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1. What is CAS?

Wipro’s Cloud Application Services(CAS) is a part of Business Application Services (BAS) that drive solutions
and services for key front-office and back-office enterprise processes (CRM, ERP, HCM) by leveraging best-of-
breed SaaS solution which includes Workday. With the acquisition of Appirio, a global cloud services company
that creates next generation worker and customer experiences, we are now one of the World’s largest Cloud
transformation practices

2. What is Workday?
Workday is a cloud based enterprise solution. Financial Management, HCM, Planning, Professional Services and
Higher Education(Student) are the applications supported. For more details visit

3. Do we have partnership with Workday? If yes, what is the level of partnership?

Wipro was AMS partner of Workday. Post Appirio acquisition, we now have Implementation partnership too.

4. What are the opportunities at Workday?

Currently, we are looking for roles of Technical, Functional and Techno Functional Workday associates. More
role opportunities can come up in future.

5. Can I just attend Workday training for my knowledge?

Since these trainings are conducted by Workday and are very expensive, we are limiting it to selected pool who
will work on Workday projects.

6. Can I get only trained and not take up certification?

It is a mandate to complete certification post training.

7. Is movement to CAS mandatory to get selected for Workday training?

YES! Absolutely mandatory as it is very expensive training and we will consider you for suitable Workday

8. What are steps to get selected for Workday training/certification?

 Fill your details at
 If selected, we will reach out to you for next step
 We will mutually agree on a start date and movement planned to CAS involving Wipro leaders
 You will also have to speak to your managers, WMG Head, HR to show your interest in moving to CAS

9. How soon can I expect my movement to complete & billing to start?

Workday is a super niche skill and it will take 2-3 months to complete entire process of selection and focused
training to be eligible to get on a Workday project. We expect commitment from you to help us work on
transforming your career path. We will ensure necessary steps and approvals are taken to keep you focused on
Workday trainings.

10. Can I continue in my previous account post training and work for my account projects?
Sorry! Movement to CAS is pre-requisite to be eligible for Workday training as these are external trainings and
are very expensive. We will allocate you to a Workday project upon getting certified. Movement out of CAS will
not be possible as each training is very expensive and CAS bears the cost.

11. Am I eligible for the opportunity?

Yes, if you have hands on experience in any of areas like.
 Java, JSON, XSLT, XTV/ETT, MVEL, Schemas and other internet technologies.
 HCM solutions (like PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle) or in HR Process streams
 Are passionate about learning new technologies and wish to give your best to enhance your career options
12. How will I learn Workday if I take the opportunity?
CAS Workday Practice will plan for a training and certification and hands on experience on Workday. What we
need from candidate is positive attitude and willingness to learn.

13. What are the trainings offered?

Based on the previous technology and experience the training schedule differs for each individual. More details
will be provided upon selection.

14. What if I undergo the training and don’t get certified?

Certification is mandatory to work on Workday. We will train you before exam but need focus and dedication from
you to clear exam.

15. What would be the duration of training?

The basic training schedule ranges from 4-8 weeks followed by certification examination.

16. Will the training be internal to Wipro?

It is mandatory to attend external trainings by Workday & complete certification. We will plan for a internal
overview session to make you aware and comfortable to go training.

17. Will I be placed in a project post training?

You will be part of CAS-Workday practice and we will take care of project allocations

18. Will I be billable?

CAS would take care of the billability.

19. What kind of projects are there in Workday?

Workday projects are basically of two kinds, Implementation and AMS. At present we in Wipro work on AMS
projects, with Appirio acquisition we would start working on Implementation projects also.

20. Will I get any onsite opportunities post training & certification?
It will purely depend on demand and your skills. Currently we are looking for nominations at offshore only.

21. What would be the work location?

Currently we are operating from Pune & Bangalore. But in future we may expand to other location based on need
and project availability.

22. My Current Account has got Workday; client wants me to learn Workday. Can I join your training?
We will need to understand the customer requirement and justification of need to get team Workday trained. We
will take a decision based on that. You send email to / to connect
with customer to understand their need.