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Toronto’s sweetest reno p. 58 Paradise on the rocks p. 94 What we’ve learned from Sandy p. 68 A masterpiece by the beach p. 42



starchitects: SIGNATURE
the next generation P. 86 SEATing
P. 98

Can ⁄ US $7.95
mar ⁄ apr 2014
PM40048073 R09064
printed in canada

stunning stone
for floors,
walls and
P. 54

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Canada. Land of quattro.

t’s ever y w
t here, i
Ou w e r t o t h e wheels
that n e e
t io
ost, quatt
any sur fa
c e.
uting po le tra
By distrib e s y o u in c o m p arab
drive giv
all-wheel t a u d tr
or e a
Find out m

AUD3429_Q5_AZURE_DPS.indd 1
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for itself.
y wheel

©2014 Audi Canada. “Audi”, “quattro”, “Q5”, “Vorsprung durch Technik”, and the four rings emblem are registered
trademarks of Audi AG. To find out more about Audi, visit your Audi dealer, call 1-800-FOR-AUDI, or visit us at

1/23/2014 9:42 AM
Untitled-1 3 1/23/2014 11:21 AM
Our working lives are a series of juxtapositions. We break out
into a casual one-on-one in the middle of a formal meeting.
We are quietly absorbed in an email thread during a spirited group
brainstorm. We sit up, lie back, or lean in as we converse or
have a coffee. These contrasting rituals live side by side, in both
opposition and harmony. Perching, standing, lounging, sitting.

Designed by EOOS.
1 800 724 5665

client: Keilhauer JUXTA colours: CMYK

created: 02/07/2013 publication: AZURE
creative: Matt Boyd info: Final File is PDF/X-1a
production: René ext 226 docket:
ad size: 18 x 11.5 inches LEFT SIDE insertion date:
client: Keilhauer-JUXTA colours: CMYK
created: 02/07/2013 publication: AZURE
creative: Matt Boyd info: Final File is PDF/X-1a
production: René ext 226 docket:
ad size: 18 x 11.5 inches RIGHT SIDE insertion date:
© 2014 Antolini Luigi. All Rights reserved.

Legendary Opulence.

Presenting The Precioustone Collection.

When it comes to innovations in natural stone, one company stands alone: Antolini.

The result is the Precioustone Collection, setting the standard for the most advanced technologies and
craftsmanship of Italy. This breathtaking collection of over 100 unique creations is unrivalled for its
artful beauty and exquisite quality. The collection is available throughout the US. To locate the nearest
Precioustone distributor, email and visit for details.

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Tiger Eye Blue

A s t o n e p h i l o s o p h y

Untitled-1 3 1/24/2014 11:01 AM

Inform InterIors ItAlInterIors trIede
50 & 97 Water street 359 King street east 385 Place d’Youville
Vancouver BC toronto, Canada montreal, Quebec
Canada, m5A 1l1 H2Y 2B7
V6B 1A4

CAN_AZURE_EG_COMP_D_VER_NEW.indd 2 07/11/13 17.28

“made in italy”

A.D. nAtAliA corbettA / fotogrAfiA mArio ciAmpi

F L E X F O R M SpA TEL. 0362 3991

INDUSTRIA FA X 0 3 6 2 3 9 9 2 2 8
PER L’ARREDAMENTO w w w. f l e x f o r m . i t
20821 MEDA (MB)
VIA EINAUDI 23.25 An t o n i o c i t t e r i o

CAN_AZURE_EG_COMP_D_VER_NEW.indd 3 07/11/13 17.29

Introducing the LF-NX concept. Designed to up the ante on compact
luxury SUV’s. Muscular aerodynamic lines. The latest touch-screen
instrumentation. A steeply-raked tailgate with spoiler. For now it’s a
pretty picture but make no mistake — it’s hungry to get on with the show.
Expect performances daily.


LEX-BR077-M-5_LF NX_Mag_E1.indd 1
Untitled-1 2 1/21/2014 11:14 AM

2014-01-16 3:32 PM
Untitled-1 3 1/21/2014 11:14 AM
MINOTTI AZURE (CND) marzo-aprile 14_Layout 1 22/01/14 15:13 Pagina 1




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SieMatic-CA-AD13a-FS-S03079-9x11'5_v2_SieMatic Ad 1/23/14 3:32 PM Page 1


Binns kitchen + bath design Bow Valley Kitchens Ltd. Design First Interiors Heart Kitchen & Bath
1055 Bay Street 105F-58 Avenue, SE 270 Richmond Rd 7801 109th Street
Toronto ON M5S 3A3 Calgary AB T2H 0N8 Ottawa ON K1Z 6X2 Edmonton AB T6G 1C6
416.286.2222 403.258.2230 613.562.2655 780.433.7801

Untitled-1 2 1/28/2014 2:50 PM

Redl Kitchen Studio SieMatic Montreal
1669 West 3rd, Suite 102 8505 du Quartier Blvd
Vancouver BC V6J 1K1 Brossard QC J4Y 3K4
604.681.4457 450.462.5555

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AZURE Magazine’s international competition is open to designers, architects, landscape
architects, clients, manufacturers and students for work completed before December
31, 2013. Entries are juried by a panel of international experts. Winners are published in
AZURE’s annual awards issue, on newsstands June 2014.





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LIBERAMENTE design Vuesse

FONT design Castiglia Associati


Scavolini S.p.A. Italia +39 0721443333

SCAVOLINI IN CANADA: DEKLA 1220 Yonge Street, Unit 100 Toronto Tel: 416.961.2929 - SCAVOLINI STORE VANCOUVER 4033 Cambie St. Vancouver
Tel: 604. 569.1606 - CUISINES MODENA 5525 Upper Lachine Road, Montreal Tel: 514.483.1376
Tel. 650.369.1794 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA Tel. 415.731.3688 - SAN GABRIEL, CA Tel. 626.457.8099 - WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA Tel. 310.657.5100
CANAAN, CT Tel. 860.824.1280 - WASHINGTON, DC Tel. 202.338.8090 - MIAMI, FL coming soon Tel. 305.441.0692 - CHICAGO, IL Tel. 773.279.0050
DETROIT, MI Tel. 734.645.6736 - CEDARHURST, NY Tel. 516.374.4675 - ROCHELLE PARK, NJ Tel. 201.368.8400 - HOUSTON, TX Tel. 281.460.1246
SAN ANTONIO, TX Tel. 210.822.2266
For further information about Scavolini distribution pls. contact: Scavolini USA, Inc. Tel. Scavolini USA: 877.972.2865 - Email:

System of Quality Management UNI EN ISO 9001 - System of Scavolini uses only Idroleb panels for the carcase of its kitchens:
Environmental Management UNI EN ISO 14001 - System of Health & a water repellent V100 panel with the lowest formaldehyde content
Safety Management OHSAS 18001 presently available in the world.

AzureMagazineCA_scavolini03_04.indd 1 14/01/14 15:25

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413 0 C L AM SHE L L




Do you design to shine? Then show us your best work! Think kitchens,
bathrooms, feature walls, floors and stairways, or even custom-made
furniture. The applications are endless!

Simply share your photos of projects in which our product is featured

for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip for two to London, England to
attend 100% Design. Plus, your work will appear in AZURE magazine.

For more than 25 years, we’ve allowed you to get creative by offering
a wide variety of designs for surfaces. We simply provide the tools
for you to put your unique stamp on any room, and create an interior
finish which is strikingly different than any other.

Contest closes March 20th, 2014.

For more details,

Crossing Colors

A textile collaboration with sheila Hicks

memosam ple s.c om

Crossing_Colors_Ad-AZR.indd 1 1/16/2014 10:20:58 AM

mar ⁄ apr 2014



The Elastic Designer Meet Benjamin
Hubert, designer of the lightest furni-
ture on earth. By Giovanna Dunmall


Point of Entry A diaphanous terminal at Bao’an International Airport, by Studio Fuksas of Rome,
is the ­latest expression of China’s love affair with show-stopping architecture. By Rodolphe el-Khoury

In Good Company MAST, a hybrid building in Bologna, Italy, integrates a leading industrial company’s

office space with public galleries, a theatre and a daycare. By Monica Zerboni
A Life in Frames Toronto’s Johnson
Chou’s dramatic renovation brings in

86 68
the light. By Paige Magarrey

focus: stone

Ones to Watch Four firms destined Living with Super-storms How landscape architects 54 Material Trend Marble, onyx and other
to become the next generation around the world are finding new ways to soak up flood stones in classic greys and brilliant hues.
of starchitects. By Paige Magarrey waters rather than block them out. By Effie Bouras Photography by Hamin Lee

mar ⁄ apr 2014 25

P25-26_Contents_MA14_F.indd 25 1/27/2014 3:29 PM

mar ⁄ apr 2014


48 Fresh Take Katerina Cizek’s new doc

as­ses­ses our obsession with the high-rise

46 Data Plan A by-the-numbers look at the

starchitects who own the future

42 Groundbreaker Herzog & de Meuron’s exuberantly landscaped Pérez Art Museum opens in Miami

FIELD TRIP Design File

50 Calendar Milan Design Week, Frankfurt’s

Light + Building, a West 8 lecture in Toronto,
the Holcim Awards competition; and more

52 Et Cetera
Ross Lovegrove’s
3-D-printed baubles;
Nika Zupanc’s tiny
94 Northern Pull Minarc’s luxury hotel in 98 Soft Seating Sink-into-me sofas and
chair; and more
Iceland’s heritage Thingvellir National Park upholstered loungers for home and office

Material World Just in also

36 Contributors

104 Media Shelf Books, films and websites: what

we’re reading, watching and downloading

106 Boldface Movers, shakers, ­winners and

green do-gooders

108 Advertiser Index

102 Building Resilience Products and systems 44 Fun With Food Edible Schoolyard NYC, by 110 Trailer Heritage, an installation by
that bolster structures in extreme weather WORKac, helps kids flourish Cai Guo-Qiang

26 mar ⁄ apr 2014

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EVENTSCAPE_March_AZURE.pdf 1 1/17/2014 9:10 AM





Vibrant green, mirrored, multi-faceted glass columns soar in this new condo lobby, designed by
Munge Leung. The three 33 foot high structural concrete columns are each clad with 40 faceted

glass panels. Visible from the street, Eventscape engineered, fabricated and installed these
dramatic column facades.
Project: Fly Condos, Toronto, ON

FABRICATORS Interior Design: Munge Leung

Engineering, Fabrication & Installation of Custom Lobby Feature Columns: Eventscape Inc.
Architects: Graziani + Corazza Architects
Developer: Empire Communities
See the fabrication video
mar ⁄ apr 2014

available now:

azure →
design architecture

on your
ipad and
More on Milan In April, Azure travels to the Italian Fit for a Princess Visit us for more coverage
design capital to scour the Salone del Mobile for of monumental projects, including Perkins+Will’s
the best new furniture and lighting. Check in for magnificent Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman
our top picks and previews, including the Luft University for Women in Saudi Arabia, host to
chair by Walter Maria de Silva for Poltrona Frau. more than 60,000 students.

interiors curiosity


Rev It Up Each week, we feature stunning What a Gem Stay up to date on worldwide
Enjoy the best contemporary spaces from around the world, such as Intersect, exhibits, such as the Gijs+Emmy Spectacle at
a multi-functional event space and lounge in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk, which showcases the
architecture and design Tokyo for automaker Lexus, designed by local sculptural jewellery and fashion of Gijs Bakker
wherever you are with the firm Wonderwall. (formerly of Droog) and Emmy van Leersum.

portable AZURE magazine app

video ► job board events digital
Click on our Video section View career openings in Updated daily with dates Packed with innovations,
for exclusive interviews Canada and internationally and deadlines for current state-of-the-art builds
with such notable designers in 10 fields, among them and upcoming conferences, and the latest in furniture ⁄ app and architects as Karim architecture, interior exhibits, competitions and and home accessories
Rashid and Philippe Starck. design and graphic design. openings around the globe. from across the world.

we’re open 24 ⁄ 7

28 mar ⁄ apr 2014

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Collage Studio - Photo Tommaso Sartori


For Viola every story always begins with Tufty-Time. Tufty-Time is designed by Patricia Urquiola.


50 & 97 Water Street 288 King Street East
Vancouver - BC Toronto, Canada
Tel. 604 682 3868 Tel. 416 539 9665

AzureInform+Kiosk229X292STufty.indd 1 03/04/12 18.12

Las Vegas Convention Center


6.1.14 – 6.5.14


Azure_Ad_March_April_2014_Layout 1 2014-01-22 2:16 PM Page 1

ADESSO | | 1.888.578.5784

Adesso is our finest achievement in private office furnishings, and it delivers a value proposition unlike anything that has come before
it. Quarter cut and rift cut veneers - the very best available, harvested sustainably, in a wide range of standard as well as custom species
- are sourced and selected by hand, and chosen carefully for every office. Whether it is for one office or a hundred, every office suite is
individually made, piece by piece, to create extraordinarily beautiful workspaces. From beautiful mitered joinery to drawers featuring
dovetailed construction (and an optional soft-closing feature), every piece and every office are made with an exacting workmanship
and attention to detail that will please the most discerning eye.
Vol. 30 – No. 230 mar ⁄ apr 2014

Editorial Director
Nelda Rodger
Catherine Osborne
Creative Director
Karen Simpson
Senior Editor
Elizabeth Pagliacolo
Managing Editor
Diane Chan
Associate Editor
Tory Healy
Assistant Editor
David Dick-Agnew
Copy Chief
Pamela Capraru
Contributing Editors
Andrew Braithwaite, Tim McKeough, Rachel Pulfer,
David Theodore, Adele Weder
Iwan Baan, Effie Bouras, Ian Chodikoff, Terence Dick,
Giovanna Dunmall, Rodolphe el-Khoury, Leonardo Finotti,
Alex Fradkin, Craig Gloag, Robin Hamill, Hamin Lee, Brenda
Liu, Paige Magarrey, Joann Plockova, Christian Richters,
Jonathon Rivait, Regina Winkle-Bryan, Monica Zerboni
Associate Art Director
Vicky Lee
Production ⁄ Design Intern
Jason Michael Green

Web Coordinator
Francesco Sgaramella
Web Designer
Kari Silver

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Vol. 30 – No. 230 mar ⁄ apr 2014

THE MANY Publisher

Sergio Sgaramella

Senior Account Managers
Jeffrey Bakazias
(416) 203-9674 x238
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34 mar ⁄ apr 2014

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PLOUM sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
PSA PubliSherS

→ we asked: What iconic

Building would you most
like to visit?

