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BH-4, 41, 42, U.C.I.L. COLONY
Contact No. - 7065989194
Skype ID- ankit.kumar23503


Developing creative design with patience and enthusiasm to get technical solution for real time
problems as well as looking for the right position that provides me opportunities for continued
learning in a challenging environment thus helping me to build a successful career.


VIT, Vellore 2019

M.Tech (CAD/CAM) with 7.98

DRIEMS, Cuttack 2015

B.Tech (Mechanical) with 7.25

A.E.C.S, Jaduguda 2011

Intermediate with 65.6 %

A.E.C.S, Narwapahar 2009

Matriculation with 77.8 %


 AUTOCAD - Proficient
 CATIA - Intermediate
 SOLIDWORKS – Proficient
 ABAQUS – Proficient
 HYPERMESH- Proficient
 ANSYS - Intermediate

 Numerical Aerodynamic Evaluation and Noise Investigation of a Bladeless fan.

o Bladeless fan is a novel fan type that has no observable impeller, usually used
for domestic application. Numerical investigation of a Bladeless fan via finite
Volume Method was carried out in this study. The multiplier factor M is defined
as the ratio of the outlet flow rate to inlet flow rate from the fan.
o The main of this project is to increase the multiplier factor by modifying the
airfoil by five distinct parameters, namely height of cross section of the fan,
outlet angle of the flow relative to the fan axis, thickness of airflow outlet
slit, hydraulic diameter.

 CFD simulation of bubbly two-phase flow in horizontal pipes

o Horizontal bubbly flow is widely used in various industrial systems because of
its ability to provide large interfacial areas for heat and mass transfer. In this
study, the internal phase distribution of air-water bubbly flow in a long
horizontal pipe with an inner diameter of 50.3 mm has been predicted using the
population balance model based on direct quadrature method of moments
(DQMOM) and multiple-size group (MUSIG) model
o The main aim of this project is to predict local radial distributions of gas void
fraction, liquid velocity and interfacial area concentration in the long horizontal
pipe. The numerical results indicated that the gas void fraction and interfacial
area concentration have a unique internal structure with a prevailing maximum
peak near the top wall of the pipe due to buoyancy effect.

 Buckling analysis of composite truncated conical shells under axial compression using
Abaqus 6.14.
o CFRP have been used as a composite materials and also the change in
orientation of ply stack sequence have been carried out.
o The main aim of this buckling analysis was to determine whether the change in
stacking sequence effects the natural frequencies.

 PLM project on product advancement of trimmer with battery percentage display (DIGI-
o We have planned to put a digital display so that we can easily find out the period
of working time of the device.

 Zero cost refrigeration

o The energy spent for pressurizing and liquefying is not recovered afterwards. If
it is expanded in an evaporator, it will get vaporized and absorb heat to produce
o This property has been used for refrigeration and air- conditioning. So, that the
liquefied form of LPG can be used for cooling and the expanded gas (LPG) can
be further used for combustion as a fuel.

Industrial Visit
 Undergone the summer training at U.C.I.L (Uranium Corporation of India Limited),
Narwapahar, Jamshedpur in the year 2013.

 Undergone training at TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur in the year 2014.


 AUTOCAD- Central tool room and training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar.

 CATIA V5- Central tool room and training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar.
 HYPERMESH 13.0- CADD CENTRE, Bengaluru.


 Cleared CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) exam of at the level of Associate.

 Cleared 'A' certificate and participated in "37 Jharkhand Battalion NCC Camp" held at
Dipatoli, Ranchi.
 Participated in "All India Inter A.E.C.S Science Exhibition-2008" at Manuguru, Telangana.


 Rapid at learning things.

 Problem solving ability.
 Co-operative and keen observer.


Date of birth 14-12-1993

Gender Male
Marital status Single
Language known English, Hindi, Oriya