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Study Abroad

at Umeå University
Top-ranked in Sweden and Europe
Melis Kucukoglu
Molecular Biology / Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

“ There is so
much going
on here
in Umeå”
M “I really enjoyed
elis first came to Umeå Uni- The flat in the student corridor and
versity in 2006 on exchange the Buddy Programme helped her

it and loved the

from Turkey and had such a fit in and make friends easily. “We
positive experience that she was de- had students from a variety of back-

student social
termined to return. She entered the grounds and different ages in my
two year master’s programme in mo- corridor, and everyone helped each

life, as well as
lecular biology the following year. To- other out. Umeå was also a much
day, Melis is continuing her passion bigger city than I expected as there
is always something happening. It’s
the cosy ‘fika’
for plants in Umeå as PhD student.
“A major reason behind my initial also amazing how sports are such
decision to come and study here was a big part of the lifestyle,” explains
due to the fact that Umeå University
was one of the few that offered my
The non-hierarchical system of
field of study with English language academics at Umeå University was
instruction. I really enjoyed it and a breath of fresh air for Melis. “I re-
loved the student social life, as well ally like the open-door policy here,
as the cosy ‘fika’ culture,” says Melis. where teachers are on the same level

Umeå University

• Founded in 1965 as Sweden’s fifth
• Ranked #1 in Sweden (#23 in the A word from our
world) of universities under 50 years
by Times Higher Education.
• 35,000 full-time, part-time and
distance students. As Vice-Chancellor I would like to take
this opportunity to welcome you to
• We have students and staff from Umeå University. At Umeå Universi-
over 40 different countries. ty we believe that the future of educa-
• Beautiful Campus Umeå is equal to tion lies in international cooperation. We
28 football fields in size (242,324 m2). aim to increase the international student
numbers through offering internation-
• #1 in Sweden in student satisfaction ally competitive education at a univer-
(ISB ranking). sity that is well prepared for servicing
a diverse student body. In striving to
• Over 60% of the students are female.
achieve these goals we are very pleased
• Over 500 courses and 30 degree to currently be cooperating with 446
programmes taught entirely in partner universities in 57 countries
English. around the globe.
Our university is open to everyone,
• Europe’s largest fitness and recrea-
regardless of background. We believe
tion centre is located on Campus
that international influences enhance
the quality and diversity of the educa-
• Bildmuseet is the contemporary art tion and research at any institution of
and visual culture museum of Umeå higher learning. We are proud to host
University. around 1,000 international students and
150 international teachers and research-
• The university library has 1.5 million ers every year. These students, research-
volumes and 300 public computers. ers and teachers bring new perspectives
to our classrooms and help to make our
campus a more exciting, creative and
culturally diverse environment.
A university education is an excellent
foundation for life-long learning. We be-
lieve that acquiring part of your univer-
sity education in Umeå will strengthen
that foundation and help you improve
such skills as adaptability, self-reliance
and cultural understanding. As we live in
as colleagues and friends. It makes it an increasingly internationalised world,
so nice to work with them. My field these skills are in great demand on the
of study is especially advantageous global job market. I hope that you will
because the group leaders are so in- enjoy both your educational and social
ternationally diverse.” experience at Umeå University and I en-
Melis has always been interest- courage you to make the most of your
ed in plants, and hopes to teach one time with us. We will do our best to
day. As for adjustments to living in make your stay with us both academi-
northern Sweden, Melis had surpris- cally and socially rewarding.
ingly few. “The winters here are so
lovely, and the great social life helps We look forward to meeting you at our
you get through the darker periods,” university.
says Melis. “My writing skills in Eng-
lish even improved dramatically, with
thanks to lots of online chatting.”

Lena Gustafsson, Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to
Umeå, Sweden!

U “ You get the best

meå is not only the largest Umeå has four distinct seasons and
city in northern Sweden, but you can enjoy nature and wildlife all
also one of the country’s fast-
est growing cities. It is a vibrant city
year round – you will have the oppor-
tunity to ski and ice-skate in winter
of both worlds:
with a young population. Culture,
outdoor activities and sports are cel-
and take a swim in a lake in summer.
For those who like outdoors ad-
a touch of the city
ebrated in Umeå and you can enjoy
top quality art, theatre, film, music
ventures there are plenty of places
to go rock climbing or white water
life mixed in with the
and sports. The city is also home to kayaking. In Umeå, you will have the simple, relaxed and
world-class industries and research. opportunity to live in a city but con-
Umeå has been previously voted stantly be close to nature. stress-free ambience
Best Student City in Sweden by the
Swedish National Union of Students, Where different worlds meet associated with the
and will also be the European Capi- As the largest city in northern Swe-
tal of Culture in 2014. Among oth- den, Umeå serves as an educational countryside.”
er things Umeå has one of Europe’s centre and as a hub for knowledge
largest sports centres, IKSU, and and business. Over half of the peo-
Sweden’s largest indoor music festi- ple who live here are from outside
val, Umeå Open. the region. More than 50 languag-
es are spoken – with English wide-
A city of contrasts ly used everywhere – and there is
As one of the fastest growing cities a thriving community of clubs and
in Sweden, Umeå is careful to bal- societies that represent people and
ance its environmental commitments cultures from across the globe.
with its trade and industry ambitions. With its two universities, over
The city has tremendous IT know- 35,000 students from all over the
how and IT and communications in- world and international research and
Dina Saleh
dustries are particularly well estab- business communities, Umeå is a Public Health
lished here. place where different worlds meet. UNITED KINGDOM

