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Nica Marianne M.

6164 D.J Edralin St., Reyes Village Subdivision, Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City,
Philippines, 9000
Home: (088) 880-6018 | Cell: +63 926 523 55 71
A friendly, approachable and hardworking individual with an exceptional interest in
providing English tutoring services to assist students in comprehending language
concepts. Patient and pleasant, with the demonstrated ability in communicating with
people from different backgrounds.
 Quickly establishing rapport and adapting to student's needs
 Encourages natural conversations whenever possible by engaging the student in
further questions relating to the topic.
 Corrects mistakes in a kind manner to help the student continue to feel comfortable
 Sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
 Ability to interact positively with students, parents and colleagues
 Fluent in the English language

Additional Skills & Interest

 Proficient in Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

 Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

 Powerful oral communication skills, particularly in group settings

 Strong time management skills

 Excellent time management skills

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan