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I. Objectives At the end of the lesson 85% of the students will be able to: o Identify the appropriate
tense to be used in the sentence. o Use the correct verb tense in constructing a sentence. o
Understand the difference between simple present tense (e.g., "We eat.") and present progressive
tense (e.g., "We are eating.") and use these tenses appropriately when they complete the worksheet
accompanying this lesson. II. Subject Matter Topic: Tenses of verb Target Skills: Writing Materials:
Cartolina, pentel pen, paper References: Hill, Glencoe M. (2005).Tenses. Grammar Book. Columbus
Ohio. P245

III. Procedure

Teachers Activity Students Activity

A. Daily Routine 1. Prayer 2. Checking of Attendance 3. Classroom management

Today is supposed to be our formal meeting as a class, because last meeting was your diagnostic

So, what do you think will be the result of that exam?

Okay, so much for that, this is an English class and we are teaching you stuffs of English. First and
foremost my general rule here in the class is I want you to speak in English. Weather it is

One student will lead the prayer.

“Good afternoon teachers!” “Okay Ma’am!” (The students will pick some pieces of papers and
arrange their chairs.)

Ma’am please have mercy. By the way ma’am what was the result? Do we got failed or
something? Ma’am please don’t lose our schorship.

Ma’am how about if we do not know the English of the word we are going to say? Okay ma’am
we will try our best. Can you give us n instance when we are to

carabao English, and whatever as long as it is English. Okay?

For example when you are to ask me Ma’am what is the meaning of? And so on and so forth. Okay

B. Motivation

“This class is design to collaborate with your group-mates. So now, we will group you into four. “

“Okay start, count from one to four starts here.”

Who among you here are familiar with the movie or the book Harry Potter written by J.K Rowling?

It’s amazing that you know it well.

Now, Group 1will serve as my group which is Gryffindor, group 2 is Ravenclaw to ma’am Cynthia,
and group 3 is Hufflepuff to ma’am Joy and Slytherin to ma’am Jocel.

Is everything understood?


Okay, here is the mechanics of the groupings.

Each group is assign to compete with the other

do that?

“Ah, okay ma’am “

Oh my, this is exciting. I will be on my crush again. Me too

They will start the count off.

Ma’am I know Harry and he is so handsome and brave and Hermione the brilliant. Yes! Ma’am
the sorcerers and the witch. Yes ma’am the magic. Oh. Really awesome. My gosh! That’s the
story of Lord Voldemort. Huhuhu Scary! No nose. I hate lord Voldemort. Ma’am but why?

Yes! Ma’am because I watched that movie. Wooh! Yes! I am with Gerald. Yes! Gryffindor the
group of Harry I love it. Slytherin my gosh! With Malfoy’s group as to with Voldemort. Yes

Ah easy! Ok ma’am.

group; you will earn points by participating, attitude, and by winning our game or activity.

Each of the group will have a preficts, the head master, or the leader.

Ay! Minus points slytherin so noisy.

Okay, class let’s get over with now write the members of your group and select your leader and
secretary. Okay proceed to your grouping. Now go!

Do you want an activity?

This game is called “Act-Tense”. Are you familiar with this game?

“Here’s the mechanics of the game. If I am going to say a verb in a past form, you are going to put
your right hand at the back of your head. If the word I am going to utter is in the present form, you
will place your right hand in front. Otherwise, when I say the word in future form, you will place your
right hand at your chest. Okay? Understood?”

“Okay, that’s good! Let’s start the game. Everybody stand and listen properly. Ready?”

Here is the word… For trial round, the word is o –pass Okay only 2 got the correct answer and
the rest got the wrong answer.

Ma’am Ethel ma’am, Ethel. No ma’am Gerald. No ma’am. Me ma’am I want to be the leader of

They proceed to their groupings.

We will love that ma’am “I think that’s sounds exciting!”

What kind of game Ma’am? “No Ma’am, what are we going to do ma’am?”

“Yes Ma’am!” Gosh! I’m so excited of what might be the question of ma’am.

“Yes ma’am, were ready!” Yes! Ma’am we are born ready. Okay Gryffindor we can do it. Go
fight win.

The students will participate the way the teacher told them.
For Final round the word is o -participated o -swam o -sing o -walked o –wrote

C. Lesson Proper

Now, what do you think is our topic for today? Yes, another?

Okay you’re getting there what else?

Wow! One points for hufflepuff.

“Okay, I have noticed that most of you are not familiar with the tenses or the form of the verb.
Right?” “So this time we will be talking about the verb tenses. When to use a certain one and how
to use it is what we will be dealing today.” “So we have here verb tenses. Let’s first define what is a
tense? Anybody from the class who has an idea? Predin?”

“Thank you Predin for that nice idea, how about Ethel?”

“Okay, very good Ethel you are very near to the answer if you have just combine your answer to
Predin’s idea. So anybody can do that? Shall we have Rich?”

