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Christina Latham-Koenig Clive Oxenden Paul Seligson ENGLISH FILE Elementary Student’s Book A Be 41 ea ae OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Contents Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation 4 A Myname’s Hannah, not Anna verb be‘ subject pronouns: days of the week, numbers 0-20, vowel sounds, word you, etc. greetings stress © B Alloverthe world verb be(andE] the world, numbers 23-100 eh sentence stress 8 open your books, please possessive adjectives: classroom language ‘eu, a the ‘my, your ete. alphabet 10 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 1. Arrivingin London 32 A Awriter's room 2/an, plurals; things final -sand -es; th this/ that? these/ those adjectives colours, adjectives, modifiers: long and short vowet quite / very/ really sounds imperatives, let's Feelings understanding connected speech 20 A Thingstoveaboutsritain present simple GlandE ‘orb phrases third person -s 2B. Work and play present simple jobs sf 24 © Loveontine ‘word orderin questions question wards sentence stress 26 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 2 Coffee to take away 28 A Isshohiswifeorhissister? Whose.’ possessive ferity W,the etter o 30 B What alifel Prepositions of time (at in, on) and everyday activities, linking and sentence Place tint) stress 32 © Shortlfe, ong fe? position of adverbs and adverbs andexpressions of __‘theletterh ; Sxpression of frequency frequency Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation 36 A DoyouhavetheX Factor? can/can't verb phrases: buy anewspaper etc. sentence stress 38 B Loveyourneighbours present continuous verb phrases ii 40 © sunandthe city present simple or present ‘the weather and seasons places in London continuous? 42. PRACTICALENGLISH Episode 3 Ina clothes shop 44 A Reading inEngtish object pronouns: me, you, him, ete. phone language ‘a. and i 46 -B Timeswelove tke + (verb + ing) the date; ordinal numbers consonant clusters saying the date 48 © Musicis changing theirtives revision: be or do? music v 100 Communication TLL Writing: 116 Listening 124 Grammar Bank 148 Vocabulary Bank 165 Irregular verbs 165 Sound Bank