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High Pressure Calibration Unit

The High Pressure Automatic Calibration Unit The system can calibrate pressure gauges at up to
(H.P.A.C.U.) has been designed to provide a 15,000 psi at 180 deg C and provides a NIST traceable
portable, fully-automatic calibration system for calibration at a fraction of the cost of automatic
the complete range of Omega pressure and dead weight systems. This enhances Omega’s ability
temperature recorders. to support our gauges in remote locations. For full
operation the system only requires mains power and a
The system comprises a PC running Omega’s WinCal
compressed air supply. Up to four calibration systems
software, the H.P.A.C.U. and a printer. It is simple
can be run from one PC via the USB ports.
to operate and requires no specialist knowledge,
with the fully-automatic calibration of gauges taking The H.P.A.C.U. utilizes a high accuracy Quartz pressure
approximately twelve hours each. sensor as the pressure reference and a pneumatic-
hydraulic pressure multiplier to generate pressure.
High Pressure Calibration Unit

Software options for the H.P.A.C.U.

• Gauge test at user-selected pressures and
• Fully-automatic gauge test over a range of pressures
and temperatures
• Fully-automatic gauge calibration over a range of
pressures and temperatures
• Generate calibration reports and certificates
The gauge is screwed directly onto the H.P.A.C.U. test
stub - all Omega gauges incorporate a pressure entry
port combined with an Amerada box bottom thread.
The heating jacket is lowered over the gauge and a
power/communications cable is attached to the gauge.
After powering-up the computer and performing
pre-calibration checks, the calibration process will
continue unattended. Following the calibration the new
coefficients are automatically transferred to the gauge
and a calibration report made available for the user.
The gauge is now ready for downhole use.

The acquisition of data is increasingly important in
maximising the value from the reservoir. Omega offers
a comprehensive range of products and services that
encompass permanent downhole monitoring systems,
downhole memory gauges, surface logging, production
logging, and frac monitoring.
Omega operates globally, with a client base that
includes major oil companies along with smaller,
independent companies.

Omega Well Monitoring

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