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3 People moved to town

1 Increase in population 2 The change of climate

-Before the Agriculture Revolution,
of people
people who are dependent on trade or
-Population pressure caused -A drier climate reduced the on the storage and processing of wild
grass seeds began to live in permanent
local environments to availability of wild plants. communities.
become exhausted, and -The rise in sea level due to the
people had to find new melting of glaciers caused people in -The concentration of population strains
sources of food. Southeast Asia to live on less land, the food supply despite available
resulting in the invention of resources.
-People started planting and agriculture. -Hence, domestication of plants and
harvesting. animals increased.

Factors of

4 The growth of plants in 5 Society became complex 6 Activities in the Off-Season

- People developed complex -Farming is seasonal.
-Plant remains tossed out in societies.
the garbage sprouted. - When hunting season is over,
-Due to division of labor and the people plant crops instead.
-This produced new crops need to have accumulable wealth,
from the discarded materials -Crops are usually harvested after
some are forced into farming.
that could be easily the gathering season and before
harvested. the hunting season.

-People developed a
systematic way of throwing
out parts of plants.