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Entrance written exam question
Name: time: 1hr
Class roll no: full marks: 90
General robotics
15*1= 15
a. The main uses of robots is in the area of
1. Medicine 2. Manufacturing 3. Education 4. Exploration
b. ………………… the study to know the displacement, velocity and
acceleration of a part of the machine
1. Kinetics 2. Kinematics 3. Statics 4. All of the
c. Ball bearing is an example of
1. Spherical pair 2. Turning pair 3. Sliding pair 4. Rolling
d. A rigid body in a space has …..degrees of freedom
1. Two 2.three 3. Six 4. Eight
e. In four stroke cycle engine, cycle is completed in ______
1. two strokes of the piston
2. two revolutions of the crankshaft
3. three strokes of the piston
4. four revolutions of the crankshaft

f. What is the primary function of mechanism?
1. Motion transmission
2. Force transmission
3. Power transmission
4. Power absorption
g. Which of the following terms refers to the use of compressed gasses to
drive (power) the robot device?
1. Pneumatic 2. Hydraulic 3. Photo sensitive
4. Electric
h. Which one of following is 3rd class lever
1. Broom 2. Hammer pulling nails 3. Scissor 4. All
i. Which of the following material joining process is most employed in
1. Wielding 2 riveting 3. Nuts and bolts 4. All
j. The tool is stationery and the work reciprocates in case of:
1. Planer 2. Milling machine 3. Shaper 4. Spotter
k. 4 wheel drive robot is in front of you facing its back, to turn perfect 90
degree clockwise you have to
1. Move left side wheel forward, right side wheel backward
2. Move left side wheel backward, right side wheel forward
3. Move left wheel backward, right side wheel stationary
4. Left side wheel stationary, move right side wheel forward
l. In general, a locomotion system can possibly have
1. Good stability and Good controllability and Good maneuverability
2. Good stability and Good controllability
3. Good controllability and Good maneuverability
4. None of the above
m. Type of robot used in spray painting applications

1. Point to point 2. Bang-bang 3. End point 4.
Continuous path
n. Type of power used in robot for precision work applications
1. Electrical 2. Mechanical 3. Pneumatic 4. Hydraulic
o. Type of robotic like device used in undersea applications
1. .Telecherics 2. Exo-skeleton 3. Locomotive device 4.
a) 2. Manufacturing
b) 2. Kinematics
c) 4. Rolling
d) 3. Six
e) 2. Two revolutions of the crankshaft
f) 1. Motion transmission
g) 1. Pneumatics
h) 1. Broom
i) 4. All or 3 as your wish
j) 1. Planer
k) 1. Move left side forward, right side wheel forward
l) 2. Good stability and good controllability
m) 4. continuous
n) 3.Pneumatics
o) 4. prosthesis
1. Name any three types of end effectors for robots. State the advantages
of each? Answer 1. jaws or claws 2. Pins, needles or hackles 3.
vacuum, magneto

2. Currently Hulas Motors Pvt. Ltd is establishing a fully automated car
assembling plant at Biratnagar using 100+ autonomous robots. Do you
know this? And write about application of industrial robots
1. Yes 2 no

Workshop (20)

a. Following is not a sheet metal work(1)

1. Extrusion 2. Piercing 3. Punching 4. Blanking
b. The best technique to have better surface finish in lath is (1)
1. Less rpm 2. Low feed rate 3. More speed 4. High feed rate
c. The type of file used for wood works is(1)
1. Rasp cut file 2. Double cut file 3. Single cut file 4. Any one
of these
d. The cross sectional of a chisel usually (1)
1. Rectangular 2. Square 3. Hexagon 4. Octagon
e. Some basic hand working tools are shown in figure below, rewrite
tools name with its major application( minimum 5 tools) (10)

f. A standard ground drill has a point angle of-(1)
1. 120 2. 180 3. 90 4. 118
g. Combination pliers are not used for-(1)
1. Holding 2. Cutting 3. Hammering 4. Twining
h. In case arc welding one should protected his eyes by using(1)
1. Clear glass 2. Dark screen glass 3. Mask Sun goggles
i. the length of the hacksaw blade is measured(1)
1. between the center of the pin holes
2. between the inner ends of the two pins holes
3. between the inner end of pin holes and the outer pin
4. between the outer ends of the pin holes
j. Which tool is used to check the angel of corners(1)
1. Scale 2. Protector 3. Try square 4. Iron
k. Which tool is used as a hammer for soft metal-(1)

