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1. Which following LEAST diagnostic esophageal intubation ? 9.

18-year-old motorcyclist, massive facial injuries in a head

 ETT above carina on chest x-ray crash with pick up, 150/88, ** beats, RR 26 labored and
2. Which following signs definitive airway in trauma patient? sonor, GCS 7, orotracheal intubation unsuccesfull, be apatic,
 severe maxillofacial fractures best procedure?  surgical cricothyroidotomy
3. Twenty-seven patient injured aircraft local airport. Principal 10. 25-year-old partial and full thickness burn involving 60%
triage?  produce the greates number of survivor based right arm and hand, circumferential burn, pulse absent right
on available resources wrist and not detected by Doppler examination, first step
4. Statement correct?  Cerebral contusions may coalesce to manage right upper?  escharotomy
form an intracerebral hematoma 11. Following sign chst x-ray patient a blunt injury suggest
5. An 18-yearold, shot, bullet wound right clavicula and right aortic rupture EXCEPT which ?  mediastinal emphysema
posterior axillary line, TD 11060, 90 beat, RR 34, airways 12. 30-year-old woman fell down four stairs landing on
and double IV line, next appropriate step?  obtain a concrete. Uncon scious for 5 ,imutes after the fall, full
portable chest x-ray consciousness during 10 minute transport the hospital, GCS
6. A 47-year-old, falling 6 meters (20 feet) landing straddle on 15, complaint is a slight headache, 30 minute she
a face, perineum reveals extensive echymosis, blood MAE, unresponsive GCS 6 left pupil is large ?  an epidural
initial diagnostic study for evaluation urinary track ?  hematoma
retrograde urethrography 13. 24-year-old male pedestrian, struck automobile, admit
7. Neurogenic shock following classic characteristic except EmerDeptt 1 hour after injury, 80/60, 140 beat, RR 36,
which ?  narrowed pulse pressure lethargic, oxygen face mask, 2 IV line, BGA PaO2 118, PaCO2
8. Following false concerning Rh isoimmunization in pregnant 30, PH 7,21. Best accomplished by ?  restoration of
trauma ?  Rh immunoglobulin therapy should be normal perfusion
administered to pregnant females who have sustained a
gunshot wound to the leg
14. Which following first any patient may include multiple close 19. 22 year-old female 6 month pregnant motor crash, vaginal
extremity fracture?  ensuring adequate oxygenation and bleeding. Initial step treatment ?  ask the patient what
ventilation. her name is
15. A 30-year-old gubshot wound right lower hest, midway 20. Construction worker falls a scaffold, HR 124 beat, 85/60,
nipple and costal margin, in EmerDeptt he endotracheally lower abdominal pain airway, chest, immobilizing spine,
intubated, 2 liters chrystaloid two IV line, closed tube initial fluid, next step?  FAST exam
thoracostomy 200 ml of blood, his blood now 70/0, 140 21. 22-year-old male a shotgun wound left shoulder and chest
beats, most appropriate?  perform a laparotomy in the at close range, 80/40, 130 beat, after 2 liters fluid 122/84,
operating room 100 beat, tachypneu 28 breath sound decrease upper chest
16. You are treating trauma patient definitive airway by with dullness on percussion, large caliber tube
intobation, vocal cord not vsible. Most valuable for thoracostomy insert return 200 ml blood, most appropriate
succesfull intubation ?  gum elastic bougle next step?  repeat the physical examination of the chest
17. 79-year-old female motor crash, she on Coumadin and a 22. Which following concerning spine and cord is TRUE ? 
beta blocker. Following true ?  vigorous fluid diaphragmatic breathing in an unconscious patient who
resuscitation may be associated with cardiorespiratory has fallen is sign of spine injury
failure 23. Which following TRUE ?  nasotracheal tube positions a
18. 22-year-old male falling from 2,4 meter (8 feet), large right cuffed airway in the infraglottic space
pneumothoraxchest tube inserted connected drainage, 24. 40-year-old male fall from 3 meter (10 feet), airway clear,
chest x-ray demonstrated residual large right RR 28, systole 140pain on palpation of chest ?  pain
pneumothorax, third x-ray reveal persistant right management
pneumothorax, most likely cause persistent right 25. Most common acid-base disturbance encountered in
pneumothorax ?  tracheobronchial injury injured pediatric patient ?  changes in ventilation
26. 17-year-old femae 2 meters fall, unresponsive and RR 32, vein distended, breath sound normal, heart sound
90/60, 68 beat. First treatment?  applying oxygen and diminished, IV access warm crystalloid. Manage?  FAST
maintaining airway exam
27. Which one following TRUE regarding diagnostic peritoneal 35. 35-year-old motorcyclist a frontal impact collision, 140 beat,
lavage?  DPL has a high sensitivity 86/60, RR 36, bitterly lower abdominal pain, a leg-length
28. Which following sign class II hemoraahagic shock ( 750-1500 discrepancy and external rotations left leg. Which following
ml )  heart rate above 140 beats per minutes TRUE ?  x-ray of the chest and pelvic are important in
29. Neurogenic shock is ?  initially managed with the initial evaluation
vasopressor therapy 36. 35-year-old female fall down stairs, extensive bruising face
30. 23 year-old male full-thickness burns his head,arms, upper and head, 120 beat, 90/70, RR 26, condition most readily?
torso, total 50%, weight 80 kg 105/75, 135 beat, cateter  hypovolemia from abdominal or pelvic injury
urine 20 ml dark, received 1000 ml RLParkland guide 37. Which following TRUE cranial anatomy?  the choroid
estimate crystalloid fluid next 8 hours ?  1000 ml plexus, which produced cerebrospinal fluid, lies in the
31. 34 –year-old female motor crash, talking, voice is hoarse, lateral and third ventricles.
bruishing chest and anterior neck, next step?  oxygen by 38. 22-year-old woman fall skiing, present spine board cervical
non-rebreathing mask collar, oxygen mask 5 Lpm, double IV, GCS 12, 135/76, 105
32. Compared with adults, children have ?  lower incidence beat, RR 19. Manage ? CT of the head and repeat GCS
of bony injury with neurogenic shock 39. A young male fall 5 meters (16 feet) from roof, respond pain
33. 30 year-old male motor crash, RR 18, 88 beats, 130/72, GCS by pushing your hand, opening eyes, verbalizing
13. Laparotomy indicates when ?  CT demonstrated inappropriate words, pupil equal, most important step? 
retroperitoneal air immediate intubation to protect his airways
34. 20-year-old male 30 minute after stabbed in the chest, 3 cm 40. In a patient with a spinal cord injury, sacral sparing?  is a
wound medial left nipple. 70/33, 140 beat, neck and arm good prognostic sign.