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RIC Musical Theatre Company Cabaret

Friday December 14th, 2018

“We Need a Little Christmas” ~ Musical Theatre Co.
“Right Hand Man” ~ Samantha King
“What’d You All Dream” ~ Matt Thureson
“Love Will Come and Find Me Again” ~ Emily Healey
“Love Song” ~ Emily Fleet
“O Holy Night” ~ Matthew Fagan
“Here Comes the Sun” ~ Samantha King and Brooklyn Toli
“I’d Rather Be Me” ~ Tyler-Lynn Tavares
“My Petersburg” ~ Douglas Morgan
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” ~ Andrea Vargas
“I Could Be Jewish for You” ~ Makenna Beaudoin
“Shallow” ~ Matthew Fagan and Madison Rea
“Snowstorm” ~ Dylan Bowden
A Princess Power Medley ~ Marisa Rebelo, Alyssa Maitoza, and Michaela Pendola

~ 10 Minute Intermission~

A Tap Solo ~ Brooklyn Toli

“Haven’t Met You Yet” ~ Jonathan Grice
“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” ~ Emma Teves
“Great Balls of Fire” ~ Alexander Crespo-Rosario
“Lost in the Brass” ~ Maria Cabral
“The Song That Goes Like This” ~ Dylan Bowden and Andrea Vargas
“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” ~ Jackie Steen
“Daryl is a Boy” ~ Alyssa Maitoza
“All I Want for Christmas is You” ~ Lindsey Ashworth
“Let’s Hear it for the Boy” ~ Marisa Rebelo
“I Know It’s Today” ~ Taylor Santoro, Kyle Eldridge, and Douglas Morgan
“Taylor the Latte Boy” ~ Madison Rea
“The Do-Not-Sing List” ~ Michaela Pendola
“Poor Unfortunate Souls” ~ Taylor Santoro
“Valerie” ~ Emily Fleet, Maria Cabral, and Tyler-Lynn Tavares