of the 5 tatus ba r that funs along the :bottom 01 the Word window. Alternatively, head to View I Macros and click Stop Reoord'ing.

1>1T' .. a Your macro Is now ready and wait'ing: just click the Qu Icl< Access she rtcut yo u created In step 2. If you wan! to edit it at a later stage,

In all documents. You then c'lkl< the Button or Keyboard you can: gO to View I :Milcros and select Edit to see the

Icon, depending on whether you want your macro to be macro 'broken down lnto code, Whll'e advanced editing

taunched by clicking on an icon or pressing a key shortcor, may be a step too far for most users.Jt's quite ,easy to change' a name, for instance" andeven if you have only baslcprogrammlngknow,ledge you'll be able to strip out

OUICK ACeQ Once you select Button or Keyboard, you"11 see a, menu rather similar to


iIII~ ____

t::" .... _ .. ,_,

any unnecessary cede.


... _

~ .... ,,---

L":I..I;~~.r~ Ii...q ~~~_ ... _L~ I~r JI~lu"l. -.....:....LID.:II.

I.'" n...a.J_~'~ • _,.- ..... <-


............... .!

1, .l~n .,.-.q., .,. ......

~bh,.:.t."'haf.l UI"

...... J~IFIlI!'.I· .. iIII ..... _ .,'~


"-hh-!~~j.~" rlJ1" ......-!-~h~hll.,-...,. t~ .. ~_hlt~:; .. C!':l __ lfi ... t~u·


,l;;1~""_,l'iII:1u'l .lIl;rl", • "'Wdl_ ..... I _ ~ L~ ~1'H'D'i11111.~'::II1'I-~"",~~ .. ,

.:~:::::=~-: F


55 60 5


Creating a mi;lCro can tal<le seconds. once you get tile hang of it.


Much SImpler than I! a ppea rs, hone st!

Q: While :I·m recording my macro. lcan't selec! Q r doub I e-cllck text to' copy It. Why?

A: Selectlnq text With il m ouse is very d ifficul t

to translate into simple code. and beyond the limits of macros. You·1I have to stick wlth !key commands such as <etrl-A> to select ail. <Ctrl-C> to copy and -cei-v- to paste, rather tin an dragg111g and 'dropping.

Eight features to make life easier

Office 2010 is littered with little touches that make it easier to work with your documents, Some are new, others were introduced in Office 2007, and some have been around for years but hidden away deep beneath the surface where few people found them. Here, in no particular order, are eight of our favourite features that could make a big difference to your everyday computing life.

1 """",u::r.,"'c:TlIR! BIT! NG The cliche still ring:; true: a picture can. be worth a thousand words. What the cliche never explained was how a drab picture could take away from your document's impact, whjch is why PowerPcint presentations and Word documents the world over have

be red their readers to tears. 0 ffice 2010 mal' rectify this, as it brings some pre tty powerful ph oro-editing tools within WOTd, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Publisher, Insert YOll photo and youl1 be able to perform procedures that used to be eJ\d usive to more advanced tools such as Ad.obe Phctoshcp: removicgbackgrcunds. add Polaroid-style borders, and even (with care, please I) apply artistic effects,

Register Now!

I, -- ''''''''9 yooIlW. "'''''", IIQ. SSIS6 IA«>I'OI u ....

~. n L 'f A ,,1'hu,"sd .. y lO ·"oy.

Ilany HdJh<uH!y r,&,It~. pp~

2 ~:::::::;::d~: ~~!::~:~~:~re

you paste it. For example, sal' you're pasting a chunk of text from an email into Word. Right-dick in Word and you'll see fOll Pas te Options: Use Des tination Theme, Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting and Keep Text Only. Hyou hover your mouse over each option, the document will update live in frontof your eyes and show the result. No more paste, undo, repeat ad infinitum.

3 PAlo! " •••• ",,, .. "I(UI. "eft!) .. TIQ I"""U!!IT PowerPoin t Isone of the most improved apps in Offi.ce, and .frankly it needed to be. While its headline improvements are. support for embedded video and muchimproved. transitions, we particularly like the fact you can ins tantly broadcast slides live to an audience all aroun d the world - they don't even need PowerPoint. For more details on exactly how to perform this trick, turn to p 7S.

4 IU.lICII; ... C'CI! •• TCIQL .... R This handy little collection ofco mmands sits almos t unnoticedat the top of each. Office app. In both Word and Exoel, it's home to the Save,


Undoand Redo commands - but it can do so much more,

If YOII constan tlyfind yourself adj\lli tiog pagemargins, why not add this command? Or in OneNote, add a Print Preview. 'Iheneach of thesecommands are just a dick away. You can quickly add commands Microsoft has chosen by clicking the downarrow to the right, but as with the ribbon you can also add YOUTOwn commands or even macros.

5 IIPIlJlTY'I.T'I'POctRAPHY Available in Word and

. Publisher, OpenType fonts aUow YOIl to add amazmg flo urish es to, your text. WhlIe til ey should be used wisely - think of those early newsle rters where every fon t under the sun was squeezed in to make it look "Hvely'" - the impect can be stunning. We explain more about the wonders of OpenTjlpe in our chapter on Publisher (starting on plOO).

6 ~'JlIU"'ct WIn!' OJlIJlOU We all get information

from many sources. and trying to keep track of it in.evitab!y results in a mess. That'suactly the type of thing OneNote was born to deal with. but it's only in Office 2010 that Microsoft allows you to "link" notes. You dock On.eNote to your desktop, then take notes while working in Internet

- ,

I -
- -'"'b
" ...... •

Sm'l) lJ;"'Oalo:; Sm~!I;~'OQIl!.o

':\-r,'""' 1.§1!_~_1 't! Dale

(§Iv fT.\: 'D"t~


• ~

• 7


y.,fi "'* ....... ~

~ Idaw ttw MIbGn

SA·tolt p.o<>e •• lng Is· JUSI o~e 01 lJte .Ies. vis Ible 1"~OVIItlon. In the Office 201011.,1>.1, and If you 'blzy' ill ba,tmJ 'VQt$lon of- Offlc:e the n yoU'U have Il>eoptlon to choose 32.bll ar 64·,i);lt. The ... ~'" sam" good reasons to $,~ with 32·tolt re r now, though. a. we discuss on p124.

10 II 11

..- ... ~ - .. ~ :;J :l '} 0: .A,
.. " ,. 0 ~ ~ ~~o.:.. - .., ... n:.i;I ....
~,_... ~ "'" Explorer, Word or PowetPomt;. when you review your notes. you'll see exact! y what you were doing at the time, so you can dive straight back to the source.

7 ... ee .. , !I oeu MI!HTf OM THI' WI. Office Web Apps

.5 till fe els like a pro duct in embryo, bu t the fact tbat you can now view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents wherever you are - and you don't need the corporatestrength Sharel'oint to. do SQ., only a web connection and a Windows Live account - is a massive shift. Yes, we've had services such as GODgle Docs fer years, but th ese rip out your formatting; with Web Apps, you know your document will look just as good as it did when you created it.

8 .... I.ITIUPPO.T"Ihe processors Inside Dew pes and laptops have supporredBd-bi t rotnpu ring

for some time. and finally Microsoft is offering a 64-bit version of Offi ce, All YOII he veto do is select 54-bit during the installation process .. As we discuss on p124, there are caveats to, consider. But if you need to work with huge spreadsheets, for example. this is a long-awaited op ti.on - and if no thing else; a step in the fight direction ..



1~ono:l'I~.,~ iU"lQl • ...6OCIx l" O'f ....... ~e.~ ..

w.~l' ~ Ih& tKtfa-fYI"U wlIt1 our trU"ilml(~


3 6 How to create

.' effective diagrams

How to fOrmat a document using styles

Give documents a professional look Go beyond bullet pornts and

with ccnsistent Formatting. numbered: lists with SmartArt.

2 8 How to work with 3' 8 How to na.vlgate large

. template.s and themes documents Wltheue

Create styUsh. documents by uSillg The Navigation pane makes it simple

and building on Microsoft's templates. to jump around a large document.

3 0 How to master 40 How to add "rean.-

text effects .sh.ots and translation

Make yo u rhea dl i nes ju m p off the I nsta III Iy tra nslate text a ndi II ustrate

page with this eight· step guide. yo ur res ea rch wit h screens hots.

3· 2 H. OW ... t ... o a.dd Impact __ _ with Images

Turn an image into somethillg' special. or use it as a subtle background.

42 How to add

. ... . biblIographies, fOotnotes and citatIOns Stu dents. ta ke n a tel

3 4 How to use 44 Four new features

Building Blocks In Word 2010

fO, a profeSSional touch Believe it or not. there are still more

Save time with long documents such extras in Word 2010 to make yourli!e

as newsletters using Building Blocks. that '1Itt,;e bit easier.

WORD 20 0

Word 2010 is far more than a simple word processor.

I t can be used to create everything from sober reports to colourful club newsletters, and thanks to the ribbon interface - introduced in Office 2007 and improved upon in Office 2010 - it's now so much easier to access its many features. In this chapter, we start with the basics of formatting before providing step-by-step


~" .JTII.p:tI'_~~ ~ .,...._,

.J ... 4:!I~DIIIII' ~I:oOl ::: ... "

1'- .J~"'''fll'll '!It.'(III ;:: Ull't

..... =

'_"'Il'LA"IlW'D'~P9"f11 ~~"f;UJtgm.. pili Ihttt.i.l;IliinlOlO\ll'c.~,O"h:· •. :tOg,Q,~ 1M O\' ... at J"C'Of. btl!"!;1 a [tr~ 1CJVfl0Vl" ,lIIIr fn.

:ICI olC.aro.Clll.oJ hJ:llnOUl"rat8'encolPC=a~lIlfe "" I~ et "o:;:r;!IDot.o.M "'OOCD,,,,,, W."""'DVl<>l !;oFo<ce O6OOGT grQPNa_ 10 """,,*,,,,,,,,, .. ,..50 I,', I """,tw.o 0' .....

:.n r " !.lIng.!e~iCfJl:lcppII,c~wcnat. Wad

,I' ,omo ,..,. lor"'''_' ofllXllopo <:nI PC> p ... rhe

.. ~' ~ JI!IC l[ORol 0t6 C 10'11.' (be fat :rncvel.

F,.., ... ,_'Iog_.,r",,,,,_ •• hIpo,, _!wo ~'CI 1:1 .. 17 Dul OU"lncu' """'MCUlI~ ~l'Oym7eu~a'.""",a1rtli~a1 1.02 .. :(

~., "_'N""" __ IiIQh_ • ..,.. .; .... 4 ..... .,.1>0_

I .• 0 IoniOQ, can cmpe w'I'Iii U\!!' '~n 1:(L!1e,J I(;If(l5(lb. '~:n h 'I. It! ~ 1"'rftc)1.1~"'~''h-I'''''''''~o.t'''t

Pt9II .... 1tw11 ..... 11.l'14li1 ~

~41· .:.J'iII!IJ' t~ ~

ij- .ot!I ~. t='tI~

• t'" .J :r-JOIIiiIII

11111 ..... 1 .... ForO\.ll'~ IJI.I t.I1J.'Vr. rvnc Lft'ftPjllll '11'l'JU"'~~ Ilioout. und fIJI' tl'rlB 1"'.'"1.fW1l'fe:~ ~!two pro:e;:ana10 fbn" ogborc_' tNo,,,,,," .. a~ gnd.."......, """e .. "., Jipil"l1tl~~rTW' v f"'t:l"u:3 .dM>tt.

guides to help you personalise your documents,

use Word's built-in photo-editing tools, and master text effects. And we go further still, with navigation tips for people working with large documents and

a masterclass for academics on Word's citation and bibliography features. Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert, it's advice you shouldn't miss.



20 minutes now will save you lots of lime in the 'long run,


Once you see how It works, very ei>sy.


Format your text as you go along and you 'll end up with a document that looks like a greengrocer's stall. Use styles to save effort and ensure consistency.

For years, Word hes had the most advanced and usable formatting' controls of any word processor, allowing' a sophlsticated and effioiellt approach to type and colour, and enabllnqanyone to create professional-looking documents. The tragedy is that many 01 us don't make full use of the!">e controls. We either leave everything at default and just start typing, or we format every element by hand, using the Font and Paragraph sections of the ribbon to do all the work. This't the way things are meant to be. To make the most effective use of Word, you need to get to grips with styles and themes.

You can get some sense of the importance of styles within Ward from their appearance on the default Home tab of the ribbon, with the iFont and Paragraph options. Think of them as a set of preset formats for the main elements you might use in any document the main text (or "bodY"), head; ng sand 5U bheadi ngs, tit las, quotes and soon. There are two good reasons to employ them. First, using styles will save you time. 8y selecting the right styl e before you type orse lectt ng a block of text an d applying a style, you can be sure that t'he text in question will have the appropriate font. size, colour, allgnmellt.

spacing and indent, Whal.'s more, this will:be consistent throughout - the key to professional-looking. documents.

Second, USing styles makes it much easier to apply widespread charlges later, If you decide, say, to chang e the font used fo r su bhea di ngs across a30-pa ge business report, there's no need to change each instance separately~ Just modify the sMe and watch your change roll 'out across the whole document. This becomes even more 'useful when you remember that styles also work

in co nj un cti on with them es. Fou nd a cross Office, thes e ready-made coli ection s of fo nts, styles a rid colours are designed' to help you create neat attractive documents where all the elements on a, page sit well together. If you use styles correctly. al teri ng the theme w ill chang eall th e text on every page to match. With a single click, )IOu can transform the whole look and feel.

Styles are customlsebla and you can alter

the existing ones or add your' own. Be aware that

styles "cascade". The :Normal style, for example, 'is the found'at,ion for several others, so different font. say, will apply this chanae across the other styles in your document, Us'eful, as long, as you know what to expect.

".... r =·a·~ ~~ lZ t' ~d AJUJ.,C ~CI ~

..I. t __ .. l 1""-'00II .....

~t, fNl:Jlr_ iIIoIarl&


_,.0 .,_""" 1Mioooo.L.

~~ .. ~-o..- ..... ..... -

ctsheet; Choostng " _ .... -

ct!!leet: Choosing a Telesc_o,,-pe_' __

WG'1I:I!IiII.(h!I.IJUn~ Ulmod IIiI!IIIII ,il!!iIo1d,. I UWilIJl' ..... trw 'IbdIn r'IM~tI'!tl'liO!Iii!IbM"lJII~ l"".tN!~iLTIM~~W IMI'~I'W'iIIII~tllhll ... 't.f1o·II!atk:!ra.,.:WC!:II".I!.II",G"~""""""'''I'Id~~ '117. w+!ot iI.~MiIiU'" ibiIn t..w.a1""

, ....

iaJKid ~Il'bc. ~!II4:D ",1IJIGlI ILII .. U.c

.... IMr ""III j I II iii u HI 1 _

Aatl_.o ." ......

'''L,.a& _1IiII. ..... _1 Q.d.

.._..$; ..... II'I!III W-" IIIIIP .....

Choosing P, ,::=':'-""'"


J".~""Jur.IIIdIII'I.mDi.I Iilr.i'illorWllll( lr~,~a. .... od~ ~,.d~lII""I'DI:iID~/uI~'fWI;lirMIIIf.~IiI:!I"''l'ia~ ~~,&b.!JI~I~~j,l~rh~~-"'IN"Itt.r. l·wI!.ir .. iriIQ'.tJr.-r~~~~

1II!I"0!II"I~,! ~ II!tIQ ~h.1'l ;~.'-!I ~h" ,,"""'..,.. ~INIII .... -.'~ illM!W'1 ~~!!!I ~ ~1'1ii.iiI ~ i.liih~ .~.t iiUI-I .... ~.(Ia!I .. e.L.t..Ibn:I!: • ....,.,i:h..



"uno· A!!.""""'......-~ 4,_1 ~~ IIIIIIIIIiIn.

bM.iiI:,~:.,.~.tI» .n.,..fql.rf- ..... wt"!iA'ilCI'Ii~l

.. 'I ......... I'I.lI(qiiDo\'~tI"d~ "lII.tlhllllllWt~hl ... lIk[!IIH ill.llltlW1rl'lCll~·IIc:a~I~Qj'""'. .,....lHdIIl'UIIA.'JCI"Ii~1i


ITTUi THJi TIn •• We start with a, page of basic, unformatted text, cut and pasted into a blank Word document with the default Office theme

and Calibri font, First, let's apply a style to the title. Click and drag over the title to hi.ghlight it, then go to the Styles section of the rtbbon (click the Home tab If you cerrt see this) and click on the lower down arrow to expand the Styles panel. Note how the styles are previewed as you mouse over them. Click on the TiNe style to select it.

I'll( TH.lluon Now select the quote below the title and select the Quote style from the Styles

section. Click on the upper down arrow to scroll th rough to it or th e lower to expand Styl es as before.

",DD ~l'M""I. For this first section 01 body text we want a font with a little more Jrnpact, Highlight the paragraph (the quickest way is to

triple-dick) and click the Strong style in the Styles panel.

INTIIIUII'Y Certain words need to stand out. We couldcolour them, but the Emphasis styles may

work better and will give us more options later.

Highlight words by clicking and drag.glng while holding the Ct:rl key, then select the Intense Emphasis style.

CHANGING COLOUR_ II we do want to change the colour, we can customise the style. Rlght-

g~ .-

click Intense Emphasis in the Styles panel, then select M.odify from the menu that appears. This lets you alter any aspect of the style. ,For now, ween Just change the colour to the "Red, Accent 2" COlour from the Office theme (to see the colour names. jl,.lSt mouse ovar them). The change rolls oo;t across every block of text with tnat style applied.

......... INDIiHT The qIJOlestyle needs some' tweaking too: an indent from both the left and right margirls Will give it mON? impact. Select the text, thenolick on the Layout tab. Use the Indent

options ln the Paragraph group to nudge the indents, say, O.4cmlnwards on either side.

• ... VII ....... w "'YU We can save this change to ou r 'existl ng styl e or use It as tihe bas is for a new style. Right-click on theselected text and go to

Styles I Update Quote to Match Selection (where "Ouote" is til e na me of the style) or Styl es I Save Selecti on as a

New Quick Sty:le. Give Ihe new style a name arid Click OK The new style will also reflect any changes you make to aligrlment, spacing or colour.

TOT ... L TU,,,,,OIIlOf.l.TION Here's the other advantage of style.s. Click the Page Layout tab of th e rib'bo n. then c'liok the Them es bu tto n.

M:ouse over the themes to See how your various elements change ali at. once ln font, size and/or colour.

Factsheet: Choosing <1 Telescope

I'IR1.ip~t~llwfJ~~~Irw;,l~,I"IIirI("~h'f .... 'r~ ~"'"tM-"",~,.,J.~l'lrrI'lfIrIIr~Jh:r!"''''''~

.... f,..."II~·tlr.~tl( 1I,,1IWmlrll~IoU.r~dl

..,: 1"".~~12t: ittIll'ItII!: 1':.

:~heet: Choosing 11 Telescope

~'~I.'!III«I,"oiII1lIlIfnwnt:.wl'''lW.llhoirIIII"lII~.lirlt~ l'IIf]I:ii&\liJltr.i.l~~jII~'fI!II.IM'~~1I;oiUIi fwt'WIilri-<rwI~Uif~,,":o::k:niLIlffLG.!Ki!.nu i:Jn+~lIIf(ilb:-lIQIiI:'lIn!~~~

"'g.~JlIIk.ilLOItthr~~~~a,} : ~mMt!.I'lIIiIInfDCfNJ&'II"IUt·~Pt~~~.-a" fQIMI.·i!IId",",,'~L"I'~'lIImb'~"'lli',JfI


Q: If I try to update the Normal style using 'Update <style> to match selection" from the Style menu, It Just overwrites my existjng style. How do I get around tI1is?

A:: Word prevents you making major changes to the Normal style because it's the' basis for other styles in the document. Instead

of updatirlg Normal.

use "Save Selection

as a New Quick Style" to make a variant

and call' It something descript,ve. such as "Normal-JustIfied". then use this to style your body copy.


A lot less time than it would take to build a template from nothing,


We explore some more complicated changes here, but stey with us and you'll make a ,big impact for littleeffort.


Word's supplied templates may not always look brilliant, but by using them as a foundation you can get a head start on making stylish documents.

While the most basic text pages can always be built tram scratch, i1 makes sense to use templates for documents like newsletters, reports and CVs, which demand more complex layouts. The problem can be finding a readymade format that fits your needs. True, there's a growing selection available to download from within Word 2010 at t'he www,office,comwebsite, but they're generally skewed towards an American market. And some of the older Office templates, are now looking very tired indeed.

lhe trick is to see the templ'a~e not as a

finished product, but a springboard for your own desig,,;. Amending one needn't be difficult or time·consuming. 8y mixing and matching themes, modifying elements and amending styles, you can make the template your own without having to tweak every chunk of text,

As templates are tied in to theme,s, the easlest way 10 effect a qolc k, glo ba I tra nstor mati a n is to cb a ng e the theme. You'll find the Themes panel in the Page Layout tab. CIICik the button to expand the Themes g'allery. and you'll see the results pr'eviewedin- real-time as you mouse over the vartous options. Themes, however, are more JJe~lble than you might think: using the three

buttons to the right you can select the colours, fonts or effects of an entirely different theme, allowing you to combine what you like from one with elements of another. Take the fonts and text styles from Austin, the bold colours Irom Perspective and fhe effects from Origin, say, and you have your own hybrid theme ready to go.

Beyondl that, you can drill down and alter

every style, every colour and every effect in the template ( it makes sense to stick wit'hin the parameter.s of the current theme if you want to avoid the more hideous colour dashes). Experiment with the various styles and themes, using Word's Live Preview to get some Idea of how your changes will affect the finalr'esull. Then, when eve ryth ing, suits you r tastes, save it. Yo u have a custom template yOu can reuse for years· to come.

eHAltGE THE TIIEME Click the File tab to go to the Backstage view, then select. New and take a look at the templates supplied. Here, we're

going to use a rather dowdy old template. !Executive NewSletter. from the sample collection. It's pretty d'rab

ass upp II ed, so cll c k th e Pag e Layout ta band then the

IiIIi~T.aiI!~rii:d~T~~~GiI~ h·i'l""-lF't.""~.'1-:""'rI;i'I~l~~ rlllilli. ~foittl~f't."~'hu~T~I~c If'-..:d ~tol""""" h..d a., ... '.!l~ TIIII!.I

Eyes on Skies

---. ..-- ~.-.



~ :1--- ,.::.;: ...... t ...

Eyes on Skies

'4~ ,_._. .~_ ~_



.... -,I!!:~ ... ---~--

__... -~- .........

- .... -~-


... _._,---



...... '




i.-:= ..


. ... :.,.._,


..... 11111111.



Themes button, then mouse throuqh the selection to see how the template might look with another theme ap,plied.

CHANG. TN. IC:H.,I. The Waveform theme looks good, but the colours aren't ideal. TIme to mix and match. Click the Theme Colors button

(to prnost ofth e thre e n ext to tl1 a mai n Th ames button)

and look down the list. Here, we've gone for Slipstream.

"'"X T>fl IA(I(I.OUNO The pull-out quote panel lacks impact, and has a slightly cheesy gradient effect to boot. Click on it, then on the Drawing

TOOlS f'·ormat tab. Go to the Shape Styles section and click on the lower down arrow to expand the Shape Styles panel. Ag;!in, mouse over the various options .. This time we've chosen "Moderate Effect - Green. Accent 3"

.. ODin n"na, The text cernes next. Clfc·k the Home tab, n.ght-click on the Heading 1 style in the Styles panel and select Modify. Change the

font to Callbrl and size to 16. Using the B and I buttons, switch on bold and: SWitch off italic, then click fhe

paragraph spacing up button twice 1.0 give the heading more room. Click OK. Highlight the subheading text and apply the Strong style from the Styles panel (use the down arrows 1.0 scroll or expand the Styles panel if you can't see it), Finally, amend the Qllote style, Set 801d!and change the colour to "Green, Acoent 4, Darker SO%".





.,... -



~ --!.lIooI~1

~::- ...


DROP e.u1TAUi Let's add a drop cap. Highlight the first letter O'f the main srory, click en the Insert tilb, In the Text section, click the Drop Cap

button (you'll have to write some text; the template uses

dummy text). Select the simple Dropped style.

.. .oIUUI II OQ... Ju s t beca use the te mplate doe 511'1

have an Image, it doesn't mean we can't add one, 'First, we need to make room. CliCk and drag the quote box down to the bottom of the page,

Switch on gridlines. to help you align the 'edges ~click the V1ew tab, then the Gridllnes checkbox In the Show panel)" and restzeme box if necessary by dragging the comer handles.

IN5~ AM rMAGIi Click the Insert tab, then

the Pictu ra button In the III ustra tions pa net, Navlgat.e to' an Image and, click Insert. Click on

the image's boundinq box and drag the image around to' fit. If you need to" resize it to lit within the column,

WRAP UP Finally, YOll might need to adjust how the text wraps around the image. Click on the picture and the Pkture Tools/Format tab will

appear, Click Wrap TeKtand select SquarefrO'm the menu. The revisedi template is now reaely togo. Save ;itasa template before youex'it go to File I 5a,ve As, th.en choose Word Template from the "Save as type" dropdown menu.



'II",,- __ r-II

- ......

Y·· -.-~...". .. ~ ._-.~.~

tl'i!I~,,, 'II'ld~I~'IIi

_ ~!A.oJ"" ._..,.""" ........ _'"

"'__..tiHII~""'.ft. ~"r-~~jpIII

1_"1iri!I~1&.ii_ Y!!I'_I"-p,~w

,._, ..... GI.i¥.k~ ... -J..,. ~t._ ....

_Bl_"'t~![J!!r. ~.IiDJ..~ fto

iiiv'-"wi"'l~"" ......: ... .r.,._

1aPIII1k1ld;r~1" O" .. ..,.,.- ... tN

~1!!i!!i!IIl .. 0I0'-'!l,'llill1I"'II _1I4I~'tMiill1I':jj,

""1ID&~,'W~Pob. ..m~~""Jf1 '_~'IIi;o .... wnlPu.,~_'!I]R ......,...,-......-"'~ ~-'~j,.~


Q: Some of Word's dlalO'gs and options don't gille me a live preview, What's up?

A: Some of the Text Effect end Font options dialogs don't offer live previews - for example, when you<re modifying a style. Th is is an noyi ng When you'r'e working with :Stylistic Sets or

LI gatures, but th ere's just 1'10 way to see some of the effects in action WIthout cljcking OK You can always undo or tweak the rasults afterwards,

HOW LONG? Spend more than ten minutes with an i nd ivi dua I tex t effe(;t

a nd you're ju st as likely to rum it as improve it,


Judgl n9 the re 5 ul ts

roou Ire 5 a n eye for, but the tools are !!a.S)' ,enough to use,

Q: Helpl Whyc:an't I elide on the Text Effects 'button?

A: Probably because you're viewIng your work in Compatibility Mode - for instance,

if you're using' a DOC file rather thOl!l DOCX. Save your file as a Word document (FHe I $ave As) and the Text Effects button should now spring Into fife,



Need titles and headlines that jump off the page? Word 2010 has the text effects tools to make it all happen. Here '5 how to use them for maximum impact,

Sometimes a. new version of Office brings features that. rather than being totally new, give us a more effective way of harldling an old task, For over a decade Word has had options to create heavily stylised text for titles, headings and spot effects in the form of WordArt, a built-in set of simple. scalable graphic text effects, Now, Word 2010 has new, more flexible ways ,of giving text special treatment,

tools in exactly the same way as normal text. You need never worry about an embarrassing tyPO in a, headline,

The Text E ffe(;ts, bu tto n can be fou ndl n the Font panel of the ribbon's Home tab: it's the glOwing blue capital "N next to the highlighter icon, Text Effects also work il"! conjunction with themes, Altering your colour theme, for example, changes the colours in Text Effects,

In the past, you inserted WordArt onto the Text :Effects aren't the only new way to spice

page, typed in your text and positioned it. WordArt wasn't UP text. While the options. are more deeply buried than

treated in the same way as regular text: 'it didn't benefit in Publisher, Word can atso explOit some of the advanced

from the full range 01 formatting options, and wasn't features of OpenType tents, enabling you to play with

spellchecked andi grammar·checked in the usual way,

That all changes with the new Text Effe(;ts, These are preset and custornlsable treatments that you can apply to any block of text. anywhere on the page· just like a change of font, font colour, underline or 'bold. Text Effects can even be applied to styles, and the results saved as a new Quick Style (see p27), Ga'lleries of presets make it easy to try d life rent optto ns, pa rttcula rl y as

you get a real-time preview before they're .applied, Any changes you make can be reversed instantly, What's more, text with Text Effects 15 dealt with by Word's proofing

. ~.- ..

, •• I _,. Ii .. 1III~"I:j!l' ...