“Very good! You got it perfectly, let’s give a hand to her.” 5 points for ravenclaw

“Okay class, Rich is right a tense is a form of a verb that is used to show when an action happen.”

Verbs ma’am Action word ma’am

Ma’am ma’am past tense ma’am.

Tenses of the verb ma’am.

“Yes Ma’am!” Huhuhu yes ma’am. Ma’am please teach us!

“Okay Ma’am!”

“Ma’am, tense is something like a form of the verb.”

“Ma’am, tense is when an action happen.”

“Ma’am, tense is a form of a verb that is used to show when an action happen.” “Ma’am!?

“Verb is an action word Ma’am.”

Now what is written here is verb tenses, we already know what a tense is. How about the word verb
what is it?

“Okay, Jasmin?”

“And you got it very right!” “So class, we are going to talk about the forms of this action words,
what we known as verbs.” “We have three forms of verbs and what are those?” “Anybody?” “From
the game we have just did, I have mention it there”

“Okay, Gerald??”

“Very good! Okay, in English we have three basic tenses these are the past, the present and the
future.” So class, when we say in past form the action is what?

“No class, when we say it’s in past form, the action is already done.” “Understood?”
“Okay, everybody face in the front. Please read the meaning of past tense on the visual aid Mr.

“Okay thank you. For example, Sprinters ran like antelopes. The past tense there is what?”

“Okay, very good. You got it right Ezra! Ran is the past tense of run.”

“Nearly all regular and irregular verbs except “be” have just one past-tense form, such as climbed
or ran. The verb be has two past-tense forms was and were. Right?”

“for example: o I was sure. (when you are talking of


“Past, Present and Future Ma’am.

“The action is going on Ma’am”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Past tense is use to express an action or a condition that was started and completed in the past.”

“Ran ma’am!”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“Yes ma’am!”

singular) and we were sure (plural).”

“Okay now, who can give me another example of a verb using “be” in the past form.”

“Okay very well said Ethel.”

Now, next to Past tense is what?

“Oh Gerald again?”

“Hahahaha you are joking me. No darling it’s Present tense ma’am.”

“Anyone can define what a present tense is? o Oh yes Krissha you are raising your hand. What is

“Okay, thank you. Another hand from the class.”

“Oh yes! Ethel again, you are so participative.”

“Wow! Thank you for the very meaningful idea Little miss Ethel.”

“Okay, class please pay attention. These are the things that we need to remember in present
tense. Okay, shall we all read.”

“Me and my friends were sure.”

“Present Tense”

“Futuristic ma’am”

“Okay ma’am!
“State of being ma’am.”

“Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!”

“It is used to show time, state of being, condition that exist now, and expresses general truth.”

“1. It is use to show time. o For example o It is 10o’clock 2. Present tense expresses a constant,
repeated, or habitual action or condition. It can also express a general truth. o For example: o
Matthew likes the taste of tea with honey in it. Meaning it shows a repeated action. o Another
example is God is valuable meaning it states a general truth. 3. Present tense can also express an
action or a condition that exists only now. o For example:

“Another example from the class that shows a condition that exist only now in a sentence.”

“Okay, very good. Thank you.”

“And last but not the least is what form of verb?” “Yes, certainly! It is Future tense. Meaning it is
use to express an action or a condition that will occur in the future.”

“But class, please be reminded that future tense has something to do with auxiliary verb and

“The word will and shall are just some of the example.”

“Okay, Gerald thank you for reminding me. o For example o Bobby will order the supplies. o I will
pack the car in the morning.”

“And class, there are three other ways to express future time besides using the future tense. “

“They are as follows: please read no 1. Rich

o Krista feels good about her score on the science test. Meaning not always but just now.”

“Gerald is writing”

“Future tense ma’am.”

“Okay ma’am.”

“Ah, okay ma’am and what are some of the examples of word showing future tense ma’am.”

“Ahhh . Thank you ma’am.”

“Ma’am can you give some example of a sentence showing future tense?”


“What are those ma’am?”

1. Use going to with the present tense of be and the base form of a verb. Example: Robby is going to
order the

No. 2 Alice

No. 3 Kurt

D. Enrichment Activities
Okay, let us PRACTICE if you really have understood the tenses of the verb. We will have another
activity. Entitled “GAME KA NA BA”

Are you familiar with this game show? Yes! This was hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino

Yes, Game kana ba? Okay, Here’s mechanics of the game I am going to give the sentence and
then you are to provide the missing tense with the corresponding choices, it’s like fill in the blacks,
similar to close test, near to mulple choice. Now, you align yourself according to your group.
Ma’am Cythia will serve as letter A, Sir Egar is letter B, Ma’am Richel letter C. and letter D. ma’am
Jocel. Wait for my signal until I say GO!! Okay, got it? Let’s go to Trial round? Game kana
ba? Okay, here is the question

supplies.” 2. Use about to with the present tense of be and the base form of a verb. Example: Robby
is about to order the supplies.” 3. Use the present tense with an adverb or an adverb phrase that
shows future time. Example: Robby leaves tomorrow.”

