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Update from Your Chief Steward February 2019

CID Chief Shop Steward Marinos Marinos

As of February 1, 2019, you should have noticed that the pay
Update from the Council Page 1
increase for Fiscal Years (FY) 2018 and 2019 have been
added to your salary in Peoplesoft. If you believe your salary New Warrant Procedures Page 2
is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. In
order to evaluate your pay grade and step, I will need your New Vision and Dental Page 3

date of appointment and a screen shot of your current pay

Calendar of Events Page 3

I have also received multiple questions about the status of

the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). I have been
told by Chairman Bigelow that the City Government appears
to be opposed to the idea at this time. Apparently, DC
Government is concerned that the DROP program could
potentially harm the financial health of the city’s pension

I also asked the Chairman about the status of our diminished

retirement compensation in regards to our health benefits.
Please sign up to receive this regular
The Chairman assured me he was working on finding a
CID Union Newsletter by emailing
solution to benefit our membership. CONT’D ON PG. 2 with the
subject “newsletter”.

DC Police Union CID Stewards

Marinos Marinos, CID Chief Shop Steward 202-276-8509
Russell Mullins, CID Shop Steward 202-487-3760
Gregory Archer, CID Shop Steward 202-664-2842 gharcher4685@gmailcom
Justin Bolding, CID Shop Steward 202-604-3366
DC Police Union, Newsletter, February 2017
Adam Shaatal, CID Shop Steward 301-915-4283
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Position for 5th CID Shop Steward is Vacant (Election underway in January)
changed in several District Detective Units. In the past
a member could e-mail the District Community
Prosecutor the entire case including the affidavit in
support of an arrest for the prosecutor’s review. The
member would then receive a response a short time
later from the prosecutor with either a declination or
a signed affidavit with a complete complaint. This
meant the member would only have to get the
complaint numbered and then signed by a DC
Superior Court Judge.

The Chief of Detectives meets with Detectives assigned to capture John Now, however, if a member’s affidavit is signed by
Wilkes Booth on May 20, 1865 (Drawing from illustrated newspaper)
the prosecutor, he/she must go to the 10th floor of
CONT’D FROM PG 1 the United States Attorney’s Office and find a
I have also received information that a CID Special paralegal that is willing to generate a complaint form.
Election will be held on February 28, 2019 between This process is making our jobs as a detective more
candidates Tim Francis (Natural Squad) and Sean time consuming.
Moore (Seventh District Detective’s Office). The
polling hours will be 0630 to 1830 hours. Another change to the process is that members do
not get their warrant signed by a the on-duty Judge
Unforutnately, the only polling location will be at the at “Judge in Chambers”. Instead, a member is
Metropolitan police Academy Annex. I have made “farmed” out to an available judge from the warrant
several objections to only holding one polling place office. This process is supposed to be more expedited
as I believe it goes against the letter and spirit of our but I have still received complaints that it has made
ByLaws as well as the functionality of how a the process longer and less efficient.
democratic Union should operate.
If you have found the process to be less efficient
Unfortunately, my objections were ignored by the please contact me at
Executive Committee, and I have been informed by Please provide me the date and the time you spent
the Chairman that only one location will be used for waiting to see a Judge.
this election.

In closing, I hope everyone is doing well, and as

always I urge every one of the members of CID to be
engaged with your Union. If you have any questions
or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or
any of the CID Shop Stewards.

New Procedures for Obtaining a

Misdemeanor Arrest Warrant
Marinos Marinos, CID Chief Shop Steward

Recently the process for obtaining a misdemeanor

An MPD Detective and a Uniform Officer on horseback,
(Non-Domestic violence related) arrest warrant has
investigating a flooded trolley circa 1923
DC Police Union / CID Shop Newsletter February 2019
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Contact Information for the New Vision
and Dental Plans
Marinos Marinos, CID Chief Shop Steward

Below are the contact numbers for the Vision

and Dental Insurance. The Group Number for the
vision plan is 35212. If you need any additional
information regarding the plans the contact
information is listed.

Quality Plan Administrators (Vision)

7824 Eastern Avenue, NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20012
Customer Service: (202) 722-2744 or
(800) 900-4112

Cigna Dental Health, Inc.

P.O. Box 189060
Plantation, FL 33318-9060
Phone: (800) 367-1037


February 13 - 7pm General Membership Meeting at

FOP Lodge #1

March (TBD) Union General Membership

Meeting (Location pending)

May 11, 2019 National Police Week 5K

DC Police Union / CID Shop Newsletter February 2019

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