~~w [?'Ir©<cl1_' ~lrn[jiJ~ U¥fl@l

ligatures (where specific letter cornbinaticns are joined into a si ng Ie shape) andel ternative styl e sets (styl istic varlatlcns on ~he typeface), By cornbininq these new controls with Text Effects., yOU can come up with results th 11 tare su re to g fa b alte nl ion, J us! don't overdo It; as always, restrei nt we rks bette r tha 11 excess.


An IIGNT AND TH .... There's nothing special to look at here, just a block of text in Candara 24pt. with a background tint on the page and the theme (Page Layout I Themes) set to ~erspectlve,

R,fA4 AA


"'" .... ;'J:'~'''oiI' II III ''''.1 •• Iii.::I ...


All II TUT &EF'E er I C lick and d rag over the text to highlight it, then go to the Home tab and

cl lck th e Text Effects button in the Fo nt panel.

You'll see the default gallery of preset effects. Mouse over them to see how each will affect your selection; note the desert ptlon summarls In g the co lours and elfects· applied.

MIll. TOUR ow .. uone" There's no need tQ stick V w[th the presets, howe~er. CliCk on the Outline,

Shadow, Reflection and Glow menu options below and you can expand the ga'llery of preset effects. Here. we've opted for an Orange fill with an "Ino'ig.o, Accent 5, Darker SO%'· outline and, an Offset Diagonal Bottom Left shadow.

..... 11 TUHIIiO To get morecontrol over shadows, Refledions or Glows, click the relevant Options button; for example, to adjust Shadows goto

Text Effects I Shadow I Shadow OPtions. These give you

the a bi II ty to al tar eva ry parame ter by dra 99 i ng slid ers, We·ve created a new shadow effect with Transparency 24%, Sile 100%, Blur 5pt, Angle 174" and Distance 6pt.

)DIFFlen Clio;;k on the small arrow at the' 'bottom right of the Font panelto open the Fontdia log ocx, Click on Texti:_ffe Cis lose e

the Format Tex! Effects· dialog. which gives you access to

a range of 3D treatments through the 3-D Formats tab.

This allows YOllio add bezels, surfaces and translucency or transparency effects to your text. This lime we'll opt for a preset top bevel with the ,Material: set to Plastic.

A NliW .-TTLI! Now let's wipe Ihe slate clean. With the text stili highllghted, click the Clear F orrnetti ng button (i n the Fo nt 9 rou p of the

name tab), Change the Font to Gabriola. click Bold, set the font size to 24, then click Text Effe(:tsand sale(:t

·'Gradlent 1'"111- Black, Outline - While. Outer Shadow".

PLAY WITH LI.GATUJlIiIi Now right-di(:k on the ted block and select Font from themeno.

This brings I.Ip the Font dialog box. Click

the Advanced tab of the ,Font dialog, then go to the OpenType .features and cllck the Ligatures dropdown, Select "Standard and Contextual", and note how the two ··r· characters now crowd In and join together. You'll see slrnilar effects on other common ligatur'es, depending on the words and OpenType typeface used.

nTUliTle liITII Finally, we can have some fun with the' StylistiC sets. In the Advanced lab

of the Font dialog. click on the Stylistic sets dropnown, and change the set being used' from the Default option to set S_ As you can see, In this font certain I etters' stro kes now 9 etexl.l be ra nt "swash:" !1 0 urish es - perfect for an elegant headline that will get Itself notlced,

JIll • ~ ...... ~ I!.- ':! ~~ ~. u '"

.'I~"". "'.i. ..... a ... _

- ... -

._....-- 1 __ ~ S

-_.... 8

I. ~,- __ Gl:


The beauty of using Text Effects Is that

they can be applied

to any block of text.

in clu di ng body text. head II ne text 0 r titles.

In fact, If there's 11 text eft'ect that works well

in. say. a heading', yOU can update a Heading style to use it or save your own new style With the text effect applied. Just right-dick on your text, th en go to S tyl as I:

Save Selection as a New o uic k Styl e. See p26 for our detailed gUide to uSing styl es.


Word's only similarity

to chess is that its image-editing tools take moments to learn but longer to master.


It may take some tinkering to get the exact result y·ou want. but it's surprisingly simple once you know where the toctsere.

OW TO •.•


Word's graphic-handling capabilities just keep getting better. With this much editing power, you may not even need to use a separate photo application.

As time has gone on. the Word document hasrnoved from being a primarily text-based creation to one that may mclude a range of graphic elements, from a Simple letterhead to diagrams. photos and bacKgrourtds. While more elaborate projects are still betler suited to Publisher, Word 2010 packs in a lot of image-manipulation power.

Insert ·8, picture into your Word document and you'll now find a range of tools and options waiting for you under the Format I Picture Tools tab that appears on t'he ribbon. Divided into four pane'ls, it gives you the ability to perform the most common image adjustments without needing to launch a dedicated .image-editing app.

These tools a r'e su rprisi ng Iy so phi,S ti ca bed Remove Background, for example, makes it reasonably easy to isolate an object in a photo - say,. a, product or person - from the bacKground by identifying' the area to focus on, then clicking on those arees you want to keep and those you wish to remove. Other tools enable you to make simple colour,brlghtness and contrast adjustments just !byClicking on one of a selection of thumbneus.

Monochrome and sepia treatments are also a click ·away, while borders and effectscan be applied from

galleries in seconds. You can also crop images within Word, moving markers to isolate which portion of the shot will appear on the page. Word helpfully greys out the unselected chunk 10 show the effect of your changes.

Fir-lally, Word's options now extend to a gallery of filters known as Artistic effects. These cover a range of natura'i moo la sucha s wetercolows, cha'i ks a nd pastel s:

a selection of textures induding film grain, glass and cement: and some ~Iet's be polite - wackier options for glowing edges or a weird plastic-wrapped look.

Click on Artistic Effects Options beneath the main gallery and you can even configure many of these filters. True, their flexibility and power is limited compared to I he ra ng e of effects found ina ded i ca ted pho toedi tor, but if you iust need a quick and dirty fix for a pholo you're dropping' into a report, guide or newslattar, then Word 2010 has you covered.


.n TIll THIMIl Here's our Initial text document, waiting for images. We've alrea.dy applied the Title text style to the first paragraph and set the theme to Composite (Pa.go Layout I Themes I. Composite),

f"",, aid aut mIl."., Pd ,..1WlI1:Q IIW 'It'LtI ,,1'.hl1'll." 1m ~..,.thI!~rtaUn""'.1., !LrOJ.IDI4II.Jamr!\._lIlI. I rilWll'I"(, ullll ...... 111!tr'101 ... .-~"4:O-1./'I ..... It~ioI "~iIIIJlllt

1H ~1 .. 'IIICJu,'ta(illilu .1- IlriiUld.. 1_1

~l!B&oIDII .. d .. F'.,_.'III"'III"IiI,m1i!1111111d~ ..... 1L.1I

The GardenS at Bistercombe

''d''j.J U'l.A.IJlJIl""Q~I'nU'l..lIw""IR"I"tclUll'llbl: __ II'"

•• llJIII!d ~ the IIKli!lNlltbt<'l.ll!II.u~ ft.t OtWlllld 1.,1.111 ~ .. ,. ~1IIWIt.A.II ..

r~iol .. < aI'nnti.Qrft"I"II'" ~I-...w.: d"-tlat ...... pIclq ' .............

_lr.v1t_ ...... 1I:I iIJ.ot~

' IWl_.,., r"'~ = _\.~_

..... "''' .......,~ ''!IIWIII'li .....



IXltilT AX 1_&:& Tlrna for the first. picture, Click before the fi rst word of the be d:y text and then cl lck th e In se rt tab on the flbbo n. Se teet Pi ctu re,

nav.igatll to an Image file and click the Insert button. Clkk

on the handle at the right-hand corner of the Image and drag! It inwards or outwards to scale tile picture. You'll notice thai the photo has scared away all the text. No problem: with the Picture Tools Format tab Wrap Text I Square.

II' you need to. you can always clic:k inside the crop area and: drag It around to select which part of the image will appear within tile crop. When you're done, press ,Enter on your keyboard.

AllnJlIT IIIGHTNUI AND CDNT1IAn YOU cao't rllad the title here, so we'll fix that. With the Picture Tools Format tab active, gO to the Adjust

group on the left and select Correctlcns, Hover over the thumbnail shown below, which should say "Brightness:

APP~Y PIC"TURI nun We'll apply a bask effect -40% Contrast: -40%". then select It to 'knock both

to help the plcterestand out. Click on the down contrast and brightness back by ~hls amount, The picture

arrow n ext to th II gallery 0 f Pi eture Styles to expand it, and select the effect of your chelee, Here. we,'ve gone for "Simple Frame, Bla(:k".

IMIUlT AMOTHIJi IMAGI This next move might seem odd at first, but bear with us. Click before th e Ii (51 lette r 0 f th e title a nd in sert an oth er

image. If it messes up the layout so tar. don'!. worry. select Wrap Text I Behind Text to put the shot at the back, then

move and resca I e the ptctu te so that It covers Ihe whole top section ·of the page.

CIOJ' Let's cut that image down to slle. Still In the Picture Tools Format tab. Click the Crop button. Now use the crccmarkers to select

only tile portion of the Image that sits behind the title.

gets greyer and lighter. (etmnlng the text to prominence.

COLourU.I THI 1_01 The colours behind the text are stili. df strectl ng. though. Click the Co lor cutten next to Corrections .. YOlJ'U see a whole

rang.e of tone and saturation controls. this tlrne, we want to reoolour the imag.e. Select the "Lime, Accent color

I Light" thumbnail' (if you can'! see :Lime as an option, make sure you're using the Composite theme· or pick an alternative of your own),

A""L' "'RTlnrc IFFICU Finally. we'll add an artistic e ffe(:t to m a k:e the ba(:kg rou ndeve n

more ebstract. Click on Ule Artistic Effects button, then select the Cutout thumbnail althe bottom left of tl'1 e gall ery,

IIIr(Nr~,oFlf!tlicl"CI r .. aJ.;II:Or.M~I~ tM1pu 1fIj-fl""".tl:''¥''I'iwIm1=- •• illkttl''oi~


I t's easy to set an image to use as a Page Background: go to

the Page LayolJt tab. select Page Col'or ff(!)rn the Page BaCkground panel, click Fill E"f~ects a nd hit the PI ct ure lab. However, If Ihe image Is too strong to make the text reedabla over ita better plan Is to fo'ilow steps 4 to 8 m this tutorial. blJt with. tM image scaled [0 cover the whole 'page.


It should only take hall an hour to get to grips with this, but allow more if you get hooked.


Dau nti ng a t ~ rst: easy when you know how.


Creating templates for longer documents can be time-consuming, but Word's built-in Building Blocks make the process much simpler and more effective.

Complex documents such es club newsletters and company reports can take .. lot 01' time to set up, and while there are alwa,ys templates to rely on, these might not match the content and Image you want. But creating a, document from scratch means setting up each textbox or graphic element step by step, which requires a, certain level of expertise, and then you have the problem of keeping to a' consistent style. Before you know it. your document looks amateurish,

Fortunately, there is a halfway house. Word 2007 lntrocuced Building Blocks.: rB.ady-made cover pages, headers, footers, quote boxes, tables and sidebars t,hat you slot into your document as and when they're needed. And Word 2010 continues with theconcept, M,mybuilding blocks are intended to be used within existing templates, but don't let thi,s put you .off. All can be customised. endas they've an been set up using Word's preset text styles and colcur themes" it's easy to make global changes to Integrate them Into your new template.

YOu'll find' all these components under the Insert tab of the ribbon, Go to the Pages section and you'll see a Cover Page button that leads to a gallery of

fully forma tte d: cover pages: all you need to do is amend th e exist ing text. or sel eel dales usi ng the pop-cut fi eld s, Or click the Table button in the Tables section next door and select Quick Tables to find a range of ready-made ca Ie riders, ta bl es and llsts re<ldy for you to use.

11"5 in th e Text pa nel, however, that thi ngs become really interesting. The Text Bcrx gallery gives you an exle nsive selectl on of 0. uole boxes and sl debars ina variety of styles; if you can't find what you're looking for, click the Quick Parts button and select the .Building Bloc,ks Organizer to browse through Word's entire selection of cover pa g es, equalio ns, headers, footers, watermarks

and texthoxes, Many building blocks -Induding headers, footers and s ideba rs - a uta m alicaHy CI i ng to a specific area of the page, but others, such a.s quote boxes, can be moved, with any text on Il1e page wrapping around them.

You're not so'lel:y reliant on Microsoft's own building blocks, or Ihe others you can download from www.offioe.C<lm. If you create your own textboxes or graphic elements, these can be saved back as new blocks. Create Ihem once and you can use them again and again throughout your document and In other documents too,


AIID A to"''' PAGE In this report for a (fictional) countryside trust, we'll take a, cover page from Office's ready-made line-up, Click the Insert tab.

then the Cover Page button. We'll use the M'otlon option.

IliIn.T YOUR QWNIMAOII Obviously we need to change the image. so right-click on the train photo. select Change Pktl.Jre from the context-

sensitive menu, and navig'ate to an :image file. Click Insert.

A_ltD Tit. FIRLDII For the rest of the changes, ju st type into the fie Ids I'aid out onth e page to chang e the ir conte nts. For th e dates .. cl ick on

the arrow and select a, date ~ you don't even need to type.

AIID A 11[110"11 We've pasted in our summary. Here, it's vital we styleour title and body

text !.Islrlg styles (Home I Styles) Instead of

formatting by hand: using the Font panel. Next, we'Uadd

a sidebar. Click the Insert tab" then the Text Box button, and choose a sidebar from the gallery. Here .. we're using the Cubicles Sidebar. Now Just alter and fe-style the text in the sidebar. Sidebars afe de.signed to be brief, eyecatchlrlg snlppels of Info, so keep It Short and pithy or use a bulleted lis! to highlight key polnts,

DIY QUOT. ROX For the next (click CtrtEnter to insert <I, page break) we've reused the

Cubicles Sidebar. but this page needs a quote as well. We could use a pre-built quote box from. the Text Box gallery, bu t th is tl m e we'll create ou r own. Click th e In sert tab, then go to the Illustrations panel, dick Shapes and choose a simple Roullded R"ectangle.

A~T.II Ttl. COLOUAII Once' you've drawn the rectangle shape. the Dr.l,wing Tools I Fo~mat teb

will activate. Use the fill and outline options In the 'Shape Style.s penel to make the colours more subdued (st.icking to theme colours if you want consistency). Now click the Wrap Text button and choose Square,

."VI YOUR TOTIOX With the box selected. start typing and the text will appear In the box. Style your text, again using Home I Styles. You

ce n Ih en save you r q uote box for la ter use. CI lck the box to select it, then go to the Insert tab, click the Ted 90.x button and select "Save Selection to Tedeox Gallery"'

from the menu. Give the box a name and description, make sure the Options entry is set to "Insert content only", then click OK.

1111.1 •• Y,OUIli lOX When you want to reuse your textbox, simply click on tile page where you

want it, then on tneinsert rae. Click the Text :SO.x 'button. scroll to the 'bottom of the gallery, and your new quotes box will be there. ready for action.

I~ :::::: l!: I~ ua_

...: ~~"'-"ir. ~. dl • .,.

l. II<'lIvi"'" .... u nd' Iilngmrid.:,e

_ ....... _- .. --.-.._ ... ._...,.


-"""""' ... ""-'""'--- ......... -

_'''"--_iI'II ..-._.

....,._II .. _ .. _~_ ... -~

... ,._---w_a .. _"'III.

_ ...... _ ......... ~._~_rt!"""_~.

.... n:c:IIII!I[--.. _

--.j ..... _-_. __ ._""

~-.::.::E·===-.=:::~ ..

~~rldp",,,,-- _

_ ...... _ _....__ .. j.-. ___...._..-_ -__..,~ .... --__ ... _500 __ .. • .... _



- _ .. __ ...

--..~ .._.....,.- .. -, .......

---_ --~-


-'! ...........



-- ...

----_.,_---.,.; -

_r.. _

1J ~ ~ ~ --~=,_~-;- 1t .Q

~~ ~~~. ,;:_=~. ':"'~~._..,. I ~ ... ~

.,::~~;:.::.:."':=.. __ ... [] [J EJ


-----....,._... ..



- .. --..~-~--- ..... -


- .... l1li_ ... _-

.. -.01 - •• - ....

..1t_1III _ .. ~ __ •

...... ,_.--.,-.,__ .... - - p_"'_" ...... ),.-

... ,.---""___..,. "1Ii<-~~_"_

~---- ....... -


The problem With mlx!rlg and matching building blocks Is that you can end up with a mess. The best way to fix this 15 to apply a new global theme over the top (And this option In Page L.ayout I Themes). This will tie all the fonts and colours together. although yOu may need to go back through

and al ter text 5i zes and spacing to make the new theme work. As ,ever, themes provide a quick means of malting drarnatlc changes to

a document's overall look and feel.


You can create a diagram in 20 minutes -or longer if you're an inveterate tweaker.


A littleflddly, but fairly in tu it ive con s i derlng th e capa bi I Ities .0 n .offer,


Numbered lists and bullet pain ts are so 19905. Turn your text into clear, explanatory diagrams with Word 2010's SmartArt feature,

We'd seen clip-art. We'd done WordArt. Then, with Werd boxes just as you, would an,y ether textbox, TMe item will

2007, we had SmartArt. Enhanced and improved fer Werd also be acccmpanied by a specific text-entry box (click

2010, SmartArlis essentially a collection of pre,-buiit, the arrew en the left or right edge if i\ doesn't appear),

modular sets et shapes and textboxes that yeu can use and yeu can type into this as if typing a normal bullet list;

to build your own diagrams in minutes. Whether yeu're Werd places the entries autcrneticelly If ttle SmartArt

after a simple Venfl diagram, a flew chart, a family tree or an erganisatieflal diagram, yeu can create it within Werd with no design expertise and very little hesste, Even if you [ust want to make a list with mere visual jmpact than the old-school bullet points cpucn, Sma rtA rt can help,

Yeu"'11 find SmartArt en the Insert tab of the ribbon, where it sits between the Shapes <lnd Chart

bu tto ns in the tllust rations pan el. l'he sma rtArt g<llie ry organi se s th e eva 11<1 ble di a g ra m 5 in ca tegeries, such as Process diagrams. to shew a flow .of inform~tien from start to finish or the self-explanatory Hierarchy diagrams. E<lch cholce comes with a, preview and a dascrlption that expla ins th e features a f that piece of S martArt <I nd its likely appllcetlons. vour choice couldn't be much easier.

But the 'really coot things happerl when yeu insert SmartArt 'on. page. You can drag and drop the bounding box. to reposltlon or resize It or type Into the

doesn't Qui te fit yeu rna eds ~ .say, It's design ad for three items, but yeu Med five - den't worry, Press Enter after typing the third item, and <I feurt.h will appear. Repeat-and so will th e fi fth, wi t h the Sm<l rtArt res izi ng <I nd sC<l1 i n 9 the'elements to fit the new shapesenc textboxes.

SmartArt is also fully custornisable threugh <I series of preset sty.1 es <lnd cclou r sch emes. These a re tied into your current gleb<ll theme, 5.0 as leng as yeu stick

to this, whatever yeu cheese will always work with yeur docurnentes a whole. What's more, word wrap options ca n bea ppHe d: in exa atlY the .5<1 me way as a ny ether graphic object, giving you real control ever Mew the piece .0 f SmartArt fils in to the page,

While specialist graphics products such as

Cor'e I DRAW or Micreseft Visie will <llways have their orece, SmartArt puis a, lot 01 diagram·building power into the hands of the average user, Let's giVe it a whirl,

II~t...-c.w.,."_'f~IIII"II~JQIIQii;IM.,Ii.-l!~"I!M.""""""tj(Jo !"MIIIIIIti11tirn!l!~~~M,tiW'_""'''~'~Md'JI''WiW.~-''IOIItII. ~~"""_'~'_'iII!:I~jIH~III""~~""l~~ k.IIII!IIIU!~"""''''''''4~~''''4II!!f'''''_iM'''''W~ 1I!Ii4I .. ...,.O"~Iiili'io.I!III.""'r~III ... d..!!I.......,'IIlIilr~I!!~&I\M ... ~ ~1II'fikN!Mt"IIII&III:lWII'i')ioWl'W!llll.~!IID .......... -Il!iM;!i ... IJIII__.. ... pI!II .. .....,.fiIIi~!I'III ... ,_. .. ~.~.IIII!lWr~JiC.t ....

1'CilIMiIa.~'~IIaIIiIIi"'~.IM~(Q:"'D!Ii~~OI _ ..... MIIII'lliriluiU'l __ III_--,I .... _ ....... iIII'IIw\hr .. .._ .......


.,~IIIIII .. 't'IIII:~ .... ~f--.b 1'-..IiI< ....


TKE IIARE TIiJlT Here's a rather staid page of text just waiting for some extra bling. We could add some clip-art or a bullet list to add some

extra weight bU"! this time we'regalng to let SmartArt do the heavy II fti ng and give us a st ronger resu'lt.

ADD .I'IARTAJIT Click before the first character of the first line of body text, then click the Insert tab and hit the SmartArt button. Unless you

know what you're looking fo"lt~s good to sc',olllhrough the gallery and take a look at the options. Here, we're Just

try in g to d life rentiate betwee n basic types of product I n a visual w<'!,y, The Hexeg,on Cluster.In the Picture section" will be ideal, Pick it. then click OK.

TYPII YOUII TnT There·s no need to type on the drawing itself: type items into the ·'TYpe your

texth eree" pan el, press i ng Retl.J rn after 'each.

Word will slZ,e and position the te,1(t au~omatically to fit.

CHAND IHIIM'AO" Changing the ima,ges is

JU st as easy. Either click 0 n the oictu fe i con next to each text item in the "Type your text here'

parlel, or click on the picture in the diagram itself, In each

case, browse to your desired image and click Insert.

IIUIU AND JlIPOll."nON Grab one of the comer handles on the bounding bOl< and restze the

. --


~w,iK"!J_"_~PC'~lJCk~ """, ......... i ..... \('iIo1!(

.u~III!Ij~~~~._, _..~!..i!.aI~..,_.M

... ,~.,gpth. ..... ll!iliRi;llIIIIJI1t.h-'!!1i.

image to ta'ke up one-sixth of the page. To position a, diagram ea,sily, ensure it's selected, then click the Format lab that appears under SmartA'rt Tools in the ribbon. Click Position (found In the Arrange group to the right). go down to the With Te.xt Wrappirl9 section and choose "Position In Top Right with Square Text W.apping".

III ORI .,., LI I rs still a bit 0' ra b. so I er's add some Impact. Click the Design tab under SmartArt Tools, then the Change Colors bettcnneer the

middle 01 the ribbon. Pick whlchever option you like:

we·ve gone for ·Colorful Range· Accent Colors 2 to 3". Now click the down arrow next to the SmartA'rt Styles gallery to expand it, and pick a new style. Ours Is 3~.

II:JILD AI-liT we·1I now use SmartArt to cr,ea:~e a, more detailed bullet list. Go to Insert I SmartArt

once again, but this time visit the List category and choose Vertical BCYx List. Typing in the box will again replace the main item text; to add subcateqcrles, simply click I n the spac'll" u nde If the bl ue ba r a no' sla rt t~ping.

MAJeI THII.I" 1-001( GOOD You can adjust the colours .. style arlo' positioning as In steps 5 arlo' 6. In this case, we want to keep the colour

scheme consistent :between the two diagrams. but we've opted lor a more basic flat sty.le and' chosen "Position in

Bottom Left with Square Text Wrapping".

-tilIhIMI'fC,~IfC,"",,*,"~~ .•• ~"""'INR"II)Ii""~_"'UkJi!

"'I'IiIllIJl'lllR'wOIllW-fllo ~~

iuIr~~~"'_r,o."'l_ ~

.... 1MO~C'oAInI!~ __ ~ .......... J'II'I'~ -- 1illli"fK: .... t .... 'fIJII'_.IUII'W1Ui11_·~ ,..._... ~~"'~.._,IiI'~BII'D111!1!1!



,.It""!W~ '.G.MIiIn.~

"~~QI .~a.&flIo ,.~~ .iI'BiiI'.fit~

.. - ...... _-



.l"ioG'O,,*~ ,~ ... ~ • PantIlilW.


Word sometimes struggles to wra,p

text around more complex. non-square items, including, many SmartArt diagrams

• and particularly so

If you use the Tight

or Through oouons (SmartArt Tools I Format I Arrange J

Wrap Text). However. you can give It a helping hand. Go eeek to the W~ap Text menu and pick Edit Wrap Points, Click and drag lhe points to adjust the text-fre'Il' area around the item,


A Quarter of an hour should be enough 1.0 tour the new Features.


Once you get the hang of lt, this 15 all about making· things easier.


Take that fznger off the scroll wheel! Word 2010 has a whole new bag of tricks to help you wade through complex multi-part documents.

Ploughing through lengthy documents ~ books. reports, academic papers - canoe a chore. Word has tried to make it easier with features ranging from Document Map to the more recent Outline and Thumbnail. but these features haven't always been perfectly implemented.

In fact, many of us ignore them in fa.vour of the oldfashioned scroll bar or a one-finger workout with the scroll wheel. Neit·her approach is ideal.

Word 2010 might have the answer. It tal!es the best bits from the Document Map, Outline and Thumbnail views, and .integrates them with search to create the Na.vigation pane. This gives yoU almost instant access to a ny oa rt of you r docu men t,a nd a, great set of roots for keeping ilonger documents in shape.

To find the Navigation pane. click the View rab and then tl:le checkbox in the Show panel. The pane will appear at the left of the Word window. with a search bar at the top and three tabbed windows below .. The first lists th e sections or chapters In yo ur docu m ent, ,by head In g, or subheading, as certons The varia us levelS of hea.ding are nested, and you can expand or collapse them by clicking the arrows to the left or by rIght-clicking a heading button



... ,.II. "'"'

:::"'..:.:==-: ~1f:'

'_"I~ J"IiiIi&

and selecting Expand All or Collapse AIL NotonTy can

you click on a heading to move to it instantly, but YOU can move sections and subsections Within the document by clicking and dragging them. upwards and downwards here.

The second tabgi.ves a thumbnail view; clicking a thumbnail takes you. 10 the relevant page. This view 'is particularly eff.ective with more graphical documents. showing whereyou are at a glance.

The final tab is used primarily for search. Type

a search term into the search bar ano this tab will list

all the occasions where it's used .. with a snippet of the surr:ounding text. Again, it's an effective w;;ly of searching for key words or phrases through long documents, particularly if you have a, rough idea where the text should be .Flk k to the first ta b wh i I e you have ;;In a eti ve search. and you'lI also see sections and subsections containing you r term. or ph ra sa h ighl igb ted in gol d.

In short. the Navigation pane Is an Invaluable tool for anyone who has to slog a·way on long' documents.

".V.GAT • .,. TMUM.NAlL To open the Nav.lgatlon Pane. dick on the View tab in the



I •. "'"",,,,1.. :. ...... Ufllj· l"hc-~I'kbtbl:,~udiCIKIA ~ .. pl<o<"'''''"'"''''''I'

Cf :J



..... _


ribbon,go tc the Show panel. and click the Navigation pane checkbox .. The middle tab gives you. thumbnail' views 01 all the pages in your document in sequential order. Click on the thumbnail to go to the page.

SSAIIC" AND IIUCUE The ~Ight-hand tab Is used for searching. Enter a keyword, term or phrase

and Word will list every instan.ceof its use in the Navigation pane. Use the arrows to the right of the tab to cycle through the instances .. or cltck on one to see it In the main window, The instance highlighted in the Navigation pane is also highlighted in the editing. window in green.

.. oa. OPTIONS To see addltlonal search options. click the down arrow to the right of t'he search box. The topmost Options button takes you

to the Search Options dialog. where you can expand or

amend your search parameters. The other cptlons give you the power to search for content outside of the main body copy. such as footnotes or graphics.

NAVIGAT. BY ...... DIIIIG The leftmost tab takes you to a,'guably the most useful view. The document is divided Irtto sectlcns by analySing

your use .of Heading styles. Chunks below a, Heading 1 style are taken to define the main sections. while Heading 2.3,,4 and so on are' taken as subsections. This only works II the d ocu me nt uses styles - an oth er reason to do so.