Yes! Ma’am Yes! Ma’am I know that game show.

Game na!

Students are feeling Exited.

It is a kind of a verb use to express a general truth. a. Present tense b. Future tense c. Act-tense d.
Pat Tense Okay, Slytherin got the correct answer as to with hupplepuff and the rest got the wrong
answer. Okay for the final round, Question no. 1 When Alice saw the monster at her back,
she______ a. Scream b. screaming c. screamed d. will scream.

Question no. 2 What are the two basic indicator s of future tense? a. Soon and after b. shall and will
c. future and after d. post and will

Question no. 3 Aside from irregular verbs and the word “be”, what is the word used to indicate the
past tense. a. An b. ed c. mal d. will

Question no. 4 Julia____ meet his crush tomorrow. a. Was b. will c. were d. is

Question no. 5 The sentence “God is the redeemer” shows what kind of tense? a. Present
tense b. future tense c. past-tense d. verb tense

“Now, do you have any questions? Clarifications? want some additional examples? Violent
reactions? volcanic eruptions?”

“No, ma’am we already understand.

“Huh? Ma’am?” “Ma’am please?” “Ma’am we’re not ready. “ “Ma’am you are so beautiful.”

“Aw! Okay good. So now, are you ready for quiz? “Yes, Naomi why?”

“Whatever your reason class. We will have a check-up quiz so that teacher Bayni and I will check
up on how far you have understood this topic. Would be okay?”

“Okay! Thank you.”

“Get ½ sheet of paper“.

“And please be reminded “Do not forget to write your name okay?”
“Okay! And most importantly read the instructions carefully. Ins truction is part of the exam. So,
goodluck. If you have some questions please don’t be hesitate to ask teacher Bayni and me. Okay?

“You can now start answering.”

“Ma’am you are so sexy and lovely.”

“Okay ma’am”

“½ ma’am?”

“Okay ma’am!” Thank you for reminding me ma’am cause I usually forget to write my name.


IV. Evaluation A. Choose the correct tense for each question below. Choose the letter of the correct

Past, present or future tense - quiz

1. Which of the sentences is correct? A) Last year I go to India. B) Last year I went to India. C) Last
year I am going to India. D) Last year I will go to India. 2. Which of the sentences is correct?

A) I usually getting the bus to work. B) I usually gets the bus to work. C) I am usually getting the bus
to work. D) I usually get the bus to work. 3. Which of the sentences is correct? A) Next week I am
going to the cinema. B) Next week I will going to the cinema. C) Next week I is going to the cinema.
D) Next week I went to the cinema. 4. Which verb is NOT in the past tense? A) He walked. B) He
went. C) He works. D) He bought. 5. Which verb is NOT in the present tense? A) She listened. B) She
talks. C) She waits. D) She watches. 6. Which verb is NOT in the future tense? A) He will go. B) He
will come. C) He will arrive. D) He leaves. Past, present or future tense - quiz 7. What tense is the
verb in this sentence? 'I got home from work at 6.30pm.' A) present B) past C) Future 8. What
tense is the verb in this sentence? 'The children are playing outside.' A) future B) past C) present 9.
What tense is the verb in this sentence? 'I'll take you in my car.' A) future B) present C) past 10.
What tense is the verb in this sentence? 'They go to college on Mondays.' A) past B) future C)
present Past, present or future tense - quiz Level B 1. Which tense would you use for describing
last year's holiday? A) Past B) Present C) Future 2. Which tense would you use for talking about next

A) Past B) Present C) Future 3. Which tense would you use for talking about your daily routine? A)
Past B) Present C) Future 4. Which tense would you use for talking about your childhood? A) Past B)
Present C) Future 5. Which tense would you use for talking about the area where you live? A) Past
B) Present C) Future 6. What is the tense of this question? Did you go to the chemist's on your way
home? A) Past B) Present C) Future 7. What is the tense of this question? Was there anybody in
when you called? A) Past B) Present C) Future Past, present or future tense - quiz

8. What is the tense of this question? Will Tom be able to mend that broken window? A) Past B)
present C) Future 9. What is the tense of this question? What are the shops like around here? A)
Past B) Present C) Future 10. What is the tense of this question? What will you do when this course
finishes? A) Past B) Present C) Future Past, present or future tense - quiz Level C 1. 'Drove' is the
past of 'drive'. A) True B) False 2. 'Felt' is the past of 'fill'. A) True B) False 3. 'Was' is the past of 'is'.
A) True B) False 4. 'Shut' is the past of 'shout'. A) True B) False

5. 'Taught' is the past of 'teach'. A) True B) False

B. Write a reflection about the statement below. Pay attention to the correct use of verb tense in
constructing your sentences.

“My friend is my loving companion”

V. Assignment Write anything you can share about “Your Family” in a creative way. You can put a
picture, paste any memoirs, or anything you want to add.

Prepared by: Pao, Jean Carren M.