“Sou Fujimoto’s Musashino “The Kolumba museum in Cologne,

Art University Library in Tokyo. by Peter Zumthor. It has a set
He has taken the quintessential design quality that subverts the
element of a library – the shelf fact that it is a three-dimensional
– and used it to make an inviting building.”
bookshelf forest.”
To discover the solutions landscape
For “Art Under the Stars,” writer architects are devising to confront
Joann Plockova visited Herzog & the challenges of climate change,
de Meuron’s Pérez Art Museum writer Effie Bouras examines
Miami, where hanging gardens weather-responsive landscapes
take advantage of the year-round from Toronto to Amsterdam.
tropical climate. → Page 42 → Page 68

“Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is one. “I have yet to see the Pyramids.

Having grown up in North America Cairo is a short plane ride from my
but coming from an East Asian home in Barcelona, but the turmoil
Light+Building culture, it would be fascinating in North Africa has kept me from
Frankfurt a.M. April 15 – 20 to see Byzantine architecture experiencing Egypt first-hand.”
Free Guided Tours in person.”
For “Northern Pull,” writer Regina
For Material Trend, Toronto Winkle-Bryan spent the night
photog­rapher Hamin Lee captured in Reykjavik’s secluded Ion Hotel,
16 varieties of marble, onyx and an adventure lover’s paradise
stone, quarried from countries as sheltered by a rugged lava field.
far flung as Italy, France and → Page 94
Pakistan. → Page 54

36 mar ⁄ apr 2014

psa-95x264-pin-azure.indd 1 27.01.14 18:17

P36_Contribs2_MA14_F.indd 36 1/28/2014 2:55 PM


The DXV Lyndon Collection, part of an exclusive

new offering from American Standard.
fibreC facade for Library and Learning Center, University of Vienna
Zaha Hadid Architects, London and Hamburg
6,100 m² glassfibre reinforced concrete facade in liquide black and bianco
Large format panels, formed elements and fins
Unique, honest character of material

Distributed by fibreC North America

1-877-740-0303 (toll free) | |

AZ EFH 08_2013.indd 1 16.01.2014 15:21:25



Our plotters
deliver brilliant

output up to
2880 x 1440 dpi.


® ®

• Extreme plotting accuracy at resolutions up to 2880 x 1440 dpi

• Advanced pigment ink technology for durable, photographic-quality plots
• Produces a presentation quality, colour, D-size plot in 25 seconds
• High-capacity ink cartridges up to 700 mL for low printing cost
• Space-saving design with easy access front-loading paper and ink

Epson SureColor T3000 - 24" | $3,075

Epson SureColor T5000 - 36" | $4,075
Epson SureColor T7000 - 44" | $5,095

Speeds are based upon print engine speed only. Total throughput times depend upon factors such as computer, file size, printer resolution, ink coverage, and networking. For the SC-T3000,
fastest print speed for a D-size plot is 28 seconds. Prices are MSRP, before rebates. Please check with an Epson Professional Imaging Authorized Reseller for actual price as dealer prices
may vary. EPSON and SureColor are registered trademarks and EPSON Exceed Y our Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Copyright 20 13 Epson America, Inc.

EPSON Ad for AZURE Magazine- Droplets EN 9x11.5.indd 1 1/15/2014 10:22 AM

© teknion 2014. ®,™ trademarks of teknion corporation and /or its subsidiaries or licensed to it. in canada call 866.teknion. in the usa call 877.teknion
Teknion studio

art under the


Anyone who visits the Pérez Art Museum Miami will realize immediately that cubes and glassed-in spaces, the interior volume is tucked inside the canopied
its architects, the Swiss firm of Herzog & de Meuron, were in thrall to the exterior, so that from a distance it appears to float above the ground.
city’s natural beauty. A cluster of volumes nestled under an open veranda, the Views to the outdoors provide a rich backdrop for the art on display. The
building is topped with a latticed canopy of greenheart wood and concrete, sprawling first and second floors feature 3,090 square metres of permanent
its horizontality broken up by verdant hanging gardens suspended from the and exhibition galleries; a restaurant and a museum shop also occupy the first
rafters. Visible throughout the structure, the tropical greenery and the stun- floor, while the third houses educational facilities and offices. In the Ai Weiwei
ning city views foster a close connection to Miami, from both inside and out. retrospective on view until mid-March, the Chinese dissident artist’s Stacked
Christine Binswanger, the project’s partner in charge, explains on a sculpture, assembled from hundreds of bicycles, is framed by one of many
press tour during last year’s DesignMiami, “As in our previous work, such as large openings and windows. These offer exceptional views of the bay and the
the Dominus Estate in Napa Valley, the museum’s environmental circum- city, even giving the busy MacArthur Causeway an unexpected visual appeal.
stances become central to its architectural concept.” Herzog & de Meuron’s What makes the museum truly remarkable are the 67 vertical hanging
embrace of the extraordinary climate, lush vegetation and cultural diversity gardens. Brought to life by botanist and vertical gardening pioneer Patrick
is somewhat radical in a city known for its art deco icons, which principal Blanc, each of the columnar structures features different plant compositions
Jacques Herzog characterizes as “decorated boxes” that bear little relation- drawn from 77 native species (false heather, golden daisy bush, creeping
PHOTOgraphy by iwan baan

ship to their surroundings. saxifrage), all irrigated with reclaimed rainwater. Blanc joined the project early
Elevated above its 14,220-square-metre site next to Biscayne Bay, the on, and he spent several years testing plant varieties to determine which
11,125-square-metre museum places the art above storm surge level and ones could best endure Miami’s intense climate and storm season. He hopes
accommodates open-air parking. From beneath the facility’s platform, stilts the gardens will attract butterflies and nesting birds, creating a unique micro­
rise to form columns that support the pergola-like canopy, which shades environment and adding life to this nature-inspired cultural wonder.
the entire site and creates an energetic public space. A mix of jutting white

42 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P42-43_Groundbreaker_MA14_F.indd 42 1/21/2014 4:02 PM

Like an open veranda, Herzog & de Meuron’s
exuberantly landscaped Pérez Art Museum Miami
embraces the city’s true nature

BY Joann Plockova

←← PAMM’s multi-
volume structure
features a woven roof
in greenheart wood
and concrete, with rich
views into and outside
the museum.
← The current exhibit,
According to What?,
is devoted to the works
of Chinese dissident
artist Ai Weiwei.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 43

P42-43_Groundbreaker_MA14_F.indd 43 1/21/2014 4:03 PM

just in

fun with
Kids harvest their own plants and
learn about food prep at the Edible

Schoolyard NYC by WORKac

BY tim mckeough

WORKac has long promoted urban farming. In 2008 at MoMA PS1, the New York architecture
firm developed the Public Farm 1 installation, an elevated terrace overgrown with food-producing
plants. So when Edible Schoolyard NYC, a branch of the program founded by Chez Panisse
chef Alice Waters, asked WORKac to design its first ground-up building, it represented a dream
project. The non-profit organization teaches kids to grow and prepare their own produce.
“We’ve been looking at how food systems can shape cities for years,” says Amale Andraos, who
heads WORKac with her partner, Dan Wood. Finally, here was an opportunity to put their ideas
into real-world practice and, she notes, “transform the city, one school at a time.”
The 170-square-metre building anchors a 0.2‑hectare garden reclaimed from a former
parking lot at Public School 216 in Brooklyn. The architects split the building into three distinct
components: a polycarbonate and aluminum greenhouse; a kitchen classroom sheathed in
fibre cement shingles; and a bright blue, rubber-clad systems wall that contains a tool shed,
a cistern (which collects rainwater from the greenhouse/classroom’s sloped roof) and other
functional components. “We wanted the structure to be part of the garden aesthetically, but
also to express its performance and systems,” says Andraos.
The need for durability drove many of the material choices, but WORKac reinvented their
application to dramatic effect. By increasing the shingles’ standard overlap, the partners created
a denser motif of scales to render enormous pixelated flowers on the side of the building. To
animate ordinary cabinetry in the kitchen classroom, they lacquered the fronts with a 13-colour
gradient. And although they designed the infrastructure for the exterior garden, they largely left
PHOTOs by iwan baan

the planting pattern to the students. “The teachers and kids reinvent the garden every season,”
↑ Edible Schoolyard NYC in Brooklyn encourages kids to says Andraos. “In the end, it’s about this negotiation between design and DIY.”
get their hands dirty in the greenhouse (top). The building Already at work on a second Edible Schoolyard, in Harlem, the firm is developing a kit that
also contains a brightly clad kitchen classroom, and a could be rolled out at numerous other schools. In that way, the PS 216 project is the seed of an
blue systems wall that houses a tool shed and a cistern. idea that may eventually flourish across New York.

44 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P44_EdibleGarden_MA14_F.indd 44 1/27/2014 3:32 PM

data plan

the big
A snapshot of what eight top architects have on the
boards – from Norman Foster’s Apple headquarters to

Rem Koolhaas’s master plan for Doha, Qatar

BY Jonathon rivait


New York, Zaha Hadid Architects MAD Studio Bjarke Ingels Group UNStudio Foster + Partners OMA Snøhetta
founded 1979 London, 1980 Beijing, 2004 Copenhagen, 2005 Amsterdam, 1988 London, 1967 Rotterdam, 1975 Oslo, 1989

Number of
projects 11 42 11 28 18 11 29 14

Total building
area (1,000 m²) 200+ 8,600+ 2,000+ 12,200+ 2,800+ 1,600+ 13,900+ 300+


North America 9 3 8 3 7 6

Europe 1 17 1 18 8 4 16 5

Asia 14 10 2 10 2 2

Other 1 8 2 4 3


Green light 4 22 4 20 10 7 19 3

Under construction 7 20 7 8 8 4 10 11


Broad Tokyo Sinosteel Waste-to-Energy Yongjia World Apple Essence Ryerson

Museum National Plaza Plant Trade Center HQ Financial Student
Los Angeles, Stadium Tianjin, Copenhagen, Wenzhou, Cupertino, CA Building Centre
2014 Tokyo, 2018 2014 2017 Date TBA 2016 Shenzhen, date TBA Toronto, 2014

46 mar ⁄ apr 2014 data derived from media reports and the firms, and does not include confidential commissions

P46_Infographics_MA14_F.indd 46 1/27/2014 3:33 PM

One of the most successful innovations to come out of the Black Forest.

And a cuckoo clock.

The difference is Gaggenau.

In the Black Forest, some things never change. Others have been evolving
since 1683. Ever since our company was founded as a hammer and nail
factory, innovation has become a tradition for us. Such as the new 400
series ovens, shown here with oven, combi-steam oven and warming
drawer – uniting cutting-edge technology with timeless design. Precision
craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail are our tenets.

For more information about Gaggenau and a list of our

partners and showrooms please visit
or call 877.442.4436.

Dwell.indd 1 1/24/2014 11:07 AM

fresh take

Katerina Cizek’s new interactive
documentary sheds a skeptical

the high-rise
light on the urban icon

BY elizabeth pagliacolo

Last summer, the Internet blew up with a story about

a New York condominium that had set aside 55 units
for affordable housing. Such commingling is nothing
new; many of the city’s condos contain low-income
rentals, and under Mayor Bill de Blasio more may follow.
What stung was the developer’s plan for a separate
entrance, which the media dubbed “the poor door.” So
how did we get here, with rich and poor housed in
← Filmmaker Katerina Cizek.
the same dense urban tower, yet separated by such a
↓ The New York Times’ expan-
pronounced class division?
sive photo archive supplied
Katerina Cizek’s interactive doc A Short History
the film’s rich visual imagery.
of the Highrise explores some answers. Spanning
2,500 years of human cohabitation, divided into four
sections – Mud, Concrete, Glass and Home – it was
produced by Canada’s National Film Board in collab-
oration with the New York Times, whose archival
photography constitutes the main interactive element.
“I love archival films built up of still photos, but I’m
often frustrated with them because I always want to
stop and look at the pictures,” Cizek says. “In Highrise,
you get to flip the photos, and the backs have inter-
esting handwriting, stamps, imprints of Scotch tape.”
The 60-minute film also lets viewers freeze the main
story to pull down tabs that reveal illustrations (of the
Tower of Babel, say, or a modern micro-­apartment),
which can be manipulated with a computer click or a
finger swipe. The playfulness goes hand in hand with
the narrative in rhyming couplets, spoken by Cizek and
singer-songwriters Feist and Cold Sparks.
The couplets may strike some users as too cute,
but their lyricism conceals a potent political message.
“Some critics say these micro-apartments of less
than 300 square feet / Are another way of confining
the young, the lonely, the cash-poor into a prison cell
retreat.” This sentiment flies in the face of the recurring
argument that only through dense vertical building
can we heal our cities, and the environment, from the
ravages of sprawl. Cizek is more concerned about
what happens to the people when the towers start to
deteriorate; are besieged by speculators who want to
transform them into luxury apartments; or become, as
the doc suggests, “racialized warehouses of the poor.”
Like her previous film, One Millionth Tower, about
tenants transforming their buildings into more livable
spaces, Highrise ends on a positive note. For the fourth
segment, Home, she and the Times crowd-sourced
intimate snapshots from occupants across the globe
to reveal how their lives are filled with colour, dignity
↖ In one of the film’s
and character – no matter which door they enter by.
inter­active components,
“Humans have an incredible cap­acity to have stuff grow
an illustration of the
out of cracks in the concrete and make their lives
Tower of Babel grows taller
there,” says Cizek.
when you pull down a tab.
→ You can view A Short History of the Highrise at


P48_Q+A_MA14_F.indd 48 1/22/2014 10:50 AM

Recessed seamless sink with sloped area. Induction cooktop flush installed.

Masterpieces of Kitchen Engineering

Countertop including gables

is one single, seamless piece,
manufactured with gauge 12
(~3mm) stainless steel. Anchored to the base (not glued).
Can take extreme heat and cold. It is virtually indestructible.
The most hygienic and durable countertop. Can also be made out of corian.

Ottawa Toronto Europe Designed and made in Ottawa.