.... -.:." ... -." ......,.< ,\"nh "".lib I~ ,~ "~III ..... O-L .......... "


faralldK:'u.lll:~m..'I!n;!hiII III:dTl'I:l'i;I.III.,lflloU.llrtl:llfill"J:lj"lltat ilhpjulM'l'lDitf H~Wtil51mpal:Cil.D[u 1l:!.J=. :t:Jou~'il.Ild! MJ~ pm mpbcrm;pzvkdfINJ

.... ,.11 ~I 'fa":lr 'Ift_ItI! fri:ll:lll ~~,iI.tD.I:.1I: .MnriLII."'P'la~Ca:l,aI"d:a.ta.t.iU:I.aiIiW'.:u..iIytum rmcd 1b .. 1J. .... lISiI ~ ItldiJ.llbaGJdi~ub U11111J1i .... jl'litD'rn:.n,)"OW"~whll"I"l'Ihin:&I'P~'II"'iII1'M;1I"Ao51* • .aI'hrP~,""'lln. [ __

........ 11~r/.UIll-IJ~ r>'I'm~

.,..rt'IJfl..I;aJllmp0l'foilU liv 'boa

d.d.&lu.".,..r ~t.:.lJ_,,6v"IIUlI_ 1I!:.I:It1Jtr::I~fOi.,'''i~~

C.U1'li A 115W IJiI;TIQII There are two ways of crea ti ng'<I' new secti 0 n. Firs t, ju st h ighl ig hi or create a new section heading. then go to the

Home tab and apply the Heading 1 style. Alternatively, right-click on a heading in the 'Navigation Pane and

choose the 'New Heading Sefore or New Heading After options. You :ma.y have to move your heading manually into place. however: just click and drag.

C.'An A III .... RunRCTION Similarly. create a new subsection by applying the Head1rng 2.

Heading 3 or su bs equ ent styles, or rig ht-c I i c k in 9 on an existiog heading and selecting New Subheading .

.1-OIClAIIII" YOUII OOCU".JoIT 'Moving sections or subsecf ons a rc un d i sea,sy: [u st click and

drag thesectrcn frorn its old plece to wherever you want It. All its subsections will move with \t, and: page numbers will be updated automatically.

TAII~. 01' COIII,..IIITa Here"s another good reason to mal nta i n struc tu re and style. I nse rt a new page at the start 01 your document then

click the References tab. Now dick the "'Table of Contents"

button and Word automatically creates a table of contents from your headings. subheadings and sections. If you make changes or move sections. yOu'll need to click Update Table to keep 'everything In the correct order.

_ .. _

~''_'''''''''f..c....uj -'I\l ...... c~

...... 11 .. ·IfIIooiI ...... ... _ ....

" :::"-tr'

::1 ~.11111

;a ",_1 ... _,._,,_


At time. you might want to move a subsection or promote It to being a section in Its OWn right: at other times you might want to move a section to, become a subsection within another. Nothing could be simpler. Right-clic:k on the

item In question in the N,wigation pane. then select ~he Promote

or Demote option. Then just click and drag as needed to tile appropriate place.


Give yourself time to explore a'll the features here - they're worth it.

H.OWHARb? Sometimes a bit liddly, neve r d ifficul t.


Word's feature list has expanded to accommodate some handy new tools that could make a surprising difference to your home and working life.

Every new version of Word brings a few features that won't make headlines. but will save certain people an awful lot 01 time. Word 2010 is no different. Alongside more obvious additions, you'U find two neat little timesavers: a built-in screen grabber and en improved version of Word 2007's translatlon servioes.

The Screenshot tool will be particularly welcome to anyone who needs to include grabs from websiles or applications in Word documents. You might be working on a guide or manual that explains. how to do things onscreen, or you may need to use Image.s from a website in a report. In the past, this might have meant hitting PrintScreen. opening or pasting the image into an editin.g program. saving it. then inserting it into your Word document. Now. thanks to Screenshot and the enhanced built-in image-editing tools. you can do it all in Word.

Cleverly, the screensbot tool gives you

two options. Click the button (Insert I Illustrations I Screenshot) and you'll see a thumbnail list o! open wlndows, Click the one you want and it's instantly copied into your document where you can resize, reposition, crop and adjust It. Select the Screen Clipping, option

~ 4;'

J ........ .-"II

.... ~ .,...- .

"i!'IIl~"'H' ...... ..,.. .... iIEIIIIP'II .. _._~~ .. _,.,.

...... oI'on iIt~ ..... .,.....

_~ .._~lI'III

...... 1_.~~_""!I!It

:;;=~-;:::"-:::~_f.""-""'-"_foI'IIIlIIiI!~"I_.r JIIII ~~

..-...JiM"~"I:II'I""" .. IIiIit'--tllI~~ Ik~lartI&"..,. I

.".,ki _,., ~~IIiiESIII. ~""Ii,tN PW'IIIH'T ,..., ..

~ _~, __, tlM 1iIIIf 1N~_

... ~ ~'faf ~r.iIII'~II!....-"I ~~'bIll"l'll_

.~~_~!I"'OII .........

..... -4-'1l'11i1l1t1i.iI!!oI~BIII:~~~.~1 ., ..,"""""''''~*I(.IIJiI!rJr'~

.-l1li.....,... ..... __ 0;""'" ,_ .. iI", ""'I .::Ii 'UoIII!I...,-.o,-


below. however. and Word minimises, giving. you a crossheir pointer with which you can select any area.

"'.!NI" !N TU,H.U,T!O .. Word 2007 hadi translation

ca pe bi liti as, but I he process was a iittleoonfu s in g,.

The new ira nsl ate featu res ar!:!easier to use stra i gh t from the taskbar, an diM; crosoft nesel so .integ rated: th e Mini 1iranslator. which you.·11 find across most Office applications (see Tip. opposite). ilt works in conjunctlon with Microso!t's online Translator service,

Machine translation is no replacement for human language skills, but it can give you the gist of foreign text or produce a rouqh translation of your ,English document.

TAKI.,eUlIUHO·T This example is a report analySing the success of reoent video games in Europe. To make out point, we need to

quote from varlcus online media outlets across the continent. Our first website is already open, so we click tl1elnsert tab, then go to the,rations panel and click Scr·eenshot. Select the open browser window from the Available Windows section of the menu.

Heavy ,RaJn


C Lbo_ ~~Iia:AI-Allll'Q~:a.I,...Qr;rik~""""'"

~RIIP THE .tlIIT The screen grab Is ;Inserted on a. new page, as it's too big for the existing one, Let's cut It down, Go to Picture Tools 1 iFor~mat

and in the Size panel Click Crop. Use the crop marks inside the image to trim any extraneous elements (the browser window, for e~ample), Press En~er when you·.re finished,

A •• ln AND W .... P Use the comer handles to r·esize the image, then drag it into positlon below the body text. Initially Word wHI wrap le~t

above and below the image. so dick on the Picture Tools 1

Format tab, then on Wrap Text, and select Square.

GUICM T_ ..... TI! Next we want to 'cut a snippet of text ~ nd tfa nslate it as a quote, Switch to the web browser; select some text and

hit Ct~I-C to oopy it. Return to Word and paste the text in,

Here thetext Is In Dutch; we need It in English, Select the text. click the Review tab, then go to the Language panel and click Translate, Choose Trenstete Selected Text.

.n LAJlllu ... au Use the From and To dropdowns ln the Translation section of the Research

pane to set the source and target languages, Once you select the target, the translated text wlHappear in the results area, of the panel, ;below the 'line. Click (he

In sert button a nd the t ra nsla ted text is pasted: ove r the original, If you don't see an Insert button, the trenstatcrls

-..... r,(


1_...., I?




't:; ........ ~

~',~_.1~ lIINIIiiMk.'&Iii-'. ..... !IlII 111 .. ~II:I",,*'~ .~ .. ~ .. ~!I'I--~ IIJIIIII..EId:H-~add


~=. '"t--



using a different ,engine ~ probably WorldLingo (to check. click "Translation options" in the I<e$earch pane).

'CR.b CI.IPPING Let's repeat this for a secenc source, but with a twist: we want to give

rea ders e, flavou r of what each site says. This time., when you take your sereenshet (insert 1llluslrat,iorls 1 Screenshot) select the Screen Clipping option, Word disappears, revealing the desktop, greyed-out. To select the a rea you wan t, ell ckat th e top -left corner a rld drag,

out a rectangular selection. The area appear's. in full. colour, Re'lease the mouse button to insert the new screen grab.

R.P ..... T THIIJTD'I Reslze '~his grab, drag it lnto plaCe and set the Wrap 'Text option, as in steps 2 and 3, Then follow steps 4 and 5 to copy, paste

and translate a snippet of text. Cut and paste more than

you need If you're not sure what's relevant yet.

TItAM'UTII W)!OU: oaC'UMbn To translate a

document from E:nglish into anotherl,mguage. cl ick the Tra nslate button (Review I La rig uag e] Translate), pick Choose Translation Langllage and select a source and target. Click OK Click Transleteapaln, but

now pick Translate Document. Click OK, If lt's set to use Microsoft Translator. a website wlU load with your original and translated versions. and you can cut and paste trom the right-hand window Into a new Word document.

•• -"f~ "' I~"'I

,."r':.~I. ..... ~ r ...



If you work with a lot of foreign language documents, Word's Mini Translator will

be invaluable, Open a document and go to Review I L,mguage 1 Translate. then switch on the Mml Translator (a' gold border around the option shows it's on), Click Choose Translation Language. cliele Mini

lira nslator; and set the target language to EnglISh. Now hover over any word or highlighted phrass; a ghostly Mini Trarosla,tor window eppeers. Move the mouse over It to bring

It Im:o focus and get an English translation of the word or phrase .



COuld take as little as half an hour, depending on your document.


Mueh eesier than it's ever been before,


Re [erencing is always the boring bit. If you have to wri te essays, reports or academic papers, let Microsoft Word handle the duller side of authorship.

Writing. lengthy reports or even simple essays is hard enough at times without having to worry about all the "housekeeping" that comes with it. Tying facts and, opinions together and moulding them into a persuasive argument can be absorbing, but marking citations

and creating a bib'liography is just a chore" Like most housekeeping. it's better done by someone else.

Lllckil,y, Word is happy to bear the burden.

Word 2007 introduced: new tools 10, tracking' references, sources and citations, and Word 2010 carries on the good work, making' the process as pain-free and automated as possible. A. few buqbears have been cleared' UP ~ it's now poss ib Ie toa dd a c itati on ins ide a fo otn ote, 10 r exa mpl e

~ and you can tum a list of citations into a, formatted bibliography with one click. If you've been doing this stuff manually, you'll know what a time-saver that is,

The correct form of a citation or bibliograph¥ depends on the standards of the field you work in, By default, Word follows Ihe rules set down by the American Psychological Assoctetlon, but it's also possible to switch to the Chicago ;Manual of Style, the Modern longuage Association or the 150690 or Turablan schemes, One

GohI: .. Ill to "borl'c DI- (villi iH .. 'GooII.lfotdj:"j~ril'dllt rwilnt;PtI,.ndpill'lf


.IOJ,IlIft1IlIIw.;dI' .. iiibm.,.~v-","~ ,~'\J.,iI~"bw!l!lj.~""'d.i~

-. .. _ .. ~!pIr~lbr~hoii!!I


!!!!II,.. ~JUD.",'caiIWJ m:iIIIl.Ji;I

ptmf'dfI!Ic'.UxN:r*i'i.. DIR:t1.I ... t.t1III.Il~I~~)''''''!IJiIC!I:Il~IP;I'''''' dl1!-:tII!W.-~~b'~~"'IIP']Ii;,'!~~ DIII.uiI"UI~~:br.lilIiI!aI.~_~W!~"'~ .. "'~ ~.xtr~IIIi~Ia!p'j""""'.t:""""1O~~,""~'" ~ ... lrH.ilA:Jdi[c.~.bI~'DlllII_ .. lhmiI:DlID . .al:!lk..IIId~

~~c.~",,~!iI'll!!iilIII'i""'~~iJI,t~'IIII'~ I)ItM~.rIMf ... ~~Wtcw:~Jta:J~g~lnIi~ IN:WIIIiI!IdI~

...... ... 'p- 0 ". ....... &1.r ...
..._.., 1t~~1 ,~
c..p. ,.. ... ..... .......
"""- ,.", .. ~ ~n4
..- _J. ....... 1,'17.1111iii
- l4U. ,..06 "'-
[loy AJ.j.I:Ji .... , LiLt' of using Word to handle you, citations and bibliography is tha,t yOU, csn switch styles in an instant.

So there's no need to panic if you've been workillg to Chicago and you, journal, examining' board or Client wants MLA. The only disappointment 'is that some styles used widely in the UK. including. that of the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA), aren't supported ~ although theMLA style is broadly similar.

As well as tracking citations. Word is wellequip,ped to handle footnotes and endnotes. inserting them at the end of the page or document and tracking positioning and numbering' to ensure they show on the .i.ghl page, with the right number and in the right order.

TH. ARneLl IN QUUTlON Thls article might be short, but it's III II of refere noes, Quotes. and other metertel in need 01 citation, If our author

had been organised he might have added sources as he went (References I ' Sources). but he wasn't,

lN1II1IT A CITATION Find the first reference that needs a ci tatlo nand cl lck I US! after it. then, ell ck

,... ... -....

''I!!I'~:aJi;I ~~......., .~~

lIIt_iIIiIII:iIiII;..,...._,~-rI.._.a...1!. ~r.-..-.tIoI ...... ~.,.....,....~ .,.~ ...... ,._...,.lllll.~~kaI .... ~

~lII"lIIflllr .. r--m' .

.... ~~ "*""'"""Mrll~

w.-'-.iiI ...... qtllifor _ .. ".,...,......i!I!lIIIIJI~

orr. >IIIl._..tbiI~~ .• ~"'Ih~. t-..,.~ _1'_'_411II--'i~"oD.iLI , ......

• lIIak,~,J'~~"I~~'"1JiI!~JOIIIDIIka~~ ~~_IIiItiq'_~'CiII!!!NiiiiII"",,""*''''USIlllll!llo'''il~td_~ ~ .... _d.::iW..oIIIIIiIiIIIiIIJra.d;..~ll hnq'kl.i!llJluiJi .... rpt/.-..;r..l ... t

1iIIIIIiID-'Io.a ~.:... .,.~ t!iI't'IIIii,.~ltllllilnllu~~,'WiIIIiii

~J~J.a.u.h~ ·1'



the Reference,s tab. Go to the Citations & Bibliography panel and click the Insert Citation button. Here, you

can either add a new source or -if you haven't got the information, to hand - a placehotder for editing: later. In this case, select "Add New 50urc9_:·. Choose the Source Type (the Information needed depends on whether you·re referencing a website. e book. journal, film or whatever). Type the relevant details into the boxes. then click OK.

• IIPU.T AS NIC •• JURY The Citation Will appear In. yo ur docu m ent in the current eltati on style format. Now for the good bit. Having added a

source once, you don't need to add it again. If you need to

make a second reference, simply click Insert Citation and choose your source from the' menu. Be aware, however, that for books, magazines, and other printed material, you'll still need to add page numbers for references by hand. Click on the citation in the document, click on the down arrow that appears and select Edit Citat'ron.

IN __ IIT .. pooTNonFootnotes work in a simil .. r way. Click on the point where you naedto insert one. th en go to :Re fe ren ces and cl lck th e I nse rt

Footnote button. A. number will appear In the document,

and the cursor will be whisked off to a section .. t the end of the page where you type it ln. HandHy. ,if you hover Over the reference number in the text-a small tip window appears with the relevant text.

V~~~","",~IJoQ'I.W:;1f' ~~~iiiI:n.Ib-~~~'I"Iii1.j~r.:lhtit ~'IliII .. :.t!lrik~Lb.piMWm:iDf::liIl,j.1d~On !hi:~h.m!l.M.PIioq' l""iM~p:!Il!IIl~CIIIILUI~HI"~_"'pnal~_~P')"'.'~~!"I!I. ~~~0Qi!I~~~~_~~f!!SU~1ll"lI1I!!IiIdd ~."""iiMXIo ... (bl'wo:aj~,~~~h.I~IIoMtr~ ~~!II,~ ... ~£DcdWd~IO~~~~~~,''''LIIJ ofill!!lOO'fixft!!J. ~ '"~.boot~'~~"'IIOQD~

Ncd!icll.'Rl'.a.old!l:5chr.rD.:b:I~p;I~:~~h-.r",.~ t~,tfI...f:fD'Jd~~\'d!!"'~4~,~.;t.*'r.n:l


_' __ :r~nl"'~ h"",~IfmI~'_~uafm~~~~,,""""" ~~lIiiIIIIIl.rn--. ... ~

; ... ,,.f ........ :I(""'-"r"~I~.,.__ .,...C.....IIIIIPIIV~"'INil!ir ~

=~:.:::=:=:'~=I~~::-~~=;:r -

MIiIIIIIIIionIi!il!lliil"'''.iIi'Ii'~~,,,,,_,,,, illllf"riiiillt1ll1M."'-1I'IIIDAj",'~ ~J,~!lDiIu~t..·

_~.... .~_f. :eH- .:tl~j'T..DIIf ..



au.. ... ...-_ ... 1I;IIIIIIIIIIIJ~"",,,.""I!'.~ l..IY!&IId 'UI:D'!I brf,iI'~ .. : ..... b... .............. D<1


~.S t.-o.l...,.-r.1. """' .... """""""'1 ..... 1,.....-. .. __

1Inc" .•

__ ".,0;..,..'- --,

~'fW.'Ii,' ..... IIJ~·nQ,a.~ ...... "...,...JIIt~GcMIJ ... ~l~ .1t'~ ...... d:I 1..aliI • .o.f.rI!lCl:!!tTfi:Ci<~J~;~-.~(If'I~ .. 1o


1un.M..XIt!l.J,n&q-I~. ~~'~CiiI~~ ~~J~,wwo_~··· ~~:r..wdt"" .. Gu..l~",

"'I<I,.._.......,_...... ........ 'pIo!-"'"IW3~, .


==.._..;;;~:~ I

kDP WOIUI 0'101 FTITOU Now try entering a footnote somewhere m the text .. bova the first (repeat Step 4). Word will change the number

of the first footnote and insert the new one on the correct page. You don't have to do a thing,. If you add text and

pu 5 h the rete renee over th e pag e, the footnote follows It

un. P~JIoC.IIHOLD." If you,'re stuck for det .. ils when inserting a, citation, use the ·'References I Insert Citation I Add New Placeholder ... • option .

To Insert the source Information .. nd turn the placeholder

Into a cit a rlon, click on the p'la.oeho'l'der, then on the down .. rrow that appears next to it, then select Edit Source. Type In the d etai Is, click a K and lt's done ..

U.E",n; A .IIIUIlClIIAJIWY With aU the information in. creating a, blblloqraphyls easy. C lick to set the text i nse rt pol nt at th e end of

your document, then go to References and Click on the

down arrow next to Bibliography. Select from the two presets (Bibliography and Works Cited), and the complete bibliography duly appears.

.WITCN In ... If you're faced with alest-rnlnute change of citation style, don't worry. Go to

References and Click the Style d'ropdown.ln the CitationS &- BibliograPIlY panel. Select a sMe al'ld your citations, and bibllography automatically change to suit

...... Vj ....

-. ----

0Iift!. ... Ii-"" .wq

... Ots -H_ 0IIIiI ......

M~omu. ... ,."..em =t"-:l'l.l!lll

J,OcIi~1.-vUd.p.!li::dWi.l Jnt.... ~wbc(_~

~DlIprh:Iq"'Afff',lI;JiII(i .. '_~IWI!iIDIh ~a.k.f!iDl:gfd!it 4l~:vtn~0I~~nAll;lIllll ---...bIrto!rr pllil!X'll.kdI ..

~I:.~~~,~~:n~ ~tii~~~

q,m1liC'YM._1Ulwtdi;ll.,rl~ rlorlio_ ~rM'Id:M,~"


"~~~~~~I!:li~ICI,~d e, ~ .. q;,.~~.~opa1' ~~!IH;~lOIiIo.f'*"='¢IQ,I!!!Ip:!d~IJ..~~I...t c. ... ,.;:"...-.""""' .................. ""_~"'~_ ~~:il:llldc:"ftttl.dictda.C~,tho;1:liIIl:~ ,. lc dioi ... ·o."i!l!!i 'hW~I;j"' .. J:I fIIP~"- n.1[1!6ftit~'hlnlW4~~ t111ICII;h.awckD~~iildmdM: 1"tAl~ .... ):l


The great thing about using Word to track

yo ur sources Is mat

you can move them easily fire m docu rnent to document. If, for example. you·re working 0'1 a series of articles

or essavs that wi II regularly reference

the same source. go

to References and

clie!< on the Manage Sources button. You'll see a mil ster U.s! of sources th a t you

can copy over to the current document by highlighting Items .. nd cliCking Copy. Add new sources as you do your in itia! resea reb a I'Id you·1I save yourself lots of tirna later on,



Here's our selection of the finest features in Word to help you create the most professional documents with the fewest possible mistakes,


"'COVO 'UN .... VIP " ... 'ION' Word offered a recovery option before, but couldn't recover files if you closed the document and a.ccidentaUy clicked "Don't Save" Word, 2010 always

saves your latest version, allowing you to reopen the document, pop into Backstage v,jew, and then preview, compare arld restore differerlt versions of co me.

COMTUTU ... L IPlLUNO CHICK .. II you consta ntly ty pe "thelr" wherl you ,reallym ail n "they're", or "it's" when you should be typing

"Its", Word's contextual spellcheck could become YO!.Jr new best friend (while saving your grammarbl!.Jshes),

It will highlight your potential error with a blue squig.gly

line underneath the disputed word:; you just right-click on the word to choose the alternat.ive,

LIHKIP 'tin .. A100-page report landS ln your inbox with an electronic thump, You need to read it and make notes as YOllg.O alorlg,

Now, Word can worktn tand'em with OneNote (which is b undl ed wi th all the Office su ites apart from S ta rter) to

let you write comments as you're scrolling through the document, and, it cleverly marks where you made them too, Find out more in Chapter 7,

... NYWIlEaE ACCUI Want to read your Word documents while you're on somebody else's computer? And what's that, you also want

to make changeS? Well, now you can, Simply load the

document onto a SharePoint server or your Windows LiveSkyOrive (see p126 and p149 respectively) and YOU can fiddl'e as much as you like from wherever you are,

w .... W. ..... ,&11 u_ t:;

':I9r.Ur"~ bltftl1(H. u

':II ' ;:'1="\:0' .... '. ',,_' II

["I .... "'"iun about Four roo n , g'''''' r~atu"" m Word


_ ......

,.,... _'M'JIIIIIIj",~.II"'I'EII!IIII__"_"Ioppo.....w; """1'1 ........ ~~~~IIIiII.!IIDIMI"~IouII.I;d ...... -.,.,...1001 .... ..,....,..


....... _.


~h1I~'11 ~lIII!iilIItf'il!l.l.!.tIfooIRriiilij .... IIIJ~ ~1!!!!Iit ............ .,.~1_

C.-tI!!:IiIII.u.IIIIII, .. ~ .... ~~ .. tI!iI "'-"illlt;II!II



~,.~ 1W,..._I.....,~._.~


"" ~-

~j" I

~- .. ..... ~I.- I




, .JII.~·.l.·.J ·rUTC1~I=,

"_ ..


lets r know

. _ ....

Your 1>" ' yo

--':Ji:iO- ...

_. - .



.. _,


.Futu,es we love In Word 2010 Include the aloor'savlng IblHty to ,rtt(:(WQi' fil'lls you fOO'115hlv closed 'wIthDut iSa,yJngj, cOi'tblxt;l!.!!al spa lIch<>c:II, wh!ol<l ho Ips 10 spot wo.d.$ th't afo",~l word$· but not. the rlshlenes In Ihe light plleu;. Ilnk&d, ""Ies, whle'~, llUeh 10 the poln tin • <lueu "'enl th ey ,,,,,", to; Ind .. "lin" Ieee •••

~ .............




.Office 2010



4 8 How to get started

. with spreadsheets From the basics of entering data to tottmg up columns of figures. thIs ,is ~he perfect begirmer"s guide.

5 0 ~:,~~.:rfte

We introduce the most frequently used formulae in Excel. and how to find the formula, you want.

56 How-toLl .. PlvotTables

Trust us: PivotTables are simply phenomenal tools if you need to dig deep into even simple sets of data.

5 8' How to work with

, external data

We reveal how to link sources from the web and other Office aoos to create "live" spreadsheets.

6 0 :~nO::,~=tures

We cherry-pick the other features

of Excel 2010 that could make a big difference to your number-crunching.

XCEL 20 0



Use Excel's built-in tools to help show the meaning of data through legIble charts and colour coding.

5.4 HOW, to ... ,m. a, na, ,se your finances

Stay on top of your inc.omings, outgoings and worldly worth - we even provide a s hee t to help.

-,,- "
·n • j\" _w
c 0
..... "''1 _ ....
uo " ,m
• .. ..
100 '" ..
.... • ,.,
.. ,., ..
.. " ..
II II .os
.. .. ...
.. ,.. ,.
.. .. .,.
G II ..
" . .. U!
10.1' ... ... Excel is an immensely powerful program, and this chapter helps you tap into that power. We start by introducing the fundamental terms, the simplest functions and how to print successfully; all the basics you must grasp to get started with a spreadsheet. You don't need to be a genius to use Excel to take control of your household finances, with templates ready and

--_.p,.. J ....


.. ...
.. ,
.... ~ II
- .. ., .,.
..... .. .u~ PromClIIIOlll
- oJ '"
lO J
m'.lI M D_~ .........


........ ~ I:,~

,_, l' ..... ""' .....

~.JWwI ..

... Dtt.-~~

waiting to be adjusted to your needs. And our guide to using formulae will tell you everything you need to know - all within half an hour. Then, if you're looking for mare of a challenge, we reveal how to dive deep into your data; how to present complicated results in a simple manner; how to link to external sources; and how to use Microsoft's famous PivotTables.


HOW LONG? Allow a few minutes if you've never used 'Excel before,


Just follow our simple introduction to the basics of a spread sheet


Excel is Microsoft's hugely popular spreadsheet package, widely used to crunch n umbers in homes and businesses. So what can it actually do?

The spreadsheet was the lirst so-called "killer application" for personal computers. At its most bask, it can be thought of as an intelligent ledger where your numbers always add up correctly down the columns and across

the rows ~ a. kind of magic when it was first invented. Everyone could see its value, and it was often the reason people bought a computer. By the early 1980$, Lotus 1~2-3 a nd a uattro Pro rul'ed th e roost te n years on, Excel was beginning to make its name, and by the mid-1990s it was t'he product of choice ~a position it r'etains today.

So what can this killer app do for you? Many different things. If you. sell produce from your allctrnent, you can keep record's of sales and expenditure, andover time you can see what proportion 01 your running costs (such as seeds and, rent) are offset by garden-gate sales. If you run a car, you can record mileage and fuel and get a very accurate idea 01 the miles per gallon your vehicle returns. If you're renovating the kitchen, you can :keep an eye on costs as the project prog resses.

Any task that involves numbers and requires them to be .manipulated' - even simply adding them up - is almost bound to be eesler using e spreadsheet.

.,. ... TO .. ' 0' A,p_.Han When: you launch Excel. you see a gridded area with columns labelled A,B, C

and so on, plus rows numbered from 1 onwards, This is a worksheet. Each intersection cfcclumn and row is called a cell. and is identified by the column it occupies and the row it intersects. Ce II Al Is in the to p-left co rn er, e 1 is to its right,. and 62 is immediately below 81.

At the bottom of the sheet is a row of tabs labeHed Sheet1, Sheet2 and SheetZ (you can add more by pre 55i ng tl"! e small icon to the rig htof Shee(3). Th ese are for accessing other worksheets within the same "workbook" ~ Excel's name lor the spreadsheet file.

Numbers can be copied and pasted between worksheets. and you can even make calculations that take numbers from several worksheets. If you were upgrading the kitchen and landscaping the garden, you might ha,ve

a worksheet for each project and bring the totatcosts together to a single value labelled "What it all cost".

Our exam p Ie here uses th e delau It b ian k template, but there are many more .. Go to I=lI'e I New to find examples such as a personsleudqet (in "Sample templates") and access others onlfne Via,oom.


0lil Item em'

~ T,ro"'ol<

G c:::::J

7 8 ~


.a. 1.0i1B wHkf'r'ld ItII, Piitk

Irmf 1In~ "~""iM' .~.

