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Camel is a kind of desert animals which has big and strong body. These animals can be found in dry
and desert regions in Asia and North Africa. Camel can travel in long distances without food and
drinks at all in the middle of a hot desert. This can be happened because they can store their
reserves food in the form of fat on its hump. Their unique foot makes them easy to walk on the thick
sand in the desert. They also have thick and long eyelashes to help them see in the middle of a
sandstorm. Their body is able to survive in the hot desert until the temperature reach 41 degrees
Celsius. Moreover, the process of transpiration which only occurs on their skin rather than on their
fur, makes camel can save a lot of reserves water on their body.

There are two types of camels in this world. The first is the Arabian camel. They has a unique
characteristic that has one hump on his back. Arabian camel or also called as dromedary can be used
as a means of people’s transportation in the desert and also can be food sources. The second is the
Bactrian camel which has two humps. Bactrian camel can be found in the Gobi Desert region of
China, Mongolia, and Australia. Similar with one humped camel, Bactrian camel can also be used as a
means of transportation and a source of food.
Tapir appears to be a cross between a pig and an anteater. However, this mammal is actually more
closely related to horses and rhinos. Tapirs are native of the jungles of South and Central America.

Adult male tapirs can weigh up to 700 lbs. There are four different species of tapir and they all have
oval white-tipped ears, rounded rumps, stubby tails, and as many as 44 teeth.

Their diet consists mainly of fruits and leaves though they have a tendency to eat soft foliage
underwater if they live near a water source. They usually consume upwards of 85 pounds of
vegetation in a single day. Their size and speed keep them free from most predators. Unfortunately,
nowadays two of the four species of tapir are on the endangered species list.