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SPT 300

Omega’s SPT 300 is one of our newest tools and provides
wireless transmission of surface pressure and temperature
data. Depending on sampling period, the SPT 300’s low
power consumption allows the tool to run uninterrupted for
more than two years.

• Field-replaceable batteries
• Wireless capabilities can transmit data between 100
and 1,600 metres
• Multiple tools can be set up to transmit to a single
• The available pressure ratings for the SPT are .75 KSI to
25 KSI.
• Can be used for memory logging via an add-on module

Surface pressure and temperature monitoring
Pressure testing
Integration with pressure-controlling systems
SPT 300

SPT 300 SPT 300, CSA, 1.65” OD, KIT

Sensor Piezo-resistive Maximum pressure 25 ksi*

Accuracy ± 0.050% full scale Sensor type Piezo-resistive

Long-term stability 0.1% full scale Accuracy ± 0.050% full scale

Drift Less than 3 psi per year Long-term stability 0.1% full scale

Resolution 0.0003% full scale Drift < 3 psi per year

Resolution 0.0003% full scale


Standard ratings 40 ºC to 80 ºC TEMPERATURE

Accuracy ± 1.0 ºC Maximum temperature 80 ºC*

Repeatability ± 0.2 ºC Minimum temperature -40 ºC*

Resolution 0.0001% full scale Accuracy ± 1.0 ºC

Repeatability ± 0.2 ºC
Resolution 0.0001% full scale
Voltage 3.6 VDC

Current (sleep/ 0.3 mA / 3.4 mA / 55 mA POWER

Battery type D Lithium
Battery pack Custom 17Ah D-cell lithium pack
Voltage 3.6 - 3.9 V

Battery life 2 years**

The acquisition of data is increasingly important in
maximising the value from the reservoir. Omega offers Sampling interval One second to one hour
a comprehensive range of products and services that
Range 100 metres line of sight
encompass permanent downhole monitoring systems,
downhole memory gauges, surface logging, production Record contents Time, pressure, temperature
logging, and frac monitoring.
Omega operates globally, with a client base that
includes major oil companies along with smaller, * Based upon gauge selected
independent companies. ** Based upon ten-second sample rate

Omega Well Monitoring

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