C.l!iwl -u _.

iii' r !I!I. J4:.... •

,.:1..' e ~


)0; ,,.. J;.. LorI! ,.".,k=d '" Pari,

C 'D


, ,1s:"_enOinl>.!'~ •




~~~:ffi " __ ~_'_';;' _-_-_._-_";";;l-=;;''"'''. M_""

I !


l .."........u<I<i'" .....


... .,. z

, I 11-

""'" -0; " ., - .. >iI
• , • ''';; ~'-' '-I '" I
~ ee
... <..,.
..!lI .... 'WI 0fII-.
~ '" '" 111

l' II



FI.IIT .rEPI Launch Excel and you geta blank worksheet. We'll workout our expendrt1Jre on a weekend away. Start a couple of rows from the

to p, I n case you later ne ed a tltl e or 0 th erin fo rrnatlcn, So

put your cursor in cell.A3 and type a description.

INT'. "A,. ... In cell A4, type ·ltem~: enter -'Cost" intoB4 (without the quotation marks). In oell AS, enter a descrtption of your cost,

in this case "Train to London". If you type something wider than, a column, the words overlep the column to

the right so the whole entry is visible. Now click in 65

and: enter "24.50'. You'll notice a coupleot things. "rhe "-ndon" of London disappears, and Exce'llgnores the final zero of 24.50, showing 24.5. (We'll add the missing pound sIgn shortly.)

COlU ..... WIDTH To see the missing text, mouse to the column header row on the line between

columns ,A and 8: once the cursor change£ to a vertlcalbar with a double-headed arrow, double-click, The Column will 'expand to the width of its Widest entry,

My ..... '" ~o"' ...... r We want to show costs with ( ~ ~ J

\.::/ a currency symbol: and two decimal places, so

we'll, change the cell format to Cur"eney. 51Me we wantcelts below 65 to show currency too, we'll ait,er the whole column, Click on 85 and drag down to highlight

- I ..... '" 1ft








...... 11<

r ...

-'" c.o!lll

_ ....... , -"


as many cells as you need, or Click "85" to select them all. Right-click the highlighted, block and select Format Cells.

CUSTO ... II .... U CU.I.HCY Select. Currency from the category list The symbol, decimal places

and negative value options are shown 10 the right: all are custornlsable, but the delaults are usually OK.

",I)D IT UP Click OK. Your val'ue gets a E symbol and trailing zero. Save your worksheet (either by pressing Ctrl-5 or cllddng. the floppy disk icon,

second from left at thetop). Now add another row of

Information, complete w,;thlts price in the 8 column, and that should display properly too .. When all your numbers affl in, p u.t the cu rsor in the ce II bel'ow th e last on e and click the Aut05urn button - the Sigma CD symbol towards Ihe rl g ht of the ri bbon.

SUM TOTAL On the sheet, the cells to be added up get a dashed outline and the formula is also shown: "SUM(B5:'Bll). Hit the Enter key to

accept what's shown and voila, the total Is generated.

PRINT IT To print your worksheet. go to File I Print. The default settings are Iprobably fine (one

oopy, A4 .. and so on), so just cllc:k the big Print bu tton To pri nt part of a .1 arg er works heet. you'd. click and drag to outline .11,. Ihen click File I Print I Print.


J; ..... _. r Li'; ... Z

, ...

~ ~""" '1'1" 1.u. ot b ttlrti dl all dlJl'~&np 1& Mlu:l133 c. ...

- ....... _", .",.."
- ... "" ... '" D.lw L1 """ ... -~-
... '''''''
._ 00.'" ... '" "" ... l"1o ,...,. ... -
Mi!:IbIto~ <>UIo ,un <iL» :::=
."'- m.., au. In'" ~lQOrdIor.t= mIG
._- ...... ..... ,,,,,," RO<I<I1
,_ ....... -'" .".,.,
..... ~~
~ .... I"S'
i.~. ~ ---,
I~ s. ... & Sood
.If!Mflj-...l Or " 4<10.
......... .... . '"

(ii, I've made a spelling error in one of my cells. How csn I edit it?

A; There are two ways. Click on the offending cell and Its contents are displayed 1n the f'o~mula, bar Immediately belOW the ribbon (to the rig ht of the "Ix" symbol), Put your cursor anywhere

." the formula bar and edit, Alternatively, double-click In the offending' cell and edit the COI1 tents there,


Balf an hour should be enough to get the hang of the basic principles.


Excel makes it easy to write a working formula'. and there's built-In help.


To release Excets true power you need to use formulae. Writing a basic formula is straightiorward, and there's also a range of built-in formulae at your command.

You've entered a series of numbers into a worksheet and you spedfy the first and last cells in the list you want to

now yOU want to do something with those numbers. It's add up. The .argument for the SUM function starts with the

time to write a formula. first cell to be Included, B6; then you put a, colon, which

In Excel. a formula is written into a cellon the tells Excel to include all cells betweenB6 and the next cell

worksheet, but the formula isn't vis·ible in that cell. Instead, reference in the argument,B9.

it's displayed in Ihe formula bar .immediately above the worksheet. What you see in the cell Is the result of the ca leu latlcn set out in th e form ula,

A.dding up numbers is one formula that everybod:y uses, so Excel makesi! very easy: to sum the numbers in cellsB6. 87.B8 and 89. put the cursor in 810. click the Auto$um button and push Enter (as we saw onp48). You could also write this formula from scratch into the formula bar: 'pu,t the cursor in cell 811 and type ""SUM(.B6:89)".lt will give the same answer as .Auto$um.'s take th is formula ana rt. Th e eQu a Is

sign tells Excel that what's coming is a formula. SUM

is a fun cti on fo r add In 9 va lu es to give a tota I; it ta kes "arguments" (the values a function Is to work with) Inside brackets. Here, the values are lecells 66. 87. 88 and 89,

It would be a pain to have to list all the cells whe never we 5 u m val ues, so there's a s hortcut that leis

A series of val ues such as th is is ca lied a· rang e, and th e co Ion Is th e re ope retor, Excel uses ope ra tors that are very familiar. including plus (+). minus (-). di:vide (/) and multiply ("), plus some that may initially ~be unfamiliar, such as range C),

A formula. can be placed in any empty cell:

it doesn't have 10 be adjacent to the cells holding the numbers it manipulates. You can add UP numbers from diffe ren t locettons a nash eel by speci Fyi ng th e cells individually rather than using a rang.e: for instance. '"=SU.M(Cl4,G28)" adds values in two non-conttquous cells.

01'109 you've calculated a value with a formula, you can use it in other formulae: for instance, the total In 810 can be added to or subtracted from 11 value in another ceu, which may itsell beger1erated' by a formula.

Things become a little more complicated when you want to use values from more than one worksheet

D .. 'WF.I

.. _ 11:1 _· •• 2 Jl_~

"oII·.~I-It" •• liiEII • .,..

~ _ oil Iii' II~ ..

" ,



" .

.. ~

- - .... - - - - .,._...


J~ D&.!XI

...... <n.,

I ...,l1li [6.C(i

, .,..

.. 'IMri IY~

.,~ r.,...

11."""'- I ...

'I.~ Pl-li'"""_ 1t:JiIC(!

IJ~ n:II~

.," __ ra. .. ~


~ 0 -e- li II
• j,,~ =co £5&CIO (56.GO
f~" [}''''I [l'.l...§iG =5Il
Mllfd'i 1'5.110 moo
Aooi 1II11111 '''' .... InK!
.... Il' (O!..!IO (<3.00 r'u~
1 I."", I5Q.1!i BQ.~ (so.7S
• 10', .!<ggj. ['~.911 [<j,pg
9 - 01.00 (nm BI-Dol
lD_ '00.00 [1"-00 0<.00
II =- UUIII ......, (~:1...-W'
12 ~ ...... bor ElMO' £1&00 mm
II ,~C'mbn [M',!ID ,i .. .50 r6MO
,. 1"'''''''1 flll§_g6 €',,:u~,

in a formula. For example.·"'SUM(C6.Sheet2!C5)" adds the value in C6 on the sheet where the formula is being created to the value I" oell CS 0" Sheet2.

.Uln-Ilil "UHeTioti. Excel's many functions can be Inspected by category on the Formulas tab

I f the re's a ga p in yo u r va lues ~ for axa mpl'e. you mi ssad out a Fig\Jre by mistake ~ the formula will outline only those Immeclatelyabove tile cell oontalnlng the formula. To Include other values. click In a corner 'of the outline and drag it to expand. If there's a, blank cell .in the range, the total win be dlvld'ed .by II, so If any value Is zero, enter '0'

11"1 the Function Ubrary group. However, some of rather than leaving!! blank. or the result will differ.

the most popular are also accessible from the AutoSum

button, including Average. Here, we'll find our a,verage travel cost avera year. !'"irSI we need months and values. Type "January" in al c~1I and click the bottom-right comer

with the cursor showing as a cross. Drag downwards, watching the small "hover help' box that eneears until you see December, then release the mouse button.

AVERAGE Excel mserts Ihe month names. Now enter some values, Then place the cursor ,in the

cell where you want the formula., and on the Home tab click the down arrow alongside the AutoSum button and select Average (if you don't see the AutoSum label. lust leek for the I symbol and the down arrow) .

• 1iT lANG I In the sheet, the values 1.0 be averaged areout'llned and the formula shown.

IU.N. C:UU Press :Enter. The average appears .. The function adds the values in the range and divides by the number of values (12 In this case).

pur )I.""'" .cgU..rIBUI~'l
A '. C D E G
,a.rruary DO"'" ~""
Feb'_' ~ EZJ..~
"'M<II !Q'.1Ml
-, Ee:7.eD [6"1.80
6 Mi,!IY ~'lllO EOJ..IMl
1 """ ~7S E5(l7J
, MI' !49;!I\I E'1~
9 ""II"" 01.(.(1 [lI.60
!O s."",,,,.,,,, I £l.O.OO UA.OO
11 Oct_ Dl. E:5l.1IO moo
11-'_ UUlD !laoo
IJ _._1 !6$.~
14 [>11.11
!.~ COUNT The Count Numbers function (~COUNT)

lets us check there are 12 values. As above, you

can drag the outline to change the range.

"All. AND NIN The "MAX and ~MIN functions find the' largest and smallest value In a, range.

.OItTlNG_ Sorting values is easy too: here we can sort expeo d itu re to ft nd the prici est mo nth. Highlight the month names and their values.

Click the Sort & Filter button, pick Custom Sort and set

Column to the one containing the values (In our case, Column 8) and Order to "Largest to Smallesr·. Click OK.

A.NI> D-'ORTING To return to calendar order I ate r. ch a ng e the Custom Sort. H Ighl ig ht th e

entries again, and this time set the' Column

10 the one containing the months (here, A). Pop down the Order Ii st, pick Custom Li st, cheese the 0 ne startl ng "January. FebtlJary," click OK and OK again. Sorted.

t. '~Dlll
• I 0 f G
, ......... GO.CICI (5 .... '%.00
• ........... "",50 121.!JQ l2l...5O
• -... 00.00 ~
• ... ~ £117..10 £Iif.1O In 10
~ .... w.oo '~l.QQ IlIUO)
, - cc.."j'~ Do.1> =~
a hfr .£~.'9'JI [4~.29 (~:9_!IJ9'
, - CI.OO cu" CUIO
10 __ 0000 CA,"" PU'"
11 Oa_ W..CIO £6t.5!I ..... f5lCOO (51.00
\l - D&~I OJ,~I~in DI1,.W laW
Il -....., ....... 1]' CIIKII11 WJ.5U <'9.50
,. t ..... , ... ~ ,-"'1.u
,. t· -
~ ~ ~ .
< 0 I • ~ " , • ,

- ~. --- '"'i ......
"~"' .. Il<_.:..'~ ..... 'I- r_ LJ"IMIiIIJiIII.~
''"'"'' -'" '"'"' J
.... ., Cli.IiiIiI! "'- ).:. liliildllrii~""
c::~=n.;. -...J I

Q: How can 1 find out ifthere's a reil dy· made funchon for what .1 want? A: a lck "fx" I n tile !'"ormulas tab You can type in a descrlplJon

of your task and Excel will suggest a hmc:tlon. Altematively. you can search by category. or search all functions, When you highlight

one In the '·Select a

fu nctton:'' box. a brief description is shown below and there's a link to further he!p n ear the bottom of the window.

HOW LONG? Allow half an hour for attractive and informative resul ts,


Charts can be triol<y to get exactly right. but perseverance pays.


A picture tells a thousand words - and it's certainly true for Excel graphics, where a chart can instantly convey an overview of your data

G ra ph leal re presentatlo ns of data are 1.1 n beata ble lor giving f<lpidly understandable insight into <I mass of figures. A bar chertcan tell you tnstantly that last month sales of Whi:zzClean were half those of ZoomWash. and yo 1.1 cen i I"lvestig ate fu rther • is the su pp I y cha in broken or has WhinClean been heavily discounted recently?

Exce I; offers a wide fa n ge 0 f graphs, fro m bar and pie charts through line. area and scatter gr<lphs to the more exotic bubble, radar and doughnut. While the more glamorous couons are temptin.g. displaying ·unfamiliar

new In Excel 2010. These owe much to the innovative work of Edward Tufte, an acknowledged master of brilliant data displ(lYs. A sparkllna is a.little graphic that encapsulates the behaviour of a set of values: one can show. for

in stance, mon th Iy sa las over the yea r. a nd you can 0.1.1 ickly see that sales peak in the summer or in December. The new Excel implementation Is excellent, and we'llshow you how to create these graphics in the steps.

Finally, we'lllook at conditional formaUing. This is a great way of making importarlt values stand out on

data in an unfamiliar graph type will detract from your your worksheet. You can add conditional, formatting to the bar and pie charts are what everyone uses sales figures for a product so that if the sales exceed 85

because readers understand them arid can concentrate on units in a month, for example. the figure is shown in red.

the message without having to interpret the graph.

Here. we'll' chart some sales figure.s in Excel. We have a year's worth of monthly sales results for a range of products. How can we best display these graphicall.y? To plot data about disc~ele items. it's best to use a bar.

col u mn or pie ch a rt. Data such as thl s ca n be described as discontinuous. (If you were ploll;l1g the speed of a train over time. your data' woeld be connneous and you·'d plot It as a line or erea graph.) We'll also lntrcduce Sparkllnes,

&J.7~;. ~

.,1 .. ,,,,_~+5:",,,,- -=

.. ......,_--, .. '"'_ ...... ,oc... !='=::;....::::.--=;::..._

-;--o"--~~." JI ..hi '~

... ... I~"_--
..._. :
' ...... .. " ..
~~ .. " .. .".
.... " :
.... .. "
- .. ... .. ~:
.., ...
- .. '"'
.~- ,.
"'- ,. ],Q
- 0
.... InlCT DATA Here's our sales data with yearly totals at the bottom (you can download the worksheet from :xV'!.w.Q.ff"o.cQ,_\!k/liniW'cha1.p.

With just a sea of nu mbe rs in front of 1.1 s, it isrrt easy to see any trends or anomalies. t.ers try a graph. Outline all

the cells except the totals, then click the Insert tab. Now click Column in the Charts group to see the available column chart types.

,or ..
.. " ---
.. :I""r
.. ., ...
... D
.. ., , .. '
., u 1Illi~"l~1
,. ..
.. .. I
.,. ., II!!m
,,; ., ....
... ... ._
///,1;" .... -r/// ,...
"_' .. " ..
'y- ... .. ..
,... ... , D
..... "
- .. n .Ii
.... .. " ..
- .,
"- "' ... .,
,D:1I*iII " .. ..
.. "

COLUI1 .. CKAJlT Click !hefirs! 2.0 COlumn type, a so-called clustered column, Almost Instantly Excel creates a colourful graph,

labelled with months on the X axis (across the bottom) and sales figures on the Y axis (up the left side). The legend Indicates which colour Is used for which product. We can now see that jam sales went through the roof

In December, with marmalade not far behind. and that marmalade also did well in Jan.uary.

CHANG. TH. DAT ....... N ... Click the chart and the data, it displays Is outlined In blue Oil the sheet. Drag. this outline to include the total's and

the chart updates. Hmm,.suddenly the chart isn't so clear,

PI. CHART Undo that (:press Ctrt-Z) and' Instead highlight the four product names, then -

keeping the Cirl key pressed -click on the jam total a nd drag to h ig h light th e other three Iota I s, 0 n the Insert tab. Click Pie and pick the first 3D pie chart. That's a much clearer representation of yearly totals. Hover over each segment and Excel aven shows Its value and the peroen tag e of the tota I. You C<I n pia ca the graphs wherever you. want on a, sheet, or COpy and paste them Into Word documents or PowerPOlnt pres,entations.

ADD TlTLD Click on the pie Chart and odd a tl tl e by click i ng th e Layou t tab under Cha rt

Tools .. clicking Chart Ti!I'e and selecting a type .. Click In the textbo)( to add a title.

AD D aPAIIKLJNI.Ii Click In 816. click I nsert, Ii nd the Sparklines group and select Line. In the Data Range box type "83:814". The Location Range -

Where you want tne sparkllnes placed- ls shown as $8$16.

The dollar symbols make this an "absolute" reference, so If you move the ca II co nta ini ng the spa rk Ii ne, It co ntlnues to show the same data. Type In 816 instead.

cunOMIIE .PAIIKLINU Click OK anda tiny line displays a, thumbnan sketch of Jam seres, Simpl;y drag across to add sparklines for all the

products. YOI.! should now see the Design tab of Sparkline Tools. In the Show group. yol.! can selactMarkers to put

one inat each end and each angle change, or tick High Point and Low Point to show Just these. You can change the marker and sparkllne colours by choosing the Marker Color and Sparkline Color dropdewnsIn the Style group.

CIINDmONALPO ...... TTIJIG Highlight all the monthly seles figure.sand click Conditional Formatting on the Home tab. Click Highlight

Cells Rules and' then Greater Than. Under "Format cells

that are GREATER Tf.lAN", enter a value and pick a colour scheme, or design one with Custom Format available from the dropdown menu.

... ..,
.iJ ,.
..... ""
-. ..
"~""I .. ..
"" ..
,. ..
.. ..
" OJ
.. "
., "
" u
'" ,.
" ..
.. "
i;~1. .. ~'~I~""'~
.. "" ..
.. .. ..
.. JO ..
.. .. ..... _
" .. ., o..lfiII_IIIIIJIi ___
" " II ... _ ~
:p .. .,
.. n , .
to .. .. -- .,.
.. .. ..
., .. "
" '" "
... ... .., ., '"

'-"'!-*-~"'I __ -I

• ~ . ~ .
~ ..l. • ••
,... '~"~>NII..
.. '" ..
,. .. ,.
.. .. ..
. " ..
,. .. .,
,. " "
n '" ..
... ,. "
,. JO ,.
... ,.. '"
.. .. .,
II m .. , - , ..
, -. ..
> ..... ""
• ~ ".
J - ..
• ..... "
• ..... '"
l.I~ "
" - "
" ",,_, "
U'~ '.,
.. o.t. ...... '" THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO OFFJCE 2010

Q,: How can I find out which chart type will best show off my data? A: Buttons for the most popular chart types can be found on the Insert tab In the Cha rtsg rou p. Hovering the cursor over one will dlsplilY lnformatton about (hilt type. Includll'lg, a brief description of the type of data, It·S best suited to. Click Other Charts and the information IS shown for each type

a.s you hover .


Allow three-cue rters of an hour or so to set up your workbook.


Quite straightforward. You can develop your accounting sheets as the ne~d arises,

OW TO •.•


While Excel can't tell you how to spend or save your money, keeping good records in a spreadsheet can certainly leave you better informed about where it all goes.

A workbook to heTp manage your household accounts doesn·t have to be particularly complicated. The hard'est part isen teri ng all the figu res at the end of the mon th.

There are various personal budget templates downl.oadable from Office Online (go to File 1 New and pick Budgets), but they're far from perfect. One problem is local isat ion :if you don't live In America, tile oous r S'i 9 n 5 and references to state taxes aren't much help. It can also be hard to work out what's going on in a worksheet built by somebody else. That said, i.f you find one that"s a good match to your needs. it can be a useful starting point,

If )Iou create your own sheets, you can build tham UP gradually. ",rom the start, you know you'.11 want figure.s for rent or mortgage, heating and so or .. As time g.oes on YOU can ~dd i.t.ems such as servicing the car. Using mu'ltiple worksheets can work well: In our example, downloadable from WWW'pC~OICO.U' Ii o_ksLecco"nts.

the first sheet has all the Ii,xed costs: mortgage. mobile phone contract, Insurance, plus things likeelectricit)l

and ses, The second sheet holds expendi.~ure on a credit card, ln categories such as petrol/di'esel. clothes and entertainment. Our third sheet Is similar, but for cash,

~ ........ '- ........ c- .~, -

,u:I wa.

l» CI.

Personal Monthly Budget

-, .-~ '1iiiIII~1-.. ._,


II. ~.wtIIIftIiII,."'~W




I..J 1IoIt.""f'IiI"IC!!' ....

U ......

,-,,,,,, -

, Househokll"""unu
, -..0 --. ,_ ...... Atot-'ll
· -.
, -- ... '" ,»UO "'OlD
· _, " .. " ..... mlD
, ""' mlD
• _. ""'"' ...... 0IUII1
• ...... - (nco tH." .,. ..
.wt.r~ ""'" "'-" .",..
UI~_~ "' ... "UI n~1IIIi
u T_,.;I I '''' .. I "' .. .u m-t..lill
.. We'll dis play a II t he totais forea c h of these categories on thef rst sheet. so we ca n see au r costs <It <I glanoe but can drill down into the detail when we need to.

If you have a workbook you want to share with others, you can publish it to a website (go to File 1 Save & Send, then click Sa,ve to Web). It can then be viewed from a computer running a we'b browse, without Excel, and we cover this in 'more detail In the introduction to the Excel We'b App (001$0). If you're part of a business that's running SharePoint. you can elso publish there (see Chapter 10). Whether on the web or Sha'ePoinl. other users can sort and filter the datCl, add formulae andbasic formatting.

If )IOU have a Windows Mobile phone, you

can use Excel Mobile 2.010 to view and edit workbooks emailed as sttachments or hosted via SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2.010, so )Iou, can enter data on the move.

.ul:1an nMPUIOn Here's an example template from Office Online (go to File 1 New, then click

Budgets; this template is called "Personal monthly budget spreadsheet"). We've changed some cell formatting to display pounds, rather than dollars. Fo,

" III "_L,.-.. a

, H<:""eh",Ic!'. _".t!

:'''''-0 ~~!.IKII &till 1r.i!:.t"I' iIMII iIIAr ..... ~


• <mu
. , ~jIMt' , ...... ''''' .. tUIl.
• - ""'" 0>0>1 ......
, - "' ....
• - """" ,,.,.. ......
, w.iiM..- 4z/l» IU'" ~lI.n
ICi:_~'" tUIlQo w .. :!. 0>.""
u Mi/II!I' ..... ~ 11I'-} i.,llt " ~I 011
" ,_ f'.il'JIij: ......
J$.trit4iI~fl;Mft 1'Do ul

each category of expenditure, such as Housing on the left, the cursor In the cell for January's petrol/diesel costs, dick

you can enter projected and actual costs: the difference in the formula, bar, type "=SU' and pick SUM in the list.

Is ca Iculated automatlca'lly, "Traffic IIg ht" symbols have

been added using conditional formatting (see p53): a red diamond means the actual is more than £20 above the predicted; a yellow !rJangle means the dlfferenoe Is up to £20; and a, green efrete means it's on or below target.

CCllfDmON"1. IYJlIIOLS To see the· conditions applied to the values in the Differenoe oolumn, highlight one of the ce'lis and click Conditionill

Formatting on the Home tab. Select Manage Rules, click Ed It Ru Ie a nd th e co n dl tions for the ve rio us leo n s appea r,

I'IOT nlIP.Click Cancel, then Close, We'll design our own sheet instead (download it from www,p.f>,u!sl'linkYaccounts). You can

add conditional formatting to your own sheets too. bwt let's start with a simple approach. Owr first sheet Is called

"Tctels'tand contains basic outgoings per month.

C"UGOIlIU We'Ve named Sheet2 and Sheet3 ·CreditCard" and ·Cash". They record expenditure per month under categories such

as Ent,ertalnment and Clothes. Usin9the same categories on both sheets lets us copy them straight inle the Totals sheet TO' generate a total fer the month. summing <III expendl lu re 0 n Pe tro I/dl esel I" both cash and ca rds, pu t


...... ,_. ............. I:11I'II ~ _ ...............

.J,iI I~ill


1 ~ltRrdpt)ldQ:llll,lfll ~ ·~iII


, ~--~ ._


" " 1J


1 Homt'htid iilrCO\Jnl..1 J""2!:IloI!I ~ 1~jIIIjI~


, ~ ",... """" """"
.-) ..... ..... .....
, 0 .. """
. - ..... ..... ._
,~~ "u" """ ' ......
"CJf~ .... """ ~ ,1Ol'.LQ
u __ "'''' .,.., """
LiT~ -- un.., en,,,,
U AD D II I' TOT olUi The open in g bra c I s a lrea dy in place. Go 10 the CrediiCard sheet and click the .Ja oua ry fuel tetal and: Ih e oell ref,erellce is

added (CreditCard!85). Type a comma.

JUM P .HE 1!T5 0 n the Ca,sh sheet, cl lc k the January fuel total,. then type a closing bracket Hit .. Back in Tolals, the formula totals up.

C(lMPLDII THE FOIIMUUI,I! To copy the formula, to all the other expenditure headings,move the

cu rsor to th e bottom of B17so ~. c ross a ppea rs, then click and drag'across the remaining months, The form ula coil eels a II the figw resi nto the totals. You can al so drag the cross down so the formula Is copied across all' the categories, Then add monthly total's with AutoSwm. Col oure d backqrou nd s hel p totelsstendout,

!LIAME YOUII CIIl.LII A monthly grand tota I ca n be celculated from the two totals, such as "=SUM(B22,B12)". But to 'improve your sheet's

readability. first name tile cells. Cllck on B22. type a name lnre the Name box (left of the fermula bar) and press Enter, Repeat fer 612. Create the formulainceH;83 to get something like "=SUM(CardAndCeshTotaUanCostsTotal)",

, HOIItt""ld""""",,1S

iI ~i!JID ..... ~ '''''' l¥iId ..,. 1M'; "-I.. .t.I; ~


> ;~ ...... """'" .....
• ,_ .. ~'" ... a> ... ..
, ... ......
'1",11.",-- OIl'" .... a> ""''''
• .-- "' ... tH.1I _ ..
~ c. ___ ~ ...... en ...
IL~~-'L1!M41 f..U'tJ [u..u wcMJ
D'loor.iil - ... 6>'''' m,,,,
HI~~OI. t:::iiEi!I
!.I:"~ /., '""'MI>fn<m"' ..... __ ~"'r ... .J1

CD, (j

~ Hot!sehdld a cceuets

'J "2D1O ]-~

tli:Z¥lr~ . ......, -
£$;>0.00 ~ ~oo
r».Ol) US.OO U5.00
CO,DO ....... aua
[1'1,00 (1)~75 l.2I..i!i
U1.'6 C!l.O iU~eI
01.61 UBJ mm
t:i<1.0I [631.1.1 f1I~ GQ ......... ,. (_1<". 1 ~ ..

l1li plKmil!

9 ,.....~. 10 Cllrllmur~B

II ,H'QeA! in~~ UtCOl





Q: I can't aiwilY5 remember what my formulae do - helpl

A: As well as naming cells. It's easy to

add notes to cells as reminders of what's goln9 on. Highlight a cell and click the New Comment button on the' Review tab, then type your reminder. Click away from the note when yow've finished.

A tiny red triangle III

the top- rig ht corner

of the ce'll indicates an attached comment click to see It


Balf an hour should see you pivoting a table.

HOW "loAD?

A tricky concept to

g rasp, but not difficult to use once y0u get your head aroundthe idea, of multl-dlmensional'datal


Excel's Pivot'Iablee let you look at your data in a new and interactive way, giving a multi-dimensional perspective that makes it easier to draw conclusions.

Excel can be used to store data, and over time this can add UP to quite a large store. especially in a business. We usually store data, because we hope it's going' to tell us something later. like which ,i,S our slowest 5all;l'1g line or who are the most successful sales people.

Typically, we store numeric values, such as

t'he number of items SOld. We also store categories that describe the data, like the types of item. The numerical vales can be manipulated mathematically; for instance, we might sum tile Unit Sales for all types of item. Time periods 0 r dates are often stored. as are custom ers, sa les people, manufacturers - so we could 011'50 sum the sales for different items month by month.

In more formal terminolog,y. the numeric values are "measures" and the categor,ies are "dirnenslcns". Often t'he questions, we want to ask are "multi-dimensional".

For example, we might want to know the June sales of products that weren't being promoted" To answer thl's we need the measure Unit Safes, a dimension that carl tell us tihe month, another dimension that Identifies the product and a third tcinolcate whether a promotion was ongoing. It's ,posslbl'e.l! ta~lng, to create ccmplex formulae to pull

~...._ - ~ ,._ III.... iii ...

i ......... ~

~ ... IIIJi ~. ~~ "~I

.. .... s..-w_~
pfiii; iIIIl!).~
~j'- ~MMI..I
,,- ftG.~
,.,_ ~~
.,:l1,li. .. ~
1(1:Il10' ~MII!L.!.I
",.. ,..__.~1!tI
!»1LaN .... 1oIl~
n ... ""-
",".JiM .. .. 'M'II:tIIiII ' ..



1 fJ'II!I ~ 1,W~~"""""~-I!lII

. - .... ,~~

II"'_ ....

F ~1IIILiJ!IIM4' . - .... ._ ...

..... ..... U~~I\I1AIIY n~ ~ I}~~ U ....., .... HI

this information out of the workbook - but there's an easier way, and that, as yOU might guess. is a PivotTable.

A PivotTable gives you a graphical view of yo",r measures and dimenslons, and you can move them about cnscreen to produce a view that shows, say" Unit Sales

by Product. Month and Promotion. If you want to see this cata for all months, that view is jllst a few clicks away,

If you're interested in who sold the rnesteach month,

the Sales Person dimension can be pulled in and the

data inspected. With PlvotTables,lhe dimensions can be moved around to produce exactly the view you want.

In Excel 2010, PivotTables have beecrne even easier to use with the Introduction of "slicers", which

show a particular slice of your data. For instance. if you have a slicer based on the Promotion dimension, the slicer interface gives you a button for each promotion, so you can see the figures lor sales during the summer special.

When you create a PivotTable, you decide which dimensions to use ascolumns and rows In a task pane. You can also specify a dimension lor use as a filter to show subsets 01 data. However, slicers act as filters too, and thel r U 5 er Intem ce Is sl mpler :a nd easter to use.



.JOI! WWIiI!II,...

'l"j_ "'~

JilJ .. ~~

llJ_ .._
7.I'jfJit --
"'I • .. -
p"j(lll --
.It JO!i< -_.,
"j~ 1i¥1!1)~
..... 1IIlO,WJCIfIiQ[1IM
.,"" 8iIft,~SdIr;IdI
Ui_ DotIlr..,ww
l:'IJ~ ~,[.Q14oOI
lOJ_ 1!,~1IIroII1/f'IlIII
i!L~_ 1Dc(11fO»W
Jill""'" I~~~ t.-.lIII!;tt,.. O-~"'N,_IIIIIIIIII'IIIII~ 95UIDlI~lI"~ ~~'SI[JI "'"" ... I'IHI .... _..

O-_ ..... __ ~....,.~._t,,~,.._. .~



~ ....... ~._,,'iO.Ii!I ... .__
M ~ '"
::- ~ " --
~TIIII.iIt ... = ~
. 'I!I!!I
.. - ..
u .. ~ ~
u " •
" -....... .. .. ~ : ~
n U
,. M :. "
" " ~ ~
" ,.__ :t.I ...
" ~ - ~ ..
" : ..

LOAD DATA This is our dataset: our measure Is Unit Sales and the dimensions ,are Type. Month. Sales Person and Promotion. (You can download

this file from On the Insert tab. in the leftmost group •. click PivotTable 1 PivotTable.

CJU!'ATII A .. IYCTT .... I.I In the Create Pivotlllble dialog box. specify the range conteinlnq your data: cltc k on th e wo rkshe-et, thefl drag from

the top left to the bottom rig ht of thera ng e yo u wa nt,

Indudin.g headers (for example, Type. Month). Select New Worksheet as the location for ~he :PivotTable and click OK.

ADD A sueD Collapse the sales person data by clicking the minus button alongside each product name. Let's try a slicer. With the cursor

in any cell In the PivotTable. click Insert Slicer in the Sort

& Filter group on the Options tab under PivotTable TOols. TIck Promotion and dlok OK The slicer. which can be moved around the sheet, has a button for each promotion.

Yl£W .LICU 011 DATA Click the "Back to School·· button to see the products discounted under

th is offer: clicking "Sum m er specla I" shows

these promoted products. By c'licking the plus box next to each product, we cen see Joe did a good Job.

ADD 1:0101.1""' To the right is the task pane titled Plvotrable Field List The fields correspond to'

the column headers In the data. and below are ® four boxes. Drag the Month field int.o the Column Labels

box. On tile worksheet. the PivotTable begins to take shape: month names and a Gri3nd Total header appear.

This last is added automatically by the PivotTable.

ADO AII_ Drag Type Into the Row Labels box. tnen Unit Sale,s into the Values box. You

can click on the arrowhead buttons to access sort~ng and filtering, <IS when working with an Exoel table. Drag the seres Person field into tl1eRow Labelsbcx. Now the PivotTable shows the top-performing person for sales In each month: here. It"seasy to spot that lt'sJoe,

j: ~

t..Jll.f .. I ,.

!i"'-".,-- ... 1_



I l;_l.a.bitliI N~ Ail{_1IUI.~ ... T ....

I ~~ ~'.11 If til lU

I <l!MT

-IIl~l!!Mn ..

.. " 110 .. 1 ..
II .. 11 .. '" ,,-
.. " " u. ! .•
m :to.L ... ... ... ,_ .,
' .... '" '"
Imi D
" ..
~ Joo " "
,. U" IIIIAMATTINO lo see the d'ataunsliced,. click the cross ed- 0 ut lu nnel icon 0 n ~he 51 ice r's topright comer. Adding formatting toa PivotTable

makes It even easier to read: click in the PivotTable and

then on the Design tab under PivotTable Tools, and select

a style from the PlvotTable Styles group. In the PivotTable Style Options group. Banded Columns can be useful too.

... FLU"'" VlflW To move a row so it becomes a column. click and drag the field from the Row Labels box (In the, PivotTable Field Ust pane) to

the Column Labels box, You can have more than. one slicer per PivotTable'.and on the Options tab under Slicer Tools

you'll Ii nd styl es to a p ply to slicers 1.00.


,. ,.



iii I ..


..! ••• ~JI



11 .. .ru.ili,.t.Ii!I'~LiIII!!III~

~ ~~.kI.i ~ iIUNIT .....

~ ID 11 141

.... " .. UJ
, .... " " .. -
. '"' "
• ... " " -"'-
J.oI:II ........ lo!iIfi. I .. "
" ... "
u.,_......,;,~ •• .... ....
u ~I~:-:·~

... _ ~'iIiIIiiI"_'_

" ""
.. ~
"I ., ibntQ~
.. ... -
'OJ .. ~hM.IIooiWIr"
,. ..
"iH-t'---ilJl ... II

~'IIi:I-IO!!II"""'!!!UI!!~ 7'....,.,_ II ~I*'II ,.


Q, Can the grand total row and column on the PlvotTable be something other than justa sum'

A': Yes: under Options In PivotTab\e Tools .

ell t~ Ing the Calcu lations button reveals a, Summarize Values By option. Clicking this ~howsfurther options. Select Averag.e to display the average sales per product in

the Grand Total column to the right. and the average of aU product sales per month In the last row.


45 minutes should be enough for some experiments with importing.


One of the toughest tasks in tfus 9U ide. bu t painless If you follow each step care fully.

OW TO •.•


Excel can do more for your business if you take advan tage of its excellent tools for importing data from external sources, including the web.

Many small businesses hotd some data in Excel and some ina database 5 u ch as Microsoft Access, so there are times when it would be very convenient to bring data in from an external source, Importing data can be as easy es selecting, copying and pasting: you don't have to use the other methods described here unless you want the add i tiona I bene fits they brl ng.

Excel has an easy-to-use tool for' data from Access, and the data is, formatted autcrnatlcally as an Exoel with sor!ingand filtering buttons already in place, An entire table 01 data can be imported, or just what's ina n answer tab Ie generated by an Acces s que ry.

The table is linked to the original source, so if more data is added in Access you can update the table in Exc'el simply ,by using the Refresh options. Clic:k in the imported table" poP d'own the options under the Refresh All button on the Data tab" select RefreSh and the data is updated to reflect any changes. (Clicking Refresh All will update aU linked Imported data in your sheet.)

Data in a text file can also be imported: a wizard ,ilS descri bed in th e steps 'below, tilke.s you th roug h t'he process and tets you control how the data will be

• '_II~ ..
'f ........ "
" formatted in Excel. Text files hold almost no formatting information, so dates in a textfite are just text strinqs,

(I nei denta Ily, it's the lack of formatti ng tha t makes

text files so useful: formovrrng data between programs. Usually it's the formatting, not the data, that the receivirlg software can't interpret and which causes imports 10 fail,)' Ihe import setup·, you can identify dates, for instance, and ensure they will be formatted as dates

in Excel. The text import crocess can also be refreshed

if the data in the source text file changes: proceed in the same way as refreshlnq an Imported table above, and on selecting Refresh you' asked to point to the file again, but you won't see the Import wizard.

The web is a vast source of data. and it's quite possible to import from it. We'll demonstrate bringing

in cu rre n cy excha ng e rate data usi ngo ne of th e buil t -i n connections supplied with Excel. When we choose this, Excei opens a web query file. This is a text fite, with the extension IQV, which contains the path to Ihe data source and the required connection formation. (You can inspect til e contents 01 the file us i ng Notepad i I you .ri 9 ht-c Ii c k on Itln WindOWS Explorer - but don'! edit iI, The file path


I;-JAiII!CII --- =J~'" =~"'WJ,I'!II :.

!I~ .""Jr~.UIIII'''' J,'!llolL'l"IIIi r.-r

' .... "'i:IIU'I;I,;;Iw,;III_~O....,..;JtIl!ll"'''''

IJ 6.-.. J i,j ~"::.-II '11P"..-

." . ' ... .. . ." . ;0 _" Q
~ •
. , • '.A II .... • "', ' ..... [ t



is displayed as a "hover help" tip in the list of Existing Cormecttcns.) Data; from. the website is imported with forrnattl ng a nd hype rllnks, a nd Is refreshabl e as above,

CUT .... II "un Download and 'ul'llip the files from www.pcpr'O,c'O,ul<;/links,lexternaldata, Open theSALES.ACCOS da,tabas'eand double-click the

Sales table to open it. Select everything using Ctrl-A. copy it to the Clipboard with Ctrl-C, move to the Excel worksheet where you want the dat.aand use Ctrl-V 10

paste It. It looks a bit messy, but ceuld ea,sily be tidied up.

IMPORT nOM Acce .. Or try E)!'oei's built-in importer. Close Access, In a new Exc'el sheet. hi g hli g ht the ce II which Is to b e ~he top-left

corner of (he ,Impcrlee! table end dick From Access on the

Get EJcternal Data group on the Data tab. Navigate to the SALES.ACOPafile and click Open, Select the Sales tabl'e.

TMY !'DRMATTIHO Click OK and OK in the next dialog. There's a tidily formatted Excel table"

'OItT Altll !'ILTU Click the arrowhead alongside CustomerNameand data can be sorted. You can also filter It to show Just Ang,elaand ,Angus by

deselecting the other names, A funnel symbo'l appears on the CustomerName header to Indicate the data is filtered. To see all the records again. tick "(Select Ali)",

