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Magic Item – The Bow Unerring

This document contains the rules for The Bow Unerring, a magical relic of Aristemis, the Insightful

The Bow Unerring

Holy relic of Aristemis, the Insightful One

Description: The Bow Unerring is a legendary relic of the cult of Aristemis, the Insightful One.
Personally blessed by this mystical deity, the bow has a way of appearing where insight and
understanding are most needed. From the bountiful hunting paths of the vaunted past to the
viscera-covered battlegrounds of the Wars of Balance, the bow has seen many owners along the
way, but few have truly mastered the insight hidden within its spiral carvings.

An ancient longbow of grey, carven wood, the Bow Unerring is obviously magical. The bowstring
is twisted from the gut of some ancient beast, and the handle is polished bone. If one meditates
upon the spiral decorations upon the relic, they receive powerful, synesthetic visions of past hunts.

Abilities: The Bow Unerring has the following abilities:

• Weapon type: Longbow +3; damage 1d8+3.
• Alignment: Lawful; the bow is sacred to Aristemis.
• Intelligence: Vast and divine; the bow is a direct conduit to Aristemis.
• Communication: Powerful urges towards purpose (see below), prophetic dreams. Avoiding
the path towards the chosen purpose may require Ego checks.
• Special:
◦ Insight of Skill: Does not require the user to have a proficiency for longbows: the weapon
grants this to its chosen wielder.
◦ Insight of Purpose: Appears on the mundane plane for a specific purpose determined by
Aristemis (Judge’s discretion, if in doubt roll on the table in the DCC rulebook, pg. 369).
Judges are encouraged to describe the purpose to the wielder only in vague, cryptic
terms, as the bow only communicates with urges and dreams. When the purpose is
complete the bow disappears, and the wielder goes through the Test of Understanding
(see below).
◦ Insight of Accuracy: The arrows shot from the Bow Unerring are so accurate, that they
can even shoot down spells in flight. As a reaction to any spell cast within the bow’s
range and the wielder’s vision may be targeted as a counter action (can be used out of
turn order, but only once per round): if the wielder’s attack roll exceeds the targeted
spell’s spell check result, the spell fails.

The Test of Understanding: Upon completing the special purpose set upon the bow by Aristemis,
the wielder receives a mystical vision which is likely to change their outlook on life completely.
Judge’s are encouraged to describe the vision as a dream-hunt, at the end of which important
insight is imparted upon the wielder. At the end of the dream roll for effect on the table below
(Table A), adding the wielder’s Personality modifier.

D6+PER mod. Effect

A Mystic Misunderstanding: The wielder entirely misunderstands their
mystical experience, possibly with profound effect. Their alignment may
0 or less
change due to this, roll d3 for their new alignment: (1) Lawful; (2) Neutral; (3)
An Award of Experience: The wielder immediately gains 1d10 EXP, as they
weigh their way upon the hunter’s path.
Instinct or Intelligence?: The character is improved by their ordeal, receiving
1d3 points to their maximum Personality or Intelligence, player’s choice.
The Lucky Survive: Completing the task set upon them by Aristemis
3 increases the wielder’s maximum Luck by 1 point, and replenishes spent
Luck by 1d3 points.
Training the Arrow: The wielder immediately gains 5d10 EXP, as they
benefit from the trail they’ve run after Aristemis’ prey.
Clarity: The character finds deep meaning in their completed quest, and may
add 2d3 to either their Personality or Intelligence.
Fortune’s Favours: The divine touch of Aristemis increases the wielder’s
maximum Luck by 3 and replenishes 3d4 points of spent Luck.
A Veteran’s Mind: The character is blessed by their travails, and their toil
awards them 100 EXP.
Enlightenment!: The wielder perfectly understands the meaning of the
8 vision-dream, and becomes aware of their place in the universe. Set the
character’s Intelligence and Personality to 18.
Kismet!: The character continues to carry Aristemis’ blessing even after their
9 or more ordeal is complete. Increase their maximum Luck score by 6 and replenish all
spent Luck to max.
Table A: Effects of Understanding

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