2450 Don Reid Drive 232 King St. East Weinheimer Str. 64b
Walkley / Heron
King / Sherbourne
Mannheim, Germany VARASMUS®- Kitchens
V-AD-14-01-01 REVISED.indd 1 1/16/2014 10:55 AM

april 8 to 13

It takes days to view even a fraction of the
furniture on display in Milan each spring, when

renowned brands such as Cappellini, Kartell
and Bolon deliver their latest collections at the

Salone del Mobile fairgrounds in Rho. Also on
site: Where Archi­tects Live, a virtual look into
the homes of noted architects; Eurocucina,
the biennial kitchen furniture exhibition; and
Salone­Satellite, the popular platform for
emerging designers and the launching pad for
many a career. After hours, dozens of events
at warehouses and the showrooms of manu-
facturers like Moooi and Moroso animate the
Zona Tortona and Brera districts of downtown
Milan, while in the northeast Ventura Lambrate’s
daring and independent creations light up the
night. In 2014, under the direction of Kartell
president Claudio Luti, this undisputed highlight
of the annual design calendar promises an
improved visitor experience, with streamlined
transportation, better hotel pricing, and a
Walter Knoll will present its Isanka much-needed overhaul of the fair’s website.
collection at the Salone del Mobile. ­

upcoming fairs
March 18
Toronto Coverings, Las Vegas
Tile and stone innovations for
Two leaders of West 8, Rotterdam’s premier urban design and floors. ­
landscape architecture firm, discuss their impressive interna-
May 7 to 9
tional portfolio in a University of Toronto lecture that should Proposte, Como, Italy
resonate with local audiences. It will touch on the firm’s ongoing The latest from Europe’s contract
work to improve Toronto’s waterfront, including the installation textile manufacturers.
of pedestrian and cycling boulevards along the same stretch of
Queens Quay where West 8 previously built an undulating May 7 to 9
landscape of boardwalks (left). d ­ SolarExpo, Milan
Italy’s expo for sustainable energy
and architecture. ­

registration deadline: march 24 May 12 to 15

holcim awards Maison&objet, miami
The Paris home accessories show
The Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction invite archi- makes its American debut.
tects, engineers and designers to submit projects that stretch
conventional notions about sustainable design. Environmental May 17 to 20
impact, ethical standards and aesthetic appeal are among the ICFF, New York
considerations the international jury will weigh. Winners share in Contemporary furnishings and
a $2-million prize and join the ranks of past recipients, including accessories with a New York edge.
Urban-Think Tank, whose plan for an urban remediation hub in
São Paulo (right) took home silver in 2012. ­ May 22 to 25
SIDIM, Montreal
Residential, commercial and
contract design from Quebec and
march 30 to april 4 beyond. ­
light + building
Frankfurt June 1 to 5
Lightfair International,
At this biennial trade fair, some nine halls house thousands Las Vegas
of light fixtures and components from such masters as Davide North America’s biggest expo
of architectural and commercial
Groppi, Tobias Grau and Ingo Maurer, with the last exhibiting lighting. ­
an LED update to its classic Light Structure (left). This year’s
programming focuses on themes of intelligent sustainability; June 9 to 11
NeoCon, Chicago
the effects of light on human well-being; and the smart grid,
Seating, desking and lighting
highlighted by feature exhibits like Smart Powered Building, a for contract, health care and
model structure that demonstrates in real time how decen- hospitality. ­
tralized energy is generated, stored, distributed and used.

50 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P50_Calendar_MA14_F.indd 50 1/27/2014 3:34 PM


Azure Cover disp S mar 14.indd 1


16/01/14 12:23
et cetera

compiled by diane chan

→ considered objects
A juxtaposition of concrete
and brass lends David
Taylor’s mirror and dish a
refined ruggedness. On
display at San Francisco’s
NWBLK gallery in April,
they’re priced at $3,920
for the trio, which includes
a vase. ­,

↑ a room of one’s own

For a Miss Dior exhibition
at Paris’s Grand Palais,
Nika Zupanc designed this
ultra-feminine one-off
chair to reflect the pastel
pink and bow motif of the
youthful French fragrance.
­, ­

↑ OMa flag deck ← josephson optical ↑ rouge h

Rem Koolhaas’s firm OMA Undulating white ribs, Faye Toogood conceived
has ventured into skater mimicking the way light a bloody good pop-up
culture with a limited edi‑ enters and leaves the eye, installation for Hermès’
tion deck for Dutch com‑ run the perimeter of an London shop, to display
pany Dufarge. Embellished optical shop in Toronto’s products from the com‑
in a striped design, which financial district. Designed pany’s Petit h arm, which
represents the 27 EU flags, by Partisans, the futuristic upcycles its workshop
the pattern may look interior contains such cus- scraps. The all-red exhibit
familiar, as Dufarge also tom pieces as a wood table displayed layers of resin-
applied it to Rem’s Flag routered to imitate tufted covered foam, stacked
skate park in Rotterdam. leather.; like the hides Toogood saw
­, whilst touring the atelier.

← foliates → 40 x 40 furniture

At last year’s Art Basel Piet Hein Eek’s latest
Miami, Ross Lovegrove pre‑ offcut pieces are going
sented six 18-karat gold, cubic. The Eindhoven
teardrop-shaped rings designer whittled down
manufactured using a 3‑D waste materials into
printer. The rounded forms 40‑­millimetre cubes for
are sold through the Louisa his collection of chairs,
Guinness Gallery in London. tables and benches,
­, which starts at $3,575. ­

52 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P52_ETC2_MA14_F.indd 52 1/27/2014 3:38 PM


ceramic tiles — by Ceragres —

C e r a m i c — P o r c e l a i n — S l a t e — S t o n e — M o s a i c s — P o o l s — Ve n t i l a t e d C l a d d i n g

4 Corporate Boutique Workspaces

Toronto 170 Tycos Dr. 416 286-3553 Ottawa 3268 Hawthorne Rd. 613 249-9112
Montreal 9975, boul. St-Laurent 514 384-2225 Quebec 275, av. St-Sacrement 418 692-1711 60 Ceragres Tile Shop Partners
Throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.
Visit to find our locations.
material trend
Marble, slate and onyx have been used for millennia,
but designers are reinventing them for daring interiors and products
By Elizabeth Pagliacolo / Photography by Hamin Lee

the Classics: Grey suite

Tried-and-true Carrara, Cipollino and Pietra Grey is without rival. The architect has collaborated
are mainstays of high-end interiors, with good with Italy’s Citco on a series of surfaces that range
reason: marble’s impact lies in its purity, and tubs from the organic (a wall of rippling waves) to the
carved from a single block and walls clad in whole geo­metric (a swarm of stepped polygons). The
slabs make for dramatic focal points. Lately, pieces look digitally rendered but are actually hand
designers have coaxed out the substantial mate- carved, though in a way that makes the stone look
rial’s more playful aspects. Young firms – Italy’s voluptuous and energetic.
Studio Lievito, New York’s Fort Standard and the Marble may be the first choice when it comes
Netherlands’ Earnest Studio – use these neutral- to exquisite finishes, but other stone slabs – as
toned marbles in home accessories, lending a well as engineered varieties – also serve up rich
sense of luxury to everyday objects. neutrals. Quartzite, slate and soapstone come with
When it comes to finding new possibilities in interesting surface imperfections and palettes
these exclusive stone species, however, Zaha Hadid worthy of a closer look.

↑ All of a Piece serving board,

by Earnest Studio and Dana
Cannam. ­
← ← One of Zaha Hadid’s Wall
Features for Italy’s Citco. ­
← Pietra Grey marble clads
a bathroom by Craig Steely
Architecture. ­
↙Shira Keret’s Monolith series
of water jet–cut dishware.

1 Cipollino marble, Italy

2 Iceberg White quartzite,


3 Peaks Grey marble, China

4 Greystone marble, Iran

5 Silver Wave marble, India

6 Noisette Grigio marble,


7 Gris de Savoie marble,


8 Emperadoro quartz
Caesarstone, Israel

All stone samples

courtesy of Ciot

54 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P54-57_Focus_MA14_F.indd 54 1/27/2014 3:40 PM


mar ⁄ apr 2014 55

P54-57_Focus_MA14_F.indd 55 1/27/2014 3:40 PM

material trend

↑ Blue marble adds to

the mix of materials in Earnest
Studio’s Face Value table.
← ← Iranian travertine
embellishes the walls of this
project by Blancasmoran of
Mexico. ­
←↙Patricia Urquiola’s
Earth­quake 5.9 creations
for Budri. ­

1 Petrified Wood quartz,


2 Eramosa cross-cut lime-

stone, Canada

3 Eramosa vein-cut lime-

stone, Canada

4 Onice Arco vein-cut onyx,


5 Bronzite granite, Brazil

6 Verde Persiano Dark Onice

the renegades: colour blocking

onyx, Pakistan

7 Verde Bamboo vein-cut

granite, Brazil
Until Patricia Urquiola got her hands on them, Salone del Mobile in Milan, and vibrant natural
coloured marble and stone were often relegated stone remains a daring option – even stunning 8 Onice Velluto cross-cut
to kitschy countertops. She salvaged and repur- when done right.
onyx, Italy
posed damaged stock from Budri, an Italian stone Nature has a way with colour, too, yielding endless
purveyor in Emilia Romagna, after an earthquake marble tones – as well as deep green granite, warm
shook the region in 2012. Known for her love of yellow-orange onyx and rich brown limestone – to
pattern mixing, the Spanish designer unleashed a choose from. The scope reflects the prov­enance of
rich range of patchwork pieces in marble, onyx individual species, derived from Canada, Italy,
and other semi-precious stones: shelving assem- Brazil, Pakistan and beyond. For interior design-
blages and tables in contrasting hues, wall inlays ers and architects looking to mix it up, bold colour
made up of kaleidoscopic strips and chevrons. Her blocking presents striking new ways to bring out
Earthquake 5.9 collection debuted at last year’s stone’s unique vibrancy.

56 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P54-57_Focus_MA14_F.indd 56 1/27/2014 3:41 PM


mar ⁄ apr 2014 57

P54-57_Focus_MA14_F.indd 57 1/27/2014 3:40 PM

Designer Johnson Chou revamps
an old Toronto house into a stunner
with surprising views inside and out
By Paige Magarrey
Photography by Brenda Liu

58 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P58-61_JohnsonChu_MA14_F.indd 58 1/27/2014 3:49 PM

↑ Dio porttitor ali-
quet auctor, quam ut
pulvinar rutrum, ligula
magna lacinia tortor

From the double-height

living room, a view to
the dining area and the
second floor’s glass-
enclosed landing. The
white oak flooring
planks were cut on an
angle to achieve a
unique grain.
← ← The aluminum
bookshelves on the
first floor appear to
burst through the glass
floor of the second.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 59

P58-61_JohnsonChu_MA14_F.indd 59 1/27/2014 3:49 PM

10 11 12 13

6 7 8 9

1 2 3 4

↑↑Nooks carved into ↑ Though Chou transformed floor plan

7 Laundry
the kitchen’s custom island the attic into a master bedroom
1 Foyer 8 Library
frame interior accents. and ensuite by levelling the
2 Stair platform 9 Lounge
ceiling, he kept the peaked 3 Dining room 10 Master ensuite
window as a frame for the tub. 4 Living room 11 Master bedroom
5 Basement 12 Lounge
6 Bedroom 13 Roof terrace

60 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P58-61_JohnsonChu_MA14_F.indd 60 1/27/2014 3:49 PM

↑ The entryway’s steel frame
features a thin tray for stashing
keys, and supports a flat screen
TV opposite the sofa.

On a quiet street in Toronto’s east end, one renovated house blends in with
the early 1900s builds that surround it – until you get closer. Then its surprising
insertions begin to materialize: A squared-off bay window protrudes from
the second floor, and the attic’s glazing forms a crisp triangle. A steel cantile-
vered canopy and an ipe screen enclose the entrance and the expansive front
window, which also enhance the central motif. Local designer Johnson Chou
fashioned the 178-square-metre, three-storey house to read like a series of
frames. From virtually every angle, openings provide unexpected perspectives
for owner Joseph Siahou, his wife Emma, and their two young children.
In the front sitting area, which is animated by a bright blue sectional, the
main window and a square cut-out in the adjacent wall reveal a generous street
view. At the opposite end, the fully glazed rear facade extends the sightline past
the open concept kitchen and the double-height living room to the back patio.
Smaller framing moments pack their own surprises. On the second storey,
Chou inserted a glass section directly into the floor. The effect is a trompe l’oeil :
two shelves on the main level appear to burst through the opening, extending
as a bookcase on the second level. “I wanted to provide visual access throughout
the space,” says Chou, “on the horizontal dimension and the vertical.”
The revamp constitutes a major departure from the home’s previous life
as a cramped three-bedroom residence sliced in half by a stair. After buying
the place sight unseen, Siahou called Chou (who had designed both loca-
tions of Siahou’s Blowfish Restaurant and Sake Bar) during the couple’s first
panicked walk-through. Chou got straight to work, knocking down walls and
relocating the stairs to one side. He inserted a floating staircase made of
13-­millimetre-thick steel plates welded into rectangular boxes; inspired by
Donald Judd, one of Chou’s favourite artists, the steps further the frame theme.
To transform the attic into the master bedroom and ensuite, an elegant
sequence of spaces separated by glass enclosures, Chou flattened the ceiling
but maintained the peaked front, where a sculptural Corian tub stands before
the triangular window. (From the outside, the pitched roof blends in with its
neighbours. “In the Beach, you don’t mess with twee,” jokes Siahou.) Chou also
built a 4.5‑metre-deep extension off the back to support a terrace and create
the living room, with its soaring ceiling. For the largest frame of all, meas­uring
5.3 by six metres, a dramatic curtain wall encases a massive pivoting door and
a second opening that lead out to the marble slab patio. Chou used thin-lined
mullions, so the window appears detached, floating. “There’s this gradual inser-
tion of modernism throughout, until you get to the back,” says Chou. “I wanted
the rear screen to be more abstract and create a dialogue with the front.”
Despite its bold aesthetic, this is a family haven, “a modern house that works
like a home,” says Siahou. The marble-topped kitchen island is clad in doodle-
happy chalkboard. In the daughter’s room, the bay window pops out to provide
a reading nook filled with toys and trinkets, like a little castle turret. And the ↑↑ The house blends into the ↑ The fully glazed rear facade
living room seems sparse for good reason: a trampoline usually resides here. neigh­bour­hood, yet stands out leads out to a patio whose
Says Siahou, “I want to make our home the most attractive, so that all of the kids from it, thanks to surprising flagstones are made of reclaimed
come here rather than some other place where they can get into trouble.” glass insertions. marble cladding from Toronto’s First Canadian Place.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 61

P58-61_JohnsonChu_MA14_F.indd 61 1/27/2014 3:49 PM

Britain’s Benjamin Hubert
explores how lighter, more malleable materials
can spawn a range of furniture
that is vastly sustainable – and sexy
By Giovanna Dunmall

62 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P62-66_BenjaminHubert_MA14_F.indd 62 1/27/2014 3:51 PM

Hubert stands in front of a wall
of recyclable snap-together
modules he created for the
2013 London Design Festival.
← Detail of the Cradle chair,
which uses a web of cuts
rather than elasticized fabric
to accommodate the user’s
shape and weight.
Portrait by craig Gloag

mar ⁄ apr 2014 63

P62-66_BenjaminHubert_MA14_F.indd 63 1/27/2014 5:01 PM

↑ Ripple, made from ↓ For Membrane, Hubert
pressure-laminated spruce covered the lounge chair in a
engineered by Corelam woven mesh used for sport-
of Vancouver, uses up to ing equipment. Designed for
80 per cent less timber ClassiCon, it weighs just
than a standard table. three kilograms.