~~~ ..... ~~.Ju'i "'__~'JIIi.Ii~~~_'!itlJIW~~ ~_tMM


~,~~t__""~~"".~.fiIII"IMIIII!III. -~-

.. ,

A • C' l

I ~""""'IO CWlrrDlr(r ~'O-~ F~Co!'"

D!l!JO.l/l~OB:tIlIIU:J'!)U't".,~ II

2JtJ CU,fOoI/l.M 1OQ,g) Il/IIIIIl_tn04:11111 U·'

tiOSJ" ~lmOl.r011~i'OV1M0l.J5 1

UU 1DJIQU~",Q-1!. 17ANnt'tS'J!IoI LGi'

1W OJJOIVlJII5l0U4 .L~l7M 16

.tl!1.0lfD'II!mi)i.'1r~",,'l"lI. W1

~'Nl fWOiVJ!:MI5C1!n1t!i 1~'ltSC8;'U '1

!11M 'QlIDIIl1lli!l1ill!l41 10!IIttI11!1S 1J .. 1(_0lJ'DiV'U'IS07j,1.t1~04I;01: !.lti IlW!IIUi"~ Cllo,Q ,..I4/QV'I_oo 0lil1 4:tn ~~N".'.' ~~''''..Il


IMPORT TUT Create a new iExcelfile. Click !) From Te)!'[ on the Gi'!t iExtemal Data group on

the Da ta te b. Se lect OI>OEIlS. T)(1" an d click Impo It Step 1 of the wizard shows the data In the lower window. It's correctly identifiee as Delimited, (there are cornrnas

or tabsbi'!tween items), 'so click NEtKl. Deselect Tab as the Delimiter and tlck Comma,: the data goes Into colurnns. Click Next. in step 3, YOU control formatting. Clic·k the Order Date data to highlight it, arid under "Column data format" select Dale. Choose the correct format (in this case DM,Y ~ date, month. year). Do the same for the Dispatch Date column.

IMPOAT Click. Finish. pick the top-left location for the data. and dick OK. 200 rows are Imported.

..... '" FORMATS Ybu can tidy up the dates by selecting the m and usi ng th e ;]I st besl de the Format box on the Home !abln 1I1e Number

group. The commonly used Long' Date and Short Date

form ats can be a pplied wi! h a furth er click.

WI.IMPOIIT To get currency data. cHc;k Existing Connections on the Data, tab and double-click

MSN MO neyCentra I Investor Currency Rates.

Enter the cell for the lOP corner or click OK if already in place. Wait a while . ., and there's the data,MSN quotes dollar rates, but the dollar/pound rate Is listed too.

..II _11I:I:.IIIIII1

.a.£alMt 1.1 4' 4"'7' iI!I '!IIi _..... ..

.._, III'. "4 ' ••• fJ!'1# m

I'_""'=::'co';:"-, --~~..,,.:--".~..Rl7 --' ]'1

_"'.... _-='I a;;,;;;;"""=~ __ ,,,..

r-t ,,,_ ,

, " .....
% -
'h -
-" ----

( 11f"fri'Pf\ H!.II(""o Pru'll. hrl~~ b, '1''\ \fun",..,

, f'l Ckt","""...rKr~!hian.II

• .... ' OJ'll' UiI'I
1 _1'0""",,,"'_ II!JlIIIll "X"
• ~ t_ IJta
• _I'IR'~ • um ...
...... 1 r~~
!;u' 0110
(j'1i!i61 ,""
IJ((iltl ~'I:.t'.s!!!lI . .." " "


Q: People tall<. about impcrtlng CSV files. What are these?

A: CSV stends for comrne-seperated values, and a CSV file is a type of text file ~hat has no for matting exeept lor commas between pieces of information. The data ,n a CSVfile IS, In

fa ct, (!J<act Iy Ii ke the data In the TXT file describee in the 'steps here Sometimes. a file holding data in th,s fermat is savee as a TXT file, sometjrnes

as CSV; both can be handled with EXcel's Text lrnport too\.


Excel is packed with. so many powers we can't possibly cover them all, but here's our pick of four other superb features to give you a taste.


PROTICT 'fOUR WOII.K.aOOIl You may be sharing an Excel worksheet with colleagues, either via, email or over a. network, but you don', necessarily want everyone to be able 1.0 change its content. If you head to the Review tab. you'll see a group

Formatting. What's particularly great is that a live preview shows you how each choice will look.

""U~T."UIU' WO.KUlla Exce'I's Web App is unique in allowing several people to edit a

ca lied eha n g es, whic h allows you tos et ce rta in ra n t'hat can be edited by others, or Indeed set the whole workbook to be view-only.

worksheet simultaneously. Save your shoot to S'llarePOint (see p126) or SkyDrive (see pl:46),. and this ,public version can then be worked on by colleagues, friends· or family to create a collaborative piece of work

P .... TE WITN LIVE PREVIEW Wilen you copy a table 01 figures from an email. website or

document, you may no! want its formatting'

to be applied as well. to make sure you get the desired result. copy the figures as normal and then right-dick

in Exc'el: underneath Paste Options you'll see two cholcss, Keep Source F·ormatting and Match Destination

POWIiRPIVOT We've touched on Excel's data ha nd II ng, bu t aM Icrosoft pi ug in now takes th is to a new level. PowerPivot, downloadable from allows businesses to manipulate millions of lines of data and then ~nalyse it in a way that

p revio usl y req ui red exo enslve ttli rd- pa rty softwa reo

1 Prohtd and St.t WortJJ401(

U"" "1i1~l.M-n110(d:4R.1;n;~

~iRc:a "rllh·a 'ShJ I

~i'tt WID{t:'DO:o'; WOftIl'OCIIk _) 11,w: O\II'IiilR •


'"'1& July

,D:!o.OO ~OO
~,OO 'ru.OQ :PV
DCI,a! 00011
E2U5 127.011
,~ ~45
,EU,,,," tl.l.aJ
E7l'iliO ~7.0II ~ m ~
1::- ~.4
. •
""" - ~ "'" j41'111 ..... _IJio ........ .. 1~~I4II' .... 1"~ 1I--~I!I"IIfQ! .. ~'-- .... -...--.. ~I!.~ .,_._. ....... .II'\'I ~-.~. _D"_ ~~~~

..._..,D. ~_



ft 9
, ( _.011 M/Il/=
l • ""'011 1>1.,/>111.
1 t 11OUIO iIIlJ~"~
, 'I0Il110 --
E _00
!.m.OO Among: out '_voytlte h!ature5, Qf EX"I:cl 2010 ~,e the a bmly to prevent o;.hBnges toy"", eh .... ts (a leBtIJ,e sadly mt .. .1 nil from 'Elccel.St.rte.); IIvep"'vlew f",Paste; "","".I1""I'n" vIa the Web App, (b., ,net In Excel pr<lpe, ~ the opposite way roun d to WO'Q);: I nd u.. f,..,,, powe ,Pivot :pTu!;!ln, a .co 'lIypoten t tool for date 8 ""Iysl •.




.Office 2010

I. •


~ +



• ,,-

..... ~

6 4 How to for.mat _. text. for a

70 How to animate SmartArt

professional presentation Words and pictures are all very well.,

Add some style to your presentation but sometimes the best way to get a

uSing themes. text effects and more. messeqe across is to animate it.

6 6 How to tap 72 How to add Instant

PowerPolnt's _ Impact with video

Image-edltl'ng powe, Treat your audience to short. sharp

W,ho needs Photoshop when you can bursts of video that you've edited

add effects and correct colours here? down to the key points.

6 8 H.ow to add 74 H. 0.". thor

animations and in PowerPoin.t

transttkml to pre.lenlaUons You need never work atone thanks

Gel your slides moving with slick to PowerPoint 2010·5 ability to share

animations and trensitlcns, either via SharePoi(lt or over the web.

75- HOW. to b .. road .. east .. your presentation

Use the (lew Broadcast Slideshow feature to share your presentation with others anywhere in the world.



With PowerPoint 2010 in your armoury, there's no excuse for creating dull presentations. Whether you're aiming for an all-singing, all-dancing affair packed with video and bizarre effects or you're searching for a classy and understated look, PowerPoint gives you the tools you need. In particular, this edition adds brilliant new features such as the ability to trim videos without


olarized 3D


needing a video-editing program: just mark your start and end points and the software will do the rest. In

a similar vein, Power Point 2010 offers all the photoediting power we've already seen in Word 2010, so you can add interesting effects to even the dullest of original photos. Read on to discover how to make the right sort of impact with your presentations.



Play around and yoU'I,1 soon be impressed by what you can do.

H.OWHARb? Mastenng the'baslcs ;s easy. honest.


Formatting your text doesn't have to be a challenge. Themes, the Slide Master view and text effects can give you great results with minimum effort.

While text should never be allowed to dominate a presentation, you'lI almost always need a range of

hea d I in es, bu llet poi nts, quotes, ca ptlons and textb oxes, The challenge is to give these impact and make them legible on whatever screen you'll be using. Producing beautiful text is an art, but good-looking text is relatively easy looull off - especia'lly with PowerPoint 2010,

As with all Office 2010 eppllcatlons, using the ready-built themes and designs is a; speedy shortcut, giving you layouts. fonts and colours that work well together, and enablingYOII to get the bare bones of" design within a matter of seconds. If there are elements YOII want to change, familiarising yOllr,self with the Slide M"ster view will save you time and effort.

Each Slide Master works as a kind of boss slide, setting the basic styles andi formatting for the actual slides in your presentation. In PowerPoint 2010, a single document or template will have several slide masters that control specific layouts, and a "big boss" slide that oversees all of them. A change made to a boss slide

will roll out across every slide created, with that layout;

a cha'lge made to the big boss will affect e'lery slide

-- - --- --.

Click to edit


___.__u ,t ........ lj~

in the presentation So you can change, say, a heading used acrcss the whole presentation with a lew clicks, but you can also make more specific chan.ges where they're needed without having to edit every slide by hand.

Slide masters work hand-ln-hand with Office's themes. This means cl1angirlg the theme wiH override arly changes you've made to Ihe Slide Master, but it's possible to seve your arnanernents to ,a new theme. You can then aooly your custom desi.gns to future Ilresentatiorls.

All Ulis is greal, but when you first try PowerPoint 2010 you might feel disappointed by its text handling, caoabilities • particularly once you see the rlew flashy text features In Publisher, Excel and Word. However, many of the same features are avallable within PowerPoint if YOU know where to look, so if yoU want to create titles with aliltle extra, oomph, there's no reason not to.

... AI.ONU Create a new Blarlk Presenta,tion (File I New I BlarlK Pr'esentatlon I Create) wlt.h

noth ing form atteo, AU 51 i des after th e in it ial title slide are created u.sing the basic template: right·click in the Slides pane on the left and select New Slide.

.----~.~ --~


,. " ~I.i.CJ<. t.Q" _

LoiItllllllloo.., ~lA_

- .. I.,._

* Click to edit M~IO' --

Second level


APPI.Y A TIlRMI: We can makeimprovements in moments. Click the Design tab" then look at the Theme, panel that dominates the ribbon. Hover

over a theme and you'll see how the current slide will look with it applied. Or click the down arrow to the right of the panel to expand the selection. We've picked Waveform.

• WITC:H TO .1.10. NoIIJTni YI.W Click on the View tab of the ribbon and mouse your way over to the Master Views panel, Click, the Slide

Master button to switch to the Slide Master view. ln tMe Slides pane to the left you'lI now see the slide masters set

up lor the current template and theme. The big, one at the top is the overall Slide 'Master. Click on it to edit.

PIMP VDllA T1TLE Drag and click over the title text (or lett-click multiple times) to highlight

It:. the n rig ht -click on the hi g h Ilg hted text and, select Format Text Effects. This gives yo I.! easy access

to many of the same text effects you'll find In the new editions of Word and Excel. First, we'lI apply a, drop shadow, Select Shadow on the left. then cliCk on the Pre,sets and click on the o.ffset Diagonal Top Right option.

liD TD J"D ,A 3D presentation deserves a 3D effect Click 3-D 'I"ormat on the left. then set the Top Bevel to Cool Slant. the Surface Matenal to

the Cool section 01 the lighting 'Pop·OI.!~). Finally. change the Lighting Angle to 70 degrees, CIi~k Close,

• U'L LAT. AN D e OI.OU II. Any chang e to a, Slide Master will roll out across all th e slides und erirs control, CliCk on the Home tab. then highlight all

fiYe levels of rext on the Slide 'Master. Go to Paragraph on the Home tab. click 8ullets and pick Hollow SQUllre. Next . highlight the top level of text, go to the Font section •. click

TeXI Color and change it 10 Dark Blue. Text 2.lighler 40%.

TWEAK YOUR TnT The Slide 'Master can always be amended or overruled. Click the Slide

Master tab and select CI'ose Master View to return to the normal editing view .. then browse through your slides, This example is looking crowded. Highlight the top brockot text then right-dick on it. Select Font. dick on the Character Spacing tab andset the spacing to Expanded by 0.6pt. Click O.K. Then right-dick ag'ain. sel ect Pa ra.gra p h an d set Spaci ng After to 6pt.

un. I'O •••• r.T PAINTI Nil It'S easy to apply the same formatting' to other text objects. With

the Home tab actlve and your I.ext block stili highlighted, go to the Clipboard panel and left-click on the Fo~matPainter button. Now clic,k and drag to highlight the two btocks of text below, and they'll take

Translucent Powder and the Lighting' to Freezing (found In on. the amended formattin.g.

"" _I. - ...
- ·- ... l ...... '. J-
- ..
.... 2_j - ...
, ..... -
.... ~. ... . . ~'-------- .... -·--~=i =-==)11


I :

I. ~~

~ ~-- ---' '""""


While the main editing window should be the centre of your design efforts, Power POi nt's Outline pane can be

the m05[ effective

place to work with

your text. Simply click on the Outline tab In the left -he nd Sll des pane to switch to It

Not only cen you type text directly into the Outline pane, yol.! can also right-dick on

lines or blocks of text and promote them or demote them from one level to an other (for example, I2'hanglng a list item mte a heading Of a heading Into CI title).


It ta kes a Ii ttle ti me to get to grips with the tools, but it's worth it!

H.OWHARD? We'll tackle some

ad ve need effects here, but ste p by step.



You don't need Photoshop skills to make your slides look great. Thanks to new photo manipulation features, you CQn do it all within PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2010 benefits from the much-improved image·,editing tools that are now integrated into the whole Office 2010 suite. In Word, Publisher and Exoel these are a, major time-saver. but with PowerPoint they're potentially revolutionary. After all, PowerPoir.t slides are visual by their nature, and when creating a presentation you may not have the time or desire to Switch to an image editor.

These featu res are 10 un din the Plctu re

Tools I Format tab that appears whenever you insert

or select an image on a slide. For instance, Remove Background can instantly separate a foreground object from the background in tihe image, as long as there's reasonable contrast between the two (for example, a head shot of someone standing a.gainst a painted wall), whil e Correct ion 5 a ffers a se lectio n of g ui ck and d ifty brightness andcontrast adjustments to choose from.

Color prov; des seturatl on and colour temperature adjustments atonq with quick colourlsatlcn OPI ion s, an d the Art.lst Ic E ffe(: ts pan eT lea ds yo u to a collection of simple Photoshop-sty"le filters" such as blur; Combine these with the Crop tool 011 the right, and you ca n COile r most of you r I mage· ed [tll1 91 las k sri g ht here.

Along with these tools, PowerPoir.t has a gallery of custom isebl e effects ra ngi ng from si mpl e fra mes to glows, pseudo 3D treatmenlsand, reflections, You'll find

a, gallery of presets i r. the ce ntral Pictu re Style 5 pa nel, while usl ng th e P lctu reBa rde~, Picture Effects and Pictu ~e Layout dropdown to the right will enable you to dig ceeoer and create your own custom versions. Experiment with combinations to create your own knockout styles.

INn'lIT AN I ... AGE We'll' use vanous Picture Tools to add excitement to a set of slides for a lecture on the legendary Catalan architect Antoni

Gaudl. To put the first image in place, click the Insert tab, then go to the Images group and click Picture. Nav,iga!e to your chosen image, then click Insert. For our purposes we only want the building in the foreground" so, with the Picture Tools tab active we click Remove Background.

1I .... an THI IIACIiGRaU,IID PowerPolnt marks the area to remove in purple. so anything we want to keep should appear in full colour, First,

use the bounding box as a Kind 01 rough selection to


ensure everything you want to keep is encompassed. Next, click the "Mark Areas to :Keep· button, and click on any portions of the Image you want to Include in your selection. Conversely. use the "Mark Areas to :Remove" button to remove them. If yOU make a rnistake, use the Delete Mark ,button and c.llcken the mark In question. When you're happy, click the Keep Change.s tick.

CClIoOURIIII!. RElIIZI! "ltD POalTlON We only want to use this image In the background, so clic,k

on the Color button and. 'under the Recolor

options, choose -Sackground color 2 Ught"'" (note: that these options change depending on the current theme),

Now move the downwards and use the lower

rig ht-corner h<l nd Ie on t:he bo un ding box to stretch It 0 ut so It fi lls the bottom of th e scree n (it doesn't matte r if

it overlaps). Finally. cliCk. Send Backward in the Arrange section of the Picture Tools t<lb, and: the Im<lge will sit behind the text.

CROP TN. 1"'''0 Now for <I secOlld irnaqe, Use

I nsert I Pictu reo then, with the PTcro re Tools ta b active, click the Crop button (in Size) and select

Crop. Use the thick black marks to select the area you

want to 'keep " the rest is sha ded 'g rey - th en c II ck Crop.

FU",. AltO .NHANeI Click and: dl'Clg inside th e hr, 8 ge to move It .. then resize it to fit

your design. To poBsh this one off, add a 'basic frame by clicking on the'Simple Frame, White" option in the Pic.ture Style.s gallery; then go to Corrections and g·rve both Brightness and Contrast a 20% boost.

".nSTIC I!JIlII!CTI Our next ,Image (added usi ng Insert I Plctu re) need sscm e help. Afte r

cropping, moving <lnd resi;!"ing, we use the Corrections tool and pick ·· -20%., Contl'Clst: +40%", then Click the color button and eecst Saturation to 200%. This seems like overkill until we click the Artistic Effe<:ts bu tton and cb oose theFlI m G rai n opti a n,

FIlA!'" AMII TWIIIT Add ·'Simple' Frame. White". <IS in step S. befor'e ilddlng. one fin<ll twist. We want the look of carelessly tossed photographs,

so Click Ihe rotate handle at the top 01 the boundinq box

and drag left to rotate the Im<lge slighlly antl-clcckwlse.