Campus Umeå
Modern facilities and a creative atmosphere
Umeå University, founded in 1965, is dition, wireless Internet access is pro-
a truly international university with vided throughout the university cam- Umeå University is a comprehen-
students, faculty and staff from all pus enabling our students to do their sive university with four faculties
around the world. Here you are guar- work anywhere they please. and eight specialised schools and
anteed an international academ- An inspiring environment is an institutes:
ic experience. You will enjoy a real important prerequisite for success
university city with a large student in learning and research. Modern Faculty of Arts
community and an exciting campus and state-of-the art facilities pro- Faculty of Medicine
life. vide space for creative thinking and Faculty of Science and Technology
Campus Umeå is one of the larg- the campus pond offers a new green Faculty of Social Sciences
est single university campuses in area for relaxation. This is evident not
Sweden. This is where researchers only through innovative research and Umeå School of Architecture
and students from various sciences education but also through the in- Umeå School of Business and
and programmes are gathered within formal atmosphere between teach- Economics
walking distance of each other. The ers and students. We are proud to Umeå Institute of Design
beautiful and compact American- provide an educational environment Umeå School of Education
style campus is situated close to the where our students do not hesitate Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
city centre and getting around by bus to contact teachers and lecturers di- Umeå School of Restaurant and
or bicycle is easy. rectly to ask questions or to engage Culinary Arts
The university library provides a in discussion. Umeå Institute of Technology
modern and spacious study environ- Umeå Sport Science Centre
ment alongside the many computer
labs situated around campus. In ad-

How do I
Exchange students must be nomi- Degree and independent The Swedish academic system
nated from their home university. students apply online As a student at a Swedish univer-
To become nominated for an ex- Students wishing to study single- sity you will study one course at a
change term or a year at Umeå subject courses and degree pro- time. Exams are given at different
University, you will need to con- grammes outside of exchange times throughout the academic
tact the international coordinator agreements should submit appli- year. One full week of study equals
at your home university. Once you cations online through the nation- 40 hours of lectures, group work,
have been nominated, you will re- al admissions site www.University seminars and independent study.
ceive further instructions on how You can also access One term consists of 20 weeks
to apply to Umeå University as an our guide to making your online during which you will receive 30
exchange student. application and eligibility require- higher education credits (ECTS). ments on our website. One ECTS credit is equivalent to
exchange-students 0.5 U.S. credit.

Sweden’s most
satisfied students
The International Office provides
you with support concerning practi-
shared kitchen and common room.
The student corridors are always “ I love the study
cal issues while you are getting set- “mixed”, with both male and female
tled in Umeå and preparing your life students, Swedish and internation-

and culture of
as a student at Umeå University. The al students in the same corridor. All
International Office also arranges dif- rooms have high-speed internet ac-

ferent activities and provides infor- cess. Find more information and how
mation about events that take place to apply for accommodation on our
on campus and in the city. website.
The Student Reception Desk pro-
vides support and guidance for stu- accommodation/exchange-student
dents who are unsure of where to
turn with their enquiries. The well- Finding your own place to live
trained staff can help you directly or The largest housing company in
refer you to the right person or de- Umeå is Bostaden. They have a sys-
partment. tem for the allocation of rooms and
The International Housing Office apartments that awards those who
(IHO) provides guaranteed housing have been registered with them the
for exchange students and tuition longest. In order to get the best pos-
fee paying students in some of the sible offer of accommodation, you
main student housing areas. Accom- should register with Bostaden at the
modation offered through the IHO same time you apply to Umeå Uni-
is located between a 5–25 minute versity.
walk from campus. Students live Akhilesh Radhakrishnan
in “student corridors” consisting of Molecular Biology
6–10 single occupancy rooms and a INDIA

“ The sports
centre is
because you
can do
Alessandro Tedesco
Political Science, ITALY