Ripple table, detail

It’s easy to forget that Benjamin Hubert is not yet 30. On the day we meet,
he wears fashionable jeans, a striped sweater, delightfully mismatched
socks, and no shoes (the result of a late start, he tells me sheepishly). It’s not
his look that makes him seem surprisingly mature; it’s the manufacturers
he now has as regular clients – Moroso, Cappellini and ClassiCon, among
others – the kind of premium list most designers can only dream of. Ruth
Aram, director of the London design store Aram, has known Hubert since
2009, and she sums him up thusly: “Benjamin has an amazing determination
and tenacity, and he has managed to be taken seriously in just a few years.”
Admired for his material- and process-driven approach, he showed off
his flair for smart design last September at the London Design Festival with
Ripple, a super-thin plywood table that measures one metre by 2.4 metres
and is light enough for one person to move with little effort. It embodies
his on­going interest in new materials and technologies, and for his knack
to self-initiate. He first contacted Corelam in Vancouver after spotting the
company’s lightweight corrugated panels online. “I thought it was a beautiful
material with interesting strength properties,” he says. “Corrugation is
not new, but it’s relatively new in timber, so I wanted to see if it could be
incorporated into larger pieces of furniture.”
More often used for architectural panelling and acoustic systems, Core­lam
comes in various woods, but Hubert settled on Sitka spruce, the same species
used back in 1947 to build the Spruce Goose, the largest all-timber airplane
ever crafted. The wood’s strength comes from an undulating form developed

64 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P62-66_BenjaminHubert_MA14_F.indd 64 1/27/2014 3:51 PM

By reducing the
stitching and foam
work involved with
soft seating, Hubert’s
Cradle is faster to
make and uses
much less fabric.

At his London
studio, Hubert
created Garment
from a single piece
of fabric, loosely
fitted around an
inner shell with
Velcro. The lounger
is produced by

mar ⁄ apr 2014 65

P62-66_BenjaminHubert_MA14_F.indd 65 1/27/2014 3:51 PM

↖For Talma, a padded textile ↑ Net, a series of small side
by Innofa is tucked into place tables designed last year
over a CNC-milled steel frame for Moroso, employs industrial
and secured with hidden snaps expanded steel, which is powder
and zippers. coated in pastel shades.

by Canadian industrial designer and professor Christian Blyt, who worked i­ nto wallcoverings and home accessories, including ceramic pieces for
with Hubert via e-mail and Skype over six months to help engineer Ripple Bitossi Ceramiche of Italy. Down the road, he envisions branching into
down to its nine-kilogram weight without synthetic re­inforcement. Hubert interior design and a furniture and lighting collection under his own name:
now bills Ripple as “the world’s lightest timber table ever made.” “Something low cost and more accessible, to complement but not cannibal-
When it will be available commercially remains unclear, but Hubert’s ize the higher-end stuff,” he says, adding, “That’s the idea, to see if we can
exploration into lightness reacts to what his clients are after. “The way go full circle and design the products, sell them, put them in the places we
companies operate now has changed,” he notes, “particularly in Italy. have designed, and then, next step, take over the world, chair by chair! ”
Furniture brands are responding to the recession there by exploring more Ever the entrepreneur, he is only half-joking about world domination.
cost-effective methods. Our presentations are as much about strategy and His immediate next step is a move into bigger premises in London’s East
figuring out how the business will go forward as they are about making End, which will make room for projects slated to launch in 2015. “We are
beautiful products.” now working with companies that are very rigorous in terms of how they
For his Talma chair, designed for Moroso and launched at the 2013 want their products to perform functionally and commercially,” he says,
Salone del Mobile in Milan, he wrapped a steel frame in a composite textile though he can’t reveal who those collaborators might be.
by Dutch manufacturer Innofa. The padded upholstery resembles a blanket While his future looks bright, Hubert says he sometimes struggles with
that has been tucked and folded into place. Because he has eliminated finding sense amid the continuous cycle of new stuff: “If we’re designing
the labour-intensive foam work and detailed stitching required for fitted things that perform in the way people need them to, they should last a
upholstery, the chair takes less time to make and uses much less material. lifetime, so why are we producing so much every year?”
“It’s a powerful way to talk to the brands about products, because you have It’s a salient question, and as a prolific designer he recognizes the contra-
a tangible point of difference,” he says. “It’s not a subjective question of dictions in his argument. “I’m not going to stand on a soapbox and say we
‘Do you like this’; it’s objective: ‘Actually, this is half the price of your other don’t do things that are sometimes unnecessary,” he says. “I’ve come to a
chairs, and it still looks good. Why wouldn’t you produce it?’ ” point where I’ve decided to question what the industry is doing.” Does the
He is working on other products for Moroso, among them his first sofa; world really need another chair? I ask, somewhat glibly. He responds in
and a version of Membrane, a woven textile mesh chair he designed for a flash. “It does if it’s a smart chair. Every industry needs progression, the
ClassiCon that weighs just three kilograms. The studio is also moving chair industry included.”

66 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P62-66_BenjaminHubert_MA14_F.indd 66 1/27/2014 3:51 PM

living with
The $500-billion hurricane hasn’t arrived yet, but weather experts agree that
it’s on its way. Are our cities ready? Effie Bouras finds out how landscape architecture
is embracing the ongoing effects of climate change
68 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 68 1/28/2014 4:55 PM

The remains of the JetStar roller coaster in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has
come to symbolize Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the eastern seaboard
in October 2012, leaving in its wake damages estimated at over $54 billion.
Photographer Alex Fradkin captured this image at 5 p.m. on January 29, 2013.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 69

P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 69 1/28/2014 4:55 PM

flood zone
What Hoboken, New
Jersey, looks like under
Breach point
three metres of water.
The city was one of the
worst hit by flooding
from Hurricane Sandy. Surge

3 m flood zone 94 percent

2 m flood zone
1 m flood zone

Flash flood


Breach point

levees (resist)

OMA, Balmori and
Royal HaskoningDHV’s
proposal showing how
flood waters could
be contained using Discharge
both hard and pump (future)
soft landscapes.

Greenbelt Zoning
(storage) policy


(discharge) driving into Toronto, I noticed the agitated
Hard waters of Lake Ontario, and the trough and crest
cycle that easily cleared the concrete wave
breakers. Though the lake was choppy, knowing
that it is historically well behaved took some of
the edge off my worries about living so close to
a major body of water. However, Toronto is not
immune to extreme weather disasters. We only
hoboken, new jersey have to remember the sudden storm of July
2012, which submerged the downtown core and
OMA, Balmori Associates and water management engineers Royal Haskon­ing­DHV commuter arteries, including railway lines,
renderings by michelle liando

teamed up to ameliorate the threat of flooding in the city of Hoboken, which is subways and expressways, under 90 milli­metres
particularly vulnerable to storm surges and flash floods. The competition entry of rainfall. The resulting two-hour flash flood
outlines four main tenets for preserving the water’s edge: resist, delay, store and cost the city $60 million.
discharge. The plan calls for commercial buildings and infrastructure, including It was also a reminder that the recently
levees, to defend against rising waters. Greenways around the city’s perimeter completed Corktown Common – a 7.3 hectare
would contain holding tanks, and pumps would drain the excess water back into park at the water’s edge, designed by Michael
the Hudson River. r­ Van Valkenburgh Associates of New York – is

70 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 70 1/27/2014 4:06 PM

floating pavilion, rotterdam
The Dutch have put landscape ahead
of urban development ever since they
implemented dikes centuries ago,
as a means of controlling the seasonal
floods that affect the Netherlands,
up to 30 per cent of which sits below
sea level. Climate change has spurred
new areas of ex­plor­a­tion, such as
self-­sufficient floating cities that can
withstand storm surges and rising tides.
In 2010, Dutch firms DeltaSync and
PublicDomain Architecten completed
an essential precaution for rising waters still to De­fi­ant­ly at odds with the purely decorative a 1,500‑square-metre pavilion moored
come. The park, built on a flood plain, rises up 19th-century design, the 1,000-hectare locale was in Rotterdam’s Rijnhaven Harbour.
8.5 metres from ground level and is situated on conceived as a “production site” where natural Its steel and ETFE domes feature
the top of a berm that is intended to block the and artificial processes intertwine. It provides a demand-driven climate system, with
Don River from engulfing the surrounding 200  a vast recreational space, while functional solar heating and on-site waste water
hec­tares, a swath of land that contains the finan- processes support its precarious placement four treatment and recycling.
cial district. Even a relatively well protected metres below sea level. Amsterdamse Bos is one Managing director Rutger De Graaf
metropolis like Toronto can’t afford to take of the first municipal green spaces to employ says municipal officials support the
flooding lightly. native plants as a land rec­lam­ation strategy; and initiative, going so far as to create a
Addressing the tension between building and its bodies of water, including ponds, lakes and designated zone for an assemblage of
ecology is not a new challenge, though. German ditches double as flood drainage systems. floating islands as part of the harbour’s
geographer Carl Troll first outlined the concept Even with this impressive project in our midst, redevelopment. ­;
of landscape ecology in 1938, while landscape landscape architecture has been considered
ecologists Richard T. T. Forman and Wolfgang mostly decorative. Recent super-storms –
Haber both advised on the necessity of bridging including the flood that devastated Alberta last
the gap between natural and human ecosystems. June, temporarily displacing 100,000 residents –
Before this, the Amsterdamse Bos park, built have made it clear that nature has outwitted
between 1934 and 1970 by Cornelis Van Eesteren our pre­ven­tive strategies of just blocking it
and Jacopa Mulder, served as a benchmark. out. In­ade­quate infrastructure has become a

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P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 71 1/27/2014 4:06 PM

qunli national urban wetland,
heilongjiang province, china
The Chinese landscape architecture firm Turenscape turned an undesirable and
in­acces­sible wetland into an environmental amenity for Qunli New Town, a city development
in the north. The park takes full advantage of the region’s seasonal flooding and water-
logged soil by surrounding the periphery of a 34-hectare wetland with a necklace of ponds
and mounds. The built landscape functions as a natural storm water filtration system
and a cleansing buffer zone for the wetlands at the park’s core. Nature is left untouched,
with a network of paths and skywalks allowing visitors to wander above and among the
treetops without affecting the self-sustaining ecosystem below. t­

global problem. Several coastal cities in India albeit slowly. The approach that is gaining the for the Qunli National Urban Wetland, in the
and China face the highest risk in the world, most momentum engages the environment northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjian.
according to the Organisation for Economic in a much gentler way, by evaluating the figure- Completed in 2011, the 34-hectare park soaks
Co-operation and Development, which pro- ground relationship that works with, not against, up the region’s heavy annual rainfall and frequent
jected climate change 50 years into the future. severe weather. Rather than try to block out floods through a network of ponds and mounds
Guangzhou and Shanghai both appear on the downpours, hailstorms and torrential winds, containing native plants that delineate an
top 10 list of most vulnerable cities by popula- the aim is to absorb them into the urban fabric. untouched wetland. With the introduction of a
tion density (as a comparison, New Orleans did At an international round table held in landscaped buffer zone, a once dry and undesir-
not make the list). As for cities with the most Toronto recently, Kongjian Yu, a professor at able wetland has been reshaped to allow for self-
to lose in infrastructure, Miami takes the lead Peking Uni­ver­sity and founder of the landscape managing storm water filtration and cleansing,
with an estimated US$416 billion, followed by architecture firm Turenscape, spoke about water and to encourage bio­diversity. With its skywalk
Guangzhou, New York–Newark and Calcutta. security and sustainability. He advocated incor- pathways, it also gives residents an idyllic
Governments and local officials increasingly porating nature back into our development environmental amenity.
recognize the cost of ignoring weather patterns, schemes to abate the tides. This “green sponge” Most landscape architects point to Hurricane
and they are seeking innovative options, approach was used in one of his own designs Katrina as a defining moment when coastal cities

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Hunter’s Point
south waterfront park,
queens, new york
The newest park along the East River in
New York has already had its endurance tested
by super-storm Sandy. The construction site
became submerged under more than a metre
of water, yet it remained unscathed. Officially
opened in August 2013, the two-hectare park
serves as the focal point of a much larger
development that will contain 5,000 affordable
housing units and additional green spaces.
Collaborators Thomas Balsley Associates and
Weiss/Manfredi equipped the project with
various water management features, including
bioswales that filter storm water, and salt-­
tolerant native plantings that act as natural
sponges. The curved pavilion’s white canopy is
made of pleated steel, which helps collect and
re­direct runoff. ­, ­