1. Pipe vice 2. Chisel 3. Mallet 4. Ball pin
b) 1. Extrusion
c) 3. More speed
d) 3. Single cut file
e) 4.octagon
f) Tools name and application 5+5
g) 4.1180
h) 3.hammering
i) 2. Dark screen glass
j) 1.between the center of the pin holes
k) 3. Try square
l) 3.mallet
Metrology (20)
a. Least count of mm micrometer(1)
1. 0.1mm 2. 0.01mm 3. 1mm 4. 0.001mm
b. Which one of following is not purpose of lubrication(1|)
1. To reduce friction
2. To reduce wear
3. To prevent corrosion
4. No of above
c. Error of measurement =(1)
1. True value-measured value
2. Precision-true value
3. Measured value-precision
4. None of the above

d. For manufacturing of a certain amount of hole, maximum hole size

was found to be 50.14 mm and minimum hole size was found to
be 49.98. Tolerance in mm will be(1)

1. 0.12 2. 0.16 3. 0.20 4. 0.13
e. The gears are used to connect two parallel shafts except(1)
1. Spur gear 2. Helical gear 3. Double helical gear 4.
Bevel gear
f. Which is the best drilling size for making internal thread of M10(1)
1. 10mm 2. 12mm 3. 8mm 4. 9.9mm
g. The accuracy depends upon
1. Precision of instrument 2. Precision of method 3.
Good planning 4. All of the above
h. Which motor is preferred for cement industry?(1)
1. Universal motor
2. Squirrel cage motor
3. Synchronous motor
4. DC series motor
i. Rack is a gear with,(1)
1. Infinite no of teeth
2. Infinite module
3. Infinite circular pitch
4. No of the above
j. Speedometer is a (1)
1. Display giving quantitative measurement
2. Display giving state of affair
3. Display indicating predetermined setting
4. None of the above
k. Which lathe operation is shown in figure below (1)
1. Facing off
2. Thread cutting
3. Parallel turning/Diameter turning
4. Boring/Drilling

l. Which ONE of the gear systems below would be used to change
rotary movement to linear movement?(1)
1. Spur gears
2. Worm shaft and worm gear
3. Rack and pinion
4. Ratchet and paw
m. A micrometer screw gauge with a -0.03 mm zero error is used to
get the final reading as shown in the figure below. What is the
actual reading?(2)

1. 2.85 mm
2. 2.35 mm
3. 2.91 mm
4. 2.41 mm
n. If rack A moves right at speed of X, rack B moves (2)

1. Left, slower then X
2. Right, slower than X
3. Right same speed
4. Left same speed
o. Which type of gear box is used in automobiles?(1)
1. Sliding mesh gear box
2. Differential gear box
3. Synchromesh gear box
4. All of the above
p. Calculate speed of driving shaft in compound gear train, if the
drivers have 50, 60, 80 and 100 teeth and followers have 18, 40, 60
and 80 teeth. Speed of driven shaft is 150 rpm(3)
1. 21.73 rpm 2. 30.23 rpm 3. 19.77 rpm 4.
None of the above
a) 2. 0.01mm
b) 3. To prevent corrosion
c) 1. True value-measured value
d) 2. 0.16
e) 4. Bevel gear
f) 3. 8mm
g) 4. All of the above
h) Synchronous 3.
i) 3. Infinite circular pitch
j) 1. Display giving quantitative measurement
k) 2. Thread cutting
l) 3.rack and pinion
m) 2. 2.35
n) 2. Right, slower than X
o) 4. All of the above

