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Mini-MS – GRP Pipe Installation

Methodology – Temporary work installation

Install Pile Clamp and Bracing as per BAM

shop drawing number TJB56J-BI-GEN-C-
The installation of clamps shall refer to
wharf construction method statements.

Install Walkway in between below grid:

 East Wharf: GL 307-308
 Center Wharf: GL 323-324
 West Wharf: GL 339-340

2 This walkway is used as a platform for

below purposes:
 Installing pipe hanger
 Adjusting GRP pipe position
 Joining GRP pipe section
 Others
The hanger holes already preinstalled on
specified precast slab, install the hanger
and tighten the nut to the preinstalled
anchor bolt on precast slab.

Install the GRP pipe with 6m length on

pump pit and drain pit first. One side must
be already inside and properly positioned
on pump pit/drain pit.

Apply bitumen joint sealant on precast

5 pump pit and drain pit. Apply around GRP

Install the middle pipe section (6m length),

place on top of two pipe hangers, then
tighten flange joint and also tighten the U-
bars on the pipe hanger.

Check the connection of the flange joint,

ensure that the bolt is properly tightened.
Ensure that there is no crack on the flange
Tighten the bolt on Pipe hanger U-bars after
all GRP pipes has positioned properly.