Enjoy an active
campus life
Experience sport, music, activities and culture

The Buddy Programme is organised meet at least twice during the term. Stay fit at Europe’s largest
as a service for international stu- Your host will be an employee or a fitness centre – IKSU
dents. The “Buddies” are Swedish student at the university or an em- This may be the most popular meet-
students who volunteer to introduce ployee at Umeå Municipality. ing place on Campus Umeå for our
new international students to the Culture on Campus is the only students. IKSU Sport has several
Swedish way of life. As a participant one of its kind in Sweden. They ar- halls for team sports such as squash,
in the Buddy Programme, you will be range and produce free events on basketball, and floorball, in addition
part of a buddy group. The Buddy campus during lunchtime. They pre- to indoor pools, beach volleyball, fa-
Programme involves the possibility sent many musical acts, but also lit- cilities for many types of group train-
to participate in a variety of activities erature, theatre, circus, film, photog- ing, a spacious and modern gym, a
such as sports, parties, and travel, or raphy, dance and art. rock climbing wall, and a golf swing
just having a cup of coffee with your The Student Organisations and simulator. Through its outdoor and
group members. the student pubs at Umeå Universi- alpine sections, they also offer a
The Host Programme provides ty are run by students who work on wide variety of affordable excursions
our international students with an a voluntary basis. There is an exten- and ski trips for beginner and more
opportunity to meet regular Swedish sive range of student organisations advanced skiers. You also have ac-
people and to experience a little bit that cover all kinds of interests. We cess to personal trainers, massage,
of Swedish everyday life. As a par- also have theatre groups, a comedy physical therapists and other spa
ticipating international student you orchestra, an academic riding club, treatments.
are paired with another international an international affairs club, the stu-
student and the two of you receive dent radio station and the student
one host person. Students and hosts newspaper.

What can you study?
Umeå University offers a large selection of courses enjoying a creative study climate. Many international stu-
taught entirely in English. All courses can be found dents from all over the world study at Umeå University
in our online catalogue. every year and together with our Swedish students, they
You can choose from a wide variety of single-subject create a truly international campus where cultural diver-
courses and master’s degree programmes. Some bach- sity is part of the learning experience.
elor’s programmes are also available. You will receive a For Umeå University, it goes without saying that re-
quality education from a dedicated teaching staff while search and education go hand in hand.

Subjects taught in English

Archaeology Education Mathematics Sami Studies
Architecture Electronics Mathematical Statistics Social Work
Biology Energy Technology Media Technology Sociology
Biomedical Sciences English Medicine Sports Pedagogics
Business Administration Environmental Health Molecular Biology Statistics
Chemistry Food and Nutrition Music Swedish Tourism
Cognitive Science Gender Studies Nursing Science
Computing Science Geography Occupational Therapy Swedish language courses
Cultural Studies History Philosophy for international students
Design Human Geography Physics
Didatics ICT and Learning Political Science Subject to change
Earth Science Informatics Psychology
Economic History Law Psychotherapy 9
Economics Library and Information Service Public Health english/education
Umeå in


Paris Umeå will be the European
Capital of Culture 2014, the EU’s
northernmost capital of culture
ever. The theme ‘Curiosity and
Passion – the art of co-creation’,
Rome Istanbul is inspired by the eight seasons of
Madrid the Sami calendar.

“ The mixture of
Far away, unique nature
and student
yet so close! life makes this
place special.”
Northern Sweden is only hours away from
the rest of Europe and there are many
different ways to travel to and from Umeå.
You can wake up in Umeå, have If you have time to spare and you
lunch in Stockholm and go to bed in want to save some money, you can
Berlin or London. A flight from Umeå opt to travel by Y-Buss along the
to Stockholm takes only 50 minutes. Northern coast from Stockholm to
Umeå Airport is located within a Umeå. They also offer Wi-Fi onboard
ten-minute drive from both the cen- and a student/youth discount.
tre of town and the university cam-
pus, and prices for flights are kept at For those who prefer environmen-
a modest level by having three dif- tally friendly train travel, the high-
ferent airlines that fly the route to speed railway up the northeast coast
Stockholm. of Sweden is a must. It offers mod- ern and fast train service that stops Cagatay Bilim at a brand new station in Umeå adja- Gastronomy and
Culinary Arts cent to the University campus.

10 Reasons to
Choose Umeå
Satisfied students City of Culture
1 93% overall student satisfaction
rating according to the 6 Music festivals, theatre, opera
and more. European Capital of
International Student Barometer, Culture in 2014.
placing us 1st in Sweden for overall
average satisfaction.

Student support
2 Academic excellence
Well-trained and dedicated 7 Get the help you need with our
International Office, Service
teachers along with world- Centres, helpful study advisors
leading research. and Buddy Programme.

First-class facilities
3 and modern campus
Featuring the stunning new Umeå 8 Accommodation
Guaranteed for exchange and
Arts Campus, IKSU Sport centre, tuition fee paying students.
University Library, and free high-
speed Wi-Fi.

Breath-taking nature Sports minded

4 Experience the Northern Lights,
arctic landscape, endless summer 9 Home of Europe’s largest
training and fitness facility
nights and beautiful open country- (IKSU Sport) and many elite
side. local sports teams.

Highly International Wide selection

5 Students, faculty and staff from
all corners of the globe. Over 52 10 Over 500 courses and 30
degree programmes available
languages are spoken in Umeå. with English language

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More information on the web:

Umeå University homepage

Elin Berge, Andreas Nilsson, Mattias Pettersson, Umeå kommun (Per Lundberg) and Gösta Wendelius.
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