p) 1. 21.73rpm
Mathematics+PHYSICS (5+5 marks)
a) The arc length and length of chord of a circle is given as
10cm and 9.3cm res. The radius is equal to (3)
a. 6.6cm
b. 7.6cm
c. 8.6cm
d. 6.9cm
b) In the given figure sinA=(2)
2. y/r
3. x/r
4. r/y
c) to obtain maximum power form a solar panel, the panel
should have (1)
1. minimum possible shadow area
2. maximum possible shadow area
3. should be inclined 45 degree in respect to sun
4. should be inclined 90 degree in respect to sun
d) to increase speed on a geared bicycle (1)
1. Length of chain should be increase
2. Length of chain should be decease
3. Transmission should be done form lower wheel to higher
4. Transmission should be done form higher wheel to lower

e. A hydraulic apparatus is shown in figure. If piston A moves by

7cm, how much the piston B moves (3)

1. 3.9

2. 4.2

3. 4.5

4. 4.8

f. Friction force on rear wheel of a moving bicycle act towards (1)

1. Upward

2. Frontward

3. Backward

4. Side ward


a) 2. 7.6cm
b) 1. y/r
c) 2. Maximum possible shadow area
d) 4. Transmission should be done from higher wheel to lower
e) 2. 4.2
f) 2. forward

DRAWING (10marks)

a. Which is the symbol for 1STangle projection?(1)

1. 2.

3. 4.

b. for scale, which one isn’t correct(1)

1. 1:20 2. 20:1 3. 1.1:20 4. 1/20

c. Rearrange following process of making a robot with correct orders

(Fabrication, idea generation, design modification, expert consultation,
brainstorming, basic design, problem identification, problem
understanding, design validation and testing)(3)
d. if the 10m length is represented as 1mm on the map then the
represented factor is (1)
1. 1/10 2. 1/100 3. 1/1000 4 none of these
e. Name 4 CAD software you know(2)
f. Isometric drawings are often used by ________ to help illustrate
complex designs.(1)
1. Mechanical engineers
2. Piping drafters
3. Aerospace engineers
4. All of the above
g. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given
directly on the drawing with its dimensions and notes (1)
1. Document strips
2. Portable documents
3. Formatting forms
4. Title and record strips
a) 2.
b) 4. 1/20
c) Problem identification
Problem understanding
Expert consultation
Idea generation
Basic design
Design validation and testing
d) 4. 1/1000
e) Autocad
f) 4.all of the above
g) 4. Title and record strips

Mechanics (10)
a) Shooting mechanism consists of spring, you measure spring constant of
1N/m and has to shoot a ball weighing 100g, if 5m/s 1-D velocity of ball
after 5s of shoot is required, initial displacement of spring is(2)
1. 100mm
2. 1cm
3. 1m
4. None of these
b) A dc motor rated at a stall torque of 10Nm can hold(1)
1. A 10N load at 1m distance and damage
2. A 10N load at 1m distance and run smoothly
3. More than 10N load at 1m distance and damage
4. Less than 10N load at 1m distance and run smoothly

c) When a person opens a door, he applies(1)

1. Force
2. Torque
3. Moment
4. None of the above
d) A block is displaced by 3 m when a force of 200 N is applied on it on an
inclined surface which is at an angle of 50o with the horizontal. What is the
work done?(2)
1. 385.67 Nm
2. 459.62 Nm
3. 933.00 Nm
4. Insufficient data
e) If gear X turns clockwise at a constant speed of 10 rpm. How does gear Y

1. anti c/w 10 rpm

2. c/w 10 rpm
3. c/w 5 rpm
4. c/w 20 rpm
5. anti c/w 5 rpm
f) If drive wheel X rotates clockwise at a speed of 10 rpm. How does wheel Y

1. anti c/w faster

2. c/w slower

3. c/w faster
4. anti c/w slower
5. anti c/w same
a) 1) 100mm
b) 4) less than 10 N load at 1 m distance and run smoothly
c) 2) torque
d) 2) 452.62 Nm
e) 1) anti c/w 10 rpm
f) 2) c/w slower