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Report On

“Hope Center (Donation Based Website)”

As a partial Requirement for the degree of B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering.

Course Name: Final Year Project

Course Code: CSE-435, CSE-436

Submitted By
Arfa Akther

ID- 133-115-033

Batch- 31st Batch

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Supervised by:
Sakhawat Hossain Saimon


Department of CSE

Metropolitan University, Sylhet


The project “Hope Center”, submitted by Arfa Akther, ID no. 133-115-033 both have
been accepted as satisfactory for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering on 2 June, 2018.

_______________ _______________
Supervisor Arif Ahmed
Sakhawat Hossain Saimon Lecturer

Lecturer Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science &Engineering

&Engineering Metropolitan University, Sylhet

Metropolitan University, Sylhet

_______________ _______________
Nazmin Akther Akhlak Uz Zaman Ashik
Senior Lecturer Lecturer
Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science
&Engineering & Engineering
Metropolitan University, Sylhet Metropolitan University, Sylhet

Md. Rashedul Islam
Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

& Engineering

Metropolitan University, Sylhet

Candidate’s declaration
It is hereby declared that this project reported here has been performed by me and this project
or any part of it has not been submitted elsewhere for the award of any degree or diploma,
does not contain any unlawful statements.

Arfa Akther
ID No: 133-115-033
Department of Computer Science &

First and foremost, I would like to thank ALLAH (Subhanahu WaTa’ala) for His never
ending grace, mercy and provision during the completion of this project.

I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me

throughout this project “Hope Center”. I am thankful to my brilliant and truly outstanding
supervisor Sir Sakhawat Hossain Saimon for his aspiring guidance, invaluably constructive
criticism and friendly advice during the project work. I am sincerely grateful to all of my
respected faculty members for sharing their truthful and illuminating views throughout these
four years and also helping me with this project on a number of issues.

Also I would like to thank Head of the Department Mr. Fuad Ahmed and all of the faculty
members of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Metropolitan University for
making me skilled and giving the knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering. Your
contribution can only be acknowledgement but never be rewarded.

Many people, especially my batch mates and my friends, have made valuable comment
suggestions on this proposal which gave me an inspiration to improve my project. I am
grateful to all the people and especially my family for their help to complete my project.
Table of Content

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1 Software Requirement Specification (SRS) 1

1.2 Introduction of Hope Center 1

1.3 Purpose of Hope Center 1

1.4 Why Hope Center? 1

1.5 Advantages of uses 2

Chapter 2. Methodology

2.1 Methodology 3

2.2 Implementation 3

2.2.1 Functional Requirements 3

2.2.2 Software Requirements 3

Chapter 3. Feasibility Study

3.1 Technical Feasibility 4

3.2 Operational Feasibility 4–5

3.3 Economic Feasibility 5

Chapter 4. Requirement Analysis

4.1 6
Operating Environment

4.2 Design and Implantation Constrains 6

4.3 User Requirements 6

4.3.1 Functional Requirements 7 Registered User 7 Admin 7
1 Registered User 7–8

2 User 8

4.3.2 Non-Functional Requirements 8 Security 8 Performance/Response Time 8 Error Handling 9 Availability 9 Ease of use 9

Chapter 5. Design & Analysis

5.1 Design and Analysis 10

5.2 Use Case Diagram 10 –


5.2.1 Admin Use Case Diagram 11

5.2.2 Registered User use Case Diagram 12

5.2.3 User Use Case Diagram 13

5.3 Activity Diagram 13

5.3.1 Admin Activity Diagram 14

5.3.2 Registered User Activity Diagram 14

5.3.3 Login Activity Diagram 15

5.3.4 User Activity Diagram 15

5.4 Sequence Diagram 16

5.4.1 Admin approve delete post Sequence diagram 16

5.4.2 Admin Delete comment Sequence diagram 17

5.4.3 Add delete gallery or testimonial Sequence 18


5.4.4 User post Sequence diagram 19

5.4.5 Create Post Sequence diagram 20

5.4.6 Donate money Sequence diagram 21

5.4.7 User add/report Sequence diagram 22

5.5 Entity Relation Diagram 23

Chapter 6.System Overview(Snapshots) 24-34

Chapter 7. References 35