OKI L .... T SHOT Our final image is cropped, resized. moved andfrarnad <IS in steps :3 to 5,

but with a few differences·, Click Corrections, then pick th.e "Brightness: 0% (Normal), Contrast: +40%" thumbnail to add some extra punch, Next. click Color. gO to the Color Tone section and click on the "Tempe'<lture: 5300 K" thumbnail. Finally, apply the frame as before. but this time use the rota te hi! nd Ie at the top or the bou ndi ng box and drag Its.lIghtly to the right (clockwise).


Qr What do you mean by "bou ndi ng box"?

A: When you select an a rectangular box appears around

it with nine SQuare markers in tts corners and halfway along each axls, There's also a small green ci rete et th e top. This box (un~n ln your finished work) Is the bounding box: use

it to make the image larger or smaller. or

to reposition it on the slide. elic k and d I'C!9

the green circle alld

you can also rotate the image \.0 any angle.


Allow half an hour to [ezz up your 51i des, or more to play around.

H,OWHARD? Probably the easiest mistake to make is to overdo the effects.


With PowerPoint 2010, it's simple to add slick animations and classy transitions to make your presentations more engaging. Let's get those slides moving!

PowerPoint 2010 is capable 01 producing stunning

prese ntatl ens, It's eve n possi b Ie to create the kind of smooth transitions and animations you'd expect on TV. You don't need to be a pro: the combination of the ribbon i nte rface, effe cts ga Ileri es an d rea l-tlrns previ ews rna kes

it ludicrously easy, Inevitably, some PowerPoint users will abuse these new-found :powers, but use animation with a llttl e restrai nt and yo u can bu i I d sl ides that hoi dattenti on from the beginning to end of your presentation.

The average PowerPoint show will contain three sorts of movement, First, animations: text elements, photos, d lag ra ms and i llustraf 0 ns that move I n or out of t,he slide, or undergo some visual change while the slide is on display. Second come transitions, with the old fades. wipes" dissolves and miscellaneous effects that smooth the shift from one slide to the next now joined by some exciting new options that are guaranteed to Impress (at least until they become the new cliches). Finally, we have vld'eo. We're going to look at that in detail later on.

The ibeauty of :PowerPoint's animation system is thatMi croson has kept it deli berately si mple, CI iok on either the Transitions or Anlmat:ions, tab and the majority

of the ribbon will be dedicated to a gall'ery of ready-made effects, which you can apply to obje.;:ts or pages straight away. If you can't see the one you want, dick the down arrow to the right of the gallery to expand the options.

Hover over an animation, and you'll even see

it applied to the selected object or page as a real-time preview. By default, animations on the same page will run in the order you originally applied them, and you can qui.ckly .;:hange the order or the timing using the Timing panel towards the right of the Animations tab, And that's all many users will need. But if you need more control, you It Activate the Animation pane and you get a simplified timeline view that you can use to orchestrate more complex enlrnatlons and get exactly Ihe result you're looking for.

AIIII TltANtiTIOI ... Some people like the same t ra nsi tlon th roug hou t a, prese ntatl 0 n, oth ers

prefer to mix and match, but as a: rule it's best to stick to one or two effects. with the occasional' new one for emphasis. To apply a transition to a soeclftc slide, click on thes Ii de in th e Slides oa ne, then on the Trans ilions


tab, and select Irom the gallery. Here. we've opted lor the Ferris Wheel slide from the Dynamic Content selection.

TW .... " TOUR T .... ".ITIOK 11' looks good. but we have a couple of tweaks to make. First, go to the 11 m I ng erea of the Tra nsl tJ ons tab and Increase

the Duration. To preview tl1e effect again. you can always click the Preview button on the lelt-handside of the ribbon. Now click the Effect Options button, and set the

new slide to come in From Left.

A~~LY A ."''''-IK We want, the background image to gently fade in. Click on II1e image, then click the Animations tab and select the Fade

effect from the Animation Styles gallery. Now go to the l1ming panel. Set Start to After Previous" Duration to 1.50

and Delay to 0.50. This gives us a nice, smooth fade-in.

~LYlKO ~1I0TO' We want our photo objects to fly in fro m the edge of th e screen. so cliCk, on the photo at the bottom of the "pile", then

select the Fly lnarumatlon, Click on :Effect Optionsend set the D.irection to From Top. Preview theetfect. and you'll

see that we want to slow it down. Go to the Timing panel and boost the Duration to 2.00.

81-UI Till ANIM.TION Next, we copy the basic animation across to the other two photos. Just

1906-1910 CASA MILA

* *
~ , l...,.I\!t ....
'"' click on tMe An.lmation Painter button In the Advanced Animation parlel', then click on first the rruddla photo. then the top, Tl1ey"lI adopt the same slowed-down fly-In effect.

CHAKlll DIIII!CTION We don't want each photo coming; In from the same dir,ectlon, so select

each one in tum and clicken :Effects Options 10 change the direction. For the middle photo we'll use From Bottom, and for the top photo we'll opt for From Right.

PIIUlIKII ..... T Finally; we're going to add a subtle animation to specific lines of texl, so that they pulse when the relevant photo appears.

For this we'll need finer control over timing. Go to the

Advanced Animation panel and click on the Animation Pane button, The Animation Paneli,sts the different enlrnatlcns on the slide in order, with the bar indicating delay and: duration. Now we highlight the text block shown, and apply a Pulse animation from the gallery.

CHAKGI TH. TlJOUNG. We also apply the Pulse to the~nal block of text. By' clicking on the text animat:1onln the Animation pane and drag.glng it beneath the relevant photo animation, we can Quickly cha nge the ord er. Then set th e Start settl ng In tM e 11m I ng panel to After iPrevious. Repeat for the second block of text. When the slide pl'ays, the photo will now fly in, and the block of ted wiH pulse Immediately afterwards.


..!III ........... ~ .. I ... bolt'll

CJoiL.I,II ~ =


There's no need to laboriouslyappty

!fa nsltio ns to each slide in your presentation. First. clicking' lhe

Apply To All button

in the 11 m irlg secno n

of the Transitions tab will copy the transition and settings from

the cu rrent Slide to every slide In the presentation. Second, you can organise slides mto sections (using Home I Section I Add Section) and apply ,a transition to e whole section. Finally, yOU can use the Ctrl-Cllck and Shift-CliCk shortcuts to select multiple slides and apply transitions across all of them.


Around 30-40 minutes, depending on the level of complexity,

H.OWHARb? Nowhere near as

d iffic ul t a s it sou nds,


PowerPoint's SmartArt produces good-looking graphics in seconds, That's a decent start, but add animation and you're really onto a winner:

introduced to Word and PowerPolnt in Office 2007, SmartArt becomes an even more potent featvrein PowerPoint 2010, Ha,ving a collection of ready-made customlseble graphic elements, diagrams and businessfocused illustrations to hand is useful, but when you combine that with PowerPoint's new focus on animation, t'heresults can be fan.tastic. Effectively, Office 2010 gi.ve5 you the tools to create your' own animated graphics to use in your presentat'ions, without any need to buy and learn a vector-drawmqor animation pa.ckage, Of get to grips with technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash.

ihere are two ways of using animation in conjunction with SmartArt; one easy, one not so ·eas·y. PowerPoint's animation features can work with the different ~Ievels:"of a· given SmartArt object, with the options depending on the SmartArt 'being used. In brief,

if you insert a piece of SmartArt and apply an animation to it you'll fi nd settings in the Effect s 0 ptlons men u to animate your SmartArtlevel by level, component by component or aU at once (see Tip, opposite). If you simply want, say, the blocks in a process diagram to .appear in order, this should be all you need,

However, there are limitations. While you can set up Effects Options lor the object as ~ whole, you can't define them for specific components, or change timing settings such as Duration or Delay. Which is where the second wa·y 01 tackling SmartArt animation comes in.

All SmartArt objacts are a collection of grouped shape s and text paths. By s electing and u ng roup in g' the SmartArt. you can break it. down into its components

and animate each individually, giving you control over what's animated., when and how It's best to make

changes to text or formatting before you ungroup your SmartArt, otherwise you'll have to tackle each oomponent individually, making it harder 10 maintain a consistent look.

We'll use both approaches In this exemcte, but tl)l i nsert in g' some Sma rtA rt and play in 9 afQU nd with animation; you never know what you might come UP with.

APIII"'AATAliT Our business presentetion is ripe for illustration. Click the Insert tab, go to the

Illustrations section and select SmartArt. Here, we're using the Gear SmartArt, You can find it from the Relations h Ip or Cycle ca lego,i es on the left.

~1~ ~,~ft .......


~ ..... ~ .... _'fw

ifrY"'" __ lIlr. IIIII"P~

.... ".~IIINal,""" _.._.....

1..-4'l .... ,.~~ ~tVI • .............. 'L#'Ulllllllttd ....... ~b..L~___..I>IIIJ.I~


1.ro1'Jl!ll'! ... !3itIjrW',.,...._

~~ 1J:u .. ~' .. IIf'I.·.I.",_. r~.'I4'i"'"


.. "It ~- ..... -_ .. . ...... _
""- ·'Sdillll!"liDI'U'IJ
* ~ * ... • r .1.I:oI.Il....., .... I ..
_, .- .. ~ _.' ,.. .....
.. * W * 'f t'-...:I'I'IIII'~'fiiUiI
- ..... . ............ ,.....IIT .. .. ~fWr'!I'lI'itl~
"* ... '1
........ 11
t * ~~LiIIIII
.~~ .- 1,_ D El'JItli TIUI LD 011: Type you r text in to the $martArt, either by clicking on the sample text a nd am ending' it or by us In 9' the flyout

text-entry box on the left (click the arrow on the

bounding box if you can't see it), Now apply <I' Style and a Color Scheme to the SmartArt before moving

it Into posltlon. In our example, we're using the Subtle Effect style and the "Colorful Range ~ Accent Colors 4 to 5" scheme.

•• PARAn AND AHIMATII: Each gear will eventually revolve, but for that to happen

properly we need to break the SmartAr! down into its parts, Click the SmartArt object to select it, then right'clic,k and use Group I Ungroup. You may need to do this twice before you see each gear wit:hinits own bounding box, Now select the top gear; click on the Animations tab and pick Spin from the gallery.

"NIM .. n T"I .. COMD IIIAII- Click the middle gear and apply the same animation, using either the gallery orlhe Add Animation

button, We have a couple of changes to make this time, however. First, cliok on 'Effect Options and set tl1e

dIrection to counterclockwise. Then go to the Timing section and, set the Start option to With Previous and the Delay to 00.2S.

-iI_" __ "._",


~1IIiI _

-AND THI: TKIRO Now click on the third ge<lf and apply Spin .1Igain, This time there's no need to change the direction, but in the Timing

section set Start. to With Previous and Delay to 00.50.

Nowcli~k the Preview button on the left of the ribbon and you should see all, three gears revolve nicely.

III.I.IIT " •• oe ... DIAORAM Not every SmartArt animation Is so complex. Go to a. new slide and Insert the Vertical Chevron USI. SmartArt (you'll

find It in the Process category). The preset object has

on Iy th reI! 'levels, but we ~an 11 d d another j U st by cllc king In the lest item in the text-entry box and typing Ente~, then Backspace 10 start a new top-level item, then Return followed' by Tab to type in the SUbsequent buHet points.

ITYI.I "ND .... I"An Apply a style and a, colour scheme as you did In the lastexample, and then

move the diagram into position. Now, with the SmartArt object still selected. clid< on the Animations tab and apply the Fade animation.

IE QUI: Me: ICO ""I "''' TI 0 "' Now cl lck th e Effect Options button. PowerPoint recognises you're animating a multilevel o'bjectand' offers options

to control whether its elements animate together or in sequence. In this case" picking One by One will make the chevrons and text labels fade In one by one in sequence.

• Invest capital Sign on the



t v-.r 1)Iu..1

~ l.ilutw. 01.11 13~ 1lIiiI.


The SmartArl'speclflc SeQuencingoptfons

in the' Effect Options menu are a IItt1'e opaQue, so here's a qUick guide to how they work. "As One Object" means the animat'lon

a ppl les to the object as a whore. so jf you set It to Rotate it will' rotate as a single object. "AU <It OflCce" means all

the components will

a ni mate in di vidu ally. but simultaneously. ·One

by One' means each component animates separately. In sequence. "le\lel at Once" makes al'l components with Level 1 text ani mate first. then components with Level 2 text, ,and

so on, Finally. "Level One by One" means

the cornacnents eacn amrnete separately

In turn, but the Level

1 components do so before the Level 2 components. and so on.


Not ,I'ong to add video, but customising it will take ~, bit more time,


It's surp)'jsmgly easy to produce advanced video efrett·s.

OW TO •.•


PowerPoint 2010 has finally caught up with the need for dynamic content, and now makes video as easy to work with as text and still images_

Over the past decade, vldeccontent has become a crucial pert of many PowerPoint presentations, yet Microsoft

has never quite given it the same welcome as text or still images. With PowerPoint 2010 that finally changes. At last. you can embed video directlylnto your documents, edit it from within PowerPoint, make adjustments and apply effects, and combine video with text and animation in a range of appealing ways.

You can add video to your presentation in much t'he same way as any content; by clicking on the Insert tab, mousing over to the right-hand side of the ribbon. and clicking the Video button In the M'edia panel. Once you,'ve inserted a clip, you'll see two new tabs appear within the banner of Video Tcols, The first Format, gives you the tools to correct. recolour.crop, arrange and apply shapes, borders and effects to your cltp, along with a,gallery of preset Video Style,s - most 01 these will be familiar from the Picture Tools (see p66).

The second tab, Playback, Is more specific to video. If you'r'e using en al.eady edited clip, you can simply apply a Fade In and Fade Out ·effect toit, but It's also possible to trim longer clips down to size,

meaning' that rough foota.geoulled directly from a digital camcorder can 'be taken into your presentation.

You'll also find settings lor soundtrack volume and choosing fill l-screen playback, and a facility to add bookmarks .. This last feature can be powerful. By setting animations, for e"ample, to t.igger when a specific clip reaches iI; specific bookmark, you can set a relevant bit of text to a ppea r or pu Ise when that poi nt is rea ched, or a secc nd cl ip to app ear and sta rt playi ng.

PowerPoint welcomes a range of video formats, including MPEG2,. MP4., WMV, Adobe Flash and QuickTime files (although in practlce support may vary frcrn file to file). It's also possible to embed video directly from a website such as You Tube, should you wish.

In this example, we're going to give some of PowerPOint's new Video features a workout, but we're only scratching the surface. Embrace the moving image,and you can build presentations that engage your audience in ways thatstattc p resen lations. Oil n' t rna teh.

IN.11IT VIDID One blank slide, ready for the Insertion of Video. Click the Insert lab, go to the


Media section on the right-hand side and click the Videe button, Navigate to your video file and click Insert. The clip appears In the middle .of yeur slide at its native size.

gallery to expand' the selectien. then go down tc the I'ntense c,atege,ry and choose the Reflected Perspective RI g ht pres et,

T.IM TO .... NIITH In this case. our clip is a short a m a teu r Video ca ptured' du Ii ng a trip to the Durrell Wildlife Conservatlcn Trust In Jersey. We

need semething short and te the point, so click en the Videe Tools I PlaybaCk tab. then the Trim Videe button.

ADD ... OIlXM .. 1I1C That's the video in pl:ace, but lt's .only one part of this sll'de. To rnal(e the

second part. werk. we need to add a bookmar,k.

Eit her press th e Play butte 1'1 be nea th th e cl ip and wai t. erclic!Vdrag the pregress bar until YOLl',re a secondor so away from the end Of the clip, New click en the Videe Tools I Playback tab and hit the Add Beokmark button,

Yeu can watch your cup threugh. then move the green and red sliders tc select new Start and End points. When you're ma.dy. dick OK. PowerPoint won't actually cut your clip at this point. so yeu. can always re-eett later.

IQI!IIT ... OUOft Our beekmark will trigger the appearance of a Quote" which is jus! a textbox added ;lnd styled using a nice serif font. with

the Quote itself it;lllcTsed and the attributlon reslzad and

c.o~ TO "IT These big bl;lck bars are wasted space, On the Vldee Teals I Fermat tab. click

Crop. Move the bottom and top crop marks so the black bars are greyed out. then click Crop once ag;lin. New resize and repositlon the cropped clip as shown.

made bold. Now select the Quote. click on the Animations tab. and choose the Shape entrance ani mati en.

COI.OUA CORA.CTIO" The colours look slightly washed-out, To ,give the foetage extra

lIlT Ttl. TRIGg ... Go to Effect Options and set Direo:;tion to Out, then!>e! Duration (in TImings)

punchclick the Corrections button. then the "Brightness. -20%. COntrast +20%" thumbnail.

to 1.50. CliCk !he Trigg'er button in Advanced Animatien and select On Beekmark. then the bookmark we created earlier. Now. when playback reaches this point. the Quote wIlT appear with a nifty Irls-lnelfect. You can use this l'eatum In a number .of ways: fore.xample. when

a video supports a list of ;bullet points. have each bullst point "pulse" as the vldeo reaches the relevant point.

nYl.ln 1HI CUP For add'ed Impact. we",e going to' apply a Style to the clip. Click en the downerrow to the right 01 the Videe Sty.les

ll'I" :i;-

'1" """T .. , """",",,Jy dq>rT>1'l\' iDmofm.I,,,",,,,.{,,,, r<rrll<n' <10

''''''''of 0iMIr0l <os< and tho ""'" ItbatI'· """'1OltM...W """" .:mn.,rilil..-rn' I~ (IllIl1'l'lIJnllI ,w If d.-.n: fora a.:,,-j"'Irl'l'i 1rb=1 "'-'

SlIp ..... ~,.,_<ljJard llocl~'

of o!t<lrna U!llIJ •

G<!raltl Durr~

-1' ....... "" .",,,,,,,*"lI h:llltfiit~f·rtN<ti'j~ II~

f-<f- .. ""''''''on/ ~"""'ol .. ",,"",""_ a>m.~.::I1 :.-,prCl'l~"'dD"," ,,~. Jru """"s; t.i.d J"., '"t'"",.r"""~'I.In",, ,,""_'.h<."

Gcndil Dumcll

0 ... ·· a ...

<>-:- ...



Adding video to a presentation will have

a dramatiC eHect on

file Size'. which could

be a problem if you're moving it around a network or sending

it via email, Luckily, PewerPoint can take

ca te of th IS for you Click on File to go to ~he Backstage view and )lou'lI see the Compress Media button. Clicking en this wHi give you optIons to save the file in one of ~hree Quality settings .. Preserrtaf on Qualll¥. Internet Quality. or Low Quality for email. Choose one and PowerPolnt does all

the hard work for you. removing tnmmed bits of video. compressing ,mages and video

clips down to size. and making the file as lean as possible. In our tests. compressing one file with just three video clips for Presentatlen Quality cut nearly 60MB of unwanted baggage, so It'S well worth delng.


It ta kes i usr a few minutes to see how co- a uth 0 ri ng works.


Once the file is shared. co- a uthari ng is easy.

yO<:) can also see whc'sat work on a gwen document by clicking File to go to the Backstage View and looking, at the

Info section. Click on the Sefld a Message button to email or '1M your co-author before you s tart war ko 1'1 the document. You don't want to end UP fighting over the same' :page!


Simple online collaboration is another strength of the new and improved PowerPoint 2010. Here's how you and your colleagues can take advantage,

Few of us work. entirely alone. A presentatlcn will usually need input from others, quite likely as part of a team. Before Office 2010, this wasn't always easy; you'd often

be swapping files with others, rurming' through comments, and accepting or rejecting amendments ..

Powe,Point 2010 brings real-time co-authoring.

Two or more can work on the same liIe at the same moment with PowerPoint trackinq each user's changes and synchronising them when you save; your changes are u pi Oil ded to the ve rslo 1'1 on th e server, and oth ers' changes are downloaded to the version on your PC.

To co-author you'll need access to a Sh<l,ePoint server (mostly in: large businesses) or a Windows Uve account, which lets you upload your file to Microsoft's Sky 0 rive 0 I'll i ne slo '<I g e service, shere its folder with YOU r collaborators, and go from there. Your COllaborators don't even have to use PowerPoint, as 'long es they have access to the Office Web Apps version from a web browser.

FlU,.. 5~P' Open a dccumentomlne (see p147). and if someone else is editiflgit you get a n oUiI ca ti on In til e bottom left corner of the

':stu 14/04flOIO

rm,lIlf1tt;o _hng ~.,., dO""" !lis ~ I <b!'llhri< or. waD>; "' .... _l

screen. A small icon on slides in the left-hend pane tells yo u a sl ide isb ei ng edited by one of you r co-a uthors.

"'",.. TH' "'UTHOII.' Clicking the co-euthcrtcon at the bottom .Ieft of the screen will list. people

currently working on the document. Clicking

on one 01 the names or profile clotures gives you: contact details plus options to email them, schedule a meeting, or message them if you both h<lve inst<lnt messaging open.

"'AKI"G (:"_COU PowerPoint's existing review tools still work. In this case, adding <I comment to the SmartArt object and clicking Save will

post the comment to the COllaborator's version of the

document when he or she next saves, <llong. with any changes to the textor the design you've made.

·1'0 "'"0 FIIO Our co-author reads our comment. changes the SmartArt and text, and adds a

reply. They then save their version. We save ours, and the server syncs the files, updating our file with the new SmartArt enoccmmeot. Real-time cotleboratlcnl



It isn't alway.s possible tegh1e a pressntatlon in person, b~t the impact is lest if ye~r a~dience can enly downlead the PowerPoint file or use an online shar:lng service

such as SlideShare ( The new Breadcast Slldeshow feature is the answer. You stili give the presentation live, and can even provide a spoken commentary while your audience, In the world, views the shew through a web brewser. There's no, need for annoying, p.l~glns.and content such as photos and video will 5t 111 play bac k (a Itho u gh so m e fon ts, Ira nsltlo ns and an imati 0 ns migh t net a ppearexa ctly as design ed).

Yo, L:I'.11 need, access to 1'1 SharePei nt server or

a Windews Live account, YOur audience needson'ly a compliant browser (Internet Explorer B" Geogie Ch~eme and Flrefex all work fine). simple, and the g r'eat th ing is that you control. the presen talion j ust as you would nermally.

To invite someone to, [oln your virtual audience, you need onl:y email' them the link or cut and paste the broadcast URL Into an 1M. Faoebook !.lpdate or tweet"

CII_lIn. .IlIA So your presentatlon Is ready. Wait: if there's multimedia content In there, you'll need to compress it for internet streaming.

Go to File Ilnl'o .. Click Compress iMedla and select Internet Quality. Let yeur files compress, then Click OK. and save.

Inforrn;jMn ~bout m In th~ Home WIP

C"\!JxallT"i~.m .... .-..-y;p...,..


~ :!..:c!::~.:==:."

~ I.Idi..LtiIswIU:I.~~D"_

1 ........ 'Ioi'l1Ijllli~~ ~~

'>I ~ .Ioft _... .,_,.

.-...IIiIIi.llli .....


~ ~Ij-::.":C:..== ~.,,-- .... II-<~




PUP... FIIII.llO"D~ Now click en Save & Send, cheese the' 8read.cast Slideshow option and click the Broadcast Slideshow button,

PewerPoint assumes by default that yeu're using the Windows live'pewered Power Point broadcast service. CI iek the StartB rca dcast button. the n enter you r Whldows Live login details and click OK

.1IfiI"1l I'I"VlT4TIII PowerPolnt prepares ttle

p resen tatlo n for broadcast, then retu rns with a dialeg containing the URL fer your broadcast

.. nd ,an cptton to, invite prespective audience members via email. If you want to provide a vocal presentation" using'a voice-enabled 1M client w,ith chatrcom functlonality such 1'15 Windows Live Messeng,er makes sense. You can just paste the URL Into an 1M rather than emailif1.g it

TAli CIINTAO,- Here"s the presentation funning in powerPoint and: within a browser. You can click your way through tile slides as you would

if p~esentlng live. Note that you can send out additional lnvttatlonsat any time using tfle Send Invitations !button. When you're done. hit the E_nd Broadcast button. The presentation wlH stop right there. and tbere"s no worry about members of the audience taking the presentation, away and re-editing it or pinching, elements fr·em it later.

" " ..... u..,.11I'IIW 'iIllM ......... toiI
~o... ~CI'iJIIIIIIIIi~"- ..
~liDifI. .. .....,....~ ...... c..-
__ ... '!oR.l!IkI~ ,_!
"'" .._N.nII~..,_ --
. ... ~ ~ ..... ~
... 1_


Tne only thing

that takes time is compressing video.


The basics are

simple; adding voioe commentary is lrickier.

Font su p port r n5i de I he 8readcast Slideshew option ls dependent

on the to nts stored on Mlcroseft's servers. If you WEnt to ensure

that your page looks the same on your screen and that of YO!.lr audience (transitiOnS and animations permitting). try embedding fonts before your broadcast (File I Options I save I Embed fonts In the file).



7 8 How to setup youre.mall

We reveal how to p'IU9 in the vital details to get your email up and running within minutes,

79 ~:;:::::e

Move your address book into Outlook and learn how to easily email groups of con tscts.

8 6 ::~ ::a:eal with

Outlook's junk mail filter system is better Ih a never. H ere's how to se t it uo and ,ignore sparn lorever.

87 How to organise

_ yourdhlry

Book appointments and set up meetings with colleagues with our step-by-step in s tructrons.

8 8 ~:~s:::ndars

Keep on top of your family's and colleagues' movements with our guide to sharing your diary

9 0- H. _ow to. c_reate to-d,o lISts

Don't for-get a, vital task -learn how to set up and manage effective to-do lists in Outlook.




8 0 ::i~:~: your

Don't stiCk to bor,ing old plain text: learn how to add pictures. charts and screen grabs to your messages

82- HOW .• _. to __ ma_nage _ yourlnbox

Information overload is a plague on all our lives. We explain how to deal with the daily torrent of email.

8 4 ~::at:;mau

Add a professiomll glos,s, to yPtJr business messages uSing Outlook's numerous work-related features,

iio'l'w roliJf>lf Hm I ..


• -..-.:Xl!ll' ~

.... f.lfil'liLn.,I:L.I'!.IoI

11 , WIJ I~ II I" n"''10 l' U D If.D :l IIIll:klli::!ll. n ... ~

I'll u 1.1 I

~ I J.t IC.1'f""IoHiIi



While many people are turning to web-based services to handle their email and diary, there's nothing to match the power of Outlook 2010 when it comes to managing your home and professional life. With vastly improved search facilities, the option to ignore irrelevant email chains, and the ability to edit photos copied into messages, Outlook remains the outstanding choice for

~ ~ ~ 13- ... . 1 1-· ;;.:..::"'-:

jjJ tik .. ~ 0..:. ....... 1 I'IIN' UOft'III 'kNIao!It. or- ~i'I!Mo L.... ~ ~ ~

O:ilr.- ~HL ·.iIW ~.~. c...-.~~.,~


, • 30 August - 03 s.plffllbfor 2010




I4ICII'IoftI • ~-"'I ~ U_.t ~ TiN.Ql ... 1:I .,..

email connoisseurs. Outlook's calendaring facilitieswhich make it easy to share calendars with fa.mily and colleagues, local and remote - also make it an essential application for the busy professional, and new features such as Quick Steps only enhance this status. In this chapter, we'll show you how to master all of these features and many more.



YOIJ should have your email just how you want it within minutes.


Initla I setup is easy, but advanced features (such as Integrating Hotmall) may present a cecpte of hurdles.

Outtocks RSS feed reader IS rudimentary compared to many of the services found on the web. Google Reader (·le.qgl!iL readerl. for instance. comclnes the headlines trona your various feeds into a single stream, allowing you to see

the latest newsfrom drffere nt sites I none

hit. It also recommends newsfeeds based on you r preferences.


When you first install Outlook 2010, you'll be presented with the Email Account Setup wizard. Here's how you go from there to your email up and running.


11'UU~ IITTI'U" The wizard will invite you to enter your name. email address and, password. and Outlook should download the relevant settings automatically. If Outlook doesn't have your

ISP's settings in its datebase, you'll have to enter these manually. Your ISP sho u ld have sent youd'elails of your incoming/outgOing mall server addresses when yotl signed up; if not, check the help section of its website.

ADD .U ... OLDER. Email should now arrive in Outlook's Inbox.lf you want to keep selected

email Rig ht-cl ick t,he InbOK link in the I'eft-hand panel and sel'ect New Folder. Give it a name and click OK. You'll now find that folderlirted under your Inbox. There are two ways to move messaaes: first, you can drag and drop them from your lnbox onto the folder's name. Alternatively, open an ernall.cllck M'ove (on the ribbon) and select the folder.