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P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 73 1/27/2014 4:08 PM

st. Patrick’s Island,
As part of a larger redevelop-
ment strategy for Calgary’s
Rivers District, collaborators
W Architecture of New York and
Civitas of Denver have re­invig-
orated a 12.5-hectare island in
the Bow River by re­stor­ing some of
the parkland’s natural features,
including two channels, one rocky,
the other a wetland. While these
are not designed to prevent
flooding, they will help control
storm water by allowing the river
to flow where it wants, thereby
preventing erosion. Last July,
when Alber­ta was hit by its worst
flood on record, the park became
submerged under a metre of water.
According to W principal Barbara
Wilks, the local eco­system and
corktown common, toronto
amenities experienced minimal
One of Toronto’s most vulnerable flood zones lies at the mouth of the Don River, damage. The park officially opens
which runs through the city and feeds into Lake Ontario. A major storm could swamp later this year.,
200 hec­tares of the surrounding land, including the financial district. Last year, a pavilion
designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates was constructed atop a man-made
hill. The raised landscape will act as a berm, rerouting torrential waters away from high-
density areas. It also gives visitors a lookout point that takes in the city skyline and
the harbour. ­

collectively wondered what would come The Urban Water Plan, led by Waggonner & Ball, for storm water and a hurricane-resistant pavil-
next. New Orleans has undergone a difficult was introduced last September, and it incor- ion. Weiss/Manfredi describes Hunter’s Point as
recovery in the nine years since Katrina virtu- porates such small-scale retrofits as integrated a first line of defence for the surrounding com-
ally washed away an entire residential ward. wetlands to store and filter storm water, and munity, which became inundated by 1.2 metres
Local architect David Waggonner, principal of networks that monitor surface and groundwater of water during Sandy.
Waggonner & Ball, has taken up the cause of for quality and water levels in real time. Balmori Associates’ project for the New York
rethinking his city’s water management and Several of these projects are moving forward. Police Academy in Queens, now nearing com­-
inadequate levees. To catalyze real change, he The Mirabeau Water Garden, for instance, ple­tion, organizes a system of three landscapes
believes there are two fundamental ways to consists of 10 hectares of parkland that incorpo- to ameliorate the flood damage. For example, a ­
approach the problem, one functional or opera- rate flood risk abatement and natural filtration linear canal that bisects the campus is trans­
tional and the other imaginative or mystical. For systems. Water from the Mirabeau Avenue trunk formed into a gabion-walled terrace that works
him, water has the capability to resonate with line is collected and filtered through a series as a natural drainage ditch, redirecting the flow
people on both levels. “Water management of wetland terraces, ending up in a freshwater of up to 49 million litres of water. It also provides
and design ask for both aptitude and attitudes,” swimming pool. for appropriate, ecologic landscaped elements
he says. “Things that work can be beautiful While Katrina remains one of the worst hur- to sustain filtration and aeration and scrub water
as well as beneficial.” ricanes in U.S. history, Hurricane Sandy, which through displacement. Perimeter landscaping
After Katrina, he and a group of delegates, released its fury along the eastern seaboard in employs native vegetation and some 400 tree
among them experts from universities and water October 2012, delivered an effective wake-up plantings, including lindens, tulip poplars, honey
management agencies in the Netherlands, call, especially in New York. Projects that began locusts and sweet gums.
developed a series of workshops and a plan to before the storm now carry a far more tangible British architect Geoffrey Jellicoe once pos-
adopt Dutch principles of reintroducing water sense of importance, especially in quelling public tulated that landscape would one day dominate
into specific urban areas. Termed the Dutch fears of another disaster. architecture as the reorganization tool of the built
Dialogues, the initiative proposes retaining Built on post-industrial land, the just-com- environment, as well as the human spirit. His
some of the water now routinely pumped out pleted Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park prophetic logic, and the reality of our changing
of New Orleans and building waterways, such in Queens, New York, addresses the tensions environment, is timely. A complex choreography
top photo by robin hamill

as canals and retention ponds to accept it. between flooding and urbanity. Uniting the often of disciplines is proving to be the most effective
This would produce numerous benefits, disparate elements of landscape, infrastructure way of addressing the inevitable ebb and flow
among them preventing the city from sinking and architecture, the development, designed by of urbanity, a step in the right direction as we face
further, as pumping dries out the land and erodes Weiss/Manfredi and Thomas Balsley Associates, up to new levels of extreme weather. As David
streets and foundations. Water features like comprises ecological corridors, a soft shoreline Waggonner likes to say, “A disaster is a terrible
canals would also attract economic development. designed to absorb flood waters, bioswale filters thing to waste.”

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P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 74 1/27/2014 4:09 PM

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P68-75_ExtremeWeather_MA14_F.indd 75 1/27/2014 4:08 PM

po int
Bao’an International Airport’s Terminal 3,
by Studio Fuksas, has landed in Shenzhen,
in the latest testament to C
­ hina’s love for
show-­stopping architecture
By Rodolphe el-Khoury

76 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 76 1/27/2014 4:13 PM

PHOTOgraph BY Leonardo finotti mar ⁄ apr 2014 77

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 77 1/27/2014 4:13 PM

terminal 3 secures Bao’an International Airport as
an international gateway to China, and it should help
Shenzhen, one of the world’s fastest-growing cities,
shed its image as a drab economic engine. Much like
the Bird’s Nest – the centrepiece of the 2008 Beijing
Olympics, which captured the global imagination
as a symbol of the new China – Terminal 3 presents
a shockingly new architecture in a familiar figure.
Visitors have likened it to a manta ray, or a landscape
complete with rolling hills and ponds. The references
are many, but none are architectural. The usual
conventions that would enable us to recognize a roof,
a facade or a window are jettisoned in favour of a total
design that reinvents the airport from scratch. It is
this total design aspect that architects Massimiliano
and Doriana Fuksas recognize as the building’s
most significant contribution. Says Doriana, “We
delivered a total environment that invests value in
every aspect of the travel experience.”
The terminal, which adds 63 gates to the airport,
consists of a steel frame structure with three ­levels
separating arrivals, services and departures in a
1.5-kilometre concourse. The entire structure is
wrapped in a biomorphic shell dotted with light-
filtering hexagonal apertures that lend the complex
a homogeneous form. Smoothness is achieved via
a plastic architectural language developed in a para-
metric modelling environment. It enables the profile of
the building to morph into different configurations to
meet spatial and functional demands, while maintain-
ing a consistent geometric and structural logic.
The double skin is not only structural, it also opti-
mizes the building’s environmental performance,
and the cavity within integrates a host of building
systems. It performs like a living epidermis, negotiat-
ing dynamic exchanges between both interior and
exterior environments.
The filigree of hexagonal cells is calibrated to dif-
fuse daylight while mitigating passive solar heat gain.
Rather than an end in itself, the intricacy of the cus-
tomized panels acts as a means for the orchestration
of ineffable phenomena. Total design reaches into
the realm of atmospherics, insists Doriana, whose
team in Rome painstakingly modelled daylight into
physical mock-ups as a critical aspect of the terminal’s
immersive experience.
The same attention was brought to the artificial
lighting and nighttime effects, by Speirs + Major
of London. LEDs within the shell, hidden from sight
throughout the terminal, create a lantern effect and
enhance the building’s contours. “The beauty of the
form is more evident at night, thanks to the flattering
light,” says designer Keith Bradshaw.
The most surprising aspect, though, may be the
speed at which it was built: five years, from the initial
competition to the inauguration in November 2013.
China’s accelerated construction processes are invari-
antly blamed for poor building quality, but Doriana
thinks otherwise. She credits the accelerated process
for preserving the freshness of the idea; any imperfec-
tions and inevitable glitches don’t bother her. More
important is to realize a project before its creative
energy is dulled with endless revisions and protracted
building schedules.
Studio Fuksas is now established in Shenzhen,
where it sees a unique combination of political,
economic and cultural circumstances that enable
groundbreaking architecture. I asked Doriana whether
she could imagine a project like this in Europe. She
answers unequivocally: “Absolutely not. This archi-
tecture is only possible in China.”

78 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 78 1/27/2014 4:13 PM

PHOTOgraph courtesy studio fuksas mar ⁄ apr 2014 79

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 79 1/27/2014 4:14 PM

80 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 80 1/27/2014 4:14 PM

PHOTOgraphs far left, courtesy studio fuksas; above, by Leonardo Finotti mar ⁄ apr 2014 81

P76-81_ShenzenAirport_MA14_F.indd 81 1/27/2014 4:14 PM

in good
MAST, a hybrid building by Labics of Rome, integrates a leading
industrial company’s work environment with pubic galleries and a theatre
By Monica Zerboni / Photography by Christian Richters

82 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P82-84_MAST_MA14_F.indd 82 1/27/2014 4:16 PM

The 2,000-square-
metre public gallery
rotates exhibits every
few months.

↑ A sculpture by Olafur
Eliasson hangs in the
main atrium. It is one
of many contemporary
artworks installed
throughout the building.

Open since October 2013, MAST

merges technology, innovation
and culture. The diaphanous shell
consists of two layers of glass.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 83

P82-84_MAST_MA14_F.indd 83 1/27/2014 4:16 PM

↑ The company ↗ State-of-the-art → Colourful bands
daycare can handle acoustics in the of glazed ceramic rods
up to 80 children at 400-seat auditorium cover the daycare’s
once, allowing accommodate every- exterior wall, creating
employees to stay thing from lectures to privacy but still
close to their families 3-D film screenings letting in light.

A trip to Bologna’s shabby outskirts is key to understanding the essence “We wanted the architecture to create a continuous flow of experiences,”
of MAST (Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia), a new says Francesco Isidori, who founded Labics with partner Maria Claudia
centre for art, technology and innovation designed by Labics of Rome. Clemente in 2002.
Located amid factories, warehouses and generic condos, the complex They designed the complex to follow an ideal path, Isidori adds, with
represents the forward-looking vision of one of Italy’s most philanthropic all of the activities linked through a system of gradual inclines. Inside,
business leaders, Isabella Seragnoli, president and chair of COESIA Group, an un­mistak­able sense of openness and permeability prevails. Industrial
an industrial company that believes culture and creativity are integral to materials such as concrete floors and exposed steel beams provide an
corporate well-being. elegant though skeletal setting, ideally suited to a space for technological
While Seragnoli’s new centre stands as a symbol for COESIA’s public innovation. Interior ramps lead to the 2,000-square-metre exhibition
image, it also offers the public, and young people in particular, a new space hall, the cafeteria and a fully glazed lobby. Here, a large steel stair and a
for cultural activities. The 25,000-square-metre building resulted from an clear glass box containing two panoramic lifts further augment the sense
international competition that invited select firms to create a stimulating of transparency. What the public doesn’t see are the building’s ingenious
work environment, with such added amenities as a daycare, a canteen, and rooftop photovoltaic and solar thermal systems that heat the water and
a wellness centre, along with facilities for visitors, including two galleries, control internal temperatures.
a training centre, a cafeteria and a 400-seat auditorium. From the street, MAST draws the eye, with its double-skin glass envelope
From a distance, the building’s low-lying profile appears lean and compact. composed of a curtain wall and a glazed layer printed with a pixelated
Closer up, its various functional blocks, ramps and elegant garden pathways photo­graphic pattern. The effect at night resembles a cluster of lanterns.
fit together like pieces of a puzzle, merging into a dynamic and elegant Elegant and innovative as MAST is, will it be enough for visitors to make
three-storey complex. Three additional levels for parking and storage are the trek for a dose of culture? The architects have no doubt: “MAST differs
buried underground. from the surrounding fragmented urban fabric,” says Isidori enthusiasti-
The centre has two fronts: a continuous, linear one that relates to the cally. “It has a strong civic message, and a dramatic presence that’s playing
industrial site, and a more composite one, characterized by pillars and a role in transforming the district into an art and innovation hub.”
cantilevered volumes that open to the green banks of the nearby Reno River.;

84 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P82-84_MAST_MA14_F.indd 84 1/27/2014 4:16 PM

Introducing The NEW
An authentic experience

Crowning glory

User-friendly operation

Sophistication and extravagance

As soon as you see it, you realize that the IMPRESSA Z9 One Touch TFT is setting
new standards. And it is doing this on multiple levels thanks to its impressive
coffee quality, user-friendly operation and captivating design. Made from high
quality materials and to Swiss standards of precision, this elegant automatic
Exquisite look specialty coffee machine is the epitome of the strong and silent type. Once the
desired option has been selected on the high resolution TFT colour display, the
machine silently sets about preparing an espresso, coffee, latte macchiato,
cappuccino or other specialty. The cup illumination feature ensures that the
nal result is always presented in the best possible light.

115 Matheson Blvd. E | Mississauga, ON L4Z 1X8 | 1-855-544-8600 |

Untitled-1 1 1/27/2014 1:39 PM

ones to watch

From daycares that revitalize

entire communities to a living
room transformed into a chic
boutique, young architecture
practices are exploring new
ways of building. Azure scopes
out four trailblazing firms,
from Madrid to Shanghai,
destined to become the next
generation of starchitects,
just like their mentors
Firm: TallerDe2
founded: 2008
Principals: Álvaro Martín
Fidalgo, Arantza Ozaeta
Location: Madrid

a great deal of duality can be found in TallerDE2’s work. The
Spanish firm’s Haus der Tagesmütter daycare centre in Selb,
Germany, is a mélange of playful colour and cladding, inside and
out. Yet the real ingenuity, which has earned the project multiple
awards in Europe since its 2012 completion, lies in how it has
revived a shrinking town. By adding shots of vibrancy to the street-
scape, it has attracted a younger demographic and triggered a
social revitalization. Now TallerDE2 is working on three more
buildings, part of a larger scheme.
The centre’s genesis also marked the firm’s. Principals Álvaro
Martín Fidalgo and Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar opened up shop in
Madrid in 2008, as soon as they won the international competi-
tion for Haus. Therein lies another duality: they often partner
with other practices to broaden their experience in addressing
various project types. For the daycare, they collaborated with
Gutiérrez-de la Fuente Arquitectos, also of Madrid.
As the firm develops its portfolio, which includes private resi-
dences in Spain, the partners are focused on working out adapt-
able systems that can bring everyone into the discussion at
the planning stage. “Systems that are understandable can be
powerful communication tools,” says Martín. “If experts and
the users can discuss their needs together, everyone can partici-
pate in a project’s development.”
To realize the most recent phase of Selb’s ongoing revitaliza-
tion plan, a youth hostel, the pair worked closely with the town
council, the local developer, community members and youth.
“We don’t believe in imposing genius ideas,” says Martín. “We
prefer flexibility and seeing obstacles as challenges rather than
problems.” ­

86 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 86 1/27/2014 4:19 PM

↑ Haus der Tagesmütter, an
award-winning daycare in Selb,
Germany, is the first major project
by TallerDE2. The unique design,
with bold variations in cladding
and rooftops, is intended to attract
a younger demographic to the
shrinking Bavarian town.

→ Inside the daycare, each of

the five volumes serves a different
function, from noisy play areas
in the structure clad in corrugated
polycarbonate, to quiet spaces,
including sleeping rooms and
offices, in the blue one. The stair-
way, contained within the yellow
volume, connects the three storeys.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 87

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 87 1/27/2014 4:19 PM

ones to watch

Four O Nine
For a fledgling firm, the best-case scenario is to gain recognition
right out of the gate. That’s what happened to Lukasz Kos and
Andrei Zerebecky, who in 2011 captured media attention for their
furniture designs before they had even chosen a name. Their
partnership, though, was years in the making. They met during
architecture school at the University of Toronto, and afterwards
Zerebecky moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to work for
B+H Architecture, while Kos landed at Frank Gehry Architects in
Los Angeles. When they both found themselves in Shanghai, they
decided to work together, eventually choosing Four O Nine as their
moniker, after the Toronto street address where they once lived.
They have since used the fabrication expertise they acquired
from their former employers to venture beyond building into
interior design, furniture and rugs. In a recent project, the duo
retooled a living room into a tiny fashion boutique in Ho Chi
Minh City. Called the Twins, the 20-square-metre shop displays
designer dresses in cubbyholes set into the walls. The entire inte-
rior is smartly clad in salvaged wooden planks, which conceal the
AC unit and other utilities. While the boards remain rough hewn,
they follow a strict geometric grid. “It’s high-concept formalism
using low-tech materials,” says Zerebecky.
They view the shop’s reclaimed-chic approach as a direct result
of living in Shanghai. “It’s a double-edged sword: We’ve met some
amazing, creative people, and we can find excellent manufacturing
capabilities here. The flip side is China’s unprecedented pollution;
it’s alarming,” says Kos. In response, Four O Nine has started to
think sustainably. Zero Waste table, made from a powder-coated
steel sheet folded five times to create a fan-like base, has no offcut
residue and is stackable for easier shipping.
The firm has numerous projects underway, including a hotel
interior and a Japanese restaurant. “Andrei tends to come up
with the concepts that have an affinity for detail, materiality
and texture,” says Kos of his teammate. “I tend to come up with
the big dumb ideas.” The combination appears to be working.

