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Tingog Party-List to push for creation

of Eastern Visayas Dev't Authority

TINGOG PARTY-LIST ment toempower the local Accordine to Acidre. to actiorL knowing that the
will work towards the cre- government units in the there is neet for the peo-
a fu turethatwe hope f orwill
alion of the Easlern Visa- Eastem Visayas. ple of Eastem Visayas to be realized only if we work
yas Development Au- "With E\DA, we can. "build our confidence in together to make it hap-
thority (EVDA), a govem- ensure thaf our investment tlle future." pen. We cannotexpect oth-
ment corpoiation mandat- pdorities and promotion "Empowering the re- els to take on thatchallenge
ed to spearhead invest- shategies are in sldc with gional courtryside is the for us. We need to break
ment promolion and im- oui development needs cause behind Tingog. Ii away from our self-im-
plernent economic devel- and our regiona I strengths maynothappenovernight posdd limitations, from
opment shategies in the such as our geographical butTingog is corffnitted to this mindset of limitedness
rcgron. location, our skilled human see this goal realized - - into this vision of great-
TinEogrcoddnominee €sourles,andourimmense motivated bv a collective ness," said Acidre.
Philip Jude Acidre said this tourism potentials," said mandate of 'thinking na- "Because yes we can be
is proof of their comnit- Acidre. tional, but acting region- greatl In the last 6veyears,
"For example, a foreign al,"' Acidre said. we have talked so much
investorinterested ininvest- Acidre maintained that about the resilience of our
ingin EastemVisayasneed the people who live in the people, abouthow our pec
not to go to all the local regionalcountryside canno ple have sLrr\rived despite
governrnent units in the longer remain as voiceless the devastation left by ty-
regions or to a disintercst- spectators as national pol- phoon Yolanda (Haiyan).
ed nahonal govemment icies a re cratted and im ple- But the time to s1rrvive is
agency. mented. over. Nowis the moment to
"He doesn't even have "Weneedtobecome full tluive - to crcate the oppor-
to be in Tacloban. But and active stakeholders of tunities and make real the
through EVDA, one can ouJ own destiny, and equal possibi-lities - for every com-
get the dght and concise and valued partnerc in na- munity, for every iarnily,
information and support tion-building. That is why forevery child, " *reTingog
drat he or she needs," add- we €oitinue to aspire, we DarLv list nominee said.
ed Acidre. continue to inspire others 'RianPoncePacpaco

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