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Unit 24 Practice [A putte adjectives below into two columns black careful certain difficult expensive fashionable great intelligent long old short slow small Useful warm ‘ne syilable adjectives with comparative in er" Adjectives of two or mor anes Gnd superiative in ‘est’ and ‘most: ip eeu veins more Write down the comparative and superlative forms of three adjectives from each column, her, blackest. " “more careful, most careful B Look at these adjectives and underline those ending in “’. All of these form the comparative and superlative with ‘ier’ and ‘-iest’ crafty disappointed funny helpful important interesting pretty silly unhappy unlucky unusual valuable Look at the remaining adjectives. Do they all have two or more syllables? How do they form the comparative and superlative? Write the comparative and superlative of these adjectives. unhappy ...Wnhappien unhappiest valuable ..:... important funny .... C Write the comparative and superlative of the following adjectives. bad ... WONSE, WONSt..... seer good INE ssssseasessesnseeneeenee adele hot big white fit. stim D Review exercises A to C above and write down the comparative and superlative form of these adjectives. tiny ..finien, diniest ..... simple ANBIY eessssenee convenient ....... cold wide fat... thin... slender. Eenerous friendly gentle . 49 unit 25 Practice th a comparative herr and than, Make sentences wit! , 7 4 Tokyo big- New York. / Tekuass biagge! 2 Mysister-old-me. / 7 3 ournew house - big -the one we used to live in. / using the words given. 5 Shopping at a supermarket - cheap - going to the local shops. / B complete these sentences using the com ae of the adjectives in brackets and than. 4. Youcertainly look much ... Aappier thai .. you did yesterday. (happy) 2 He Is obviously ........++ sport . ... Lam. (interested) 3 The game will certainly be much it was last year. (exciting) 4 Children nowadays seem to be much .. they used to be. (noisy) 5 She's actually a good deal . She looks. (old) Form the comparative of the adjectives in these phrases and use the phrases in the sentences below. agoodidea abighouse ahealthyclimate ayoungman a good job 4 California certainly has ...4. healthier climate... than New York. 2 I'm getting too old. This is a job for delatldarectelaladaratata 3 When the children get a bit older we'll really need 4 I'm sure it won't work. Can't you come up with ... 5 Perhaps we could afford it if | could get ........ D complete these sentences using a superlative adjective in each one. 1 We never heard a more ridiculous story. That's... HOrY...... "We ever heard. 2 We had never stayed in a more expensive hotel. Itwas . saaeneas . we had ever stayed in. 3 had never had such a tiring journey before. thwas ..... 7 Vhad ever had 4 I've never had nearly such a atasty meal before. ‘That was ... . [have ever had. 5 It’s years since | saw a game as good as that. That's... .. ve seen for years, > Bank 51 unit 26 Practice {A rewrite these sentences using as... as. 4. John's father is handsome and so is John 1. Johns as ha {2 Jean’s mother is generous and so is Jean. / 3 Neil's. brother is mischievous and so is Neil. / ... 14 Mary drives fast and so does Helen. / 5 Ourhome is comfortable and so is yours. / 7 g Last summer was very hot and so is this summer. / ...... 7 Jenny works hard and so does Becky. / .. 8 Jack can run fast and so canJill./ ... B Use these adjectives and adverbs to complete the sentences that follow, cheap clever cold hard long much quick well 1 tmgetting old. I can't work as .... Aad. as lused to. 2 Prices have gone up. Things aren't a ....................... a8 they used to be. 3 Have you been ill? You're not looking aS «......... as you usually do. 4 Jack's doing well at school. He's nearly as .......... as his sister. 5 It's freezing. It must be nearly as as last winter. 6 Joe still plays tennis. He says he enjoys it as ......... as ever. 7 The bus wasn't as easeenens as the train. It took over two hours. 8 Cats don't usually live as ....... sess 88 JOS. C Write sentences using the same. Here are some nouns to help you age length size height weight 4 Mary and Jan are both 17, / hey re. the same age. 2. John is six feet tall and so is Henry. / 3 Iweigh seventy-five kilos and so does Jack. / 4 This box is exactly as big as that one. / 5 This piece of string is just as long as that one. / D Match these sentences. The first has been done for you 1 Itwas an enormous house. 2 The dog gave a dreadful grow. It smells like bad eggs. a It sounded like a tiger b 3 The city centre is dreadfully crowded. ¢ It feels like silk 4 This cheese is awful d. She looks just like her sister. e f 5 Irecognised Eleanor easily It looked like a castle 6 This is lovely soft cotton. It’s just like London. > Bank 53