↑ Four O Nine’s Zero Waste

table is made from a sheet of
powder-coated folded steel,
topped with tempered glass.
The pollution in Shanghai,
where the designers now live,
has spurred them to focus on
sustainable product ideas.

← Studio Box in central

Shanghai. The furniture
showroom’s main window
protrudes like a mouth onto
the street – an invitation
for passersby to stop and
take a look inside. The
all-white cladding and the
fractal shape stand out
from the mostly grey
Portrait BY Hu Yihuai

88 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 88 1/27/2014 4:19 PM

Firm: four o nine
founded: 2011
Principals: Lukasz kos,
andrei zerebecky
Location: shanghai, china

In Ho Chi Minh City, what

was once a living room inside
a laneway house is now a
women’s fashion boutique
called the Twins. Four O Nine
panelled the tiny shop from
floor to ceiling in a grid of
salvaged wood.

mar ⁄ apr 2014 89

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 89 1/27/2014 4:19 PM

ones to watch

↑ One of the partners’ ↘ A rendering for

first projects was a cus‑ Kurfürsten­strasse 142,
tom armoire they built a 25‑unit apartment
for a friend. Six metal building in Berlin that
boxes, which are hinged will begin construction
together, roll open to later this year. The firm
reveal shelf space and devised a series of stag‑
clothing racks. gered floor plates to
form multiple pathways.

Firm: june 14
founded: 2010
Principals: sam chermayeff,
johanna meyer-grohbrÜgge
Location: Berlin

June 14
WhERE do you GO after you’ve worked at SANAA for your first job
out of architecture school? “It was an immersive experience,”
says Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge of the five years she spent
with the renowned Tokyo firm, where she met her partner, Sam
Chermayeff. “On the other hand, we forgot about life, who we were
and who other people were,” she adds. The architects decided
to move to Berlin in 2010 to set up June 14, named after the day
they officially opened for business. Their blossoming portfolio
now includes innovative furniture pieces and concepts for some
unique habitats, including an “introverted” single-storey dwell-
ing where all of the light comes from skylights and a narrow slit
provides a discrete entryway.
So far, most of their projects have remained studies, though
they are working on a 25-unit apartment building in Berlin, com-
missioned by the future inhabitants. The duo crafted the units to
overlap and interconnect in unexpected ways, which allows for a
mix of intimate spaces and open volumes within each. “There will
be 10 different ways to get from A to B,” says Meyer-Grohbrügge.
“Most of what we learned from SANAA slipped into our thinking
without our knowing it. There was a lot of pressure to come
out with something that’s not already out there. We hope that
remains in our own thinking and designs forever.” june‑

90 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 90 1/27/2014 4:19 PM


Innovation comes naturally.

While green walls can help reduce energy consumption, they take a certain level of
commitment to design. The same could be said about building Canada’s single most
fuel-efficient luxury hybrid vehicle,† the 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, and pricing it the exact
same as the gasoline model.* Discover yours at

Vehicle may be shown with optional features. †Class is Luxury Midsize Hybrid Sedans vs. 2013 competitors. Fuel consumption ratings for 2014 MKZ 2.0L Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Hybrid
Engine: 4.2L/100km city, 4.3L/100km hwy, 4.2L/100km combined, based on Government of Canada-approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary. Competitive information
based on publicly available information and Ford data at the time of printing. Based on MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). Model shown is Lincoln MKZ [51C] with [Retractable
Panoramic Roof (Not available with equipment groups 13B and 68A)] ($3,450). Price includes freight and air tax ($1,665) but excludes any currently available incentives, options, license,
fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (except in Quebec), PPSA (if financed or leased), administration fees (except in Quebec), and any other applicable environmental charges/fees
(except in Ontario and Quebec) and taxes. Dealers may sell or lease for less. See your local dealer for details. ©2014 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

_064VI_41172_MAG_AZU_R0_LincolnGreenWall_9x11.5.indd 1 1/27/14 1:26 PM

DOCKET # LNE LIN A 41172 Milan
REGION N/A TRIM: 9” x 11.5” MAGENTA Pearce Cacalda CLIENT
CLIENT: Lincoln BLEED: 9.5” x 12” Malcom
JOB DESC.: Lincoln Green Wall Nuvo STUDIO:
FILE NAME: _064VI_41172_MAG_AZU_R0_LincolnGreenWall_9x11.5.indd AZU
Tsao, Winfield
MOD. DATE: 1-27-2014 1:26 PM
41172 REV 0
MEDIA TYPE: Magazine


The fonts and related font software included with the attached electronic mechanical are owned (“Y&R Proprietary Fonts”) and/or licensed (“Y&R Licensed Fonts”) by The Young & Rubicam Group of Companies ULC. They are provided
to you as part of our job order for your services, and are to be used only for the execution and the completion of this job order. You are authorized to use the Y&R Proprietary Fonts in the execution of the job order provided that any
and all copies of the Y&R Proprietary Fonts shall be deleted from your systems and destroyed upon completion of this job order. You warrant and represent that you have secured the necessary licenses for the use of Y&R Licensed
Fonts in order to execute our job order and will abide by the terms thereof.
ones to watch

↓The Satoumi gas station, com­ ↓↓ Home-for-All for children, a

pleted last year, is located in gathering place for kids, was a
Kesen­numa, a city still recovering joint project with architect Toyo
from the Tohoku earthquake of Ito. The tiny village structure gives
2011. O+H worked with a former youngsters living in a tsunami-
shipbuilder to devise a simple, damaged region of Japan a place
cost-effective structure made to hang out and play.
from bent Corten steel.

Firm: o+h architects
founded: 2008
Principals: yuki hyakuda,
maki onishi
Location: tokyo

The home-for-all for children, which looks more like a toy
village than a daycare, is one in a series of emergency housing
projects built after the Tohoku earthquake devastated parts of
eastern Japan in 2011. A collaboration between O+H 
Architects and 2013 Pritzker laureate Toyo Ito, the project
started out as a simple idea, but quickly evolved into a much
more playful structure that deals directly with children’s needs.
Such responsiveness is integral to Maki Onishi and
Yuki Hyakuda’s approach. They started their Tokyo practice
in 2008 after meeting at Kyoto University, where Ito taught
both of them. Like their mentor, they have actively sought
ways to respond to human needs in post-disaster zones, and
to work collaboratively with everyone involved. The Satoumi
gas station in Kesennuma, for example, came about after the
pair helped a steel fabricator and former shipbuilder clean up
rubble after the earthquake. This inspired them to use Corten
steel, curved in the manner of a boat’s hull, as Satoumi’s main
feature. “Architecture is never built by one person,” says
Onishi. “We like to create environments where no one hesi-
tates to give their ideas.” ­

92 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P86-92_FirmsToWatch_MA14_F.indd 92 1/27/2014 4:19 PM

Flat design Mario Ruiz

KIOSK DESIGN 288 King Street East Toronto ON M5A 1K4 T. 416 539 9665
LIVINGSPACE 120 1706 West 1st Ave Vancouver BC V6J 0E4 T. 604 683 1116


201401_Azure.indd 1 16/01/2014 18:39:57

field trip

The Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel
responds to a growing appetite for

design accommodations in rugged,
remote locations
By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Located near Thingvellir

National Park, a UNESCO
World Heritage site on the
slopes of volcanic Mount
Hengill, the hotel has easy
access to hiking and other
outdoor sports.

↑ Husband and wife Packing list for Iceland: a swimsuit, a parka, Out of this natural disaster, a new era of adventure
Tryggvi Thor­steinsson and Led Zeppelin’s third album. The swimsuit is for the tourism was born, transforming Iceland from a
Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir, 170 public thermal pools dotted throughout the flyover nation to a globetrotter destination. The
of Santa Monica-based island – 17 in Reykjavik alone. The parka is obvious; increased tourism has spawned new hotels, and
Minarc, transformed a average daytime highs range from 13°C in summer while a five-star has yet to open anywhere on the
former workers’ inn into to 2°C in winter. And the disc is to listen to on the island a handful of boutique design hotels have
this luxury hotel and spa. 40-minute four-by-four ride from the capital to the popped up, among them Ion. Launched in February
Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel. Track one, “Immigrant 2013 near Thingvellir National Park, on the slopes
Song,” wails, “We come from the land of the ice and of volcanic Mount Hengill, it offers dramatic views
snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs of Lake Thingvallavatn and the mountains.
flow.” Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote these Owner Sigurlaug Sverridóttir recruited child-
lyrics while touring the tiny country in 1970. hood friend Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir and Tryggvi
PHOTOs BY art gray

When the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in Thorsteinsson, of the Santa Monica, California,
2010, causing worldwide air traffic snafus, Iceland design studio Minarc, to conceptualize the hotel.
and its population of 320,000 found themselves They converted an existing 22‑room inn for
unexpectedly thrust into the world media spotlight. workers from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power

94 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P94-96_FieldTrip_MA14_F.indd 94 1/21/2014 3:58 PM

→ Double-height
windows in the Northern
Lights Bar offer dramatic
views of the landscape
and, in winter when the
conditions are right, of its
namesake phenomenon.
↓ Black corrugated
sheet metal on the old
building and part of the
new references the
surrounding lava rock.
↘ Twenty-four angled
concrete columns support
the extension, framing
a hot pool fed by a nearby
geothermal plant. The
ground-floor spa and
treatrooms are adjacent
to the hot pool.
↘↘ The bar canti­levers off
the end of the extension.

Plant into a 46-room design property. Set on a a large rock rather than through it.” the top vantage point in the country from which
lava field, the hotel melds, inside and out, with the Lava, local flora and fauna, Icelandic culture and to view these elusive midnight rainbows. Below the
surrounding landscape. sustainability are the dominant threads woven into bar on the ground level, steam rises above a hot
To maximize energy efficiency and reduce its the concept. Natural hot springs provide energy- pool framed by 24 angled concrete pillars that
carbon footprint, a prefabricated panellized building efficient geothermal heating and hot water. The support the extension. Fed by overflow from the
system was used for the contemporary extension guest rooms are outfitted with fair trade organic Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant and thus
as well as the original structure. The black corru- linens and amenities; and close-ups of Icelandic chemical-free, it offers another spot from which
gated sheet metal and the sober concrete exterior, horses, by photographers Gígja Einarsdóttir and to take in the natural light spectacle or simply
meant to suggest lava rock, successfully integrate Skarphedinn Thrainsson, adorn the bare concrete warm up after a day of hiking across the glaciers.
the hotel into the volcanic terrain. However, and polished steel walls. When the Vikings settled here in the ninth
building on a lava field had its challenges. “While The newest wings deliver two of Iceland’s major century, this was an unforgiving land. The same
digging the foundation, we found big caves,” says draws: the northern lights and hot springs. From brutal topography beckons tourists today, and
Ingjaldsdóttir. “Icelanders are very superstitious September through March, guests can watch the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel makes sure they want
people, and we certainly didn’t want to disturb the aurora borealis and sip Icelandic craft beer from to come back.
elves who live in the lava. For the same reason, their cozy seats in the Northern Lights Bar.
we went so far as changing the plan to go around Surrounded by full-height windows, this may be

mar ⁄ apr 2014 95

P94-96_FieldTrip_MA14_F.indd 95 1/21/2014 3:58 PM

field trip

↑ In the restaurant, which

specializes in local cuisine
made with farm fresh
ingredients, the wall finishes
are restricted to natural
wood and concrete.
← ← Photographs of Icelandic
horses, by Gígja Einarsdóttir
and Skarphedinn Thrainsson,
adorn the guest bedrooms,
which are outfitted with fair
trade organic linens.
← Hardy, thick-maned
Icelandic horses epitomize
the island’s harsh yet
hauntingly beautiful appeal.

If you go

Things to do In the winter months, Icelandic Blue Lagoon. Instead, try Laugarvatn Fontana crispy parmesan crackers with garlic-herb dip and
Mountain Guides arranges two-day northern lights ( or one of Reykjavik’s many public a glass of imported Spanish wine (
excursions ( For glacier hiking, thermal pools.
sea kayaking, lava caving and ice climbing, several What TO BUY Reykjavik brims with boutiques that
outfitters organize tours, including Arctic WHERE TO EAT Near the old harbour, Forréttabarinn sell traditional Icelandic goods and local design
Adventures ( serves traditional foods with a twist. Whale, products. Kraum ( showcases local
Naturally, the country that produced Björk, lamb hearts, nut steak, and skyr (a yogurt-like clothing, furniture and jewellery. The fish skin
Sigur Rós, and Of Monsters and Men, offers music dairy product) have all appeared on the menu, Uggi Lights, by Dögg Gudmundsdóttir and Fanney
festivals aplenty. Iceland Airwaves (November – washed down with a pint of local Kaldi beer Antonsdóttir, are especially striking. The Spark, the Reykjavik Jazz Festival ( Design Space gallery (
(August – and Sónar (February – At KEX – an eatery, bar, hotel and music features the best of Icelandic design. ) are among the best. venue on the waterfront – curl up on a vintage
For a hot spring soak, skip the often-crowded sofa, or grab a stool at the bar and order the → Rooms from $273 per night.

96 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P94-96_FieldTrip_MA14_F.indd 96 1/27/2014 4:21 PM


Welcome to Kingston&Co, a new condominium coming soon to Kingston Road

Village, the vibrant, up and coming community that lies just north of the Beach.
The building, designed by Teeple Architects, proudly joins the exciting mix of time-
honoured traditions and stylish boutiques that is transforming the neighbourhood.
With its contemporary lines and light-filled spaces, it’s a home destined to become
a beautiful backdrop to the moments of your life. Be part of the transformation.