'.II(G IN I(OTI'!AlL If you have a Hotmaucr Windows live webmaH account, you can view email. calendars and contacts from thaI.

within Outlook 2010, as well as your regula' email. This requires iI small d'ownload called the Outlook Connector, avarlabla from Type "outlook connector" into the search box and '!shOUld be the topmost link. With the Connector installed. you should find your Hotmail or Live account in the left-hand panel of Mail., Calendar and Contacts in Outlook. You can now send

and receive email .. and create appointments and contacts, without having to g.o to the Hotmail site. See pas fer instructions on how to share a family calendar in ouuook via Hotmal],

UT UP ..... EED. Olitlook 2010 includes an RSS feed reeder to keep up with the news from your fa,vou rite we bs iles. To fin d' the Ie ed add ress ota

site, look for a little orange RSSbutton on the homepage. For example. PC Pro's main RSS feed is httl2i~~ds,pcPtQ.·today. Then, in Outlook 2010, right·dick RSS Feeds in the list of folders and select "Add a, New RSS Feed" Enter the address and click Add, then Yes. O u ttook will now start 'pulling in the latest headlines and previews from that site, and p rovldea lin k to rea d 'each fu II sto (y.

.~ ....


..... 11_ ....

... --

... - _,-




.. 1IfIoioI.--L u-,..

.... IIJ ~1Io

.J:~ ""'iii ....

:111:-.=.., __ ..... _~I"i


HOW TO ...


I PO T Nil UI TINIi CO T"1:1 Chances are you've already got iI stash of contacts, whether In a prevrous version of Outlook, on a, mobile

phone or in iI webrnell systern such as Google's Gmail, Outlook can import them in a variety of formats, Fir'st. go to File I Open I Import. This launches the Import and EX,pO'rt wizard, Choose "Import from another pro.gram or file" (unless you're Importing from Outlook Express, Windows Mall or e,wdora. In which case select "Import Internet Mall and Addresses"),

You'Usee a nst of contacts formats that Outlook accepts, Go to your existing eontaetssoftware or phone af1dloo'k for an option to export. Try to match the export formal to one on Outlook 2010's list: comma-separated values (CSV) Is a decent fallb<!ck If there are no other matches, Once yOlNe 'e.xported your contacts. save the tile to your PC's desktop, then go back to Outlook 20'1O"s Import and, Export wizard and click Next, then 'Brows'e. Na.vigateto Ihe Ille you saved, press Next and then :Finish,

CT To create a new address

book entry, click on the Can tacts ta bl n tile bottom left comer of Outlool<. then click New Contact at th e top lett. Enteri ng deta llsjn to the !rel evan t Ilel'ds 15 self·.explanatory, but if you can't find a 'particular

entry just click the down;lrrow next to any of the ,phone

number fields and select a, suitable heading' Irom the drcpdown menu. Clic,k the Oetails button in the ~ibbon for the optto n to Insert extra data. such as bi rth day or nickname, Click Sa,,,"!! 8< Clos!! when you·'ve Ilnished.

.UGII.UTI' CONTACT Outlook 20'10 makes the precess of creatl ng can tactseve n east er. At the top I eft ot the Contacts sere en is en option

called Suggested Contacts: Outlook ,automatically creates records for anyone who's beer. in touch with you recer'ltly, with their name and email address filled In. To add this' person to your Address :Book., d~ag and drop ~hebuslness card onto the Contacts folder lInk below.

C AT COIilTACT 11.1101.1 .II If you regularly email the 'same bunch of people- members ofa club, say, Of pea pie on a pa rticu la r project - .it makes

sense to create a,Group for them in your Contacts folder. Click New Contact Group and give your group a name. Then click the Add Members button and select !From Outlook Contacts from' the dropdown menu, that appears, Oouble-cllCkon the name of anyone you want to add to the group, and click OK when finished_Finally, click Save

& Close. The next time you need to email the group, you can simply enter the group's name Into t:he To field of your email message.

.. _




The import process may take a little time, but a lot less tha n typ In g' 1'1 all the details manuall)(.


If you've never Imported a file into OutlOOk, il may seem scary, We prom ise it j sri' t!

To edit an ex;stil'lg Contact Group, first find them in your Address 'Book Open up the details and you'll see an option to edit the list


Once you get into the swing of it. a matter of seconds per email.


There's I"IOthi rig difficult about the process. but an e",e for design will help.


There's no need to stick to boring old plain text in outgoing messagesOutlook 2010 sports several ways to make your email more attractive.

While many people will spend hours Jebouringover Ihe presentation of a. Word document, most people don't give a, second thought to the aesthetic of their email. For da,y· to-dey messages. Ihat's perfectly understandable. But for s pecia I occaslc ns ~ showing off the first photos of a. new

IN'IIlT PNOTO. Ybu don't have to attach photos ® 115 6 separate file ~ you can embed the pict",re into the email message. Click the Insert tab and select Pi ct u re, then I' if I e I hro ugh the p lcture 5 stored 0 n your PC until you fil'ld the image you waot.Thephoto will

baby, sending out invites to a party, or producing an email drop Into the message, with Httle square/circle handlebars

newsletter, for example ~it's possible to make your email 00 the edges and comers: click on these to adjust the

look rnaqnlficent with ooly 6 few simple tweaks, And they won't take any more thao a few minutes to master, eit;her.

Here are eight ways to give your email more visual impact

ALT._NATIVE liON"... There's no need to stick to the humdrum default typeface when writing

email. Oreate ~ new message andenter the reCipient's n~me/address in the Totield, then select the Format Text tab at the top of the email message. Here you'll fi nd the fu II rill'lg e 01 fon ts, styl es and typog rap hica I effects you're used' to from word 2010. Be aware that unless your recipient is also using Outlook. 2.010 or 2.001, fonts a nd effects may not show up in thei r software - especially on a mobile device. such 6S a 'BI'ackBerry.

." .....

AI~nIi~ KI J.A,;i!I

_ _;;;::::...._;;;-·o _WAI

,,;Nf!/M )IAII',~: I'~ ::=


"..,.... ~ ..

,f! ........ 'TW-I W,t"iI',M~,"iIjj.'"

"~fII_" '-"'AI~iIIlQ :lIIt~ ..

1_1.« .... '1" _

Q~RtumIi!nlMJ':BciN tQ04., ~Ii 1',1) 1Li1lll1...l'M:,,,,''"UI

photo to the desi red size.

EDIT PICTU.U When you inserted your photo into the email, you'll have noticed a roew tab called Picture Tools at the top of the sere eo.

This allows you to make the photo look better before you click the Send button, Click Corrections (in the 'leftmost Adjust group)ill'ld you'll fil'ld a pop' UP menu that offers

a n I.! mba I' of OP ti ons for shsrpa roi ng or sotte roi ng th e photo a nd a dj ust i n 9 its brig htness, D re.g you I' cu rsor over the grid of thumbnail previews and you'll see the photo c·hange loteractively as you move 'between the opt1005. Click the left mouse button when you find the one you want to keep. There are other options to adijl.lst the colour of the photo a nd ap ply a fan 9 e 01 art lstlc effects,


'Z~.-. j ~::=.!J.

~U ••• lr ">Ij_

I" 11.,01'"",,,,,,_,,,,,,_ t,.... "'/0 """,'"* """ 'J ... ""'hov W

• """" Itlq My Food. tool II v'" _. 10

~"""'Iwo./""·_1tu> IW

.ooIq "'"', _, ... '_IIy '~<Ij'.

tJ.1 .. _ :

.;ii _;j ....;.
.;;(j .~ W ..... I ... ~Mdt ......

~1'1Ac.\~ e. IllilM.jj)o~~ ~"""

al'.~ "'MI.,a.oll:r~"-ljilf M;VT.oGIII .. , '''''1/ ycNiIl¥AJiI' to Mqo ~I'u~/ ouI",'c' .... ~, l-..t ...... :.'.""_,,.,

"'i.O/uf~"'~.",..,_~~_ ,I .. ~'O ~,fft diI _,' Ii"". d.,j'liif ,,,,

• "",,:1 ",.._ ""y /<><>4. '0111 yo.oo . ..,._.j ~I .,1 .. ",. two. '1IlI...,.~1 ,0·_11


PHOTO FIlAMU Now you have the photo looking perfect, how ,about adding a frame? A small selection of frames appear above the Picture

Styles label: hover your cursor over each rectangular thumbnail to seea preview of what the frame will look like, and left-click to select For a wider selection, click

the down errew next to the frames, Here y'ou'll find some really flamboy.ant options. such as 3D frames that make the photo a ppea r as if it's b ursti ng 0 ",t of the screen. Click the Pic tu re Effects bu tton for evan fi n er co fltrol over you r photo frame.

'MART AliT ltJsn't oflly photos that can be embedded into emails. There's also the option to include SmartArt ~ ready-made

graphics that can be useful for displaying business information such as workflows or organisation charts. Click Insert I SmartArt and select from the vast library of graphics. You can then enter your own words Into

the SmartArt graphics by clicking on the textboxes, Don't worry if ,it looks as if you have too much text for the slzeof the 'box, Outlook will automatically adlust the font sIze to fi t.

." •• IIT CHA.T. Need to share news of the company's latest sales figureS? You can embed a quick c'hartdirectly into your email

by clicking Insert I Chart. This opens Ex.oel 2010. and

once you've made a choice from the chart sty.les on offer. you ca n pi ug th e n ece.ssa ry figu res stra i g ht Iota the spreadsheet 00 the right-hand side of the screen. Changes to the figures are instantly reflected 10 the chart in the email onlhe left.

ADP T •• L .. mfcrrnatlcn such as shop

opening, times or squash club fees is otten far clearer in a table than in plain text Go to Insert

I Table and select the 'number ·01 rows and columns your table will needi (don't wOrry if you miscount It can be corrected later). Then choose a design from the Table Styles options that appear In tne ribbon (click the down arrow for more) and start entering your data. You"l1 find even mere options vi~, Ihe two T~ble 'tcotstabs. Oesign and Layout. that appear In the ribbon when you're working on tables - for example. splitting the table or changing the text direction.

TAU •• CRUJoIO ..... Seenscrnethinq brilliant on a website that yqU want to share? Or need

technical helpand want to show someone what's ep p aa red 0 n you r screen? CI i ck I nse rt a ndsslect Screenshot, and yoU can send someone a QUick snapshot of whatever is on your screen, This feature lets you ta'ke a gra'b of any ope" window; if you just need to share a small part of a screen (say, a picture On a web page). sel'!!c! the Screen Clipping option.

Don't gel too carried away )a,z.zJng up your erneils with different coloured backgrounds. II'S rnueh harder to read lig ht text on a. dark background than plain black on white, and those with eVen mild forms of colour blindness ma,y not

be able to read your message. If you, use

a coloured backdrop. maintain high contrast between the text and the background .



It takes a while to explore the options, but it will save time in Ihe long,·run,


Some of the features are ridiculously easy to, use, but others need more serious considerati,on,

OW TO •.•


Take control of your inbox - before it takes control of you - wi th our eight-step guide to the email management tools available in Outlook 2010,

Coping with the sheer volume of email trafflc has become such a problem that book- store shelves creak under the weight of email advice manuals, Whether you're dealing with junk mail (p86) or merely an avalanche of genuine messages, information overload can become a tlrne-slnk,

For~unately, Outlook now contains more tools t'han ever before to help you deal swiftly with important email and d isreg'ard th e re sr,

CONVERSATION VIEW New in Office 2010, Conversation View is designed to display all

the m essa g es fro m a pertlcu lar co n ve rsat ion (the long'·running sequence of rnessaaes about your wedding arrangements, say) in one thread, so when you c lick on th e latest m essa ge on that topl c you'll fi nd the previous ones beneath, We have reservations about its effectiveness. For a start. it doesn't always do a brilliant job of working out which messages are part of the same corwersetlon - It carl be fooled by other messages having tM same subject, for instance You can turn this feature on a nd off by click in9' the View tab and' then t icki ng (or un tlckl ng) "5 how as Conversetlc ns",

Ci. ...... UP IN.OX If you: do decide to persevere with Conversaticn View, the Clean Up option in the Home tab makes it notably better.

This feature bins redundant messages +those wbere

th e content h as been rep aatedl n su b sequent email s and there's no longer any need to keep a copy of Ihe original. The Clean Up tool can be applied to individual conversations or your entire Inbox folder., We 'suggest you, start by cleaning UP a couple of long conversations, to seei! it works for yOU, before attempting to clean

up everything.

laNORE CONVmllIilTiON Fed UP of geWng' messages about the bowling night you're not going to? Click on one in the Inbox and select

Ignore from the Home tab in the ribbon. All subsequent msssaaes on that topic will go straight to Delet.ed ltarns.

QUICII STEPS Quick Steps, are Outlook 2010's best time·saver. If you're performing' tihe same actions - forwarding messages to your boss,

sa,y, or movjng messages to a lolder - then you can set

~u_ JI'_"_-

:J........ ~--

........ r .,. .... ~.." 1 .... _:,-0.011111~ I

~.,. ~
r i
.,. ............ _;rr

~ .


up a Shortcut. In the Home tab. you'll find the Quick Steps 9rouP. You may need to expand it before the Create New Icon (a li9htning bolt) appears; then click It and 9ive your new Qulok Step a name (such as "Forward to Steven"). Choose the type of .. ctlon from the dropdownlist and follow the InstructIO!lS, then click Finish. Now, when a new ernall arrives .. click on the Quick Step to deal with it.

CClI.III1A-CIIIIE Cate90risingemail Is a deft way to .keep on. top of your inbox,

11111 Oll .u.:aCH The sea rch tools in previous versions of Outlook were so patchy that hunting' down an email in a large lnbox

could take five or ten minutes. The vastly Improved search facility in Office 2010 should reduce that to

seconds. At the top of the lnbox is e Search lnbox

bar: use thls to search for a spedfic name or subject line. ora keyword or phrase you recall. Once you've clicked in the search box. a Search Tools menu

appears at the top 01 the screen. This Is invaluable

for narrowing down your search. Say you want to

Ilnda spreadsheet that you remember Tim emailed

you last month; select "'fom in the Refine menu and type "Tirn", then dick the Has .Attachment button

and you should be able to swiftly find the relevant messese from the, date-ordered list that .appears below. Click the Close Search butt:on to return to the normal Inbox view.

especially if you're managing multiple projects.

On tihe Home tab, click Categori~e I All Cate-gories. YoU' can now assign a different colour to each project by pkking a colour and selecting Rename. When a new message arrives about a project, click the Categori~e burton and pick the appropriate colour/cat'ilgory from the dropdown menu. To quickly view a'il the messages on a 91ven project, click Filler E-mail on the farri.ght·hand side of the Home tab (a,ssuming you're currently viewing the

lnbox), select Categori~ed and 'pick the relevant category. UDJLIIH RULaJI Another means of taking

"LAa Got an Important message, but haven't got time to deal with It now? Click the red flag Follow Up Icon and choose from the list of predefined times .. Back In your Inbox screen, you'll notice the email has been added' 10 your list of tasks on

. )

the right-hand Side (if the list isn't there, clic,k the small I'eft-polntlng arrow at the ,right, below Ihe ribbon).

u_ 4-_ .- ..... .iilI--~--

- .. -





........ -

ht:~ j

~ control of your inbox Is to set UP rules for

ernails arriving. You could, for el(ample, move all messages from a certain sender into a specific folder: go to "'ile I Manage Rules & Alerts I New Rule, select "Move messages from someone to a folder" and fOllow the Instructions, Among dozens of other rul'es, you can 81.s.0 set messages from your boss, say, to be na gged' as u rgen t.

..... ,,__~~ .. -~-""" iIII!IiI ... ~,~

~~ ~~~~~~==~.


I'; _ __""-~:h"-"'."" ....... ~IiFIIII._.-.~1IM;; l'1IIiIJ"_"'I!I_'llrI!ao'!IIP ~""""~~~,.I~""'~",~"" :J-"'M_~.""'IIW-"Iiio. __

"""- ..... -

~1IIIIII1"-_ ... IIiIIIo. .... ~--.

~._,.~..,..;r :IIIIi_, __

11onI! _ "1IIIIIIiIIio __ ~..,...,.._h!r1_

..._ ~~~ ...

... .II:iit;IilIi.-:.,.....a-I_ .. ~"""""--j-


If yol) find )'Ourself repea ted l.y u ~lng the

sa me sea rch 0 n you r inbml .. yOU don't have to fetype those keywords every time. Simply press "Ctrl- E7 > to enter the Search menu, clickon the Rece I"Il seercnes button, then select

your search 1T0m the dropdown list that appears .


Take time to exolore these features - you'll find something you'lI end UP using every day.


So long as you r office uses Microsoft EKchange Server. nothing here should trip you up.

Ever sent an email to the wrong' person only to realise after it's too late'? Or replied instantly to someone when angry and regretted it? By default, Outlook sends email's as soon as you press, S end (if you're online). But you can add &1'1 automatic delay; go to File I Options I Advsnced and untick "Send immedia,tely when connected",


Outlook is the professional's choice of email software for a reason - it's packed with business-friendly features. Find out haw to put them to good use.

Outlook is primarily a business tool, and an immensely powerful one. Used correctly, it will not only make your business email took professional, but also make your working life easier. Use It poorly, however, and your communications will feel amateurish and you'll waste time on housekeeping tasks such as a.dding your name to the foot of e,very message.

Here we'll show you how to take advantage of Outlook's many work'orientated features, Note that some of the options depenoon the software being used in an office envtronment with a full Exchange Server setup. If you're running Outlcokat work this will almost certainly apply, but it's worth checking w.ith your IT department beforehand if in doubt.

with Office's underrated OneNo!e application, which a'llows you to edit. highlight or even scrawl

han dwritte n no tes (i f yo u h ave a tab let PC) 0 n the tex t of email messages. To pass an email to OneN'ote, open the messag.e and click the OrleNote icon in the Move group on the email's ribbon. (See Chapter 7 for more on OrleNote,)

bottom, enter the text you want 10 appear at the foot of every message. Click OK Use the drcpdown menus at the top right to choose if you want the signal u re added to both new me.ssages and replies.

"' ... KE NOTI!5 Want to make notes about an email you've been sent? Outlook integrates


P.OPU p ... ,n A. new feature in Outlook 2010, People Pane ,is a convenient way to keep track of email. At the toot of avery rnessese you'll see

a thin strip with the sender's name in it. Click the little up

ell .... T .... SIGN ... TURE Let·s start by creating a 5i g natu re - th e standard piece of text a d'ded to

the end of every message, normally containing your name, posltron, and contact details. Go to File I Options, select Mail from the list dowl) the left-hand side. then click the Signatures button, Click New and' give your s ig nature a na m e. In Ih e blan k Edl t Si 9 natu re b ox at tl:1 e

arrow on the far right of the strip and it will' unveil a pane showing! all your recent correspondence with that person. including email andappointmentsinyourcalendar.It..s a terrillc way to review 1011g-r\)nnln9 discussions.


.....,.,_1~ ... IiII-t....:;""'~

_",1III.-"'1IIIII~1f'tII!!I_~~1'1I!I _ __'" ~._

_ IMi!II ... __,_. ~ IOII IIiItItII_I.

pt'Y'rf ~,..~~II:II ....".,. ~,~

~""',",,-,"""Rt'I_~~~--=-iiilCV"_""" "'r.~IIiIIIII, ... .....".'~IIItI:I~_""'1II tn"'.lIMIIIIlIIII'nll!l~ "..,.I:I .... ~~ """,,'k'H'~" I .... ~~ __

,__ -


~~I ~II'" ii. I i'


l'!; QiJlllil,~r-~

t .. __ I1111 .. ~~~

At'tCWIf J n !(Itm,], H:)fI ~~


-- 1III*.Ii!IP'IifI!'I!!-":~II!III.Mti~

.......... _


~-- 0'"

.~'__'~NiiII"'1oIIIIII 11_

Jo"- __


.. JIIii!:-....Ii •• ~'_I_

.~ ..... ....._. ..... 'NIi __ IIIJIIRI __

.fi.'_"'_ I~,::,:- pili

,&ui __ '~"''''~ """~"""'III""""_IIo"""".ii_~"'" ~""""""IIIjiIII .. """"'~"~~


o UY 0 F O'PF1 eEl f yo u're leavln g' the office, for a few 0' a,ys, o'on'tleave colleagues an 0', cl !ents in the dark. Settin9' up an automatic Out Of Office

reply is easier than ever: dick File and hit the Automatic Replies button in the centre pane. Click "I am currently Out of the Office" and fill In a brief message (providing an ernall address for a colle8,gue, for example). When you're finished, click OK Out Of Office messages will only work if your ,off. ce lsru 1'11'1 in 9 an Exc hang e server, 0 r you leave your PC on and connected to the Internet while away.

IIECIi"Y IIEQUUY How often have you phoned someone to check they've received an email.?

A)/oid this by requesting email receipts: delivery receipts tell you the email has arrived in the recipient's inbox, and read receipts show you they"ve opened it. Either or both can be switched on by clickingl the Options tab In a new message window and ticking the appropriate boxes, Be warned: read receipts, aren't infallible. They rely on the goodwill of the recipient, who'll be asked If they want to notify yoU the messag.e has been read: and they don't work witih every .email system.espec.ialiy webmall. Us'e receipts sparingly: correspondents will resent the Big Brother checks on every message they receive frcmyou,

VOTINO .uno .... Sometimes, emails just need a ye.s/no answer: should; we move the planning meetings to Mondays? Shall we buy

this present? For such occasions, Outlook has voting buttons that allow your recipients to rep!y with no more effort than a CliCk of the mouse, In a new message, cuck the Options tab and select Use Voting Buttons, There

are three predefined options ~ Approve/Reject; Yes/No; Yes/No/Maybe - or you can customise the buttons with your own answers. Once you'''e done, type your question into the body of the email and select your recipients as normal. Note that voting buttons will on'ly work with other o uti ook users.

DIVERT III.~LI" rf you have a 'PA or deputy, you may want them to deal: with replies to a

particular ema'il': an invite, to a team meal, for instance, To divert rep:lles to them, click the Options tab in a new message and click the Direct Replies To button, Enter their name or email address into the "Have replies sent lo"field and click Close.

IIIAIU. 'fOUlIlIiI.OX To give a PA access 1.0 your inbox, or leta colleague get your message,s

While you're a.way, you can share access to your email. In the lobox, dick the Fo'ider tab and select

Folder Permissions. Click Add, double- click a name In the Address Ustand click OK. Select Full Details and click OK. On the receiving PC, your colleague should go to File I Open I Other User's Folder and enter your name. They should then have access to all your .Incoming, messages,

;l.ijntr~, 'III!fi"""f.~1!~-1III:1nI


...... _

r: ~~-....""''''''-''''"'


.~ =_= ... --

'- • w- .... _


You can set up different email signatures for different si tuat[ons.

For example, you

could create one signature for work email, which mcludes your -office phone number, and another for personal use, listing your mobile number. Repeat the Instructions in step 1 to crea te a second signature, then whenever you create

a new email message Click the Signalure button In the Message tab to se I ect the approenete s!gn·off_

HOW LONG? About ten minutes to set up. but it's an ong'oing process,


ISlissfully simple both to set up and tweak,


Don't waste your precious time reading about pills you never wanted to buy, or inheritances that will never be yours. Junk them automatically instead.


.IT 'lloURI .. O 1.I"'1~ Junk mail' - or "sparn" - remains one of the biggest irritants of the digital, world. Given that well In excess of nine out of every ten emaits sent ls's a miracle so few Junk messages actually trickle through. In addition to the junk

mail filtering applied by your broadband provider and security software, Outlook 2010 has its own methods for dealing with spern. Its junk ernall filter is running from the moment YOll install Office 2010, but you can tweak its settings by cticking Junk in Ihe Home tab and selecting Junk E-mail Options. Here you can pick the level of protection, ranging from no automatic filtering' to only allowing messages from approved senders. We suggest you start with the Low setting'. moving up to High if you find too much lunk email Is see pi rig through the net,

FAL •• PO.ITIVU As you start to receive email. Outlook will alert, you if it's decided a message Is sparn, It Isn't infallible, so from time to time

check you, Junk E-mail fo'ider (in the list of tolders down the left-hand side of the :Inbox screen};i! irs blocked a

genuine message, Click on that message, Click Junk In the

_. ... .-I'I"PI_ ... ",~ ... ~ _.,~

... -~1IItfW'It1Nl

"' ....

ribbon's Home tab and select Not Junk. The messa.gEl will be returned to your inbox .. and you'll have the option to allow all future messages from that serlder.likewise, if an iffy m essa ge sl ips th roug h. click Ju nk I BlOCk Se rider to prevent a recurrence, ,Keep an eye on your bloc,ked/safe senders list from the Junk E-mail Options menu,

'AP. 'IiMP."'. Sometimes. Outlook blocks a message from someone you've sent a message to, leaving you wondering why they've not

replied. You can prevent this by entering the Junk E-mail Options menu, clicking the Safe Serlderstab and tilckirlg

the box that says "Automatically ad'd people I a-mall to the Safe Senders list".

BLOCK HIGH-RI.K .... TiC ... A gocd, deal of spam emanates from countrles such as China., Nigeria

,and Russia. If you have no regular dealings with anyone In these countrles, you can block all email from

th os e snores: select the In te rnati anal ta'b in J u n k E- mai I Options and click "Blocked, Top-Level Domain Ust". China Is CN. Nigeria Is NG and Russia Is RU.



;:1.- .,.4.--

,Ii.:I~'.'J" J~


:.-:':"~,.,..__...._...~ .. -

.. 1.-._1rII ~ .. __ LoiIoIII .....

~ ..... ~!.,"'t_!~~ ,-~""~

...... LnOh·MII!III!~ .. ~ ~ri

~~II""'~IIIIr __ """'IIiII""~

WrfItllilrtllll!tlQ'~~IrIiiIllli,*",,~,a.IiiIIIIII~-",,~;""_"~hJJ3iJC'IU'Waii .. ...-.:

~1IPII"""""1I~""'I~., ...... rttII .""""oi!ilI;ft"CIiAJ!o .. ~~~h! ... ,,~

0!'~ .... 1tIIII.'ll"t-1f!'III,1III~ ~III-.rot~I~_._""H"""iiO!P'l"JiIHp.L ~_~~".~~'fooOR~~"""'."IiII""II!'IIr~f"",,.,IiII~~""

1. ... 1I!J!II' ._III!t~

7~ 1 ..... 1Io:kilA~i.Il

~ .... ~~~ ....... ~.II!II ....... u~IIir""" ... ~.~ ..... dl.:Io.~


HOW TO ...


.DD "PPOI T .. NT" O\lftlook'sCill.endllr is ideal for keeping. both your wor,k and personal life organised. It's also the best tool for arranging

meetings withfri'ends, colleagues and ctlents, We'll kick off by adding a new llPpolntment. Click the Calendllr tab at the bottom left of the screeo, then New Appointment at the top left. Enter the subject and location of the event, and use ~he dropdown menus to select start and end tlme.s.lf It's an aU-day appointment, or spans several days (like ahoUday),. tick "All day event".

At the top of the screen isa Show As optlort this lets you determine the nature of the appointment. setect Busy or Out of Office If you'll be unavailable dlJring the appcintrnent.sioce this alerts, colleagues thilt you're off 'limits If they're trylog to flod 01 meeting slot in your dlary.l"inally, you can set ,a reminder lor anything between five rnlnetes and two weeks belore the meeting using the dropdown menu, Click Sll,ve 8< Close when yOu're done.

eM .. 1.1

Win, OT~ERt; Outlook

really comes into Its own when you"re trylng~ to arrange meetings. To cr;eate a meetlogrequest add a new appointment and fill in all the detaHs as In step I, but when you're finished CliCk on Scheduling, If you're arranging a meeting with colleagues In the same offtce, type their names into the slots below and (assurninq your

...... _

....... - ... -

company runs a' Microsoft E>:change' server) you should be able to' see if theyr;e free'for the meeting'. If there's a

dl a ry clash, try pressl ng AutoPick Next at the foot of the screen to find the next a vellabla slot in all your diaries. It's elso possible to invite people from outside your offic.e by typing their name and email address into the slots, but you won't be able to preview their diaries. When you click Send. meeting Invitations are' sent out to all attendees. who can accept er decline, or even sug.gesl a oew time anel/or date. You'll, get an email confirming, each response.

~LrRD • VI • Tl1eappolntments are in: now

It's time to sea n you r diary. Several, C<! lendar

views-are avelleble .. im:Juding a single day (o.ay). working week (Work Week, Monday to !f'rid'ay by deialJlt), full week (Week) or a month (Month). $wit<::h between these usl ng th e bu tto ns at I:h e top of the Cil le nda r scree n,

TAK. IIVTI. .OT Want to prepare notes ahead of a meeting, or teke notes during one? Open the appointment and Glick the OneNote

by tton at t he left of the Appal ntmen t rl bbon: th i s creates a notes page .for this meeting" You can even record audio or videO. The notes will remain tied to this appointment, so 10 go back and review later, just tind the meetlng In your diary and dick the OneNote button again.

