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CVG 6308 – Assignment 2

Due February 13th, 2019

1. You are being asked to design a CLT floor (shown in Figure 1), according to CSA O86. The panel
consists of plies that are 38 mm thick plies. For your design, consider the following:

 Dry service conditions, untreated

 CLT stress grade: V2
 Dead Load = 2.0 kPa
 Live Load = 2.4 kPa
 Clear span = 4500 mm

a) Design the CLT panel for the above specified loads and perform the necessary checks for both ULS
and SLS.
b) Compare your answers from a) with those obtained from the Wood Design Manual. Give your
reasoning for any disceprencies.

Figure 1: Beam to be designed

2. For the new CLT building shown in Figure 2, you are being asked to verify the design of the load-
bearing walls (shown in yellow) using the provisions outlined in CSA O86. The specified loads and wall
properties are given in Table 1.

Table 1: Loads and Wall Information

Specified Dead Load 1.25 kPa

Specified Live Load 2.4 kPa

Specified Snow Load 2.32 kPa

Specified Wind Load 2.0 kPa

Interior CLT walls 3-ply (105 mm), Stress Grade E2, untreated

Exterior CLT walls 5-ply (175 mm), Stress Grade E2, untreated
Figure 2: Building Plan and Elevation Views

Note: All dimensions in mm.

3. A warehouse docking bay wall consists of Stress Grade E2, untreated, 5-ply (175 mm thick) CLT, with
lateral bracing provided via the roof system, as shown in Figure 3. Assuming simply-supported end
conditions, perform the necessary checks for both ULS and SLS. Specified loads are as such: dead load
= 100 kN/m, snow load = 175 kN/m, and wind load = 1.25 kPa.

Figure 3: Warehouse Wall Section

Note: All dimensions in mm.