TAS_AzureMA2014_fp.indd 1 1/22/2014 9:50 AM

Design File
soft seating

The finer details elevate these residential
sofas, in bright and neutral shades

tailored by diane chan

1 Edmond by Flexform 3 Andy 13 by B&B Italia 4 Spencer by Minotti 6 Nautil by Roche Bobois
Carlo Colombo’s sofa walks the line Originally designed by Paolo Piva in 2002, Rodolfo Dordoni’s elegant loveseat Inspired by the boating industry, Paris
be­tween super-sleek and maximum com- this sofa received an update in 2013. The forms part of a larger family that includes designer Cédric Ragot’s playful sofa
fort, thanks to a tubular metal frame and new model has a chrome base (in shiny a three-seater, an armchair, a chaise consists of a wooden structure with a solid
plush, generous seats. The collection silver or black), a cushion with dedicated longue and a bench. The base is made of beech base, which has been stained black
consists of 14 pieces, including loungers back support, a deeper seat, and an pewter-coloured aluminum, and the cover and generously padded in polyurethane
and an armchair. f­ optional chaise longue. Five eco-leathers comes in leather or a removable fabric. foam. Leather piping embellishes the blue
have been introduced as upholstery ­ upholstery. Other options include an
2 Traffic by Magis choices, adding to the dozens of vibrant armchair or ottoman. ­
Konstantin Grcic designed this loveseat, fabrics and leathers already offered. 5 Lola by EQ3
an armchair, two benches, and a chaise ­ This modular collection of sofas, armchairs
longue, all with grid-like metal frames in and ottomans is defined by its minimalist
seven colours, complemented by five profile, back cushions, and deep bench
upholstery choices apiece. ­ seating. Six neutral shades and three leg styles are available. ­

98 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P98-100_DesignFile2_MA14_F.indd 98 1/22/2014 12:37 PM

Solid or patterned, these contract interior
furnishings deliver a punch


1 KM-Tufted Tuxedo by Keilhauer 3 Spectrum by Teknion Studio 5 Q5 by Davis 7 Wind Linear by Global
With a nod to crisp mid-century tuxedo The individual pieces of this lounge The modular chevrons of Davis’s Q5 bench This soft seating collection fits places where
sofas, this stylish line for lounges and collection by Jeffrey Bernett and and table system, in brights and neutrals, space is at a premium: executive lounges,
reception areas comes in sizes up to a Nicholas Dodziuk can be arranged into enable users to transition between collab- reception areas, and the lobbies of health
three-seater, and upholstered in any islands of various sizes. Fixed or flexible or­ative sessions and intimate con­versations care facilities and nursing homes. The sofa
Keilhauer textile or leather. As well, it’s armrests support laptops and tablets. by placing the pieces in different configu- comes in short and long versions, with or
eco-certified by Greenguard Indoor ­ rations. ­ without arms, and the raised legs facilitate
Air Quality. ­ cleaning underneath. Letter box side tables,
4 Divvi by Nienkämper 6 Regard by Steelcase in square and rectangular with recessed
2 Windowseat by Haworth Angled back- and armrests give Divvi, Intended for educational environments, shelves, complete the series.
Mike & Maaike, a design duo from which seats two to eight, its unique this modular system accommodates ­
San Fran­cisco, produced this charming shape, and they serve as a dividing group work, individual study or socializing.
wool chair, which provides refuge amid element that lets users sit in various Extra-wide seats, armrests and a power
busy public settings. Also in an open-top positions. Contrasting upholstery system make it ideal for libraries, cafés and
version or as an ottoman. ­ can be specified. n­ other campus spaces. s­

mar ⁄ apr 2014 99

P98-100_DesignFile2_MA14_F.indd 99 1/27/2014 4:22 PM

Design File
soft seating

In all-new forms, these residential seats
sport plush padding and vibrant upholstery


1 Sofa Collection by Knoll 3 Ipanema Poltrona by Poliform 5 Rodwood by Living Divani 7 Peg by Cappellini
To add a pop of colour to BarberOsgerby’s Jean-Marie Massaud took cues from the In updating his 2012 Rod collection, Piero For Oki Sato’s supple armchair, legs in ash
boxy seats covered in fabric or leather, cushy loungers on Rio de Janeiro’s most Lissoni added veneered oak in the form or walnut rise to support the low, rounded
the aluminium legs come finished in red or famous beach for his seating line of the of a shell and table, which lends a natural back. The fabric, felt or leather upholstery
white, along with standard black. The range same name. The collection is composed of feel. Rodwood comes in five sizes, up to a comes in dozens of colours, from neutrals
comprises two- and three-seater sofas, Spessart oak with natural finishing, and three-seater. ­ to bold red, green and blue. To complement
an armchair, ottomans, side tables, and a topped with cushions covered in removable the piece, the designer added a coordinating
stool. ­ fabric or leather. 6 Bowl by Arper three-legged side table. ­
Designed in 1951 by Italian-Brazilian
2 Kelly H by Tacchini 4 Ruché by Ligne Roset architect Lina Bo Bardi, the Bowl is now
American artist Ellsworth Kelly’s colour This armchair is the latest interpretation of available from Arper, which obtained the
field paintings inspired Claesson Koivisto Inga Sempé’s quilted sofa collection. Like rights to manufacture a limited edition
Rune’s cartoonishly top-heavy padded one version of the original, it is asymmetrical, of 500 pieces, in 22 solid and patterned
chairs, in vivid hues of red, green and blue, allowing users to sit upright, sideways, coverings. ­
perched on skinny metal rods. ­ straight, or slouchy. ­

100 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P98-100_DesignFile2_MA14_F.indd 100 1/22/2014 12:37 PM

28gene_MARCH2014_AZURE.indd 1 23/01/2014 2:36:07 PM
Material World

Durable materials and innovative
solutions designed to shield structures

from extreme weather systems

BY paige magarrey

Arco house by
Pezo von

A four-storey box fully clad in glass,

this picturesque hillside project in
Chile, by Mauri­cio Pezo and Sofia von
Ellrichshausen, may not seem like an
obvious choice for an ­earthquake-proof
building. However, it’s just what the
clients (a ceramic artist and an engraver
who lost their home in the 2010 Chile
earthquake) had in mind.
The narrow, 124-square-metre
structure houses artists’ workshops on
the main floor, with the living spaces
and the bedroom above. It stands on a
base of asphalt-sealed concrete, and
powder-coated steel columns protect it
from movement while separating it into
six equal rooms. A stairway encased in
fireproof enamelled crossbeams runs
through the middle, adding further sta-
bility as well as infrastructure for shelving,
countertops and other built-ins that will
stay put during extreme weather.
Perhaps most intriguing is how the
interior softens the severe steel grid, via
glazed walls; barely-there white curtains
surrounding the three upper floors; and
the soft glow that issues from the space
at night, which renders the fortifications
un­assum­ing yet plainly visible from
indoors and out.

FLOOD mitigation Kemper System’s polymer waterproofing membrane,

applied as a cold liquid, is odourless, solvent-free and
Barriers, gates and building blocks guard against high made from renewable raw materials. It suits indoor
water levels in case of extreme rainfall, broken levees applications, along with outdoor ones such as plazas,
and other calamities. rooftop gardens and pools. k­
Roxul stone wool insulation is ideal for flood zones.
→ AquaFence Developed in Norway, this transportable It resists moisture, erosion and bacterial growth, and it
modular barrier consists of flat-packed boards that drains water away from walls and pipes. ­
withstand rising water up to 2.1 metres, using sealed
UK Flood Barriers manufactures, supplies and installs
con­nect­ors to form any length or shape. After Hurricane
the Flood Angel Anti-Flood Airbrick, made of recycled
Sandy, the owners of Jane’s Carousel in the DUMBO section
polypropylene. Placed in walls among regular bricks, it
of Brooklyn Bridge Park bought the system to prepare for
allows air to pass through a removable mesh, increasing
future storms. It can be erected by a team of 10 around a
openings. It deploys automatically, popping up wall-like passive circulation. During floods, a flap automatically
building (or even the perimeter of an entire town) at a solid
barriers to shield walkways, parking lots and stairwells, snaps shut to block out water. ­
100 metres per hour. a­
then folding back down when the water recedes. The Texas
FloodBreak ’s passive flood mitigation is installed flush company custom-builds systems to blend in with any
with the ground at entrances, gateways and other architecture. f­

102 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P102-103_MaterialWorld_MA14_F.indd 102 1/21/2014 4:04 PM

EARTHQUAKE protection at strategic locations, the devices slip during major
earthquakes to dissipate the force. ­
In the past five years, over 10,000 earthquakes above
QuakeWrap of Arizona produces Fiber Reinforced
mag­ni­tude five have occurred worldwide. Bearings,
Poly­mers, fabric-like materials that come in epoxy,
braces, dampers and other seismic protection systems
vinyl-ester or polyester substrates, which are reinforced
reduce buildings’ rigidity, which allows them to sway
with carbon, glass, Kevlar or basalt. When wrapped around
rather than snap in high winds.
beams, columns, walls, pipes and even chimneys, the
products make them three times stronger than steel.
↘ Cast Connex The University of Toronto start-up ­
manu­factures award-winning, high-strength steel
connectors to improve resilience in earthquake-proof
buildings. The modular components are quick to produce
and install. c­
Dynamic Isolation Systems uses various products to
isolate structures from the ground below and absorb
seismic energy. The Nevada manufacturer’s Lead Rubber
Bearings, for use under buildings and bridges, alternate
flexible layers of rubber and steel around a lead core,
which absorbs shock. ­
Earthquake Protection Systems of California started
developing its Friction Pendulum in the ’80s, using a sliding
bearing between the building base and a concave founda-
tion to allow minute pendulum movements. The new Triple
↑ Star Seismic’s made-to-order buckling restrained
Pendulum automatically adapts to quakes of different
braces consist of yielding steel members surrounded by
strengths. ­
an air gap and encased in non-yielding concrete, which
Pall Dynamics The Montreal company that fitted the first results in an elastic yet rigid support. The Utah company’s
building in North America with seismic dampers designed Wildcat system uses recycled materials, is suitable for
Pall Friction Dampers, a passive energy solution. Installed retrofits, and offers LEED credits. s­

fire proofing highly durable mineral wool, they resist temperatures

up to 1,093 degrees Celsius. ­
Sika’s Sikacrete cement-based, wet-sprayed fire­proofing
material enables concrete structures to withstand up
Glass systems, insulators, foams and coatings prevent to four hours of flames without emitting toxic fumes or
DuPont’s Tyvek FireCurb membrane for walls and roofs
damage to building structures, and minimize the spread smoke. ­
(available in Europe) slows down or even extinguishes
of flames while blocking extreme heat.
flames and keeps them from spreading. A halogen-free, TimberSIL Products This South Carolina company forms
fire-retardant coating also reduces smoke. d­ wood and glass into framing, decking, flooring, roofing,
3M’s FIP 1-Step fire barrier rated foam stops smoke, noise, windows and other non-toxic products that look like wood,
Pilkington The glass company’s Pyrostop fire-rated,
and flames. Used for walls and floors, it seals in one step with the durability and fireproofing properties of glass.
impact-resistant glass works for various building
without mineral wool, caulk or bricks.­firestop ­
applications. When a fire breaks out, the material turns
CertainTeed Corporation’s Thermafiber sound-insulating opaque to protect against fire , smoke, and radiant heat
fire blankets protect floors, walls and ceilings. Made of a for up to two hours. ­

HURRICANE resistance Loewen This Canadian window company produces its

Storm­Force Series in Douglas fir or mahogany, with
Windows, shutters and innovative screens that lami­nat­ed glass certified to hold up under sustained
withstand dangerous winds and flying debris. winds of over 250 kilometres per hour. ­
Plazit’s Polygal Hurricane Shutter System is made of
CGI Windows and Doors, made of impact-resistant 16-millimetre-thick, high-impact polycarbonate sheets.
lam­in­ated glass and commercial-grade alu­minum, shield Easy to install and cost effective, they also allow natural
against high winds while looking stylish. The Florida light to flow through. ­
man­u­facturer’s latest products include French doors
Tiltco’s hurricane-rated windows for North America and
with a three-point lock system. ­
the Caribbean undergo a stringent testing process, which
← Hope’s of New York produces the Jamestown175 ensures that they tolerate extreme wind pressure, severe
Series of steel windows and doors, which is approved for rainstorms and airborne debris. They even withstand a
Image by IMG_INK courtesy Hope’s

hurricane resistance. The collection features fixed, side two-by-four flying at over 300 kilo­metres per hour. ­
hung and projecting windows, as well as swinging, sliding
and folding doors. ­
Intus Windows’ energy-efficient U-PVC line of triple-pane
vinyl windows and doors recently became certified for
high-velocity storm zones. The Washington, D.C., manufac-
turer offers a wide range of colours and hardware options.
mar ⁄ apr 2014 103

