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Edgar Miguel Rodriguez

(847) 235-0019 |


Seattle University, Seattle, WA Expected: June 2019

Masters of Education in Student Development Administration
DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology June 2017
Concentration in Law, Crime and Criminology


Housing and Residence Life – Seattle University

Assistant Area Coordinator August 2017 – Present
• Co-supervise a staff of 21 resident assistants to coordinate co-curricular initiatives for 650 residents
• Directly oversee front desk operations and training of 8 desk staff members on mailing coordination, key
management, and customer service
• Adjudicate student conduct hearings through educational practices
• Advise and manage the development of the Millie Bown Russell Leadership and Civic Engagement,
Creative Expression, and Upper Division theme communities
• Serve on the Policy and Operations and the Development and Training Departmental Committees
• Work on the Development and Training Committee to develop training curriculum and assessment
• Participate in a on-call crisis response rotation

Stanford Summer Session – Stanford University

House Director June 2018 – August 2018
• Oversaw the daily affairs of the Mirrielees House, which is home to about 350 upperclass residents
• Planned events through the guidance and supervision of 11 summer resident assistants
• Managed a house budget of $13,100 for the summer term
• Served on the rotating on-call duty to support summer resident assistants
• Co-operated the Summer Pre-Planned Trips program for the entire Stanford Summer Session
• Developed and created staff development curriculum and guidelines
• Sat as a member of the Summer Residential Committee to oversee conduct processes
Residential Education – DePaul University
Office Assistant for Outreach and Student Success June 2017 – August 2017
• Compiled annual data for 536 departmental incident reports: conduct, informational, and wellness reports
• Created inclusive language and social identity stereotypes awareness poster campaigns
• Benchmarked 14 instituitions’ practices for gender inclusive housing, living learning communities, and
conflict resolution methods
• Updated the resident advisor manual, sexual and relationship violence information packet, and restorative
justice model framework

Resident Advisor August 2015 – June 2017

• Served as a resource and advocate for 600 students in a residence hall community
• Participated in on-call crisis management response and enforced university policies and procedures
• Provided intentional programming and outreach for a floor of 75 residents
• Mediated roommate conflicts utilizing descalation and collaborative negationation tactics
• Implemented events for residents for educational, informational and social purposes in the residence hall
• Collaborated on departmental intitiatives, such as Community BBQ and Blue Demon Week, with
departmental colleagues
Edgar Miguel Rodriguez
(847) 235-0019 |

Center for Identity, Inclusion, and Social Change – DePaul University

Social Justice Advocate-Student Coordinator September 2015 – June 2017
• Coordinated and facilitated educational workshops on social justice for students, faculty, and staff
• Facilitated diversity dialogue sessions for students to shape more conscious thinking on social identites
• Hosted and organized “SoJA Speak Outs” in order to create awareness of social issues on campus
• Advocated for social issues on campus to construct a more inclusive community in student affairs
• Supervised and mentored 8 incoming social justice advocates through the Senior SOJA Program

Access and Attainment (Summer Program) – DePaul University

College Connect Peer Guide & Mentor June 2016 – June 2017
• Mentored 18 college-bound high school students through the application process
• Facilitated dialogue with students about community policing, education systems, and justice in Chicago
• Provided access to university programs, services and resources to promote student success
• Conducted workshops regarding cultural adjustments for marginalized students on campus
• Created in social activites that promoted effective communication between students and staff


Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. April 2015 – Present

Committee of Social Activism
• Assist with meetings surrounding social justice issues impacting the fraternity and the Latinx community
• Work collaboratively with a team of 9 members to promote social justice, diversity, and awareness
• Provide resources to regional, sector and undergraduate entities to better understand their local
constituents needs and how to address them
• Use national resources to coordinate intersectional issues across regional bounds, which help promote
national campaign of social and cultural awareness

Task Force for Student Organization Guest Speaker Requests – DePaul University
Division of Student Affairs - Student Representative September 2016 – June 2017
• Collaborated on a committee of eight departments to inform new policy surround guest speaker requests
• Informed professional staff members on student perspective while creating new processes
• Advocated for just rules and regulations to ensure fairness and equity within the new policy


DePaul University, Chicago, IL Seatle University, Seattle, WA

10 Week Social Justice Trainging Suicide Prevention – Campus Connect Training
Conflict Resolution, Counseling, and Title IX Training Trans-Inclusion Training and Workshop
Recognized as Senior Leader of the Year Restorative Justice on Catholic Campuses Workshop
Recognized as Student Employee of the Year Title IX and Crisis Management Training
Recognized as Socially Responsible Leader of the Year “Tears We Cannot Stop” – iLead Workshop


Language: Fluent Spanish

Technology: Proficient with Apple, Microsoft, StarRez, Pave, Qualtrics and OrgSync programs and software


Available upon request