1iI,u-n .-

"' .Ii_" .... .Ia;II .. I;!Io'Dljl.-......_!II,,!JIIII..,_1I!IIIII

..-1i~.~._--..InII.-..--.. _

__ t ~I ,.. ....... -. .. ~..-~ ... _;; .....---_



It only ta'!<Ies a few minutes to discover Outlook's key diarymaking abilitIes.


The 005 ic stuff is easy. but integrating with OneNote takes a little lor.ger to master .

If an appointment takes place at the same time every week or month. you don't need to

c reate a fresh calendll r entry each time. Make a new appointment for the first Instance. then d iel< the Recu rrence button in the ribbon

(in bhe Options group). Here you can choose to 'run the meetong on the same day every week or. say. the second Monday of each month .


The initial setup takes a few minutes, but ones everything isin place this is a big tlrne-saver,


Sharing, has never been easier lihan this,

Outlook will aulomatlcaUyassign different colours to your various calendars to help you dfstlng,uish between them. To customlse the colour scheme, right-click on a calendar's name and select Color.

OW TO •.•


Avoid diary clashes by sharingyour Outlook calendar with friends, family and colleagues, and never miss a crucial date again.

It's all well and good having your personal calendar in order. hut how do YOU know when it's vour tum to pick the kids up from school, or whether your colleagues are 9,Oing to be in the office this week? Shared and publiC calendars are the solution, allowing you to v.lew Ihe dales in your own diary alongside those of friends" family and collea,gues. Office 2010 has a selection of calendar-sharing features. Here. we'll show you how to pick the appropriate calendar·sharing option for both home and office needs.


IHAIII IOALl:IOiDAIUI WITH FRIIi:MDI AMP FAOULY Outlook allows yOU to share calendars over the internet by publishing them online at In our tests, however. we found this to be

cumbersome. A cleaner way to share calendars via Outlook is to go to http;//, which is Windows Live Hotrnall's homepage. Create an account if you don'! have one. then select Calendar (which may be tucked away on the topmost menu, underneath More) and click "Add <I. new calendar". Give i! a name and a, description, then click Edit Sharing and" insert the email addresses

of your friends and family, Finally. click Sa,ve.lf you'Ve

___ .. ~ ~ __ • UII!I'

or 1IIn. ... .._ .......... --

.. iIIIIII'.II"" ,

. ,






~",,-,d ".I!,~ 5·G ~

""..1 .... i;l:1.iI' .._

"...."...I~"iI_'IIII-""J'"'_""'-"'11" __ ~

already followed !heinstructions for adding a Hotrnall account to Outlook on p7e. you'U now find your newly created d; a ry in the list u nde r ca Ie n dars, TIck the ib ox nex t to its name to view the calendar and add appointments.

ACCE ... COLLI!AaUU' CALE"IOiDAIl. I.f you're' using Outlook in an office running Exchange Server, it's a doddle to find out what your colleagues

ate up to. Click the Calendar box at the bottom left of the

screen, then - makin.g sure you're ,in the .Home tab - click Open Calendar. Choose "From Address oBook ... "in the dropdcwn list and double- dick on the name ollhe person whose calendar you wish to view. Click OK. That person will be added to your Shared Calendars tlst on the left of 11'1 e scree n. 1i ck 11'1 e box next to their na mean d yoU ca n view their diary - although you'll only see appojntmants blocked out not the details of those appojntments, If you nee d that extra in formatio n ...

an FULL Dn""LS Seeing full details of another user's calendar requires their permission. Click the Home tab and select the Share Calendar


I", ill t

... t III I ~I U -.r.I III It II ~ 1IIt,.". ... ~ "'IIIIFI

. - .~-


.. ,..,,....


.-, .. _


1II .... 1iIo.iIooi.

I ""'r-otI ....... ..... ~




button. En te r the name (s) of you r coHeag ue(s) into the ·T{l .... field and tick the box labeHed "Reqve$! permission to view reclplent's Calendar'", If your colleague agrees, you'll now also lind their calendar listed under Shared Calendars on the left-hand side of the screen, 'but thi,s time with complete sppolntmerrt details.

I<:HIlDULK YIIW The Schedule View is a new feature in Offioe 2010 that allows you to see what you and your oolleaguesare doing

today on a single screen. Click the Home tab and ~elect Schedu Ie View, then tic k the names of the <;ale n dars you want to see slde-by-srda from the menu down the I'eft-hand side. You can view both personal and shared calendars in Schedule View.

CALIIHD_R GRCUPI if you're, sharing' calendars with several friends or colleagues, you might want to organise them into dedicated groups

(one for each project you're involved with, for example). Click the Home tab and ~elect Calendar Groups I Creil!e New Calend,ar Group. Give the group a name and c!l<;k OK. YOu'll then be asked to add the names of people you wish to add to the group.

1",_11. C"'~!1HD"" If you-re trying to book a, meeting with someone but don't want to give them fulleccess to your calendar, you

-i"l u ... .2l

'Ib!Ii .. 1li ""CPMW' f_II_'~""

"",,~IIliI_ ....... ~

~- .. -- -_.--;"

can email them a snapshot of your diary so they cenflnd a fre.; time slot. Select the e-mail Calendar option from the Home tab, and use Ihe dropdown menus 1.0 select which calendar you want to send them and the date range (the next 30 days, for example).

It is also possible to select the level of

detail you Wish to dlvlJlge:if you onl.y want them to

see the available time slots, not the details of your aPPOintments,leave this set to the defaL.!lt option of Availability Only. Click OK and the calendar details will be embedded into a newerneil message. Simply enter the raclplent's name lnto the "To ... "field and the calendar will be sent.

PUIU!: HOLlD .. VI Want to add Sank Holidays to your calendar, as well as notable dates such as S t P,atrick's Day? CI lck Fi Ie I Option s I Calen dar

and, under the "Calendar cptlons" sectlon, click "Add, Holidays,,:", Make sure the UK box is ticked (sslect other

countries if you wish) and Click OK.

W.IIMJUI. "cc'" If your company runs

an Exchange server, you should be able to access your ca Ie ndar at any tl m e Ihro u gh a

web browser (as well as your emajllnbox). Ask your IT department for the detail's of your webmail server - the login details should be the same as the ones you use lor Outlook on your PC,

--~ ...

... _~=:"(t""IJ'Pll'"·m

......... c_ -- ...

ll ... LJri ....... -l'I~ ....





~.;-I,~leo .. _.-..-

.. ,



Microsoft :provldes a series of templates

for caten dars tha t ca n be printed out and 'used in the home and office These Include photo calendars, wall planners and academic calendars, You can choose from dozens of extra calendar designs at links/calendars.


seconds to enter a new task; minutes if you need to add more detail.


One of the easiest things to do it'! Outlook.

Set aSide live minutes at the begint'!It'!9 of each working ·day to compile yoOr to-do lis!., and seteverv critical task to Issue al'emlnder at lunchtime. so that you don't miss out on crucial jobs before the end of the working day.



Outlook 2010 makes it quick and simple to create to-do lists that effidently remind you - and your colleagues - of the tasks you need to get through.

With email arriving,. the phone ringing and the litany of oth er i nle rrupti 0 ns to a worki ng da.y. it's easy to lose track of what you're 'meant to be doing. Instead of jotting on an easily misplaced stiCky. use Outlook to keep up to speed,

CJlI!ATCE U.K. To add an item to your to-do list. cltck Tasks at the eotto mle ft of th e 0 utlook

screen and then New Task. which will appear

at the left-hand side of the ribbon. Ws possible to create

a, ta.s~ simply by typing' its name into the panel in the middle of the screen, but you'lIgel more control over its settings if you use the New Task button. Give your task a name and set the due date (and start date. if any) .. If you tick the box next 10 the Reminder field, Outlook can send YOU a prompt;! day or 50 before the task is due. avoiding last-minute surprises. You can aiso categorise a task, using the same project heading,s as for your email (see p83).

.... 10. TUO Man·ag:er.s can assign tasks to team members. Fill out the task form as normal, then click Assign TaSk in the ribbon. Enter the

employee's namelemail address Into the "To ... ' Ileldi. You'll

~_H~--'_I\UiIII.~_ ~_.lll!llilua.o_..m&r.-:-b.~]


notice Outlook has pre-ticked two other boxes that will ensu re an u pdared copy of t he task is .kept on your to- do list. and that you:'re sent a status report when the job is

fi n i shed. Untick I heseif necessa rv- Click Sen d.

n:ND AIITATU. allPORT Conver.sely, if your man a get has se nt yo u a tasK. you Car'! !keep th e

boss up d aledo n its progre 55. 0 oub le-click on the task in your to-do list and, as you progress wilh the job. a Iter th e status and p ercen tage co mplete seuin g s, To give a, writt.en update on the task, you can tap out a messag.e in the blank box at the bottom of the window.

"ON!'I'OIl. T .... K. There are several: ways to keep on top of your to-do list. Tasks will be inserted

into your calendar on their due date. A small window at the foot of the To-Do bar lists tasks (if the To-Do bar isn't visible, dick the left errow next to Ihe search box). For more detail. click Tasks at the bottom left and select Detailed from the View box in, the ribbon. This lets you sort tasks by due date. status or category, :by clickIng the headings at the top or the table.





9 4::~n:testarted W1th

If you've never used OneNote before, this simple guide tells you everything you need to know,

9 6', How to use OnaNote to

, research on the web

OneNote comes into its own as a research aid. We explain how to use it in ta nee m with In ternet Explore r,

9 8 How to work With Word and PowerPolnt Never lose track of when and why you made notes, thanks to ciever technology called Linked Notes,

99 How to use Dock'to Desktop

Keep a, cut-down version of OneNote to hand by docking it permanently to your Windows desktco.


It's far too easy to dismiss OneNote as a makeweight application, thrown into the various Office suites to make up the numbers. Certainly, Microsoft doesn't see it like that: it's one of the first apps to have been converted into an Office Web App (see chapter 12) and has been cleverly designed for use in conjunction with Word, Internet Explorer and PowerPoint. And,


, ........ o:w-., ~1(~~71 Q'-"""I




~PW"Uo~J1t5.1J lVrt~nl,llaMlO'Il'n<Im'qJ'I:I"'" 'I.~dilJdQwtlttd""'f,,«r ol~~'l!all!. t:mrI.wrthm~I~~nun'JlfW'lfI(lr~

~ ......... , 1<_ .;~,

~ .. ...,1 D ,,10..l1li1(0 IV IiOOIItIIIluf

J' "~I'!II~III "s.-r~r~' It,

.. ------'::---,---'-1

I, iI:Il<K'llllllliIIIiII ~ 1.

9. O-:-'W!IIIiI'II!P. .....

" ICI~" .... ~

.,." Jtr:.4..,,~ fI'J,iii

t :k~~",

as we'll see in this chapter, if you choose to embrace its abilities OneNote could make your life a lot easier and more organised. You can use it to take notes in meetings, to draw up action points, to analyse Word documents sent to you by colleagues, to research and create in-depth projects ... if you use your imagination, there's very little it can't do.


While you're working in a diffe ren t ep pll ca lion, you may suddenly

have a, thought you'd like to jot down, You don't need to launch OneNote to do so;

iust click on the tiny OneNote Icon sitting In the Wmdow5 taskbar (in Windows 7 it may be hidden, so you'll need to press, the small UpWard arrow 10 Ireveallt) and

a Side Note will appear. Write your thought. then close the ,note_It will be automatIcally saved In Unfiled Notes.



Getting started with OneNote

Oneblote is a fascinating little application that tends to split opinion down the middle. Some people are left bemused, wondering what it's for - after all, they can Ore up Word and make some rough Dotes, so why bother with a separate app? Others absolutely love it and keep OneNote open all day, at the ready to record their every passing thought,

And in essence, mat's OneNote's purpose. To give you a place to write three quick Un es to nothing

in particular when they happen to occur to you, To sit docked on the side of your screen while you trawl the web researching the perfect Wallpaper for your dinin_g room. To group togeth er all your thoughts on the various aspects of the project you're currently working on.

ONENOTllliI ANATOMY The Simplest way of understanding OneNote is to see it. as a. series of paper notebooks. You might have a work notebook, a personal notebook, a project notebook, a no teboo k wh ere you store all your story ideas. If you were particularly organised, you might even break those notebooks into sections. For work, that could be P co ject Aardvark, Project Beaver, and so on.

In essence, that's how OneNote is structured

as well, except all your notebooks happen to be electronic and searchable, You'U find all the notebooks you've created arranged in tabs down the left-hand side of the screen, so it's easy to flick between them.

All the sections sit at the top of the writing area, below the ribbon. At the rigb.tof theex:i.sting sections sits a small tab marked wi th a star; press this to create a new

.... .-.,.1 ' ........ - .. ,

J "




( j ..


, "'--,..-IDII.II.6cIm.d:li:t1lllioi

.. '" kItL~'~


iii .d "'MMPthllflfii'IIIiCI~

- .... ""'"


til ".-J;M~IMI __ ~_

II Idlolll_u.rm


~1iI""'~ l~kt'~~""JI~'"

• .I]Mo,!I'--.n."IRIIiII..w-

section. Finally, down the right-hand side you'll find all the pages the current section contains.

MIITINO OF 'MINDS One of the most common uses of OneNote is to scrawl down notes in a meeting. There are a number of reasons why it's better than Word for this task. The first is that it's less structured. In Word, you startat the top and keep on typing until you reach a new page, and so on. The structure of OneNote means you can take notes in this way if you like, but it also offers more flexibility.

Click on an empty area of the page, for instance, and you can start typing. Want to make a comment on a related topi.c? Easy: Just start a new text box to the right.

If you've begun a new topic, you can create a new subpage linked to the page youstarted on. While thls may all sound a little chaotic, it .a.ctually suits the flow of meetings mud! more than Word ever will.

Wbat's more, Microsoft throws in a number of helpful tools. 0 ne of ow: favourites is the ability to record. a meeting as it happens (path in video and audio, although audio is m ore likely to be used), Then, if you need to clarify what someone said when you're typing up your notes, you can jump straight to that dip in the prcceedlngs.

Finally, it allows you to email all the Dotes you've made to your fellow attendees.

Ae'TlON .,.ATlon The tools don't stop there. On the Home ribbon youlll find a series oftagli: things sud! as Important, To Do and Question. You can also customise tags to your


.J '0 110 I""'!! _l<O'-,lI

. _,

.,._.. ........ - :II Irr-. _____



....Jt.II. •• 1IlirII'-.'_""'-tirll ~i...:I

.... ,._ ... ,~

-"....,~ ... _I- ~400~JI'r

.- ..


'4_'_] ---

- ..

Far I.ett· you can ,Instil nlly <'",at" I, page ,s-um_i'TIarll'$.lng 11>& highlights 01

II meeting from ~Ollll' "ote:s',. the n ;Si{!l"IId :it On to tho olhar "tl<! "deas by dle",lng

'E .. m_811 'P8_QiU'.

·Left, GI .... ·some order'to your not". by tay y inS Ihem as )'(Ill go

a 10ng.M lerosoft ".,. provided an extensive ltst ,of IlIgs, but you 'eli 1'\ II [so ,ere.terou r own C:Y!!itom; tagS,




Th is rs t,tle :Dod to D.skro» burton: [:1'1>55 It and ~ nJIW OnoNore WIndow wm ecck to the ri9'~r-hond edge of the scree", The rest, of the "c~'" can then be dediaoroo to o!'her apps. and too,. worn ,be ~lIowed to """""P the OnoNote area. P rsss lng the leOn to Its right sw;tcl\el; to full-sa .... n view. "";l'Ilml.lolI!'he ribbons and ether -fumitur'U·.

OnoNo! .. ' 2010 fM(ums sorna neat integ .... t,on WI th Outlook. lnelud ng the • bil Ity to """.rl

e 0"9 e of notes frorn withi" the "OP. to 8~~gn Thsi<s lrom wlt,,!n OneNotG IMt will then app".' In OUtlook. and to pasta, any delalls fro"" a meeti .,g(that are held In the""ent) slfalghrl nto the current pago.

-L7 • E-I:- "!I


'f0lJ:' I I nnd all your nOlebooks· forlrmance. Work. Horne and Personal - down the lefi"hand slde of the pago. 1) rranQed 'n t;'lbs. To H.pbetw{l<l ntnom 51 ""pi Y click"" the appropriate ta b.

Vbu can make a Quick note wh ilo workirtg, In a nv INindOW'i a,ppllcaUon by Clicking, the O .... No be loon In your Sys1)em Tray (~ TlP, oppOsite). These notes a re saved as I.J'nlllttc! ;N'ol •• ·. whiCh you can tI1 en access by cllcikirtg 01'1 thls rcon - berc , e mlng tnern away properly If you want In

Ente,' 2 ••• r(h ~erm here' II rtd OneNpte' will trawl through ,all your notebook. fur mantlons. Tho results at,,. shown in a dro!>down display. You lust cllcllc on a 'milteh and you'll be taken 10 the ,I!,lht page,

Select button so you can quickly grab the notes you're interested in, and the ability to quickly create pres et shapes (such as rectangles),

What's clever about the bandwriting approach

is that OneNote bas handwntlng recognition built in. and it's surprisi ngly effective at working ou t wb at your scrawls mean, If you're able to write more quickly than you type. it's an excellen tway to take notes in a meeting.

The final piece of go od news is you don't need a touchscreen laptop to make this work-Companies such as Wacom produce graphics tablets from around £50 that allow you to add thl s capabili ty for a very low cost,

'UllN"S LINK He,re we've coveredall the key features

of Onel-lote, and to put them into practice we're going to embark on a project over the next four pages. To do tbis, we'll highlight some of OneNote's more advanced toolssumas linking with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.

l.plh~ "'_. ~·J,r .... ~ CInINuc:t u __

Heacill'li1 1 ~ loDo \0.1·11 D _.d ~
c -2j
H .... llnI2 .",." .... !Ct>1.Jl
""..nng~ '1 Qu<>lioo !ll!f.Jl ..... E_~_
''''' .... ... , Uf'I:Jj41 ~
S"_ '10· 0.._
_., needs, so if you're working on P.rojed Aardvark you simply create a Project Aardvark ragand applyas necessary.

The power of tags becomes more obvious when you. press the Find Tags button. By default this searches the current notebook, but you may want to restrict it to a specific section or even jus t pages you've created tni s week; this wa.y, you can quickly find all. the To Do items and make sure they actually get done.

Then, by pressing Create Summary Page (at the foot of tb e search results), you tan create anew no tebook that con tams all the tagged items in your selectio n, It's never been easier to generate a page of action lists.

iH"tfO' OM Witball this talk of notebooks and meetings, it's little wonder that OneN 0 te is also well geared towards people with touchscreen laptops. Click on the Dtaw tab, and you'll find all sor ts of tools available: there are 35 different pens fur handwriting notes and drawing, a Lasso

OneNOle shores much of Its Home flbbonlayoul with Word', but

Its Styl ... sel...:t,on I. limited to

n ecno n$'. in tn'~_a I them, ate she: h""dl ngs styl"". (inciudlll!1 the three you '_ here) pius ethers for code. cl,allons a nd -Norma I",

"" r mo Fe W .. rul tI1~n Style,s, Ta;1 ca n be assigned 10 sentences to tum them 1"\0 ecnconomts. mark the"" as part or a project or lust I.bel the"" as ,mpertant. Th~ Find T~gS butte n then ret. you search for wh ,cha ......

tag you'ra lookl n9 for, en5lantiy bIJ Iidi n 9 .. com p rer>enslve to-do nst, Fo' e",,""ple.

All t·tle p_; ... that belong 'to the eu rrent

sec tMon oIre shown 'nete. To create ~ new one" dick New Page. If you went a new ,"bI><lge. pro's tho sm;;H down ""Ow lust !o tho ,ight ofNewPago.


Our example research project will take only around: 20 minutes.


Most of this stuff is simple. but ;I. couple of steps could con Ii;.Ise.


You need never misplace a note or forget a source again, thanks to the clever features built into Microsoft's note-taking software.

One Note is an exce II ent re se a rch toot so ou r fi r st task

is going to concentrate on this ·area. We·re preparing a. school project about dodos. starting from an empty pa,ge.

Weill take advantage of a fea!ureintroduced in OneNote 2010: Linked Notes. OneNote will create a link to the web page you were working' on when you made

a note, ,ready to jog your memory later. There's only one problem: linked Notes only works with Internet Explorer (versions 6 and above). Word and Power'Point.


NIW 1110"'.001( First, we'll create a new notebook Click File I New. You're offered three choices of location, and instinctively you might choose Computer rather than Network or Web, However. we·1I want other people to pitch in ideas later, solet's pick

Network. We 'enter a, name ("Dodo project") and choose a networklccetlon, The easiest way is to hit Browse and navigate to a shared network resource - possibly lust a, folder on another PC ,in your network. (If you're going to be wor,king with people outside your network, choose Web. This way, they can use the One Note Web App to make notes.) Click Create Notebook,

c--.t n· S E- ~ T- .... ~a.--t

iii r II ,,. ~

J, ~:iIiIII .,l~IIi~"""_" J llrili.,

..J ' ..... CI*.

J. ~~..,._




TIM. TO 'MARl! If you chose a network location, you'll be asked if you'd like to email a link. The recipient can then (if they have permission to

view the network) worik on the notebook simultaneously, This is only true if they're funning Office 2010: if not, they

won't even be able to view the notebook.

NAMING ITIlATIOYBy default, e tab appears that says "Section l''. Right-click on it and select Rename, We're splitting our sections into three;

Research. Miscellaneous and Structure. iResearch iis where

we 9 a th er toge ther a II ou r res ea rch notes, Mi scell a neo us for random things that occur to us as we go along,

and Structure for working. out our presentation's, well, structure, To create new sections, click the small tab with a star just to t'he right of the existing section, Now click on the Research section and name the page "Wikipedia''',

LINUD NOT .. This is where things. get clever. Clic,k the Review tab, then Linked Notes .. A dialog appears askillg you to pick a section

or page in Which to place the Item, 111 this case, choose

- ..

~.' .:E:~~" .... .l.

~ =:~l

.,._ .




..J! .HlhII .. tMIft...

.J ~I"i~~"'" .I (HlIoJMUlh'L'mM


"Wiklpedia (current pageY andclick OK. You'll notice the OneNote page you named Wikipedia will have docked to the right-hand side of your screen. If you try to drag other windows over It then your efforts will fail: W:lndows is now treati ng this area as if it was th eedg II of the sc reen.

IJTART UPLORING Now fire up Internet EXplorer. head to www.wikic edia.o,g and search for "'dodd". We"e particularly inter'ested In why

the dodo became extinct, so we'll copy a paragraph from

this section. Copy it in the normal way. by dragging: over It and using Ctrl-C, then right-click in OneNote .. A.s with Word 2010, you're offered a few options when pasting from other applications: Keep Source Formatting. Merge Formiiltting or Keep TeeKt Only. Unlike In Wordi, you don't see a live preview 01 how the formatting will work out. but in general Merge Formatting wHI be the best choice: the a dva ntage of th Is is that it a dds a 11 n k to the pag e you pasted the paragraph from while getting rido! any unu5uallormattlng (such as large text).

AOD PIC'I"UJIU You should take care when

uSing photos from websltas, as even copyif1g an

Image t.o your PC may Infringe copyright,. but private study Is generally fair dealing. Right-click on a pic and choose CoPY. then right-click again In IheOneNote notebook. Three choices are on offer: Keep FOrmat~ing, Merge 'Formatting and Picture. We'd generally choose

PI clure. beeeu se t hi s a uta mati cally adju sts the size of the photo to the width of your textbox~

ADDI"O Pol'" :In OneNote's Oocked form, you don't have access to the full ribbon. There are a, number of features available, however; if you

click on Home, Draw. View or Pages at the top. Home.

for instance, ,offers formatting, tools and allows you: to start recording, video or audio, while Draw gives you highlighters and more, You can also switch to the normal view at any time by clicking the Dock to Desktop icon In the Quick Access toolbar; at the top left of the One Note window. In our case, though, all we want to do is start ii' new page'., which we do by dk,king Pages, then New Page,.

II~ VCIllt flcna Name your page, head back, to Internet Explorer and browse for other

resources on dodos. COpy and paste to your hea rt's 00 ntent be fo recalli ngit a day and closln g the OneNObe window docked to the side of your display. You can now close OneNote if yoU, so wish. but whenever

you reopen It - today, tomorrow or next year - you:'ll be able to go straight back to the source web page. Hover your mouse over the text or picture until a, small mternet Explorer Icon appears to Its left. Move your mouse over to the Icon and cllck on It the browser will launch and head back to the precise page you were looking' at when you performed your Initial research.

----- .. -~~=---------~~----------~

~ .1.1 ~1}.·:!J=~ -Trl .'r~""·.:l·e·IE·J

History Museum <ll

._ • u . eo ... ~'I.."" '/~" ~-~

.lli ....... ~

". .. ~

-- ..... g,~piII~



Q: There's a small chain icon at the top left of the OneNote page. What is It and how du I gat rid of it?

A: That Icon indicates that the page you"r'e working on is linked to another application.

If there's a small red cross it means 'linking isn'! cu rre ntly ac tlva,

so if you COpy and paste from Internet Explorer now It won't remember the source. To start linking again. you need [0 press the Linked Notes button once more, To remove the chain Icon you need to remove all the links in your page. but that's easy to do if you so wish: click on the down arrow under the chain, select Delete All Unk(s) On This Page. then click on the Delete All Links On This Page command (marked with an "X").


Give yourself amund 1'5 minutes to get to grips with Linked Notes,


The n eares! it gets to complicated is chOOSing where to file your notes.


The Linked Notes feature comes into its own if you want to make notes on documents that other people send you. Here's how to take advantage.

Carrying on our project from the previous ,page. let's start by writirlg up our findings in Word as a short report. The key here is OneNole·s Linked Notes feature.

~'MK WORD TD ONANOT .. Launch Word and go to the Review tab (this featur,e isn't in Word Sta rter). At the far right is a LI nked Notes

button, This won't work until' you·ve saved, so name your file - in our example, Dodo Pmiect - then Click linked;

Notes. You're asked to choose the OneNobe page you want to link 10. which should be in Recent Picks. Here we want the Miscellaneous section. Click the .'+" next to Dodo Project under All Notebooks; c,lic,kMiscelianeous, then OK

ICA"W~ AI YOU GO You can now start creating a report in Word. Ther,e are bound to be things you want to check while you write, but ,it makes

sense to make a quick note of these for later rather than Interrupting your flow. Name the OneNote ;page "Things to check", then write these down as you go. When you'Ve fi ni s hed your fi rst d ro,f!, you can run th rou 9 h th echec k list.

.Just hover your mouse over the note until the small blue Word icon appears, then click this: you'll be taken to tile


.... ~

.. ~ ..... ."'_do~.1I!ri J-

J~ .... J~"'~~~ J ..... .-.,

J ~laIl'R'~ ". ........ ·LJ-

.... - ~U -...,..,

!:. ........ III

:;:~ .... ~


..... - ~~b

~.J .... ~~ ,_.,~,

Cl!lrPlIiMlbxt-AJI'A") ~1i'~11

precise point in the Word document where you were when yoU made Ihe notes.

~IN. '" PRII"MT"'TlOM linked Notes wOriks the same way in PowerPoint. Open G' presentation. tllen press the linked Notes button (again on

the Review tab). It's a ,powerful tool when you want to

make notes on a presentation someone else has sent you. es pecla Hy if you ta ke adva ntag!') 0 f tag s (see p94). Fo r example. tag something as a Question while you review the document. then collate all the questlons at the end,

PAINT TO OMENOTE The other way to 'share work between PowerP'oint, Word and OneNote

is via Print to OneNote. in the view of each program. Go to File I Print, then select Sendi

To OneNote 2010 as your "printer". Once you select a destination within OneNote, for example Dodo Prolect I Mlsoellaneous, it will appear in 11 new page as a prlnt-out, Note that the print-out is effect'ively a picture o'bject within the OneNote page, but you can choose to extract the text by right-Clicking on it and selecting "Copy Text from Allthe Page·s, of the Prlntcut",


T.oI~·rt.wwn.'_"~.IJII'.'P DIll I P'!Ift~:tgIil!iii!Ult!iip!diU:'


~ .".. .. l'IIInIIIIWdillhIrI!t~~,..m1llCl'11!11'atC1

,I '" ... -

{#t',....i_~t ... ~~

...,.~._.. .. ~I'¥ "'_illlIIoiIlI'!IIIIII.iI .::.,,_,Jt...