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st SPEAKING FRENCH Lyrics by Music by LYNN AHRENS STEPHEN FLAHERTY Rubato NC. a a a “And now, messieurdames, the moment you have all been waiting for. The ‘moment when France unveils yet another of her wonders. She sings like a bird, she looks like a dream. And she don't just “can-can,” she “will-will"! “Messieurdames, I give you that international bon bon, Dominique Du Monaco! Ebmaj7 Bitsus BHT What? You don’ speak French? Syne ieeh-9-1 ooo wa MUSICCORP, PEN AND FERSEVERANCE and HILLSDALE MUSIC, INC “This Argue’ 61988 WB MUSIC CORD, PEN AND PERSEVERANCE tu NL SD ALE MUSIC, INC. ‘AIRiphs Aged by WB MUSIC CORE 52 is love it you dont. care how it’ mf perssive way we do_ things in the south of love and you may fallin want to say with_ one ‘Avmaj7/B} Fm/B>D/BbBHI3 dont’ speak. French?.Mon_ che - rie, you wont stand done in Rome—or—— in © - Kia - ho = ma Fm? Fm7(¢5) Come with ms Sil vous plait = ke be Ebmaj7 France, dear You can. say___all___ you not goshome, dear. © You. «can share in the ba - sic les - som, oT know. sa- voir - faire if you dare to try some - thing new. 3 Fm Fmi(5) ENBS NC. Abmaj7 bir ‘Then you say, “Ooh - ooh - ooh’ When Tsay, “Ooh - ooh - ooh,’ 1 an-swer, you an-swer? mf