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GALLAUDET _ DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELING UNIVERSITY 1 February 2019 Dr. Elizabeth Moore Department Chair Department of Social Work Gallaudet University Dear Dr. Moore, It’s my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for Kote Takayama as he pursues his promotion from Instructor to Assistant Professor. I have known Mr. Takayama as a colleague at Gallaudet University. In 2017, I began taking on the leadership of the re- establishing the District of Columbia Metro area local ADARA (American Deafness And Rehabilitation Association) chapter. This was a huge task that I could not complete on my own, Treached out to a colleague in Clinical Psychology department and to Mr. ‘Takayama without hesitation. As a former international student at Gallaudet University and member of the international deaf community, Kota is well respected and well known His commitment to Gallaudet and to the Social Work department wero the only factors I considered when asking him to join me in re-establishing ADARA DC chapter. Allow me to give three specific examples as to why I believe Kota is qualified for this, promotion, First, Kota embodies ADARA’s mental health philosophy and demonstrates scholarly knowledge of Social Work. He is intelligent and diligent with his research, He carefully reviewed ADARA’s chapter policies and immediately identified areas in the policies that could impact the field of social work and the deaf’ community A second example, Kota has a strong work ethic and extremely motivated to achieve his, goals. In the early stages of setiing up ADARA DC chapter, Kota assisted with complex information, such as, tax information for organizations and finding our former ADARA members. These two tasks were imperative in our initial steps in re-establishing the local chapter. Kota took on these two tasks with grace and diligence, He was very open to feedback, patient with explaining the complexities of taxes, and actively sought solutions to some of our challenges. Last but not least, Kota is a trusted colleague. As financial information was being shared with us on re-establishing ADARA DC chapter, Kota has maintained strict confidentiality. This made it easier for me to share my frustrations and worries regarding the budget for the chapter. Ibelieve Kota will be a huge asset to the Social Work department and to Gallaudet, University. His commitment to both is undeniable Ifyou have any questions or concerns regarding my letter of recommendation, please Feel frée to contact me. I can be reached by email at: Danielle. Thompson-; and by videophone 202-759-5602. 800 Florida Avenue, NE * Washington, DC 20002-3695 anielle Yhmpson-Ochoa, Ph.D, NC Department of Counseling ADARA DC Metro Area Chapter Co-Leader