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Total work space available in AutoCad

a) 4 b) 5 c) 3 d) 2

2. Which Function key used for orthomode on and of

a) F8 b) F10 c) F7 d) F6

3. Total no of Coordinate System available in AutoCad 2d

a) 3 b) 4 c) 2 d) 1

4. Which Coordinate System uses this format

a) Polar Coordinate System b) Relative Rectangular Coordinate System
c) Absolute Coordinate System

5. What is P2 on absolute coordinate system

a) (5,0) b) (-5,0) c) (0,5)

6. What is P4 using Relative Rectangular Coordinate system

a) 100,0 b) -100,0 c) 0,-100

7. What is P4 on polar coordinate system

a) 50<270 b) 50<90 c) 90<50

8. How many methods to draw circle in AutoCad

a) C,R 2P 3P TTR b) C,R 2P 3P TTR c) C,R 2P 3P TTT K,D

9. What is the default method to draw Circle

a) Centre Radius) Centre Diameter c) 2P

10. 3P method is used to draw by

a) 3 circumference point b) 3 Tangent Point c) None of the above

11. 2 point method is used to draw

a) 2 diametric point b) 2 circumference point c) None of the above

12. To access the osnap setting through keyboard how many minimum alphabet required to type
a) 3 b) 4 c) 2

13. How many methods are used to draw Arc

a) 11 b) 9 c) 10

14. Using three point method Arc can be drawn in both clockwise and Counter Clockwise direction

15. In Start Centre end method the start point& CENTRE determines
a) Radius b) diameter c) Circumference

16. How many methods to draw Ellipse

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4
17. What is the template file exi
a) .dwt b) .dwg c) .dxn

18. How many system variable that controls the start up dialogue kit
a) 2 b) 3 c) 1

19. In Ellipse P1 & P2 determine what

a) major axis b) minor axis c) none of the above

20. What method we can use to draw the arc using this data
a) Start, Centre, Radius b) Start, End, Radius c) Start, End, Angle

21. What will be the Chord length of this Arc

a) 100 b) 50 c) 70.17

22. Polygon command creates an closed polyline

a) un equilateral b) Equilateral c) None of the above

23. How many methods are there to draw Polygon

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4

24. Inscribe Polygon means

a) radius of circle which all vertices lie b) Diameter of circle which all vertices lie
c) None of the above

25. Acadiso.dwt refers to which diagram template

a) Imperial b) Metric c) None of the above

26. Acad.dwt default limit is

a) 12,9 b) 9,12 c) 420,297

27. What Key is to use change ISO Plane

a) F5 b) F8 c) F7

28. ISO circle is available in which command

a) Circle b) Ellipse c) Arc

29. What Snap type to be change to draw ISO circle

a) Rectangular Snap b) ISO metric c) Polar Snap

30. From Point method is use to locate

a) Point b) Angle c) Distance

31. What will be the base point used to move the circle
a) P1 b) P2 c) None of the above

32. What can be row of

a) 105 b) 100 c) 120
33. How many methods are used to draw polar array in Array Classic
a) 3 b) 2 c) 4

34. To mirror the object from A to B i.e left to right the second point of mirror line could be defined
a) A straight vertical lineb) A straight horizontal line

35. What will be the value of the ofset gap type for this ofset
a) 1 b) 2 c) 0

36. To get the ofset layer as Green what option should be selected in the ofset layer
a) Through b) Current c) Source

37. What will be the Scale factor for this

a) 2 b) 3 c) 75

38. What option used in scale command to do this

a) Scale factor b) Copy c) Reference

39. Using which key we can extend an object while we are in Trim Command
a) Shift b) Ctrl c) Alt

40. What option in Trim is Used

a) Extend b) Crossing c) Fence

41. What option in trim is used is the valid selection for stretch
a) Extend b) Crossing c) Fence

42. What is the valid selection for stretch

43. Which point selection is valid for solid

44. To draw diameter symbol in dtex what is the control code used
a) %%u b) %%d c)%%c

45. The general property common to all object

a) 8 b) 7 c) 4

46. What is the file extension saved for imported layer state
a) .dws b) .dwg c) .las

47. The current layer can be frozen in Autocad


48. How many types of filter available in layer

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4
49. Arc option available in Polyline command

50. Using pedit we can set uniform width for entire polyline

51. Using which option in pedit the polyline is converted

a) Fit b) Dcurve c) Edit move

52. What will be the color of the fillet layer

a) Red b) Green c) None of the above

53. Which one is not valid fillets

1)a 2)b 3)c

54. Using the Area option of the measogram command to accuse the area of the polyline object
mixes the two circle
a) Use the Hatch option of the measogram command
b) Add the polyline object sub the circle obj A and B
c) Select the Polyline

55. What option should we select in length to specify exact total length of angle
a) Delta b) Angle c) perlent d) total

56. How would you apply the linear dimension exactly show
a) Pick intersect D & E and place the dimension
b) Pick horizontal line DE and place the dimension
c) Pick intersect A & B and place the dimension

57. What are the options available in Dimlinear

a) Mtext. Text, Angle, Horizontal, Vertical, Rotate
b) Mtext, Angle, ldrt, parallel
c) Mtext, Angle, Vertical

58. Quadrant option available in Dim Angular


59. Base line dimension are multiple line measure from

a) Same baseline b) Diferent Baseline c) Continue Baseline d) None of the above

60. Which

61. What

62. What
63. What

64. Block option available in leader command


65. To change non associative dimension to Associate what command is used

a) Dim Reassociate b) Dim Dis Associate c) Dime Associate

66. System variable converts associate Dim to Non Associate

a) Dim Associate b) Dim Associate c) Dim ReAssociate

67. The default dimension style obtained in acadiso template is

a) ISO 25 b) Standard c) Annotative

68. Filter Properties are saved as a file with an extension of

a) b) c) filter.f

69. Block is a collection of objects that associate together to form a single object

70. We can mirror a block during insertion by specifying a negative sease value say True or false

71. Which

72. What is default attribute mode

a) Lock position b) Invisible c) Verify d) Preset

73. Name of the command which unlinks the OLE object

a) OLE Hide b) OLE link c) OLE Reset

74. How many Reference type available in external Reference

a) 2 b) 3 c) 1

75. If Xreference drawing are get updated changes are not automatically updated when you open
the source drawing

76. There is a limit to the number of drawings you can reference


77. It is not possible to have netted reference


78. Which of the following features lets you reference an external drawing without making this
drawing a permanent part of the external drawing
a) demand
b) External
c) External Clipping
d) Insert drawing

79. The pagesetup manager dialog box is displayed when you invoice the (Page set up) manage

80. By selecting the view option from the what to plan drop down list in the plot area you can plot a
view that was created with view command

81. Which of the following command is to use to create a new plot style
a) Style b) Style manager c) Plot Style d) None

82. Which

83. You can