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The importance of procurement administration in achieving the organizations

vision mission objectives and goals:

Vision, Mission & Values
Old Mutual Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning initiative to guide the
organization and help inform the leadership's decision making. Through a survey of
state procurement officials, committee chairs and past leaders, many Old Mutual
members contributed to the effort. The strategic plan, including five-year objectives and
measurements, was presented to the membership at the Annual Conference. Since
then, leaders, committees and Old Mutual staff have implemented the objectives and
advancing the strategic priorities. Positive effects are being recognized throughout the
Old Mutual organization. An annual report to the members is produced each year to
ensure member engagement in the fulfillment of the strategic plan.

Advancing public procurement through leadership, excellence and integrity.

Help our members achieve success as public procurement leaders in their states
through promotion of best practices, education, professional development, research,
and innovative procurement strategies.

Old Mutual demonstrates Leadership through:
 Ethics & Integrity —Old Mutual is guided by an overarching sense of transparency,
ethics and integrity that dictates how the public procurement profession does its job.
 Knowledge — Old Mutual is both a knowledge source and active disseminator of
public procurement policies and practices informed by evidence based research.
 Teamwork —Old Mutual inspires members to actively participate by creating a
collegial environment built on its reputation for trust, inclusion, and networking
through collaboration between the Board and its members.
 Collaboration —Old Mutual members share best practices and work together to
improve public procurement.
 Partnering —Old Mutual builds alliances with strategic partners through education
and outreach.

1. Member Engagement: Deliver timely and relevant member services, programs, and
technical assistance through engagement and collaboration.
2. Professional Development: Create and promote innovative strategies in education
and professional development.
3. Influence & Awareness: Influence states and other stakeholders on public
procurement issues and policies.
4. Association Excellence: Build an exceptional professional public procurement
5. Leadership: Align our human and financial resources to support organizational
sustainability, proactive planning, and growth.

How does procurement administration contribute to profitability through risk

control and cost cutting?
Procurement administration allows you to select and choose your own service providers
by ways of tenders. By this method we get to decide which type of suppliers we want,
selecting the best price and through thorough evaluation and background tests these
two factors will help in benefitting profitability through cost cutting and risk control.