P102-103_MaterialWorld_MA14_F.indd 103 1/21/2014 4:04 PM

media Shelf

1 the competition 2 3xN architects

BOOK with an introduction by Christian Bundgaard
film by Angel Borrego Cubero
This monograph from Archilife brings together 32 works from
For architects hoping to secure their big break by winning a design competi-
Copenhagen firm 3XN, which continues to embrace new ideas
tion – and for all those who put their faith in the process – this feature-length
through its innovative eco-design unit, GXN. Using descriptions,
documentary is an eye-opener. Self-produced and directed by Spanish archi-
floor plans, interviews and, of course, stunning photo­graphs,
tect Angel Borrego Cubero, the film follows four firms through the design and
the book traces such early projects as the Tivoli Concert Hall
presentation process for an invitational competition, held in 2008, to build
(also in Copenhagen), where the firm had to tread lightly on a
the National Museum of Art of Andorra in southwestern Europe. Cubero takes
historical site; and Ørestad College, which 3XN principal Kim
us inside the offices of Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Dominique Perrault and
Herforth Nielsen calls the “most radical school in Denmark.”
Zaha Hadid (Sir Norman Foster, the fifth participant, dropped out early on).
The volume works its way up to recent projects, including the
Visually raw and roughly edited, it provides few details about the competition
whirlpool-shaped National Aquarium (a.k.a., the Blue Planet).
itself, although this makes it more poignant: employees who work for major
Each structure is informed by 3XN’s commitment to pragmatic
architects often toil away on competition projects with little information about
architecture that promotes human well-being. you may also like:
the client or the context. Much of the footage consists of heels scurrying
Dining in Copenhagen at Noma, one of the world’s top restau-
across studio floors, fingers tapping on keyboards, and late-night discussions
rants, whose culinary lab was designed by 3XN. If you can’t get
about renderings. Never has the banal yet stressful reality of working in a
there, check out the Phaidon cookbook Noma: Time and Place
top-tier office been so faithfully conveyed.
in Nordic Cuisine. By elizabeth pagliacolo
However the truth behind the glamour is what makes The Competition
relevant. Subtitles reveal the words beneath the sting in Nouvel’s critical voice,
and the esoteric nature of architects as they discuss the whimsical forms 3 Old Buildings, New Forms: New Directions in
found in Perrault’s work. By contrast, Gehry’s false modesty comes as a Architectural Transformations
refreshing change. book by Françoise Astorg Bollack
As someone who has experienced both sides of a competition (as an
Restore or rebuild? To answer this question, the author, who
architect and a juror), my favourite moments occur when the designers defend
specializes in new design in historical settings, has gathered
their ideas to the panel. Watching Gehry rehearse his presentation or listening
28 projects for her 224-page anthology. She breaks the chapters
to Nouvel puff up his ego as he sputters out last-minute criticisms to his staff
into five rebuilding types – insertions, parasites, wraps, juxta-
is enlightening. The reality of it all imparts a mental list of dos and don’ts for
positions and weavings – and uses case studies to illustrate
preparing a pitch, and much can be gleaned from watching top architects sell
each approach. Weavings, for instance, is demonstrated by the
their schemes to a bureaucratic jury. Who actually won is immaterial. you may
Neues Museum in Berlin, which sat in ruin for decades until
also like: A New Product, by filmmaker Harun Farocki, which goes behind the
David Chipperfield and Julian Harrap gave its courtyard a new
scenes at a German design agency to observe the planning of a commercial
PHOTO BY jason michael green

glass roof and a monumental staircase, carefully mending the

wounded facade. Old Buildings, New Forms furnishes proof
that history can remain intact and still function beautifully in a
Ian Chodikoff, director of Fora Strategic Planning, most recently served on
modern world. you may also like: The Future of the Past (W. W.
the selection committee for Calgary’s New Central Library, which is expected
Norton & Company). University of Notre Dame professor Steven
to open in 2018.
Semes makes a case that additions to old buildings, and new
ones, should play nice with their neighbours. BY DIANE CHAN

104 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P104-105_MediaShelf_MA14_F.indd 104 1/23/2014 12:12 PM


May 14-16, 2014 Mandalay Bay Convention Center

4 Watermark
film by Jennifer Baichwal, EDward Burtynsky and Nick de Pencier

For their second collaboration, the team behind this documentary

(Mongrel Media) explores our relationship to water through pictures
more than words. Between quick flashes of photographer Edward
Burtynsky discussing his interest in the confluence between man
and nature, the film condenses 200 hours of footage into a 92-minute
cinematic roller coaster ride. Burtynsky shows us everything water
related, from China’s Xiluodu dam, the largest in the world, to the
Ganges River, where millions gather to ceremonially wash away their We invite you to attend the largest assembly
sins. Although Watermark is politically charged, its detached aerial of designers and manufacturers in
perspective leaves viewers to ascertain what they are seeing: either
hospitality design.
man’s disregard for the delicate hydrosphere or our binding reverence
for it. you may also like: Manufactured Landscapes, the trio’s first
collaboration, which documents quarries, re­cyc­ling yards, factories Meet new contacts while you view the best
and other environments in China that have been heavily altered by products available on the market.
human activity. By paige magarrey
Learn valuable new strategies in our
accredited conference sessions.
5 New Architecture on Indigenous Lands
book by Joy Monice Malnar and Frank Vodvarka
This is the show where business takes place.
Contemporary architecture for Aboriginal peoples is often located
on remote reservations many of us will never visit, which makes this
260-page book from the University of Min­ne­sota Press especially Go to and Register to Attend
welcome. The authors have focused on projects that embody the
Use code A2DESIGN for a free expo pass.
values of various tribes, from the American Southwest’s Zuni to the
Haida of the West Coast. While many examples adapt traditional
materials and iconography, the most compelling gestures are less
obvious, including symbolic orientations that respond to specific Presented by Produced by

beliefs. Several projects are based on circular programs that connote

gathering spaces, including the American Indian Cultural Centre
and Museum, underway in Oklahoma, featuring a central field
dedicated to festivals and concerts. you may also like: Art & Place:
Site-­Specific Art of the Americas (Phaidon), a lavish reflection on
In association with
large-scale sculptures that speak to their surroundings, from the
monumental heads of Easter Island to Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate
in Chicago. By david dick-agnew

mar ⁄ apr 2014 105

P104-105_MediaShelf_MA14_F.indd 105 1/28/2014 3:01 PM

LTD 075 Azure Oct2013 StRegis_FNL 13-08-15 12:20 PM Page 1

and the winners are…
The St. Regis
In December, the Chicago Athenaeum announced the
over 700 winners from 38 countries of the 2013 Good
Design Awards. Toronto’s Teknion won big, taking home
prizes in the furniture, textiles and tools categories
with its Studio and Textile collections and Details book.
Vancouver’s Bocci received a lighting award for the
57 Horizontal Chandelier; as did Italy’s Flos, for the Aim
and Kelvin Green II task lights. In electronics, prizes went
to Libratone’s boldly hued Zipp Wireless Sound System,
and Apple’s iPod touch, EarPods, iPod nano, iMac and
iPhone 5. In furniture, winners include Fritz Hansen’s neo-
baroque Ro Chair, by Jaime Hayon; Bernhardt Design’s
low-profile Chiara Lounge, by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance;
and Tacchini’s bulbous Kelly Arm Chair, by Claesson
Koivisto Rune. See the full list at chi‑­

In November, the Edmonton Urban Design Awards were

presented to nine firms that have installed projects
around the city. Ball Nogues Studio received one for its
Talus Dome, a public sculpture made of 1,000 oversized
silver marbles, near the North Saskatchewan River; as
did Chelsea Boos, Carmen Douville and Erin Ross,
for LIVINGbridge, an urban garden atop an abandoned
railway bridge in the downtown core. See the full list at

The American Institute of Architects has awarded

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple of New Orleans the 2014 Archi­
tec­ture Firm Award. As well, AIA’s Chicago chapter named
Goettsch Partners its 2013 Firm of the Year.

The interactive installation 21 balançoires, the 21 musical

swings that animate Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, took home the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents,
which recognizes designers 35 and under who work
in member communities of the UNESCO Creative Cities
Network. Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat of
Montreal studio Daily tous les jours conceptualized the
interactive experience.

The 2013 European Hotel Design Awards have been

CARLISLE WIDE PLANK FLOORS announced. The 14 winners include the Ushuaia Beach
Hotel expansion in Ibiza, by Estudio Vila 13; the Bulgari
Hotel and Residences in London, by Antonio Citterio,
Patricia Veil & Partners and Squire & Partners; and the
25hours Hotel in Zurich, by Alfredo Häberli. See the
full list at

The 2013 FX International Interior Design Awards celebrate

everything from hotel and museum in­ter­iors to furniture
and lighting. The 18 recipients include Cannon Design, for
its restoration of the 1912 St. Louis Central Library, along
with such products as Steelcase’s Gesture task chair;
Modus’s flat-packed Hem chair, by PearsonLloyd; and the
sculptural Haiku Ceiling Fan, by Big Ass Fans. See the
full list at

Vancouver designer Lukas Peet has won the Emerging

Designer Competition, presented by Toronto’s Design

Space that inspires.

Exchange. Since his studies at the Design Academy
Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, he has created furnishings
and lighting, including fixtures for New York’s Roll & Hill. He
also recently co-founded the Andlight brand in Vancouver
with fellow Canadians Caine Heintzman and Matt Davis.

French architect Odile Decq was honoured with the

Femme Architecte 2013 prize by Aurélie Filippetti, the
French minister of culture and communication.

Green goods
President Barack Obama earned a commendation from
Rick Fedrizzi, president of the U.S. Green Building Council,
SALES TO TRADE ONLY. VISITSOFA.COM after signing a memorandum that directed the federal
government to tap renewable resources for at least 20 per
TUES–THURS 10–4 | VIP CONCIERGE APPOINTMENTS | 905.678.5626 cent of its electricity by 2020.

106 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P106-107_Boldface_MA14_F.indd 106 1/27/2014 12:02 PM

Ohio has qualified for LEED certification on its 100th
school, and the state now leads the U.S. in public schools
recognized under the green program.

movers and shakers

Yabu Pushelberg of Toronto has been appointed to the
Order of Canada for contributing to international design
while promoting Canadian ingenuity. The interiors firm
just completed the Shanghai flagship of fashion boutique
Lane Crawford, and Clement restaurant at New York’s
Peninsula Hotel.
All window treatments
Montreal architect Phyllis Lambert is stepping down Toss cushions
as chair of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the
institution she founded 35 years ago. Toronto architect
Bedding & Headboards
Bruce Kuwabara, of Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg,
will take over the helm.
Slipcovers - Soft furnishings
John Maeda leaves his post as president of the Rhode
Island School of Design to join the venture capital firm
To the Trade only
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in Silicon Valley, California,
and to chair eBay’s new design advisory board.
3 week lead time
London architecture firm FAT will close up shop after 20 Magnetic Drive, Toronto
23 years, after finishing its latest exercises in irreverent
architecture, including A House for Essex, for Alain
de Botton’s Living Architecture project; and A Clockwork
Jerusalem, an installation at the British Pavilion during
the 2014 Venice Biennale.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art appointed Nan

Keeton and Janet Alberti as deputy directors. They will
help to plan the museum’s 21,830-square-metre expansion.

on the boards
When Dubai hosts the 2020 World Expo, it will do so on
a 437-hectare site master planned by HOK. Three major
pavilions will be installed around the perimeter, with smaller
exhibits clustered within to facilitate flow and interaction.

New York firm ODA, the brains behind various elegant local
residences, has won the commission to design Hunters
Point South – Parcel C, the largest affordable housing
project in the city in more than three and a half decades.

In January, the Vancouver Art Gallery shortlisted five

firms for its new museum building design. The finalists
are Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Herzog & de Meuron,
KPMB Architects, SANAA and Tod Williams Billie Tsien

In June 2014, David Edwards will open a second location

of Laboratoire, his innovative retail, R&D and exhibition
space for artists and scientists, near Harvard and MIT in
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

in memoriam
Allen Eskew, co-founder of New Orleans firm
Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, has died at 65. The architect
was best known for his master plan for the 1984 Louisiana
World Exposition; his restoration of the Mercedes-Benz
Superdome after Hurricane Katrina; and Reinventing
the Crescent, a plan now underway to redevelop six miles
of Mississippi riverfront in the port city. Custom tables
Kathryn Findlay, co-founder and principal director of Mirrors
London firm Ushida Findlay Architects, has died at 60.
She is best known for her work on the 114.5-metre-tall Lighting
ArcelorMittal Orbit tower, a steel observation structure
built for the 2012 London Olympics and designed in
collabor­ation with Anish Kapoor and Arup. She was Wallpaper
posthumously awarded the 2014 Jane Drew Prize by the
Architects’ Journal of the U.K., for her contribution to
the status of women in architecture.
Bespoke window coverings
247 King Street East at Sherbourne, Toronto
416.363.9851 -

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P106-107_Boldface_MA14_F.indd 107 1/27/2014 4:22 PM

advertiser index

ADVERTISER PAGE # ADVERTISER PAGE # for advertising information

please contact:
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(416) 203-9674 x221
Bocci 101 Light Fair 30
Caesarstone 111 Ligne Roset 35
Dinah Quattrin
Caesarstone Design Competition 22 Lincoln 91
(416) 993-9636
Ceragres 53 Lisa Taylor Design 106
Chemetal 34 Living Divani 45
Maureen Tang
Ciot 39 Minotti 12,13 (416) 203-9674 x235
Coverings 108 Momentum 24
Dwell on Design 109 Nienkämper 17
Epson 38 Rieder 40
European Flooring 23 Rimadesio 51
Eventscape 27 Scavolini 19
Faema 85 SieMatic 14,15
Flexform 8,9 SOFA 106 Subscribe to AZURE today and save
more than 70%!
Gaggenau 47 Stone Tile 18
Gandia Blasco 93 TAS DesignBuild 97 Phone: (416) 932-5082
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HD Expo 105 Thread Needle 107
i saloni - Milan 20 Trianon 107
Innovia 32 Varasmus 49

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Coverings is your show
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april 29–may 2, las Vegas

2014 neVada, usa

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For the latest updates and

news about Dwell on Design,

For questions about exhibiting or

to reserve your exhibit space, email
Toby Benstead,

America’s largest
design event returns
Save the Date!
June 20-22, 2014
Los Angeles
Convention Center

Join us for three full days of

dynamic exhibitions, unparalleled
educational opportunities,
and cutting-edge technologies.
— 90 onstage programs
— 200 speakers
— 2,000 + innovative modern
furnishings and products

Ideas for

Dwell.indd 1 1/24/2014 11:05 AM


Cai Guo-Qiang’s idea of paradise

World peace was achieved, albeit temporarily, last faces, some easily, some with great effort because marking the inescapable passage of time. The
winter at the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia. of their size. Despite the silence and the stillness, title, Heritage, implies that this is our inheritance,
PHOTO courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery

Predictably, humans were not part of the equation. a subtle tension is felt within this peaceable king- but since the only humans present are museum-
Ninety-nine animals from five continents gathered dom, but the artist leaves it up to the viewer to goers, we are left to wonder whether our species
to drink at the same watering hole, and not a drop decide how long the truce will last. will ever be welcomed back into Eden.
of blood was shed. At least, that’s how New York Inspired by the nearby beaches in Brisbane’s → The exhibition runs until May 11, 2014.
artist Cai Guo-Qiang imagined it. Over a span of Moreton Bay, Cai’s white sand oasis attempts to
eight months, with the help of 50 artisans, he built create a place of respite from global conflict, and Terence Dick is an arts writer and columnist for
the menagerie out of Styrofoam, replicating each imagine a world without the threat of environmen- He has experienced the wild in his own
pelt from dyed goat hair. tal collapse. Yet even this paradise is unsettled, field, watching dealers hunting collectors and
Predator and prey, from tigers and leopards to as a drop of water descends from a mechanism in artists hunting dealers.
pandas, giraffes and kangaroos, quietly refresh the ceiling to disturb the lake’s surface every four
themselves – some lapping, some immersing their seconds, rippling the animals’ reflections and

110 mar ⁄ apr 2014

P110_Trailer_MA14_F.indd 110 1/21/2014 4:04 PM

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